08.23.3013: Too Much Information at the Arcology
Summary: Brianny, Eirene, Taryn and Keanen run into one another at the mall. Some part of the conversation dealt with a bit more information than Brianny was comfortable with.
Date: 23 August 2013
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Arcology of Sundry — Landing, Imperius
The Arcology of Sundry rises two hundred stories into the sky, a towering monument to the prosperity that House Sauveur has planned for Landing. The first five floors consist of an open-air mall, the weight of the arcology held up by thick composite girders spaced every thirty or forty feet around the circumference of the building.

That mall is carpeted by natural grass, with pathways laid out cobblestones. It is built like a medieval village, if a medieval village was built around a pillar encircled with five stories of ramps with nearly two hundred stories of department stores and residences above.

Artificial sunlight floods the mall terraces at all times of the year, carefully modulated so as to not wash out the holographic signs that front each store. Giant holoscreens float at the top of the five story open area, showing movie clips, ads, music videos, and occasionally, breaking news.

23 August 3013

With a lone package held tightly at her waist, Lady Brianny Saimhann wanders the crowded mall rather aimlessly as she decides to do some window shopping. Dressed in your typical Reversion attire, her already slender midsection is drawn in tightly, while a full set of skirts accentuates her hips. A French hood rests upon her head with a dark veil trailing behind it to modestly cover her hair. The entire ensemble is is dyed a shiny yellow-green color with pearls that accent the trim. She's a petite creature, maneuvering her way through the bustling crowds. There's even a gentle hum at her lips as she goes about her stroll rather absently.

Not everyone is at the mall for pleasure or to relief boredom. Taryn is wearing a blue cotton tunic. It is a rather simple shirt and the sleeves are rolled up past the elbow. Unlike most people here, he came to the Arcology with an armload of packages, stacked to the point of barely being able to see over their tops, with the expectation of walking out empty handed. He stops off at one of the shops, wistfully looking in at its wares, before heading around the grand corridors, obviously searching for a particular shop.

Lady Eirene Volen is also wandering about aimlessly throughout the crowded mall. Her thoughts are clearly elsewhere as she nearly bumps into someone. "Oh, Pardon me." She apologizes and checks that she's not hurt the person before continuing on her way. The Volens also enjoy a style that is very closer to Reversion. The lady's gown is long and brushes over her slippered feet as she walks. A gauzy shawl wraps around her neck and pins delicately to her hair like a diaphanous hood. Cap sleeves offer modesty while allowing the breeze to caress her arms. But what is this? Something in the music shop draws her attention.

Keanen steps out of an electronics boutique store, a small bag in his cybernetic hand. He's dressed a bit grungy, kind of like a commoner, his long hair dangling perfectly about his pretty face. He walks to the ledge, leaning against the rail, and looks around, watching the other people for a few minutes.

Seeing that she only possesses one package and that poor Taryn is carrying several many, one of which may very well topple over if the man isn't too careful, Brianny makes her way in Taryn's direction and chirps up at him in an odd sing-song tone, "Oh my! Do they not allow for carts here? Please, let me offer my assistance. I would hate for you to drop anything and then pay for the damages down." She even reaches out to take one of the packages which Taryn holds… even if it is an ill-chosen one and not so strategically placed for removal. She can only reach so high after all! So she tugs at one of the boxes at the bottom of his pile. This just so happens to occur right outside of the music shop, but the young Saimhann is too distracted to notice the lull of the music from within.

At first it does not even register that the obvious noble woman is offering to help the commoner with his burden. Once Taryn realizes that Brianny is indeed speaking to him, the damage is already done. "No, no, m'lady, that's quite alright. It's not that heavy.. I have…" Of course, the helpful woman would set the whole thing tumbling. Luckily the boxes are filled with leather goods, so the short fall won't be breaking anything. He hangs his head down for a second. "Thank you, m'lady."

Eirene's hand is on the door of the music shop when she hears some chattering behind her. "Is everything all right?" The tall blonde inquires. "Were you about to enter as well? I can hold the door open for you both if you'd like?"

Keanen smirks when he sees the boxes tumble. He rolls his eyes, and then he steps over, "Trouble with your boxes, Sparky?" he asks Taryn as he bends over and picks one up. Then he sees Eirene, and he smiles, suddenly she's the only person in the universe. "Well, helllllooooo." He extends his cybernetic hand, "I'm Keanen."

"Oh goodness! I didn't meant to.. I mean." Brianny stammers in surprise and quickly drops down on her knees to help gather all of the wayward packages! Even placing her own package down as she does this. "Oh bother. It does seem that I've only been able to make things worse." The other various voices do draw some of her attention and she tries her best to scrape up all of Taryn's delivery, which is now starting to pile up very high in her own hands. At Eirene's question, she muses, "I was just heading in that directly myself. But please, do not feel that you must wait for me." Because this may take a while.

Taryn just blinks at Keanen for a second. "No problem at all, Lord Keanen…" He then offers Brianny a lopsided grin, shaking his head slightly. He kneels down and takes the boxes from her hands. Six knows where they might end up otherwise. He then offers her a hand to help her up. "Please, m'lady… It is not necessary… Such hands should never know the slightest of burdens… Not that this was a burden for me.. just a little cumbersome.. more awkward than anything. Thank you for your assistance." He glances to the other noblewoman that Keanen is now drooling over, then returns his grey-green gaze back to Brianny, "I think my destination is just over there…" About four shops down is a shop specializing in leather purses, belts, and such. "I think I can manage that far."

Eirene releases the door to the shop and is just about to help the others when Keanen extends his hand in greetings. "Oh, hello my lord." Gathering that tidbit from Taryn. The tall blonde offers her hand as a gesture of greeting and dips to curtsey. "I'm Lady Eirene Volen of Mare Maris. A pleasure to meet you. All of you." She adds. "Allow me to assist you, please." Her free hand gestures for one of her guards who is not too far away. Eirene is careful not to bend over too much but when she moves in a certain direction, she winces from some bruised ribs. Grant, her very tall and beefy guard carefully escorts Eirene to the side and helps Brianny and Taryn with the packages. His voice is low, like a deep baritone when he makes his presence known to them.

Keanen tilts his head a bit, "The pleasure is all mine, believe me. And please, just Keanen is fine." He follows her as she's moved to the side. "You're hurt." He makes a rather sympathetic face, "Are you alright?"

Having heard something just moments ago, Brianny turns a curious eye to Taryn when he takes each and every package from her. "Your name is really Sparky?" There's some mirth there, but no maliciousness to go with it. Taking his hand in hers, after scooping up her own package, she soon rises to stand and meet the others who have come with a bright smile. "Thank you, My Lady. House Volen is it? It is lovely to meet with you. I am Lady Brianny L— Saimhann." In these early stages of marriage, it is sometimes difficult to remember minor things. Such as a name change. This introduction is addressed to the gathered, though when Keanen mentions someone being hurt, her bright eyes become far more attentive when she regards Eirene. "Were you hurt picking up the packages, My Lady?" A nervous look is then given to Taryn, if this were the case.

Taryn sighs, then turns and gives Keanen a slightly annoyed look, before shaking his head, "No, m'Lady… Only Lord Keanen calls me Sparky… no matter how much I would prefer him to call me almost anything else. Taryn Wystrel." He gives a nod to the guard. "Thank you." He says softly, as he is much more okay with a guard helping than a noblewoman. Brianny might not the subtle accent that betrays Taryn's upbringing in the Southern Wilds, the rural part of the Southern Wilds.

Eirene smiles and shakes her head. "No, not at all, my lady." A reply to Brianny's question. "I was recently visiting my sister on Volkan and, well I had a bit of an accident, but all is well and healing." The warmth of her smile is extended to Taryn and Keanen, as well. "Thank you for your concern. Could I send my guard, Grant, to help you to the store, Mister Wystrel? Perhaps I might check something out in the leather shop for my brother before indulging my time in the music store." The young woman pauses for a moment. "Are you all from Landing or just visiting?"

Keanen laughs, "Oh, no no. I'm from Arboren. Just here because I needed a new memory card for my camera." He smiles at Eirene, "It's a great freakin' mall." He looks at Taryn, "Dude, you like it when I call you Sparky. It's an attention thing. You act all coy, but I'm all like, totally onto you and whatever." He winks at the man, and then smiles at Brianny as she checks on Eirene as well.

Hugging her own package fully against her chest now as she stands at her full unimpressive height, Brianny favors Taryn with a curious look, finding his accent to be comfortably familiar. "Are you by chance from anywhere near the city of Roar, Mister Wystrel?" Her eyes light up at the very thought of meeting someone from the Southern Wilds. She does, in turn, respond to the Volen noble in a chipper tone, "I actually reside in the Drake Mountains now, but I'm sorry that you were injured in an accident. I wish that there was more than I could to help, but alas, I am no medic." That said, she turns back to Taryn now and waits for his own response to these many questions of his place of residence. As a side comment, she chirps out to Keanen, "Taryn is just as good a name as Sparky, I would say."

Taryn arches a brow at Keanen. "Could be that I just cherish the memory of nearly fryin' you.." His expression is serious for about two heartbeats before his sober expression breaks with a bit of a grin. He looks to Brianny, "Several hours hard ride… I'm from Briarford" A tiny village that is little more than a massive horse ranch and those that make their living directly and indirectly from it. He nods to Eirene, "If your guard wouldn't mind and it is is not too much of an inconvenience."

Keanen turns his attention back to Taryn as Eirene's guard pulls her aside for a moment to speak with her. "Sparky's more charming," he notes to Brianny, before smiling at Taryn. "Hey, you still trying to get with Lorelei? She's a hot one, eh?"

Eirene returns from having a word with Grant and overhears Keanen teasing Taryn. The woman playfully tsks. "Miss Lorelei, the poet? She is quite pretty but I fear you may be too late, Mister Wystrel. It seems Lord Ephraim is rather smitten with her and she with him. Their public display of affection made me feel as if I was intruding on a lover's moment."

"I've been to Briarford before. In fact, I've traveled extensively around the Southern Wilds and I hope to do so even now." Brianny exclaims rather excitedly to the group, even if her words are directed to Taryn. The young, petite Saimhann noble simply begins to follow along when the group starts their journey across the way towards the leathershop. "In fact, I'm certain that my family has purchased several horses from those parts. Maybe even mine included!" And then it hits her and her melodic voice rises once more as she makes some sort of announcement, "By the way, we are holding a charity banquet event at Castle Leonnida. My siblings and I have been working extensively with Senator Hartcliffe to put a banquet together as a way to remind people of our underprivileged. I do hope that you are all able to attend." She even flashes them with wide doe eyes and a disarming smile. And then… Keanen's little inquiry tossed at Taryna does gain her attention, but as she does not know who this Lorelei is and perhaps it is not any of her business, she does not ask about it further. Until Eirene speaks up, that is. "Oh goodness…"

Taryn cants his head at Keanen. If looks could kill, then Keanen would be in quite a bit of pain. He says a bit matter of factly, "Never was, as a point of fact. Lorelei and I are just good friends." He can't help but to smile slightly at yet another noble being smitten with her. "She does seem to have that effect on most men…" Happy for a change of subject, as this one has been old for some time now, well before Keanen brought it up this time, he looks over smiling to Brianny, "Well, if they were purchased in the last couple of years, then chances are I was the one that trained them…"

Keanen nods, "She is a looker," he agrees about Lorelei. "I made out with her once." He smiles, remembering for a moment, and then shrugs, "Anyway, good for her I guess, right?"

Eirene presses her lips into a prim smiles as to not be rude. The rest of her body language does not agree with the flagrant misuse of kisses or the boasting of who has kissed who. "I did not bear witness to any liplocking, Lord Keanen. Holding hands and gazing passionately into one another's eyes is a form of affection. Are you a touch jealous of Lord Ephraim's good fortune with the young miss?" Now her lips curve into a mischievous grin as her focus remains on the dark haired man.

This conversation is just a bit awkward, but Brianny cannot help but look wide-eyed from Taryn and then to Keanen as they speak of this Lorelei and when Keanen brings up making out with her! "She seems quite lovely." Is all that she can say in the middle of chatter, which she assumes men tend to do. Returning to Taryn, she offers a lone sharp nod, "We have purchased a couple during that time and…" Eirene then speaks up to add a little more fuel to this fire which is the topic on Lorelei. Quietly, she lowers her head slightly, though even she cannot help but direct her gaze in Keanan's direction at least once…before reminding, "And… again… I would love if you all could come to the banquet on the 30th." Flashing another smile as she does so.

Taryn offers a slight, polite smile, "Miss Lorelei is a very talented poetess with quite a gift for touching people's heart with her words." He can't help but to snort slightly at Eirene's comment. Sensing Brianny's discomfort at the topic, he grins, "You have to forgive Lord Keanen… He has spent so much time in the forest of Arboren that some animal must have eaten his manners." He grins with a slight shrug, "Some people think that to be one of his more positive traits actually… " The smile turns more ernest, "I wish I could, but I don't believe I will be able to make it. But thank you for the offer."

Keanen shrugs at Eirene, "Jealous? Are you kidding? It was like kissing a dead fish. I think I was maybe her first." He shakes his head, and then shrugs, "I wasn't gonna tell, but you're kinda forcing my hand there." Grin. Then to Brianny, "Banquet? Heh. I don't know. Formal isn't really that flattering on me." He shrugs, and then looks at Eirene again, "It was really nice to meet you. You're quite stunning." And back to Taryn, "I like you. You have spunk. We should chill sometime. Anyway, I gotta run. Stay classy, Sparky."

The Volen looks a little shocked at Keanen's words. Perhaps that is what he wanted after all. A part of her wants to snap back a rebuttal in Miss Lorelei's defense, but rather than continue to add to this conversation, Eirene defers. "A pleasure as well, Lord Keanen. I look forward to running into you again some time. You are most entertaining company."

"I was lost in the Arborenin woods one evening myself. It is so lovely during the day, but when it turns to evening, the forest can be very frightening." Brianny says, her voice coming out cautious as she relays this tale, but part of the current conversation perks her attention. "And how many cold fish have you kissed in your lifetime, Lord Keanen? Admittedly, I kissed one once when I was a young child. I was told that it would turn into a prince." Her cheeks color in her embarrassment, but there is just a hint of annoyance in her eyes to note her mild displeasure by this form of trickery. She then quickly curtseys to the departing, "You may be surprised by this banquet, My Lord. It may very well be like none you have attended." A look of disappointment then forms on her face at Taryn's response, "Perhaps next time then. I'm certain that Senator Hartcliffe has many different types of events in story for the people of the Southern Wild."

Taryn blinks at Keanen. Seriously. I bite back and that's a good thing? Huh. He doesn't really respond to the Arboren Lordling's remark, save but a nod. He does agree with Brianny, "While Leonnida is Valen… they don't tend to be as fixated on all the pomp and circumstance that the Cindravale do." He smirks, "Truth be told, at least from the commoner side, there's more likely to be greater expressions of life. Drink, song, dance, mirth. life."

"Lady Brianny, I would very much like to join you at this banquet. When is it again? I am interested in assisting charities." Eirene turns her attention now to the noblewoman and the young stablehand. Her delicate hands smooth down the front of her dress before clasping gently behind her back.

"I don't want to spoil Senator Hartcliffe's surprise, but this will be a very thought-provoking banquet." Brianny seems very relieved to be talking about this charity event instead of…. whatever else they were discussing earlier. "Oh, the event will be held on the 30th at Castle Leonnida." Withdrawing the package from where it rest against her, she holds it out slightly so that it can be better viewed, "I just went to the butcher to buy some meat to practice with. I'm hoping to assist in cooking for the banquet on that evening. And learning to cook in general, so that I am able to send all of our knights," YES, ALL OF THEM, "a warm lunch to take out on the field."

Eirene eyes the parcel and smiles broadly at the petite noblewoman. "That is so very kind and thoughtful of you, Lady Brianny. I would love to be able to assist you. I admit I have no idea how to cook anything, but I can roll some sushi."

Taryn smiles slightly and offers the two ladies a bow, "Well, if you two will excuse me, I still need to deliver my packages and then get back to work. It was a pleasure meeting both of you."

"That is kind of you, My Lady. And there is always something that one can do to help the families of our knights and soldiers." Brianny says with a smile, "I'm only learning to cook now, myself. It's not really something we are trained to do as a Lady, but I think it would be fun and it would mean that I could make a variety of food and send them out as gifts. Or so I am hoping." With her packaged cold cut once more held closely against her, she lowers herself in a quick curtsey, using one hand to grasp at part of her skirt. "If you would like, I can send you word on a wonderful cooking instructor. Or when we are planning other charitable events. For now, though, I should get this package home before it spoils. I do hope to see you at the Meals of the Mother Gala."

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