10.10.3013: Tournament of Tomorrow - Archery Event
Summary: The archery portion of the multi-event Tournament of Tomorrow.
Date: 20 September 2013
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Archery Field - The Vale
Included in the opening pose.
10 October 3013

Tournaments always tend to draw a crowd, bringing in people from all over the world to participate and observe. That this one is being hosted for a charitable cause makes it no less different, and the stands are fairly full of onlookers eager for the competition to begin. Workers selling food and drink move up and down along the rows of the stadium-style seating. Below the viewers, the archery field has been set up so that the arrows are fired away from the u-shaped seating; nevertheless, protective transparent shields have been extended twenty feet above the first-most row to prevent accidents.

Targets have been set up at various distances for each part of the event, and a white line across the field marks where each shooter shall stand. A long table behind the line has been set up for archers to queue behind to collect their tournament-appropriate arrows marked with a colored band and symbol for identification purposes.

A rustle on the PA system is the only warning the audience is given before an announcer begins booming out an introduction. "Welcome Lords, Ladies, men and women to the Tournament of Tomorrow's Archery Competition! Tonight we will witness competitors from all over the world fighting for the right to call themselves the best! Without further ado, we will begin with the fifty meter mark, and then move to the 150- and 300-meter marks! We will begin in five minutes. Contestants, please take your places!"

It's been a while since Ioan had been out in a big crowd, and he's never been the center of attention for such a crowd, either. So this is a first for him. He takes a few deep breaths, calming his nerves some. "So what happens when I beat you, Dear?" He asks Rebecca, giving her a wink as he notches his first arrow, focusing on his first target, letting it fly. The arrow hits, just a bit below the bullseye. He grunts and frowns, not the best way to start off the competition. The second arrow lands in the same place, just a little low and off to the side. He focuses as he looses his first arrow, but it's just barely managed to score a point.

Zavier sits back and watches the competition, having come out after suggesting the band takes a evening off from recording… by the six that studio can get stuffy… Hanging from his hand is a glass bottle, filled with what's probably is cherry soda. He wears a pair of aviator sunglasses over his eyes, and aside from nodding after a good shot, or grimacing after a bad one, he isn't really drawing much attention to himself.

Normally Viannea wouldn't have entered the archery contest but was egged onto by those she went drinking with a few nights ago, their encouragement what was needed to get her amped up and willing to give it a try. Once the call is given she takes her position and makes with her first shot. She waits to see the result of the first shot, although it's difficult to make out exactly where she hit, and then she'll take her next two when the time to do so is right.

Sergeant Rebecca Mordain of the Rovehn military smirks at her husband during his turn. "As if you could, love. But whoever loses is on diaper and feeding duty tonight, deal?" She is all smiles for Ioan. When she is called forward, she steps up to the table and claims her red-fletched arrows. The Red Wraith is known for her archery prowess in the field, but she hasn't competed in a tournament since getting pregnant with her now year-old daughter. She is dressed in brown leathers, with her hair twisted down the sides and gathered in a tail at the nape of her neck. She steps up to the 50 meter mark and raises her bow, nocking an arrow, aiming, and loosing. The arrow thunks into the target below the double circle of the bullseye. She moves to the 150 line, and repeats the process, taking a longer breath and aiming more carefully to adjust for wind and distance. This time she hits the black outer circle of the eye, just missing the red center circle. Finally, she steps up to the 300 meter mark, and she shakes out her shoulders before raising her bow, sighting down the shaft of the arrow, and releasing the string. It's almost identical to the last shot, garnering her a total of 8 points.

Darious steps up to the targets, having watched the previous shooters and takes a pause to just relax and have a bit of fun, win or lose make no difference to him as long as he has some fun along the way. He draws back and sights in letting loose the first arrow, then shifts targets to loose the next, and finally the third.

Then he spies his results and nods as the first and second arrows fired scored well enough but the last barely manages to hit the actual board and be purses his lips, "dang it, should have shifted to the left a bit more on that last one." as he moves to allow the next shooter up.

Approaching the target once it is his turn, is a six foot four inch tall noble in his twenties. Wearing black leather-covered metal torso armor with a simple black skinsuit underneath the Protector Armor. There is no helmet, as there is no actual direct combat expected, and finally worn over the armor is a hooded robe that is also black in color, though there is some red trim around the ends of the short sleeves of the robe.

As the hood has been lowered the face revealed will likely surprise anyone who knows him, as there is no blue anywhere. Lord Densoric Larent takes up his position and awaits the start of the competition proper. As arrows are loosed, Densoric take sup his stance, carefully draws back his bow, takes aim and lets loose his first arrow, followed by the second, then the third doing his best to aim to at least tolerable results. He shows no visual signs of whether he is pleased with the results of his shots or not, simply accepting the four points as he lowers his bow and steps away from his position.

With only the faintest of hesitation, after watching the previous contestants and their stellar skills, Glenna steps up to her mark to take her shots. Encouraged in this endeavor by her mentor, Senator Hartcliffe, she entered this contest, only hoping to make a good showing of herself. This was for charity, and the Senator's office should make at least an appearance in some way.

Taking the time to sight in, as taught to her by her father and her brothers, her first shot flies true, hitting the target yet not making a bullseye. The next two shots are far better, perhaps she's relaxed somewhat. The second shot strikes in the center, not dead center but close; and the third shot just slightly off the mark. A faint flush as she's pleased with her efforts, darting a glaring glance at her brothers who decided to show up and sit in the stands, to cheer her on.

There's perhaps another surprise in the competitors. One Cyrielle Hollolas. The woman of the Arborenin vassal is dressed in what can only be described as hunting leathers. A supple bodice and leather trousers dyed in dark, earthy hues. Her boots are fairly sturdy affairs that go to mid-calf. The right one seems to have some additional bracing built into it. She's been quiet, holding her bow closely. When it's her turn, the crowds are tuned out and she steps up to the marks. Her first shot is the best. She doesn't even take long on it. Bow is raised, pulled, and released with all the ease of a hunter marking their prey. The next two are good- still on mark and not terrible, but certainly not the best placings of the day.

Would you look at that, Tristan's managed to make his way out of the Spine for once. Having watched the other participants shooting, he steps forward now, taking a few moments to prepare himself, before he fires off his first shot. Nodding a little as he sees how it went, he does a few adjustments for the next one, without any better result. Shaking his head a little, he sends off the third as well, letting out a brief sigh as he sees the result, before stepping off to the side.

As has become usual when a large, public happening occurs that most houses are present to see and be seen, Sir Sammel Cindravale has not arrived alone. To cheer him on in his events his betrothed, Lady Doctor Elodie Iah as arrived with him. However, the roles are reversed in this particular instance, and it is Sir Sammel who is left at the sidelines to support the Lady as she takes her place in the ranks of competitors. And, in true role reversal, Sammel has offered Elodie a scarf in Cindravale colors. With a chuckle, Elodie tied it around her hair to keep any stray wisps from her braid out of her face, the tails hanging down the back of her left shoulder as she steps up to draw her bow. She takes a breath and stills, then concentrates on the nearest target. The arrow flies well, and though it could be closer, it is definitely a good shot, and she moves the next targe with confidence. Again, with a breath, concentration, and then letting the arrow fly, she makes an equally good shot. Finally, she steps to the furthest target, and takes a bit longer finding her aim for the longer distance. She lowers the bow and bites her lip. At least it didn't miss the target completely, but it's not on par with the first two shots.

Once the last arrow has hit its mark, the crowd is given time to cheer. The uproarious applause for the participants causes the stadium to vibrate, especially seeing as people are stomping, hooting, whistling, screaming, and clapping. The sound is over-ridden by the announcer on the PA: "Now for a fifteen-minute intermission as the judges take to the field to check the targets. Congratulations to the contestants, and great show of skill! Pre-approved friends and family members of the contestants may take to the field at this time. Don't forget: Diamond Dogs is selling two-for-one sausages, and the Bushfield Brewery is running a special on their ambers!"

"Ooh, two for one sausages, think we can afford that, love?" Rebecca asks Ioan, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "A good showing out there by the way."

Zavier sighs and watches the last of the competition before rising, though he isn't that tall, he gives a sigh and moves off towards the exit, avoiding eye contact with people, not wanting to get noticed.

As no pre-approved people are going to be coming, and his job has been completed to the best of his ability, the unusally black-clad Lord Densoric starts to make his way off the field, seems he's sure he's not in first place at least, and has no interest in sticking around, as he moves to turn in his loaned bow. That is of course unless one of the other contestants tries to stop him.

Darious slings his bow as his stomach rumbles as he hears the announcement for food and proceeds to claim dog or two and a drink as while he might not have won, at least he had some fun in the process. He spots Tristan and waves to him as he heads to the vendors.

Ioan places an arm around Rebecca's waste, returning her kiss with one of his own. "Two for One sausages sound great." He smiles giving her a slight squeeze. "I think you might have won, dear."

At the announcement that family members can take the field, Trevor and Kyle Blair, their eyes full of mischief and mirth, make their way to engulf their (to them, diminutive sister) in hugs. Lifted up in the air as she is by Trevor, she pounds on his shoulders, "Put me down you great oaf and don't you even dare either" pointing a demanding finger at the grinning face of Kyle. But, still and all, she returns their hugs and affection, sending them off to go partake of the rest of the festivities before taking the time to await the results. Knowing she didn't win does not seem to bother her as she's happy that she made a good showing, honoring the training of her father and brothers.

Kassandra Cindravale has been perched practically motionless in her front-row seat the entire time of the contest. Perhaps it is because she looks so incredibly awkward in her fancy get-up, or perhaps the tournament was that riveting. When the call comes that she can step onto the field, she rises from her seat and follows the thin stream of people merging onto the grassy sprawl. She passes Densoric on her way, offering him a respectful nod of her head while simultaneously twitching her skirt out of his way. She lifts the hem so as not to stumble on it, and makes her way toward the two Rovehn soldiers. "Sergeants Mordain!" she calls out in greeting, pausing in front of them and clasping her hands together. At this moment, she looks positively ladylike, and for some that might be almost frightening. "What shooting! Fucking brilliant. I'm happy I could make it. Did you have fun?" Well, nearly ladylike, anyway.

"You think so?" Rebecca asks Ioan, as she digs out some cash to pay for the sausages on a stick. She hands one to her husband and slathers her own in mustard. "We'll see. There were some Spine residents out there I think." Rebecca smiles brightly at the congratulations, but it takes her a full 10 seconds to realize it's lady Kassandra. IN A DRESS. "Milady, thank you, it was a lot of fun."

Having moved a bit off to the side, Tristan is keeping mostly to himself. Offering a half-grin and a wave to Darious, before he moves himself a little out of the way of the crowds. After all, he tends to dislike large groups of people, this one.

Meanwhile, there's another Cindravale that's made his way down to the field, as Sammel moves over in Elodie's direction. "That's some good shooting there," he offers to her, with a bit of a smile, before he looks around, blinking for a few moments. "Wait, is that my sister over there?" he asks, gesturing in Kassandra's direction. "I wonder why she decided to dress up like that…"

Densoric offers a polite nod to Lady Kassandra as she passes him, and even side-steps slightly to further reduce the risk of her dress being stepped on. One of, if not the tallest on the field currently as others start to enter the field to congratulate their friends and relations Densoric comes to a stop near the edge of the field and returns his bow and quiver so they can be accounted for, then offers a simple nod before making his way back to the field proper to await the official ruling.

Ioan has taken a rather large bite of his sausage after placing a rather liberal amount of mustard on it. He waves to Kassandra, who seems to have "lady'ed up"… well mostly. he bows to the noble and says, "Why thank you, Lady Kassandra. You are doing well I hope?" He smiles and looks back to his wife. "I know so, the Red Wraith never misses."

Unstringing her bow, Elodie puts it back in the tube, caps her quiver that rests against her hip, then fits the tube over her back. The sound of Sammel's voice has her looking up with a smile. "It was my good luck charm," she tells him with a grin, taking one of his hands to squeeze, "thank you." At the mention of the sister knight being around, she glances over, and then tilts her head. "I take it she doesn't usually wear a dress, then?"

While awaiting the announcement of the results, Glenna takes the time to look around after the departure of her brothers, head tilting to one side. An eyebrow quirks for a moment, and with quiver on her shoulder and bow properly taken care of, she makes her way as if to obtain a drink, passing by a very tall individual. A moment's pause and she offers, "Greetings, Lord Densoric. I wasn't aware you planned on making an appearance today. " offering the proper respects as she speaks.

Densoric looks down to Glenna and says, "Tournaments are more suited to my Lady Cousin Veryna, but it is for charity and I wanted to contribute some. I may not be the best shot, but if seeing the Lord Densoric in a public display of his minimal skills, or for that matter wearing something that isn't blue helps raise a bit of extra money then so be it." in his typical proper tone. Leave it to Densoric to be dressed in Protector Armor yet still carry himself as though he were in formal attire at a high society occasion.

A buzzing noice comes over the speakers to announce that results are about to be given, waiting a few beats for the crowd to settle down. For those who have heard it before, Senator Alistair Hartcliffe's voice begins over the intercom. "Havenites, this evening you have seen a test of skill, from citizen and noble alike. We have been honored to see feats of greatness before our very eyes. I can think of no better way to begin this Tourney for Tomorrow. As you're all well aware, tonight's test was one for glory and, of course, for the bow crafted here in Cindravale. A one of a kind, crafted from the lightest, sturdiest materials, which can only be truly appreciated by a true marksman. Let's here it for all our contestants!"

"Let's say that it's rarer than extremely rare?" Sammel offers with a chuckle, squeezing Elodie's hand back as his is squeezed. "I hope someone managed to take a picture, otherwise nobody would believe it." That to the part about his dress-wearing sister, before he grins, "And now I know how it feels to be watching the competitions. Far more boring than competing, I must say."

Rebecca turns to listen to the announcement, and she finishes off the sausage on a stick with gusto. "Here we go," she murmurs to Ioan and Kassandra.

Kassandra looks between Rebecca and Ioan and offers the pair a cheerful smile. She might have tippled a little at a flask before the tournament, but at least she doesn't smell of alcohol. "I am doing quite well, Mister Ioan, and thank you for asking. I suspect they shall be announcing the winner - ah, there it is." And then she pauses, listening. When the senator calls for applause, she offers a hearty clap and a shrill cheer, offering the Mordains a wink as she does so.

Continuing onward after a few moments, the voice of Alistair continues in an excited tone. "Tonight's scores are as follows…
Lady Viannea Peake 3 points…
Lord Densoric Larent and Lady Cyrielle Hollolas 4 points…
Lord Darious Arboren, Lady Elodie Iah, and Ioan Mordain…5 points
And now for our top three contenders this evening…

Elodie's eyebrows raise at the explanation of Kassandra in a dress. "I see…" she turns. "Shall we go and talk to her, so you can be sure that it is indeed Sir Kassandra?" She offers to follow his lead when the loudspeaker begins to crackle to life. She laughs at Sammel's 'boredom'. "Well, tomorrow it will be you on the field, and I'll be in the stands. I'll try not to be bored watching you," she winks up at him, and waits to hear.

Densoric grows silent as the speaker comes to life, and joins in on the applause, as his gaze sweeps over his fellow competitors as though he sees them as the competitors and not himself. He then grows silent as names start to be listed, and gives no visible or verbal response as his own score is given.

There's a certain tone in the Senator's voice as he reads off the following results, a hint of pride and perhaps amusement. "In a tie for second place, we have Lord Tristan Arboren and Glenna Blair with six points!" There's a pause for the inevitable announcement to follow. "And, with an impressive score of eight points, Sergeant Rebecca Mordain!! Congratulations, Sergeant!" There's the sound of clapping through the intercom.

Glenna turns to listen, she hadn't been paying attention to her scores while shooting so the results are interesting to her. A side glance to Lord Densoric, before looking back to see/hear the final results.

Rebecca lets out a happy victory whoop and she hugs her husband tightly. Then she releases him to begin congratulating the other participants, offering a hand to shake and a clasp on the shoulder in archery camaraderie.

The screens flash an image of Rebecca, in her aggressive bow stance, as confetti cannons shoot out amongst the crowd. Several attendees rush to the field, carrying a rather large blue ribbon and the aforementioned bow. The screens flash colors and images of congratulations to each contestant, rolling through video replays after a few moments have passed.

Quiet is the word for Cyrielle at the moment. As the announcements are made, she wrinkles her nose slightly. Not the worst, no, but far from even nearly the best. She glances to the bow she still holds, as if vowing that she'll improve by the next tourney. There's a glance to the stands, seeking out a face. She moves further aside as the top contenders are listed, ending up in a fairly relaxed stance not far from Densoric.

Glenna claps, calling out congratulations, already glaring at her brothers *Don't you DARE!!* before they make another attempt to engulf her. And, a faint flush of pride. She really hadn't been paying attention to the scores, frankly shocked at the results but more than happy to cheer for the winner. This is for charity after all. "Well done, well done!" she says to Rebecca when their hands meet. "Wonderful shooting!"

"What did I tell you? The Red Wraith never misses." Ioan says, meeting his wife's hug with one of his own and a kiss on the forehead. "Really though, excellent job." He says as he starts shaking people's hands and congratulating his fellow archers.

"Go Rebecca!" Kassandra's cheers are nearly drowned out by the fanfare, but she claps a hand on the Sergeant's shoulder briefly before the woman is sucked away into the glory of a victory. Laughingly, she offers Ioan a little wave before moving back and turning to scan the field for other familiar faces. The first she spies is Lord Densoric who happens to be nearest with an unfamiliar noblewoman closing in on him. She shrugs slightly to herself and sidles around a group of people to reach him. Watching as Glenna turns to talk to other contestants, the Valen offers Lord Blue a wry smile. "You did very well, my lord. I had no idea you were handy with a bow."

Going silent as he listens carefully, Tristan nods a little as he hears the scores. Waiting for a few moments, he cheers a bit for the winner, before he starts making his way off the field. Back home, where it's safe.

Nodding a bit as he hears Elodie's words, Sammel smiles, "Probably a good idea to have this rare sighting verified, after all," he offers, before he nods a bit, "And I'll try to make sure there's something entertaining to watch, after all."

Elodie gives a smile and applauds for Rebecca as the winner is announced. Recognizing the Senator's aide, she smiles and heads towards the woman to offer her congratulations as well, and then towards the winner and her husband. "Oh, I have no doubt you will," she tells the man beside her as they make their way across, just missing Kassie as she moves off to greet Lord Densoric.

The screens start to show the Tourney for Tomorrow logo, with brief reminders that all funds raised will be going to hospitals across the Vale and on Ignis. Random thank yous to the staff, and it begins to scroll through those who have signed up for the melee. Along with a promise that the lists for the first round of Jousts are coming in just moments.

As Glenna is taken by surprise at her score Densoric offers a nod of respect, clearly the type one would expect from one competitor to one of superior skill, though he says nothing, perhaps to allow it to sink in a bit more. He then turns to leave Glenna on her own, though he doesn't make it far as the crowd rush the field, leaving him pretty much where he started. As Cyrielle and Kassandra approach Densoric simply shifts to maintaining his position, perhaps not the largest of men, his height could be of help in holding his position and keep up with conversations nearby. Nodding politely to each Lady he says to Kassandra, "Thank you My Lady. My mother feels that a 'proper nobleman' should be at least tolerable in at least a few martial skills, I spent some time in my younger years learning such things, but I never progressed far as its not really my thing, I favor mental pursuits over the physical." in reply to her words.

There's a brief tensing of Cyrielle's jaw, but she straightens somewhat. "You both did well," she says, to Densoric and Kassandra, offering a tilt of her head in greeting to the latter. One unfamiliar to her. "There is a certain enjoyment in the martial pursuits. I often find them beneficial to clearing my head."

And so the screen begins to flash the Joust Lists, finally announced, randomly assigned pairings. It also notes the fireworks display shall begin shortly after sundown.

The first Joust is Lord Erik Ibrahm and Lady Talynne Rovehn.
The second Joust shall be Lord Nikomachos Sauveur and Lady Kassandra Cindravale.
The third Joust shall be the Young Lord Solon Cindravale and the Lady Eiris Rovehn.
The fourth Joust shall be the Lady Brienne Arboren and the Lord Sammel Cindravale.

Kassandra's smile widens by a few degrees at Densoric's response, and she turns away to watch as the cheering commences and people continue to swarm the Mordains. "Your mother sounds as if she is a woman of sense," she replies to Densoric, turning back in time to see Cyrielle has joined the conversation. She dips her head respectfully to the newcomer, trying her damndest not to move from her spot lest she give away her lack of feminine grace. "Ah, my lady, thank you for the compliment, although I did not compete. I know how to hold a bow, in theory, and can shoot an arrow. Haven't a bloody clue where it would go, though. You did well, however. Congratulations on your score." She glances sidelong to Densoric for an introduction, but continues the conversation nonetheless. "I happen to agree with you on that point, my lady. I am highly inclined toward 'martial pursuits'."

Rebecca thanks all the wellwishers, before returning to Ioan. Granny Edna joins them, handing Sophia over to her triumphant mother. THe baby grabs the ribbon and shouts, "MAMA!" Rebecca blinks. It's her third word.

As the furor on the announcement of the winner dies down, Glenna makes her way about the arena, taking the time to find the Senator. Now where does that ever busy and perpetually in motion person happen to be? Her gaze continues to wander about, trying to find him in the throng.

Densoric nods to Cyrielle and says, "Thank you as well My Lady. I find such peace in natural beauty and art myself My Lady." in response to Cyrielle's congratulations and her words on martial pursuits. He mostly ignores the announcements as he's not taking part in any of the other events. He then adds to Kassandra's words, "She also feels a proper nobleman should also be versed in etiquette, the politics of nobility, and also at least a basic grasp of administrative skills." Either not noticing Kassandra's wait for an introduction, or not knowing the individual himself. Or simply letting them make their own introductions.

Ioan blinks as well, giving his girls a big hug. "She's getting so big!" he says, referring to their daughter. He eyes the bow. "Ok, now I'm jealous."

Having left the soundbooth, Alistair Hartcliffe is seen moving away targets with the rest of the staff. He's wearing a muted grey tunic and nodding politely, carrying a trash bag at his side.

As Sammel's gaze is drawn up to the screen, Elodie stops next to him, searching along with him for his name and his opponent. "I just hope you don't have Sir Niko in the first round."

"Ah! Did you not?" Cyrielle looks flustered for a moment. "My apologies. I tend to shut out the rest when I have my bow in hand. I made an assumption." Based on the competitors milling about somewhat as they are. She has moved little herself- perhaps for similar reasons. "I am, sadly, not inclined to personal pursuits, much to my chagrin sometimes." No introductions are offered by Densoric, so she exhales a soft puff of air. "I am Cyrielle Hollolas. I'm afraid my skills in archery were gained in less of an official setting, so I likely have a ways to go before I am used to hitting a stationary target."

Little Sophia shoves the blue ribbon into her maw to chew on as Rebecca takes the bow with her free hand. "Thank you, this is beautiful. I really wasn't expecting to win anything but, if I may, I'd like to donate my old bow for training use for troops. Will that be all right?"

"Well, Senator" shaking her head as she watches the man who's always telling her to relax and take time to do things, continuing in his perpetual motion and activity. "I think everything" glancing around a moment, "…is starting off well for the Tourney. It was an amazing turnout, I believe." A laugh bubbles forth,as even in the midst of the crowd, Glenna spies the blue ribbon awarded to Rebecca become a tasty snack.

"Etiquette, hmm?" This proclamation seems to amuse Kassie greatly, and she laughs quietly before turning her attention back to Cyrielle. It appears they will have to make their own introductions. When the Hollolas offers her name, Kassandra holds out her hand for a firm shake should it be accepted. "Sir Kassandra Cindravale, Lady Cyrielle. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Her smile softens as she focuses on the woman, listening intently and with raised eyebrows to the explanation. "Oh? Oh! You mean you are used to hunting with a bow, hmm? Yes, I understand, then. It's difficult to lead an inanimate target, isn't it?"

The staff look and nod to Rebecca, as they run to grab Alistair, a brief exchange and he nods with a smile. He starts to make his way over to the victor and runs into Glenna. "I'm glad you've taken my advice and practiced with that thing. Your brothers sure seemed proud, though I did have a rather sizable bribe I had to turn down not to get video footage of them pranking you." He smiles, proud of the intern and gives her a hearty pat on the shoulder before going towards the Sergeants Mordain and their family.

The holoscreens post the pending fireworks display in honor of "Any Havenite: A Tribute to the Troops." Flashing are videos of various letters, recruiting stations, people visiting wounded soldiers, and the like with large words of 'Thank You to All Who Serve.'

Rebecca hands Sophia over to Ioan, so she can raise the bow in acknowledgement of the troops.

Glenna watches the Senator make his departure and continue his glad handing and baby-kissing!!!, then turns to go make her way to get one of the Dog specials she heard announced.

The hand is taken and shaken in turn. Cyrielle's grip is firm, but perhaps not as firm as Kassandra's. "The pleasure is all mine," she offers in return. The brunette is smiling, but it's a distant, soft smile. Not impolite or bored, but certainly faraway in a sense. She looks sidelong to Densoric, "So, Lord Blue, what led you to participate, even though you are not martially inclined?"

Alistair shakes a few more hands before offering a polite nod to Rebecca. "Sergeant Mordain, your gift is exactly in the spirit of what I hope this Tourney will mean to everyone." He smiles and nods to Ioan as well, and tries to make a silly face at Sophia.

Sophia giggles at Alistair and tries to grab at his hair. Rebecca hands her old bow over to him, and the thing is battered and beaten. "Thank you for helping take care of the people, Senator," she says with a smile.

Densoric replies, "I have some skill in archery, and this is for charity and I wanted to see if I couldn't help draw more of a crowd, even if that draw is only due to the fact I am not, as you point out, wearing blue." His black armor standing as proof, though those closer to him might have a better view of the fact that his hooded robe, though the hood is down, has a bit of armor mesh sewn into the cloth for a bit of added defense, though overall it likely wouldn't provide any noteworthy benefit over the leather-wrapped metal plates covering his torso.

"Too true, now that you point it out. I half-expected your armor to be blue." Kassandra is not the best at small-talk, and she fidgets with her skirt by rolling the top layer of synthetic between her thumb and forefinger. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other and reaches up to scratch her jaw just before her right ear. There is little else for her to contribute to the conversation, and so she is already looking away as if in search of someone to rescue her.

There's a glance to the stands and Cyrielle leans back slightly. Her weight is primarily on her left foot, leaving her right one — that has the bracing in the boot — time to rest. "I think I need to go speak with my cheering section." There's a slight smirk, but she nods to both. "Lord Blue is a nickname I had overheard and I fear it has stuck." She gives a small shrug. "Have a good day."

"We all do what we must." Alistair leans his head down well within Sophia's reach, perfectly prepared for tugging as he chuckles gleefully. He motions back to Glenna, somewhere behind him. "And did you know that Miss Blair here is an intern of mine? Nearly didn't enter, thank goodness for her brothers." He smirks back to her.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "I am practical enough, Protector Armor is for defense if i ever find myself on a battlefield. No disrespect to my House, but blue is more likely to draw the attention of the enemy then allow me to avoid being hit by the enemy." simply. After a pause he adds, "Forgive me, whether you would agree or not, but I must say that dress suits you as well as your more typical attire." He then smiles softly to Cyrielle and says, "I imagine you heard it from Lady Xenona, but a small matter." he then nods politely once more as Lady Cyrielle excuses herself. He then looks to Kassandra and says, "If you will excuse me as well My Lady, I should make my way around a bit, as I'm sure you have matters of your own to attend to far more important then speaking with me." smiling softly and nodding politely to Kassandra once more as he turns to try and make his way through what is left of the crowd unless stopped as he makes his way back over to the attendant he returned his bow to.

Glenna's regard is in another direction so she doesn't notice the smirk tossed at her back. That Dog special and even, for once, a beer, is sounding pretty darned good, right about now.

Sophia yanks Alistair's hair and screams, "HORSIE!" then giggles madly. "Sorry about that," Rebecca whispers. "Until a few weeks ago, that was her only word." She smiles. "Miss Blair did very well, as did all the entrants. The fact almost all of us struck the 300 meter target is a testament to the quality of Haven's archers." She leans against Ioan's side, looking at him almost wistfully. "And I get to sleep all night tonight, while you change diapers and feed the baby. It's like heaven."

There's a polite chuckle from the Senator, who seems entirely unphased by the yank. "Good word to have." He smiles between all of them for a moment, just seeming to enjoy listening and looking around the crowd, trash bag still in one of his hands. The screens flash a countdown for the fireworks and Alistair turns his attention skyward.

"I am /so/ sorry, Senator Alistair." Ioan says, trying to pull the one year old away from the man. He gives his wife a teasing glare and says, "Oh yes… Just like heaven." He places an arm around her when she leans into him, she beat him fair and square.

Kassandra offers Cyrielle a polite smile as she leaves, and then turns back to Densoric. The compliment causes her eyebrows to dart upward, and she dips her head to him in acceptance of his words. "Thank you, Lord Densoric. Of course, please, enjoy your evening." She stands in place for a moment as the others leave, and, finding nothing else to keep her, turns and makes her way off of the field.

Giant beams of colored light emit behind the stands in the crowd, rays of yellow, blue, and green beam high into the sky, as the lighting around the archery field dims slowly. A slow steady music begins to play, traditional Valen tunes, instrumental for the time being. The screens slowly fade as the clearest lighting is in the sky, the beams slowly moving back and forth as the first rocket is fired high into the shroud of night.

Rebecca points up at the fireworks to direct Sophia's gaze with a grin. Her first fireworks. The baby shrieks happily and the lights and booms.

Densoric glances up as the fireworks start, then looks to the attendant as he closes in and informs them to offer the bow he used as a donation as part of the charity if Senator Alistair wishes to make use of it before making his way out of the arena.

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