09.12.3013: Tourney For Tomorrow Planning
Summary: A strategy meeting/planning session for the proposed tournament.
Date: 06 September 2013
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Alistair's Office - Senate Tower, Landing
his office, on the fifth floor of the Tower, is decorated for both function and comfort. The double-doors display banners of the blue and yellow of Leonnida, seeming right out of one of the tourneys for which the region is known. The room opens up to a lobby area, with Senator Alistair Hartcliffe's private office behind a door to the right of the main desk. Numerous paintings displaying the beauty of the Southern Wilds are hanging around the room, while a bookshelf graces each wall. Behind the main desk is a banner, which reads "Serving United," and has a picture of a dove. A sturdy wooden table is to the right of the entranceway and is surrounded by several plush, upholstered chairs. At virtually any time of the day or night, at least one of the Senator's aides is around.

Behind the door engraved "The Honorable Senator Alistair Hartcllife of Leonnida," is a smaller room, which serves as the private study. One desk sits nearly against the windows that overlook the Lower Courtyard, a comfortable looking chair behind it. Two additional chairs, identical to the one behind the desk, are seated facing the desk. The Senator's desk has a number of papers spread across it, along with a variety of trinkets, including the tooth of a Lion in a glass case. The walls will feature slogans and advertisements from recent charity events and fundraisers, which are ever-changing as new ones occur.

12 September 3013

Evening in the Landing, four identical chairs surround the table in the main room of Alistair's Senatorial Office. The Senator is awaiting his expected visitors. In front of each chair is a tablet with an agenda. Refreshments are on the desk. The door stands open and flyers are posted all around advertising the Rave for the Notice Project which is set to start in a number of hours. The Senator is in a muted, functional grey tunic.

Glenna enters, datapad in hand, hmming softly to herself, sliding a few buttons and bringing up, yet again, a few more figures. Her usual work attire of a simple tunic, green this time, black slacks and comfortable shoes, earbud phone in ear.

Stepping into the Senator's office, Solon offers the Senator a nod and a warm smile. "Senator Hartcliffe, I trust that you are well?" His eyes then scan the room and spot Glenna, and he nods to her. "Miss Blair, I hope that the Senator isn't keeping you too busy." Steping over to the Senator's desk, he positions himself in front of a chair, and being the gentleman that he is, he shall wait here in this position until Lady Ashleigh has arrived.

Ashleigh has been shown to the meeting area, dressed in attire that usually might be seen on a man - leather breeches, long sleeved, thigh-lengthed tunic, boots - the desire for comfort over fashion prompting the woman to choose that over a dress today. When in the meeting area is entered she pauses and bows, showing much in the way of respect for Solon, Alistair and Glenna both. "Senator. Young Lord Solon. Miss Glenna. Pleasure to see you all."

Not keeping her too busy, well that could be debatable, in some circles. "Of course not, Lord Solon, never too busy. A pleasure to see you again, of course. And, Lady Ashleigh, likewise, a pleasure." with a cheerful smile. Glenna then moves to take whatever seat is available, after all the others are seated.

"Young Lord Cindravale…Young Lady Grantham…" Alistair bows low and the waist to the heirs. "I believe you've both met Miss Blair?" He starts towards the desk, covered in food and drink. "Might I get anyone anything? Coffee? Juice?" The Senator will pause by the desk and motion towards the chairs as well with a genuine smile.

Solon smiles at Ashleigh, and offers her a slight bow. "My Lady, an honor to meet you." Glancing over to the Senator, Solon nods. "I have indeed had the pleasure of meeting Miss Blair, quite the capable young woman you have in your employ. I believe she will have a rather noteworthy career ahead of her."

Solon will wait for Ashleigh to be seated before taking his own seat. "I understand that you wish to speak on the subject of a tournament, yes? I am quite fond of such things, and thus I am willing to grant you my full cooperation."

"Coffee will be fine, thank you, Senator. And Lord Solon. It is an honor to meet you." Her fellow heir is given a smile before she sits, the way she does so causing the leather her pants are made out of to creak. "We are indeed here to discuss the tournament, My Lord. I have gotten my mother's reply to my request. It will be something we will need to discuss but I found her request to be reasonable and I am assuming you both will find it to be so as well."

Her posture is kept ram rod straight now that she's comfortable, her feet kept flat upon the floor with a hand upon each knee, her back as straight as can be.

And, with her usual deftness, Glenna moves to take a couple of extra data pads out of her leather satchel, offering one to Lady Ashleigh, then Lord Solon. "For now, of course, for easier reference. The actual data can be transferred to your own devices when you require it. Now," taking her datapad again, she slides a couple screens and sends some information to everyone present, "this should suffice to get us started, I believe, Senator."

"Of course, as you'll see on the tablets before you, I've given several funding scenarios for your consideration." The Senator sits, leaning forward and motioning towards the tablets. "The various scenarios and also fundraising projections. Young Lady Ashleigh had the idea to involve events of skill that might remain open to all, including a foot race." The mechanisms offer an even split of funding, a proposal with Cindravale shouldering a majority of the burden, and a third proposal that seeks corporate sponsorship. "Regardless of the financials, I believe that we should have a marketplace open to all vendors who pledge a portion of their profits to the medical charity of the day." He hands coffee to Ashleigh then to Glenna.

Solon reaches forward and takes hold of the tablet and then scans it for several moments. After he's done skimming the material he glances up and between Ashleigh and the Senator. "How many of these feats of skill are we speaking of? If there are a number of events, it may require a venue to be secured for several days, perhaps even a full week. Do you happen to have such a location in mind? If not, perhaps I may offer up some suggestions for you?"

Ashleigh also takes the pad and starts to scroll through the information, her free hand held out to take the coffee once it's offered to her. "Thank you." It is given a sip which is perhaps surprisingly delicate, a contrast to the masculine clothing she wears. "I have to admit that this is where I am in over my head, My Lord. Ignis is not a suitable environment for animals such as horses and, as a result, we do not hold tournies." If one were to look, they'd discover that very few, if any, who are from there even know how to ride. "I would like to keep this to one… perhaps two days as possible. That way we will not wear out our welcome with whomever will be hosting us, plus, during this time of war, I do not think it'd be wise to take away the knights and soldiers who might desire to compete away from those they protect for too long." Her voice drops off then, allowing for lon or Alistair to advise her as what would be the best option they should take.

Glenna accepts the coffee, murmuring a thank you, taking a sip, then setting the cup down. With a glance at Lord Solon, a thoughtful look passes over her face as she begins making a few more tapping and sliding motions on her data pad. Then, with an eye twoards lady Ashleigh when she speaks, a few more of the same, nodding along with her as she speaks.

"My Lord Solon, if you have suggestions, we are wide open. The Roar always has land available, but I believe tourneys are indeed your expertise." The Senator smiles. "I was considering a two day tourney, and perhaps some sort of celebration on day three for those who stay behind for the clean up."

Alistair looks between them as he sends a sample schedule to everyone's tablets. Key events are a Grand Melee on day one, Jousting Tourney on day two. As well as races on foot and on horseback. "Would you wish to host the events within your lands, my Young Lord?" The Senator asks with a smile, seeming excited as he crosses his legs.

Glancing towards Ashleigh, Solon offers an apologetic, "I am afraid I am not familiar with the terrain of Ignis, My Lady, but I shall take your word for it." Turning his blue gaze towards the Senator, he offers a nod. "If you would kindly permit it, I believe that there is a perfect location that would suit the needs of this event, both in terms of space for events to take place, as well as having suitable accomidations for the Lords, Ladies and Knights who will undoubtedly wish to come. That location is the Coliseum of Phylon. It is wide open and can suit the needs of any events you wish to hold. As for the joust, you can consider me the first person to sign up for the event." At this Solon offers a rather boyish grin, after all he's one to love the joust.

Ashleigh listens intently, her gaze bouncing between those here and the pad she's been lent, her mind working over everything suggested to her. "Ignis is a lot of ash and lava and other things that'd put a horse at risk, My Lord. Definitely not what I'd want to put anyone's steed through." The coffee is set down and she puts a finger to her lips, her eyes narrowing while she ponders some more. "My Lord, your offer is very generous. Consider it accepted.

And Senator, we will be sure to set aside space for merchants and anyone else who would like to offer wares or services during the event. I have a pair of entertainers already ligned up so we're a little ahead in that department." A finger lifts then and she adds, "To bring up the subject of my mother's request, since it's something that will need approval, she asked that whatever percentage we put into funding the tournament will be the same amount given to the citizens of Ignis."

Glenna nods, again making a few more notations. Reaching absently to take a sip of her coffee, she reads something to herself from her datapad, lips moving soundlessly. The affliction of those who's mind is working in several different directions at once, perhaps. Then, she taps and slides, sending yet again, more information towards data pads. "this soudns as if it could be quite the event. If I may, Senator, Lord Solon, Lady Ashleigh, it being something I am somewhat familiar with…might we also not have a volleyball tournament, to perhaps be part of those third day closing festivities that were mentioned?" looking to each as she speaks.

"That sounds perfect, Lord Solon." The Senator taps a few more things on his pad. "Do you think an influx of additional vendors for the tourney would cause problems as well?" He looks up, smiling around the room. "And I believe that is an entirely reasonable position to hold, my Young Lady. That should cause no issue whatsoever. And entertainment is always a good way to liven up the crowd between and during events." He taps away, nodding with a smile to Glenna's suggestion, letting it sit between the nobles, awaiting their response.

Solon sits back in his chair for a few moments, his gaze falling onto Ashleigh for several moments as he studies her face, his expression thoughtful.

Finally, he seems to come to a decision and he leans forward. "I see. That is a rather practical approach, My Lady, but allow me to offer a counter proposal. Let us say that House Grantham foots twenty percent of the bill for this tournament? I would be willing to speak to my mother about providing House Grantham twenty-five percent of the returns with the caveat that House Grantham would utilize these additional funds to help the families of wounded veterans throughout the Lashes. Would this be acceptable to you, Lady Ashleigh?"

Shifting his gaze to Glenna, Solon answers, "I have no objections to offering some activities that may provide some entertainment to the citizenry." To Alistair he shakes his head softly, "Senator, I believe the markets of Phylon could handle such an influx, if not, we could provide additional space . There is plenty of recreation to be had in Phylon as well between various eateries and theaters."

The subject of the market is handled by Solon, leaving Ash to first address Glenna. "That could be a fun addition to the events we're planning for the citizens. A foot race, while entertaining, won't last very long at all and we could use something else to do for fun. Thank you for that suggestion." And now she addresses Solon again, her expression bordering on curious. "I find that aggreable, My Lord although I do have to ask why you wish for the extra money to go to The Lashes? We could set aside a portion of the funds we raise to be sent there directly…" And then she looks up. "Unless this is your way of giving House Grantham a chance to take part in another charitable action?"

Glenna's eyes brighten momentarily, nodding toward Lord Solon and Lady Ashleigh, a faint smile touchn gher lips. And again, those fingers flutter over her datapad, making a few notations of her own. And, at Lady Ashleigh's final query, an interested look goes towards Lord Solon. Well, that is indeed, an interesting possibility.

The Senator will seem content to allow the heirs to discuss matters of finance. "My office will coordinate a schedule and teams of volunteers…as well as foot the bill for all the PR costs for the tournament. We've also got a list of go-to sponsors and vendors that should find the event right up their alley." He sets the tablet down and picks up his own mug of coffee, smiling away.

Solon offers Lady Ashleigh a slight smile and a shake of his head, "My Lady, in these times of difficulty, each and every part of Haven is being asked to sacrifice in our fight against the Hostiles. Should we not endeavor to help those who make these sacrifices where we can? Besides, it seems that this tournament is your idea and it is safe to assume that you will be quite active in the organization of it, but to put things in simpler terms, yes, I would offer the chance for House Grantham to take part in additional charitable activities." A smile is offered to the Young Lady before glancing back to the Senator. "That is very generous of you, Senator. Your efforts for the people of Haven are beyond admirable."

"I appreciate that, My Lord. Thank you. Thank you so very much for your willingness to help. And thank you to you as well, Senator. Miss Blair. I can not begin to put how grateful I am for your aide…" Ashleigh falls quiet for a moment, feeling a surge of emotion that just might reduce her to tears if she's not careful, the time she spends in silence spent regaining her composure. When she does speak again it's with no small amount of joy to her voice but there isn't the near-tearful tightness to it that was there mere seconds ago. "If I ever can help any of you like you have us, please do not hesitate in calling upon me."

Fingers busy fluttering away, then a pause as Glenna takes a sip of her coffee, reading over what she's entered. Glenna's own smile at the way things are progessing is quiet and comemplative. The further interatction between Lord and Lady are duly noted: datapad-wise and brain-wise. This has turned out to be a most interesting meeting.

The Senator will be practically beaming, seeming inspired by the moment, new bursts of energy apparent as wheels turn in his hand. "This is truly generous, from both of you. We must strive to serve as best we can to all in these times… You are the scions of the coming generation. If you'll forgive a presumptuous Senator, you have my gratitude for being symbols to the people. You inspire us onward." His head bows after the compliment in his chair, perhaps a tear in his eye, but it seems gone now. "I'll begin working on details towards the specifications that you've both confirmed." He pauses, as if pondering on saying something else, but he seems slightly hesitant.

Solon nods to the Senator, "Your words are kind, Senator, but unnecessary. The nobility is dutybound to serve those that serve us. It is the arrangement all agreed to when assuming our positions. I do not do these things to inspire or to be a symbol, I do them because they are the right things to do. They are what need to be done." He shifts to face Lady Ashleigh. "My Lady, it was a pleasure to meet you, should you wish it, I would walk with you to the Ways, as I am going in the same direction." Back to Alistair he asks, "Senator, I am glad we could hold this meeting. Please let me know what else I can
do, you too Lady Ashleigh."

Scion? Symbol? Ashleigh has only heard such from her mother and only when being reminded that she's supposed to be an example to the citizens and other nobles alike, usually all said in a tone that is preachy, at best. "What Lord Solon said, Sentator. I am merely doing my duty. To do any less would be dishonorable." Rising to her feet, she gives the borrowed tablet back to Glenna. "Thank you for your help as well." With the meeting now at its conclusion, she bows her head to Aliastair. "I look forward to hashing out more of the details with you, Sentator. Thank you again. For everything." And now she turns to regard Solon directly, his offer accepted with a nod at first. "That is very nice of you to offer, Lord Solon. I think I shall take you up on that offer."

Standing as Young Lady Grantham does, the Senator bows again at the waist. "Always a pleasure, my Young Lord, my Young Lady." Alistair smiles as they leave, eying the holoscreen by the door as it runs a story on the Chancellorship. Various Senators faces are diplayed on the muted screen, and a flush red when his image appears.

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