10.02.3013: Tuesday Morning Coming Down
Summary: Getting out of the office for a breath of fresh air
Date: 09 16 2013
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Glenna Alistair 

Grand Esplanade - The Landing, Imperius
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.

09 16 2013

Afternoon along the Grand Esplanade, which is busy as always for a Tuesday, the shops a flurry of activity. Alistair is walking with his intern, after leaving yet another strategy session in the office. Plans for the Tourney, the resolution for refugees, and the now co-aligning for a possible bid at Chancellor, the Senator had ended the meeting abruptly, sick of having wasted a morning in the office again. Glenna had probably only just walked in when he had pushed aside all those concerns in favor of walking the streets. "Glenna, we should talk." He had said, standing and motioning to the staff to keep on their various tasks, notably some more speeches to be given in Leonnida at various events.

As they walk through the streets, Alistair is dressed in a functional tunic of Leonnidan blue with mustard-color pants. There's a shoulder patch of a dove perched on the back of a lion. He's been walking briskly, coffee tumbler in hand. "Talking talking talking…it's all everyone ever seems to do anymore." He says, with an amused frustration.

You say, "Well, Senator, that is what most people do, talk and discuss, usually I have found with no real purpose in mind. But, sometimes, even in those random conversations, interesting nuggets of information can be found." She takes a sip from her also ever present container of coffee, "But, how was your weekend? Did you at least relax some?" She seems fairly relaxed and at ease herself, as if she had spent sometime /not/ doing schoolwork or heading into the office to take care of things when no one was around. And, she hadn't seen the man strangely since the last Friday so, curiosity is more than apparent in her keen regard."

"You know what I mean, Miss Blair." Alistair gives her an amused look. "It's time for action, for results." He walks towards a stall selling bound paper books. The owner is quite well acquainted with the eccentric Senator, who gives him a nod as he peruses the offerings. "I went for a good hunt and camping in the Southern Wilds with some friend's of Papa's…and had another date." He turns to regard the relaxed appearing Glenna. "And what about you? Relaxing times?"

You say, "I did, actually. I went to Inculta for some independent study on my own. Ran into this most interesting man, Demos. He said he might have some sort of expedition or project I might help on sometime, so I may ask for some time later to pursue that project. Although," as she stops to peruse some of the books herself, "….I'm not totally sure what his project is entirely about yet. He did mention need a climatologist as well."

"And then, I decided to visit the Ring, do some shopping, and ran into Lord Densoric, quite by chance. A most interesting man, indeed.""

"Quite the adventures you've had." The Senator gives an approving nod and smile. Alistair seems very pleased. "Expanding your horizons, searching for opportunities…not even really searching and they've come to you. The Six certainly know how to guide us in our lives…and Lord Larent? I've heard a few things. How'd you find him?" There's an amused look on his face.

Glenna hmms, lifting one shoulder negligently, as she pages through a book absently, "For a Larent, rather more personable than most - at least when dealing with Citizens. And, I had mentioned some of the things we'd been discussing about finances and such. He didn't seem quite amenable to discussing anything of that nature, but did say," glancing at Alistair for a moment, " he might be amenable to discussing politics in a vague sort of way, as I recall. he did however mention some sort of research he'd been doing into Hostiles that I found interesting. He even indicated we might be able to discuss that at some point in time as well." Something pings then, and she regards Alistair for a moment again, "A date with this elusive woman I've heard about?

"Always up for talking with anyone, Glenna. That's what they pay us Senators to do, after all." Alistair smiles again. "And I'd be most interested in learning more about the secretive Hostile research all of Haven's been chattering about. They are keeping quite the tight key on that information, even in their briefings to the Senate." He picks up a few tomes but doesn't buy any today. "Is she elusive? Well, I suppose she can be. Nora Istre, she's an Assistant Castellan to the Orelles, though I must confess to not knowing much else about her. She's quite tight lipped about her past, though she speaks high of her employers."

You say, "Well, in any case, she seems to relax you when you've spent time with her, so whether it matters or not, /that/ I whole heartedly approve of seeing." She doesn't get anything herself as well, instead taking another sip of her coffee, continuing to regard the Senator. "I can understand, in some ways, why they must be secretive about things, I do. But, I wonder if they realize that a dearth of information to the public at large causes wild speculations about what is not said, more than about what /is/ said. Perhaps, I can chat with him again sometime, as well as yourself, and we might see what this research is all about."

"She has a profound ability to both vex and relax my mind, yes." Alistair takes a gulp from his tumbler, as he moves to a stall with various desserts. "That might be beneficial. The more they keep secret, the more concerned I become. It means they don't know what to do with the information…and indecisiveness will lead to more Cape Amran's, where we get stuck betwixt the lesser of two evils…" He looks off pensively.

You say, "My mother used to say something though, about the Devil you know versus the Devil you don't. And, I would hate to find that we had another situation such as Cape Amran happen as well. Each time, i wonder if my father or brothers would be called to serve and then I would be in the same situation as so many - waiting and wondering. Not that I wouldn't bear it as well as I could. I am a soldier's daughter after all, I know this is what they are called to do. it doesn't mean that I have to like ti thought." But, she ends with a faint smile, "But, anything that relaxes you and takes your mind from work to let you relax a little, can't be all bad."

"While it's certainly not your responsibility, Miss Blair, it is mine to know the Devil." Alistair nods resolutely. "I chose a path of service, and I won't be blinded by station, wealth, or luck whilst others toil and suffer." He takes a breath, the random passionate statement seeming to have stirred something in him, as has the whole issue of the Hostile research. He may be a Dove, but he's certainly no naive pacifist. "And we all need to strive for balance. Talk of budgets and Hostiles rarely leaves us with a happy demeanor, this is certainly true. Studies still progressing well?"

You say, "I think that they are, yes. As far as I'm aware, my professors have no complaints regarding my work and grades. And, I have, as you suggested, started a self defense course." She glances off towards the Citadel, "A kindly sergeant has been helping me, and with my archery as well. He's an inveterate flirt, old enough to be my father; but he is rather funny."

"Well good." Alistair nods, keeping to himself that he'd probably have heard from her professors if her grades were slipping. "I pulled out my bow and practiced some myself this past week, dusting off all the old rust…" He seems to have some amused memory about it all. "Alright, well, two of those dipped in chocolate." He points to the vendor who takes some local fruit and the Senator hands one quickly to Glenna before she can protest. He begins to stroll along the Esplanade, biting thankfully into the sweet combo. "So besides your flirtatious instructor, any other gentlemen catching your eye lately? Should I call some other Blairs to beat any one up for you?" He chuckles at the thought.

Glenna coughs, almost choking on the bite of fruit and chocolate combo, glancing over at Alistair. Covering her mouth for a moment, to finish that bite before answering. "Perhaps, but it is of no matter. He's not a student, nor is he anyone that my father or brothers should consider beating up. It is only a passing fancy, due only to my youth and his charisma. Besides, my mother would make too much of it if she found out and that is something with which I'm /not/ prepared to deal at the moment." She shrugs, looking away. "There is always time, in any case. At my age, and depending on where I decide my path lies, I have to be more cautious that some I suppose."

Alistair quite literally rolls his eyes. Yes, he did. "Don't tell me you're going to act like you're 50 already. Have fun Glenna. That's all I'm saying." The Senator doesn't delve any further, but that familiar worried brow goes into a creasing that is becoming rather reserved for Glenna. "Anyways, we should make our way back up to the office, knock out the rest of the day's work so you have time for dates in the evenings." He smiles as they walk towards the Senate Tower.

Glenna snorts, yes, snorts. "I'm not acting as if I'm 50" as she follows along as their path turns back towards the office. "Having fun is one thing, Alistair. I'm as amenable to that as anyone else, of course. But, I /choose/ not to be a topic of casual conversation. And besides, I don't want my brothers wanting to /want/ to beat up on someone they thought was…well, never mind." Yes, let's leave that for a moment. As they walk, "Do you have any word from Lord Garus as to whether his father has approved of our projects in anyway and if we both may proceed on them?

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