07.07.3013: Triage at Primus
Summary: After the battle on Primus, patients start filtering in to the triage at the chantry.
Date: 07 July 2013
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Triage at the Chantry on Primus
The air on Primus is parched, dry enough to almost crackle. Or perhaps it is the sense of reverence and power that fills the soaring spaces of the Grand Chantry. The nave stretches nearly one hundred meters from the soft glow of the always-open Waygate to the altar where the transepts stretch out perpendicular to the nave, each running another thirty meters from the altar and forming a cruciform floorplan.

At the point where the transepts meet the nave, a dome soars high into the dry air, pierced near the top by small windows that throw light onto mirrors where it bounces down and around the open space. Along the sides of the nave are tall aisles, allowing the easy passage of people around the worshipers in the center. Tall, thin windows draw in even more light in from the landscapes of Primus, making the Grand Chantry nearly glow from marble paving slabs to vaulted ceiling and from Waygate to the gilded statues of the Six behind the altar.

A medical triage is set up here.

07 July 3013

The triage at the Chantry is bustling with activity as as the field medics and EMTs start bringing back the first of the injured from this large scale battle. Patients are being laid out on cots while medics begin to scan their vitals and pull up their patient files all in a hurried flurry. Ariana, herself, has been growing used to this sort of activity and while she is still a fairly young medic, this is perhaps the 4th or 5th triage that she has been assigned to. So while she does well enough on her own, the Larent noble still defers to the experience and expertise of those with far more training. She is dressed in her medical whites and is just now snapping on a fresh pair of gloves as she prepares to tend to her next patient.

Talayla is one of the wounded meandering in. Granted, this time she got a hammer to the chest and seems to be feeling it more now that adrenaline is wearing off. Poor Barton is suffering similarly. The cracked ribs twins!

Valentine is not quite at his sartorial best this evening. He has made some effort to clean up before heading to triage, but there is still trace of blood and dirt on his long iridescent cloak, and the front of his glorious gold and ruby armor is rent, with traces of blood around the area "If memory serves I believe I owe you and Lord Sir Barton congratulations as well Lady Talayla" he drawls, keeping his voice casual, but with his horse head helm off the pallor of his skin can be seen, and he seems to be leaning on his sorcerer's staff a little more than usual.

One of the Peake soldiers who escaped mostly unharmed took Obsidian back to Khar-Mordune while another helps Aidan into the chantry. Without his aura going, it's clear the blow to his neck is not minor: badly bruised, already swelling and the blood vessels ruptured and seeping. He sinks down onto whatever the nearest chair, gurney or cot there is.

Usually, Aarynne is working in the Hospital, but she had been called to the Chantry to work in the triage with those coming in battle wounded. It was becoming an all too familiar occurrence. Everything was ready in preparation for the new arrivals and that included her. With gloves on and the necessary mask, that she never bothers with, hanging around her neck with the stethoscope, she looks around at the cots and goes possibly for the most injured.

Barton does have a similar injury. Although not as bad as it is for Talayla. As well as having a light cut across the chest, though that seems rather shallow and not really that bad. Though the hammer he took does hurt a bit. Moving with Talayla. Smiling over to Valentine as he speaks. "Thank you." He offers with a smile.

A smile to Valentine, "Thank you. I think it's my best birthday yet, besides the initial one anyway," She considers. "I have to think of a name for the puppy Sir Lionel brought," Talayla admits. She looks a little reeling, and worried as poor Aidan is brought in. She makes a quiet note to give him a bonsai or something later. She smiles to Barton, though. "I think it's more bruises and cracks…"

Lo and Behold, who is the next person that Ariana sees staggering out with as much grace as he can possibly muster, but her cousin, Valentine. There is no traded smile in greeting or any of that. She is here professionally, but she does offer a somewhat reassuring look all the same. "Lord Cousin, I have not seen you looking anywhere less than perfect than.. well, never." And if there were a moment where she'd seen her cousin in a far worse state, she had gladly locked that memory away tightly deep within her psyche. She offers to help him to the nearest cot and even draws the curtain lightly as to give him some sort of privacy, though doesn't close it off completely so that she can still monitor and watch whomever else wanders into the room. "By the looks of it, you took a serious chest wound." Setting up the patient file on the electric tablet attached to the cot, she begins with quickly scanning for her cousin's vitals. All the while, when she notices the other flittering in, she does comment, "This is definitely going to be another busy day. We shall be getting to all you in a moment."

"It is a feature, the one flaw drawing attention to the perfect of the rest" Valentine counters as he offers a bright smile to Ariana. As she starts to draw him off he politely shakes his head "I do believe there are others worse injured my dear Lady" he says with a somewhat elegant motion of his armored hand towards the other arrivals "But yes rather a lot of injured and we were but a small part of a rather larger dance" he add with a faint smile.

The first bed Aarynne arrives at is Talayla and she gives the woman a gentle smile. "Hey there. First, I'd like to thank you for fighting for those of us who hopefully will never see a battlefield.." Already, she's wrapping a cuff around her arm, lining it up, the smile still in place. "Where does it hurt and on a scale of one being less and ten being the worst ever, how bad is it?" Pump, pump the air begins filling the cuff.

With a practiced ease Nithya slips into the room, keeping as low a profile as possible. From an out of the way corner of the room she quickly scans, her eyes pausing on Valentine before finally locking on Aidan. Her expression grim and blank she brings her camera equipment up and starts snapping photos discreetly. Well, as discreetly as anybody with a massive camera intended for long distance shots can be in a chantry full of wounded.

Aidan waves his man away. "Go. Go home. Rest. Cuddle your wife. Play with your kids. I'll be fine. That's an order." he adds as the man hesitates. The soldier looks dubious but an order is an order and with a nod of his head, walks off toward the Ways though not without looking back. Keeping his head as still as possible, twisting his body to turn instead, he looks around to see how many wounded there are. Spotting a camera, he looks a bit closer then calls "Nithya."

"My ribs, mostly," She admits. Talayla's armor is pretty dented up around her chest. Thankfully, she's wise enough not to have booby armor. Just regular, nice, flat scout armor. There's a deep blush. "Um. I didn't really zap many this time," She admits. Talayla pauses. "about 7? I don't wanna be a whiny baby but it does hurt…" She admits.

Once the man is settled down into his cot, Ariana motions for a few orderly sorts to come and assist her, "Can you please help my Lord Cousin with his armor? And be gentle." Now she flashes Valentine with a far too sugary smile as she syncs up the data of her tablet with the tablet attached to the patient cot. "I will be right back, Lord Cousin, but you will be in good hands." That said, she drifts off just a few more steps until she comes across Barton at whichever cot the EMTs set him down in. Probably one near Talayla. "It looks like they've taken your vitals already. Very good." She announces, her gaze now on the Ibrahm as she hopes that the assistants have already started with the removal of his armor, "Sir Lord Barton, besides the injury to your chest, are you in pain anywhere else?"

Upon noticing a camera being setup Valentine's delicate face darkens "Have some respect for the wounded madam" he calls out sharply as he lifts one hand with a sharp snapping gesture, rather than his usual elegance "And take that camera outside before I am forced to do something distressing" he says to Nithya as a ball of light appears in his hand. Of course the threat is somewhat abated as he is maneuvered onto a cot and orderlies descend to remove his armor.

"Still, it's terribly brave of you," Aarynne repeats, Reaching for the fastening on the armor. "Can you sit up a little so we can remove this? I'm experienced at it by now, but I need you to sit up if you're able." Leaving the automated pressure checker to do the vitals. "We'll get you fixed right up, My Lady. I'm Aarynne Reilly, and I'll be your doctor for the duration of your stay."

It's been a long time since Jor Aeldan has come to Primus. The first visit was nearly twenty-five years ago. The most recent before today? About fifteen, so it's been quite a while. But it's not the length of time between 'visits' to the Chantry that compels him to be here, it's an entirely different reason, one brought about by a simple communication outbound leading to something quite unexpected. So here he is, entering through the Ways, and making a very quiet, if terse, inquiry as to where the Lady Talayla can be found. So he can 'pay his respects'. His words, those.

Talayla is sitting in one of the beds or cots. She nods at Aarynne. "Um, thank you. And sure," She looks pained and grits her teeth, but slowly, Tal sits up. Stupid ribs. What have they done for her lately? Well, okay, that's a bad question. She blinks, seeing Jor. "Like this?" She peers over. "Nice to meet you. I'm Lady Talayla Orelle."

Barton does move along and have someone look at him, if there is. Making sure to keep Talayla within his sights as well. Worried most likely.

The rebuke from an obvious Lord catches Nithya's attention but doesn't impede her in her task. Her camera takes in the view of the chantry, focusing primarily upon Aidan and on the various medical practitioners at work. The Awakened display catches her attention, however. She turns grey and lowers the camera. "With respect, Lordship," she says tremulously, "I am here under the specific commission of Lord Aidan to *document* the glories and the suffering of the heroes who hold back the others." She tries to lock gazes with Valentine, but fails; her eyes slide to one side, the side with the glowing ball. She stares at that in sick horror. A quick gulp, and then. "I will find it very difficult to carry out this commission, Lordship, if I'm threatened."

Barton does look to Ariana and seemingly grateful. Letting her do as she please as he will just harden it out. Most likely being fine with it. "I don't think it is all too bad." Other than cracked ribs perhaps.

Nimble fingers make rapid work of removing the armor and once it's removed she gently urges the Lady to lay back down, lifting the under armor to survey the skin. She makes no change of expression, careful as she always is not to panic a patient. "A pleasure meeting you Lady Talayla Orelle." A flash of a smile curves her lips and she reaches for antiseptic to clean the wound, then gently trace them. "The best I can do is wrap them for you. Looks like your armor stopped anything from breaking." An encouraging smile. "I'll make sure there's an x-ray too, just to make sure, but I'm fairly certain they'll heal in no time at all."

Valentine looks to Aidan and arches one finely shaped eyebrow before turning back to the photographer "Just light my dear" he says as he passes a hand through it "Keep the camera away from oneself if you please" he says as his dramatic hand closing gesture is rather ruined by an orderly taking the chance to unstrap his armor. He frowns slightly and looks to the heavens "Really? some people have no respect for drama"

Once she's not distracted, Talayla notices Jor. There's a polite smile. She grunts softly as she lays back down. "Um." It's not too bad, right? She looks concerned. She nods. "That's good." Stupid hammers. She seems quietly relieved.

Watching Nithya and the bit of controversy going on, Aidan carefully climbs to his feet, wincing a bit as he walks over toward her. "She will, of course, get permission for anyone pictured before publishing them. She /is/ a professional." At least that was the impression he got at the club, albeit a struggling one. "I see you managed to get here, Nithya. Permission or forgiveness?"

As Barton's armor has been removed, Ariana carefully presses gently at his ribcage to see how badly the breaks or fractures may be. "Not overly bad, thank the Gods. But then again, I am surprised that the Hostile could get the jump on someone as formidable as yourself." The Ibrahm is clearly someone not to be messed with. Carefully, she reaches for one of the hyposprays that are found on the tray that happens to belong to this particular cot and this she places against the Lord's neck before slowly injecting him with the painkilling content. "That should help minimize the pain." As she does this, a glance is cast off into the distance to view how her cousin now fares and catching sight of the little discussion with him and some random photographer that just showed up. This is when she notices Jor's appearance as well and as a medic, she silently looks the man over to see whether he has taken any injuries or whatnot, before her attention returns back to Barton, the hypospray withdrawn and the empty cartridge disposed of.

Nithya relaxes visibly, almost to the point of fainting, when Valentine stands down from his "drama". She slumps and closes her eyes, trying to regain control of her heart—to make it beat again. Hearing Aidan's voice she smiles slightly. "Forgiveness, I suspect, Lordship. I tried to stay out of sight… There were so many people. I'm sure some of them spotted me." She opens her eyes and takes in the scene again, her previous impassive mask gone and replaced by one of sick horror. She raises her camera again, hiding behind it from the pain, the suffering and the horror before her. The shutter starts again with its quiet clicks.

If Jor has any thoughts about the subject of photography, they're going to be taking second seat to the ones regarding the Orelle and the Ibrahm. "You keep busy," are the first three words that he offers to Talayla, watching her and Aarynne both with a critical gaze. "How bad is she?" he asks Aarynne, glancing at Talayla. He'll perch near the Orelle's bed, for lack of a better description, folding his arms and quirking a brow.

Valentine in due course is stripped of his armor, leaving him in a bodysuit that he has somehow had made to look flattering on his rather slender form. Well maybe flattering, there is the matter of the large cut on his chest of course, currently under some roughly wadded up cloth. He nods to Aidan with a faint smile "Thank you, one tries ones best to stay out of photographs, unless I am at my best of course" he says as his smile broadens.

"Yes, My Lady, it's not too bad at all." Turning that gentle smile on Jor, Aarynne motions towards the patient. "She will heal, she has bruised ribs. Turns out she's been out there kicking Hostiles and taking names." Reaching for the tape, the thicker one, she turns back to Jor. "Aarynne Reilly, Sir." Not sure if he is noble, a Knight, or what, but she always errs on the side of caution. "Would you like me to keep you updated on her progress?" Stretching the tape, she turns back to her patient and makes quick work on wrapping the ribs.

"Making sure the Hostiles didn't see you was the important part." Aidan points out. "Just keep doing your job. It's important that people know what's happening and can see it for themselves." Glancing down at Valentine, he gives a brief smile. "Of course. Though I'd say you're never anything but looking your best."

"It feels like I got hit by a horse or something," She admits. "She is too kind, I think I missed most of them," Talayla admits quietly, sheepishly. She goes quiet though, an amused look to Jor. "Oh, I do! It's what I do, I guess." Pause. "How are you with dogs, by the way?"

Barton chuckles to Ariana, "WEll, they were a lot of them unfortunately. So a few small bruises one has to live with." Decently injured ribs seemingly a part of bruises for him. Nodding to her words, "I'm all yours doc." He offers with a grin. Turning that grin at Jor and Talayla as well, hearing the talk of dogs.

Nithya lowers her camera, finally, having taken, judging by the sounds from the camera, several hundred photographs by now. She carefully packs her equipment away in a battered bag. "I have enough material here, I think," she says in a low voice. "How can I help now?" She smiles sickly. "I took a first aid course once," she adds by way of explanation, "but it didn't use real blood and wounds. I can … try."

Gently swabbing at the injured section of Barton's chest, Ariana works swiftly but takes care to ensure that the job is done as perfectly as it can possibly be. That done, she reaches for a patch to place over the Ibrahm's light open wound, holding it there for a few moments, before she helps to sit him up as straight, so that can wrap the bandage about his broad form tightly to help with his ribs. As far as she can tell, whatever drama that nearly flared up regarding Valentine seems to have died out completely. Not that she minds either way. Her work finally done, she removes her gloves and tosses them into the bin, just before she updates Barton's patient file once more. "That should do it for now. I would recommend a little rest, it need not be bedrest in your case, but for the most part, you will be back on your feet in perfect health in no time, My Lord." Her attention just happens to be drawn towards Nithya now and she cannot help but look the woman over suspiciously at what may have been overheard. She obviously isn't a noble, as far as Ariana is concerned. And that's what matters most! "We do require our medics to be trained at the Academ." She states flatly, though she flashes Barton a polite smile as she lowers her head in deference to him, "Please let me know if you are in need of anything, Lord Barton. I shall be back to check up on you when I do my rounds." For now, she has a cousin to deal with!

"What a tempting question, Miss? Reilly. And not Sir, I'm afraid." From there, Jor turns his head towards Talayla, fingers drumming on one arm as he regards the Lady Orelle. "Don't you have enough to do, with your fish and other projects, Lady? And now this," he adds, not entirely sounding amused, despite the faint quirk to his lips that doesn't warm his sharp gaze any. Jor pays Barton no mind for now. Barton's a Knight, he was trained for this, he's getting attention, and so on. Talayla, on the other hand… She's the recipient of that raised eyebrow still, and now silence.

Flattery, well that will cheer Valentine up and he graces Aidan with a dazzling smile "Thank you my lord, most kind. But I fear I am a mess. I had no notion of how efficiently a helmet destroys your hair" he says as he frowns up at it, a faintly self-mocking smile touching his face, He settles back a little, fingers reaching for his staff, almost as if for comfort.

Talayla is quiet. "Um. Well. I was given a puppy for my birthday yesterday. I didn't quite expect-" She looks to him, grinning sheepishly. "Well, I was evading being natural selected SO WELL, I wanted to keep my lucky streak up…" She looks sheepishy, eyes wide at Jor. She smiles to Barton, looking warm. "And… how are you? I left you some cake in the fridge since you weren't there," She offers. She smiles to Aarynne. "Thanks."

"Just… See if the doctors need an extra pair of hands, I guess." Aidan suggests and turns. "I'm going to go sit back down. I'm glad to see you showed up though. I'm sure Young Lady Anabethe will be as well." Valentine's answer gets a bit of a smile. "Know what else destroys your hair? A sword. Stick with the helmet."

Ariana's rejection is almostalmostwelcomed if Nithya's face is anything to go by. Still… "Ladyship, I do not have … illusions … about my worth here," she says quietly, but firmly. "Truth be told I would like to be almost anywhere else right now. After, however, what I got into the memory of this camera…" She pats her bag. "…I could not possibly stand by idly doing nothing except drinking away the horror. I'm not a medic. But I can carry things. I can move things. I can even adjust beds. Every moment I spend doing the menial is a moment your Academ-trained medics can deal with real medical problems." Is there a bit of acid with "Academ-trained" there?

Barton smiles and bows his head to Ariana, "Thank you." He offers, grnning a bit. "I am sure that I will be fine." Looking between her and Nithya but not saying much, perhaps not knowing enough. Rising to move to Talayla's side. Nodding to Jor as well, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

Finishing up on the wrapping, Aarynne gently pulls the under armor back over the wound. As the 'not knight' addresses her, heat infuses her cheeks, though she meets his eyes unerringly. "It was not meant to be a tempting question." She leaves the name area blank since he had not returned one of his own. "I will let you get to your visitor My Lady, and I will check back with you presently."

Jor could be a drummer for Hell If I Know, for all the effort the fingers of one hand are busily busting out a nameless tune on his shirt. When Barton joins, his attention focuses on the larger man, giving a brief nod, but Jor's eyes go right to Talayla after. "I can look after a puppy for a time, if that's what you're getting at," he states. "Your priority should be recovery. I'm sure you agree," he adds to Barton, glancing at him to make it clear where his words are going.

A polite smile to Aarynne. "Thanks," She nods. "Should I stay here for the eve or go home?" Talayla tilts her head. "I'd hate to eat up a spot…" She offers. She looks to Jor. "I appreciate it! I'll add the extra into your pay," She promises. Talayla seems a bit grateful, but she looks more shy. "And thank you, he's a new puppy and I suspect being inside too long might be bad. I think I'm going to call him Brave," She considers.

As she passes by Talayla's bed on her way to Valentine's, Ariana pauses for the briefest of moments so that she may lower her head in deference once more, but this time to the young Orelle, "My Lady Talayla, I do apologize that I could not attend your birthday last night. As you can see, I've been here, helping construct this triage, but I do have a gift for you that I shall bring to you later, when time permits." That said she saunters gracefully back to where her Cindravale cousin continues to rest, giving Aidan a polite smile in passing as well seeing that he is situated nearby. "My Lord." From her distance she gauges his condition, before intoning, "How are you feeling, Lord Aidan of Peake? Once I've seen to my Lord Cousin and if none of the other medics have yet tended to you, I'll look after your wounds." That said, she returns back to her cousin, "I'm glad that you were able to make yourself as comfortable as possible, Dearest Lord Cousin."

"Well I was not presented with any other choice Lady Ariana" Valentine drawls in reply, a sardonic smile touching his delicate features before fading as he turns a mock glare to the orderlies who neatly divested him of his armour "I had no idea you were quite so, shall we say, efficient" he adds, keeping his drawling tone light, but his skin is still rather pale. He shifts to sit up a little, wincing faintly as he moves "You know I am not entirely sure I approve of this battle lark. Terribly messy and ever so slightly painful"

"I'm alive and not in danger of dying." Aidan answers. "See to others first." Pause. "Though I wouldn't turn down the offer of some pain meds. I'm not sure if I could adequately do it myself."

"Unless you have someone to care and tend to you overnight for at least three nights, I would ask that you remain here, My Lady. Otherwise, you would only have to remain here overnight tonight. Will there be someone?" Aarynne offers with a warm smile, though she does look around at the others, seeing how well they have all been treated.

Nithya makes her way over to Aidan, picking her way around the equipment and the bustling people. "Sit back Lord Aidan," she says quietly. "Now is the time for rest." She stands beside him and watches the rest of the chantry, fuming ever so slightly. Finally she just picks a box of equipment that's too far from its users and shifts it closer. "I may not be Academ-trained enough to move a box, but here you go," she comments dryly to the medic.

"Just don't get in the way." Ariana directs these words towards Nithya, her eyes narrowing a touch as the other woman spouts her sarcasm. Returning back to her cousin, chin lifted and a smile forming on her face, despite the glare just moments ago, she lets out a melodramatic sigh as she shakes her head, "I am as efficient as need be." Her eyes now lower to look at her tablet and review Valentine's patient chart once more, before she says, "Now let's take a look at this injury, shall we? You should be glad that this sort of thing isn't going to leave any real scars, but let me know if you feel any intense pain when I do this." And here, she very carefully touches at her cousin's chest, to see if anything is broken or fractured, very much so like she did with Barton.

Talayla smiles a little towards Ariana. "No worries, I understand. Dad and everyone were pretty busy, too," She remarks. She pauses at Aarynne's suggestion. "Oh, alright. Um." Hmm. "Well, I er -" Barton's not a medic and somehow neither is Jor. She looks concerned. "Well, we have doctors around. But I can stay here for an evening," She nods.

Barton nods to Jor as he does seem to agree with Jor. Listening to the conversations and offering a hand to Talayla to offer a bit of comfort as she rests. "I'll stay here with you. I need to take it easy after all." Giving a wink to Ariana at that. Her words after all. Grinning a bit as he watches the others.

"But I always heard that women admire scars" Valentine says as he looks down at his chest and seeing the wound close up actually pales a little more "My that is…a little tendAH" he says as she hits a broken rib. He clears his throat and looks faintly mortified "Sorry about that my dear lady. Not quite myself" he says apologetically.

Jor could say a /lot/ more that Barton might agree, and strongly disagree with, but aside from a thinning of his mouth, he'll keep his comments confined to recovery… and this: "I'm at a loss on one point, however: how you got injured in the first place." That he directs to Barton as well, given the glance the Ibrahm is given. "I must be forgetting something, or perhaps I just never knew, but we can discuss that when you finish healing up, can't we, Lady Talayla?"

"A hammer. And a really unfriendly Hostile," Talayla remarks. "It was kind of upset with me, I guess," She looks to Jor. "And sure. I did put some cake and stuff in my fridge for you," She smiles up. She seems not to mind any grump on the part of her friends. She looks to Barton, "Thank you. It's probably good to stick here for an evening." She'll be good, right? She nods. "I'm sure Brave would love to be walked and stuff."

Lady Reena Khournas has traveled from Landings to help triage the wounded on Primus. The youngest daughter of Lord Jevon has been becoming known for her healing touch, and she begins drifting amid the patients helping where she can. She stops beside Valentine and Ariana and arches a brow at him. "Really, Lord Valentine, you went into battle? I thought you were meant for more delicate things, like wine and cards." Nevertheless she sits on a stool and begins to look at his wounds.

She may not mind any grump on the part of her friends, but she hasn't met the irritation that Jor Aeldan can channel now. Prison life brought out his temper in ways he hadn't begun to realize were possible before then. It also brought out some self control, which he chooses to exercise right now as much as his body was over those years. None of this stops his response from being a bit… harsher. "I'll keep that in mind, the cake and the Hostile involvement both. In the meantime, Lady, I'm sure the report you'll have, when you finish recovery, will be fascinating."

"I've seen far too many scars as it is." Ariana speaks in her usual matter-of-fact tone, "And I can't say that I've found any of them one bit attractive. Blemishes, really. However, saying that, it does tend to be a mark of one's bravery and heroics in battle, that much cannot be denied and it's something that we all should expect." Well, not for herself, of course, but for the combatants. Even as she works with these open wounds and blood and lovely things such as that, and despite her own somewhat cold hint of passionless professionalism when she speaks, she does hum a whimsical, somewhat merry tune. "You are rather lucky indeed, Lord Cousin. Nothing is broken, but there is certainly tenderness around your ribs." When Reena arrives, the smile returns to Ariana's lips as she bows her head in the Khournas' direction. "My Lady Reena, I'm glad to see you here. From everything I've heard, we put up a good showing against those villains, but because of this good showing, there are many of our soldiers and knights in need of healing."

Where he had been all day, isn;t anyone business, and he says as much when asked. Entering the Chantry in full aggressor armor, a dark green to it's color, ith the metal plates that make up the heavy armor formed to look like a viper's scailes. Even the helmet looks more preaditory and viperis, and the sick looking longbow or six foot sword attached to his back dosn;t diminish his look. As he enters the Chantry, his helmet falls from his head, to collapse and rest at his shoulders and chest. He begins to move through the people, looking for friends, maybe even family, and his gait is much differant then his usual happy well received walk, he is all business, quiet, serious, and steeled against any barrage… for the most part.

"Well one had to show the flag and all that. Also I was gifted with a simply wonderful suit of armor. So I thought it best to use it at least once my lady" Valentine drawls with a bright smile cast to Reena "I discovered two things. Burnt hostile smells absolutely terrible…" he says with a dramatic shudder that is cut short as it pulls the wound "…and that a sword in the chest is not one of life's more enjoyable experiences" he adds dryly. Pausing he looks back to Ariana "To be honest my plan was to hide behind some of the larger knights, and occasionally pop out to launch some fire. I had a sudden rush of blood to the head however and moved up closer. Personally I blame the weight of all that armor pulling the blood from my brain"

A deep sigh at Jor. "Sure." Talayla peers over at him. "Um. I'm gonna go quiet now…" She shrinks into the bed.

Barton raises a brow, squeezing Talayla's hand a bit reassuringly. Not going to leave her side it seems, not while she is injured at least. Listening to talk but keeping out of it himself.

Reena smiles at Ariana as she administers a hypospray of local anesthetic to Valentine's chest. "I know my sister was on the field, I expect she's harassing medics to leave her be, so I came to make sure she gets treated. She's as stubborn as a Khourni can be," she notes. When the numbing solution is working, she begins to test carefully with her fingertips and a small hand scanner, looking for any fractures and strains in the ribs and surrounding tissue. "I concur with Lady Ariana, Lord Valentine, you were lucky. There are a few small fractures, but I will stitch the wound then immobilize your ribs and youshould mend within a week or so. I'll see that you get a prescription for some pain medication in the interim."

Anabethe has taken her time getting back to the infirmary. She wasn't too terribly injured, after all. There are people with much worse wounds than hers. Once she makes it, though, she's looking a little pale, probably thanks to the bleeding gash across her breastplate. Someone's managed to press a field dressing to it, so there's not too much gore at the moment, but she's definitely put it off for as long as she can.

Kaedin nods to a passing medic, after stopping them and asking a few questions. He moves over to his destination, that being Tala's bedside. "If the sorry peice of cyborg trash that did this still lives… I will kill it." he saves with a grave tone, he looks to Barton, and Jor, in a questioning gaze of what happend. Well, it's more of a demanding gaze with a promise of attempted arse kick if he isn't told what happend. Get run through… Kaedin doesnt care, mess with one of his family… hide, and never return.

Aidan is seated on one of the cots with Nithya nearby. "Ho, Khournas." he calls as he spots Anabethe walk in. "I hope you're late to the after battle party because you stopped to get the beer."

After a few moments, Aarynne returns to the bedside of Talayla. "Would you like anything for the pain, My Lady? I could bring you something." A glance going to those near her , offering a sweet smile. "She will be staying overnight tonight, but after that, as long as she has full time care for a few days, she can be released from here."

With Reena being the senior medic between the two, Ariana doesn't mind, in fact, she may even prefer, that the woman tend for her delicate of cousin's… one of them, wounds. Keeping some watch over Valentine's vital signs and remaining there for moral support, she does take note of any further findings onto his chart, before transferring it to the data tablet attached to his bed. "I'm merely proud that you returned in one piece, especially having heard such horror stories regarding those creatures. I've been assisting with their autopsy myself on the Ring and dead or alive, I'm sure, that the Hostile are everything short of pleasant. With the arrival of a few more visitors… or patients? Ariana steps away Valentine's bed now, her eyes looking towards the new arrivals, "Are either of you in need of medical assistance?" She asks after bowing her head as a usual polite gesture, though her gaze once more peers off in Aidan's direction as he has been seated in his coat the whole time.

Jor's only reaction to Kaedin is that appraising look, and still raising a brow. There's a nod, but no verbal greeting. For himself, he'll be staying next to Talayla's bedside, glancing between the trio of Kaedin, Barton, and the Lady, arms folded, fingers still drumming, barely concealing his true feelings on the matter.

Reena unwraps a sterile package with a 3/8ths circle needle prethreaded with a polyglcolide suture. She cleans the wound, thoroughly, and murmurs, "The edges are clean, at least, thanks to the sharpness of the enemy's blade, Lord Valentine. I won't need to debride it." She begins to sew him up with the needle held in a specialized tool, whip stitching him up like a fine seamstress. Her eyes flit towards Talayla's bed and she sends Kaedin a small smile, before spotting her sister. "Anabethe! Over here," she calls, as she returns focus to the man's wound.

Talayla is shrinking down into her bed beneath a withering gaze. Then along came Kaedin. "Um, no, it's quite dead. We got the ones getting out of the shield wall." Her eyes are wide. She nods to Aarynne. "Um, sure. That'd be nice…" Since she can't bring her fish here, she might as well get better faster. "I think I'm just going to shrivel with embarrassment now…"

This time Valentine braces himself, doing his best to carry on light conversation as his wounds and poked at "Thank you cousin dear, despite being flat on my back at one stage I believe I acquitted myself with some small degree of success. As well as escaping mostly intact" he drawls then looks to Reena with a bright smile despite the faint pallor of his face, turning a faint shade of green as he dares a look down to see his own skin being sewn up "I suspect however I will not be seeking a career as a knight. I am not sure getting stabbed frequently quite suits my life plans" he adds, keeping his eyes on the ceiling.

"Well I did, but I drank it all on the way here," Anabethe calls back to Aidan, smile flickering across her features. "It was a long walk. I don't think the priests would much care for me bringing piles of beer in here." She makes her way toward Reena, taking her time about it.

Kaedin looks back to Reena, and offers a small, almost unnoticed nod in her direction, the closest anyone will get to a 'nice' gesture from him aside from Tala. Looking down at his cousins, he shakes his head. "A wound is nothing to be embarrased about, though, you should learn how to defend in melee combat, probibly learn to train with a blade, just to be safe." he says, considering training her, he wouldent take her as a squire, the knightly life probibly wouldent suit her, but a few lessions woulden't hurt her. "I'm not gooing to talk you out of going onto a battle field, but I again say that you should take a few lessions from me."

"… well, it was a hammer this time," Talayla carefully offers to Kaedin. So a sword might not do her much good.

Barton does worry a bit for Talayla and as she shrinks he does shoot a look at Jor. Staying close to Talayla's side but also perhaps not wishing for the lady to feel embaressed of any kind. Keeping his eyes cool and fixed on the man for a moment before letting out a breath and looking to Kaedin to offer a nod and smile to him.

Nithya, having been busy helping where she could when Ariana wasn't looking, notices Anabethe's presence finally. "Lady Anabethe!" she calls out, shocked, rushing over to her. "Please, Ladyship, sit down. Make yourself comfortable. I'm sure one of the medics will see you as quickly as is possible." She pats the case that's practically glued to her thigh, she's holding it so protectively. "I will have a lot of work to do to go over these and make something coherent of it." She shoots a slightly venomous brief glance over at Valentine before returning her attention to Anabethe's vicinity. "I have some shots from in here as well. It may hammer in the point you want transmitted to the people."

He might catch the look from Barton, but if Lord Sir Ibrahm expected Jor Aeldan to mollify /his/ expression, the most that he gets is a grim stare directed his way. Still Jor does not speak, but watches in that more patrician manner of his, taking a moment to silently respond to the taller man while also glancing about. There is a look directed at the Young Lady of Khournas, but no called out greetings.

"Not everyone is cut from the Knight's cloth, Sir Valentine," Reena notes with a smile. "Some of us serve others among the Six in wartime." She ties off the last suture with a complex knot and wipes the entire area down with an antiseptic. An antibiotic ointment and bandage follow that. "Those will be absorbed in a few weeks on their own," she informs her patient. Then she goes about putting a specialized tape around his ribs. It has a monofilament wire running through it and once she finishes and connects a tiny device to it, it hardens somewhat for support, while still being flexible, much like an old-fashioned corset.

As one of these new arrivals just happens to be Anabethe and between the Heir of Khournas and the Lord of Orelle, the former looks as if she may be injured, Ariana looks towards Reena when Anabethe approaches her sister, "My Lady Reena, did you wish to tend to your Lady Sister as well? If so, I will start off by taking her vitals and preparing her for you." That said, her attention returns to Anabethe once more, offering the woman a polite smile now, "Yes, please have a seat, My Lady, as I take in your vitals and update your patient's chart." She's not an overly fussy doctor, or at least not in this moment, just carrying herself with her usual professionalism.

Offering a nod to the Lady and the not knight and then the Knight surrounding the bedside of the Orelle, she watches a moment and frowns. "Please, while you are here, let the patient rest also. She is here because she is wounded." Aarynne offers with a firm voice, but there is still a friendliness in her eyes, but definitely authority. "I'll be right back with the medicine, My Lady."

"Actually I think I am the one made from cloth, Knights appear to be formed of something harder…" Valentine drawls as he carefully examines the roof as if it holds the mysteries of the universe. A sardonic smile twitches his full lips as he looks down and adds "I do have a few rather handy little tricks however, that seemed to have some small effect on our rather unwelcome guests" he risks a glance down at his wound, that now is all safely hidden behind cloth "Hmm, I always fancied a ten inch waist, I shall have to have my man alter my clothing…"

"Oh, hey. Nithya, right?" Anabethe turns a distractedly crooked smile on the photographer, obediently heading toward wherever Ariana steers her. She's been through this injury thing enough to know how it goes. "Glad to see you made it out. Glad things ended well enough that you can actually give us a little good press," she adds ruefully, settling in.

"Thank you, Lady Ariana. Don't let Beth give you any lip. If she does, poke her in the boo-boos," Reena quips to the other medic with a grin. She makes some notes on a pad and hands a sheet off to a nurse to go fetch the pain medication and antibiotics for Valentine as his words make her chuckle quietly. "Now, you promise me, Lord Valentine, no straining yourself. No lifting anything heavier than a datapad for the next ten days. Have someone assist you getting in and out of bed, or deep chairs, so you do not stress those fractures further. And do please keep the drinking to a minimum with the narcotics, hm?" she advises.

Barton does more or less start to fade a bit, though keeping the lady's hand in his.

"Yes, Nithya, Lady Anabethe. I decided to employ Lord Aidan's 'forgiveness' approach in this project," Nithya says with a slight smirk. "Although he is insisting that I get permission of the subjects before publication. I guess it's more a combination forgiveness/permission approach. Tell me, Ladyship, are you seriously hurt? Can I get you something to drink?"

"Well I was going to say I will restrict myself to lifting wine glasses only, but then you had to go and ruin it all m'lady" Valentine says sadly as Reena adds the keep the drinking to a minimum part. He tries a somewhat melodramatic sigh, but wounds have no respect for drama and it breaks off into a wince "I don't suppose I could find any volunteers to assist me from my bed?" he inquires with a glance around and a flutter of long lashes, although his smile is more than a little sardonic.

Something almost predatory lights up in Nithya's eyes at Valentine's request. "Oh, please, Lordship, allow me to assist!" she says, stepping over to him with a smile that would freeze lava.

Ariana is certainly not the sort to poke a Paramount Heir in her boo-boos. Her family, however?… And her ice blue eyes flicker in Valentine's direction, looking pleased that he should finally be getting all the beauty rest that he needs to fully recover. To Anabethe now, she presses a button on the tablet attached to the bed before swiping her own tablet just near it. She then switched modules so that she can more easily take the woman's vitals via a scan from her own tablet. "You're vitals, for the most part look fine. So that's a good sign. But it's clear that the damage to your armor indicates piercing, possibly an open wound, though we will be checking for a mild case of fracturing to your bones and especially your ribcage. As far as I can see, though, your organs seem to be intact." She mentions nothing of the woman's liver… if there is anything to see with any sort of high alcohol intake! "Here, let me help you with your armor." And with careful fingers, she works to remove the woman's breastplate, where the piercing is hard to miss. Hearing her cousin's request now, her eyes once more regard the Cindravale with a look, though it seems like that odd photographer so eagerly volunteers.

Kaedin nods and looks at Jor. "Mister Jor, I would like you to come with me." He says, though he doesnt say why. He looks down at Tala. "Just consider what I said about training." He says before he turns and motions for Jor to follow him, twisting his head and neck as he heads for the exit, knowing Tala is in good hands.

"Thank you," Talayla nods to Aarynne. Though, poor poor Valentine. He's about to get it alright. Her eyebrows lift. She looks to Jor, "I'm sorry. I'll probably be asleep soon. But I appreciate the help. Brave is a wiggly dog. And yeah, I suspect so," She considers. She blinks at Kaedin's request. "Mister Jor is helping me, so … I guess it's frustrating his employment just got extended."

Jor's eyebrows twitch, but that niggling memory comes back, and a hint of curiosity brings him to briefly say, "Lady, excuse us," to Talayla, as well as a nod to Barton who is likely now zonked out. He'll follow Kaedin, at first, before finally upping his pace slightly to the point Jor will end up alongside, rather than trailing in the aggressor-armored man's shadow. "You did mention you had something to discuss," he'll say as he makes his way with Kaedin. "I think I have to right to hear about what, now." Those are the last words that carry through the air before the two are gone.

"Totally, I wouldn't keep you," Talayla smiles and waves. "I'm about to sleep anyway. Be well and thanks."

"I've had worse," Anabethe assures Nithya with a flicker of a smile, leaning back to let Ariana do her inspection. "And yeah, there was blood, so I'm going to say there was some piercing," she laughs weakly at Ariana's assessment. Stubbornly, she helps with the removal of her armor, pushing buttons and loosening panels to help it properly retract. "Probably a fractured rib somewhere in there. That's what it feels like, at least."

With Valentine in good hands, Reena rises and pushes the stool over to where Ariana is helping Anabethe. She grimaces at the hole in her sister's chest. "Really Beth, pole dancing with Hostiles? The scandal," she tsks lightly, covering her concern with humor. She pulls a small light orb out of a drawer and sets it to hovering near the wound to shine its light inside it. She grimaces. "That one is not nice and clean like Lord Valentines. Did they have barbs on the weapon or some such?" she asks as she sticks a hypospray near the entry hole to numb it.

Valentine looks at Nithya and offers her a matching smile as he lifts his hand up, and with a elegant snap of his long fingers a small globe of light appears "Now, now madame" he murmers as it takes flight and slowly begins to circle before a casual toss of his hand sends it away. Although not quite as casual as usual, there is a trace of strain around his eyes from the fine control needed.

The display of Valentine's Awakened powers stops Nithya in her tracks, instantly paling. "As you wish, Lordship," she murmurs shakily and backs away, warily, keeping her eyes on the ball of light until it goes away. "So, my Lady Anabethe," she says with extreme effort to sound carefree. Effort that shows, and thus fails. "Do you know of a writer who could help organize a narrative around these photos? I have some shots that are truly spectacular, but narratives are more convincing than plain imagery."

Once the woman's armor is removed, Ariana's gaze falls onto the open hole that happens to be stuck within the woman's chest. She does note that it's light in severity, but still rather gruesome that may leave some kind of mark. Not that the Khournas heir is unused to that sort of thing. With things in hand, she speaks softly to Reena, "Will you excuse me, My Lady." Before twirling around on her toes, which would look far more dramatic if she were wearing one of her gowns with the full skirts, but nonetheless, she approaches her cousin with graceful steps, "Dearest cousin, Is there something that I can get for you to help ease your pain or at least your boredom?"

"Didn't really stop to check it out, actually," Anabethe admits to Reena. "Was a poleaxe, I can tell you that much. Turned around to go get Sammel's back and the Hostile I'd taken the chest out of wasn't quiet as damaged as I thought." She looks up to Nithya from her bed, quirking a brow. "Not sure I know of any off-hand, but I'm sure they'll be lining up if you take those pictures to a few of the major offices."

Valentine frowns a little as he looks towards the terrified citizen. He shifts a little, glancing over towards her "It was just light madame…" trailing off he offer an elegant shrug of his shoulders and turns his gaze around with a faint frown "I don't suppose we can get table service" he muses.

"Thank you, Lady Ariana." Reena clucks at her sister a moment, as she pulls on a fresh pair of nitrile gloves and goes about cleaning the wound, then using a small hand-laser tool to make the edges even, rather than ragged. As she works, she murmurs at Nithya, "A shot of me tending to my sister would make for good press all around I'm sure. Something along the lines of Family fights together, on and off the battlefield."

Nithya nods and dutifully pulls out the camera again at Reena's instruction. The camera clicks and clicks againdespite having no mechanical partsas its operator carefully frames and takes shots. "A shot of the two of you together afterwards, after the battle and the surgery, would perhaps be a good piece of punctuation as well," she suggests.

Ariana simply affords Valentine with a ghost of a smirk on her lips, "That can be arranged, I'm sure, Lord Cousin, but this is no high class hotel, like those that one can find on Summit. Still, I can place an order for you and have it delivered without a problem." Tapping at her earpiece, she muses, "What will it be tonight? Something extravagant or would you prefer a much ligher meal while you are healing?" As she converses with her cousin, her eyes do keep vigilant watch on the medical bay. Even signing off one form or other than an orderly brings to her regarding a patient they are working on. So from her distance, she also watches as the Khournas sisters have their picture taken.

"Yeah, you know. So long as it doesn't show the naughty bits," Anabethe grins, chin ducking to watch her sister work. Because hey, once you've had a certain amount of wounds, there's almost as much fun in watching the healing as there is in getting the wounds to begin with.

Reena is an old pro at patching up her siblings. She's been doing it for years, and they are almost always wounded from some scuffle or other. She looks rather lovely in a simple white jumpsuit with a red cross medic band around her arm and her hair pulled back into a tight knot to keep it away from wounds. She also seems more than practiced at making for a good photo. She stitches Anabethe up expertly, then cleans, disinfects, and bandages the wound. "Sounds brilliant," she notes to Nithya.

"Once I have the photos selected and a layout and narrative for them, I'll have to shop them around to the periodicals," Nithya says, talking more to herself it seems as she takes another round of photos of the whole chantry, focusing on the medics at work this time. "I wonder how much they'll pay?" She lowers the camera again, deep in thought. "Is there any kind of charity for wounded soldiers in need?" she asks aloud of anybody.

"You are now my greatest hero Lady Ariana" Aritino drawls as he sits up a little and contrary to Doctor's orders reaches out to pick up his staff and lay it down by his side. He seems to take some comfort from it as he lets out a slow breath and relaxes a little more as he rests his long fingers in the smooth wood "Something light I think. Now I am indulging in corsetry I should avoid ganing weight" he drawls with a glance down at it "I wonder if it comes in more flattering colours"

"Several," Anabethe answers Nithya as she watches Reena work. It's just her chest cavity. Nothing too important. She rattles off a few, then leans back to let Reena work without her supervision. "What do to the numbers look like, Reena?" she asks her sister, looking up at the ceiling.

"I do wonder who your greatest hero was before… not that I'm wondering too hard, for I may regret what I learn, I'm sure." Ariana says dispassionately to her cousin, before placing in a few different orders for meals. Hopefully, one of the orders placed will sate her cousin's hunger. She then adds in, "Actually, yes. However, those would need to be special ordered. It is nothing something that we simply stock for normally."

"I haven't seen all the numbers yet, but there were a lot of wounded," Reena notes to Beth. "I don't have any fatality numbers yet. I'm sure the military will release those soon enough via the news feeds." She hands off another scrip to a nurse for her sister. "You'll need to go easy for a few days and not pull out the sutures." Like that advice EVER gets taken by a Khournas. She flits her blue eyes towards Nithya and ponders. "There is at least one, the benefit concert some weeks ago donated to that."

"I think, My Lady …?" Nithya leaves the question in the air for Reena to answer later. "I think that if some percentage of the sales of the periodical that publishes these photos goes to such a charity everybody would benefit. I could raise my fee. The periodicals could have a special issue price — and have wider circulation. The soldiers would get the money. The Houses would get the publicity. Everybody would come out ahead." A wryer note enters her voice. "And with that I might be able to buy enough to drink to help forget this all."

Sadly they may all go to waste, as there is a unusual silence from Valentine. It seems the drugs have kicked in and he has fallen asleep, the slow and even rise and fall of his bandaged chest showing it is nothing more dangerous than that, but the Sorcerous Lord is out like a light.

"I like it," Anabethe nods to Nithya, offering a small smile. "I'll put word out to a few of the outlets that Khournas is behind it. And Reena, I only ever pulled the stitches out once, and that was because I was on that hunt and the skin was going to start growing around them if I didn't. Never much cared for needlework, you know."

"I'm not sure forgetting is possible, Miss," Reena notes to the photographer, having not quite caught her name yet. "We have forty more years of this ahead of us if we don't figure out a decisive way to stop the Hostiles." She smirks at Anabethe. "If you left them alone the damned things will just absorb into your body," she notes.

"Lady Reena Khournas. This is my sister, Young Lady Anabethe, Heir to Khournas," she adds

"We've met, Lady Reena, in a dance club. She and Lord Aidan are why I'm here today instead of hiding. I almost knocked over her drink," a brief laugh, "so I guess in recompense I talked myself into being her today." Nithya suddenly realizes that the question was open at both ends. "Oh, I do apologize! I am Nithya Katiyar. Nobody special. Just a freelancer."

"You know me, Reena," Anabethe chuckles, tucking one arm under her head. "I've got friends in low place." Her smile quirks, lazy, as the exhaustion of the day starts to catch up with her. Adrenaline fades, leaving stiffness, soreness, and plenty of lingering pain behind.

"Well met, Miss Katiyar. And thank you for your efforts here today," Reena says with a small smile, containing just the right amount of sorrow at the circumstances, and gratitude for her work. This one has serious skills in the political department. "Now sister, go get some sleep. I will check on your in the morning. If you both will excuse me, I have other patients to check on." With that, the dark haired woman leaves them.

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