06.10.3013: Triage on the Halo
Summary: As injured begin coming into the Ring, volunteers and visitors alike come to the Halo.
Date: 10 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo - The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
10 June 3013

With the return of the naval fleet that went head to head with the Hostiles own fleet under the command of the Shadow of Intent, the triage on the Ring is quickly filling up with injured or worse. There's a flurry of activity going on with medics and the injured moving to and fro, visitors, as well as military commanders and other officers can also be seen. One of these medics is the tall, blonde Ariana Larent. Dressed in her usual professional medical attire, all in white, she moves from bed to bed to check up on each patient on her route before tapping a few things into her datapad, perhaps handling the patient's file that way.

Sir Agnes Peake would prefer to still be on the Intent with her men too injured to move, but bloodloss and injury have outweighed her protests. Two field medics are assisting the large woman in. They put her on a cot near Ariana and call over to her. "We haven't removed the armor, because we think it might be partially fused to the chest wound. Breathe sounds are weak on the left, punctured lung and some ribs, and a big old hole!" Agnes glares at him. "I'm right here, I can tell her myself," she growls out. He flees, wisely.

Just as Ariana reaches an empty bed, she finds that this bed is soon filled with the arrival one of Sir Agnes Peake. Blinking quickly and recognizing the woman immediately, for she is a difficult one to forget, the Larent pulls up the woman's medical records on her datapad to start a new chart for her for this particular incident. "Thank you for bringing her in." She says to the field medics, before she addresses the knight, "Sir Agnes, I'm glad that have have returned home safely, if not a little battered." She even smiles oh so politely when she says this, but one of the first thing she now does is inspect the woman's armor to see how welded, if that is the case, poor Agnes is to her protective gear. "We'll have you as good as new in no time."

It looks more as if something punched through the armor with great force, bending the edges of the hole inward, inside the wound. "There are others more in need of attention, Lady Ariana," Agnes insists, grumpily. The ashy pallor of her skin says otherwise, however, as she lies back on the cot.

With her brother's ship in action and scads of her knightly friends sent off, Talayla is worried. If only she'd trained, if only she had enlisted. If only! But there's too many if onlys and hindsight is always 20/20 and out the butt. Hmm. But most of her friends are female knights. It'd be creepy and weird if she brought THEM candy and flowers. So, to that end, Talayla is telekinetically holding a cardboard poster of a cute knight in front of her and bringing in a box of candy, flowers and books. Hooray! "Aah… is this it? Don't worry, I won't bump into anyone, promise. I just felt bad they were getting candy from me and not a cute guy," She explains as she's let in. But wait. There's Lady Sir Agnes! And Talayla moves over. She pokes her head out from behind the poster. "Umm, but this is close, right?" She offers helpfully. Poor Tal. She tried. She really, really tried. … maybe a hovering hunk isn't the answer.

With the return of the ram ships come a flurry of activity near the medical station. Like any exclusive club, Lord Nitrim Khournas sidesteps the crowd of people and heads directly inside without a second care. Walking alongside Soleil, who he's traveled with since the Waygate, he adjusts the dark sunglasses over his eyes to shield them from the bright, white lights inside. The only difference between the light scent of alcohol on his breath and the light scent of alcohol in the medical ward is that his alcohol likely came from a barrel.

"I ran into Dr. Helena Dalton a few weeks ago, maybe she'll be able to get me some answers." Nitrim says to Soleil, at his side. He's wearing that heavy, black coat he's always seen with, and his claw-ringed fingers selfishly reach out to grab a clipboard from the wall. He flips through the pages, looking for names. "Is there anyone in particular you're looking for?" He asks to his side, voice carrying as he approaches within earshot of the others.

Soleil is dressed to the nines, because let's be honest— it's a public relations thing. She's here because she's supposed to be a good Sauveur who cares ever so much about the people, and someone's going to take her photograph while she holds the hand of a knight who just lost a leg, and promises him she will personally pay for his cybernetic and it will be so much better than his real leg was. Something like that. So it's the haute couture look only the really rich and really gorgeous can get away with— a jacket of silk, a skirt to the knees, high heeled boots, serious hair style meant to show she takes it all very seriously. Her makeup is muted, but as her makeup usually is, it is a mask for the woman beneath.

"Not really. I heard some woman who danced with my cousin is here and maybe I should go see her," she says to Nitrim. "People love synchronicity." It's perfectly fitting that she should arrive with a male escort— perhaps not perfectly wise that she should arrive with the one the papers already caught her with, but she can only give a damn about so many things at a time. "Uhm, what was it?" she asks her knight. "Sir Agnes something," he replies, and she nods, passing it on to Nitrim. "Sir Agnes something."

Gesturing to the medics around them, Ariana states, "We can't leave her armor on, so I will need help on trying to pry it off of her. There is more than a clear evidence of damage done there and it will need to be treated." With that said, she snaps on a fresh pair of medical gloves. "I'm going to give you something to kill the pain, so please try to relax." She reaches for one of the hyposprays on the tray reserved for this particular cot just as the medics do their best attempts to strip the woman from her chest plate. Reading the label carefully to ensure the correct dosage, the young noblewoman's eyes first flicker in Talayla's direction once the woman enters with her… cardboard knight. Immediately, her brow arches, but she flashes some form of smile in the Orelle's direction all the same, "What an interesting surprise…" And that is when she notices the pair of Soleil and Nitrim from out of the corner of her eyes, now that Talayla's visit has pulled her attention completely off of Agnes. Her gaze back on Talayla, she does note, "How interesting, everyone seems to have brought their dates to the medbay." Yes, this is the cardboard poster included.

Agnes blinks up at the cardboard cutout hovering above her sick bed and her brow furrows. "Lady Ariana, could I be hallucinating?" she asks. One does not expect that in triage. She grimaces as the hypospray is applied, and steels herself for the removal of the armor plate. "I suspect I have one of those dreadful paper gowns in my immediate future?" she bemoans.

There's a polite smile in passing, though some surprise at Nitrim and Soleil (alphabetical order!). Talayla is on a mission and her arms full. She smiles to Ariana, looking apologetic. "Yeah… I'm sorry. I wanted to bring Lady Sir Agnes something, but the guy at the shop told me it would be weird and creepy and no one wants candy from a girl if they're a girl, so…" She bites her lower lip. Poor Talayla. She was trying. She really was. She peeks around the cutout and lets it stop hovering. Mercifully it's steady without her telekinesis holding it. "Wow, I'm sorry," She looks a bit guilty, her head poking around the poster. "Do you think they'd let you borrow my robe if they cleaned it, maybe?" Most of a robe to Agnes, anyway? She turns red at the date comment. "That's -" That's even worse than being a creepy candy giver! A thousand flaming suns times worse! She looks a bit uncertain. "Oh well, I guess it was weird…" She peers over at Agnes. "I was just worried. I've been looking for people I know to make sure they're okay." She seems apologetic.

"Peake. Sir Agnes Peake and she's on the list." Nitrim replies to Soleil, holding up the wedge of paper on the clipboard to show her the name on the chart. "According to this she's…" He looks up to see Sir Agnes, Ariana, and Talayla with a…card board cut out? His brow bristles with confusion, and in response he lets the sheaf of papers fall to the clipboard with the sound of shuffling cards.

Clipboard under his arm, Nitrim crosses the rest of the distance, giving one final glance back to Soleil's knight before he addresses the group. "Good afternoon My Ladies." His eyes stop on Ariana from over the rim of his glasses as he playfully baps the carboard cutout with his clipboard. A wink is shot to Talayla before his smirk fades into something serious. "Any word on the Khourni? Sir Asher? Sir Victor?"

"Oh." Soleil tries to appear interested, but the whole medical feel of the place has her uneasy. Advancements in technology, medicine— it doesn't matter. A hospital is still a hospital and it's still gross. She rubs her neck a little and moves to follow Nitrim, but when she sees that /procedures/ are going on, she stops, and looks over her shoulder. "This really isn't a good time for visiting," she says, ready to bolt. "Uhm, at the very least not for that." The photographer is 'that', and it's enough of a hint that the knight sets about removing whatever camera people have followed the nobles inside.

She takes the few steps that now separate her from Nitirm, and rejoins him near Ariana. The sight of her friend snapping on rubber gloves almost restores her mood, but she keeps herself in check. War's not funny. A nod to both her and Talyala follows, before her eyes settle on Agnes. OH. THAT's Agnes. She now remembers her. The giant woman who was dancing with Emund.

Even with friends in the vicinity, Ariana keeps her focus as best she can on her current patient. Carefully, she places the hypospray against the side of Agnes' neck, then slowly injects the painkillers into the woman's system. "This should make you feel a little more comfortable. And as for paper gowns, we have the soft cloth variety instead. It's not as dreadful as what you might think. Your relatives may also bring some comfortable, loose fitting clothing for yourself, if you prefer. But let us see how much damage was done. Perhaps, you will be able to return home in a day or two."

As Agnes' armor is being removed, Ariana smiles apologetically towards Talayla, "I'm sorry, My Lady, but I must do this in private. Feel free to wait out here, you can still communicate just fine. The Larent will be looking at her patient's chest, so highly doubts that Agnes wants a full audience inspecting it too. Nitrim's approach now catches her attention and before she disappears behind the curtain, herself, she quickly inspects her datapad once more, "Sir Asher Khournas is listed as one of the injured, yes, but he has not shown up to this triage just yet. Sir Victor…." She recalls this man from the previous night at the lounge on the Ring, "There are no injuries reported for him, My Lord. I'd like to think of that as a good sign." Especially, since he is not listed as one of the dead. "One moment please, we require some privacy now, but afterwards, you are all free to speak to Sir Agnes, if she so wishes your company."

The armor finally removed, Ariana checks up on the knight's vitals and compares it to an earlier reading from the field medics onboard the Intent. She then examines the injuries at the same time. "What exactly happened here?" She has to inquire of Agnes, her eyes now reading the previous report of the patient's injuries. "I see a clear blade slice of some sort." And this, she immediately works to cleanse the area while being delicate about the discolored skin around the open wound. "But this bruising and slight burn…"

"It is a very kind gesture, Lady Talayla, thank you," Agnes says sincerely. "And any garment that isn't going to advertise my ladybits to the entire Halo would be most welcome." Her jaw is set in a hard line against the indignity of a lack of privacy. At the question from Ariana she grunts again. "Sword in the first, the further, your guess is as good as mine. Some sort of damaging sound from one of their priests. I separated him from his head just after he did that to me." She calls through the curtain, "Sir Asher was wounded and lives. Sir Victor was too slippery for them to even scratch!"

An amused look to Nitrim. "Salutations," Talayla greets Nitrim. "As for the cardboard guy, like I said, someone told me it would be creepy to bring a friend candy if we were both girls. I bet he was pulling my leg now," She ponders. She nods at Ariana, and will wait out where she can hear. "Sure thing, I understand," She murmurs. She listens to the names listed off, concerned. "The tall fellow with the big arms who said he had trouble with pull? That would make sense," Talayla taps her chin. She's slowly emerging from her snail shell, but years of hermitude have taken an awkward, cardboard knight having toll. "Aw, poor Sir Asher," She frowns. "I should see if anyone from my House or vassals is here…" She feels compelled to look after him. She lowers her head respectfully to Soleil and blinks. Camera? Photo- oh no. Talayla looks worried. Oh well. Stuff happens. "Sure, I can take my robe to get cleaned if it's okay with the doctors and nurses, though - it won't be ankle length like it is on me," She remarks. Somehow, the mental image of ninja Victor kinda makes her grin.

"Are they your cousins?" Soleil inquires of Nitrim when the curtain has shut them out. "Damn..how do people deal with…all that." War has been looming over her generation their entire life, but it was hard to really think about it. It's starting to sink in— the constant dread people must feel. She turns to Talayla.

Tally you have got to stop being so gullible. I swear to the guardians you used to believe me when I said they were finding Arachnogators in the Ring's water reclamation plant." Child Soleil's sense of humor was not, appaently, any less dangerous than adult Soleil's. And about the cardboard boyfriend, she says, "He's good looking at least. I doubt he'll be satisfying in bed though. Maybe he has money?"

"I expected as much with Victor. That both my cousins are alive are good news to hear, thank you both and thank you for your spilt blood, Lady Sir Agnes." Nitrim says loudly enough to be heard from the other side of the curtain. He turns his back to it, eyes grazing over the top of Talayla's head as he scans the wounded in the room. A grim sight indeed. His tongue brushes out to wet his lips and he loops his thumbs into his swordbelt, eyes turning to Talayla. "Cute as it is, Lady Talayla, I think you'd be getting responses if you were up to your elbows in stitching and handing out pain medication." His dark little smirk returns, black humor for black moments. "Can he sew?"

"Yes, they're my cousins." Nitrim adds, turning his attention to Soleil. "They've been preparing for this their whole lives, so the fact that this came in their generation means they're not spending another life waiting and wishing. I would have burned either of them greatly to go down in the first wave." His jaw tightens, and he looks away, eyes back to the ward. "Lady Ariana? Is there anything you need from outside of the curtain? I know a bit of this."

"We have a gown for her as it is, My Lady." Ariana speaks out to Talayla from her side of the curtain. One of the medical assistants who had briefly departed soon returns with a generous sized gown. More than likely, a medical gown made for men! "Still, if you would like to help her family collect a few items of belongings, comfortable clothing and the like, do feel free. By the looks of things, our gallant knight should be well enough in a couple of days, though I would still recommend that you take it easy, Sir Agnes, until you are completely healed. For now, I will bandage you up, until the the severity of the odd burns and bruising on your chest start to fade and then the stitching will begin." Still, she begins to apply a topical ointment to the sensitive area around the open wound, before she starts to bandage the entire area up.

To some of what she says, Ariana offers a slight pause, then states, "I do believe that Lord Captain Cedric is among one of the injured, but he may very well still be on the Intent." This is spoken to Talayla, but to Nitrim, she shakes her head and while she is behind a curtain, the faint shadowed silhouette can be seen mimicking her actions, "I have everything that I need here. What Sir Agnes needs now, is a little rest. She may feel slightly woozy due to the medication."

Agnes is as stoic as a patient as she is in war. She grits her teeth and silently asks the Knight to not let her be too injured to continue her calling. The words from Nitrim are met with a, "Simply doing my duty, Milord." She stares at the ceiling and thinks through the list of the names of the men who did not make it back. There will be families to notify who will not be comforted about words of duty. "If I am to be on mandatory rest, I will need a datapad and a communicator."

Talayla looks concerned. She rubs the back of her head. "Well… there could've been. The habitat's right," She looks awkward. She sighs. "I wish. I feel really guilty I only know first aid," She shakes her head. She frowns. "Oh well. I can apologize later. I wanted to visit, even if it's just to say hi and bring something nice." She looks abashed. "Also, um… I was worried." She seems to be slowly working on her social skills. "So somehow I doubt I'll be doling out painkillers," She waves a hand. Sadface. She clearly hates feeling useless. "Or be creepy." She didn't want to be creepy. "I am glad your cousins are okay, and Lady Sir Agnes, too…" She's looking around, likely for her own relative. Soleil's words make her face go red. "Wha. Hey. He wasn't for me. I just - didn't wanna be creepy." A faint pout.

She looks to Ariana, and nods. "Okay. Well, I can leave my robe for her for now. I don't mind - it's steam cleanable if dust is a worry," She smiles. She'll even hand over the robe. "And let me know if you'd like anything brought." Nod. Then a pause at news of her brother. She goes quiet. "Oh." She furrows her brows. "I'll - keep an eye out," She offers quietly. A lot of the wind was taken out of her sails. "I can go if Lady Sir Agnes needs her rest."

Oh, oops. Cedric. Soleil completely forgot Cedric, Lord Family Man, was at war now. It's the kind of painfully obvious thing one forgets because it's /so/ obvious. Well, she was never close to him, even if he's her cousin and married her other cousin.

Soleil's useless now. She doesn't want to touch anything either. All the medical stuff makes her uneasy, something she never even realized before. The fact is obvious, the way she looks around and hastens to get out of the way of oncoming nurses and doctors with their icky medical apparati.

"I guess I have cousins at war too," she says to Nitrim. "I didn't even really…think about it. Not very close to most of them." The realization brings a look of consternation to her face, and she seems increasingly uneasy. She folds her arms beneath her breast and looks at Nitrim, to keep her from doing with her hands what she'd really like to do.

"You ever feel so useless?" she asks him in an undertone.

Social responsibility is starting to tug at Soleil.

"It's alright to feel bad here, Lady Talayla. Everyone else is." Nitrim says to the shorter noble, hand reaching to rub the hairs standing on end at the back of his neck. His eyes, behind glasses, stare to the tiled floor and he absently nods his head to Ariana's refusal of help. Yes, yes, nothing to do here. His lips purse and he blows out a sigh and goes back to reading the names of the dead on the clipboard. "You're a sweet girl. Everyone here knows you mean well always. You're good for smiles."

He looks up from the clipboard, eyes tilting to Soleil from beneath the upper rims of his glasses. He stares. "Every day, My Lady. Every day until I'm not."

"Lady Sir Agnes, I appreciate your mellow. Lord Declan was on station not too long ago, and if you've any trouble finding someone to collect your things feel free to message me. I'll make myself available. Also, if you do get word back, send my regards to Sirs Asher, Victor, Johana, and Thalo." A pause. "You're in capable hands. I'm sure Lady Ariana's delicate touch will speed you back to the front lines in no time."

Ariana doesn't look useless here. Nor does she smile. Or frown. Or anything. Her features are mostly devoid of expression, though at times, she may crack a tiny hint of a smile at a thought, or perhaps, upon seeing a familiar face. Seeing so many injured, none of this is disturbing to her, even if one of Agnes' injuries does take her by surprise, but it's nothing that they can't treat. Helping the knight get dressed in the large hospital gown, if Agnes so wishes the assistance, once that is dealt with, the curtain is finally opened, but she dims the light over Agnes' section of the room in case the woman wanted to sleep.

"If Lady Sir Agnes desires your company, please, feel free to stay." Ariana starts off, adding in, "But she really does need some rest. I am hoping that the ointment will sooth the section around her open wound, so that I can go ahead and stitch it up in a couple of hours or so." She then looks to the others, all gathered here. "If there is anyone else you may be concerned with, I can check in on them. There is a medbay on the Intent, so some of the injured may be treated there." She isn't going to make anyone feel good about themselves if they feel useless, obviously!

"Some of the injured are still on the Intent," Agnes rasps out, as she's helped into the gown and tucked in. She stays sitting up for a moment, and looks quite a bit less bearish looking out of her armor. Who would have thought the Knight had legs quite that long? Or, well, shapely? "Sir Johana was injured but not gravely I believe. The Wall, well, as you may expect he was barely nicked. I think the Hostiles did a double-take when they saw him." She smiles weakly. "I am fine for company, I know people have questions. I would want answers in their place, Lady Ariana."

Talayla nods. "Well. I bet… knowing my brother and the knights I've met, they're probably up there if they can be," Either way, she does slip off her robe and move to offer it to Agnes, if there's no protest. "I'll leave the candy box here. There's a few things in it," There's likely lozenges and other, genuine candy. She looks to Soleil, sympathetic. "If I see my vassals or relatives, I'll be sure to stop by," She promises. She frowns faintly at Nitrim, "I wish I could help more is all. My brother flipped out when I offered to enlist. But…" With her powers, she seems to feel she SHOULD help. A faint smile at his last words. "Thanks. That's pretty kind of you to say. Even if I screwed it up with the cardboard thing," She catches on, at least. "I can probably get the data pad and stuff she asked for, but - only after a nap maybe." Talayla's savvy enough to realize that pain killers and communication tend to be a terrible combo. "I don't see anyone else I know just yet." She hms softly.

"It's good we ran into you two, actually," Soleil says to Ariana and Talayla. Hm. 'we'? "There's some stuff to discuss." She glances at Agnes, and then around at the rest of the cots, considering. "Maybe better if I do this visiting thing later anyway. I don't really feel representative of the royal family just now. In fact i feel like I need a fucking cigarette." Not just a cigarette. a /fucking/ cigarette.

"Yes. We should probably talk soon, Lady Talayla." Nitrim lowers his voice, giving her a rather guarded look. "If you're interested in being more help there may be a thing or two that I could teach you that could change your role in what's going on around you." He looks to Soleil, sure that she'll know exactly what he's talking about. With a sigh, he sets the clipboard down and taps a cabinet not far from the curtain. "Lady Ariana? I'll be on the Ring for a while longer. I'd like to meet up and discuss some things. Be well and good luck."

"As you wish, My Lady." Ariana nods to Agnes' approval of having her visitors stay. She then quickly removes her soiled gloves and tosses them into a nearby bin, leaving her hands feeling powdery soft. She finally affords Talayla another smile when she speaks of Cedric, "Oh yes. I'm certain that your Lord Brother will remain onboard his ship, perhaps, maybe until every other naval officer of knight is healed." Reaching for her datapad, she then presses several buttons to check on the Orelle's status. She is clearly not happy by what she sees, though she does add in, "After this visit, you may wish to speak to your Lord Brother, but I am certain that he is resting at the moment too… or if he is not, he should be."

Finally, her gaze returns back to that of her gathered friends, especially when Soleil speaks up about being happy that both she and Talayla were here. So up raises one of Ariana's perfectly shaped brows as she views the Sauveur curiously. "Oh? What is this about, My Lady?" Then to Nitrim, when he addresses her, the Larent nods slowly, "Of course, My Lord. Despite all of the chaos and commotion going on here, I believe I may be able to find some time."

Agnes accepts the robe gratefully and simply uses it as a second blanket for the time being. "Thank you, Lady Talayla. Your kindness will not be forgotten." The Knight inclines her head to Soliel. "Do pass on my thanks for your visit to your family Milady." Perhaps especially her cousin. "And to the Khourni as well Milord." She then lies back and lets the young ones do as they do.

Soleil turns to Nitrim, her head falling slightly to one side. "Are you going?" she asks in a strange tone of voice. His apparent preparation to depart apparently takes precedent before all else. She turns to Agnes for a few moments. "Thank you for your service to our system. We are all very glad your sacrifice was not greater." Replay those words. Appropriate? More or less.

"Yeah, about Keanen," she tells Ariana, turning to her. "Maybe some other stuff too."

A pause. Talayla inclines her head to Nitrim. She watches him carefully, nodding. "Okay." Is all she says. She seems more solemn and quiet for a moment. A look to Ariana at mention of her brother and she sighs. "Yeah, you'd need like, 10 Awakened, 20 crowbars and 2 dozen football players to get him out of there," She seems resigned and quietly amused. "Am I able to speak to him?" She looks worried. "I know they aren't allowing civilians in some places, so…" She seems less cheery now. She smiles at Agnes, "You're welcome. Think nothing of it," She murmurs. "I'm glad I got to see you," Nod. She pauses at mention of Keanen, looking faintly concerned. "Is he okay?" She peers. "He's not allowed to die or get hurt until I return his camera," Talayla states simply. "That's all." Yes. That's it.

Taryn still finds himself on the ring. At the moment, he is walking slowly down the corridor. There are a couple of bloody spots on his leather tunic. There is nothing that would indicate that the blood is his. And yes, Ariana and Soleil, it is in fact the same leather tunic. His gate was originally leading him towards the lift, until he sees the individuals gathering. He offers Lady Soleil a respectful bow, before a general bow to everyone else. He pauses, offering Agnes a smile, "It is good to see that you have returned to us, Lady Sir Agnes."

"I don't know. I just don't know anymore." Nitrim says to Soleil vacantly, eyes glossing over behind his dark sunglasses. Once more, he sighs and brushes a hand throguh his hair and turns towards the door. The first few steps are slow and hesitant, and he turns to see who, if any, just may step further away from Agnes' curtain with him. For whatever reason, something's taken Nitrim to a dark place, and he starts to peel away.

Ariana is allowing Agnes to rest, but the entire medical center is terribly crowded and there is almost no spot to just simply stand and linger about without one medical professional or other nearly ramming into you. Quietly, she returns her gaze to regard the resting Peake knight once more before updating the woman's file altogether, taking note of the time. And now it is her young friends who have captured her full attention with their cryptic words, or they are cryptic to her. "What about Lord Keanen?" Her eyes drift over to Talayla for a momen as the Orelle has the same question in mind. "Is he alright? I'm afraid that I haven't spoken to him since the day the Hostile broke free from the lab, I believe." She even furrows her brow gently in thought, but it is Nitrim's words and his actions that pull her gaze in his direction and they simply watch him with a curious intensity, "Are you feeling okay, My Lord? Did you need to sit down? Perhaps have something to drink." And with that, she waves to one of the other medics so that they can fetch her a glass of water. Taryn's arrival does catch her attention as well, though only briefly, and in passing. Though she does wonder what he's still doing on the Ring, looking so out of place, that he does.

For the moment, strangely, Soleil is focussed on just one person. She's watching Nitrim, a hint of deep-seated uneasiness penetrating her general facade of blaze perturbance. She moves after him, careful not to be too obvious about what she's doing, as she 'accidentally' brushes his hand with hers. "Are you ok?" she asks. "Let's meet later for…tea?" Tea. It doesn't take weeks of knowing Soleil to know she doesn't drink tea.

Agnes gives Taryn a small smile. "I am still among the living, yes, Mister Wystrel. I had not expected to see you here on the Ring. Is your task in the Landings finished?" she asks.

Tea? Talayla looks at Soleil kind of sidelong. "I um, might have a favor to ask… even if it's not really for me," She fidgets a little. She scoots out of the way of a nurse. She looks to Ariana, "He loaned me a camera to try. I'm kinda boring, but I got some awesome shots of my tilapia." Yeah. Tal's a party and a half. At least she's starting reaching out to people. SHe looks worried about Nitrim a moment. "Um. I'm sorry if it was something I said," There's concern. There's a twinge of darkness that she's none too at ease dealing with. But then, there's Taryn and she waves politely, bowing back to Taryn. For now, Tal settles a moment to hear an answer, if there is one.

Taryn grins just slightly at Agnes, "I never had any doubt about that, m'lady… not for one moment… " He looks at the transparent plates and shudders slightly, "Well, I did not expect to see me up here…" The smile fades, just slightly, as he shakes his head. "No, m'lady… I don't think my business is yet done… but I think that it might have something to do why I am up here now…" He glances around, "But this is not the time to talk about me, m'lady… It pleases me much to see that you are as well as I expected."

A touch. A touch to his hand. Nitrim snaps out of his quiet moment of self devouring to come back to the present. He turns his head to look down the plane of his shoulder to Soleil, then back to Ariana, then to a wall-chart that depicts in great detail as to what to do to avoid needle-sticking yourself while drawing blood from a patient. Half of his face seems to lean to the side in a dramatic facial expression as brushes a hand through his hair, leaving a few strands sticking straight up. "Nonsense, Talayla. You didn't do anything. And I'm fine, no better than normal. Thank you." The thank you cast towards Lady Ariana.

Finally, he looks back to Soleil and his lip twitches. Behind his sunglasses, his eyelid jerks in place and he starts to nod his head towards her. "Yea sounds good. I'd…like that. This is just—strange days. That's all." It's a vague bone thrown to appease them all, probably a lie. He's itching again.

How weird! Soleil looks like she's having a moment of empathy o something equally awkward and uncomfortable. People would have to be watching closely to see what she does— it seems her fingers touch his wrist and hold the contact. She rises on her toes, ostensibly casual, but beneath the facade maybe there's something more.

She murmurs something to him.

And for those keeping track for whatever reason, Soleil has no jewelry on, visibly at least.

Yes, Soleil's mention of going out for tea does catch Ariana's notice and her gaze soon enough finds itself on the Sauveur whom she simply watches in silent observation. "Lady Soleil knows all of the finest establishments that serve the most wonderful of teas. I'm sure she has a favorite at each and every one of these places." Uncertain as to what to make of this change or the weirdness going on between Nitrim and Soleil, Ariana seems to dismiss much of it now that Nitrim has calmed down somewhat. A curious look once more is given Talayla, to note whether the other girl notices something odd going on, but she makes no outward comment of this. Instead, she states, "I just know that Lord Keanen will be thrilled to see… your fish, My Lady. Why, it's one of his favorite animals." Not that she knows what Keanen's favorite animal is. And with that, she raises her datapad as she nears the next cot. If her friends are being weird, she has work to do!

The echo of bootsteps precedes Percival's arrival, his stride crisp and military-like, fitting the uniform he wears. One would assume he is here to check in on some of the patients; presumably all the ships of the fleet have casualties here, and his is no different. Of course, the elder Larent lord is likely aware that his daughter is on duty, and it proves a good excuse to see her - or check in on her, depending on how one interprets his parenting! When he arrives, he folds his hands behind his back and watches his daughter a moment, not interrupting her as she moves down the line of patients, but making sure she can at least catch a glimpse of him between them. "It looks like you have quite a bit on your plate here," he comments with a slightly crooked smile.

"Thank you Mister Wystel. Did you have a chance to visit with Argent?" Agnes asks. "I don't see any bandages on you, but that is most certainly blood, so I dare say you may have." The knight is in one of the beds, her chest heavily bandaged beneath her hospital gown.

What does that mean for poor Talayla, whose weirdness seems terminal, chronic and eternal? She looks a little boggled. There is a polite smile for Taryn, glad he's here to see poor Agnes. Probably a more pleasant visit than Tal's weirdness. D'oh! She pauses, noticing Nitrim and his thank you. She glances between him and Soleil. Wait… wait a minute… writing the equation… Oh wow! What great friends. She smiles. "Aw." Though, his last bit has her staring at him intently. "You should take theatre classes if you're going to do that," A faint smile. There's a little teasing and concern. Is she onto him or just being wry? It's hard to say. Either wa, she seems distracted now. There's a blink and a polite smile for the Larent lord. Talayla bows, as it is polite to do so.

And no, Talayla doesn't stare at Soleil that much, so she's oblivious to the jewelry thing. Not being creepy seems to be a deep concern to Talayla. She pauses at Ariana's response and smiles. Any acknowledgment of strangeness is but a flicker on her face. Visible, for a moment. "Yeah. Is it?" Pause. "Oh." Those are FOOD fish. A faint look of horror crosses her face.

To whatever it is that Soleil has whispered to Nitrim…it quiets him. His eyes fall to the ground and he looks to her, then to her neck, and finally to her face. He says nothing, only giving her a long, quieted look before he straightens himself and brushes his hand down the front of his jacket. His rings clack against the buttons, and he leans in to murmur something quietly to her in return.

He pulls away in time to see the arrival of Ariana's father he looks back to Ariana, judging her body language at his timely arrival, sparing a sharp-eyed look accompanied by his ever-sly, serpentine smile. "My Lady is truly kind to suggest. And please, do take me up on the opportunity to catch up over a meal while we're still on the station. Her Lord Father should be proud of how she's taken care of the Lords of Khournas in their darkest hours." He turns his head to Percival, nodding his head low in a bow. "My Lord, your Lady Daughter does you great honor."

Taryn nods, as he stands near Agnes's bed, "I did actually.. I don't know why you and Lord Aidan said that he was mean… Argent was a big pussy cat… " For a second, he looks confused, "Blood?" He looks down and shakes his head, "Oh, no… this isn't mine… I bumped into someone who had been onboard one of the ships… " The young stable hand frowns just slightly, "I imagine that was it was just carry over from the battle…"

"I'm impressed. I had to punch that bastard horse in the nose before he agreed I was the boss of him," Agnes murmurs. Her lids have grown heavy as the pain killers kick in. She's asleep moments later.

Soleil draws back from Nitrim a little, passing to him a look of profound understanding, with a weirdly gentle smile. It's weird because it IS gentle. Not sarcastic, not wry, not arch, not sardonic, not EVIL. "Tea, soon," she says, as a promise. And then her look does become arch, one corner of her mouth a titillating smile.

Backing away, she finally realizes the presence of Taryn and Percival. The change in her circumstance has her almost blushing at the presence of the latter. The former— poor stable boy that he is— still has to wait his turn before she can address his presence.

"Oh…lord Percival." He probably doesn't even recognize her.

Ever wary of her surroundings, Ariana can keep up with what goes on around her while she works and tends to this next patient, who, luckily, is asleep, but she still does a scan of his vital signs and notes this all down in his patient file. The tall, Larentian lady looks rather calm despite the chaos of activity that has taken over the triage. None of this seems to be affecting her overly much and while there are those who can hide their emotions in these times of crises, many who do know Ariana, may truly believe that she is not bothered by this at all. The injured and bleeding, the suffering. She looks content. She does not notice Talayla's reaction to the tilapia thing nor anything else for that matter, perhaps, except to see how Agnes is doing as she talks to the bumpkin. It is, however, Nitrim who brings her own attention to her father that gets her to finally turn to look upon the man. How quickly her fair features light up, her smile so brilliant when she approaches Percival, "Lord Father, I'm glad to know that you are safe. I hope that everything is alright, but seeing as how well you look, I can at least be content to know that you are faring well."

Taryn chuckles and shakes his head at the idea of Agnes punching the horse. Whether or not she was joking, Taryn can imagine it. He watches The Bear succumb to the medication. He offers a slightly bow of his head, "Rest well, m'lady…" He looks up and his eyes scan over the gathering, before looking to see how to best make an exit without being noticed.

Talayla's eyes are wide. "She really punched a horse?" She looks to Taryn. "Wow. I bet she could just roundhouse kick Hostiles off the planet. I hope I see that one day." Agnes has now attained legend status. Horse puncher, Hostile kicker, Heroine. And also Prince Dancer Wither. "Um. I won't keep you. Be well, Mister." She offers. She listens to Nitrim and the others for now, watching quietly. She is an audience for a moment. And strangely? She looks sort of peaceful when she's not opening her mouth.

"We came through well enough. A little different than the simulators," and this causes Percival to smirk, "but nothing that we weren't trained for. But I'm sure you've seen the casualty list for our marine compliment. No one got off unscathed. Do you have an updated patient status list?" This makes it clear that his visit is business first, but he doesn't seem to mind going to his daughter for the information he needs. "I'd like to see how my various crewmen are faring." When he notices Talayla, he turns to her and echoes her own gesture of greeting. "Lady Talayla." The Orelle is greeted first, as a member of his own ruling house, before he turns to Nitrim and offers another bow of his head. "Oh, I'm sure. She never fails to make me proud, and I've every confidence in her ability. You are all in good hands in her care, I'm sure."

"Yes, Lord Percival. Lady Ariana was gracious enough to allow me guestright at the Sky Palace while I was trying to feel more about the incoming threat. Something about those clouds, I'd thought I'd died the moment I woke up not seeing ash and stone walls." Nitrim's lip curls into a smirk, though his voice is honest enough. He's telling the truth. The decor is just that different. He falls into line beside Soleil and nudges Talayla with his elbow, looking down to her with a chuckle. "You know…with practice it could be you round-house kicking the Hostile. They're a bit more scary in person, even worse from their perspective. Stick with fire, instead."

Soleil doesn't attempt to draw Percival's attention to her. Just another person she knows from the old days who will probably stare at her and say how she has changed, if he figures out who she is. Just now, she's not in the mood.
She turns to Taryn, observes him for a moment, then frowns. "I'm fairly certain that couldn't be MY groom," she says.

Saving the most recent patient's file, Ariana lowers her datapad now, holding it between both hands as it presses against her midsection. When Nitrim continues on, she quickly nods in Percival's direction, "And Lord Nitrim has graciously extended an invitation to us to stay at Blackspyre. Perhaps, we will be able to find some time and do so between these attacks. Maybe." And yet, she knows that the triages and medbays around the ring will continue to fill up. To her father, she continues, "Will you allow me to join your crew as medic?" She knows that Talayla's attempt to join her own brother's ship, the Intent, had failed, but her father is not Cedric!

Oh, she does overhear Soleil mention a groom and she asides, "The very one…. who we will be dressing in appropriate attire sometime in the near future." And while she didn't care for the idea initially, she still offers a cat-like grin, but this time in Taryn's direction. To her father, she then states, "You remember Lady Soleil Sauveur? She resided with us for quite a time."

There is a scrutiny in his gaze as he looks from Soleil to follow her gaze to Percival, that is almost reminiscent of her own piercing astute stare. Taryn smiles slightly, "Well, until you witness me riding with your own eyes, I don't believe that I am yet your groom…" He looks at Ariana frowning. He opts to ignore the nosy Larent girl.

Hermitude has left Talayla a little startled whenever someone treats her all important like. But it's important to be kind to one's vassals, especially ones in vessels and she genuinely does seem to care. She's just weird. Like watching a moose trying to play pinball. She looks to Percival, and bows. "Salutations! Sorry about interrupting. It is brave of her to work so hard," Nod. Her eyes widen at the request. "Ooh, good luck…" Hey, if Tal can't go, maybe someone she cares about at least, can fulfill their wishes. Wait. Is her brother even the boss of her? Aren't there other boats? Uh oh. She looks to Nitrim and seems quietly amused at the nudge. "I don't really use fire," She admits. "But I see. I don't know. My older brother, Cedric, kinda wasn't too enthused about the idea." She shrugs. Wait. He's not her dad. Hmmmm. Could it be the first hint of Talayla rebelling against something EVER? Maybe. Maybe not. She blinks at Taryn. She looks apologetic for a moment.

"Yes, the invitation has been extended to Lady Veryna and Ariana, but please know it extends to all of yours. Your Lady Daughter and I have talked at length about the differences between Nubilus and Volkan, and if you did come I'm not quite the expert guide that Lady Ariana is, but to see the factories that are producing parts of the fleet would, I assure you, be quite the experience." Nitrim adds to Ariana and her father, sliding his arms behind his back to clasp there. His eyelids behind the dark sunglasses twitch, sending the muscles around his right eye into a spasm as of something's been caught in his eye. After a few seconds of torment, it goes away.
His gaze turns to Taryn, nodding to the young man in recognition. It had been a while since they'd seen each other at the end-of-the-world party. "Well met again, it's good that you're checking in on your" Nitrim stops, interrupted by Talayla. His teeth bare into a feral grin to her. "We'll figure something out. There's still time. I've also offered to teach some sword lessons…" His eyes tilt to Ariana's on his way to Soleil. He quiets again, eyes scanning her facial expression. "So much planning, so little time, right?"

The creases in Percival's brow deepen slightly as he listens to Nitrim. "'Feel about the threat'? I'm not sure I take your meaning. Generally, as you say, most people consider Nubilus a rather paradisiacal place, heaveny even, well removed from such things. Although there is a side to our moon closely tied to war, as well." He doesn't go on to explain it, but the moon's titanium mines are well known and surely of central importance in military construction. He looks back to Ariana as she speaks of the man's invitation, but answers in noncommital fashion: "I am dubious that I will have much time for extended vacations in the near future, but we might be able to arrange some sort of outing. There will be lulls while the fleet is in for refit, and perhaps some opportunity to enjoy a tour of the factories." When Ariana draws his attention around to Soleil, he blinks and then cracks a slim smile. "Oh, but of course I remember. I think a few might mistake you for sisters, for the time you spend together. So good to see you again, Lady Soleil." Then he looks back to his daughter, expectantly. "Do you have that patient list?" Business still rears its head. "We'll talk later, about you joining us." That sounds an awful lot like a no!

Percival didn't even allude to her former glory days. Soleil will have to deliver a grateful look to him at some point. Or maybe not. It's just good manners! "Do you happen to know if my father is still on Nubilus, Lord Percival?" she asks him. Her father, Prince Rennic of course, is probably personally known to Percival, having spent many years on the moon off and on.
Soleil often shifts her attention back to Nitrim, scrutinizing him now and again.
"Taryn," she tells the young man, "I may not have officially hired you yet but the fact you're here wearing that makes me think you also wear that while working with Nebulae. And that disturbs me a great deal. Do you think so fine a horse deserves so poorly dressed a groom? She has impeccable taste, you know." Soleil has put on her imperious Saveur attitude. "Before you leave the Ring, you are to bring me that tunic you're wearing now so that we can jettison it into space. Before we can do that you are to acquire a set of clothing that won't bring shame to Nebulae."

When Nitrim confirms exactly what she had told her father, Ariana nods her head firmly to the extended invitation. A pleasant enough smile lingering on her lips. She even continues to smile when the mention of factories is made, though she doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about this fact and this may be clearly seen in the way the intensity of her gaze almost seems to narrow without narrowing.

When it looks as if her father may put off the invitation til later, she offers him a slow nod then quickly pulls up the file he asks for. "I do, Lord Father. I have sent it directly to your account, but feel free to look them over on my datapad." Moving closer to the naval Captain, she shows him the face of her datapad, though will hand it over to him once he grasps upon it. It's almost as if she can sense the denail of her serving onboard his ship but rather than protest, she humbly states, "Of course, Lord Father. When time permits." And she will certainly continue to state her case!

Taryn cocks his head slightly, as he folds his arms across his chest. "Actually I think a creature such as Nebulae deserves a rider that is true and honest… One that knows how to treat her correctly… she might not have such an attitude problem if she had been properly disciplined and not spoiled." He talking about the horse or the horse's owner. "And maybe if your grooms were more concerned about working the horses in their care than what they're wearing, then maybe one of them would have been able to do what I did in just a couple of days."

"Lord Percival, I am one of the Awakened." Nitrim speaks up, gaze torn from Soleil's scrutiny to address the House Lord of Larent. "By feel I meant scry. Us Awakened have had dreams preempting the Hostile attack and Volkan is much closer to the core than Nubilus. I have a theory that, with the right conditioning, that the Awakened might be able to spare some losses and see some of this madness coming. Though…I've been unable to bring about any results just yet."
For the moment, Nitrim seems every bit a strong-eyed Khourni, wielding his knowledge of the Awakened world like his father would an axe. There are pieces to play yet, and for the Awakened it will be far closer to fleet action than battlefield warfare in execution.
As Percival turns to Ariana to get to business, he braces his forearm over the hilt of his longsword and turns his covered, Khourni eyes on Taryn. "I see your penchant for poetry hasn't left you, lad. She's seeking to take your skills and dress them up in something professional." He winks behind his sunglasses, only Soleil and Talayla, to his side, could see it. "Though this is your arena, isn't it? I agree, though, that tunic is godawful. We'd better not space it, as someone else might find it and use it." He turns to Soleil and Talayla, smirking. "Let me know when you get it from him. I'll burn it myself."

"But I didn't mind his tunic. I thought he was upset I was in awe of Lady Sir Agnes," Talayla admits quietly. "And um, sorry." That to Nitrim. She looks apologetic. "Hey, I can use a bow," She shrugs. She looks between the others. There's a sympathetic look to Ariana at the likely no. Her eyes widen at Soleil. Though, she looks to Taryn. "That must be incredible. You're talented, from the sound of it," She nods. She looks a bit awkward. "I guess I should go before I make this any worse. Ummm…" Think Talayla think. "My beer. Is on fire. Toodles!" She's fast.

"I should hope he is. I promised to have a drink with him, as soon as I made safe port," Percival tells Soleil, grinning. "I would be a little irrate if he stood me up! Perhaps we can have both of you over when Ari's duties are done and we return to Summit." He accepts the datapad from Ariana, obviously intent to do a review then and there, and his finger can be seen sliding over the gossy surface, no doubt paging through the patient files of many crewmen and marines assigned to the Titan's Wake. It's hard to read much reaction from his expression, but surely there are serious injuries among the listings, as well as many of lesser degree. When he seems satisfied with his review, the pad is offered back to his daughter with a smile. Turning back to Nitrim, his explanation, complicated as it is, is met with a soft 'ah.' "Curious. But if there is anything to it, it would seem worth the effort. What about trying from aboard a ramship, even further out?"

Soleil regards Taryn for a few moments.
"Are you not /capable/ of both taking care of my horse and presenting yourself well?" she asks, her tone a little chill. She turns aside to nod to Nitrim. "As my groom, you will be representing the Saveur. I appreciate a quality horse. A quality horse may be ugly as a nag, but able to leap further than any other, run faster, haul more hay. Such a horse is to be found in any rural village. You will not find such a horse in the stable of the Saveur. Where do you wish to be, young man? In the Saveur stables, refining the finest horses in the system and sharing your great skill with the people— or back in the fields with your filthy tunic?"

With almost everyone's attention now focused on Taryn and putting him on the spot, Ariana can't help but find some true humor in this. So while her father looks up the date of all the injured in his fleet, she does state, "Remember, you did promise Lady Sophie that would come out shopping with us so that we may properly attire you." That said, her attention returns to her father, before her gaze once more gleans over towards Soleil, "That would be lovely. Just like old times…" The discussion about the Awakened and their abilities on board these naval ships has her quietting down and she listens to the converseation at hand with some curiosity. Though her lips do part, gaze upon Taryn once more, before she states to Nitrim, "Oh, by the way, My Lord. There was something I was meaning to ask of you later on."

"On the right ramship, aye." Nitrim swallows, serious. "Though I should warn you, My Lord, it's yet to be confirmed tht they're not seeing through the Awakened as well. It's a risk. I could be a boon to a ship, or an albatross. It's a chance I'm willing to take but the captain of the ramship would be taking the same. Either way, I can fight."
Something darkens on Nitrim's brow as he announces to the man that he can fight. A cool air breezes over his neck and he raises his ringed fingers to the back of it to rub softly. As he tilts his neck to stretch out the sore muscles, he raises a brow to Ariana. "Is this something to be asked here or elsewhere? Right now I am unallocated."

Since no one addresses her, Talayla will slip out. Though, there is a sympathetic glance towards Taryn. For just a moment.

Taryn looks down at Soleil. "Would I rather go back and help train the steeds of our knights and cavalry or help pamper useless and vapid horses that can just stand there and look pretty? Hmm… By the Six, I have no clue what I was thinking… but if you just wish to see me out of my shirt?" He peels the tunic up over his head, "All you really had to do was just ask.." He offers it over to Soleil. There is an aura of haughtiness that almost befits a Sauveur. He looks over at Ariana, with a high arched eyebrow, "I do not forget my words, Lady… "

Nitrim extends his hand toward Soleil, as if asking for the tunic.

Taryn's taking his life in his hands, no? Soleil watches him coldly as he extends the tunic to her. She takes it between her fingernails, and passes it over to Nitrim, still staring at Taryn.
"I suppose it's for you to decide now isn't it," she says, half her lips curling with a cool smile. She turns that challenge right back to him. After all, he just hinted it's be more noble to work with war steeds than in the Saveur stable so— she's giving him leave to make that decision. "Do as you like, Taryn. You are a free man. But be aware if you choose Nebulae, you must look and act in accordance with your skill. We do not have /liberty/ to do whatever we please, as leaders of the Haven System. Choose wisely."

Percival nods at Nitrim's words, slow and thoughtful. "Curious. Something worthy of investigation, I would think, although with due caution as well." There's a notable absence of him volunteering his own ship for this experimental process. After this, he leaves his daughter to her chitchat and Soleil to her odd back and forth with Taryn. Really, it looks like he's been almost willfully ignoring that whole exchange.

"Did things truly escalate this much?" Ariana says with an exagerated sigh at the very sight of the stableboy standing their without his tunic on. Seeing as this /is/ a medical triage, it's not too uncommon to see people walking around or sitting around shirtless as they are being patched up, so she doesn't vocally complain any more than this. Still, she does not look appreciative of the man's tone to Soleil or what she makes of it, but the Sauveur seems to be handling herself well enough. In response to Nitrim's question, she considers, as she watchese Soleil hand over the tunic, "Something for another time." Is all she says simply. She then turns to her father, noting him pulling away from the conversation and everything. "I will see you tonight, immediately after I finish with my shift."

Blindly, Nitrim's fingers wrap around the leather tunic and he digs into his pocket for something. He pulls out a coin from his pocket and with a P-TIIIING! he flips it up into the air towards Taryn, as if paying him for the tunic.
"Pardon me…"
Ignoring the path of the coin, he turns his eyes towards the tunic and his eyes flare milky white behind his dark glasses and the tunic catches on fire in his hand. He holds it between thumb and forefinger, watching it burn, until he turns to the side and tosses it into a steel rubbish bin. He lets it burn a second longer, blasts it with a wave of cold to put out the fire, and then steps back over to the group, brushing his hands.
Nitrim nods his head sharply to Percival. His hesitation is not all unexpected, nor is it a disappointment. "I'll be sure to tell your Lady Daughter if I can mitigate or unfound those worries. We'll talk then, Lady Ariana."
With that, he turns to view them all and murmurs something to Soleil in passing…and then heads to the door.

Soleil, if she were five, would hop up and down and cap gleefully at Nitrim's pyrotechnics. She does the 19 year old equivalent, instead, laughing softly. She nods to whatever Nitrim whispers to her, her eyes sparkling.

Taryn looks at Soleil. There is something that he's hiding as he does so. "No, I am not, my Lady… Trust me, I understand all too well that most people don't have the liberty of doing what they want. Some even more than others." He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes. "Perhaps I was wrong when I considered your offer… Regardless, Nebulae should bear you now… I have completed the course a couple times with her… " As he says this, he pulls a small pouch, offering it over to her. "This is yours…" It the money that she handed him like he was some homeless begger the first night that she and Ariana met him in Landing.

Percival seems contented by Ariana's goodbye, and seeing that he's gotten the information that brought him there in the first place, he seems ready to depart. This is interrupted by Nitrim setting things on fire, which… does draw a bit of a frown. "Please inform your friend that he is not to do that sort of thing in the -medical bay- again, or really anywhere on the station without good reason." You know… fires, environments with limited oxygen, etc. Then he does turn to go.

Soleil does not reach for the bag of money, nor does her knight dare to move to take it. It is refused. "As you wish," she says, with finality. "The coin is your payment." There's a pause. "Pride never did anyone any favours, Taryn," she adds, before she turns from him.

While Ariana, herself, doesn't hop up and down nor does she laugh, there is a distinct smile that tugs at the corner of her lips when Nitrim burns the peasant's tunic. Her chin lifts and she looks somewhat… pleased by it all. Her icy gaze remains on Taryn for a long moment, to gauge his reaction to all of this. It's unclear whether she's surprised or not by what the groom does next, but her gaze quickly enough shifts to Soleil. There is just so much that she could say right now and yet she is holding her tongue.

Taryn looks at Soleil, "This wasn't given as payment… it was given as insult." He sets the pouch on one of the nearby tables, then looks over Ariana, "Put the money to the cost of medical supplies… as a small but charitable donation in the name of House Sauveur." Perhaps speaking for the royal house might be a bit of a breach of protocol, but he said in the name of, not that it was necessarily from, even if technically it is.

"By the guardians, do you think I dress as I please?" Soleil says, more amused than offended or irritated. "You're lucky, young man. I suppose you realized that and wish to cling to your freedom, for whatever it is worth. So be it. But you should spend your money more wisely— put it to a cause that actually needs it. Orphaned kittens or something. We aren't in need of money to take care of our wounded."

Now it is Ariana who looks just a touch surprised by Soleil's words to Taryn. "It's not that we've never fundraised, but that type of financing usually comes from our noble Houses and wealthy citizens." Her brow furrows gently now, "Orphaned kittens?" If Taryna weren't just some shirtless citizen groom, she might have brought up things which Soleil may be alluding to regarding her own freedom of choice, but as Taryn /is/ a mere shirtless citizen groom, the Larentian refrains once more. Ensuring that the tunic has completely burned out, the pieces frozen over in the bin, Ariana, without saying another word, moves on to complete her rounds, leaving the Sauveur and her former employee to speak amongst themselves.

Taryn cocks his head, "I think that you dress as you are expected to dress. And yes, I understand all to well that is what would have been expected of me… but as you pointed out, that I was not in your service until you saw me successfully ride your horse… As you have not done so, then I was not a servant of House Sauveur, was I? Instead, I was some dumb bumpkin who happened to be good at breaking horses…" For a moment he regrets leaving himself shirtless in the somewhat chilly medical ward, but that ship has done sailed and sunk. "The only reason I agreed to take your little trial was that for some reason I thought you had something to do with me being in Landing." Now how he came to that, who knows? Well, he does, but that's beside the point. "That and I thought that it was an utter shame that anyone could have allowed a horse like that to be treated so poorly and not given the respect that she truly deserves."

Soleil had turned to walk away, thinking the whole affair was concluded, but when Taryn speaks again, she pauses and turns back to him. "You are mistaken. You were a stableboy in the Saveur stables, though not a groom. When you're given leave to work with my horse, and have been asked to dress appropriately, it would be well to dress appropriately," she says. "It's very simple. We are at war. Everyone has a role in it, even the woman who dusts under my bed is serving a purpose. It is no longer the childhood of our society where we can do as we please and ignore social convention, etiquette, rules. Pride has a place, but so does submission." She watches him for a moment. "Why do you feel the need to argue with me? You've made your choice, I'm not threatening you with social repercussions."
"Anyway, the problem with that horse is that she was born and raised to a life that was taken away from her. She now has to live in a marble stable instead of the open fields. I'd want t kcik people's faces in if I were her, as well. You call it mistreatment— it is merely an unfortunate change in circumstance which now has her being labeled as 'spoiled'. She used to be free. I suppoe her freedom spoiled her for the life she had to eventually embrace." A pause. "Well, perhaps you taught her that freedom is not for her, and am sure she will be ver well-behaved now."

A bit of a smile touches the corners of Taryn's lips, "Honestly, I don't know why you inspire such obstinacy… And no, I did not realize that I was in the service of your House, only that I was being tested… " His brow furrows slightly, "And that you and others made it a point to demean me and how I looked because it was not to your liking, nor did you ever bother to ask why I was so resistent to give it up…" He seems more offended at the comments about the horse, "I didn't teach her that freedom wasn't hers… I just reminded her to enjoy it when she had the opportunity… to feel the wind rushing past and ground quaking beneath her… Maybe if you take her out and let her run every once in a while she'd be nicer."

Soleil wants a cigarette but the /instant/ she takes out her little gadget, a passing nurse gives her the dirtiest look imaginable, and she rolls her eyes and puts it away. "It's clothing. people will judge you for it. The quicker you learn that the better. And it's not just that it's homespun, it's /filthy/. You find it demeaning, but the fact is, I— and others— looked at you and saw that you were better than your filthy tunic. I did not dismiss you because of it. I knew better than to presume you were of base quality. How many men fresh off the farm do you think I have invited to come ride my horse?" Soleil is walking toward the exit now.
"Lady Ariana, I need to speak to you about our mutual friend and his irritating belief that he must be kept apprised of my shoe size and monthly cycles." This draws several looks, but Soleil's not in the mood to care, and continues on her way.

Taryn lets out a soft sigh as he shakes his head. He leaves, heading towards the lift, leaving the pouch of money on the table where he had placed it.

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