01.20.3014: Training Exercises
Summary: Young Lady Sir Anabethe runs some training exercises designed to help Havenites learn to work together
Date: 10 November, 2013
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Stadium in Volkan
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20 January, 3013

The stadium in Volkan is a state of the art facility. During the soccer season, it's often host to the local team and crowds of people. But where stadiums in the Vale often host elaborate tournaments, this stadium was instead constructed with the military in mind. The massive Khourni shield walls require a great deal of training to accomplish in battle without a hitch, and this is the place where many of them are trained and honed into weapons. Today, it's host to troops and knights from all over Haven, invited by the Young Lady to share some of that training with the rest of Haven. The Hostiles work as a unit; it's time for the Havenites to do so as well.

Anabethe has been moving through the units, after spending most of the night before looking at rosters and personnel files to get an idea for who will be in attendance. Now, she's headed toward the front of where the troops have been arrayed, taking a last look at the gathered soldiers.

Thus enters the local: Nitrim Khournas, close to the Khourni pulse and well in the know that this event is taking place, has decided to make an appearance. Wearing his hematite-colored armor with the scratched in runes and the frayed cowl that covers the dome of his helmet, he steps into line for inspection by his sister, Anabethe. The armor has been outfitted and repaired with a new chestplace and lobstered neck-guard; the pieces recently destroyed in combat with the Cantosans at Obsidia. Now, with sword in hip and his slightly pointed claw-like gloves in full view, his head turns in silence as he sifts through the Friend-or-Foe settings of his internal AI.

Newly betrothed Beden Grantham would've accepted any excuse to beat up things today, and it just so happened this invitation came across his desk at the perfect time. His coal black Defender Armor is marked by the Anvils in the midst of the Grantham insignia on each shoulder. His helmet is currently off as he looks to Anabethe for further instruction, sword remaining holstered for the time being.

The next to arrive has been a bit out of the light for a while no doubt doing his part for the war effort or building a new gadget to use for himself. The young Lord Benedict steps into the area having accepted the invitation to train with others who gather. He pauses his helm lid is raised as he looks about at those who are entering for the same purpose. He does a final check over his gear.

Sent without his sister, Ryan is in his defender armor with his crossbow holstered on his him and a strew of practice bolt cartridges racked into place. He tests the extendable hilted 21" short blade on his left forearm, then retracts it. His hard light shield is tested right after and a nod of his helm can be seen. He moves to the back of the field where he makes a final check, his medipack, and then finally seems satisfied with his outfitting.

With her Combat Armor in perfect condition, the squire's helmet is under her arm and the butt of her poleaxe on the ground, as she stands waiting for orders. Unlike the other squires, who stand with more of a braggadaccio, nudging each other of how well they're going to do, who's going to wet their pants, etc, Klaudea stands quietly, somehow out of place, but not completely underestimated. She smiles back to something one of the squires says to her, but she doesn't reply, instead her eyes scan those around her, trying to get a read on them, and size them up before they are labeled friend or for for the purposes of the exercises.

There was an internal war over whether or not to answer the invitation to attend. Without her cane, the Hollolas feels exposed in a way that armor cannot provide substitute. Cyrielle is familiar with the rank and file, as well as inspection. She may be neither soldier nor squire, but she served time within the fleet of her family before her injury and Awakening took her away. Today, she stands in supple leather armor, a quiver at her hip, and a bow at her back. It is clear the woman more intends the use of her Psychometric abilities than those of archery, but she came prepared for either. If she keeps her weight primarily on her left foot, she pays little mind. Dark eyes fade into white, however, as she waits; faint green flickering about her form.

Getting the invitation, Sammel has come to the stadium, wearing his Aggressor armor and carrying that poleaxe of his with him. Looking around for a few moments, he smiles a little. "You know, it always seemed so much larger back in the days," he remarks, to nobody in particular, before he pulls the gloves he wear in addition to the armor a bit better on now. Waiting to hear what's happening.

"Welcome," Anabethe says as she stands before the gathered troops, voice carrying clearly across the field. "Welcome to what, I hope, will be the first of many joint training exercises to bring the forces of Haven closer together. We're here today to focus on tactics and on working together as a unit. In the battles I've seen thus far, there has been a great deal of heroism, but very little of organization. Today, we're going to do what we can to remedy that situation. We will have two teams. Your goal is to either rout the other team, or be the last team standing. Not the last person standing," she notes, raising a hand. "This is no grand melee. Stand beside your comrades in arms. Protect them. We are not here to sacrifice each other, but to save each other."

Arriving with Sammel comes Morrigan. Dressed in new Combat Armor, a Hand Axe and a Falcata style sword sheathed in their places under a Large cloak. The dusky skinned Boy carries his helmet under his arm Keeping just to the right and a step behind Sammel as he moves. As the man speaks, Morrigan nods quietly. "First time seeing it My lord. Interesting place though."

"Understood, Sister." Nitrim replies, his voice hissing through the speakers of his suit like a distorted, tube-synthed thing. Where most would keep their voice less altered, it has provided the Khourni with a certain degree of anonymity to his enemies that wouldn't recognize his tones. With his hand on the hilt of his sword, he leans forward to look down the row of assembled faces, nodding down the line to them.

Benedict stops his stride now with the rest of the group close enough to speak easily, and begins listening to the words of what exactly they will be doing. He begins looking over those who gather perhaps coming up with a plan "Very well, sounds like a good exercise." he says looking to the other as she speaks and responds easily enough.

Recognizing Lord Nitrim with a wry grin and appropriate nod, Klaudea does show some surprise seeing Lady Cyrielle there. She lifts her fingers from her pole arm to offer an abbreviated form of wave across the field to her, and then a little bit more of an encouraging smile. It's as she shifts to give a verbal affirmation of her understanding of the instructions that Klaudea catches sight of the man standing slightly behind and to the right of Sir Sammel. She freezes, and then a little blush touches her cheeks as she gives a little smile, probably more to herself as it's unlikely she's seen in the crowd of squires, and turns her attention back forward, putting her helmet on

Going over several things on his HUD Ryan almost misses Anabethe's speech, however he catches the majority of it and nods. "Good plan, my sister and I run joint training exercises routinely." He looks over the rest of the gathered and starts to syncronize his suit with medical readouts. The Arboren knight ranger's AI sounds momentarily through the comms as he confirms solid medical lock. "How do we split up the teams?" he asks after a moment.

Looking around, startled at something, Morrigan lets his gaze Wander across those gathered. Smiling quietly at Cyrielle and offering a polite nod at something unspoken, He's just a little late to notice Klaudea as she puts her helmet on. speaking quietly, he says. "I'll do my best not to embarrass House Cindravale in such esteemed company My lord." Just loud enough tor Sammel to hear before He's Locking his own Helmet into place Taking a moment for the systems to boot up, he slowly rolls his shoulders, trying to get used to the slight restriction of the armor compared to his old Scout's model.

Sammel nods a little as he listens, before he offers a smile to Morrigan. "Better if it happens now, in a training exercise, than when we really need you not to," he replies, looking between the others and putting on his own helmet, readying himself for what lies ahead.

"All right, then." Anabethe grins, pacing down the line and starting to tap off members of teams. "Team one! Benedict, Nitrim, Klaudea, Morrigan." She taps off several other units, enough to widen the line to a good twenty soldiers, while commanders throughout the stadium do similarly with other troops. "Team two! Sammel, Beden, Ryan, Cyrielle!" She moves back to the front of the group, looking over the people. "Sir Sammel, you'll take command of your team. Benedict, you'll take command of yours. In case anyone is unfamiliar with how command works, that means you follow the orders of the person in command! Remember, the goal here is to work together!" She steps back, jogging up to a point where she can keep track of the progress of the mock battle. "Form up!"

Listening to the roll-call for the teams, Nitrim's head sharply nods as his team is called off. With Benedict as the leader and himself, Klaudea, and Morrigan on the same team, his shoulders roll to send the black cloak rippling as he turns to move towards his leader. Armor and his swordbelt clattering gently at his side as he approaches, he nudges Klaudea's shoulder and moves to stand with his camp. "It'll be an honor to fight alongside you again," He says to them, turning his head to watch the other group assemble, though he offers a nod to Morrigan. "I think we can win this one."

As the teams are called off, Klaudea moves up next to Nitrim, giving him a quick elbow to elbow with her left arm as she passes and forms up. She smiles underneath her helmet, which broadens a little bit when Nitrim mentions fighting alongside them again. "Pleasure is all mine, Lord Nitrim," she replies, the shiny visor turning towards Morrigan for a moment before she sets herself at attention.

Moving to stand next to Sammel, Beden gives him a nod. "It'll be good seeing you knocking out the other guy for a change." He says, recalling the months-gone Melee. He nods to Ryan and Cyrielle as he dons his helmet and sets his AI up.

As His team is called out, Morrigan locks onto each of them, pausing briefly as Klaudea is mentioned. Blinking a couple of times before he remembers what he's doing, he locks on to her as well. locking each of them into the 'Friendly' database for his armor. Moving to stand with them, He offers a quick salute to Benedict then folds his hands behind his back. His cloak gathered behind him, freeing up his weapons.

There's a glance over once Cyrielle identifies the others she's teamed with. No familiarity shows in her mien, so it's a matter of removing the knowns and putting the rest together. Drawing in a breath, she moves to approach the Cindravale, offering a tip in a nod. As she moves, green vines flare about her. The ethreal coloring flares and situates itself into a fascimile of armor; green leaves form the plating of the psychometric protection as it forms over her entire being. She even, once tapped into that power, walks more smoothly. To the named leader of her team, she speaks: "Cyrielle Hollolas," she provides introduction to the others, "I am proficient with my bow and Awakened abilities. Utilize me as you will."

Double-tap is known in the Spine rather well for his penchat at single shot take-downs during practice and in the pre-war skirmishes he was in. Ryan looks over his group and quickly his medical readouts alter on his HUD to just theirs with carrot alerts set for the other team for later on. "Support fire, first response combat medical. If the zone is hot, I'm the man you send in." a grin in his voice.

Benedict listens as the teams are drawn up entering things into a datapad. He looks across as everyone gears up following to get an idea of each armor and weapons they use. He turns to his team nodding "I've been away a bit Young Lord Benedict it's good to meet you all if i've not before." he says continuing soon after "Agreed we can, so it's pretty even on close range versus long. Stick together and try and to draw them into a place where we can out maneuver them." he gives a few simple things to start.

"Lord Benedict." Nitrim murmurs to the man, stepping in close and motioning to Morrigan and Klaudea. His head nods in the direction of the other camp as his AI marks their targets red, and the friendlies green. In an impromptu huddle, he pats his chest gently. "I have the ability to neutralize one of their number." Nitrim scans the others, a certain smile to their voice. "With so much ranged capability on theirs and muscle on ours, it may be the key to victory."

Listening with a bit of a nod as he hears the teams being divided, Sammel pauses for a few moments as his name is mentioned as the one in command. Speaking quietly to his armor's AI for a few moments, getting it to identify the people on the different teams, he looks between the others, taking a few moments to see what kinds of weapons they have, before he glances over to the other team. Nodding a bit at Cyrielle's words. "There's an awakened on the other side as well, right? Do you think you can get him neutralized at first?" Looking to Ryan again as well. "Support fire sounds good. If they double up on some of us, you have a good target there." A nod to Beden as well. "Well, hopefully we both get to knock out the other guy. Since we need to keep the ranged ones protected if we're going to win this." Looking between all the members of his team, he adds, "To win this, we will all have to work together, with communication as one of the keys. If you need someone to help you out, don't hesitate to say so."

It's a small podium that Anabethe takes her place on, settling in to watch as the teams form up. "I will be giving no commands here," she explains, her voice amplified by armor. "I will, however, be free to serve as the peanut gallery." She grins down at the combatants. "I'll let you know what I see. How you respond? That's up to your commanders. On my mark!" she calls, raising two fingers to her lips. She waits long enough to make sure everyone is there, and then whistles sharply. "Begin!"

Speaking softly as he enters the huddle, Morrigan looks towards the other group. "I'm best as a skirmisher, Sir. Harrassing, sneaking and breaching enemy lines. I think in this case though I'm best on the front lines. not much room to get aroudn behind them and get at their ranged fighters."

There is a tilt of Cyrielle's head to Sammel's inquiry. "Aye. Lord Nitrim Khournas." There's something of bemusement in her tone and expression. The green aura around her is stronger in this state. "While I can't say for certain as we've never sparred…" Her eye twitches, "I do know I should at least be well able to keep him occupied."

Klaudea follows Nitrim's beckon to the huddle, and listens to the others. "Well met, Lord Benedict. Squire Klaudea, I can go wherever you need me, my lord." She doesn't put forward any capabilities, but her sword is sheathed at her side as well as the polearm she carries. Quietly, she sets her AI to mark the other team. "I can switch to a sword and shield if you prefer a shielded approach to their ranged attacks."

Benedict turns looking back to those on his team he lowers his helm speaking to his AI to isolate the com to his team. "If you are able to disable the ranged fighter we may be able to press them back until their line collapses, he revises. Dont let them bait you into being out alone. Otherwise we can try to circle them wtch them for the tactic they take. We'll have to adjust."

"Who's their biggest and brightest? Take apart everyone that isn't wrapped up?" Nitrim says to the others in his huddle as the skirmish begins. With a quick shrug of his shoulders, his aura screams to life in the form of flames and a roiling, giant serpent swimming around the Awakened's shoulders. In truth, it makes the man a bit of a lit beacon in the fight, but the creature itself is ethereal and only warm to the touch…until the lordling makes it burn. Turning his side to the other team to narrow his profile, he extends his hand and sends his serpent screaming down-wind towards Ryan Arboren.

"Sounds right to me sir." Ryan replies to Sammel before looking to Cyrielle, "The upside to crossbows is extra amunition, the downside is the wait time between shots for the magnets to cool down. I'll need cover during that time." then to everyone, "My HUD is set to monitor for major damages done to your armor, if you really need medical call for it. It's a good habit to get into, our HUDs go nuts in battle." With that he'll turn to aim for his first target and fire when ready.

With a nod to Sir Benedict, Klaudea steps up to Morrigan's left side as they form up, a step back of him to get some benefit from his shield as they advance.

Moving with Klaudea, he takes a moment to raise his shield. Unsheathing his sword, he speaks quietly in his comms. "Go for their leader, protect ours."

Benedict removes his sword bringing it to hand. He speaks over the com "The object is to work together, if you need help ask for it, team work." the Young Lord says "Good Luck everyone." it's with this he steps up with the others prepared to fight.

"Let's do it, then!" Sammel says to his team, as he steps forward to cover their ranged people. Seeing some of them move for him, he shakes his head, before he swings the poleaxe for Morrigan. "Let's see what you can do, hmmm?" he calls out, moving in a little more carefully now.

There's a drawn breath and Cyrielle grabs her bow, holding it lightly in her left hand. To a casual observer, it may seem to be too loose a hold, but to the trained… it's loose merely to be flexible. The woman's shift adjusts and as Nitrim sends out that serpent, her eyes narrow into a sharp focus. Her right hand extends and there are no graceful vines here, no. Instead, there is the arc, crackle, and atmospheric burn of lightning aimed for the Khourni lordling.

<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Sammel with Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Sammel with Polearm - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Beden with Sword - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Morrigan with Polearm but Morrigan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Klaudea with Crossbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ryan's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Nitrim passes.
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry and MISSES!

Nitrim's flaming serpent screams across the battlefield towards the other team's archer, Ryan Arboren, and flares to an intense heat. However, rather than scorching the archer, it swims around him in a flurry of activity, nicking just close enough to the man's arms and legs to keep him from being able to stay still enough for manual work. Like a crackling electrical socket daring to snap and singe, Nitrim holds his arms out to direct its fury while the others fight on.

Benedict moves in and swings his sword though it's stopped by the armor, he moves to position himself with his allies trying to isolate Sammel from his teammate "Good you two, keep him off guard. I'll try and defend your flank." he moves to try and block Beden striking once more.

Moving in on the 'Enemy' leader, Morrigan Grunts, bringing the sword down in an overhead arc that nonetheless leaves his midsection open for Beden's Swordstrike, Turning slightly, his armor taking the brunt of the attack from Beden he continues his spin dodging Sammel's attack, He comes back, the tip of his sword looking for any gap in Sammel's armor that it could exploit. "Aye Sir!" being the the only reply he has time for in response to Benedict's command.

Just as he starts to fire that giant serpent thing flashes and his shot goes too low. He turns barely as the firey magic encircles him and keeps him from moving enough to flick the shutter for a new bolt and signal the charge sequence at the same time. "Should make that automated really, I'll have to talk to tech about it at somepoint." for now all he can do is stand there and wait for the snake to slither off.

There could be any number of reasons that the lightning that arcs from Cyrielle's fingertips misses its target. A lack of familiarity in working in such an exercise may be the primary reasoning. She's a woman used to one-on-one training, with the purpose being more an expansion of mind. This is a new arena for her. Jaw clenches and she gives a swift, small shake of her head. The woman remains a few paces behind Sammel, letting the man remain in the lead of the fray while she keeps her place behind- for now.

The step behind at Morrigan's left served her in good stead as the bolt aimed from Ryan hits the shield. As the bolt ricochets harmlessly past her, she steps out from the cover, pivoting for power behind her swing as she brings the flat of the axe head to the back of Sir Sammel's chest while Morrigan's attack is high. Her step gives Morrigan room to dodge, and with an acknowledgement of Benedict's order, she spins the polearm to bring it to bear at another angle.

Taking a few hits, Sammel winces a bit, but even more as Morrigan manages to dodge. "Nicely done…" he mutters under his breath, before he calls out. "Got two of them on me here…" Moving forward for a new attack, this time trying to go for Morrigan's knees, trying to get him off balance.

"Helping as best I can!" Beden says as his sword connects and seems rather useless against the armor. He raises to swing again.

<COMBAT> Ryan passes.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Morrigan with Polearm - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Nitrim passes.
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Sammel with Polearm but Sammel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Beden with Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Sammel with Sword but Sammel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword but Morrigan DODGES!

An arc of electricity shatters in towards Nitrim and connects squarely into his chest, leaving the Khourni's aura to shudder. The serpent attacking Ryan ends its assault and races at blinding speed back towards Nitrim, wrapping around his arm. Shoulders heavy, Nitrim turns his eyes downfield to Cyrielle, the source of the attack, and extends his palm towards her. With a rush of head and flame, he attacks her in turn, beginning their duel.

Over-reaching i his strike on Sammel, morrigan grunts as he pays the price for it, trying to dodge the man's strike to his leg and taking Sammel's weapon mid-chest instead with a grunt. His fighting style was fluid though. catching Beden's attack coming from the corner of his eye, he lets his backwards stumble turn into another spin, his back bending in an unnatural angle as he dodges the sword and comes up, his blade lashing out at Sammel once more.

As the first rounds of attacks begin, Anabethe leans forward on the podium, getting a solid bird's eye view of the battle in progress.

Beden gets hit again by the Orelle, but he's chosen his target already. He registers the damage to his armor - a second strike. The third might not be so lucky, but he continues in the hopes of taking Morrigan down to free up Sammel.

Freed from his burning bonds Ryan is able to flick the switch for his crossbow. The bolt locks in place quickly enough and the recharge sequence, he drops down and keeps an eye on the battle going on betwen the melee fighters. His next target is picked for when his weapon's ready to fire again, though accoring to the blinking count down it'll be a bit before that.

Benedict stirkes again trying to make the other attack him instead of his allies. He strikes out again but the others armor seems up to the task again. "If you need help let me know." he calls over the com moving his feet to repostion himself striking out again.

"Archer's reloading, you've got a few seconds to keep your heads up!" Nitrim barks out to his team.

As Morrigan and Sammel connect with each other, Klaudea pulls her blow at the last minute, her blade swooping down towards the ground to avoid hitting her ally. A smirk tugs one corner of her mouth as she has to take an extra step and swings her polearm around, trying to take his legs out before he can land another hit.

Unlike most, Cyrielle's features are visible. Something in the space between breaths shifted. Though none here faced the dark halls of the besieged resort alongside the Hollolas, it is a similar mien that takes the woman. Her expression smooths over into something of a focus as the world zeroes in upon that which is kept before her. A thread of green winds about her right leg; like a wrapping over her ankle even as the green of her mystical armor continues to shine. Lightning crackles, wending about her right arm as she reigns it is. It casts her features in sharp, jagged light. And with a shift of her stance to narrow her form — similar to an archer's footing — she snaps out her wrist again and that acrid scent as the air literally burns flares, searing brightness reflecting off of shined armor as the bolt angles across the arena.

Managing to land a hit on Morrigan, although far from where he was trying to hit, Sammel also manages to keep out of the incoming attacks way. Stepping back a step, he then suddenly changes target, bringing in his weapon towards Klaudea now.

<COMBAT> Ryan finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Sammel with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Klaudea with Polearm - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Cyrielle with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Sammel with Polearm but Sammel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Beden with Sword and MISSES!

Anabethe arches a brow as she watches, a faint smile tugging one corner of her lips. "Looks like team two's ably defending their ranged fighters, giving them a chance to pick at team one at will," she calls over the fight, shifting her weight before adding, helpfully: "That, or Nitrim's afraid to hit a girl."

Another strike to his arm and Morrigan Turns scraping his sword across Sammel's armor he's already speaking on the team Comms. "Switch targets sir? This one wants me for breakfast."

Finally connecting with his target in a meaningful manner, Beden gives himself a tiny grin as he also effectively dodges a strike from Benedict. He seems quite concerned about the impending ganging up as Morrigan shifts. "Sammel, this might get ugly." He says into the comm.

Undistracted by his sister's loving commentary, Nitrim growls as another arc of lightning scorches off of his head. A jolt is sent through his electronics, scrambling his targeting systems for a second as the Awakened digs his feet into the ground beneath him and recollects the fire in his hands. A bit of a light show, Nitrim whips his head around to look over his teammates before taking a step forward. The ground around him wavers in a haze of heat and flame. "I am not afraid to hit her." Nitrim hisses under his breath, his eyes narrowing as he extends his hands. The tips of his fingers explode in a rush of flame towards Cyrielle Hollolas.

The light turns green and Ryan's aiming again for his first target. He does a double check of Medical Readouts then focuses on his target, "How are we doing team?" He asks over the comm to those on his side, "Sammel it looks like you've been hit a few times. Anything needs actual attention?"

Benedict is blocked yet again it's a hiss which escapes him. "Young Miss try and keep the archer off of us please shield yourself." He looks to the other target. "Let me try my hand at Lord Sammel." He says side stepping to the new target and makes a swing cautiously testing.

Bright laughter pierces the veil as Anabethe's words fade into the clash of melee. Cyrielle had slid nimbly to one side as the fire from the Khournas attempted to take her. The translucent green of her mystical armor remains in place; only those vines at her leg tighten. The laughter, however, has a darker tone to it than any she usually utters — though that, in itself, is rare. There are no words, even as the lightning strikes anew, bringing the crackle and echoing boom as it spreads its tendrils towards the darkly armored Awakened on the team opposite.

As Sammel's polearm comes down on her own from the low swing, Klaudea draws in her breath with a hiss, the stinger dropping the weapon from her right hand. Before she reaches down to pick it up again, Benedict's order comes through and she nods. Letting go with her left arm as well, she leaves the poleaxe on the ground. Her right hand goes to her sword hilt. her fingers flex to get the feeling back into them as she activates the shield on the left arm of her armor. The draw of her sword itself is an attack, launched at Ryan.

"I've taken a few hits, but far less than we could have thought. So far, I'm still in it." A brief pause as Sammel adds, "How are the rest of you doing?" Seeing Benedict coming in, he turns to face the man briefly. "Think you can handle your attacker, Sir Ryan?" And with that, he attempts to poke at Benedict's stomach with his weapon.

<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Klaudea with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ryan's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Benedict with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Beden with Sword but Beden DODGES!
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Ryan with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Cyrielle with Psychometry - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword but Morrigan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Sammel with Sword but Sammel DODGES!

It was turning into an interesting dance with Beden. Not paying attention to Sammel now that Benedict and he have switched, Morrigan Circles slowly, trying to draw Beden away from Sammel. Dodging the man's strike as his own is ddged, the Footman slips in once more, aiming the Falchion styled blade at his opponent's midsection.

Benedict watches his team move off to attack their targets but it's hard to say how it goes both side seem to be feeling out their new targets so far, his shot misses and h's able to do likewise with the counter attack but he moves back in to make another strike.

"I am fine," Cyrielle states to her compatriots. The woman keeps speaking to quite the minimum. She'll do as directed, respond as needed, but it's clear that her focus is on handling what she's been instructed, while keeping the majority of the field in view. As flames flare around her, she continues to shift her stance. For someone who cannot dance, she makes it almost seem as one on the battlefield. Used to the jagged landscape beneath the trees, an open arena such as this is a floor upon which to thrive. Though sweat beads her brow, there is no falter within her mien to suggest she felt the bite of the serpent's fire.

The air between Nitrim and Cyrielle becomes a bit of a light show. With red-orange flame and the shrieks of a flaming serpent swimming the flames that Nitrim casts toward her, and the arced lightning of Cyrielle's storms casting back in return to the Khournas, the two are keeping each other rather occupied. "Call out if you need me, she's getting active!" Nitrim calls out to his team, his voice a mutated snarl as he raises a gauntleted fist in time to collect Cyrielle's blast of lightning. The air around the gauntlet ionizes, tasting of metal as the sparks glow white-hot against the lobstered steel. Using his forward momentum, Nitrim's boots dig into the dirt at his feet and his flames extinguish, turning into a line of crunched earth that cracks and explodes as if a telekinetic buzz-saw sails downrange at Cyrielle, intending to knock her off of her feet.

Beden continues what he was doing before - attacking Morrigan.

Moving back a little after his attack is off, but avoiding being attacked as well, Sammel once more aims for the gut of the Orelle, this time swinging the poleaxe, a bit more offensively.

With a single opponent, now, and the order to neutralize the archer so that he can't fire at will anymore, Klaudea's sword comes up out of her scabbard, the flat of it thunking on Ryan's armor before she has a chance to straighten it out properly. Taking a half step back, she gives a shift to bring her sword to bear properly. Noting that he's putting away the crossbow, she presses forward, trying to get in and disrupt his drawing of a new weapon.

As he's rushed like that by Klaudea, Ryan has a moving target and thus his bolt doesn't hit what he'd fired it at now that she's not where she was. Moving to holster his bow and activate his sidearm blade along with his shield there's a moment while he feels the thunk of her attack to his chest before he pulls back and gets his shield up. The silver and dark green light blinks to life on his right and provides him something while the cervos work to extend the shortsword on his left arm.

<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Benedict with Polearm - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Ryan with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Cyrielle with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Beden with Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Ryan passes.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Sammel with Sword but Sammel DODGES!

Giving a grunt as Beden's blade strikes home, Morrigan can't help but give the man a bit of grudging respect. noticing his own strike home as well, he speaks quietly through his external speakers. "Nice hit, Felt that one." Even as he speaks, his sword is in motion once more.

The show continues as fire washes around Cyrielle and the woman pivots on her right leg. Vines wend and wind, tightening and multiplying around that limb. Fire goes up in smoke, swirling about her form as she maneuvers within place. She keeps rank, but she doesn't simply remain still. Lips press into a thin line as eyes narrow. She does briefly look towards Klaudea's approach, ensuring the squire isn't aiming for her. This leads the lightning to miss her mark; catching Nitrim's gauntlet once again.

Benedict moves to strike but he's in a bit of a stalemate for the moment but he'll need to help his team where he can and not able to land a solid blow wont do. He steps back to try and avoid the strike before moving back in and making another strike towards his target.

This time, Klaudea gets the blade turned around correctly, before she hits. There's the slightest nod from the squire and she drops back slightly as Ryan's sword comes out. She takes the man's measure before diving straight in again.

As his blade extends to three inches past his hand from under his arm and the little 'handle' folds up he turns slightly to get himself into a better position and that opens him up for just too long. The hit stings and he gives a soft growl for it, but he's moving to be more assertive with his stance as he makes a swing at his new opponent. "If you help me take this one down, I can get back to firing again." Ryan calls through the comms to his team.

Beden continues much as he has well on for the past age. Regardless of pain. He has died already, after all. And the second death of marriage is just around the corner. Perhaps if Morrigan's blow, even with padded weapon, hits the right spot…

With one gauntlet already smoking from the intense heat and ozone left over by Cyrielle's blast to his left fist, Nitrim scowls behind his mask. His attacks are continuing to be evaded by the Hollolas girl, but his ability to block her attacks hasn't. As another arc of lightning centers in towards him, Nitrim turns his side to it and brings up his fist to absorb the attack. Skittering electricity and white-hot sparks shatter everywhere. "Push ON!" Nitrim calls out, his body pushed back a foot at the impact of Cyrielle's attacks. Yes. The attacks actually push him back with physical force, his feet dragging as if being pressed by a wall. Then, without warning, he turns on his heel and sends a blast of fire into the fight towards the team's leader, intending to sever the head from the snake, ironically as it were.

"Good armor there," Sammel manages to get out in Benedict's direction, before he once more moves in to attack the Orelle, this time going for the general chest area again.

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Sammel with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Benedict with Polearm - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Sammel with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Beden with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Nitrim with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Klaudea with Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Ryan with Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword - Light wound to Chest.

Pressing his attack Again, Morrigan continues circling slowly. Feeling Beden's attack strike home once more, he grunts. seeing his own attacks as being about as useful as a Chocolate sledgehammer to a wall on a hot day, the Cindravale Footman offers a quick Half salute with his Sword, then turns, striking out at Cyrielle with it now that he's circled close enough.

Another connecting attack on Morrigan, even as Beden leaves himself wide open. Again, his armor pays off and does its job for the third time in a row. He calmly thanks his AI as he strikes rather aggressively in an effort to prevent direct attacks on his team's Awakened.

Benedict is finally able to land a blow but pays for it with a blow of his own "Likewise." he responds to his opponent but he isn't standing still long looking to make another strike towards his foe.

Ryan had to lower his shield a little to bring in his strike in a swept down arch at Klaudea's left side. He feels the hit to his neck plating and moves to strike again without giving much pause, getting more aggressive in his movements to attack while still trying to keep his shield in play. He's not often in close quarters fights like this, and he waits to see if any of his teammates will get the attacker off him so he can start shooting again.

The lightshow of the Awakened turns towards the center pit, giving the two of them a brief respite from their duel to try to mow down the strength in the crowd before them. Left to his own devices, Nitrim pours on the flame once more, setting the soil around his feet to blacken as his flaming serpent licks a tongue of flame towards Sammel Cindravale. Sensing an impending victory, or a move towards it, Nitrim begins to stalk around the side of the fight, moving to the far end of the line to get a better view of the fighting soldiers. Once more, his hand lifts, and the serpent swims out to his fingertips and launches towards Sammel.

There's a frustration in Cyrielle's gaze; a crack in her emotional armor. Her mark has changed their focus. "I am not one to be cast aside so easily!" The crack breaks wide as her voice echoes forth; given strength only by her own capacity. The annoyance builds and culminates in lightning striking off past the other team harmlessly. With a deep breath and a few seconds pause to center, she adjusts her own focus upon the opposite team's named leader. Her hand shifts and rather than outstretched fingers, her leather-clad hand curls into a fist. She controls the lightning- it does not control her. With a sweeping, snapped motion of her arm, the Hollolas uses the element she wields as a whip and with a crack, it breaks across the landscape.

Klaudea barely feels the sting on her shield arm as her sword connects with his neck armor, but not registering. Circling around him she pulls out to the edge of his range, without getting far enough for him give up on her, trying to make him come to her as she pulls towards the close fighting.

Taking both the blow from Benedict and the psychometry attack to his hand, Sammel stumbles a few steps backwards now. "Okay… This is trouble. I'm sure you're all busy at the moment, but if someone should get the opening, I've got two on me at the moment." Once more swinging his weapon for the other team leader, he's more cautious this time. "And some of it is rather heated, I'd say…"

<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Cyrielle with Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Ryan with Sword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Sammel with Psychometry - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Sammel with Sword but Sammel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Benedict with Polearm but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Klaudea with Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Benedict with Psychometry - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword but Morrigan DODGES!

A swing and a miss as Morrigan continues his strike against Cyrielle. Beden gives a grunt in his effort and strikes again.

As she moves away Ryan makes a quick jab for her stomach then starts to back up, she'll have to fight on his terms or he's going back to firing on the opposing team again. Though his shield is raised and ready for now.

Benedict moves quickly but misses and dodges but is struck by the distanced attack a wince as his armor's warnings go off. He watches seeing and hoping the other is disracted so he can strike again.

Tall and able to see over the crowd, Nitrim arcs trails of fire like lobbed splashes of lava over the field and towards Sammel, but the angle is off, the fire is off, and in turn he misses his target. Standing straight, his domed, expressionless mask scans over the battlefield to ensure that he is alone and free to choose as he will. His fingers flex as the serpent returns, igniting his fingers in coils of fire that smoke and heat the tips of his armored fingers. "We're close, team!" Nitrim calls out to his compatriots over their networked communications. Spotting one of his team being bore down upon by two, he turns and a gout of fire and flaming teeth sends out once more.

Slipping past Beden's attack even as his own skitters across Cyrielle's Neck armor, Morrigan muttes to himself. "I feel like a mosquito out here. I hope you all get Malaria." switching to his external speakers, he calls out "My dance my lady." Though it's about this point where warnings begin to go of warning Morrigan that he should probably reconsider life and take up gardening right about now.

And it is that crack in Cyrielle's emotions that leaves her open to Morrigan's attack. Though she's unable to step away in time, the leaf-like armor that surrounds her in an ethreal glimmer flares with sparks as it holds the strike at bay. The whip-like crack of lightning does not miss its mark, however, striking the armor of the opposing team's leader — Benedict — near his neck. She reels it back in, however, and the tendrils form tighter around her right fist. Left arm angles behind her as she finds herself in more of a duelist's position and she reaches out for Morrigan, intending on a direct blast. The air burns and crackles. "You are a brave soul," she responds, lips twitching in a faint smirk.

Muttering something to himself, Sammel lets out a bit of a breath as he moves forward again, once more swinging for Benedict, while keeping back enough to be able to avoid any hits now.

The commanding officer's order is to follow up on the archer, but Klaudea isn't comfortable being pulled away from the group. So she pushes hard to try and stop Ryan's backwards trend by forcing him to parry her instead of being able to backpedal freely.

<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Klaudea with Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Cyrielle with Psychometry - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Sammel with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Beden attacks Morrigan with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Benedict with Polearm - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Morrigan attacks Cyrielle with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Klaudea attacks Ryan with Sword but Ryan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cyrielle attacks Morrigan with Psychometry and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morrigan has been KO'd!

Ryan keeps moving back, the very end of his blade barely raking harmlessly across her neck plating. As she attackes he weaves to the side to avoid the attack. He rounds on her again, as she's willing to stay and play it seems. "Guys, would probably be best to get this one off the archer so you have support fire again." he comms to his team once more.

Benedict looks rather unhappy under his helm but steps back "Team, pull back, a good match all." the Young Lord says wincing as he doesn't move to strike again switching to all com, "A, good match everyone." he adds to the other side.

It sucks being in the thick of things. Morrigan's attack misses Possibly due to the fact that Beden has planted his sword in his back again. Grunting as he drops to a knee, causing Cyrielle's attack to go straight over his head, he replies quietly. "Brave…or possibly stupid My Lady."

Support fire is definitely what the Klaudea doesn't want the other team to have again, and so she doesn't let up, until her commanding officer calls the order to fall back and announces good match. Stepping back out of range, just in case he didn't hear, she gives a salute to Ryan, then turns to look for her polearm somewhere on the field. She pauses when she sees Morrigan down, but doesn't comment, only wordlessly offers a hand up.

The crackling fizzles out as combatants begin to fall- on the other team, at that. Though her own leader is showing his share of the damage. Other than a sheen of sweat, however, Cyrielle Hollolas is unscathed. Once the only remanent of the lightning is the arid scent on the air, she releases her armor. The glowing aura of vines around her leg remains, however, along with her white-veiled eyes. She places her bow upon her back once more and steps in to offer Morrigan a hand back to his feet. "Regardless, you have earned yourself a long soak within the baths."

Nodding a bit as he swings, Sammel steps back a little after hearing Benedict's words. "Well fought, everyone…" he calls out to his team, before he also switches to the other frequency as he hears Benedict's words. "Well fought, everybody," he says, lowering his weapon as he steps back. Looking over to Morrigan, he sees the man seems to be well taken care of for now.

Anabethe jogs down from the podium as the match comes to a close, grinning at the combatants. "Well fought, indeed," she agrees. "Though the victory goes to team two. Any thoughts on why?" she asks, looking around the group and gesturing to a crew of pages to come and bring drinks for the group. Rehydrating drinks. Not alcohol. Even though it's Volkan.

Sheathing his sword and removing his helmet, Beden gives a nod and grin to Sammel. As he sees Anabethe come over, he looks to his team leader to respond.

sheathing his sword while he's still on a knee, Morrigan takes both Klaudea and Cyrielle's hands, pulling himself to his feet, he slips his helmet off quietly, a smear of blood across his upper lip from a nose bleed. Pointing to Beden at Anabethe's words, Morrigan grins. "Because they had a bloody invincible juggernaut on their side?" There was no rancor in his voice, and a grin on his face.

"My assumption would be because we remained in a tight grouping," Cyrielle offers, giving a nod to Morrigan as she — proverbially — hands him off to Klaudea. This frees her hands to accept the drinks from the page that approaches her. There's a deep, bracing breath taken as she releases her Awakened state. When she does, there's a slight bit of a stagger as the powered block on the everlasting pain in her right leg is released. She shifts her weight to the left.

With her shield retracted and her weapons now sheathed, Klaudea reaches out her other arm as Cyrielle stumbles a little, although she lets go of Morrigan's hand a little slowly before offering both her hands to the woman.

With the halt called, Ryan starts to over to the group from where he'd been fighting. He looks over everyone, "Who needs medical?" His HUD going over those who've taken damage that his AI could link up with for such readouts. His sword retracts into the underarm add on to his armor and his shield blinks out.

"Not discounting Grantham's juggernaut status or anything," Anabethe grins to Morrigan. "But I think Cyrielle's got the gist of it. For the most part, they kept their ranged fighters protected and able to attack at any point of the enemy's line. They put the big ones at the front to take the hits, and they rotated when things got rough. Keep it in mind the next time you're in battle. Don't just focus on the Hostile in front of you, but be aware of the rest of your unit."

Turning to approach Samel after the reluctant release of Klaudea's hand, he bows deeply to the Cindravale lord. "I do hope I fought well My Lord." His weapons weren't retractable or that high tech. just simple and lethal.

Sammel keeps silent for a while longer as he nods at the words being spoken. "And, the assistance in the fight aside, knowing where you have your comrades in arm, and staying near them makes the chance that someone is there to help when you end up going down far better," he adds, as he removes his helmet now. There's a grin offered to Morrigan as he hears the words, before he replies. "You fought well. Nearly ended up giving me a real headache at the start there."

The Anvil seems pleased at the assertions being handed around. "I believe that's the most of it. Keep the frontlines rotating so they can guard the power in the back." Beden nods towards Benedict. "Though I felt certain Young Lord Orelle there had me a few times.

There's a bare shake of Cyrielle's head to Klaudea. Appreciation may show within the noblewoman's gaze, but she is resistant to relying on another. Instead, she keeps her weight upon her left leg, drinking deep of the restorative liquids. "Though I do feel everyone did well," she adds, in a break in the discussion. There is a glance to where Nitrim recovers from his damages and there's a hint of bemusement on the Hollolas woman's features.

Nodding at Sammel's words, Morrigan replies quietly. "Next time I will do better My Lord." With that, he straighten one more

"You all did well," Anabethe agrees, nodding. "And I thank you all for coming. And look forward to fighting at your sides in the future. There are plans in the offing for larger, more coordinated assaults, and it's important that we should all be able to trust each other and know each other's capabilities. This is an important part of that."

Klaudea gives a smile and a nod to Cyrielle, composing herself then to listen to the talk going around of strategy and success and what to think about. She pulls off her helmet to hear better, and although she doesn't contribute, it is clear that she listening to learn rather than speaking. Once released, she looks around on the ground again, finding her poleaxe, and picking it up. She glances back towards Morrigan again, and a little smile curves the corner of her lips as she tries to decide whether or not to approach him again.

There is a slight stumble in Cyrielle's step as she starts off the arena. "I still intend for us to get a night out," she offers to Anabethe as she passes. "Perhaps you can introduce me to a few new hotspots around Volkan. Or we can go on a hunt." Because that's what a girl's night out should be… in her mind. "For now, I require a long soak and some whiskey."

"A long soak and whiskey sounds good," Anabethe agrees. "Everyone, you're welcome to take advantage of the facilities here," she adds with a nod to the others. "State of the art hot tubs, full showers, physical therapists. You name it, we've got it."

"Well, don't be too good if we're on opposite sides again, I'm not sure my wife will approve," Sammel replies a bit lightly to Morrigan, before he pauses at the mention of a long soak and some whiskey. "That sounds like an excellent plan…" he offers, before he smiles as he hears Anabethe's words, "The facilities still have the same high quality as before?"

Setting his helmet down, Morrigan goes about loosening his armor. Grunting as he slips his breastplate to the ground, Morrigan looks at the bruise forming on his chest right over the fresh, deep scar just below his sternum. Another Mottling of red black and Purple is forming on his ribs over definitely cracked bones. "That…is going to be a problem."

"Probably better," Anabethe grins to Sammel. "Had a few upgrades in the last few months. Have to take care of our fighters, after all." She glances toward Morrigan, quirking a brow. "And you should check in with medical. They can at least get you wrapped up for the trip home."

Stepping a little closer as Anabethe offers the facilities, Klaudea grins and gives a smile to Sammel's question. "They are, sir. Although, may I say I'm surprised to find a knight of your stature with a bodyguard?" She grins to both men, although her eyes do drop with some concern to Morrigan's bruising, and she draws in a hiss. "You should probably have that seen to… are those," her eyes go to the scars, and then up to Morrigan's eyes, asking without words if he got those at a certain fight.

There's a snort of amusement from Cyrielle at Klaudea's words. The woman does not expand on them, no, but it's clear- the Hollolas finds it amusing more than surprising. "The Lord Sir performed quite well. I would be honored to have him act as my front lines in any combat. Could have used him upon Lazarus, to be honest." She's moving slowly, trying to minimize the limp.

Nodding to Sammel, Morrigan grins. "Never on opposing sides again my Lord." Looking to Klaudea at her question, morrigan hesitates a moment, then nods. Making sure she doesn't see his back and thankful the padding of his armor hides the long deep scar that runs across his abdomen from hip to hip.

Sammel grins, "Then I will have to make sure to test the upgrades." Pausing for a few moments as he hears Klaudea's words, "Ah, had you seen the state I was in when I was brought home from a few of the battles so far, you'd understand the need for the bodyguard," he remarks, a bit lightly at the moment, looking to Morrigan again. "Tes, you should have that looked at, just to be sure," he agrees. Pausing a bit at Cyrielle's words, "Lazarus, my lady?" A brief silent moment again, before he adds, "And thank you for the kind words."

"You all go ahead," Anabethe invites, gesturing toward the facilities. "I'm going to check in with some of the other groups and see how things are going. Again, thank you, everyone."

"Aye," Cyrielle offers to Sammel with a slight tilt of her head. "I found myself leading a small group out to the waiting ships." She flexes the fingers of her right hand, which was left moderately bruised in the aftermath. "That was why I accepted the Young Lady's invitation." She may have done so anyway, mind. "My only experience with… combat was against my mentor and the beasts in the wild."

Klaudea nods back to Morrigan, giving him a little bit of a sad smile. "I can show you to the medical facilities to get that taken care of, if that is all right with you, Sir Sammel?" she asks the knight, looking up to him.

Nodding, Morrigan smiles slightly. "No need to look sad. I lived." Waiting for Sammel's leave before following Klaudea.

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "Of course. If you could make sure he'll get properly taken care of, I'd be grateful." As he realizes what Cyrielle was speaking about, his expression darkens for the moment. "Ah, yes… Was that the group where both my wife and my aunt was in, by any chance? If so, I truly wish we had managed to get there before you had to move to the ships without us." That's something still bothering him, it would seem.

The name given the Knight — missed in battle if it was ever said — brings about recognition in Cyrielle's dark eyes. "Ah. I gather you are… well-familiar with what happened at the resort," she finally murmurs. "I was with your wife, yes," she confirms. Perhaps the pieces will fall into place for the Cindravale as well. There is a small shake of her head, "There are… many things, I am sure, that we all wish had come about in that experience. Nothing to be done save put it behind us."

"Yes, you lived," Klaudea agrees, but her voice is heavy with the wish that he hadn't been hurt so much. With Sammel's permission, she gives a proper bow to the knight of his stature, and then one for Cyrielle. "Lady, Cyrielle, it's wonderful to see you again, as always." Then she gives a tilt of her head to Morrigan to lead him towards the medical facilities.

Gathering his Armor, Morrigan offers his own bow to both his lord and the Lady Cyrielle before following quietly. Carrying the Breastplate like football pads in his left hand, he's quiet for a few moments before he speaks quietly "You fight well."

"Thank you, for being there with them." Sammel says this, before he nods. "That always takes time after something like that, but yes, you are right." A brief pause, before he adds, "I was part of one of the groups that went in, first to check on the status of the gate, and then to help getting you all out of there. We got… held up in the lobby for a bit too long, though."

"The hospitality AI was absolutely useless," Cyrielle says with a dark expression. "We would have gotten out of there quicker otherwise." She draws in a breath and tips her head in a nod to Sammel. "Your wife is a medic. She was needed more than I. Same goes for the others. It was… only logical that I take the lead." There is a subtle suggestion there of her own sense of self-worth, but the Hollolas does not go into detail. Instead, she makes her way to… well, it would seem depart the barracks. Perhaps she intends to secure that whiskey before a long soak.

Sammel smiles, "I'm sure you did the job well, Lady Cyrielle." It's offered with a quiet smile, before he moves out as well, to get both a drink, a soak, and getting back home after those things.

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