09.13.3013: Training
Summary: Now that his recovery is in hand, Lord Advent trains with his squire
Date: 07 September 2013
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Advent Rivea 

The Bottoms - The Caravan, The Vale
Wherever the Caravan of House Rovehn may be, the stretch of plains where they set up their temporary settlement is known as The Bottoms. They favors flatlands where there is plenty of room for each of the large, wheeled caravans to set up comfortably — usually ranging from a one and a half to two square miles of open space. There is an organic way in which the caravans arrange themselves, almost naturally establishing districts and neighborhood blocks with roads of trodden grass winding their way between them. It is exceptionally rare to come across a parked caravan that doesn't have its rampways extended and exterior doors open. When weather allows, most of those caravans with housing units have their windows open, noises of everyday life mingling with the sounds of the plains.

Surrounding The Bottoms are the various horse herds, each of which are looked after by dozens of riders. Destriers, thoroughbreds, and walkers all mix and mingle together into cohesive groups. Hard light fences and paddocks are erected to provide safey and necessary shelters for the herds.


It's early morning when Rivea got her summons to the Vale for her training. Standing there wearing his armor and standing beside a beautiful white horse is Advent. He's holding a staff tightly and his blue eyes are scanning the field. He waits patiently. He's told her to bring light armor and her favorite weapon.

And, of course, as she was instructed, so did she do. Wearing a suitable set of armor borrowed from the Citadel, her own personal armor still being worked on for now, she enters, her grandmother's sword worn at her side. It's what she's used to using, although familiar with others. Her stride is steady, her eyes keen as she looks about the area and heads towards Advent. Upon arrival, the appropriate salute and greeting, "My lord Advent, it's nice to see you and your friend looking so well.

Advent nods while grinning. "She's here to help today." He tilts his head back. "Get on her. I'm going to teach you a little of fighting from horse back." He turns to Artex and rubs her face. He's so compassionate to his horse. "We won't be actually fighting but I'll teach you strength on the horse and how to hit and where to hit." He nods again.

Rivea's eyes widen a bit in quickly disguised shock. This is an unexpected turn, even offer. Eyes twinkling a moment, she nods. Stepping up to Artex after Advent gave her permission, she offers her hand to Artex, letting the hrose snuffle on it or whatever she choses, running it along her neck when that is done. "She is beautiful. And, thank you, Artex for helping today." Once the pleasantries are accomplished, and quick check of fastenings and the like, she'll swing up on the horse, with a bit of familiarity in the procedure. Not taht she doubted things were properly done, it's always best to check oneself.

Artex sniffers her and bows her head accepting her. Advents hand is still wrapped around the reins. He moves beside Artex. "Now, if you have an enemy standing where I am…what would your first move be." He moves a step to the side though still holding the reins knowing all to well Artex likes to scare people sometimes. He's facing the horse and his eyes are looking up at her. The staff lifts up and points it at the squire.

Rivea considers that a moment, and the fact that she has no weapon drawn, and with a glance down into Advent's face. "This clsoe, where you are now? Chances are, I'd already be in peril if I had no weapon, at hand. My first instinct though, would be to kick you away then ride over you.

Advent nods and smiles. "It's wrong but it's a good guess. What do you have that I do not have?" He stands there in the same stance while looking at her. His eyes locked on hers. "You specifically have three things I do not have."

A moment's further reflection brings Rivea to say, "I have the advantage of height over you, I have a sword which you do not and, if I go on the assumption that you are, of course on foot, I have a mount, which you do not." Her eyes remain fixed on his face the entire time.

Advent smiles. "Very good. You have a horse, you have height, you have grounding." He shakes his spear. "Grab it with your hand and hold on while you tell your horse to move faster. If you do that, you remove their footing, sometimes their weapon and generally their confidence." He moves closer and gets better grounding. He lightly pokes Artex with his speak and she huffs at him. "Now if someone is like this, what do you do?"

Still regarding Advent, as he draws closer, "I still need to off balance you, and hopefully lose your footing and weapon again." Another moment's consideration, and she continues, "I could again grab the spear, asking the horse to push into you. But then, that spear in your hand might injure the horse.

Advent nods and smiles. "Horses are smart. Use your leg…" He pats her leg. "Pull her butt around…" He nods to Artex who demonstrates where to move. She rotates at her hips and the spear is not by her ribs. "So you tap her hip while grabbing the spear and when she is safe, pull hard. Off balance and if you do it well, you can knee them in the face."

She still finds it uncanny, the level of communication between these two, without words being spoken. It's mroe than jsut gestures and training, she's sure of it. Shifting as the horse shifts, to keep her seat, she continues to keep her eyes on Advent. An answering smile, lights her eyes a moment. "I see" and she does. "The main thing, then in any confrontation is to alway seek to off balance and confuse, yes?

Advent nods and smiles. "Exactly. Also remember when you are on the back of the horse, you are on the back of a living being who fears like you do, who fights like you do… They will know enough to run but you need to help them to understand courage and how to help with what you need but in the same breath you must help them to trust that you will not put them in undo danger." He pets the horse. "Artex, trot her around." He throws the reins over to Rivea. "Control her direction. Confidence and pull the reins in the direction you want her to go." He takes a step back and watches Artex take off running. Not a trot.

Rivea allows it for only a moment, trying to remember lessons taught long ago and not used for a while. Using, at least attempting to use deft pressure of knees and reins to lessen Artex's speed and guide her back towards Advent. There is no jerking or sawing n the reins This, despite the temptation to simply run free and with the wind, a very potent thing.

Artex listens and moves around back towards Advent who is staring at Artex with a displeased expression. Her head lowers and when she's close enough. "Well done." He grins and speaks to them both. "Now just move her back legs." He requests of Rivea.

Now, that is the tricky thing, to just make the back legs move. This, Rivea doesn't quite remember as well. A firm pressure on the reins to hold her steady, and using legs and a free hand, with touch to the flank Her face and eyes reflect a quick concentration in that direction of thought, and this is what she choses to do.

Artex doesn't move with the request. She stands there chewing on Advent's curly hair. "Squeeze your thighs, lightly tap her thigh with the opposite side boot for which you want to move. You want her to go right, tap her left thigh."

Rivea nods, somehow knowing that wasn't the right choice but had to commit to a course of action. Then, upon the instruction of Advent, does just that. A squeeze of the thighs, lightly tapping on the right side so Artex will shift to the left. And then, in the opposite manner to go right.

Artex obeys without hesitation. "Good." He smiles. He moves beside the horse and gets up onto her back with Rivea. He mimics her so that she is right against him but he's holding the reins. His staff on his back. He turns Artex head this way and that way showing she doesn't have to move. He clicks his tongue once and they all head off in a run. His wrists barely moving to move her in the direction he wants.

And this, she definately was not expecting in the slightest. A momentary relish of speed and movement; but her eyes watch to remember and retain. Rivea smiles broadly, not speaking for the moment. "I can see way you enjoy this for any reason." But still and all, she continues watching to remember and learn.

Advent shows her that you only need a little movement to guide the horse. He rears Artex up and she winnies. Advent holds on and smiles as she lands. "Little movements go a lot better than bigger movements. You move your arms or shoulders too much, the enemy will know your actions."

Rivea nods, cementing it in her mind, letting muscle memory absorb the rest. She reaches to pat Artex on the neck, "Economy of motion, yes. She's been very kind to let me ride her. I know that is a privilege I'd never expected."

Advent smiles warmly. "She's happy to assist." He stops her and slides off. He moves around front, "Lie down on her, ear here and hands here." He puts her ear to her side shoulder and her hands over the strength in her chest. She can hear the call breathing and her hands feel the strong heart. "Remember this… She is alive. She is not a tool for you. She is your partner, your best friend. The closest one there for you. She carries you, she supports you. You must do the same." He reaches his hand out and grabs Rivea's inner thigh. "Feel her heart beat on your inner thighs. Close your eyes and see if you can feel it. It's faint." He pulls back.

Rivea rests for a time, eyes closed. Ear to the one shoulder, hands on Artex's chest. And slowly, after a time of contemplation, she can feel that steady thrumming, drumming of the horse's heart, almost beaating int he same rhythm of Rivea's, or so it seems to her. "It's like ehring a gentle whisper, that you can't strain to hear, you just have to let it happen."

Advent nods slowly. "Be in tune with your horse. Feel her pulse. You'll know when she is afraid, happy, and calm." He rubs his hand over Artex face. "Feel the power in that heart and know that if she falls, part of you falls too. If she dies, part of you dies too." He grins. "She is your beast weapon and friend. Your sword is to protect her and then yourself. She is charging into battle at your command. Think about that? Commanding another living creature to fight for you."

Rivea lifts her head and eyes, almost reluctantly to look up and over at Advent. "Almost more responsibility, in away, than fighting to protect a stranger or your home" watching Advent for a time. "I will always do my best to make sure that I do both, Lord Advent."

Advent nods slowly. "It is a lot of responsibility, Rivea. She would become your home, your best friend. She will help you defend your land and all the strangers but she cannot if she is dying. You need to prevent that. I didn't. I almost lost my best friend and not a day goes by that I don't hear her screams or feel her heart race in fear. A fear I put her in…"

You say, "My lord…Advent, she knows you didn't do it intentionally. Even I, who isnot as familiar with her as you obviously are, know that she forgives you and loves you like she always has." She starts to slide off the back of Artex, albeit with reluctance. "She is truly a beautiful thing.""

Advent hugs Artex's face tightly. "I still hurt her and it doesn't take away her screams." He pulls back and allows his horse to chew on his hair. "So, right now, I'd like you to repeat to me what you've learned today.

Rivea nods, taking a moment to clear her thoughts before reciting what she's learned. "To use whatever advantage I have, be it height, weapon, mount or other grounding, to remove an opponents footing, to hopefully remove their weapon and break their confidence; to remember that I need to use my legs and other gestures to guide my mount being a partnerr with them. A touch on one side will make her move in another direction, as well as using the reins. To use an economy of motion to make my wants or needs known because more than that could cause the enemy to know what I'm planning, and that my mount will be my best friend, my partner, a support through everything." The last said, as she looks back at Artex, and runs a hand long her neck, then to glance back at Advent.

Advent nods and smiles. "Right on." He looks to his horse. "You think she's got it?" Artex nods and whinnies before running off towards her caravan. He sighs happily as he watches her run. "I need to remember all that, Rivea. Forgetting even a little of that will put you and your horse in danger."

You say, "I will do my best to make sure that I never forget." turning to watch Artex run off as well. "I'd never want to be the cause of that, just like you feel about it, Advent." Ok, she can remember that's allowed when not in formal settings. Eyes still bright, Rivea brushes a hand over her head to smooth out a few stray hairs, turning back to regard her knight. "You seem pensive today, my lord.""

Advent dismissively waves his hand. "Nah, I'm just regretting decisions and trying to wrap my brain around a new cousin that I was sexually attracted too. Which now makes me ill." He puts his hands on his stomach. "Had I know…" Another shake of his head and sigh. "Though I guess I should count my blessings since I'm not yet betrothed."

Rivea nods, considering that for a moment, "I can see where that would be cause for concern, especially being a relative" She is aware of the person he's speaking about. But, perhaps she's not seeing something, as she asks "If I may, why would that be a blessing?"

Advent sighs. "Well, I don't have to tell a future wife that while I was bethrothed to her I had the hots for my cousin." He chuckles. "Hopelessly alone." He frowns and moves on after Artex. His feet carefully carrying him in that direction.

You say, "Like someone said to me, you will find someone sometime" eyes following after him. And, as the lesson appears to be over, she takes a deep breath and prepares to leave. "You truly will, Advent.""

Advent shakes his head. "I'm twenty eight. My parents had four children from this time. Most of my sisters are married. What chance do I have?" He sighs. "Tomorrow you need to find a young horse and if possible, talk to Talynne about helping you train it."

Rivea turns back, tilting her head to one side. "You have an option some other don't have, Advent. You can ask and your family can arrange something for you. Or, and I will speak plainly because this seems a time for it, you can grouse and pouts, somewhat like you did when you were recovering from your injuries." Holding her hands up for a moment, "I know it is not my place perhaps to speak like that, but I seem to recall a time when you said I should speak plainly and honestly." Her eyes widen for a moment, but she already committed herself to this path. "Or you can keep looking and you will find someone when you least expect it. But, I will, as you say, find Lady Talynne and speak with her about finding a horse and hopefully train with it."

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