Lord Sir Tristan Arboren
Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner as Tristan Arboren
Full Name: Tristan Arboren
Byname: None
Age: 23
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: House Arboren
House: House Arboren
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 185 cm
Father: Lord Sir Conall Arboren of Peake Weight: 78.3 kg
Mother: High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Young Lord Declan Arboren
Lady Sir Brienne Arboren
Lord Sir Brennart Arboren
Lady Eilara Arboren
Lord Keanen Arboren
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


About fifteen minutes into the year 2991, the fourth child of then Young Lady Sir Eryn Arboren and her husband Lord Sir Conall, formerly of House Peake, was born. The boy, who got the name Tristan, was the youngest of twins, his older twin brother, Brennart was born before midnight, and thus the twins were born in different years. Tristan spent most of his childhood at the Elder Seat, and around the Arborenin Woods, and together with Brennart, there may have been a lot of mischief done to the poor family staff.
He very early found that music seemed to calm and comfort him, almost as much as being out in the woods did. So in addition to the usual education as a son of the Paramount House of Arboren, he learned how to play keyboards, so he could make music in addition to just listening to it. Hunting and similar activities was also something enjoyed by the quiet young boy who tended to love spending time outdoors when it rained.
When his twin brother got to be a squire to their uncle, Tristan got to be a squire for a cousin of their mother, Sir Alwyn. It may have been with a bit of reluctance that the boy took up that work, but his sense of duty to his family and their people made him put his effort into doing what he could to learn how to be a knight. He may not have taken to the weapons as easy as his brother, aside from archery, but thanks to hard work he still managed to get his spurs, even though it was much closer to when he turned twenty that he had succeeded.
Since then, he’s been keeping on doing his duty to his house, preferring the parts of it that gives him the chance to stay outside, since he prefers being out and about. He’s still close with his family, and those he calls friends, and is still a person who prefers listening to speaking most of the time.



Standing just above 180 centimeters tall, this young man in his early to middle twenties seem to be someone spending quite some time working out, and has thusly developed a muscular, athletic build. Shoulder length dark brown hair tends to be left a bit wild on his head, although it's made sure to keep away from his face. Facial features include dark brown eyes that tend to watch the world a bit carefully, as well as a slightly larger than the average nose, and pale pink lips that frame two rows of teeth that's well taken care of. He's got a bit of a beard, kept short, but at least longer than stubble.


Calmed by Music
Loves the Rain
Needs Outdoors

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"I Love a Rainy Night" - Eddie Rabbit

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