Lord Torvald Valta
Ian McShane
Ian McShane as Torvald Valta
Full Name: Torvald Valta
Byname: -
Age: 59
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Valta
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: -
Spouse: Carriela Valta, deceased Height: 5' 7"
Father: Lord Valta Weight: 195
Mother: Lady Valta Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Lord Magnim Valta (head of house) Eye Color: Brown
Children: Meinik (deceased), Adelstein, one other open for app


Torvald Valta, 59, is the brother of the Lord Magnim Valta, the head of the house. Never one to desire the limelight and social obligations of the Lordship, Torvald has been content to be the numbers guy for House Valta. Crunching the budgets and sums to create a balanced sheet every quarter. Nothing brings him greater joy than to see things remaining in the black, save for perhaps the success of his family.

Having gone to the Academ on the family dime, as it were, Torvald excelled at any subject which interested him. Namely, Economics, Mathematics, and some History…and really only those things. He was abysmal in the sciences and other required courses, mostly due to his complete disinterest and firm belief that they were a waste of his time. In the middle of this third year, whilst already on academic probation, Torvald simply dropped out and headed home to put his brief economic skills to use. Over the years, he’s gained much experience and local fame for his business acumen. Anything financial going on within the domain of House Valta has the attention of the brother to Lord Valta, even though it may not have his direct involvement. He’ll pay top ‘coin’ for anyone who can get him insider information about the financial goings-on among other houses, even though he certainly doesn’t have any influence on those matters. He does have a strong desire to gather the information, to piece together the larger picture of the superbly complex inter-planetary economy of Haven. Often beyond his reach to fully comprehend, he’ll still collect the data and try to apply his own sense, a mix of theory with loads of practice.

It's been nigh on seventeen years since his eldest boy was found, having taken his own life. Meinik Valta's passing took a toll of its own. The son is never mentioned, and Torvald has been caught bringing any memories of his life or the tragedy of his death up in public since the funeral years ago.

He recently lost his wife to a Hostile patrol at the start of the war. A Knight, rare in the lands of Valta, she was one of the few he ever changed his ways for. A miser when it came to his budget, it was his wife, Carriela, who caused him to open up both his pouch and his heart. Transformed at the young age, upon his somewhat disgraced return from the Academ, he is much more generous with his family than he would have been without her. Her loss has set a heavy mark on his life. Already quite fond of the brew, Torvald has gone to drinking at all hours of the day. While he considers himself functional, the reality of that is to be questioned. He certainly can crunch the numbers, and he’s as frugal and capable of that as ever. As for the rest of his decision-making, well…that remains to be seen. The only time he keeps the flas away is at social events, and even then, expect him to not last long throughout a wedding or a dinner.




Debt can only yield profits to the lucky. - Probably said every time a loan is considered for anything.

A wise man once told me knowledge which I now share with you…the brew does not make the master, nor does the master make the brew. - An oft-repeated proverb, which Torvald may not have actually heard from anyone, much less a wise man.

I tell you, beware Koth. It matters not if he's real, beware the beast anyways. -The 'mythical' sea serpent that 'legend' has it lives within the bay outside of Volem Dir. (Just don't trace back the origins of those rumors too far, might just take ya straight back to Torvald.)


  • Academ Dropout
  • Functional(?) Alcoholic
  • Penny-Pincher
  • Widower

Musical Inspiration

Un Sospiro

If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me
With the blood from my body
I could start my own still
So, if drinkin' don't kill me
Her memory will

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Known Associates

Adelstein Lord Doctor Adelstein Valta : Damn proud of my boy…what else is there to say?
Kieran Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta : My nephew, whom I hold in highest esteem. He's had a few missteps, sure, but who among us hasn't? If I could just get him to sit down and learn how to run the place after his father's gone… Regardless, he's almost as a good as a son to me.
Firia Lady Firia Sauveur : She may not have come to be a part of our family under the 'normal' set of circumstances, but Firia's as much a Valta as anybody. Perhaps moreso than a few names I might leave unmentioned. I'm gonna have to name my next brew to immortalize the girl for the ages!

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