03.23.3014: To Compose a Letter
Summary: Brienne helps Tristan to compose a letter
Date: 13 December 2013
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Brienne Tristan 

Brienne's Apartment
What looks to be hard wood flooring in a pale golden walnut color stretches throughout the entire apartment. The entryway is wide with a few plants and framed photographs on either wall along with a wide mirror. Further into the room it widens, expanding into an open feel living area with a cream colored sectional sofa facing a videoscreen and edged by a couple of potted plants, all green and healthy looking. A fireplace, a genuine woodburning one, is built into the wall and there is a plush rug on the floor before it. The walls are rustic logs with high, beamed ceilings. A staircase to the right of the living area leads to a loft style bedroom.

A nook with a bay style window edged with a window seat looks out over the forest and gives a breathtaking view of the canopy above and the undergrowth below. In general the color scheme is more cream, forest green and a dark blue color with a few maroon accents.

Upstairs, the bedroom is in an open loft with the same tantalizing view of the forest, the color scheme has followed along. The bed is a blissfully soft king size with a thick down comforter and several matching throw pillows. The windows are left bare, open, most of the time, though the shades that draw over the windows with the touch of a button are sometimes used. Other doors lead to the bathroom and closet.

March 23, 3014

After Declan had left, Brienne had gone to the refrigerator and withdrawn two of the Mott's ales she had stored there and returns to the table. "I think Declan will never understand any of us." Sitting down, she dons a bright smile. "Now, let's get this letter written so you can get on with the rest of your life being happy."

"He's trying, but I'm not sure he will ever succeed," Tristan replies, as he moves to the table and seat himself as well. A brief pause, as he hears that second part, before he nods, with a smile. "Yes… And hopefully you will be happy one day too," he says, a bit quietly.

"He's trying, sure, but Keanen hates him.." Brienne hesitates. "Do you know why?" Suddenly it dawns on her that Tristan may not even know why Keanen despises their brother so. She looks down at the paper and shakes her head. "I already lost my shot, and it's why you can't lose yours, the chance isn't there too long."

"Lady Ariana, isn't it?" Tristan replies quietly, before he adds, "And hopefully, you will get another shot, even if it don't look that way now…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Will me being happy make you happy?" he finally asks.

Brienne gives him a brief nod. "Yes, Ariana." She runs her fingers through her hair before reaching to her side and unfastening her blade before laying it across the table, to sit more comfortable in her chair. "Will you being happy make me happy? You have no idea, Tristan. Your happiness and Keanen's is all I want."

Hearing that, Tristan nods a little. "I think it's the start of the letter that I've been having the most problem with so far…" It's said a bit quietly, before he adds, "I mean, how do I begin such a letter?"

"Dear Mother," Brienne tells him quietly. "It happens that I have been spending time with a lovely lady. She and I have found a mutual admiration for one another and I spoke to her on whether or not she would be agreeable to a match, should you find it beneficial. She was most agreeable, mother and it does my heart glad to know my feelings are reciprocated." Brie smiles a little. "Due to the recent, if somewhat blown out of proportion, happenings between my sister and the Sauveur knight, a match between us could also perhaps mend the rift between our Houses. Lady Firia Sauveur is whom I speak of, and if you would consider arranging a match for me with her, and if it would benefit House Arboren and House Sauveur for such a match, the fact that I have deep feelings for her would be a bonus." Spouting it all out there for him. "Your Son, Tristan."

Tristan writes down that, expression a bit thoughtful. "But should it be mentioned that she has connections to the Valtas as well?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now.

Brienne smiles and shakes her head. "She is a Sauveur first and foremost. I am sure our mother is very smart and knows of the lady in which we speak. Why point out the obvious when it would be more detrimental in doing so?"
Considering those words for a few moments, nodding a little, Tristan lets out a bit of a breath. "You're right…" he offers, with a quiet smile now. "Thank you."

Brienne leans over and at the beginning of the letter inserts two words so now it reads, 'It happens that I have been spending time with a lovely lady. She and I have found a mutual admiration and respect for on another.' - "There you go, Tristan." Leaning over, she hugs him tight. "I love you and if you find happiness through this, then it will make me the happiest sister around."

Hugging just as tightly as he's hugged, Tristan is unable to hold back the tears in his eyes now. "I wish you wouldn't have to go…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Come back every now and then, to make sure the rest of us know you're safe?" Said a bit quietly now.

"I'll be back, Tristan, I promise. I'll always be back. After all, I'll have a wedding to attend." Brienne smiles. "I love you and I have the datapad now, send me a message when you need me, I'll be here."

Tristan nods, not letting go of the hug now. "You will be safe too. And if you need me to come help you, I will come there too."

Fade out here…

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