03.20.3014: Tomb Raiders
Summary: A group of Knights and other volunteers go looking for Hostiles in a necropolis. They find them.
Date: 10 December, 2013
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Room Name
The hexagonal stories of this necropolis, close by the First Battle of Primus (Third System War), are formed of black marble, polished and gleaming under lights intentionally left low. From the central lift system, a hexagonal antechamber opens up into six major passageways that split each story into wedges. Down each passageway, tributary halls open up like a fractal leaf pattern, leading to individual tombs within the greater mausoleum.
20 March, 3014

There are ten teams assigned to this hundred-story necropolis, each one provided with a run of eleven floors to search (since there are several floors in the basement). Elevators have been locked down except for specific calls from the patrols, and a force of two hundred men-at-arms and knights awaits in the ground floor antechamber to reinforce any discovery of Hostiles. This particular patrol has been assigned to floors 23 to 33, and assigned a lift — shared with the team working floors 34 to 44 — which currently carries them up to floor 23. Their orders were to search out any Hostiles among the fractal hallways of their assigned floors, call in support if they run into more than they can handle, and if possible, capture a non-Soldier Hostile alive. The lift is silent as they file in and the doors close, beginning to whisk them up toward their assignment.

"Yes baby, yes I know. Look, I can't keep this comm line open. I have to go, I love you. I'll comm when I'm at the Ways. Yes, yes. Alright, I love you too." Michael takes a breath, holds it and waits until there's the faintest click signaling the link's closure. He sighs then and activates the frontal plating of his helm, the long cheek plates sliding wing like into place and under plates closing the gaps over his nose and mouth. The eyes glow once a bright gold before dimming to just a pale of the same color. Long sword readied and hard light shield live on his right hand side, the similarly pale full sized circle showing an eagle with a scripted A inscribed in a ring of twining olive sprigs.

Brienne had remained silent the trip to their destination and it doesn't change once they arrive. She's more stoic, speaking only when being spoken too and she avoids looking at anyone, except Balius, who she had brought with her because he had insisted, and she decided to just bring him along. "Just stay out of the line of fire if we happen upon any." Her voice is flat, not really any inflections of tone in her usually warm voice. It's all she says as she steps into the lift. Once inside, she moves to the back so others can fit inside. She's armored up, her expression hidden with her helm, thank the Gods.

Victor holds his heavy bearded axe in his right hand, the haft already extended to the point where it is far more suited to two hands than one. He looks over to the Sauveur knight from behind the glowing orange eyes of his vaguely skull-shaped helmet, "Really, Pup?" Amusement filters into the man's gravelly voice, a laugh that just fails to come full force to his words. Thankfully, his own call back to Volkan took place inside the privacy of his own helmet. There's a momentary pause before he grunts softly, "Suppose I shouldn't call you that now, Sir Michael." His teeth skin back from his lips, "Guess you've graduated to bein' someone's bitch." The jovial Khourni reaches out in an attempt to clap Michael on the shoulder, to show that there's no hard feelings and he's just busting the man's balls.

Standing next to Brienne, in his scout armor, is Balius Quellton. "I know my place, Brie. You can count on me to get the job done." He's oblivious to the rumors and anything that may be affecting her mood. He's excited still about the prospects of combat, still standing truly untried.

One of those on the mission is checking over his armor a moment since it's been repaired since his previous encounter. Canis does a final check over before having his AI check all the internals as well getting a green light from his helm he'll mark a few things which are of interest. He holds in his hand his polearm his sword strapped to his side. He's remaining fairly quiet himself though he's busy with his pre-patrol checklist.

To Kieran's dismay, he's been put in command of one of the ten teams ordered to sweep the necropolis of any Hostiles. What's worse is they need to capture one /alive/. Half of the team he's fought beside, the other half he's not met yet, or at the very least it's been quite a while. "Alright, men." Kieran starts to say in the comms. "Priority one, clear out any hostiles in the area, if you find a /scout/, /elite/, or /priest/, and have the opportunity, try to subdue them with non-lethal force. Watch your corners. Make sure to have shorter weapons on hand if things get too crowded." He says, taking a deep breath.

Michael laughs, "You could call me Pup, Sir Victor, but then it might stick and that would be bad for me if I want a byname like Crusher, or SpiralDeath, or something." Grin in his words if hidden behind his helmet. "Wife's six months along, not sure if your wife is starting to have mood swings from a pregnancy… but I warn you. Patrol becomes a savior four months in." a short chuckle before he nods to the Khournas and then replies to Kieran with a, "Yes sir."

Behind her helm, Brienne listens to the banter around her from those back and forth, but when Balius responds to her, she gives a brief and approving nod. Back in her comfort zone, she's once again wearing her game face, a Knight first and foremost. "I know, Balius." The words are brief, but it shows her trust in the Quellton at least. "Yes, Sir." The reply is to Kieran as they are given direct orders and she draws her great sword, holding it down in front of her, preparing herself for what may come.

"Five." Comes Victor's response to Michael, "And it's not so much 'swings' as 'even angrier than usual.'" Still, the words are spoken with a chuckle that trails off as Kieran speaks up. Nodding sharply, "If there are any Hosties fucking around with our dead, I want 'em stone cold on the floor, but sittin' in a cell to be poked and prodded's second best." Victor goes silent on the comms for a long moment then, giving his suit AI the last few commands necessary.

The lift rises smoothly, stopping for a moment before the Knight Lieutenant's voice comes over all of their comms, a clear tenor, "Floor 23. Watch your corners," evidently, he wasn't listening to Kieran's orders, "and good hunting. Reinforcements are waiting if you need them." There's no ding to the lift as it reaches its destination, the doors opening smoothly to reveal the antechamber surrounding the lifts, empty save for a few tokens left behind by grieving descendants. Six broad hallways run off into the dimness of the necropolis, lit enough to see that they are currently empty.

Canis finishes the last bit of his check before his com comes to life he does turn to face that direction he nods listening to the further orders "Yes sir. Understood." he will copy as well looking between each in the group a moment. He will strap his polearm to his back and reach down for his sword in stead sweeping it out, it's been a little since he's used in combat, but he's kept in practice all the same.

"Yes, Sir." Balius says in response to his orders, trying to make sure his AI has nicknames for readouts on each point. He re-checks his medkit as he prepares to follow out the lift

Kieran slowly draws his greatsword, a short sword strapped on his right side. When the lift comes to a stop and the six corridors reveal themselves. Another deep breath, then takes a few steps into the antechamber. "Alright, spread out. Lets set up a base of operations here before we decide what do to next." He looks around again. Six corridors, Six knights and a medic.

Lord Sir Garus Leonnida has been quiet in the back of the lift the entire time, as the powerful man has spent the entire conversation tapping into a small screen on the inner forearm of his gold-and-blue ornate armor. With the chest and shoulders emblazoned in the imagery of lions and the all-enclosed helm a stylized lion's head, his distinct lack of conversation so far has left him seeming far more robotic and distant, save for the constant tapping. When the lift comes to a stop, he draws his wide-blade of a broadsword and turns the tip towards the floor, careful of the other occupants. "Predator AI, flag friendlies and submit report to teams at base level." Garus' wolfish voice crackles over the comms. Only something strange happens instead, and to the outside world his head tilts. The response on the screen doesn't relay as it should. With a sigh, he continues after the others. With a hiss of electronic voice-over, his golden optics scan the team. "No folding to coddle the non-medics." Garus says gruffly, nudging Canis with his elbow in a bit of Cindravale banner-house camaraderie. "Sir Canis, luck be with you, lad."

Fun chitchat will have to wait now that the lift arrives at their first floor, Michael nods to Victor and then moves into the antechamber as well. He takes a position at the apex of three of the corridors, near the center of the floor. Shield in front of him and positioned to move to any one location when given the order.

"And if you need help, ain't no need running yourself into the grave…ya bring the medic along for a reason." Balius adds to Garus' note. He's decidedly following Brienne down her corridor, as his AI shifts to connect for readouts, testing to ensure he's getting accurate measurements…just in case.

Canis steps out easily enough the order gets a nod in agreement. He keeps glancing about not wanting any surprises if it can be helped, he is notified by his AI at the approach of a friendly the nudge gets a small chuckle inside his arm before he'll break his silence "Thank you Lord Garus, likewise to yourself. Everyone for that matter." he'll say before taking a few more steps forward his sword held at the ready should he need it.

Victor steps out of the lift, looking about and bringing his axe haft across his body so he can grasp it with both hands. "You want us all in one group, Sir Kieran, or split into two?" The Khourni phrases his question a little warily, then barks out a low laugh, "Because I damned sure don't want to go wandering down one of those corridors on my own."

Hearing the voice of the Knight Lieutenant over the comm, Brienne tightens her grips on her greatsword and steps out of the lift, keeping herself positioned before Balius, if he cooperates. In the antechamber, she looks towards the Lion, her helm blocking the raised brow expression. Leonnida, right. She'd squired with the Valen, he was somewhat familiar. Awaiting direct orders as to which corridor she was to take, she remains silent as Victor asks the question she'd wanted the answer to.

"We've brought the medic for more than one purpose," Garus replies, helm nodding to Canis as his vision turns to take in Balius Quellton. Another shart nod is directed, this time to the Quellton medic. "I don't suspect one of the invaders would surrender, and so it may need to be sedated, or stabilized after it is brought down." Like a dog. The words coming harsh from the man known to be tied to a popular Cantosan-sympathizer. Strong and proud, the Leonnidan moves to the center of the team and turns his attention to Kieran. "On your word, Sir Kieran, though I'm inclined to agree with Sir Victor. Three teams, one with the medic with a focus on keeping the man alive."

"No one is to go anywhere alone. That's just asking for disaster." Kieran replies to Victor, his eyes move from one person to the next, trying to decide what the best course of action might be. Listening to Garus, Kieran nods. "I was thinking three groups as well. Brienne will go with the medic, they know each other. Victor and Michael, you will be team one. Canis, do you want to go with Brienne or Garrus?"

"Yes sir." Michael replies before looking to Victor and setting something inside his helm. He turns back to the three corridors he's looking down, shield in front of him. "I can take point Sir Victor, if you'd like." ready to go when given the green light. There's a momentary crackle from his comm and you can hear him vocalize the need to switch channels. From inside his helmet are a few loudly whispered words before his comm switches back, catching the tail end of a sigh.

Canis listens around to the plan and agrees with nobody being alone in here which would just be bad he's still trying to get the feel and layout of the place as they've stepped off the lift. He's got his head in the game as it were and pauses in his steps to answer the others question about which team he will join it does however give him pause but he'll respond. "I will go with Garus, but I can back up others as needed."

Victor nods at Kieran's order, murmuring, "Vera, display floorplan for this floor, track progress of other teams based on their reports, and plot quickest route to each, continually updating. Upper right quadrant, 30-percent bleed. Shade swept areas." And a map blossoms on his AI, a grayed-out image of the 23rd floor in its entirety and lighting up with each of other teams. "Go for it, Michael. It we make contact, step hard right and I'll come up on your left. And call me Vic. Or Cueball." One hand rises from the haft of his axe and he reaches out to clap Michael on the shoulder, "After you. Knights, you can have your AIs display a map overlay. They should have access to the plans through the mission's override."

Garus' golden optics turn towards Brienne when Kieran offers Canis the option of choosing his own adventure, so-to-speak, and the faceless look doesn't last long. With a click, Garus joins their connected channel, and with a resolute nod when Canis makes his choice, he turns towards the Ligonier knight and…hesitates. The sighed crackle that reaches his ears turns his attention towards Michael and Victor, his helm coming to a stop upon the newly minted knight. "As will I, Sir Canis," Garus turns, moving towards the corridor they stand before, waiting for the disperse order. "If anyone is waylaid, we can reinforce and…" Diplomatic pause. "We should be careful to not allowed unauthorized access to our channels. The invaders may have advanced listening devices. Predator AI, load floorplan. Floor 23. Six guide you all."

When people begin to team up, Brienne remains nearby Balius, not inputting a single word when there is mention of choosing a team. Once the decison is made, she moves towards one of the corridors, looking back at Balius. "Ready?" Lifting her blade, she doesn't look towards any of the rest of the team, deciding to just do as told. Her voice is only a murmur as she speaks some newly learned commands to her AI, flinching involuntarily as it sparks into life with all these colored icons inside. Would she ever get used to this technology? Taking the cue from Victor, she heads down the hallway, steps cautious.

"Ready as ever, Brie." Balius says, trying to consider his expanded role on the mission - no pressure, right? His steps are soft as he holds his dagger, ready.

"So be it." Kieran nods when Canis makes his decision. "Good luck everyone. Remember to watch each others backs." He says on the public comm before switching it to join Balius and Brienne's channel. After a few seconds of silence, Kieran speaks again. "Brie, Balius. Did I say that right?" He asks the Quellton as they start walking. "Computer, Necropolis map, Floor 23." He is silent otherwise, for the time being.

"Right, I'll use Vic. Easiest." Michael replies, and off he starts down a chosen corridor, shield up front and sword readied. Cutting across tributaries and remembering to keep his back in check. "So, Vic. How's things in Volkan? Feels like forever since I saw the Spire last."

With the first floor rather quiet and uneventful, Garus occasionally glances to his armored forearm, tapping a few hard-light keys and rotating his shoulder in response. It's been seen a thousand times before, and clearly the armor isn't sitting to the man's preference, but isn't something he's deemed important enough to return to the base level for a refit. Now at floor 23, he's ordered his AI to overlay the map to his visual readouts, and falls into line beside Sir Canis. He opens a private channel to the man, setting the team's tactical band on passive. «We've all ancestors in this place. It's a comforting thought; being able to ensure their continued rest like this, aye?» He murmurs over the channel, golden eyes scanning as they walk.

The young knight nods his head to the other as he moves to form up ready for anything to jump out at them. "You may of course take point my lord." he say over to Garus as they begin. He'll split his coms but allow the AI to monitor others for any emergencies which may rise up. Canis watches the other groups move off in turn but knows that focus is the name of the game and begins the patrol with moving. "Keep shield on standby." he speaks to his AI the com breaks though he nods but it's a distracted moment before he responds. "Yes rather important, we've learned our history but this is connecting to it."

Uneventful is good. Brienne responds to the inquisition over the comm from Kieran, "Yeah. It was good, Sir Kieran." That's the end of her conversational skills for now. Finding the first floor unoccupied by machinery, they move on, her steps remain cautious, not intending to walk into anything if she can help it. Every little while, she looks back to Balius, assuring herself he was well.

The 23rd floor is a study in tense boredom. Nothing breaks the monotony of the corridors but the hexagonal plaques marking each interred's last resting place. Those resting on this floor are centuries old, from the years between the First and Second System Wars. When the patrol has finished with this floor and calls for the lift to the next, just over an hour after they first stepped onto the 23rd floor, the Knight Lieutenant obliges, sending a lift to them and opening the door. The other teams report in about that time as well, noting no contact and calling for lifts themselves. The ride up a single floor is quick, and once more they pace out into teams, spreading across the 24th Floor for twenty minutes or so.

<FS3> Victor rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Garus rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Michael rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Balius rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Canis rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Kieran rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Brienne rolls Alertness: Success.

"Balius or Bey, whichever Sir." The Quellton looks back confidently to Brienne with a nod as he considers their surroundings.

While none of the other teams have yet reported contact, the shadows move in the dim light ahead of Garus and Canis just as they are turning a corner. There are a trio of Hostiles present, two Soldiers and a hulking Elite. They are just drawing weapons or grabbing them up from where they lie amidst sparse bedrolls and minimal organized clutter.

"Movement." The young knight's AI lights up though he's seen it with his own eyes already and no marked friendlies in the area. He is mindful that there may be trouble but that is the job after all. Canis will inch towards the corner. "Shield." the command to his ai before his com "Contacts." he doesn't have time to say more as he doesn't wish to allow them time to get setup, he'll rush to attack the nearest of the enemy.

Looking down on the ground, Balius notes the well-worn use of it. "Any reason for cleaning droids to be so active along these corridors?" He's as of yet unaware of the emerging Hostiles.

The light and shadows don't work well for Garus Leonnida, and as the knight turns around the corner, his golden optics shine mutedly in the direction of three Hostile invaders. His eyes immediately snap the massive elite and his sword comes up to bear. "CONTACT, Sector 24-8," Garus barks out over the tactical band, his left arm punching down in a sudden motion to engage his hard-light shield…and a shower of sparks spits out of his armor. "Repeat we have conta — «ARMOR MALFUNCTION»" With word of Garus' armor failing him blurting out through the internals of his helmet and onto the tactical band, he surges forward beside Canis, meeting the foes head on with only a sword to aid him.

Victor continues down the corridors before any call of contact, staying off to Michael's left and a step behind. He pauses at a back corner, "Huh. Something's been sitting here. Vera…" And then he's interrupted by the calls of contact, straightening up again and calling out, "The next left!" And his footsteps are pounding on the marble floors as he growls, "Vera, slug path to Team Three to Michael's AI." So that the optimum path can be displayed on the other Knight's HUD as well, "Vic and Michael, moving to contact."

Rushing right along just a step ahead of Victor, Michael raises his sword to high ready and follows the path sent to his AI and drawn in Red arrows mid air on his HUD.

The trek though the long corridors is an awkward, silent one for Kieran. When Bey finally break the silence, Kieran finally speaks. "Cleaning droids?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. It's then that Garus breaks radio silence. When he finishes he says rather quickly. "Computer, quickest rout to sector 24-8. Quick." The Young Lord says, motioning the his two Arboren companions the way, or at least part of it. "Follow me, they're close!"

Trying to look for any indication that anything had been interrupted, Brienne notices a few scuff marks on the floor. As Balius points out what they were, she nods, having missed the origin of the marks. "I don't really know." Hearing the call of contact, Brienne shows the first signs of life since their arrival, following beside Kieran as they run to meet up with those who'd discovered the Hostiles.

Rushing along, Balius follows Brienne, keeping pace as they rush headlong towards the Hostiles. "Coming!" Dagger out and ready to strike.

<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear but Canis DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Garus with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile20 attacks Canis with Bludgeon but Canis DODGES!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile20 with Sword but Hostile20 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword but Hostile21 DODGES!

With no apparent verbal communication, the two Soldiers launch themselves at Canis with spear and mace, while the Elite swings a larger, two-handed version of the double-headed axe wielded by Scouts at Garus.

The great weapon of the Cantosan Elite catches Garus in the chest, stutter-stepping the soldier back a few feet to the tune of a metallic hiss of pain. Trying once more to enable the hard-light shield, a shower of sparks belches from Garus' left arm, and the light from his forearm console blinks out in electronic malfunction. "« — DISABLED, REPAIRS REQ» This is Sir Garus, two soldiers and one elite. Sector 24-8…" Garus continues the call as he is forced to leave Canis to fight the two. Golden eyes rising to the threat of the Elite, he grips his sword in a two-handed grip and presses the attack. "Sir Canis, hold steadfast!"

Canis tries to strike his foe, but is dodged the good news however is that he's able to dance around the other strikes. His shield comes to life in front of him and he will put it to use. He'll keep pressure on the two who struck out at him. His AI ackknowleges the hit to the friendly at his side and he hopes it's not bad "Standing My Lord." he calls, but he'll swing his sword once again at the foe nearest him.

Victor speaks to his AI as he runs, "Vera, close sweep map, indicate turns with arrows, center-screen. Display Sir Garus' view, upper-left quadrant, 40-percent bleed." Grabbing a corner with one hand to turn it more readily, he takes in the fight as he runs, silent a moment but for his quickening breath, then he reports through the comms, "Knight Lieutenant, Contact, one Elite, two Soldiers on Floor 24. We've got 'em, but high alert to the other teams."

"Garus, we're coming!" Kieran comms to him as they sprint down the corridors. When he turns the corner he's met with an elite and two soldiers attacking Garus and Canis. "Take care of the solders first, lets try and see if we can't outnumber the elite. He says as he descends on one of the solders, his blade attempting to make contact.

Michael picks up the pace best he can. His AI doesn't come named and ability minimal, however he is able to keep up with tuning corners defensively. "Sir Garus, Mike and Vic are minutes out." comm switching to Victor, "If your full map shows a flanking option, lets take it. Two fronts."

Coming up to the others just in time to see the clash of the weapons, Brienne throws herself into the thick of it, drawing up her greatsword, preparing to swing it down in a hard slash against the Hostile, drawing the attention from Canis to herself with a fierce growl.

"Got it!" Balius jabs his dagger forward at one of the Hostiles. His AI keeping track of the wounds and hits, ever-ready to swap functions if necessary.

<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile20 with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile20 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile30 with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Garus with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear but Canis DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile20 attacks Brienne with Bludgeon - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Balius attacks Hostile21 with Dagger and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Brienne has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Hostile20 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Brienne spends a luck point to keep fighting!

As the Elite's massive double-headed axe comes swinging in, Garus is just finishing his attempt to run the man through with his blade. Garus' broadsword SCREECHES over the Elite's armor in a shower of sparks, and the axe comes sailing in. In one last, futile attempt to get his shield working, Garus brings his forearm up to try to deflect the half of the axe-head, and his shoulder is bit into heavily. The force of the blow rocks the Leonnidan knight into the door of a mausoleum slab, which cracks in half with the force. Woe is the memory of the departed now known as '_en Verrix'. Garus rights himself and brings his sword up, bleeding freely from his arm.

His AI bleeps the warnings that Brienne has been hit quite hard. "Hold on Brie!" Balius is far too distracted and cautious for his little dagger to connect. The amateur medic grabs at his kit to get her back into action quickly.

The trio of Hostiles press the Havenites hard, even as Havenite reinforcements arrive, and the reason becomes clear as two more Soldiers come around one of the corners, joining in with sword and greatsword. One of the original Hostiles falls to a heavy blow from oen of the additional Havenites, and although one looks down to the fallen Hostile, they go back about their business quickly.

Inner turmoil and battle don't mix so well, apparently, as Brienne wings her blade, she feels the something strike her left hand forcing her to her knees and her blade to drop to the floor. Cursing inwardly, she's already reaching for her sword with her right hand, not even daring to look at her gauntlet covered left one. Or… hopefully the metal is still on the outside and not crushed into her hand. She doesn't look, merely offers it out to Balius, keeping her head lowered.

Canis strikes his opponent as the others arrive. He's glad to see them though their charge is met with more resistance. He calls out com off as they press in, he raises his sword in challenge to the new comers trying to distract from them pressing the attack. "Lord Garus fall back if you must." he switches back his com to say before stepping back in and taking another stab at it.

"Brie! Are you alright?" Kieran exclaims, when the Arboren Noble takes damage, his voice has a twinge of concern. They make quick work of the first hostile, his A.I. warning him of the two new enemies now on top of them. "Watch yourself, we've got company!" He announces, turning to face the newcomers. his blade dancing in the dim light, his stance aggressive, preparing for a counter attack from the hostile forces.

Victor ducks around another corner, running alongside Michael, "I think we're comin' in flanking, but I wasn't payin' much attention, just wanted to get there damned fast." He's not being particularly stealthy, the heavy footsteps now echoing through the stillness of the mausoleum into the combat, "Thirty seconds out. Don't fuckin' die." And then he adds to his AI, "Vera, fuck pattern shifting, we're going straight demon." And the chameleon-paint of his Aggressor Armor shifts agreeably, displaying a rather graphically flayed demon, its face flensed to the bone.

"Doesn't really matter at this point!" Michael replies as he runs down yet another tributary. "Nice colors!" in response to Vic's armor change.

<COMBAT> Hostile23 attacks Kieran with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear but Canis DODGES!
<COMBAT> Brienne passes.
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile23 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Garus with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Balius with Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile30 with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Balius treats Brienne:
< Left_Hand (Serious): unsuccessful

<COMBAT> Garus has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Garus spends a luck point to keep fighting!

The medic tries to treat the wound on the hand and is distracted by the swipe of a Hostile. Frustrated, he follows the endless notations of his AI and moves on to Garus, the novice's hands at work.

Garus is faster than the Elite, but the massive Cantosan is far more apt to overpower the Leonnidan knight. With a few parries, Garus thrust his sword forward only to miss the Elite, and as he brings his sword arm back to block, the motors in the armor stall, locking his arm into place. Worse yet, the lock is in an unexpected place. Garus knows he's about to be hurt, and the cut of the axe is deep. Shearing down in a chop that cleaves into the front of his armor, the Elite's axe comes back with a gout of blood and Garus fights to keep his feet beneath him. "House…Leonnida…does…not…submit." Garus growls over the comms as fresh bodies rush to the rescue. He turns his side to the Elite to provide a smaller target and give the Quellton room to work, all while trying to force the Elite back…

Impatient, Brienne doesn't give Balius much of a chance to treat her hand and when she notices the Hostile going for him, she's too late to stop the attack, but she moves to put herself between the Hostile and the medic. "Back off!" She yells at the Hostile, trying to get its attention immediately away from the already wounded man. "I'm right fucking here!" She'd developed a mouth on her lately. Maybe it was from sailing.

Coming into view just around a corner, Michael makes a short sprint the last distance and charges one of the hostiles. Keeping slightly to the right like Vic had told him to do so that his patrol partner can make use of his axe to the fullest. Sword stabbing forward while shield lowering just a smidge to give him more room to strike.

"Someone get that Elite off of Garus!" Kieran says as his counterattack finds it's target in the soft belly of his Cantosan opponent. "Nevermind, I'll do it." He says as he disengages, standing in between Garus and the elite. His blade twirling around for another attack.

His challenge unmet, it's enough to throw the already reather unstable knight over the edge a bit. "Face ME. Coward." his voice calls through his visor mess with the com traffic for the moment. The valen knight presses his shield holding them off the injured. He will turn though the big hostile doing the most damage. He'll motion a nod slashing in at him as well.

Over the comms comes a call, "Incoming friendlies." And then Victor's helmet loudspeakers erupt with a wordless roar as the burly Khourni comes tearing around a corner, his axe whirling dexterously in two hands over his head. "Here, you livebirth Hostie motherfucker!" The gravelly bellow does nicely for a demon's voice, whether or not the Hostiles have demons in their culture.

Whether the words rile something or the two-handed axe is just the biggest threat, the Elite turns to face Victor despite the others attacking it as well. The Soldiers take full advantage of the Havenites obsession with the Elite, driving forward on their targets — who have not been forgotten about the Havenites, even if the defenders of the necropolis have forgotten about them.

<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile30 with Greatsword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garus passes.
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile21 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile30 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile23 attacks Kieran with Greatsword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile30 with Sword but Hostile30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Balius treats Garus:
< Chest (Light): successful
< Left_Arm (Moderate): unsuccessful
< Chest (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile30 with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

At the last minute, Brienne turns her attention to another Hostile that was about to attack one of the crew attacking the elite. She only manages to get a hit in, but it's not such a hard one. With her hand, she's not as accurate as she wants to be. Taking just a moment to get a handle on things, she inhales a few bracing breaths before going back in swinging.

Canis grunts as he's stabbed by the spear, but he's still standing though now a bleeding wound it would seem. He is forced to turn back to this foe and take a swipe it looks like the big hostile might have to wait for the moment. The young knight is angry understandably. He does make another stab towards the spear wielding hostile.

Planting a heavy, gloved hand onto Balius' shoulder, Garus leaves behind a splatter of blood on the medic's clothing as he leans for support while being treated. It's a patch to the damage he's taken; a wound that will require hospital time, but the immediate danger has been cleared and his vision restored. Garus rights himself and considers the damage to his armor before moving to circle the Elite, angling to disable the massive villain at the knee.

Forgetting to keep his shield up enough, Michael takes a strike to that hand but it's minimal. His own attack striking but glancing off the hostile's armor. He turns on the cybernetic plague that struck him lightly and moves back into more shield ready position.

Slapping some medi-gel onto the visible wounds, Balius gives an additional injection for the Leonnidan Lord to head back into the fray. Dagger drawn, he moves to strike.

"I didn't mean for everyone to attack it! Focus the others, just keep it /busy/. Focus the others first." Kieran orders, turning his attention to the hostile that would have cut his neck off if he didn't have his armor. He raises his blade to strike his foe.

Victor slams a glancing blow across the Elite's chest, just denting in its breastplate before his axe goes skipping free and off. His charge leads him in close and tight against the Hostile, with the Elite looming a good half foot taller than him. Victor doesn't appear to be intimidated, however, looking up and shoving back as the Elite tries to get some space and ducking under that heavy two-handed axe the Hostile wields, "I've got this big fucker." And then through his loudspeakers, he adds, "Hope you liked bein' a Soldier, asshole. 'Cause your genes are goin' back in the pool after I'm done with you."

<COMBAT> Hostile23 attacks Kieran with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Balius attacks Hostile21 with Dagger and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile23 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile23 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile30 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile30 with Sword but Hostile30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Hostile23 has been KO'd!

Siding up with Kieran, Brienne slashes her sword down across the Hostile, though once she connects, she doesn't slow down, she instead moves to the one attacking Michael once she notices the last one fall, leaving Kieran to either help Canis or with the Elite. Her wounded hand is seriously throwing her off, but at least it has got her mind off other things.

Canis strikes his hostile firmly enough but cannot get back on defense quickly and the strike hits though his armor stops the blow doing damage. The knight is moving still and steps back to strike once more at the hostile trying to end this fight so he can help the others.

The fighting around the Elite turns into a flurry, as bleeding and hungry, Garus comes back to the fight. Limping to the side, Garus circles around to flank the Elite, and his heavy chop misses the leg of the villain. With a new weakness that comes from his strained, wounded muscles and the straining joints of his armor's motorized exo-muscles, Garus frowns and rears the sword back…trying again.

Pushing for the attack to sweep the leg from his foe, Michael is caught in the chest while his own sword is stopped dead. He reels back and goes in again, placing up his shield into ready position to try and keep his foe from hitting him at all.

Another swing and a miss, Balius shifts his stance a bit to get a better swing.

As the Havenites focus back on the Soldiers, another falls, clutching its — her — chest as blood spurts from beneath the rent plates of her armor. Another Hostile comes flying in from behind where the additional Soldiers joined the party, an Elite with a long glaive.

"Nice work, Brie." Kieran says as the two of them slay another hostile. Taking a few steps along with Brienne, he spots another Elite, his eyes widen a little and he says though the comm. "Another Elite! I'll hold it off. "/Kill/ the others quickly." Sweat starts pooling on his forehead as he charges the new opponent.

Victor raises his axe over-head, swinging down at the first Elite, only to have the blow caught by the haft of the Elite's own axe. The Elite moves more quickly than should be possible for something that big, and Victor staggers back with a grunt and blood trickling out from the new rip in his armor across his gut, "Shit. Pissed you off, didn't I?" His lips peel back from his teeth behind his armor, and he snarls, "Doesn't make it any less true." And then he clicks over to his comms, "Everyone still alive?"

<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius attacks Hostile21 with Dagger but Hostile21 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile30 with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword but Hostile22 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon but Victor DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile30 with Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile22 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Paydirt. Garus' attack to try to bring the Elite to one knee doesn't strike the joint as expected. The swing goes wide, clipping into the abdomen of the Elite's armor, and the sword wrenches back with a twist to avoid being caught in the rain of steel trying to fell the Elite. "YIELD!" Garus barks to the Cantosan Elite, his sword snapping back to gleam in the dimly lit corridor. The knight doesn't expect the Elite to submit, but the words said is an option provided.

Canis strikes his foe once more with his blade cutting him hopefully soon he can end this battle, but pays for it as the spear gets past his defense's he's struck hard and another grunt but still fighting he'll stab out at the hostile which now is near him.

Kieran charges, his sword pointed right at the second Elite's abdomen. It's armor is thicker then he anticipated as the Glave wielding hostile thrusts his spear-like weapon at his chest. Thankfully, the Valta Heir's armor is still strong enough to block the spear. He raises his weapon for another strike.

Michael and his hostile trade blows with nothing making contact. Michael lines up to continue on, bringing up his shield to try and ram into the creature before slashing at it with his sword. "Going to be in big trouble when I get home. Used to fight to stay alive, now I fight to not have to deal with hormonal wife break downs at the hospital." he chuckles grimly at his poor joke.

Victor pops a narrow, double-edged blade from the butt of his axe-haft, feinting with it at the Elite's stomach. And then the axe-head whips from Victor's right to left, hitting home on the left side of the Hostile's head, sending it staggering a moment. Blood streams down from the Hostile's helm, and Victor steps up close again, crouching low under a riposte and grimacing at the tug in his stomach. "He's not gonna yield, Sir Garus. It ain't how they're brought up." Michael's words draw a grunt, "Naw. She'll be too busy nursing you, you'll be fine."

Brienne continues to slash and hack away at a Hostile while the others battle their own, Elites and all. Hearing the marriage jokes, she grits her teeth together, just minding her own and not inputting anything into any of the conversations, humorous or otherwise.

Balius continues his attempts at jabbing at the Hostile.

<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile30 with Sword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword but Hostile21 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile22 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile30 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword but Michael DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear but Canis DODGES!
<COMBAT> Balius attacks Hostile21 with Dagger and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Hostile30 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Victor has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Victor spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Brienne finally manages to get another good hit in and avoid getting hit by anything in return. Casually, she takes a quick look around in between attack and defend to see how everyone else is faring. When another gets hurt, she's relieved to see the medic seems to be on top of his game and she just continues on, swing, dodge, repeat.

Ducking behind his shield while he sweeps for the leg again, Michael's opponent's armor stops his attack while Michael's shield stops the hostile's attack. He moves again to use his shield aggressively, trying to strike with it while also tring to cut into his opponent with his sword. The assisting knight gets a nod, "Thanks. Duck behind my shield if you need to."

One of the elites is down. "Medic! Make sure that elite lives. Stabilize it when you get the chance." Kieran shouts. As he barks his orders, the remaining Elite's glave manages to find a crack in his armor, nicking his dominant hand. He grits his teeth, bearing the pain.

One Elite is still pushing hard on Kieran, taking a blow to the breastplate that it doesn't even seem to notice and responding with a thrust of its glaive. The other Elite is wavering, faced by two opponents, and bleeding profusely from the head. It sweeps its axe in a wide arc, bludgeoning aside Victor's defenses to land a heavy blow on the Khourni's head, only to receive a pair of wounds in return. It slowly falls down to its knees, still struggling to rise, and then falls over to one side.

Victor gets his axe up too late, and takes an axe to the temple. He staggers back against a wall, then lashes out with the small blade at the butt of his axe-haft, drawing more of the Elite's blood with a thrust to the arm. The Khourni leans there against the wall for a moment, mumbling, "Nicely done, Lion-man." The top of his axe-head rests on the floor a moment, and he forces himself up again, "Fuck the Elite, make sure we're all alive first." It's not spoken loud, merely grumbled, so he's not really challenging the Young Lord's orders. Just griping.

"I…" Balius seems a bit conflicted, his medic instincts lean towards treating their wounded first. He looks to Brienne, confused as he works to treat Victor. After all, he's no noble or soldier.

"After helping Victor, he said when you get the chance," Brienne talks more than she has most of the night, only breaking the silence to assist Balius on his decision. "Your instincts are right. We can't lose our own, we'll always have another chance to capture a Hostile."

"I told you he'd yield we just needed to fucking get the point across." Garus barks back to Victor, offering a hand to the man to help him back to his feet. The point, of course, was beating it into the Elite, but that's part of the battlefield camaraderie. Bleeding and tired, Garus tightens his grip on his broadsword, pointing the blade to the Elite's back. "Work fast, medic, this is our chance!"

<COMBAT> Victor passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile22 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius treats Victor:
< Head (Critical): successful
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile30 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear but Canis DODGES!

"Nownownow.." Brienne tells Balius as she swings her blade towards the Hostile, getting a pretty serious cut in… again.. and yet it continues to fight! Cursing, she focuses and moves in, going for a more deadly hit.

Seeing the massive head trauma to Victor, Balius swiftly moves to him. There's a blending of medi-gel and a shot of a stimulant to get him going again. "Another hit like that and it'll take longer to fix." The Quellton makes sure there's a hardened coating on the wounds before shifting to the Hostile.

Finally a cut into the armor while having to keep his shield in play to stop the attack from the hostile. Michael's strike isn't deep, the armor on the chest being rather thick and tough to push through. He presses again with his shield, striking to try to throw it off while slashing in with his sword.

Victor kneels down a moment so that Balius can get to his head easily, "Just gimme something for the p — " And there goes the hypo, "Yeah, that's the stuff." Blinking inside his helmet doesn't stop the HUD from flickering, given the damage to his helmet (and his head), but it does help bring some of his balance back. And the synthskin prevents another wash of blood from running down his face as he straightens up to his feet. "Watch that fucker if you mess with him." That's apparently for Balius, and then he's stepping forward to join Kieran with the other Elite.

Seeing that Victor is both alive and tended to, Garus turns the sword over in his grip. No longer using it to hold his balance, he turns his eyes to the field and the remaining Cantosans, picking his targets wisely. This isn't over yet. Everything moving so quickly now, his feet move before his mind calculates what he wants to do and he's back in the fight, swinging his sword in a hard arc towards one of the Cantosans.

Kieran finally broke though the armor of the Elite and landed a solid hit on his chest, while the armor on his arm manages to stop any harm to come to him. "Think we can manage to capture two alive?" He asks, grinning in his helmet. He prepares for another attack.

<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile22 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile31 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile22 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.

<FS3> Balius rolls Medicine: Success.

It pays off as Michael brings his shield into the hostile creating a static screech before Michael's sword whips around into it's head and take a nice cut off the top. He pushes back and out of the way to clear room for the other two assisting him in bringing it down. Readying for the next assault on the creature.

A loud CRACK rings out as Garus' broadsword cuts into the armor at the neck of the Cantosan he's fighting. Still fighting with a limp, and his poor muscles surging with pain that is only held back by pure adrenaline, the bloodlust of field combat guides into pure muscle memory. Keep fighting until everything's dead or knocked out. That's the rule. "If we can capture TWO, Valta, then we should send these bastards to the cells." Garus calls out, his blood-soaked broadsword lashing out for another cut. "The King Regnant will be pleased with our victory."

The Hostiles are taking hits left, right, and center — mostly center at the moment. The Havenites have surrounded them by now, and the wounds are starting to rack up. The fallen Elite is alive, but only barely, with blood washing from pulsing wounds at temple and leg, and oozing from other wounds. The remaining one calls something out in the rasping, hissing, crackling language used by the Hostiles, and the Hostiles draw together, going back-to-back-to-back.

Brienne continues fighting the same one she'd been fighting for quite awhile, exchanging hits, managing to do some serious damage, but it's not enough.

Balius struggles but seems to be getting something on the mix of machine and blood. It's a confusing mess for the Quellton, as he tries to use basic first aid skills only, for fear the foreign anatomy might reject Havenite designs.

Kieran swings now for the head, trying to end this as soon as possible. It's thick armor stops all damage that would have gone though. He surveys the room after a close dodge of the elite's weapon. "Do we have /any/ idea what they're doing right now?" He asks, Whatever it was, it couldn't be good. "Lets end this soon." He says as he raises his blade for another attack.

Victor snarls as the Young Lords talk, "Let's see about getting all of us through this shit alive, eh?" He ducks under a jutting elbow from the Elite, then sweeps his axe around in a heavy arc that… well… might have hit if the Elite was half a foot further to one side. Double vision sucks hard. "Then we can see who's going to get blown by the Knight Commander."

<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Critical wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile22 with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Michael with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile22 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile31 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile22 with Sword - Light wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Hostile22 has been KO'd!

<FS3> Balius rolls Medicine: Good Success.

Shield once more his focus, tossing the attack to him to the side, Michael's own sword cuts across the hostile's chest and opens a wound that bleeds well enough. He steps back and then turns away to start fighting another hostile, the other knights have this one now and it won't take them long.

The next Cantosan falling, Garus' blade snaps back with a spray of blood. With one more soldier and one more elite to go, Garus whips his helmeted head around and a bright lance of pain shoots up from his chest-wound. "No one's dying here today, Khournas." Garus growls out to the man, storming up to Victor's side to reinforce him against the Elite. The circuitry on his left arm still as dead as the bodies in the crypt around them, the once shining armor of the Leonnidan knight is a wreck as he double-hands his next swing.

Balius focuses his task on keeping the Elite Hostile stable and sedated. He only wishes he'd gotten a better briefing on that. Now there was that one chapter in his text…

Back-to-back-to-back becomes back-to-back as quick as you like, and three go down to two. The fallen Elite's bleeding seems to be slowed now, but its armor is awash in its own blood — and that of Victor and Garus. The still-fighting Elite takes another series of battering hits, sweeping out with its glaive, then launches itself forward, the remaining Soldier sticking close to the Elite as they attempt to break out of the encirclement.

Finally, the Hostile she was fighting goes down and Brienne doesn't hesitate in going for another, an Elite. She takes her cue from the others and goes for a leg, not wanting to take it out completely, just out of this particular equation.

With one Elite down and being treated, Victor isn't worrying about giving the one trying to break out a love-tap. He's still spinning his heavy axe around and trying to unload on it. After all, these things have evidently been living here among the Havenite dead — and there's a Waygate right down at the base of the necropolis. "We've almost got them down here on Floor 24." And over the comms, the patrol can hear reports of a few other scattered groups of Hostiles throughout the Necropolis.

"Stop him!" Kieran shouts, not wanting the elite to get away, not while everything was going so well. Again, his attack cannot pierce it's armor, doing what he can to keep in front of the Elite. The Glaive, striking his neck. Thankfully it's still holding up/

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile21 with Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword but Hostile31 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile31 with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Canis with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile31 with Sword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Hostile21 with Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Left Foot stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Hostile21 has been KO'd!

Tired, her hand throbbing, Brienne continues to swing, her aim doing well, but her whole demeanor is exhaustion. The blade lifts and strikes against the left leg, but the damage is minimal, so with both hands, she raises her greatsword again and meets nothing but solid armor, causing a rattle through her hands and down her arms, jarring her hurt hand. It doesn't stop her.

Moving into strike, Michael has to deal with the hostile's weapon and that means his own doesn't get the right amount of umph. Pulling away and slamming back in again with his shield as a battering ram, Michael's blade drive down and breaks a plate on the hostile's neck drawing blood to the surface before he's backing away and turning to fight the only other one there is.

The Hostile Elite pinballs between Havenites, lashing out with butt and blade of its glaive, elbows, knees, and even a headbutt. Its fellow falters after a series of heavy wounds, dropping to the ground and leaving the last Hostile on its own, surrounded and hemmed in by enemies. It keeps fighting, however, slashing, thrusting, and otherwise trying to inflict bodily harm on the Havenites around it.

"Just a little more!" Kieran says, his attack again unable to pierce the Elite's armor Elite. "We've got'em running. We can take them!" His second attack gets though, but not before the hostile smacks him in the head, causing him to stagger a bit. He shakes his head, now seeing double and stars. "Finish him!" He attacks once more.

The fighting is intense, with Garus' sword hacking at the Elite and taking an elbow to the face in the process that puts a crack in the optics of his helmet. The holo-display inside of the armored shell has a sizeable crack running down the inside, forcing the light to spread across Garus' face, blinding him in one eye. "Bastard has a bit of fight in him." Garus snarls between practiced breaths, forming a circle and fighting to keep the Cantosan in the center of it.

Keeping a his eyes glancing around, Balius is well aware of the damaged crew. His attention rests on the downed Hostile, continuing with his work.

Victor continues to miss with some sweeps of his axe, and hit with others. For instance, he puts a dent in the Elite's cuirass — and rib-cage — with one swing, but has to duck back away from the butt of the glaive on another, and only hits home with a glancing blow. "You're one dead Hostie, Hostie. You'll never see your family. You'll never see your genes ascend. You're fucked."

<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Foot (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile31 with Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile31 with Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Balius passes.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile31 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile31 with Sword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kieran attacks Hostile31 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile31 attacks Kieran with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Garus attacks Hostile31 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Hostile31 has been KO'd!

Swing, swing, hack, hack. Leg shot, foot shot. Brienne fights for all she's worth. "You know," she says once the Hostile has gone down and she takes a really quick breather. "I really miss fighting from horseback." Not to anyone in particular, but being Valen squired, it's her preferred way.

At some point, the Hostile Elite stops trying to escape, and just starts trying to hurt the Havenites. But when there are six of them and only one of it, even that's difficult to do. Eventually, far too eventually for most, it finally crumples, it's chest nearly caved in, it's left leg sliced, and it's right hand nearly

Kieran takes one more strike from the glaive before the last Elite goes down. "Quick, Balius. Check to see if we can still save him." He says, still trying to get his vision right. His head throbs, and the alarms on his AI weren't helping any. "Good job, guys. You did good."

"This one's stable, Sir." Balius says, shifting to the mangled one. "Anyone in immediate need?" He asks via the comm link as he shakes his head, considering the more than beaten state of the other Elite.

<FS3> Balius rolls Medicine: Failure.
<FS3> Balius rolls Medicine: Great Success.

Two hit, but the second one wasn't it hitting the floor sadly as Michael's blade cuts open a serious wound on the hostile's ribcage and then glances off armor lower down. He pulls back from it and moves over to check on Balius and the elite he's trying to stabalize. "Bey, how's it looking? Need anything?"

Seeing the last Cantosan go down, Garus stops swinging and takes a hard step back. The tip of his sword comes down to the floor fo the Necropoli, forcing him to lean heeavily against it. Shoulders sagging and his head hanging low, he turns to watch the second Elite dying on the floor. The mask he wears is far too imperson to show whether or not he cares…because PAIN, and while it dies…Garus watches in silence.

Victor watches the last Hostile fall, leaning forward to rest a hand on his knee and try to catch his breath. "Hostiles on Floor 24 handled." Not that they're in any shape to continue with the patrol. He listens to the chatter of Hostile reports elsewhere in the necropolis, grimacing, then moves over to the nearest of the Soldiers, kneeling alongside it and bringing his axe down on its neck to ensure it is dead. "Not like we need these fuckers alive."

"still would have been nice to get more then one. More stuff we can learn." Kieran replies to Victor. "Either way, we still completed the secondary objective. Good job. Reinforcements can complete the rest, I think." He tilts his head sideways, looking at the still live hostile. "What do we do with him? Can we carry him to the lift, or do we need to leave him here?"

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