09.04.3013: Trying Harder
Summary: Linc defends his decision to stick out his new found relationship with his sister to Ren, and then has it blow up in his face.
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Blue Nirvana
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would make outsiders believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.


It's a slow night in the Nirvana. A few of the boys and girls sit on couches around the room lounging as Ren sits at the bar with a vid pad going over some numbers. A half-drank whiskey sits in front of him as he rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs.

Lincoln walks in, clearly not having slept the night. He gives a few of his coworkers a wave and walks behind the bar to start up the coffee machine. It's not that hard, he's not sure why no one else will run it. "Morning boss." his voice is low, a bit scratching, "I meet up with the client last night, transferred the funds to our main account, if you haven't noticed already." Linc rubs a hand through his disheveled hair, making his bangs fall into his eyes.

Ren nods, "I saw." He sniffs, and takes another drink of his whiskey. "Did you see your sister?" he asks, not at all avoiding the subject, looking over at Lincoln.

Lincoln frowns slightly, Ren's being awful pissy, already. "Yeah. She sent a message. Everything should be fine." He's not looking up though. He doesn't like lying to his friends, but he's not bringing up the indebted part right away, Ren will be pissed. He'll sigh, waiting for coffee to brew is like, the worst. While he waits, he'll pull a mug out, and prep a few things behind the bar. "Anything lined up for me today?"

Ren nods, tapping the pad so it shuts down and the light dims as he turns his attention on Lincoln. He turns his stool a little so he's facing him more directly, and he crosses his legs at the knee, watching his friend. "Good." He studies Lincoln a moment, and then smirks, "You need sleep. I can't place you with anyone looking like that."

Lincoln wrinkles his nose, "Give me two cups, I'll be good." Linc generally bounces back pretty ok. A Soft sigh, and he'll rub his eyes , "She…fuck, Ren. She's indebted, cause of her mom." He's not looking up, instead keeping his eyes trained on the coffee maker.

Ren lifts his brow, "Her mom." He tilts his head a bit, sitting his drink down and sliding the vidpad away from him. "So… Is that also your mom?" he asks, with some concern as he folds his arms over his chest.

Lincoln sighs, "No. We have different mothers, same missing father, remember?" Not wanting to wait any more, he'll quickly do a switch roo to get some coffee in his mug. "Won't matter, we're blood. It'll transfer to me." Eyes stay on the mug as it fills. "I'll figure it out…"

Ren picks up his glass and finishes it off in one long drink. He stands up and walks around the bar, moving past Lincoln, to get the whiskey bottle himself and refill his glass. "How bad?" he asks, and then looks at Lincoln, rephrasing, "How much?"

Lincoln shakes his head, "She wouldn't say. I don't think it dawned on her that it's mine now too…She said bad though." Finally, the cup is ready, taking a very long sip, Linc looks relieved. "I'll see if I can start working on it, without going indebted as well first." that may work.

Ren shakes his head, and quickly counters, "No." He inhales, shaking his head again, "No no no no. You pay one penny towards it and you're claiming responsibility for it. Don't even consider volunteering that, Linc." He takes a long drink, "You need to cut her loose."

Setting his mug down, louder then he means to, "Seriously, Ren? What the fuck? I just spend the past 4 years searching for her, I'm not cutting her loose!" He's clearly flustered, but not at Ren, not really.

Ren doesn't flinch, he just takes another drink, then sits it down on the counter. He leans against the bar, and he reaches his hand out, running it gently down the center of Lincoln's chest. "Linc." He sighs, a very sympathetic look on his face. "I understand the want for family. I do." He thinks a moment, looking away, then back at the man. "I never knew my mother. Or my father. I get it. But…" He shrugs a little, "This is baggage you can't get away from. Don't take it on, man."

Lincoln's eyes narrow slightly, but again, it's not anger at Ren, just anger, "I'm already in, Ren. I've already taken it on. Best I can hope for is that Lucian doesn't realize how I'm connected." He'll sigh, leaning into Ren's hand on his chest some. "Maybe I can help her without them knowing, get it paid off." Both men are standing at the bar, Linc in front of a fancy looking cappuccino machine.

Ren purses his lips, shakes his head, and lets his hand slowly slip from Lincoln's chest. "She's a weight that'll drag you down, Linc. You'll drown if you take it on." He shrugs just a little, "I can't make you do anything, but… You need to walk."

Speak of the devil and she shall appear. The infamous Rook steps inside the Blue Nirvana. It's not really her sort of club, mostly because she tends to avoid any of Gentleman Johnny's places on the rare occasion she does leave her apartment in the Barrens. But she knows her brother works here, so here she is, newly sprung from the Infirmary. It's hard to tell how thin she's become under the layers of clothing she wraps herself in, but her cheekbones stand out too much, and there are dark circles under her eyes. She still looks better than the last time Lincoln saw her though. With her hands stuffed in her jacket pockets, she shuffles towards the bar. "Hi," is the quiet greeting to the bartender.

Lincoln lets his hands go up in the air, "Ren, I'll figure it out. It won't be that bad." He totally doesn't sound like he believes that, but then she's walking in. Linc's eyes go slightly wide, Ren's able to feel the tension that had just left him with the coffee flooding back into him, "Ithaca…what are you doing here?" he'll take a step towards the skinny hacker. Giving Ren a small glare that clearly means, behave.

Ren looks over the counter of the bar at Ithaca. He clearly sizes her up, top to bottom, and then looks at Lincoln. "Really?" He drinks his whiskey, sitting the glass in the sink, and then looking at the lady. "If you want a drink, it's on the house." He looks at Lincoln, "If things aren't smooth, take it somewhere else, Linco." He nods towards the lady then, and picks up his data pad, walking away to give them space.

"Wanted you to know. Out. Ok." Rook gives him a tiny smile. "Sleeping there for rehab, but better. Clearer. Back to work." She flits her dark eyes over to Ren a moment, and shakes her head at the offer. "Meds. No booze yet." Then she looks back to Lincoln. "Sent message to boss. He has work for me. Sent me flowers."

Lincoln nods, moving back behind the bar to get Rook a coffee. "It's cool, Ren." Maybe if Nitrim was with, he'd take the noble up on punching him, but no fighting with Rook. "You take your's with anything, or black?" Lucian sent flowers, that's….terrifying. "Good. I'm glad that's all cleared up. Flowers, huh? That's …nice?"

Ren watches the two of them for a moment, then he rolls his eyes. "I'll be in the office." And with that, he simply heads down the hall behind the bar.

"Black," Rook confirms for her coffee. She shrugs. "Poison flowers. Oleander," she points out. "Warning mostly. Will be ok." She slides slowly up onto a bar stool, muscles weak from so many days bedridden. She watches Ren with her blank expression reserved for strangers.

Lincoln lets out a soft growl, watching Ren walk out. He'll need to fix that. Handing Rook a cup of a rather high quality coffee, "Here. We get it fresh. We grind it in the back." He sounds almost proud of the coffee. Takign a sip of his own, "Poisin, huh? that not very….subtle." He'll watch Rook a moment then sigh, "What do you want to eat? We have some muffins, or I think there's eggs and stuff in the back…"

Rook sniffs at the coffee, and she looks impressed. It's as good as the stuff she's had in Landings at the Orelle embassy during lessons with Lyrienne. "Eggs and stuff," she replies. She'll never turn down real food. She didn't have much of an appetite in the infirmary. It seems 1000 years hasn't improved hospital food at all. Some things never change.

Lincoln nods, "Ok…stay here. I'll be back in a few." Linc looks up, quickly eyeballing how many girls are in the room. He can't really bring food for Rook and not the girls. "Feel free to grab more coffee…" He'll scurry out, and within 10 minutes, he's coming back with a plate of eggs, with what looks like some cheese and veggies scrambled in.And a side of sausages. "Breakfast in the back ladies." The few ladies in the lounge all smile and walk out, one does stop to give Lincoln a kiss on the cheek as she passes, mumbling a soft thank you.

Rook sniffs the food much like she did the coffee, only this time she makes a hungry sound at the smells. Her stomach growls as she grabs a fork and tucks into the meal. "Good," she tells him, between swallowing mouthfuls. She seems to be in good mood, if not a great one. Must be getting off the drugs, or seeing her brother, or eating. "Nice place," she adds.

Lincoln smirks slightly, leaning against the bar. "Thanks. I like cooking. Ren keeps the kitchen pretties stocked for us, so it's nice." He'll look up from his coffee, at the room, "Yeah, nicest place I've worked." He'll finish off his cup and move to pour himself another , his bangs falling into his eyes some. He looks tired, but maybe that's how he looks in the morning.

Rook looks after the door the girls went through, figuring they're whores working there. "Do you like women? Men?" she asks. She's his sister, she should know these things before she tries to hook him up. Like she'd ever do that.

Lincoln blinks, not expecting that question, "I like both. I don't really have a job that is conducive to have an significant other though." He'll shrug, a small smile, "it's alight, I stay pretty busy." a pause, and then fairs fair, "You just like men, or you cool with both?"

"Men," Rook confirms. "Been with women. Not the same for me." She jerks her chin in the direction Ren went. "With him?" she asks. Blunt should be her middle name, but there seems to be no judgment behind the questions, just basic curiosity.

Lincoln leans over and snatches a sausage off her plate in a very unintentional, little brother move. "With Ren? nawh….Nothing more than fuck buddies, anyway. He's cool. Just protective of people he cares about." another sip of coffee, he's suckin' it down rather quickly, "Closest thing I got to a best friend. We've had each other's backs enough times in fights, he's cool."

"He's your Nitrim," Rook notes to her brother with a grin, a genuine grin. "Now you understand." She chews her food happily, looking actually content for the moment.

Lincoln raises an eyebrow and bites his tongue. he'll pick his words rather carefully, "Well, we're friends, if that's what you mean." He's not his Nitrim though. Ren walked away and hasn't pulled any of the crap Nitrim did. Taking another large drink and a change of topic, "So, when do you think you'll be ready to do this thing for Luthcorp?"

"Whenever boss says so," Rook replies. You don't tell Jonothan Lucian when you're ready. He tells you when you're ready, whether you are or not. "You need to understand. Don't do well with people. Never have. Nysa overdosed. I was eight. Stayed alone. I ask Nitrim to stay, he helps me understand things."

Lincoln rolls his eyes, "Yeah, but if you collapse, you're not really gonna do us much good. Me dragging you around unconscious isn't gonna get the stuff out." it's hard to tell if that's an unintentional slip that's he's going, or not.. He'll shrug, "I have issues with Nitrim, not gonna lie. But it's about how he talks to me. And for you. I just don't like it. I shouldn't like it. I'll deal with it, but I don't have to like it." he'll chug the rest of his coffee and move for his third cup. He's gonna get jittery soon….maybe.

Rook frowns. "Don't know him. Don't know me." She pushes her plate away and slides off the stool. "He was there. Helped me. Saved me. Shouldn't have issues. Have with me, not him." She looks like she might be departing.

Lincoln closes his eyes and lets out a soft sigh, "Look. I'm trying here. I don't know you, but I'm trying." He'll let his eyes focus on her through his bangs, "This isn't easy for me either…" crude, does he really need to dance around not liking her BFF? He didn't punch the guy, like he wanted to. Isn't that enough?

"You want trust, but won't trust. Five minutes in my life. Given you a LOT for that little," Rook says sternly. "Get over it. He is important to me."

Is she serious? Linc's jaw tightens, "I don't trust? Six, Ithaca! I fucking stood up and put my neck on the line with Lucian for you. I'm trying. I'm sorry that it's not good enough for you. I'm…"He'll turn his head, deciding to not finish that comment, instead, "I'm trying with Nitrim, doing leg work for him, so don't." He'll laugh without any humor, "Get over it?" He'll shake his head, actually taking a small step backwards, "I can't…I'm not asking you to pick, to chose. But you can't expect me to embrace him as this great wonderful person. He may be that to you, but he's been mostly just a passive aggressive douche bag to me."

"You have been the same," Rook points out. "You were Hostile minute one in tattoo shop. Not all on him. You two work it out. You know where I'll be. Like two little boys on playground fighting over a toy." She mutters as she heads out with her hands stuffed back in her pockets.

Again, Linc's fighting the comparison of Rook to his mother. Both walking out, choosing other things, people. Shit. Why is this all on Linc? "Fine. I'll see you on the job then." His voice has that hollowness that one gets when they feel like they're loosing something. He'll put on a game face, and reach for the dirty plates.

"Try harder," Rook says, as her last words, before she departs.

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