07.12.3013: Triage at the Gardens of Nora
Summary: After the clash with Hostiles in the Arborenin forest, Declan and Aelewen get treated for their injuries.
Date: 10 July 2013
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Triage at The Gardens of Nora — Arborenin, The Spine
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.

12 July 3013

There is a bit of a gathering of soldiers out in front of the Elder Seat. While the majority of the Arboren forces are probably being handled at their barracks, the knights and nobles have largely retreated to the familial seat to recover in the comfortable surroundings of their ancestral home. Fortunately, the scene does not look like the aftermath of a massacre or bloodbath, and the injuries for the most part of those present are on the lighter side. It seems only a small skirmish occurred, after a larger battle days before, and the casualties here seem far more limited. Declan himself sits on a bench, speaking with a knight and several pages, probably on the follow-up to the battle. He's bandaged around the middle, although it looks like a simple battlefield job, not the proper long-term treatment a Young Lord might warrant.

With all of these battles taking place in various parts of Haven, Ariana just cannot come and assist with every single one of them. So while she was not here to help set up a triage of any sort, which she tends to do before a large scale battle, the Larent medic does make a showing to try and assist some of the wounded in the time that she can spare. Perhaps not noticing Declan's arrival at first, or perhaps due to having noticed him there, the tall, blonde medic keeps herself busy with one of the other Arboren wounded, but once the soldier's hand is all patched up, she finally steps forward towards the Young Lord, lowering herself into a short but crisp bow when she speaks, "I'm afraid that I had not seen you there, My Young Lord of Arboren." Her words come out all formal and polite. She even graces him with the tiniest hint of a smile. An observant look is quickly given to his bandaged wounds and she asks before even attempting to work on him, "Shall I take a look at your injuries, My Lord? And do a far better bandage job than what was given you. It's almost as if whomever bandaged you did not realize that you were the Arboren heir."

Aelewen makes sure that any of her men have been treated, and the ones from the main battle are progressing well before she herself heads over to the nobles area. She still has her armor on, although the top is open and gauntlets off to allow for some bandaging as she limps tiredly in. Except for a vague familial resemblance she could be any one of the houses soldiers, no marks of rank or ornamentation on her. Of it isn't likely the would be as familiar to nods to Declan and head over and slump down near him "How are you lad?" she asks then looks to Ariana "Ah Young lord" she corrects with a crooked smile and a nod to the noblewoman "M'lady"

"Oh, don't blame the medic," Declan offers Ariana with a return of her smile, although more enthusiastic on his part. "I ordered that we withdraw quickly, as I was not comfortable remaining with our wounded party in the midst of the woods. You never know what is hunting out there. So there was limited time for medical treatment before we returned here, and I was not as injured as some. Still, I would be very glad to have you take a more thorough and professional look at things, my Lady. It is quite kind of you to come and render aid to our House." As Aelewen joins him, he looks over warmly, and then laughs at her quick correction. "I feel like several hundred pounds of hostile fell on me."

As she unravels the bandage from across Declan's waist, Ariana immediately notes the discoloration that is clearly seen where contact was made against his armor. Snapping on a new pair of gloves now, she asks while she presses gently against the tender portion of his midsection, "Were you given a hypospray for pain before you were brought in here, My Lord?" And even once those words are said, with a free hand, she scrolls through Declan's patient file on her tablet as she does a decent job at multitasking. When Aelewen draws near, the Larent's ice blue eyes lift to regard the woman with a mere passing glance, though she does return the nod when she is greeted. "I will be with your shortly once the Young Lord is tended to." Then to what Declan has said, she gives him a curious look, "So is that how you received this wounds?" Her words might be in jest, "I would expect more broken bones or some such if that were the case."

Aelewen's ready and boisterous laugh turns quickly into a wince as it tugs at her ribs "Funny that Declan" she says as laughter fades into a smile and she lightly claps him on the shoulder "How did Agnes pull up? I swear if I didn't know better I would think she is -trying- to get herself killed. Poor lass" she says with a brief frown wrinkling her weathered face. That turns into a smile once more as she nods to Ariana "No rush lass, I have survived worse. No danger of keeling over just yet" she says in her rough, raspy voice as she sprawls rather ungraciously, trying to find a comfortable position.

"I haven't seen her since we returned, but she was moving at the end of the skirmish. So I trust she'll be with us a while yet," Declan offers his aunt, reassuring and even-toned. Toward Ariana, he notes, "They did give me something quickly for the pain on the march back. As for my injuries- one is from an actual blow to my armor. The other is from one of them crashing into me. Well, the same one. This hostile fellow really seemed to refuse to die; I'd already put four or five arrows in it, and Sir Jeremy had blasted it a time or three as well, when it charged me yet again, out of spite I suppose, since we had it fully surrounded at that point. Everyone filled it with arrows, but it's charge had enough momentum to carry it and it's bludgeon into me. We ended up in a bit of a pile." He winces as her examination locates a bit of a sore spot. "It's not improbable I cracked a rib or two."

Taking up her tablet, Ariana uses it to scan the heir's vitals and then updating his file with this information. She then begins to clean out the wounded area with a swab, despite having found no breaks in the skin's surface. "I see. In a few hours, I will make sure that another dose of painkillers is administered via hypospray, but for now, I will merely coat the contusion with a gel that should help with the pain and also aid in your healing process." Everything is so systematic when she speaks and her actions follow her words. The gel which is now coated on the young Lord's skin is ice cold at first, before warming up to a nice soothing heat. As she works, she listens in to the conversation shared by the two soldiers, though as of yet, she is uncertain as to who this Aelewen is, though the woman must be of rank of some sort, or so she would assume as the two discuss Agnes, someone whom Ariana has met before. A side glance is then given to Aelewen as she sprawls out to rest, but she says nothing and instead listens to Declan's story about what had happened. "It seems to me, My Lord, that your chosen enemy may have been the strongest Hostile of them all. Why, with so many soldiers and knights moving in on it and yet, it still had its eyes on you. You'll be in a light brace for a short while, to allow your bones to heal."

Aelewen shaking her head ruefully she winces as she shifts out her long lean form again, trying to find the elusive comfortable position "I swear if she keeps getting replacement parts she will start to clank when she walks" she says with another weak and faintly pained laugh. As it fades she nods to both Ariana and Declan "I swear the fucking thing looked like the gods own pincushion by the time it went down. And then fell on top of him" she adds with snort of amusement. She pauses a moment and then blinks "Oh sorry las…m'lady. Been a Ranger too long, my manners are fuc, awful" she says somewhat apologetically "Lady Aelewen Arboren, Lieutenant" she says then nods the side of her head towards Declan "The crazy woods hermit Aunt of his majestic young lordship" she intones in mock formality.

Declan is a good enough patient, sitting still for the application of the gel, even though the coolness might tingle just a bit. "Thank you. I don't know that it was really the biggest or strongest. We saw some more heavily armored during the larger battle a few days ago. It just seemed terribly determined not to die, despite all efforts to the contrary. A pincushion indeed." He then glances briefly between the two women, perhaps picking up on Ariana's apparent lack of familiarity. He might offer an introduction, if Aelewen herself wasn't so quick on it. Of course, her manner can only draw a bit of a smile as well. "Yes, my dear aunt. Who has always, and continues to look after all us younguns, and makes sure we don't get ourselves too far over our head with anything."

Despite the lack of expression worn on her face as she works, her features are soft and she looks both thoughtful and focused as she begins to wrap the heir's midsection up with a firm bandaging, her handiwork looking perfect when she is finally done. She shifts positions slightly as she begins to undo the bandage work on the heir's chest and the process starts all over again. It is when Aelwen finally introduces herself that the Larent's eyes lift once more to view the older woman with a far more interested gauze. "My apologies for not introducing myself earlier, My Lady. I am Lady Ariana Larent from the moon of Nubilus." Her head is lowered in deference from her position, but soon enough her gaze returns to Declan's bruised chest and once again she swabs the area over before coating him with that icy cooling agent. "It's nice to be able to meet more of the members of House Arboren. Admittedly, I've rarely ever step foot into these woods, but the Spine and the Ring are so close due to the waygate, yet so distant all the same." She then notes to Declan, "It's a good thing that none of these arrows had gotten loose and the tips had punctured you in the process of the monster toppling ontop of you. And I'm glad to see that no serious damage was inflicted. I'd give this a couple of days at most to heal."

"Just deep enough for me to make fun of you once we are all healed up" Aelewen confirms Declan's comments, bravely fighting off a smile. For a few moments at least as a wide almost girlish grin wrinkles her weathered face and seems to take a few years of her age. It turns more serious as she nods to Ariana "Don't think anything of it. I don't tend to stand on ceremony, and you had more important things to do" she says with a nod around the other wounded around them "They take more effort to get to go down than a…" she begins with a faintly wicked glint in her eye that fades away to a cough as she casts a look of half guilt, half amusement to Ariana and cuts herself off "Probably all the machinery in them I suppose" she says at last "Pleasure to meet you though Lady Ariana, and thank you for tending to our wounded"

"Good. Good. I'm not really in the position to be off my feet for any long amount of time. Mother always has things she needs me to do on her behalf, and doubly so now with the Hostile threat looming." Declan keeps his arms raised until Ariana finishes with her wrapping, and then reaches down to touch lightly over the sides of those areas, testing the difference after her treatment. A nod echoes Aelewen's thoughts about the hostile. "The machinery must have something to do with their toughness, as well as their sheer mass. I was somewhat concerned when it fell on me- not so much for my arrows, but more for what strange things it might have inside it's chest, to leak on me, poke me, explode on me? Who knows. Lady Ariana, have the autopsies and analyses being performed on hostiles on the Ring yielded much result? We have many test subjects now, but still seem to know little enough about them."

With the bandage about the lord's chest reinforced with a sturdier wrap, Ariana also critically observes her own handiwork to see what she can correct, but so far, she finds things to be completely suitable. Though at the little joke that Aelewen is about to tell, the young Larent's eyes peer out over to her and she asks in a flat tone with not so much as even a hint of curiosity in her tone, "They take more effort to go down than what, My Lady?" To Declan, and perhaps to them both, she states, "We are still working on the autopsies, which have been going quite slowly. As I do not head the research, there's only so much that I can lend my assistance to. I advise you to rest so that your bones can mend properly, My Lord, but I shall be here to monitor your recovery." Her lips form a smile again as she types things into Declan's chart. "Now Lady Aelewen, please, let me take a look at you." Off comes her gloves, which are neatly disposed of, before she slips into a fresh pair. "And I'm a young medic, My Lady. I'm still learning the ropes, but I'm gaining valuable experience and knowledge with this hands on training. I go wherever medics are needed… which seems to be everywhere nowadays." A pause. "Please, tell me where you feel pain."

"Most often around my children" Aelewen replies drily as she works to remove her armor. Her left arm is moving stiffly and there is pain around her midsection. After that bad joke she becomes more professional. She sits up a little with a wince "Nothing too bad m'lady. A launcher hit to the abdomen, grazing hits of an axe to my chest and left arm. I think it is mainly just bruising. Nothing seems to be broken." Her voice is brisk as if reporting to a superior officer. Beneath she is wearing a somewhat aging jumpsuit that fits close to her slender form that she starts to peel down without hesitation to show plain and practical underwear, as well as some scars, and a rather curiously feminine tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder, matched with the Arboren tree on her left. And a collection of rather impressive bruises.

"Oh, I realize it is primarily the concern of your liege House, and that we must rely on them for results. But I know you've had some involvement, as my young brother has. I can only hope you will both have more to report on in the near future, since such breakthroughs may help us greatly." The Young Lord also seems perfectly pleased with the idea of Ariana checking up on him! "I am lucky to be in such good hands, and I shall endeavor to keep my running about to the barest minimum as I heal. I would not wish to make your work any more difficult." As Ariana moves on to his aunt and speaks of her experience, he can't help but to note, "Lady Ariana is quite diverse in her studies."

Normally, these triages are set up so that most of the beds have some sort of privacy curtain that can be drawn closed, so once Ariana notes Aelewen's dearmoring and so forth, she automatically pulls the curtain semi-closed, just enough that no peeping toms can catch a glance. Scanning the woman for her vitals and looking over her chart, she says, "It looks like you had some contusions to your abdomen and chest, but those both seem to be healing up rather well. Perhaps, you should thank your armor for that, or they may have been worse." That said, she begins her examination of the woman's arm and just as with Declan, she gently applies pressure to the discolored portion, before carefully making Aelewen's arm bend at the elbow to see if there could be some injury to the bone or perhaps a torn muscle of sort. "How does this feel, My Lady?" From where she stands, just near the opening of the curtain, she turns to catch a glance of Declan and graces him with a smile of gratefulness when she states, "I very much would appreciate it, My Lord, if you did make my work here a little easier. But this is your home and I will not restrict you to merely hanging out here in the triage, though… the gardens, as I've said before, are very lovely. This place is always so tranquil."

"If someone can come up with a way to mimic the scout's armor I will be a happy woman" Aelewen replies as she lays still and moves as needed. The touch on the bruised area gets a sharper breath and a faint wince. The elbow seems to move right, but when the motion pulls on her upper arm there is that faint tightening again "Movement fine, just pain when my upper arm moves. Yeah luckily I was dodging and had armor or I might be getting fitted for a whole new arm" she says wryly then looks to Declan and back to Ariana "Don't worry, between me and his mother we will make sure he rests up"

Declan glances from one woman to the other as this conspiracy of keeping him immobile begins to form. A slight sigh is breathed, and he concedes, albeit with something of a smile, "I will behave! I think I should be able to do my reports and debriefings from here, for the time being, and then I can relocate to my quarters and handle the rest from my terminal. As long as I'm not off my feet for more than a day or two, it shouldn't trouble me too badly." And speaking of this, one of those pages from earlier is back. Since Ariana and Aelewen are busy with his aunt's treatment, he excuses himself: "I need to handle one of those reports now, so if you'll both excuse me, for the moment. Feel better, aunty. Lady Ariana, I will look forward to my next checkup." A flash of a grin, and then it's back to business.

"We shall see if it's even possible to mimic their armor. The Hostile themselves are such an enigma. Taking them apart piece by piece is rather exciting… and a little unnerving. Like was said, you never know what they have inside of their warped bodies." Ariana intones as she lets Aelewen's arm now rest. With a swab, she meticulously cleans off the affected area of the arm and then nimbly, her fingers sort through the medication on a nearby tray until she finds that cooling gel, the same which she had used for Declan's contusion. "This should help minimize the pain." She parrots what she may have said earlier, having said this many, many times before. And as she speaks, she rubs the icy gel onto the darkly colored portion of the woman's skin, just as she turns back towards the departing heir and offers up a quick, "If I need to find you, My Lord, I shall send a quick message." Returning to her patient, she then asks, "Do you recall if the baracks was full of injured? Once the patients here are tended to, I will work my way there and then return for my rounds here."

Aelewen seems to be a fairly good patient. For now anyway. She sits still when needed, and moves when needed. She nods along as she listens to the younger woman then speaks thoughtfully "I ain't no doctor, but when I took a hunting knife to one it does seem to be part of their skin. Something I am not volunteering for. Although my leathery hide could probably take it" she adds wryly, and in truth it seems like moisterising and skincare is well down on her list of priorities "There are more injured solidiers than nobles. All of my men have been treated and fed. Made sure they were treated before heading up here. First lesson my Uncle taught me…" she begins, then rails off with a faint smile "…sorry. Rambling is an old womans prerogative, but any aid you could give our troops would be very much appreciated m'lady"

And finally, a thin, flexible bandage is wrapped around the affected area before being taped secure. Ariana then asks Aelewen to flex her muscle, though already knows that the bandage will not slip off. "There's an analgesic in the gel which I rubbed onto your arm, so it should help soothe some of the pain of your bruising. If you are in need of other painkillers, I will be more than happy to administer a dose to you." She nods slowly to the older woman, before gracing her with a quiet smile. "My pleasure, My Lady. Being able to assist our soldiers makes my.. not being a soldier or knight, somewhat worth while. This is my way of contributing to the war efforts." She then helps the woman to dress, before drawing the curtain open once again.

Aelewen doesn't seem too worried about being only in her underwear. But she does pull her jumpsuit on, slowly and carefully, with a few more winces as she starts to stiffen up, although she relaxes as the painkillers start to kick in. She straights and little and gives her armor a long look before glancing back "I don't recover as fast as I used to my lady. One of the joys of growing old. I would say avoid it, but the other option is not so great" she says with a brief grin then turns more serious as she reaches out to lay a hand on the other woman's arm gently "Lass, one doctor is worth many knights. Take my word for it, getting us back in the field makes such a difference"

Gracefully, Ariana taps away at her tablet to update Aelewen's patient's file. However, when she feels the presence of a hand suddenly snake towards and then land upon her slender shoulder, her entire body just freezes at the contact made. Turning to look at the Arboren lady, she nods her head slowly, "Your words are kind and hold much truth to them, My Lady." Her expression is basically a blank mask which relaxes only once Aelewen draws her hand back. "I will come by later to check up on you and your family once again, My Lady. But for now, I will see what can be done at the barracks." That said, she lowers her head in a very brief bow, before she continues with her work.

Aelewen's sharp eyes narrow a little bit with curiosity at her reaction, and pulls her hand back a little faster than normal, and without the usual comforting squeeze "Also you can call me Aelewen, well if you can" she says with a crooked smile crossing her weathered face. Considering her armor and the distance to her room she decides to lay down here and take her ease "Thank you, on behalf of myself and my house. If I can do you a favour at some stage let me know" she offers then her crooked smile returns "Maybe I can take you hunting out in the woods" she says with a hint of mischief in her voice.

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