08.18.3013: Told You So
Summary: Reena goes to treat Temple after he returns from investigating the lead on his sister, which was a trap, just like she told him it would be.
Date: 18 August 2013
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Reena Temple 

Temple's Apartment
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18 August 3013

Reena finished patching up her brother, sister-to-be, and Sammel Cindravale before slipping into her simpler, unadorned garment she wears to the Down Belows. With a bag holding her field kit, she snuck out of the Blackspyre, through the ways to Khar-Mordune, and down to the lower levels to Temple's shop. She tries the door first, unsure if he's ok enough to answer the bell.

All the locks on Temple's shop door are sealed shut. There's also dried blood on the doorknob. What seems like a couple minutes pass, until evenatually the locks disengage of their own accord. Or rather, they were done so remotely, allowing her enterance. Whenever she gets around to moving to his apartment in the back of the shop, she finds him laying on his couch, with a haphazard job of wrapping his head and forearm and with a litany of bruises.

Reena sweeps inside, relocking the doors behind her. She heads back to his apartment, and removes her cloak, the simple cotehardie beneath it one she clearly wears only down here, but it's clean. One glance at him and she grimaces, setting her bag on his coffee table and unloading her med kit. "How clean is the water from the tap?" she asks, heading for the kitchen area.

"Clean enough?" Temple has hardly noticed her, either by how out of it he seems, or that he's drank half a bottle of cheap whiskey. "Can't say I really test that kind of thing. "I'm sure you've seen worse than this." Eyes glances at her shuffling off her cloak. "You gonna play nursemaid naked? I can get behind that."

"No," Reena responds flatly. One thing she is all business about, is medicine. She puts a bowl of tapwater into his zapper to boil it and ensure it's safe. It dings, she removes it, and brings it along with some of his clean washcloths from the bathroom. "Tell me what made the injuries, Solace, please." She sits down on the coffee table and slowly begins to remove the bandages.

"A lot of fists and clubs." Temple grunts out. "Couldn't really keep track of the first, I lost count after four." Eyes go bak to staring at the ceiling for the time being, one hand draped off the side of the couch, fingering the open mouth of the whiskey bottle. "Pretty sure there was a club. Or it was brass knuckles." Another moment passes while she does her thing. "I was an idiot."

"All right, I'm going to have to give you a tentanus shot because you aren't sure of the makeup of the weapons," Reena advises in a calm, kind voice. She dips the washrag into the clean water and begins to clean him off first, carefully, diligently, inspecting the injuries as she goes. "Tell me which arm you want it in, because that arm is going to hurt and be stiff for a few days." She doesn't comment on his status as an idiot, just smiles at him wanly.

"Wonderful." Temple deadpans. Rolling his shoulders, he sighs, tilting his arm at his left shoulder. "The left, being right-handed and all. Sorry, no, can't really recall. Just a lot of laughing, being called a sucker, and worse. Just get it done, I hate needles." He looks away at that point. "Sorry to drag you away from the fancy wedding stuff."

"The wedding was over the moment the Hostiles attacked the Veldt," Reena notes softly. "My brother has a broken leg, and Lady Devon has internal injuries from one of the sonic attacks of their priests. We killed several though." Once the dirt and blood is washed off, she cleans all of the wound areas with an antiseptic, which burns like alcohol is wont to. "Sorry if this stings," she murmurs. "And I looked incredible at the wedding. I was a bridesmaid. My dress was insanely hot."

"So a wedding and a funeral?" Temple utters. "Wasn't there a vid named something like that?" he asks, sucking in a breath when needle is inserted. "Sorry to hear it got jumped by Hostiles. They have the worst timing, I hear. No, it's fine, just know it's going to make my arm funny." Once done, he turns and looks back at her. "You mean, more insanely hot than you usually are?"

"Yes," Reena quips with a smile. The hypo for the tetanus is put in his left upper arm, and more hypos with local anesthetics are injected near the wound sites. "I'm going to have to stitch a few of these up. Just try to stay calm. I've numbed the areas," she murmurs. She opens a pre-threaded surgical needle with suture thread on it and begins the careful task of closing the gashes that require it so he will have little chance of scarring.

"Argh, more needles. Alright, just get it done so I don't have to think about you doing it." Temple mutters, shifting on the couch slightly to get more comfortable." Going back to looking at the ceiling when she picks out that sewing needle. "Well, it's a shame I didn't get to see you in a dress. Though, I don't think I would've appreciated it enough, seeing I would've been thinking of ways to get you out of it."

"I'm sure it's all over the holos by now," Reena muses. She finishes stitching his wounds and applies ointment and bandages. She strips off the nitrile gloves she was wearing, and tosses them into his trash before grabbing up his remote and turning on his screen. Sure enough, video and photos of the Ibrahm wedding are on some style channel, while all the other channels focus on the attack later. "There you go." She digs in her kit and pulls out a bottle of pills. "Pain killers, one before bed, one in the morning, one at dinner. NO MORE THAN THAT. Am I understood?"

"No more than two every half-hour, got it." Temple grins, then nodding. "A day." he corrects. "Yes, mom, I got it." Having his screen turned on, he looks at the screen. "Just love seeing yourself on the fashion news, don't you? Though…can't really blame them, you look like a knockout. Though, if you were dressed like that, don't think I'd have a the balls to ask for a dance."

"Well there wasn't much time for dancing, and my fianc was conspicuously absent as well. Though I suspect he was deployed," Reena notes bitterly. She gets up and goes to his bedroom, returning with some clean clothing for him to put on, sweats and a t-shirt. "Think with my help you can make it to your bed?" she asks.

"Honey, you are asking -a lot- of me right now." Temple slowly sits up. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised." Jokes aside, he knows exactly what she meant. "Yeah. It was all I could do to just drag my ass back here. Haven't moved from the couch in awhile." At that, he staggers up to his feet. "Sorry he didn't show." is all he can say in that regard. "He missed out just as much as I did, I'm thinking."

"Well, more, since he didn't get to shoot a hostile in the chest like I did, twice," Reena quips. She slings his arm across her shoulders to help guide him back to his room. She's held up well, concealing her concern until she finally gets him into his own bed. Then the weariness and worry shows on her face. She sits on the bed's edge. "So it was a lure to get you there, the lead on your sister?" she asks.

"Sounds like fun. The idea of a woman fighting in a dress is somehow appealing, really don't know why." Temple allows the help with a frown. Idependent, this one. Getting to the bed, he slowly goes through the process of changing, until finally he's laying on the bed, letting a long silence pass. "Yeah. It was. It was what I kinda thought it'd be. Though, they ain't feeling so great either, I hope. I got my licks in, even if I took the lion's share."

"Don't be silly. I changed into my armor before I went into the field. There was no room in that dress to breathe, let alone fight," Reena says with a smile. "I'm just glad you came back alive. I wish you wouldn't have gone alone, Temple." Her smile fades at that, her concern for him plain.

"Not in my fantasies." Temple taps a finger against, well, his temple. "The thought had crossed my mind that I wouldn't come back. And if they had had their way I wouldn't of. Psychomancy came in handy creating a diversion to get away that time. I put enough of a hurtin on them that they likely won't be coming back for me for awhile. But, I had to know for sure." Sigh. "…I just miss her so much. But I don't know how much hope I got left."

Reena closes her hands over one of his gently. "We'll get answers, Solace, one way or another. I wish I could be more help to you in this," she murmurs.

"I've always done this alone, Ree. I'm used to it." Temple shrugs. "I'm sorry I can't be more help to you. So we're both sorry for things we really can't control. Which, is kinda silly, but here we are." His hand squeezes her's. "Every time I don't find her, I feel like I'm failing her all over again. Hurts every time. Irrational, but I think a lot about my life has been just that. Just glad you're here now."

"I wish I could stay, but I have patients back at the Volkan barracks, some in bad shape, including my cousin's bride-to-be," Reena murmurs. "I'll video call you in the morning to make sure you're doing all right, and if I can get away I'll come check on you in person tomorrow or the day after, all right?"

Temple nods. "I gotcha. Can't be hogging all your time when you got work to do." But he won't let her leave without pulling her down for a kiss, one that suggests he really missed. "Reena…" the rest dies on his lips, resulting in a smile. "..just, thanks for coming to see me. I needed to see a friendly face."

Reena returns the kiss gently, so as not to make his bruises hurt more. "Try to get some rest, and I'll call you in the morning to make sure you wake up ok." She rises and heads for the door, stopping in the bedroom doorway to give him the evil eye. "Take the meds properly like I told you," she threatens. Then she goes into the other room to collect her things and depart.

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