08.16.3013: Triage and Tragedy
Summary: Tragedy and Hope play out at the triage in Khar-Mordune following the ambush in the Spinous Mountains.
Date: 16 August 2013
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Ariana Hadrian Viannea 

Makeshift Triage — Khar Mordune, The Spine
A basic triage
16 August 3013

Hadrian had set up an impromptu triage center for the injured who may be coming from the recent outing to the mountains. He waited patiently, ensuring all items were clean and as many who could be helped, would be helped.

What was supposed to be a simple ambushed turned into a nasty bloodbath with the majority of what was spilled belonging to those who sought to capture the Hostiles. The worst of them is Yolanda who is immediately taken to a treatment area (although efforts to keep her alive will later prove unsuccessful), and then Viannea who is also brought in on a stretcher. The others are also hurt but are most likely able to arrive under their own foot power, some with aid, some without.

Having had some hand in aiding House Peake in this endeavor, despite Ariana's dislike for the Spine as a whole, she is eager to see the results of all of this planning… which doesn't seem to have turned out the way anyone would have liked. Dressed in her usual pristine medical garb, her hair tied up into a tight bun, one the very first of the injured are brought in, she springs into action and moves to help get patients onto some cots and immediately works to take their vital signs. For now, she works alongside with Dr. Hadrian Orelle, though the sight of Yolanda Peake, when she is brought in, does get a look of concern.

Hadrian stops only momentarily near Yolanda, "Too far gone, nothing can be done for her. If there are any signs of life, make her as comfortable as possible. And then, inform her family." he seemed to hardly bat an eye before he moved onto the next wounded. He looks to Viannea, "Are you conscious? Can you tell me your name?" he asks of the patient- who, although on a stretcher, did seem to respond to simple tests for life. "Get me my instruments." he says to a nurse, who runs off. "We may need to start work immediately, and here.

If Viannea hears Hadrian's assessment of her sister she doesn't react, finally too dull of emotions to do more than blink when he speaks to her. "Vi," she answers, using the shortened form of her name to respond. She glances over and notices Ariana, someone she knows margially, if that. If the lady doctor looks at her she is given a slight nod, the only form of greeting she has the energy for.

Ariana's demeanor, while professional, may come off a bit cold. This is most true, especially when the death of a patient is inevitable. Despite Hadrian's words though, Ariana helps to get Yolanda's barely conscious form comfortable upon her cot, as she hooks her up to an IV, perhaps not yet wishing to give up on the heir so soon, even if she knows that the senior Doctor at the triage is correct in his assessment. Moving away from Yolanda now, she joins Hadrian as he tends to Viannea's wound. A very quiet smile is flashed towards the badly injured women, though that soon fades as she brings Hadrian his medical instruments.

"Good." Hadrian replies, as his tools are quickly brought. Armor is removed quickly by the triage nurses, and with a clinical coolness Hadrian begins the work of a doctor. Underclothing is cut away and the more serious wounds are cleaned and local numbing agents applied. Viannea was in serious condition, and Hadrian had no wish to overtax her system with a general anesthetic.
"Thank you, Lady Ariana." Blood and guts was no reason to forget manners. "You've taken several serious wounds, and I believe there to be some internal bleeding." he says to Viannea, as he begins to operate. "This wound to your chest is particularly serious, and I believe your heart may have been knicked." he says as he starts to work on the wound in question. "However, do not fear. Medical science continues to progress every day, I am almost certain you will survive this travail."

There's probably some lung damage to go along with the other injuries Hadrian mentioned, evident by how her teeth and lips are still stained by flecks of red. "Just do what you got to do," she drowsily response, looking between him and Ariana. "Is she going to be alright," gets asked next, that asked about her sister. "She needs to b…" Words get choked off as a bout of pain-induced nausea hits and she clamps her mouth shut tight so she won't throw up and embarrass herself.

Seeing that Dr. Hadrian is all set with Viannea, Ariana immediately moves on to assist with the next patient and get them situated, before she returns once more to check upon Yolanda. There's very little that someone of her own skill level or expertise can do for the woman now, but she works with the assistance of several other doctors and medics, all of which are trying their hardest to keep the young woman alive. For the most part, she continues on with her rounds, though as more and more of the injured start pouring in, she does await the arrival of her brother, who she knows went out to fight with the others.

"No." Hadrian replies simply. "You need to focus here, on you." he then continues his work as he speaks. "Her injuries are too great. We are making her comfortable." Sedated as Via is, she would be unable to move. Clearly, this is by design. "Trust me when I say she is now without pain." Perhaps it was too soon, but Hadrian very simply did not see death as others did. He continued his work at the savage wound to the woman's chest. "And you will survive." Doctor's orders.

A few deep breaths and mind-over-matter wins over the need to vomit and she speaks again, Viannea's tone so level she might as well be a robot. "I see. Thank you. And yes. I'll live." Vi's probably too stubborn to die anyhow, but even if she wasn't her body isn't ready to give up yet, her wounds serious but not exactly life threatening now that she's being taken care of. While Ariana moves she watches her, not yet understanding who it is she's waiting for.

Ariana is not one to trouble the patients with concerns of her own, especially not at the very moment they are brought in. So while she knows that Viannea may know of Antaeus' whereabouts or even his well-being, she will allow the woman to get her much needed rest. Though she isn't in as bad a shape as her sister, she was still in terrible condition. Finally, her eyes widen oh so subtly and she moves in a brisk pace to meet up with her brother, guiding him to one of the empty cots, which just happens to be near Viannea's. In his battered and bruised condition, he doesn't say much. Ariana simply gets straight to work, having help to undo his armor as she assesses his injuries.

Hadrian works with a surprising alacrity. Using his mobile kit he's quick to seal up wounds near heart and lungs, and with the medical technology available to the Orelle doctor he's able to ensure Via's wounds, for now, reach a point of stability.

Viannea's strong and her body handles the surgies well. It's a bit unnerving to be operated upon while awake but at least that means she's awake when Antaeus comes in. That's a relief, a tiny bit of 'salve' to ease her, and she sighs. "Shit…" And at that she kind of just drifts off.

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