09.04.3013: Training The Wife
Summary: Cedric gives Lyrienne a lesson in swordplay, other things are discussed
Date: 03 September 2013
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Cedric Lyrienne 

Orelle Gym
It's a gym, figure you can imagine that.
04 September 3013

After taking Marus to school, Cedric told Lyrienne he was going to spend some time at the gym, saying that while he's never going to say no to all the sex she's been given him recently, he needs to work other muscles. But, he's always been rather quiet about what he does when he works out, because it's so often hard to remember that the Captain is just as skilled as any knight. Because he doesn't have the look of a combatant, because he's so damn nice, why would he hurt anyone? And yeah, it might be something he's hidden from Lyri and his kids, trying as hard as he can to hide that kind of life from them. So he's gone to the gym, in his workout clothing. And he's currently sparring with two other men, a training falchion in one hand and pistol cross-bow loaded with stun rounds.

Lyrienne does a few things to keep in shape. Image is important, but a childhood spent in Arboren also taught her to value a certain degree of fitness. Granted, it mostly takes the form of various sessions of yoga and pilates, but she tries. After doing some of her own exercise, she stops by the sparring area, wearing a simple tank top and a pair of soft, stretchy yoga pants, her hair pulled into a loose ponytail at her nape. Catching sight of her husband there, she pauses for a moment to watch, head tilting curiously.

Lyri has never seen Cedric fight or be in anything that would be considered a combat situation. Sure, she knows he goes out on his ship and fights Hostiles, but it never gives the impression that he's taking part in that himself, even if it's well-known. Like it's an afterthought. But clearly, he spends a lot of time on this kind of thing, what with the way the practice blade flickers, and how he's able to flip to the side and shot his pistol. It's very athletic and dexterous, two words that generally aren't associated with Ced, but then again, he was going to be a football player. And he's holding his own against two at the same time, having the speed and agility to deflect and attack.

Lyrienne's brows rise as she watches him, surprise clear in her features. Yes, she's always known that he fights. Of course he fights. But it's not the sort of thing she's thought about in detail, and even if she had…this isn't quite what she would have expected from her gentle, self-conscious husband. She doesn't look away from the fight, seemingly fascinated by this new side to him. Slowly, she takes another step closer, trying to get a better look.

They fighting stlye he uses is…different. Usually, people tend to simply go for two-handed weapons, or a weapon in sheild. It's a bit rarer to take on two weapon, that being two weapons of the same kind. It's even rarer to see someone fighting with two radically different weapons at the same time. And people don't tend to go for falchions, though they are slightly more used by naval knights and officers. His swings are controlled, they aren't wild or wide, arms kept to his sides. It's got flair, but it's compact, even his flips are not that big, mostly it's used to get to the side of an opponent, or a roll out of the way. And if his wife is half-Khourni, she can see someone hold back when they fight. He could be faster. The sword twists, then his wrist rolls, causing his opponent to lose his blade clattering to the mat. And the other man, has the barrel of his pistol between the center of his eyes. The upper portion of Ced's shirt is dark with sweat and he's panting just slightly. "You two are dead." he smiles happily. "But damn, Sir Garrett is training you both phenomenally." So not only does he train with two people, but their squires, so just like a father, he tries to impart knowlege. "Claude, watch your left side, you don't defend low enough. Brian, you need to start leaning to attack against small weapons. Not ever Hostile uses two-handed monsters."

"Apparently some of them have been hiding things from their wives," Lyrienne chimes in, a slow smile curving as she steps into the space, arms crossed loosely over her chest. "Wives," she informs the squires, "Are infinitely more frightening than Hostiles. Since when have you been able to do that, Ric?" she asks, tilting her head at her husband with a small smile. "I might have been sleeping easier if I'd seen that before."

The squires, they look like Citizens. Citizens from likely well-off or rich families, anyways. Nervously, they look at each. "Is that Lyrienne Sauveur?" one says lowly to the other. "Yeah, my sister has all her albums. Isn't she fucking hot?" the other replies. Then one of them realizes that it's still a somewhat small room, Ced and Lyri can hear them.

"Er, sorry! Lord Captain! Lady Orelle!" Both of them bow hastily, in a 'please don't kill us' kind of way. Ced laughs, setting a hand on their shoulders. "It is true, boys. Wives will always be infinately more terrifying than Hostiles. You can leave the battlefield, but you can never run from them. Be glad you don't have any rush to marry. Though some things," he glaces at Lyri, "can be the best things, espcially when you're not looking for it. But that's enough for now. You two are dismissed, Sailors." So Sailors and Squires. They give them both looks before they bow again, excusing themselves. "By the Six, I never thought I'd get to see Lyrienne Sauveur in yoga pants! We gotta train with him more often." Setting away their weapons, Ced looks over his wife. "I…uh, didn't expect to see you here. You still have fans, I see."

"And…uh, I've always been able to do this. Just…I…" Ced pauses, not really having an explanation.

Lyrienne presses her lips together, trying not to laugh at the squires. "Pleasure to meet you both," she says instead, smiling politely. Once they're gone, though, she can't help a bit of a giggle, stepping closer to walk around her husband in a mock inspection. "Just you don't ever show anything off," she finishes for him, looking up with a fond smile. "That was…really impressive, Ric. Also, kind of hot," she adds with a grin.

"Never saw a need to." Cedric replies, suddenly feeling like he's a Sailor under inspection. "I've never wanted our kids to know what I do. I don't want them to know I kill until they're old enough to understand. Part of me doesn't even like that you know what I do. So I don't take any of that home with me. No sword, no armor, no trophies, nothing. I like all of you thinking I'm just a nice guy who loves football almost as much as his wife and family. I've never wanted any of you see me and think of a killer. I know, that's silly to think, but I never wanted to be the bragger that Ben has been. War is something I do because I have to, not because I want to." He glances at his sword against the wall. "Even if I'm better at it than people think." A smile then, almost unsure. "It…it was?"

"Ric, killing is a part of life," Lyrienne points out quietly. "It's not something you should enjoy, of course, but it's nothing to be ashamed of either. We kill to live. We kill to protect our own. And there's nothing about that that needs to be hidden." She steps closer, pushing up on her toes to drop a kiss to the end of his nose. "Also, yes. It was totally hot," she murmurs, a teasing smile tugging at one corner of her lips.

"That doesn't change the fact that it's not something I want to expose my children to until it's time." Cedric comments. "They deserve the chance to be actual children before they have put their own effort to things. I want them to be able to laugh and smile and be ignornat of the greater events going on around us." That's likely why he only watches the news when they're in bed. "You've never seen me fight, have you?" he asks, looking down at the weapons in his hands. "I never considered the idea that you'd find it hot. But I also never expected to like seeing you in yoga pants either, so there's a first for everything."

"No, I've never seen you fight," Lyrienne shakes her head as she steps back. "Not that I watch a lot of fighting in general, but I've watched Ellinor. And you're…at least as good as she is. I guess I always imagine you mostly…I don't know. I guess if I'm fair, I've tried not to think about you fighting very much at all." She reaches up to tuck a curl behind her ear, looking around the space. "It's been a long time since I did anything with a sword."

"Well, I don't ever take part in tournments, so that might have something to do with it." Cedric ponders, stepping away, exchaning his pratice sword with his real one. Doesn't fight with it here, it's likely used for more practice by himself. Better than usuing something that might not weight exactly the same. Then he nods, understanding why she hasn't really thought about it all that much. "I guess if our roles were reversed, I wouldn't want to think about you fighting. But I'm also a lousy singer." He offers the blade for her to look at if she wants. "I didn't know you had any kind of training."

"A little bit." Lyrienne reaches out to take the sword, and it's clear that she knows how to hold it correctly, at least. "My father used to teach me a little every now and then, when he came to see me in Arboren. It wasn't often, but no one expected I'd ever really need it, either. Just enough to hopefully get a chance to run away." She adjust her stance carefully, thoughtful. "I'm better with a bow, actually. But to be honest, I'm much better off using psychometry if I'm ever attacked."

It's a nice sword, one that he had commisioned himself. The grip is specifically made for his own, from a mold of his fingers so it fits him the best while in armor. So holding it might feel a bit odd. "It's good to know, and while I always knew you're something of psychomtic powerhouse, there's never been anything bad about keeping yourself safe at a closer distance, granted it's just easier to not be there at all." Watching her, he steps around behind her adjusting her postioning slightly. "You know you could always ask me if you wanted lessons."

"I thought about it, after the run-in with the scout," Lyrienne admits quietly, adjusting with his touch. "As long as nothing gets close to me, I'm fine. I can take care of myself. But if something gets closer, there isn't very much I can do about it. I thought that avoiding the front was the answer, but as things go on…" She lets out a slow breath on a sigh. "Perhaps it might be for the best if I was able to do a little bit more."

"The rear can become the front pretty quickly if the later collaspses." Cedric agrees. "Either you get out of the way or you have to fight. And sometimes you don't get much of a choice in that, espeically if it happens too fast." Placing his hands on her wrists, he starts to take her through some basic katas, a lot of blocking, and some attacks, guiding her through each. "I always knew that you find yourself in combat. Not as much as I get myself into, but these days, just about everyone is going to have to fight at some point in their lives. Just hope it's nearly as much as those who were trained to do it."

Lyrienne may be rusty, but she follows along with at least vague familiarity. If nothing else, she's responsive to his guiding hands, perhaps thanks to her background in dance. "I've been thinking," she says quietly as she moves with him, remembering a few things. "I've been thinking I might see if I can get a meeting with the captured Hostile."

"A dangerous thought, dear." her husband notes, continuing to move with her in the attempt to loosen up and start to remember all those old lessons her dad gave her. His style is more flowing than jarring, but that actually might work in her favor. "You were? What do you want to ask it…her…whatever the right designation we use? Does this deal with things in an Awakened fashion or are there just questions you want to try to find answers towards?"

"I want to know what their interest in the Awakened is," Lyrienne admits. "And if it's a scout unit, then maybe it was sent with instructions about what to find out. So maybe…I don't know," she sighs after a moment, falling silent to concentrate on moving properly. "I'm curious, and I want to see what I can find out. Except I'm not sure if anyone would give me access."

"All I can say is ask and find out. I suppose I can try to get you clearance if you need it." Cedric offers, letting go of her wrists to allow her to keep going on her own accord. "I wonder if just another grunt would be given those kind of instructions. Maybe, maybe not, but it's…not a bad idea to ask, in any case. I say try, you might end up being surprised."

"I'm still a Sauveur, and an Orelle, either way," Lyrienne muses to herself, faltering for a moment when he steps back before she starts to pick it up again on her own. "And if nothing else, it isn't as though I could give anything away to it. I'm not exactly tied in to military information."

"Which doesn't make you a good canidate to talk with her." Cedric says, deciding on a pronoun finally. "Better to ask, and even if you don't get a straight answer, or one at all, at least you can't say you didn't try." Moving away, he picks up his practice sword. Watching her, he slowly circles about her, eyeballing how she's doing. When he feels like she's picked up enough, there's a slow, lazy swing at her arm. The kind that's easily blocked, but the point is make her react without jerking about, learning to adapt.

Lyrienne does react. The not jerking about part, though, that really doesn't go according to plan. She practically jumps back, swinging at Cedric's sword. And it is very much the sword she's focusing on defending against, not paying much attention to the person who's actually directing it.

Cedric is keeping far out of reach the sword Lyri is holding, being the real one that is very sharp. He doesn't look upset or disappointed, rather it's more like it's expected. "Don't look at the weapon, look at me, Lyri. Look at my arm. Where is it going to go next. When I swing, I've already considered how my next three actions are going to go. Defend, attack, counter, evade." There's no next attack towards her, he's just watching her. "Also, you're holding it too tightly."

"Well I don't want to hit you with it!" Lyrienne protests, looking down at the sword in her hand. "Hitting your sword with it is one thing, but I don't want to hit you." Taking a deep breath, she rolls her shoulders to adjust her posture, loosening her grip on the hilt in the process. "How do I know where your sword is going to go if I'm just watching you?"

Laughing, Cedric steps up to her, curling his hand around her's that grips it. "Here, if it'll make you feel better, hand it over." he says, leaning in to give her a supportive kiss. "You aren't going to hit me, I promise. But to answer your question, you watch the limbs. Almost everyone telegraphs what they're going to do. So hide it better than others, and some are a lot more obvious. And that just takes time practicing and watching others. Watching how they move, how their stance is, how they hold the weapon, and seeing what they're windup is going be, allows you to determine to what to do. Do it long enough and stops being something concious, you just do it. Becomes natural. Like dancing…but I can dance to save my life."

"I refuse to believe you can't dance if you can tell which way I'm going to move just by my posture," Lyrienne sniffs, handing over his sword and taking the practice blade instead. "It's a lot to keep track of, isn't it?" she realizes, brows furrowing as she watches him. "Concentrating on stopping the other person's blade, while also hitting them with yours and staying out of the way of theirs."

"I'm more nervous with dancing." Cedric replies with a helpless shrug. Even holding the blade normally at his side, he seems very comfortable with it, natural, even. "Dancing with Lyrienne Orelle is very intimidating. You feel like you always want to impress her. So yeah, nerves." Which is suggesting he's more scared of dancing with her than fighting in combat. "Yeah, pretty much, it's a lot to keep track of, but like I said, you train long enough, do it long enough and it becomes second nature. You just do it. But you're right, it is a lot to keep in mind. Which is why we train during our younger years. It's easier for us to learn patterns and retain memory the more we do in younger years. Or so that's what neurologists say."

"You already married her, how much impressing could you have left to do?" Lyrienne teases, smile quirking at one corner of her lips. "I think she's pretty impressed with you, generally speaking." Adjusting her grip, she makes a half-hearted attempt at hitting him in the arm.

"A lot, you don't know my wife like I do. If you can't impress her, she does away with you." Cedric remarks, lifting up his sword to bat hers away. But he telegraphs it hard, showing how his arm moves before he moves to deflect it in slightly exagerrated motions. "Or she goes and finds someone else who up to her standards. So I make sure to compliment her everyday. Tell her I love her. Don't pester her for sex -too- much, and I try to give her a gift every now and then. If I space it out enough, she might decide to stick around."

"You know, I think it's working," Lyrienne grins to his description, eyes narrowing slightly to mark how he shows what he's going to do. "I mean, I certainly haven't seen anything in the news or the papers to suggest she's less than happy with you. In fact, I even heard one rumor that she's pregnant again."

"You think so? Well, that's good. It's been just my guess that she's happy. I mean, she still sleeps with me, still lets me hold her when she cries after a bad vison. I try to do what I can. You know, it's great having her as a wife, but I think more than anything else, I wanted her to be my best friend." Cedric points out lightly, swinging his blade in a light diagonal arc, which would be easy to evade or block. But he's doing different things to show her how the body moves in combat. "That so? I hadn't heard that, but aren't they always saying that. What about you? You think it's true?"

Lyrienne wrinkles her nose, despite a flicker of a smile. "You were supposed to get distracted by that," she complains as she steps back away from his sword, only to lunge in awkwardly once more in an attempt to…basically poke him with the end of her sword.

"Oh, I was?" Cedric laugh. "Sorry, but you hear and read that enough from everyone else, you start to tune it out." He doesn't dodge the next strike, rather he lets her get in close before he leans deep to the side, weight falling onto one foot, and letting the practice sword pass by him. That's when he brings his sword around to try and lightly touch at her back. "The only person I'd believe that about would be if my wife told me herself."

"I am your wife, you goofball," Lyrienne points out with a laugh, squeaking as she twists to try to swat his sword away from him. It's a scramble, that much is certain, but at least she recognizes that something is coming, right? Granted, she doesn't seem to remember that she has a sword she's supposed to be doing something with.

Wait, something about that doesn't click with him. That practice sword of his doesn't actually hit her, it droops and finally goes slack at his side. "Wait, what?" he suddenly asks her. Now he's not sure, he thought she was just trying to distract him so she could get an easy hit on him. But now he's looking at her, suddenly curious. "Are you serious or you just messing with me?"

Lyrienne lowers her sword, stepping closer to wrap an arm around his neck and pull him in for a slow kiss, smile curving against his lips. "I'm just messing with you," she admits, laughing softly. And then her eyes white out, colors shimmering around her, as her other hand moves to his side…and delivers a tiny, almost static shock.

Cedric can't help but scoff a little, laughing at himself. He almost looks a little sad! "I got a bit too excited for a moment there, didn't I?" Putting an arm around her lower back, he drags that kiss out for as long as it's worth. And then he's yelping, trying to jerk away from her shocking toch. "Ah! Ah, no fair! Ny psychometry allowed!"

Lyrienne laughs softly, catching her lower lip between her teeth with an apologetic flutter of her lashes. "Sorry," she says, not quite releasing him when he pulls away. "Some of us just have to use the weapons we have at hand." She wiggles her fingers in demonstration, rising up to offer another kiss in apology.

"Fair enough, and I know you're not even trying with the psychometry. You would've lit me up if you really wanted to. I can't really defend against that. Besides running, anyways." She manages to keep in her arms, even when he was trying to wriggle away from her shock-laden fingertips. "I guess that just goes to show you know my weaknesses." he muses, taking in the next kiss. "Could always start trying again, though. Have you been thinking about it?"

More kids?" Lyrienne's smile flickers as she shakes her head. "Not really. Julian's still small. But you know us. It isn't as though it really takes us thinking about it for it to happen." She seems content to stay close to the moment, arm around his neck, despite the fact that a few people have stopped to stare at the pair. "I should learn more sword," she muses. "Though maybe not from you."

"Right, I think I was more just asking if you actually wanted to plan this one, instead of having another surprise." Cedric notes, seeming to not be bothered. "Unless you like the surprises. And I know, you've said that a lot. But to my credit, I -have- stopped asking about another." The Captain doesn't seem to care about people staring. "What? Why not? I'd like to think I'm good teacher when it comes to these things. Why -wouldn't- you want to learn from me?"

"You're an excellent teacher," Lyrienne agrees, aura fading away as she lets her powers go. "But it's very distracting, trying to learn from you, you know. I'm busy thinking about you, and what you're doing, and where you learned this, and where you use it, and how damned hot you are when you're doing it."

Cedric hadn't ever considered the idea that he's a distraction. Maybe he doesn't give Lyrienne enough credit. "You naughty little…" he trails off, laughing. "Alright, I get it. But you know if you're really interested, you can always ask me that kind of stuff if you're really that interested in it. I never thought you were so I never brought it up. Besides the other reasons I've said." Gives her a hipbump then. "You don't look too bad yourself holding a sword." Looking around, he takes those trying not to look. "Well, my dear, we should probably get out of here so people start staring. What do you say if you allowed me the infinite pleasure of taking Lady Orelle out for dinner and drinks this evening?"

"Why, I would say that sounds like an excellent way to keep that high-maintenance wife of yours from thinking about wandering off somewhere and fooling around on you," Lyrienne agrees with a flash of a smile, pressing another kiss before she steps back to retrieve the abandoned practice sword.

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