11.23.3013: Trust and Respect Lost
Summary: Thalo has discovered Klaudea's secret and he is not pleased.
Date: 13 October, 2013
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Infirmary Volkan, The Crescent
The Infirmary of the Volkan Barracks is bright, clean, and sterile; the complete antithesis of the world above. There is a general care ward, with moveable beds in small alcoves, only granted privacy by curtains on cuved metal rods. Equipment sits in each unit for emergency treatment, and some long care treatment.

There is a surgical unit down the western hall, with three bays, for handling urgent care of soldiers severely wounded. A recovery area is at the end of the hall. Down the eastern hallway are several doors, each leading to one of a dozen long-term care rooms. Every room is furnished with two beds and a few chairs, a bathroom, nightstands, and connections for specific equipment depending on the needs of the patient.

23 November, 3013

Ugh. The infirmary. Reena has been here a few times before, but not with nearly the regularity of her siblings and cousins. Usually she's the one treating the injuries, rather than sustaining them. She's stuck in a bed, her throat bandaged heavily as well as her left hand. There is a collar around her neck as well, to keep her from moving too much and messing up the fine surgeries that were performed. She can't speak at the moment, so she has a tablet she types into to communicate. She lookscranky. At least she has her own PJs, pink as they are, to wear. Her newly dyed blonde hair is tied back in a braid to keep it away from nurses when they do their rounds.

Thalo was brought in after the battle, mostly due to the large stab wound to his chest that punctured his lung. He fought through it, as the Wall is exptected to do, and was taken into surgery shortly after. It was only in the last hour that he was brought in to the infirmary, out of the sterile surgical recovery area. He's been asleep until about five minutes ago, but has woken up finally, if a bit groggily. He takes up a cup from his bed side table with a wince and sips from it.

Klaudea's friend prevailed upon her to go to the hospital for surgery on her hand. All the little smashed bones needed to be put back together, and she had finally let them bring her here instead of back to the barracks. When she heard that Sir Thalo had been brought in, she waited until she thought he might be awake, and then she went to his room. Her right arm is in a cast and a sling holds it close to her chest, and she stands in his door between a rock and a hard place. She can't hide her injury at all, and she can't hide from her knight, so she steps forward, holding her posture up as best as she can. "Sir Thalo?" she asks, seeing if he is awake, yet.

Reena glances over when there is movement from Thalo and she taps on the datapad. Then she hits enter and a computerized voice says, "Hey, you are awake," in a charmless, robotic voice. At Klaudea's greeting, she raises her uninjured hand in a small wave.

Several sips of the liquid in the cup later, and Thalo growls just a bit at the first mention of his name. It's not really Klaudea's fault. Thalo doesn't like being bedridden. "You're injured." he says in a hoarse voice. "What a surprise." A glance is cast over towards Reena and he grimaces just a bit, "Never should have let you come Reena…I'm sorry."

Klaudea comes in a couple more steps, and noticing Reena, she gives the woman a proper bow, as much as she can. "Lady Reena," she greets, but then Thalo's words cause her to blink at him in surprise. "Sir?" she asks, the shock at his lack of surprise difficult to hide.

Tap. Tap. Tap. "Shut up. I wanted to come. I kept people alive." That robo voice can't quite put in the tone of indignation Reena would herself. She looks from squire to knight curiously, then her eyes settle on Klaudea's cast.

"You are my squire, I've seen how you handle a blade often enough. Then there was the fact that you weren't available for the patrol, and that the blue hooded girl is about your same height. And then of course your hand appears to be broken, and hers was injured. Oh, and she kept pushing to get to go in to deal with the bomb. You've got a strong understanding of electronics, and your willful nature is not lost on me." A beat pause, "I'm not an idiot, Klaudea. This isn't the first time you've been injured from some activty that wasn't related to our training." He sighs, looking over to Reena, smirking at her now…as best he can through the grimance that breathing brings with it, "You did very well. Still, you could have died, and then your father would have me demoted to dishwasher."

Turning beet red at the list off, Klaudea listens mutely. When he talks about the blue hooded girl, her gaze flickers to Reena, and then is steadfastly averted Then her eyes widen. "You would have taken me on the patrol?" she asks, her expression a mixture of incredulity and hope, and then crestfallen as she realizes that if he might have, he probably won't now.

Reena blinks at the conversation, and she studies Klaudea harder. Tappity tap tap. "You're the Blue Sister?" the datapad asks in a flat monotone. She smirks at Thalo. Tippity tap. "Who says he hasn't?"

"I would have." Thalo replies. Not, I will, or I am going to still. Thalo is not amused. He looks over to Reena, frowning just a bit, "Let's hope not. If he does that, I'll have to go freelance, and then the whole of the Crescent will be fucked." He grunts a bit as he shoves himself up into a seated position, "Klaudea, have you seen a doctor yet?"

As the robotic voice asks the question, Klaudea reddens again with a little embarassment, but she nods an answer. "Yes, my lady," she replies. "I didn't know it was you until Brother Shad- Lord Nitrim said your name. I am glad to see that you are all right." The reply to her question to the knight brings a myriad responses in the easily readable eyes, but then end with resignation. "Yes, sir. My friend's brother is a doctor. I usually go to him when I'm hurt, but he said I needed a hospital and an operation, because it was too smashed for him to take care of. So, my friend brought me in, and it's been operated on. My left arm is still a little numb, but the nausea from the stomach blow is almost completely gone. Still hurts, though."

The nurses come in and undo the wheel locks on Reena's bed. "Time for more tests, Milady," the inform her. She frowns a little but acquiesces. She gives Thalo and Klaudea both a look that indicates their conversations are NOT over, but there's nothing she can do about it right now.

"You realize the kind of trouble you are in right now, don't you? You're going to be lucky if I let you anywhere near a practice ring, a wepaon or a chance to prove yourself in combat, even after you've healed. You're going to have to earn back the respect and trust you've lost. And in general, I am not the forgiving type." Thalo states somewhat coldly. He takes up his cup and sips from it now.

Klaudea stands still, as she's always done when she's in trouble or earned displeasure. She winces, but she gives a nod. "I understand I'm in trouble. I don't understand why trust and respect are an issue, Sir," she says quietly. "I have fulfilled my duties and haven't shirked because of what I do when… because I'm the Blue Sister." She shifts. "I have spent my private time helping people in the Factory Sector since I was ten years old. I haven't said anything about it because.. I learned never talk about it long ago. If it gets back to my father he'll cut me off. I can't help people, or afford to be a squire if he cuts me off." She pauses. "Well, maybe it wouldn't be an issue, now, since Lord Nitrim and Lady Reena have been sponsoring the infirmary. I mean," she adds hastily, "I can still help people. I wouldn't ask them to pay for my squiring."

"Trust is the result of honesty. If you are leading a second life that you hide from me, galavanting around trying to play at being a hero…Well, I can't put much trust in you now can I? There is a reason Knights wait to take Squires on patrol. We have to make sure they are ready to handle it. You put me in a position where I didn't have the necessary information to make a decision and people could have died. As it was, we lost a factory that helps produce armor for our men at arms. Armor we need in the coming war." he sighs, taking a small cup with pills in it, downing the pills then some water, "Knowing may not have changed how I handled the situation, but you decided that you should get to make that choice in the field, not your commanding officer. That's why you've lost respect."

Despite the ache in her shoulders, Klaudea is still standing at attention at the end of the bed. "I understand, Sir." She's quiet for a moment. "If it makes any difference, sir, I was not there on purpose, or with intention of fighting. Until Lady Reena got hit." She takes a deep breath. "I never even used to carry my sword with me, either, until the sabotague started happening at Volkan, and I thought I might need to protect myself when traveling." She pauses, and her brows come together as she considers something he said, and she turns her eyes full on to his. "I'm not going out to fight, Sir. It's never been about fighting. It's about taking food and medicine to people who need it,. Sir Urik knew from the beginning what I was doing. He helped me keep it secret from my father. I was used to keeping it secret and was worried if I told you, you wouldn't keep me on. I was wrong."

"I'm all for helping people, Klaudea. I've devoted my life to protecting them. I understand fully the want and desire. So here's the deal. You want to deliver food and help people? You do it through Reena's organization. You show me I can trust you, and we'll be fine eventually. I hear about you skulking around where you might get killed trying to be a vigilante again, and you won't get a chance to explain things to me again." Thalo adjusts to lay back down again, "Rest up, I'm going to do the same."

"I'm not a vigilante," Klaudea bursts out, but then she bites her lip hard enough to almost make it bleed. At the mention of working with Reena's organization, she pales, but says nothing, although her expression goes completely bleak, and for the first time that he's ever seen it, hopeless. She gives a nod. "Yes, sir," she replies. Her shoulders slump, she turns, having a hard time keeping her head up as she leaves to walk to her own room.

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