06.27.3013: Triage Preparation at Shelter
Summary: The Heirs of House Iah meet with Ariana and the medical team, as well as a few nobles who have just arrived to Shelter.
Date: 27 June 2013
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Shelter, Niveus
The settlement of Shelter, largest of Niveus and primary seat of house Iah, Is a huge city that rises from the snow and ice of the moon like a great mountain topped with spires reminiscent in their shape the castles of ancient Earth. The settlement is built to hold vast numbers of people without feeling overcrowded. The interior architecture is open and spacious, with high ceilings and wide arches. What windows there are cover entire walls, letting in as much natural light as possible.

The walls in most public areas are white, decorated with engraved and stamped bronze panels. In some rooms the walls are stone, in others formed to appear like ice and snow. The details throughout Shelter are built to imitate the styles of Old Earth's Industrial age, with an emphasis on metalwork and stylized machinery. Most of the furniture in public areas is leather in warm shades of brown, and the decor generally in shades of blue and gold. Fur rugs in a variety of shades cover the polished stone floors of nearly every room to add warmth. Glass panels in the walls of each of the smaller rooms allow citizens to adjust temperature controls, lighting, and other settings to their liking. Many walls, for example, can be set to project images of outside views, to give the feel that nearly every room can have windows.

28 June 3013

For the last few days, Shelter has been busy. Members of houses and planets from all over Haven have been arriving to offer their support and aid in the recent Hostile landings. Lady Ianthe (the head of house) has kept herself just as busy, and at the moment she is out leading a scouting mission with a few of the recently arrived knights. Una, who argued the plan to go out without more protection, has stayed behind to greet the rest of the arrivals.

Those who arrive to Shelter enter the Waygate in the city, and are brought up to the top of Shelter where Iah house lives, and to the great hall. Here Una waits. Dressed in a gown of green silk slit up each leg to show the leggings and fur-lined boots beneath, she stands ready to greet the next wave of arrivals and to take any questions she can from those already here.

Sophie Sauveur has decided to venture towards the settlement of Shelter, intent upon offering whatever support she can to the war effort. Moreover, she messaged Ariana and learned the Larent noble planned to be here as well. Deciding to dress appropriately for the cold location, she put on a faintly pink but predominantly white dress, its long skirts gently trailing across the ground. Fluffy faux fur surrounds the hem of her long draping sleeves and small hood. Tiny silver earrings dot her pale ears, while gloves adorn her dainty hands. Slippered feet flow across the grounds once she has been brought up towards Shelter, leading her everpresent guard Caedmon with a bright smile and an excited twinkle in her amber eyes. Caedmon wears his usual green waistcoat over white long-sleeved shirt, a greatsword sheathed to a brown belt at his waist. The pair of them delve deeper past the front entrance of Settlement, approaching their host with as much respect as each can gather. Caedmon bows at the waist, rising up and declaring in a booming voice, "may I present Lady Sophie Alexandra Sauveur." Sophie smiles and casually nods her head, "greetings, my Lady. How goes the war effort?"

Ariana Larent does not come to Niveus for shopping and sightseeing, so rather than wearing one of her many lavish gowns, she instead is seen in far more professional attire for her position as medic. She wears a matching white long sleeved jacket and pants while the clasp connecting her lapels together is decorated with the glowing cyan sigil of House Larent. Her long hair is swept up into a fashionable enough bun. To ward off the constant chill on this ice moon, she does, at the very least, allow herself some luxury: a fur cloak that hangs over her slender shoulders, made of the soft furs of silver foxes. With the rest of the medical team, she works quickly to help set up a triage here in the safety and fortification of Shelter. For the most part, she is speaking to one of the other medics via earpiece, though once she notices Una in the distance, she immediately approaches the woman, offering her a polite bow her head in greeting, "Lady Una, you look as lovely as ever. We are currently setting up a triage near the entryway, for the ease of bringing our injured in and quickly having them tended to. Was there any other specifications that you wished to see regarding this endeavor?" Her blue eyes flicker out to view Sophie, though it is Caedemon's announcement he attracts her attention first. A quiet enough smile and look of acknowledgment is given the young Sauveur.

Tiriel comes in after a bit of time and glowers at those who are assembled as her eyes scan about the room and seek the object of her arm. It's a quick look before that glower turns into a bit of a smile as the knight strides in to find the Lady Una. As she walks, she is stopped by a person or two to which she nods and tolerates before she finally reaches her wife's side. "Hello." She speaks and leans it to bump the Lady of House Iah on the shoulder before she regards those that are mingling about. She blinks a touch, "Everyone in furs again?" She chuckles as she lifts at Una's hand to give the back of it a kiss. "Really. I thought it was a normal day here." She winks to Una with a smirk.

Una gives Sophie a polite curtsy and Ariana a matching nod and smile. "Thanks to all of your help, it goes extraordinarily well My Lady. Thank you." The gratiture is offered to both women, for their aid as well as Ariana's compliment, "As for the triage, I will send my sister to you when I find her. She will wish to be a part of your efforts. It looks excellent so far." Tiriel's arrival is greeted by a brightening of her eyes, as well as a 'be nice' smile for her wife's teasing of the off-moon people. "There you are."

Sophie turns almost immediately upon hearing a familiar voice to smile with joy and carelessly glide over for an embrace, "Ari! It is so good to see you again. It has been…at least a week, I am certain of it. How have you been?" She cants her head to the side, "would you like any kind of assistance?" She glances back towards Una, "I am more than happy to help in whatever way you need me, my Lady. Sir Barrow too." Caedmon nods his head, bowing at the waist once more when Tiriel approaches. Sophie gives the woman a nod of her head and a small chuckle, "hello, Lady Tiriel. It would seem I at least dressed for the occasion anyway."

Through the door, the long coat and warm, black cowl of Nitrim Khournas enters. With a heavy longsword on his hip, black gloves over his hands, and thermal clothing beneath the heavy, constricting layers, a flame held before him dissipates. Using it for warmth on his way into Shelter, he brushes the last of the snow from his shoulder. His green eyes beneath hooded, blonde eyebrows rise to Una, and his head lowers once more in a respectful nod. "So this is it then, aye?" He says to her…

"Very good, My Lady. I am also pleased that I can assist at least in this capacity." Ariana notes, before taking a step back, only to be greeted by an overly excited Sophie. "My Lady Sophie, why ever for are you doing here?" An elegant brow quirks, her gaze now lifting to view Caedmon as if she expects the man to hold all of the answers! Still, her attention does drift toward Tiriel at her arrival and approach to Una and once more, she offers a polite nod of her head. Speaking forth to the young Sauveur, however, she looks a touch skeptical about Sophie even being here, "There is always work to be done and like the last time, we may wish to double check on our inventory of medications and especially bandages and gauze. Are you up to that challenge, My Lady?" Nitrim's entrance gains a curious look, but as she is on duty, she doesn't approach him. She knows full well why many of the off-moon sorts are here: The tension and excitement of battle stirs in the air.

Tiriel gives a bit of a chuckle before she grins quite wide to Sophie, "Dressing for the occasion is a good thing. I always think we like it too cold around here when Una and I are in our lesser clothes." She gives another wink to her wife and then gives a bit of a stretch. "I should actually go get my furs on and my axe if we are about to head into the breach." And then Ariana she returns the bow to the woman. "I am sure you can find your way about. If you would excuse me?" As she leans in to kiss her wife on the hand once more and then go off to change.

Sophie hears the footfalls of a newcomer to the settlement, turning her amber eyes to locate the source. They widen in surprise, before looking away and faintly blushing, "g-greetings, Lord Nitrim. I see you have come to help as well?" She blinks when Ariana questions her, "w-what? Oh. I came here to help, like you." Caedmon just shrugs his shoulders at Ariana's glance, completely just following his ward wherever she might go. Sophie bobs her head towards Ariana, "I would be glad to help, even if it is simply checking inventory. I know a thing or two about first-aid too, living out in the Arborenin Woods for some time." She looks to Tiriel, blinking uncertainly at the comment about lesser clothes yet smiling nonetheless, "it was nice to meet you, Lady Tiriel, if brief." She glances to Ariana, and then to Nitrim, licking her lips and giving a look of suppressed excitability about the mention of the breach.

Una shakes her head at Sophie, "Ignore her, she's only teasing. We're far more used to the temperatures here. And you look /lovely/." Nitrim is given a similar nod of greeting, as well as a raised brow. "Yes. Welcome to Shelter, Lord Nitrim." Ariana is given a nod, "I would greatly appreciate any help the two of you have to offer. When you find Elodie, she will ensure that you have everything you need access too." Nodding to Tiriel, she steps back, "Yes, we should ready ourselves. Thank you, again, for coming. I will return shortly.." She nods to each in turn before stepping away with Tiriel.

Flexing his fingers within their gloves, Nitrim turns to the voice of Sophie. Normally the man would smile, but not today. Today he's here for war. He looks down to her and gives her a tight-lipped look and a shake to her shoulder. "Yes. Yes I have." And be it a trick of the light, he hesitates as he sees Ariana in the distance. Raising one hand to his brow, he gives her a quiet salute before the heavy stamping of feet call him away. He takes a step back and draws his flame closer to his chest once more, where it will keep him warm. "Be ready for the wounded. Be safe." It's his mantra this month. Be safe. Be safe. He turns and heads towards the encampment.

Sophie smiles brightly to Una, "thank you, my Lady. I have so few dresses to wear in the snow that I had very few to select from. I am glad you like it." When Una makes to leave, she nods her head and offers, "good luck and I will see you back here soon, I am sure." She turns to Nitrim, gasping softly when he actually shakes her shoulder. Her cheeks bloom with pink and she nods her head shyly, "w-we'll be ready…b-be safe." She watches him turn to go, before looking back to Ariana, forcing a smile across her lips, "let's get started then, shall we?"

Ariana merely nods slowly to the young Sauveur's response and leads the girl towards where the triage is set up. All of the beds are evenly spaced and in place for any arriving victims. The medicines, bandages and equipment are stored away, but are in easily accessible areas and everything looks orderly. Reaching for one of the medical datapads, the Larent lady hands this to Sophie now. "You won't necessarily be needing to take inventory right now, but if anything needs to be documented, I would like your help to assist in that." Walking through the aisle of beds, she gestures towards where all of the newbie medic supplies are, "So you are able to bandage the wounded? Well, we have an ample amount of bandages here as well as antiseptics." She soon pauses, her eyes looking towards the screen that displays the positioning of their own soldiers out in the field. "Now we wait."

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