09.12.3013: TNP Rave
Summary: EVENT - A Rave is held in a warehouse in the Ring's Blue District to benefit The Notice Project.
Date: 06 September 2013
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The Bazaar — Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
12 September 3013

"Yes, right there is perfect… Trix?!" Sean calls out and the metallic sensual voice of his AI picks up, "Yes Sean?". "Prep the lights, we're going to run a sound and light callibration." He says and he moves to his booth on the main stage. Trix's voice comes on near Densoric, "Hello lord Densoric, thank you for helping set this up. Would you be so kind as to initiate a level one laserlight callibration with the mainprojector display controls?" her voice registering his response before moving on to give similar requests to other workers at other stages.

The burgundy wrapped figure at the center of the stage glances over towards Sky and Sean, until Sky introduces himself. "Xenona," she offers back after a moments thought. Her eyes flicker to the sound of the AI and she goes still. "I do not move, correct?" The young woman restricts herself to her small standing place, even pressing her gloved hands in on her sides, flexing her fingers. Gazing upwards towards the lights, she trails her tongue to the back of her lips and then chews the inside of her cheek as she sways her weight from one foot to the next to keep from locking up.

Densoric finishes slicing more wires and screws down a control board on one of the bulkier components of what he is working on. Hearing the A.I. voice he simply says, "It is for the Project and I've not had the chance to contribute directly much, so thanks is not required." He then moves over to the indicated board and says, "On your mark." as he begins to set up the requested sequence, awaiting the signal to activate it. He simply offers another nod to Xenona for now, as he focuses on the task assigned.

Uncharacteristically, at least for those even familiar with his reputation, Densoric is actually dressed informally in dark turquoise slacks and cloth shoes, and a pull-on shirt of natural color with cyan stitching. Seems he's dressed more for function then formality currently.

This warehouse off the bazaar in the Ring has been abandoned for some time, and is being put to good use by the Notice Project today. Reena has been running around finalizing the permits and licenses for the event. She steps into the warehouse and tacks up the liquor license, event permit, and fire marshal notice for maximum number of attendees beside the door. The Khourni lady and Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the charity is dressed in simple breeches, blouse, and vest at the moment, things she can get dirty in for setup. Her dress and accessories for the event itself are currently stored in the manager's office above.

As the lights flick on one at a time, an infrared beam spots onto Xenona. It flashes thrice before a new beam spots onto her and trails across her until it meets where the first one is. More flashing of the beams. After all six of the tracers are in place, holoprojectors kick on and begin to run through callibration tests. Sean watches over all of them, having to fix one of them before nodding over the rest. The levels were all within limits. Sound tests begin after that, different tones coming on as the system works to 'hear' and 'play' so that there are no dead spaces where the crowd will be. "Thank you Xenona, all finished… would you like to come sample the mixes?" Sean asks as he looks over to her. Trix's voice comes on near Densoric again, "Thank you again lord Densoric, the callibration was a success. Optimal levels throughout. Would you be so kind as to assist in the set up of one of the smaller stages? There is an issue with their projector controls."

Xenona goes still, eyes fluttering as the lights play across her, for the moment blinding as her head dips briefly. She blinks, staring a head, flinching a few times as her eyes adjust. Left blind as the lights fade down, she tries to blink the dots away from her vision and then glances towards Sean's voice. "Yes, that would be nice," simple response is given as the young woman begins to carefully pick her way towards her, one slow footfall after the other - each taken with a directed patience. Her ponytail sways at the back of her neck and brushes along her shoulders as her head dips forward further to place each footstep. Finally reaching the booth, she reaches out to grasp the lower wall and leans in, trying to get a better look. Moments later and she is right in next to him, giving the console a thorough study, having to lean and turn her head past the blank spots on her eyes from the lights.

Densoric Finishes up and responds to the A.I. "If I'm able." as he makes his way over to the mentioned area and starts to look over the projector controls to see what he can find, picking up his tool kit along the way.

Reena watches the lighting test, and she moves over to where Densoric and Sean are fiddling with things. "Looks good. I have to go confirm final things with the caterer for the snacks, then I'll be back. You have everything handled on the technical end? More volunteers should be coming to help with set up soon."

"Yup, all is undercontrol here… I'll be changing into costume soon and running a preshow, then we should be good. The other DJs will be here shortly. One just texted to say they were on the lift headed this direction when they get down to the main bazaar." Sean pulls Xenona in front of him when she gets over, and will plop the headphones over her ears, reaching around her as he works to start up the samples of the mixes he'll play for the show.

Adjusting her weight into the pull, the young woman plants her hands at the edge of the console, attempting to keep from pushing anything of importance. Xenona's hands lift instinctively to her ears as the headphones find their perch, fingers curling around the speakers pressed close. She glancings back slightly, just enough to look at Sean before following the movements of his hands. Focused. It is very obvious that she is giving her attention wholly to the display of skill, head tilting to one side to allow him the view he needs as her hands remain pressed to her headphones.

Finding the cause of the trouble Densoric simply says, "Perhaps the volunteers would be more efficient by distributing based on one's skills then general need." as he goes about effectively removing all the cables, plugs, and wires from the controls and starts over hooking them back up.

Reena nods to Sean and Den, quietly thanking Xenona. "Thank you for your help, Lady Xenona. Cindravale has been most generous with aiding this project. I'll leave you to the rest of the entertainment set up then. I'll be back." Reena smiles and she heads back out through the smaller of the warehouse doors to arm wrestle the caterer to donate some if not all the snacks.

This warehouse in the Bazaar area of the Ring's Blue District has long been abandoned but, tonight, it's being put to good use. The Notice Project has set up their first official charity event here, a "rave" of sorts, with proceeds from the door fees and donations made at a special table, going to the projects first stage of clean up. There are several bars set up in different areas of the warehouse, with stages set up for DJs to spin their tunes and play videos on the holoprojectors. Snack stations are set up around the warehouse as well, with finger foods available for a small fee, again being donated to the cause.

Lady Reena Khournas is dressed in the spirit of the event, in a deep red halter dress, backless and mostly sideless, with a knee-length, swingy skirt. Her dark hair has been done in intricate braids, one of which she's stabbed a glowstick through for effect. She is seated at the donations table for the event.

Returning to the warehouse, this time without his sword, is Lord Densoric, perhaps missing the point of a rave given his extremely formal attire. He's likely not here to dance however as he approaches Reena upon spotting her and asks, "Where best should I place myself, or prefer I simply socialize as best I can?"

Alistair, in a muted and functional grey tunic, is changing the trash bags at the end of one of the tables. The Senator is smiling and occasionally tapping his foot to the beat.

Drucilla stands near the entrance for a moment before entering the room, her gaze taking in the event and the setting with keen curiosity. The Lady Sauveur is dressed for the event in a black leather vest with no shirt beneath, her middriff left bare above tight leather pants and boots with spiked heels and silver buckles, all in blac which seems to be her usual color scheme.

Generally, Cyrielle Hollolas can be found in attire that has a glow to it. Tonight is no exception. She wears a dress of a silver, reflective material with a wide, scoop neck. It manages to cling and drape effectively over her form, ending at mid-thigh. Her heeled shoes are black with lacing that glows a faint blue winding the way up her legs. Panels of alternating blue and white adorn her wrists in the form of a large bracelet, each glowing brightly. Her hair is caught up in buns, extensions of blue woven in. Even these glow, casting a halo on her features. At her hip rests a pouch that's large enough to carry what she may need. As she walks in, the Hollolas woman pulls a thin photographing device from the pouch.

Tugging briefly at the spiderweb sequins at her collarbone, she finally lets her hand rest aside, the bangle settling to her wrist and the edge of her glove. Xenona lingers near the entrance in her heels, leaning into one leg to get a better look at the entire set up as attendants start to filter in, causing her to become a semi-road block. Fingers curl up to her hair and she idly turns a piece of it about her finger, around the gloved digit before it spins free, falling back to her neck. before she catches sight of the Senator attending the garbage. She begins his way, slowly, black rimmed blue eyes focused on him.

"If you can mingle and be sure to direct people towards the donation table, Den," Reena notes to the Orelle with the informality of an old school chum, "That would be great. Otherwise, just enjoy yourself. You worked your tush off on set up today. If you want to sit at some point, I can use help here at the table." She smiles brightly, setting out datapads with payment programs on them.

Glenna enters, wearing a simple yet stylish black jumpsuit. Her eyes take the time to to look about the area, searching the facility, tugging at a bracelet on her arm. Tapping the phone in her ear for a moment, she says a few quiet words, tehn taps it off. Aha…she spies her employer and starts to make her way, deftly through the madding crowd.

Lincoln steps in with a pretty higher up woman from a prominent citizen family on his arm, leaning over and whispering in the woman's ear. She giggles and nods, stepping away to go find her friends, her hand lingers on him a moment, before walking away. Linc's dress pants that are just the right type of tight, and a form fitting vest, that show off his arms. The outfit is almost all black, accenting his dark hair and eyes. His hair is slicked back, making him look older than he is. Silver rings adore several of his fingers and thick boots are polished, but worn enough to dance in. A deep breath is taken and he'll smile, making his way over to a section that seems to be gearing up to be the best dancing.

Densoric nods politely to Reena and says, "As you say, I might make my rounds so to speak then. I've not had much chance to directly benefit the Project much as of yet, besides this isn't really my kind of scene, so I will do what i can where I can." As he starts to make his way around as people start to show up, likely to start with a bit of socializing. He does offer a polite nod to Xenona as she returns as well, whether its noticed or not.

Something stops the Lady Xenona, the progress halted on her way towards the garbage hauling Senator in favor of a nod from a wandering Larent. A brow arches but she gives him a nod back and stalls where she stands, head tilting in silent invitation. The Cindravale lets her gaze wander, flitting to each figure as they enter, caught up in the art of watching.

Drucilla makes her way over to Reena to pay her respects, taking up a glass of sparkling wine on her way. She smiles and nods in greeting "Lady Reena. Everything looks amazing. Can I be of any help?"

Reena smiles warmly at the Sauveur. "Lady Drucilla, if you'd like to assist at the donations booth or mingle and get people headed over here to empty their pocketbooks for the cause, that would be wonderful," she says, handing a datapad to a nobleman who has approached to donate.

Glenna says, "Senator, forgive me for being late" as she comes up to him, "One of my classes ran late and I had a call about the refugee camps I had to make some notes for." Looking over at what he's doing, then takeing a very interested gaze around again, "It looks like things are going well so far. Oh, I should go make my introductions to our hostess though…if you'll excuse me?""

The movement of the Hollolas is slow. She masks it with taking in those gathered thus far for the rave, but a sharp eye might notice the rare hitch in her step. A slight limp, perhaps. Cyrielle makes her way finally to one of the snack tables, seeming to be seeking out a drink. A drink of the alcoholic variety it would appear.

It's a music-themed charity event! Where else would Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle be? Fashionably late, the pop star arrives looking like her usual immaculate self in pink and silver, stopping along the way to greet…well, anyone and everyone.

Diverting as Xenona stops in her tracks Densoric asks, "A bit busier then you expected My Lady?" in a casual tone and a soft smile. Just when she might have thought he couldn't get anymore blue… He then seems to become a half-breed of a bobblehead as he begins to give silent greetings by way of polite nods to the various nobility entering the event. Hopefully he doesn't get whip-lash.

"One can neve appropriately prepare for such a lively gathering. I have to admit to some excitement in regards to the mixture of personalities and intentions. I am certain I will learn far more than expected, though I do not know if I can keep myself from being overwhelmed," Xenona admits, brushing a hand to the side of her dress and then down to her side, "Blue, it seems it is an apt name if there ever was one." Her voice a placid evenness slips outwards, attempting to overcome the din of music.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "As I said, my previous attire isn't typical for my public utfits, but blue is certainly the proper theme." He then leans in slightly, but not overly much. Mostly so he can talk with a bit more privacy without having to shout over the growing music, "If you are feeling too overwhelmed you can seek me out to try and help you focus yourself if you wish. i can't promise much success, but if it gets too bad i can arrange excuses for you to leave or the like." in a friendly tone.

The music is hopping with the non-featured DJs handling the spinning until the shows themselves begin. There are already crowds on the dance floor, and glowsticks are being handed out with various drinks and snacks.

Drucilla smiles at Reena and nods. "I'd love to help out in any way I can. I think I can get a few donations out of some attendees. Its an amazing start for the Project and its all due to your efforts. You should relax and do some dancing yourself. Let everone else worry about the details." She smiles warmly before taking a sip od her wine.

Up until now, the music the other DJs have been playing has catered to the noble's tastes and preferences. However, Schizoid's main stage has been completely silent, no lights, no sounds, just black. Suddenly, holoprojectors spark to life and a massive version of Trix's red version face. The pixel visage speaks with such volume to draw everyone's attentions and the other DJs stop their music, having rehersed this with Schizoid. "Good evening everybody, everybody good evening." it pauses, waiting for the crowd's attention, "Please turn your attention to the stage, to the stage, your attention to the stage." another pause, "I present to you your puppetmaster of lights and bass, the one and only Superstar DJ…" Then Sean's voice comes on loud, "SCHIZOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIID!" Many in the crowd cheer wildly, the all blacked out man invisible even with the glow of his AI's face.

The hollow pixel visage fades out, and all is silent again, then a high frequency beat coupled with claps picks up and slowly three sets of lights begin to flash on the stage. Symbols of hazard, bio and nuclear, spliced together. curcuit lines, pulsing to the beat, begin to move as the three dancers start their upperbody routine. The movements seem like something only robotic limbs could do. Moving in calculated and precise ways.

(OOC: [http://youtu.be/kh7YpPTwWP0] The music currently playing now.)

Wafting and weaving her way, through the crowd, Glenna's gaze seeks out the hostess of the evening. Deftly avoiding a passing server, angling around a grouping of attendees, she finally arrives near Reena, stooppng and waiting for her chance to make her greetings. Perhaps a toe taps in time to the music while she patiently waits.

"Dru!" Lyrienne calls as she approaches her sister, smile flashing and arms wide to try to catch Drucilla in a hug. "I feel like I never see you and Kiara anymore. Cousin," she adds with another warm smile for Reena. "This is a lovely event. Ric and I sent a check to your people just the other day, but if there's anything you need, please let me know. I'd be glad to do a commercial, even."

As the Larent lord leans in to speak with her, Xenona is searching with her gaze, her chin lifting to lean towards him. There is a nod of her head before she says without looking from her new target, "I will let you know, Blue, I am certain together we can save me from social doom," a jest, though her tone is flat. She hesitates and then with a brush past him, gloved fingers against his arm, she crosses towards Cyrielle at one of the bars. Managing to make it cross the distance to the Hollalas lady, the cry of Sean's stage name catches her ear, causing her head to tilt up before she speaks. "You glow quite beautifully," she says to Cyrielle.

Drucilla looks around as her name is called, seeing Lyrienne approach. Her smile widens as she exclaims "Lyri! I should have known ypu'd be here!" She closes the distance between them and throws her arms around her sister "I've missed you so much!"

The announcement from the stage draws Cyrielle's attention. The Hollolas lass turns slightly to watch, but doesn't move forward like many do. She seems content to sip the drink she's secured and observe for now. However, the approach of Xenona draws a few blinks and a slight twitch of lips. The hint of a smile, perhaps? "Thank you," she offers, gesturing with her glass towards the sequins, "You'll have to tell me where you got your outfit." Interesting clothes- they often catch the eye of the artistically inclined. She shifts her weight, putting more on her left leg.

Densoric follows Xenona for a bit, leaning away slightly as the main stage blasts to life then simply shakes it off and adds, "I think I might lead to more social doom then saving from it, but small matter." in a casual tone. As she addresses Cyr, the larent simply nods politely saying, "Greetings My Lady."

Nearby enough to hear the Lady's jest, Alistair makes his way over and bows formally. "My Lady Reena, I'll continue to quite enjoy the snacks." He smiles politely. "Though Miss Blair is under strict orders to have fun. I'll make my way around the room then, excuse me." He moves briskly away, seeming on a trajectory towards another food table.

Glenna smiles and inclines her head, dipping in a curtsy. "I'll do my best, but he can be rather difficult when he has aparticular task on his mind" giving a laugh as wel. "And thank you , my lady, I will try to do that very thing." with an awkward glance at the Senator. "See what I mean?"

Lyrienne laughs at Drucilla, turning her sister in a circle before releasing her. "Well, we've been trying to spend more time in Landing lately, with the Hostile threat," she says ruefully. "At least when Ric's on duty on the Intent. Let me know when you're free, I'll bring the kids along. Lyssie would be thrilled for an excuse to dig in the dirt with her aunt," she teases before nodding to Reena. "Just call me whenever you like, Reena. I've been looking for a way to make myself useful."

Eyeing the drink Cyrielle nurses, Xenona considers and then smiles at something Densoric says, "Xenona Cindravale..and this is Blue." The introduction might be lacking but the young woman is not lacking in the ability to converse. "Are you avoiding social doom as well?" This is asked of the other woman before she reaches up her hand, motioning for a drink, "Something sweet…" she calls over the music and when the server goes to say what exactly she wants she is already focusing on her companions once more. The Valen looks between the two, "I do not know where I got this dress, I do believe a friend of the family linked me with a designer…I have very few things that are not of Valen style, sadly." Her eyes flicker up to the stage.

As the first song begins to fade away the holographic images of various city scenes begin to grow up around the three dancers. A new series of claps begins and Sean's voice comes through the speakers inline with the music. (As in, he's saying the words in this piece: [http://youtu.be/a8di1Ik1o0s]) The movements of the dancers work up the stage and as the beats drop hard and heavy their legs work into a jumping myriad of kicks as they seem to glide across the black stage, nothing more than pulsing cybers of light.

"I'll be in touch, Lyri, go get some dancing done, I know you want to," Reena chuckles. She begins finalizing some donations for people at the table, verifying and confirming money transfers, accepting cash put into a lockbox, giving out receipts. Her upper body moves with the beat of the music.

Drucilla's eyes crinkle at the corners as her sister twirls her aroun and she laughs joyfully. "I've moved back into the tower now that the Academ dig is over. I'll be there while I keep up on my classes and wait for the next dig to get funding. I'd love to see the kids. You can foist them off on me anytime if you and Ric want some 'alone time'" she teases lightly "Oh! and I'll be doing some teaching thanks to Lady Reena." She lifts a glass in toast to the Khournas Lady "I'm looking forward to helping out."

There's a tilt of the head to Densoric. "And to you. Are you enjoying your evening?" She looks back to the Cindravale, accepting the introductions. Though the second name offered does earn a slightly raised brow. "Cyrielle Hollolas… And yes, I suppose that is one way to put it." She considers the answer and looks briefly — but not overly — disappointed. "Well, it is a lovely design. You wear it well."

Now, introductions having been made,Glenna excuses herself, and goes to find a place to enjoy the vivid display and the music that reverberates through building and body. A faint little smile touches her lips and indeed, a foot starts to tap in time with the music, along with a touch of body movement. It is the weekend. She has been told to have fun and thankfully, no unwanted mandates to take an entire weekend off have been issued. She starts to chuckle a bit to herself, thinking on something.

Densoric says to the refreshment provider, "A fruity wine if you have any, citrus-based preferred." as he nods once more to Cyrielle as Xenona 'introduces' him as he tries his best to ignore the music, keeping the talk as casual and localized as the music allows. He then adds, "Lord densoric Larent for the more formal My Lady Cyrielle." with a soft smile and taking what wine he can get adds, "Though if you'll excuse me, I'd say you both put me to shame in regards to attire, but then I am hardly suited to the event."

"Oh, good," Lyrienne grins to Drucilla. "Because we've been foisting them off on Mother lately to try to get her off Ellinor's back, and I think they could use a little more…variety," she winks. "Lady Reena is right, though," she grins at the other woman, taking a step back toward the floor. "With all this trying to be responsible, I can hardly remember the last time I had a chance to just get out and go dancing."

Lincoln dances near the back, mostly by himself. He's doing what he's begin paid to do, look and dance pretty, to be picked up later in the evening. These higher ups with their role playing before the deed.

Her head tilts at Cyrielle's reaction and the Cindravale looks down at the dress, "Thank you…though I might disappoint you with what I normally wear," Xenona admits though glances to the Larent at his compliment. Her attention is briefly caught up in the music, as if she is having trouble dividing appropriately. "Perhaps, since you seem to like clothing so, you could help me find suitable clothing to visit Blue here. I fear my Valen clothes would be highly out of place." As her drink is put together with some instruction from Densoric, the server seems thankful for at least a little bit of guidance. The blue eyes of the young noblewoman linger on the glowing adornments, "Firefly seems apt, yes?"

Rook slips into the Rave, wearing one of her new outfits, but with her old combat boots. It's a sleep black bodysuit with a deep V neckline and black and white fur on the shoulders of it. Her hair is pulled back in a tousled style and she has dark eyemakeup with pale lipstick on. She pays her way, glancing around the assault of light and sound, and makes her way towards the dance floor. She wouldn't miss out on dancing.

The scenes of the city fade out as the projectors begin to flash and the dancers seem to disappear into the dark. The clapping continues though as a deep synthetic voice picks up demanding all to open their minds to the possibility of a different dimension. And suddenly there are two cybers standing opposite each other, and they mirror their moves perfectly. The fast pacing of the music subsides to give them more of an ethereal vibe. Then, the voice demands all to bring the motherfucking house down… and the projectors do something incredible. Or so one might assume it is the projectors, only the symbols and minute variations in the movements are the tell tale sign that indeed all three dancers are now vertically aligned and mirroring the complicated seeming dance steps as they live to the style's name, Glyde. Making it seem like more than one dimension and they shuffle across the stage in unison. (OOC: [http://youtu.be/XzEKVEdUfZ0])

Reena continues to work, greeting donators with handshakes, some with hugs, all with a smile. She has a small staff of volunteers with her at the table, all chatting up anyone who nears, using charm to get bigger funds for the charity.

There's a slight quirk of Cyrielle's lips at Densoric's apology. "Well, Lord Blue it is then. As for attire, I do not think anyone expects so much at a charity event. Especially of the men. It is often a pleasure that you deigned to show up at all." She takes a sip of her drink, moving it to her left hand. The right falls to the pouch at her hip and pulls out a short metal rod. A touch at a hidden button causes the device to extend into a cane. She leans on this and there's a slight softening at her brow. "I have an interest in fashion, but I fear I'm not caught up on current trends. I simply find and enjoy what interests me. If you don't mind that, I would be glad to assist."

Densoric smiles softly to Xenona and says, "Hardly an issue for me My lady Xenona. I actually like to visit Arborenin, as I said I have a great love for natural beauty and few things compare to a forest in that regard. The view from the… west Atrium I believe is the name, is my favorite view." He then nods to Cyrielle and says, "In truth the charity is why I am here, I'm a part of the Notice project, even if it might be a bit atypical for my House." smiling softly.

Lincoln's zoned, working. In the beat of the music, it's easy to forget everything else but that and the job. He twist and turns, moving with skill on the floor. The woman who first arrived with him is watching with a gaggle of higher up citizens off to the side. They're giggling and watching Linc.

Rook gets to the dance floor and she begins dancing amid the younger set of primarily civilians on one side. Jane might complain she's not in her heels, but she would probably quite literally break her neck if she tried dancing in the things this soon. When she gets under the black lights, it's clear she's painted nifty hermetic symbols on her bare skin with glow in the dark paint of some sort.

Reena accepts another hefty donation from an older, wealthy citizen merchant who is clearly here to watch young girls dance to Sean's beats, as he's barely acknowledged the Khourni hostess. Doesn't matter to her, as long as he donates. She settles back into her seat, smiling at the next person approaching.

It is the rod that garners Xenona's attention, blue eyes scanning it before she nods, "I do not mind, in fact, if your taste is different, I think that will be far more pleasing," she admits. The drinks are set down for both the Larent and Cindravale, the young woman forgoing it for a moment. "Blue was very diligent in setting up the electronics for the stage so that Sean could perform," eyes flicker up towards the stage before lapsing into silence. Fingers dance along the precarious edge of the lace wrapped about her waist. THe music, the people and she finally is reaching for her drink, gloved hands wrapping around it to bring it to her lips and tip it back - not really paying attention to which drink she grabs.

"I know a thing or two about that," Cyrielle murmurs to Densoric. She lifts her glass, taking a long enough drink to drain it. It's held towards the man behind the bar for more. "Being atypical for one's house, that is." The woman isn't leaning too heavily upon her cane, but it's certainly there more as an aid than a prop. She glances to Xenona and studies the woman for a few beats. "The electronics?" Rather than give voice to any thoughts, she focuses upon the topic. "That must have been quite the amount of work. I couldn't imagine synching all of this together."

Glenna smiles, a vivid smile as a passing server offers a tray of drinks, choosing to take a glass of wine. A small sip, the glass held gently in her hand, foot tapping, body bouncing softly in time with the music. As the music changes again, so too does the slight movements she makes in time with the music. Eye flicker a moment, as her free hand taps the phone in her ear and she again murmurs a few soft words, given with a smile, then taps the phone off once again.

Drucilla chuckles softly and groans as her mother is mentioned "Please let her keep her focus on Elli. Makes her less likely to start in one me." she laughs and smiles wryly and nods to the dancefloor "Dance Lyri! You deserve to let loose and have some fun. We'll have to get everyone together soon. Been too long since we had the whole family together."

Densoric takes the other glass, even if its not his own order, and takes a sip. He then looks to Cyrielle and says, "I didn't sync up most of it, but it gave more chances to keep my Master's Degree in electronics honed, especially after the delays in my research."

"Well, Ric keeps asking me if I'm ready for another," Lyrienne says ruefully to Drucilla. "So if I have to get it from my husband, and Elli has to get it from Mother, then someone else must be due for some too," she laughs, starting to make her way out toward the floor, hands in the air. She is in fact rather good at this; must be all those concert tours.

Her drink is quickly downed, Xenona standing near the bar with Densoric and Cyrielle, bedecked for the evening. The glass is pressed to her lips and downed further before it is all but gone, glancing from the stage back to her companions. "He was efficient, quite taken with his work he did not see the women dancing on the stage during the rehearsal. Or maybe he is not interested in women," this is all assumed and rather openly too before she glances to Densoric, blue eyes searching the Larent before her glass is set down and moments later snatched away. "Are we all little diamonds in the rough in our Houses?" This makes her look thoughtful.

Ah, so this is what a 'rave' is. How quaint. These are the thoughts that the Young Lord, Sir Solon Cindravale think to himself as he makes his way through this warehouse. The music is rather loud, rather crass. It is definitely not his cup of tea. He also appears to be quite overdressed. A hand is run down the front of his regular finery, his other hand cupping the pommel of his decorative sword. Blue eyes scan the room and while he spots some familiar faces, his attention is drawn to Lady Reena for now.

Making his way through the various dancers, 'Excuse me's' and 'My pardon's' are offered as he cannot help but bump into various people. Finally he approaches the donations table and the Lady Reena. Offering her a somewhat gracious bow, he offers to the Lady. "My Lady, I was not aware of what type of event this is. I must admit that the music is a little loud, but as long as it is for a good cause, that is what matters, yes?" Offering her a rather dashing smile, Solon proceeds to offer her his own donation. "I hope that you will find this sufficient, My Lady."

"Well," Cyrielle says with a slight shrug of slim shoulders, "Either way, it's vastly out of my realm of know-how." The tattoos upon her shoulders and arms — what is visible — do continue to shift in color, but they're not as noticable with all of the glowing outfits and accessories. She glances to the bartender, checking on the progress of her refill. She glances to Xenona at the woman's words. A brief blink, head canting to the side. "Perhaps? It was not a purposeful matter on my part, but merely the path my life has taken me."

The clapping theme slowly gives way to a hardsher starting mix as but the three dancers are slowly altering their position relative to one another, even as they dance. The light show alter yet again with the holoprojectors displaying now shimmering cylinders on which the dancers seem to float, not missing a beat their rhythmic cybernetic upperbody movements weave complex light webs while their foot work stomps the holographic pylons one which they dance. (OOC: http://youtu.be/wMFP1W8M5R0)

Rook twirls in place, the fur on the shoulders of her jumpsuit flying out as she does so, and the glow in the dark symbols painted on her bouncing on the dance floor. She doesn't seem to be dancing with anyone in particular, just dancing with herself </billyidol>

Reena smiles at Solon as he approaches and rises to offer him a hand in greeting. "Young Lord Cindravale, thank you for coming. This is a general trend among the younger set, civilians and nobles both, so it is a good method to bringing both together for a good cause."

Another small sip of wine, still listening to the music and moving in time with it, from her place, somewhere near where the music is being played, Glenna continues to watch and listen, enjoying the moment for now.

Densoric smiles softly to Xenona and says, "I noticed them, I was simply focused on my work, and if it matters yes I my interest is in females not males. Besides a nice dress like the one the two of you are wearing provides a more pleasing appearance then gyrating bodies on a stage." His tone seems to lack any degree of sleaze, and is likely intended more as a reassuring compliment to his two conversation partners then an attempt at 'romance'. dnsoric then looks to Cyrielle and adds, "We all have fields we are skilled in and those we aren't there is no shame in either, its merely how well we use are strengths to benefit. Forgive me for saying, but you look as uncomfortable as i feel here, what broguht you to the event, the desire to contribute, possible recruitment?"

"I see, well no matter. The end-goal of such events are truly what matters. I will leave you to your duties. Please note that you have my thanks for putting together such events. Your persistance in serving those that serve us is quite noble, and you should be commended for it." A slight bow is offered to Reena, as Solon turns to scan the crowd for his next victim. Ah, he spots someone right now. He moves to Xenona and those around her, approaching her side (but careful not to touch her), he offers her a smile. "Lady Sister, I was not expecting to see you here. How have you been?"

"Thank you for your assistance with the project as well, Lord Solon," Reena notes, before the nobleman moves off. She sips from a bottled water at her table, keeping her head straight while handling money.

Arriving fashionably late, Roxy is wearing a black and white polkadot dress with black and white striped leggings and has her hand tucked into the bend of Glitch's arm, her date for the evening. Leaning in a little, she grins up at him. "So, how about we go make a donation first and then find something to drink?" The suggestion is just that, only a suggestion. She looks around and notices a few familiar faces, but since they are just at the entrance, she's not so near anyone to greet yet.

"I do remember mentioning that I am not a fan of small talk, but I am attempting, Lord Blue," Xenona insists softly, her voice nearly drowned out by the music from the stage. Though Densoric's observation of Cyrielle causes her to smile, even more so as she waits for the answer, a brow lifting. It is only when the familiar voice cuts through her thoughts that she turns her head to meet Solon's gaze. Quiet. His greeting is met with a passiveness before there is a glimmer of a smile, "Older Brother, if I was not expected, my thoughts for you are even more so. Do you plan to dance or just be a giving figure to the cause?" Blue eyes search his, "I am well enough, Lord Densoric and the Lady Cyrielle have been wonderful company this evening, I am attempting to survive on the edges.

Lincoln is finally approached by his client while he dances, who steps up, grinding into him. She whispers something softly to him and he'll nod, letting her take his hand and start leading him off towards the back.

There issues forth a soft snort of amusement from Cyrielle at Densoric's compliment. She doesn't seem put-off by it in the least. The bartender finally provides the fresh drink and she tips her head in a slight nod to him as she takes it. There's a sip as her gaze slides to Densoric, taking in his words. lips pressing slightly in a line. "Mm." A shrug, at last. "There are things one easier finds at events such as this. I do not mind people-watching or the music, but I am not one to mingle or dance, I'm afraid." A pause, then, at Solon's approach. She shifts back, providing more room for the man.

The music seems to fade, and while all three stand still on their respective 'stage' in mid air, the holoprojectors begin to display gentle waves, and it would appear to those on the ground that the dancers are standing on the surface of Mirror lake. Sean's voice picks up again, in an oddly serious tone as he begins a philosophical monologue. (OOC: As before, the words are in the song… but they happen so fast I can't copy them: http://youtu.be/znRvxQTCi1g) As he beings to speak, the two dancers behind him suddenly slip under the waves and blink out of existance. Schizoid stands alone on the surface of the holographic lake, the beat picking up and his body begins to moves with the complex crazy alacrity that he's known for. As he dances, his fellow stagers blink into and out of sight as they alter position as if weaving a tapestry of light around the lone artist. Then, his monologue states, "We are not alone." and the bass drops hard, all three are already in the middle of the same movement as they sync up again to the fast rhythm of the heavy beat.

Kira walks in, unlike her normal mode of dress, She wears a long black leather skirt that has studs covering it, when the lights shine over the studes, they glow a rainbow hue. Her tops is a black sleevless peice that also changes colors when under a black light. A black widow's mask covers her eyes, and elboe length silvery gloves cover her hands, complete with a pair of stilleto boots. Kira walks over to the donations table and smiles as she transfers a HUGE sum of money from her personal account. "On behalf of Impression Milady." She says as she then spins, ready to have ALOT of fun.

Drucilla wanders away from the dancefloor as Lyrienne starts to dance, wandering about as she sips her wine, nodding to people in greeting. Not knowing many, she heads over to the bar area and watches the gathering crowds with a small smile quirking her lips upwards at the corners.

Lounge lizard he is, Nitrim arrives fashionably late. Clad for a night of dancing, he's wearing a loose-fitting black tank top that shows off the sides of his ribs and his tattoos, and a loose-fitting pair of black pants cinched in place with a belt. Of course, the man's brought a sheathed knife at the small of his back, hidden by the untucked tank top that flares over it. Cigarette in lip and his eyes shaded over in white, he scans the crowd as he slips towards the bar. Around the writhing bodies he moves, slithering like the serpents he loves so much…

"Donation?" Glitch scoffs, looking around the warehouse as they enter, and then looking to Roxy. "Do you think I'm just made of money?" And then the sound of the heavy bass and the voice, so he looks over towards the hovering stage and eyes Sean, smirking, "Figures." he offers quietly and then nods to Roxy, "Fine, fine. Donation first, drink second."

On the dance floor, Rook's eyes go over white as she spins and weaves around the dance floor, arms raised above her head, black light painting on her bared skin glowing in varied shades of purple, green, and pink.

Densoric looks to Xenona then smiles softly as he notes her smile and lifted brow but says nothing. A sip of his own drink then he nods to Cyrielle and adds, "Curious, you seem to be mingling quite well in my opinion. Perhaps it is the smaller group to focus on." then gestures to Xenona and adds, "Or Lady Xenona is entertaining enough to make the experience bearable." winking good-naturedly. He then nods politely to Solon and says, "Lord densoric Larent, though I can see where you sister gets 'Lord blue' from so i don't mind too much. After all there are worse things I could be called." smiling softly as he takes another sip.

"You know me, I am always where I am least expected." A slight quirk of his lips indicate Solon's amusement at his self deprecating statement. His eyes shift to Lord Densoric and Lady Cyrielle, offering both of them a slight formal bow in greeting. "I greet you both, and thank you for taking the time to keep my Lady Sister company on this evening." A smile is offered to them both to indicate his appreciation, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Solon Cindravale. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Densoric." He doesn't continue with Xenona's 'Lord Blue', as that would be wildly inappropriate.

Hearing the scoff in the question, Roxy grins. "Who said you were the one making the donation? I'm sleeping on a friends couch, I have no bills other than clothes and food. I'll make the donation." Gently nudging him, amused by his comment all the same. Looking where he looks, she also sees Sean and shakes her head, studying her date a moment. "You want to skip out early? We can make a donation and leave and go find a drink and food somewhere else?"

The serious reception her brother gives her seems expected though Densoric's easy acceptance of her apt name causes a smile to flutter across her lips. "Indeed, they should be thanked. The Lady Cyrielle has offered to aid me in assorting a new wardrobe, which I think I am in great need of." Her attention shifts between all three but as her gaze sweeps, white eyes found as Nitrim approaches, she goes still. A breath is intaken, the Cindravale's own eyes whiting out so suddenly, a shimmering silver quality rushes across her skin will small droplets of something like quicksilver rise instead of descend, collecting in the find tendrils of her hair, absorbing slowly and disappearing from view as more and more droplets appear. Gloved hands tense, flexing at her sides.

"I can handle small groups, yes. It does make it a deal easier." Cyrielle shifts, turning slightly to glance around the warehouse. As if seeking someone out. As she does so, her eyes lose their dark color until they become white. The glowing portions in her hair do set a soft blue light against her eyes. "Of course, Lord Sir Cindravale. Your sister is a pleasure. I am known as Cyrielle Hollolas." She is a bit distracted, perhaps, but she's still well enough within the conversation to not forget her manners. A soft green hue mixes with the blue, images of leaves seeming to flicker around her distantly. She's turned just enough to observe Nitrim's approach that she doesn't notice Xenona's own aura.

Kira skips to the dance floor, taking two glowsticks from wherever they were at, and she turns them on. The sticks in question give off a trale of rainbow light, though only for a few seconds as the Fashionista turned Raver begins to dance to the beat, letting the trailing sticks leave their after glow around her, and other people if they dance close enough to her.

Lyrienne is clearly enjoying herself on the floor. The kids are at home, and now she's out to play, losing herself in the beat and the harmonics of the sound.

The music ends and all three glow on stage, Sean raises his hand to the crowd's cheering and his voice picks up. "Hello and Good evening everybody!!" he calls out to the crowd, "I'd like to thank you for coming out to support Lady Reena Khournas' charity, in support of The Notice Project. I encourage you to visit her table, ask questions of the staff about the project and what it stands for. And if you can, please help out with donations, volunteer work, whatever you can give would be great." he motions to the two behind him, "A shout out to my two lovely friends and fellow DJs, The Penguinz. As their debut on stage, this final dance will be one they worked out and the mix is their first of many more to come."

The two slink up to stand beside him and put hands to behind Schizoid's back as he shows them off and announces their performance. Once he's done introducing them, the Superstar DJ fades into the black leaving them up on the stage. Their debut mix picks up as one of them begins to speak. (OOC: [http://youtu.be/WlH8o_B3cN0] )

The Grantham widow is drawn into the rave atmosphere like a moth to the flame. It has taken quite a bit of convincing of both Victor and her medical staff to be released from the infirmary so Devon could attend this event, but she manages. She strides boldly into one of The Ring's warehouses in an ensemble of an asymmetrical, sleeveless tunic that reveals naked shoulders and hints of a mid-drift. Her iridescent black leather leggings reflect dark rainbows across its taut surface, and her heeled shoes support another three inches of her slight height. Her hair is loose and dyed in rainbow stripes, sweeping about her back with each inward stride.

Densoric nods to Solon and says, "I enjoy my visits to Arborenin, and I have met a few Cindravales, anything i can do to help one out is hardly a punishment Young Lord Cindravale. At least I believe I recall you are the current heir, if not then my apologies and i'll have to double-check my records." He then looks to Xenona and offers her a reassuring wink and says, "Besides, I like to spend time with old friends, so formality sometimes slips by in such cases. Not everyone can be as overly proper as myself after all." chuckling softly. He then grows quiet and looks to Xenona given her reaction to Nitrim but doesn't speak on the matter as of yet.

Pulling a small camera out of his pocket, Nitrim looks through the viewfinder to snap pictures of the crowd, particularly one-such Ithaca dancing with her arms over her head, made alive by the music. One, two, five pictures later, his aura remains flared as he slips over to the bar and waves some dollars out to the bartender. Smiling faintly at something, something hidden, he orders a stiff rum-and-cola drink. Alone at the bar and by himself, he starts to bob his head to the music as he turns to take a picture of Densoric, Cyrielle, Xenona, and their collective.

Reena finally hands off the donation table to other volunteers and gets to move around and mingle some. She moves over to where Lyrienne is dancing and gets her groove on with her Sauveur friend. "Where's Ric tonight?" she shouts to the blonde over the music.

Lincoln's date has pulled him to he back, out of direct sight, and unless someone is paying attention, the AMP that is injected won't be noticed. A few minutes of making out, and they're both mack on the dance floor.

Solon offers Densoric a nod. "I am indeed the heir of the Vale, My Lord. You should come and visit Phylon sometime when you have time. I believe it would be an enjoyable experience for you." His attention catches on Xenona's reaction and he glances over to see Nirim taking a picture of the group. Offering the slightest of frowns, he leans over to loudly whisper to Xenona, "What is it, sister. You look as if you have seen something that cannot be unseen."

Lyrienne laughs at Reena's question, shaking her head. "Ric doesn't come to these sorts of things," she calls back, smile slipping crooked. "He'll swear up and down that he can't dance to save his life. I think he's just self-conscious about it, really. But he doesn't mind when I go out for them, so I can't really complain. What about yours?" she asks, looking around the crowd. "Surely you've got an escort tonight?"

Rook throws her head back and laughs happily as she dances. It's one of the few things she lets go of her intense focus for. She applauds for the DJ as he finishes his set, and accepts a couple of glow-stick necklaces from a passing distributer, before she heads towards one of the bars, where Nitrim lurks, ordering a beer.

The usual smalltalk of nobility washes over Cyrielle. Invitations, subtle compliments provided simply to curry favor. She cares little for it all. Glass is lifted to her lips and she takes a long drink. As the picture is taken, her lips quirk somewhat in a smirk. Setting her glass down, she leans a bit more upon her cane as she takes out her own camera. The approaching Khournas is photographed himself. It's when the Young Lord speaks to his sister that she turns. Eyebrows rise slightly, but the only comment she has upon the matter: "It seems we have more than social anxieties in common, Lady."

Of the somewhat mismatched arriving couple that is Kazimir and Brianny, the former of the pair surely comes closer to fitting in at an event like this than the latter. Or at least, he somewhat looks the part, with his shaved head, tattoos, and penchant for leather. That may be all about him that really fits in, however. The Saimhann drake-hunter is still about as far from a 'club kid' as they come, and he brings a sharp gaze to the sea of dancing bodies that is more suggestive of someone surveying hostile territory. After glancing around enough to be satisfied with things, it's only then that he steps in far enough to make room for the woman with him to properly enter himself, and even then he looks side to side as if concerned someone might try and steal her! "It's very crowded," he remarks, overstating the obvious.

As the final set of the initial music fades, Glenna takes another sip of the wine, then sets the glass down. She takes a few moments, to gaze here, there, to the left and right, smiling. The event seems to have gone well and hopefully, much can be accomplished with what has been done here tonight. She then starts to make her way around, towards the exit, slowly.

Xenona is not one to miss that which is right before her, Cyrielle's change causing her attention to shift oh so briefly. Focused on what can not be seen, the youngest Cindravale can hear the others conversing about her, her fingers reaching out to brush at Solon briefly, as if to cement herself. "Another awakened, a rather bold one at that," she admits in a soft whisper, remaining with her small party as the picture is shot. Brows furrow and then she is catching her breath before she looks to Cyrielle and then Densoric, "It would seem so…it is near overwhelming in here…and here," her fingers briefly brush at her hair, likely meaning more as a few silver droplets rise.

Kira is lost in her own world, just dancing to the music, wit hher holographic glow sticks and color changing clothing, of course, one with an eye for clothing will notice that the clothing has had abit more work done to it then just what it looks like, could Ms. Graves have developed a new kind of clothing… again?

Victor isn't exactly advertising his presence at this sort of thing, because everyone knows that Cueball don't dance. However, he's present despite that common knowledge, so evidently Devon can be quite convincing. His bulk is wrapped in simple attire, showing off his scars and tattoos, and he walks carefully a step behind Devon, his eyes flickering around, "Nice crowd." Interestingly enough, the comparisons between the Saimhann couple and the soon-to-be-Khournas-couple could be made easily, although Victor is actually relatively relaxed.

Reena shakes her head at Lyrienne. "No. Kadmus might drop in later, maybe, but he's been overseeing increased security measures for the Mare Maris waygates," she explains. She whirls around in her backless, red halter dress.

"Oh, well if you're donating, then I'm sold." Glitch replies with a wink and he starts to lead them over towards Reena's donation table, "Nah, he doesn't phase me. Just another punk in the rearview." As they move he looks around towards the stage as Sean leaves, and the new group comes up, "Probably outta leave my tricks in the bag tonight, eh?"

Densoric looks to Nitrim and says, "Perhaps asking permission prior to taking pictures of Ladies would be preferable. After all, many prefer the chance to pose and offer their 'good side' first." he then turns his back to Nitrim and looks to Xenona and gives her a look as though to ask, 'need that 'excuse' now?'. Vocally though she asks, "ANd here i thought the two of you couldn't be more glowing in those dresses." Though his tone suggests a mix of a compliment and mild humor the look on his face, which is visible to the other three is more serious.

"Men," Lyrienne sighs dramatically to Reena, smile crooked. "You'd think at least few of them would realize that if all the other men are busy not dancing, the ones who do could get some serious action." She winks, before her eyes white over briefly, a faint, shimmering aurora of gold, teal, and pink flickering around her.

"Big crowd," Devon notes over her shoulder toward the large Khourni. She casts him a bit of a smirk, her chin elegantly elevated as her brow lightly arches. "And go ahead and get it out of the way and tell me we won't be dancing tonight." She is guiding Victor toward the red-dressed Reena, a bit cautious in her strides as she approaches. Her wounds are still healing, though she has done her best to keep them wrapped and out of sight.

The young Lady Brianny Saimhann is clearly in attendance due to the charitable nature of this event, but having no idea what to expect from this 'rave', she is more than overwhelmed once stepping foot into the establishment. Dressed in a traditional gown, all in black with a touch of blood red along the trimming. The colors of House Saimhann. A French hood in similar hues rests upon her head while a black veil trails down behind her to hide her hair in modesty. She is wide-eyed and a bit alarmed or surprised at the sight of so many dancing people. The music itself is so loud that she can barely hear herself think and nearly misses her husband's comment due to noise. "Oh my…" She murmurs nervously to herself, the skirts of her gown rustling with each careful step. "So this is what a Rave is. I was curious…" Her own voice may be too soft for Kazimir to hear, though she is distracted by the attendant at the donation table at the moment. When that is done, she quickly follows behind the heavily tattooed Saimhann and just takes in her surroundings with large owlish eyes.

Reena laughs at Lyrienne. "Definitely," she calls back to the blonde. "So, when are you and Ric having another kid?" she asks with a lopsided grin. "Devon!" she greets, moving to hug the Grantham very gently. "What are you doing out of bed?!"

Turning his back to the bar, Nitrim takes a few more snapshots over the crowd, catching a few fetching poses of dancers as they writhe and are forever locked in poses. Watching Ithaca slip through the crowd, he winks one of his all white eyes for her and waits for her approach, motioning for another drink from the bartender. "What's that, Lord Densoric?" Nitrim asks, raising the camera in one hand to blindly snap a shot of the man. His wrist turns, clapping a few more of Xenona and Cyrielle, perhaps just to be defiant. "They didn't tell me not to either. If they object I promise to delete them."

Arriving at the donation table, Roxy once more looks at Glitch, this time though she looks contemplative. She slots her card and donates an amount to the charity before offering a smile to the lady there. Though instead of saying anything she looks back at Glitch and laughs. "Yeah, probably should leave the tricks in the bag unless you wanted to play with the lights." The words are soft spoken.

Glenna passes close Lady Reena, on her way out of the venue. Her eyes bright, her smile still vivid, she waits to make her farewells. When she has the moment and the Lady's attention, Glenna will offer, with an excuse me "Lady Reena, it's been lovely. I think much was accomplished here tonight. I look forward to hearing the final results. But, if you'll excuse me, I have something I must attend to now." Offering her courtesy, she smiles and waits a moment before exiting.

Victor chuckles at Devon's words, shaking his head and leaning down to murmur something into her ear. And then they're approaching Reena, and he steps out from behind Devon's shoulder to lightly clasp the back of Reena's head in his familiar greeting that's just shy of an actual hug. "We wouldn't miss out on supportin' you, Reena." His teeth flash bright against his dark skin, nearly glowing in the variegated lighting, "Besides… booze." His broad shoulders lift and fall in a somewhat ginger shrug of his own, and he leans over to swipe his comm over the donation reader, transferring funds from his stipend.

Ithaca accepts her beer from the tender and moves to peer at the camera and see how Nitrim's shots have come out so far. "Good one," she comments, sipping the brew and leaning back with her elbows resting on the bar behind her.

Reena smiles at Glenna. "Thank you, Miss Blair, for all your hard work tonight. Have a safe trip home." She slugs Victor in the arm lightly in greeting. "Hey Cueball, thanks for coming."

And, with that, Glenna bids adieu.

"When I get tired of hearing that question!" Lyrienne exclaims laughingly to Reena. "He's been asking lately, actually. And it might take some of Mother's pressure off of Elli, at least for a little bit. But Julian's still so young, and he's still nursing, and with the new album just released there's so much else to do. But then it isn't as though any of the other have been planned," she admits, raising a hand to wave as Victor and Devon approach. "Cousin, Lady Devon! How good to see you both!"

Solon's eyes glaze over slightly at the mention of awakened. That sort of thing is just slightly beyond his depth. Give him a horse and a lance and he'll charge into battle without any question at all. Coughing once and then nodding to himself, he turns to Xenona and offers, "I believe that my time here will be short, Lady Sister. I have a meeting I need to attend to about another event someone wishes to organize." Turning to Cyrielle, Nitrim and Densoric, he offers a nod to them each in turn. "I do hope that you each have a pleasant evening." That said, he turns and makes his way out of the event, pleased with having done a little bit of socialization and having put in his donation.

Shoulder bumping Ithaca as he takes up his glass, showing her the back of the camera, he leans to the side and catches a picture of her profile before aimlessly flurring a number of shots over the crowd, catching some of them, including Lincoln, in the poses. He'll find him in the images later, cycling quickly through them as he sips from his drink, aura in full view. Distracted by Solon, he looks up and salutes the corner of his brow with the camera. "As will, Lord Solon. Be safe."

Kira walks over to the bar and leans forward on it wit ha wide smile. "Bartender, a hostile's demise please." She says, and the Bartender may or maynot blinks at the order of such a strong drink. "Noi many nobles here… I have to be careful who's rear I pinch." She says, and she does NOTHING to keep her voice low.

Once the card is slotted in at the donation table, Glitch offers a faint smirk and looks to Reena, hands shifting in his pockets, "Quite the shindig, Lady Reena. Don't usually get quite this much fun at a charitable event." Of course, there are other people who require Reena's attention, so if she doesn't respond, he'll head to the bar, like a good date of a donater to a worthy cause.

"I told you that you wouldn't like it," Kazimir points out, laying a bit of 'I told you so' upon Brianny's already distressed reaction to the crowded room and blaring music. Clearly, the man himself isn't himself surprised by the scene, although whether he really enjoys it remains to be seen. With the same occasional looks back to make sure his wife doesn't vanish into the crowd (or get stolen by it!), he forges a path for them, making somewhat liberal use of his own bulk and fearsome appearance to 'encourage' people to clear them a path. "Who do you need to speak with about the charitable business, or is that all settled?" Charitable activities he seems to file among the rest of the category of 'women's work' that he usually leaves to her.

Densoric remains in place back to Nitrim, which may or may not ruin the picture of Xenona at least, and asks, "To be fair, most would ask first, then you don't have to worry with going through all the pictures to remove those you promise to." Whether or not he believes Nitrim would actually go through that much effort he doesn't speak on the matter, simply offering a practical alternative. He then nods politely to Solon but still maintains his position betweenXenona and nitrim for the time being saying, "Good day to you Young Lord Cindravale. And i may visit The Vale again soon."

The Hollolas seems a bit discomfited at this point. She looks between those she has been conversing with as she tucks her camera away. Her statement has been made- Nitrim took a photo of her, so she has taken one in return. Cyrielle retrieves her glass and drinks deep. "I take no issue with photos, though I do request the opportunity to review them before I make a decision whether or not they be deleted." She glances about the warehouse and shifts slightly upon her heels. "I… believe I need a breath of air. I shall return." And she's moving, shifting away. Her pace is slow, aided somewhat by the cane.

Cedric doesn't dance, but he's here at any rate. The Captain made a donation and made directly for the bar. As stated, he doesn't dance, but he's here physically. Which, for him, is enough. Because the man has never been the 'talking' type. His wife is the social one, the Orelle is much more inclined to use the brushoff. So, yeah, he's going to sit at the bar and take advantage of it.

Reena nods to Glitch and smiles, though she doesn't recognize the young man. "Thank you for your donation!" she calls after him. She grins at Lyrienne. "You two make the cutest babies," she teases lightly. She stops dancing, not wanting to get all sweaty before she has to speechify in a bit. "If you aren't having a kid now, then you can drink right? Devon, Vic? Bar?" she queries.

Rook glances at Densoric curiously from beside Nitrim as she returns his shoulder bump affectionately. "Would think nobles would want their picture taken. Charity and all."

As Solon makes his exit, her attention shifts to the older Cindravale and she gives him a soft nod of her head, "I will see you soon enough, brother," a promise and then as their numbers dwindle, Cyrielle making her way out, the quicksilver awakened glances to the Larent, "You are going to abandon me as well, aren't you? The socially awkward.." her voice trails off and she glances back to Ithaca and Nitrim, studying them as her head tilts and she steps closer to Densoric in blue, the silver in the air around her reflecting the color as she gets near.

Leaning in to Rook as he shows her the pictures, Nitrim breathes some kind of whisper to her and he slugs back the last of his drink hard and motions for another. "Hang on a second, Rook. I need to make a point." He grins broadly to the citizen, winking to her as he brushes fingertips over her arm and pulls away, heading over to Densoric. "LORD DENSORIC," He announces as he steps to the other side of Xenona with his camera, turning to start to take pictures of Xenona, rather without her asking, and not all of them are from waist up. They're mere shots. "Show me your face, my lady. Tell me if you're having a good time."

"I have put in our donat—" The petite young Saimhann starts to say, before she repeats herself in a much louder voice while stepping even closer towards her husband and tiptoeing somewhat so that Kazimir may actually hear her. "I have put in our donation when we first entered!" There. And while Brianny is on her tiptoes, she does comment with the smallest hint of a pout on her lips, "I did not say that I did not like this. It is a bit… peculiar, this is true." Slowly, she lowers herself down so that her heels touch the floor. "And oh so loud. Do people really have conversations here!" Her voice rises once more to compete with the heart-pumping music that continues to blare. She searches the crowd for some familiar faces, but with so many people dancing, everything is a blur.

Rook's white glossed over eyes follow Nitrim and her lips, pale and unpainted tonight, twitch in amusement.

Roxy grins and nods to the lady as well. "Worthy cause," she says quietly before heading off to the bar with Glitch, nudging him with a laughs. "She thanked you for my donation. Catch that?"

Kira takes her drinks and slams it *clank* and sets the glass on the bar with a shiver. She smiles and oders a brightly colored ale now as she turns to watch the crowd. The upper part of her face is hidden behind a color changing widow's mask, though her heeled foot does tap to the music.

"Reena," Devon says with a touch of warmth toward her betrothed's cousin and her soon to be sister-in-law. She steps forward to touch a kiss to her cheek once Victor has finished his own affectionate engagement. Then she smiles toward Lyrienne at her welcome and she inclines her head. "Lady Lyrienne, you are lovely as always." She scans the crowds a bit. "Did your husband tag along?" She asks, a touch of mischief in her voice.

Victor tilts his head slightly at Lyrienne's greeting, then nods, "Cuz. Good to see you. How's the ol' bastard doin'?" That would be Marus, her father, of course. Reena's punch at his shoulder causes him to flinch a little, "Ow! Shit Reena!" And then he flashes his grin, tossing off the suggestion of pain, "Wouldn't miss it." Her comment about children, however, causes him to grimace, "Shit… don't start that before we're even married, Ree. Bar. Definitely fuckin' bar."

Densoric smiles softly to Xenona and asks, "Why would I leave, socializing is the task of the moment for me." as he takes another sip then turns to face Rook and says, "Nobles are a bit of a finicky lot. We like being seen at our best after all." smiling softly then adds formally, "Lord Densoric Larent, I don't believe we've met." He then nods to Nitrim and says, "ANd good to see you once again, even if the introduction was a bit lacking in tact but then there are even nobles of higher status then myself who are a bit lax in formality at times." as he stands close to Xenona, but not really hovering over her. As Nitrim becomes a bit more aggressive in his photo taking Densoric asks, "Have you put in a donation yourself as of yet to the Notice Project? Would you not agree its a worthy cause fitting of a contribution?" as he moves a bit in front of Nitrim as though to get his attention and gestures to the donation area and says, "It is over there if not. ANd if you have then the project thanks you for the charity." in a professional tone.

"They are cute, aren't they?" Lyrienne agrees with Reena, smile softening a bit. "But no, I can drink for now. And Ric doesn't much care for dancing," she adds to Devon. "I don't think he's-" But as they turn toward the bar, she blinks, and her smile blossoms bright and warm. "He came!" she exclaims, grinning at the others before dashing toward the bar to meet Cedric. "I thought you weren't coming." They really are pretty disgusting, aren't they?

"No kids," Devon says, though she does have the grace to add before Victor takes offense, "Not for a while." Then she trails with Vic and Reena toward the bar, her hands clasped behind her. She casts a glance toward the dance floor with a touch of longing before she breathes in a steadying breath and then returns her focus forward. She brushes her hand back through the stripes of rainbow that color her pale golden locks.

Reena chuckles at her cousin and friends. "Then I could really use a nice, bright, floofy cocktail," she admits. She heads for one of the many bars set up and signals the bartender to come over and wait on them. She clasps Cedric on the shoulder. "Glad you could make it, Captain Bosom." Grin.

Rook shrugs at Densoric. "Public event. Don't want pictures taken, don't go?" she advises with that peculiar wisdom of hers. She flashes a smile full of white teeth that looks almost predatory. "Rook," she replies when asked her name.

Nostrils flare as the Khourni advances wit his camera, eyes briefly widening at his bold attempt. Xenona is about to say something when Densoric steps forward and she is left to observe, standing as she was moments before. Spurred into action by something said or perhaps unsaid, her chin lifts and she sets her white gaze from the watching Rook to Nitrim. Fingers lift and as she starts for the Khourni, but merely brushes past him heading for the dance floor. The flow of silver droplets follows, sliding along her skin as the young woman weaves her way through the other dancers.

Cedric is indeed there, seated at the bar, ordering something that sounds vaguely like coffee and whiskey. 'Sergeant's Wake-Up' it's called on ships. And he's still in uniform, suggesting he stepped off ship to make his way here. But, he's -always- in uniform, so that isn't a shocker. "Lady Reena." he utters neutrally, yet politely. "Wrong Captain, he's off drunk somewhere." That is before Lyri finds him. "I wasn't." he states. "Too many people." His tone is a little choppy, suggesting he's trying not to clench his jaw. "But, I wanted to at least make a donation."

Lincoln dances with his client until she pulls him down to kiss on him , starting to pull him towards the door. He'll smile, placing an arm around the woman and lets her start to walk him out. She's clearly leading him.

As Xenona reaches for his face and slips past him, Nitrim grins broadly to Densoric and reaches out to pat his arm. "Well done, sir. Establish dominance and say things that sound shockingly like get away from her." Flashing the man a predatory grin, he glances back off to the dance floor where Xenona went as he slips back over to Rook at the bar. "I've donated more to the cause than you'd think, friend. Relax. We're all friends tonight." Padding back over to the bar, he leans in against Rook's hip to grab his fresh drinks and there's a flash as he snaps some pictures, capturing Lyrienne, Victor, and Devon with Reena. He takes four for the memories as he takes a long pull from the rum and starts to back towards the bouncing crowd. "Politics…"

Victor looks over to Reena at the term she gives Lyrienne's husband, "Captain Bosom? Sounds like a good gig." He frowns a little at Lyrienne's reaction to Cedric's appearance, grunting softly and looking over to Devon for a long moment. As they reach the bar, he raises one hand to the bartender, then pauses, frowning and looking confused for a moment. Then he looks down, silent for a moment, then shifts his attention back to the bar, "Whisky. Whatever you've got that's good."

A quick nod registers Kazimir's satisfaction that the 'business' is already handled. One concern down. And as Brianny struggles to make herself heard, he continues to let his own attention wander around the room, although he finally glances back and down at her. "But you still insisted on being overdressed for it. So, you dislike part of it, at least." This he just states as fact, although it might not really be criticism, with things yet unclear how much he really likes it either. "Conversations? Some people shout at each other. The topics tend to be simple." He doesn't elaborate, but does notice the diminutive woman trying to look around. "See anyone you know?"

"I sent a check last night," Lyrienne says with a sympathetic smile for Cedric, leaning in to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth to ease some of that tension, slipping an arm around his neck and half perching on the stool with him. It takes a peculiar sort of grace. "Sorry, Vic. Dad's doing well," she answers Victor's question belatedly. "Wrapped around Lyssie's little finger, really. How about you two? I heard you'd taken some injuries, but they must be healing up well if you're out here."

Kira smiles ot the bartender and smiles. "My tab, those nobles over there." She points to Reena Vuictor and whoever else is with them. "A round of waygates shockers for them/." She says before she scans her chip and moves back to the dancefloor, leaving her now empty drink at the bar, walking away with a nice buzz.

Reena mock-whispers to Victor, "His alter ego, seen only once, at Niko's bachelor party." She sips her fruity drink and smiles broadly at everyone present. "Honestly, this is a much larger turnout than I was expecting."

Rook's back shimmers a moment with the vague suggestion of translucent black wings. She tips her chin towards the dance floor and heads that way, beckoning Nitrim along.

Densoric nods to Rook and says, "Lord Densoric. And a valid point, though would you personally not prefer to make sure you can offer the most attractive view of yourself before the picture is taken?" He then looks to Nitrim and says, "I believe you have me wrong. If I sought a fight I have no fear of them, I was simply reminded of my place at the event due to the conversation, which is why I asked if you had donated, and simply directed you to where to make them if you had not. As to her running, that is her business not mine." in a casual tone. As he starts back towards the crowd, Densoric sips once more at his drink and casually follows and says, "though as I believe you are aware politics is a topic I do have an interest in." perhaps misunderstanding annoyance for a topic of discussion. Adding, "Though I did get a strange message from you awhile back, it was curious but I rode it off as a system error or such. Curious but such things happen."

The Grantham widow casts a glance toward Victor as if to meet his look, and her brows arch ever so faintly over those glass-colored eyes. She frowns just a touch as if there is some wordless communication being conveyed — and there is even more confusion this time around. She then breathes out a bit of a sigh before she takes interest back in the others once more. She seems a bit uncertain for a moment before she smiles toward the fashionista. "Thank you," she says softly, which means it is nearly said noiselessly compared to the thumping. She takes the shot, and immediately downs it.

"So, I didn't need to show up?" Cedric states evenly, sighly lightly through his nose. "Guess we both donated, then." When she peches on his stool, the hand that isn't holding his drink snakes around her waist to support her. The Captain is a man of few words when out in public. "Everyone is wrapped around that girl's finger. I feel sorry for whoever she marries." is grunted out, then taking a long pull form his drink. The kiss only eases the tension just slightly. Her presence helps, but still. Too many people.

Glitch nods to Roxy as they move towards the bar, "I did catch that. Let's be fair, between the two of us, I look like the type who'd make a donation." Fancy duds, good hair, winning smile, totally looks like the charitable donation type, right? He moves up to the bartop and nods to the bartender, "Smokin' Valen Upright." he orders, which when mixed looks vaguely like a martini, but there's vapor rising from the top.

Arriving with little fanfare, the petite Sauveur looks around with a wide grin on her face, if a bit of a distant expression as she starts to drift on inwards, a slight sway to her very movements that seems to be tied to the music. Her path taking her towards the dance floor heedless of others for the moment.

Lincoln makes his way out the door, begin dragged by the woman on his arm.

"Oh I'm aware, Densoric. Well aware, good friend." Nitrim slows as he passes the man, batting him on the arm as he's beckoned into the crowd with Rook. Grinning broadly to the man, he salutes with a few fingers off of his brow and downs the last of his drink to set it on a passing tray. With a distinct need for sweat, he waves to the man and disappears out into the crush of bodies to dance.

Kira smiles and spots Kiara, and moves to dance around her, the light trailing glow stick moveing in a circle about the petite woman as she smiles. "Hello." She says softly, able to be heard above the music as she continues her dancing.

Brianny does look more than a little overdressed, but this is a charity event! Just not what she had expected. "If I had known.." She stammers out to Kazimir. If she had known, there is still nothing in her wardrobe that would fit in with his crowd. She simply furrows her brow now and begins to curtsey or dip her head in greeting to a few individuals who she thinks are nobles… but she isn't too sure. Lifting her chin once again in the hopes of getting a better view through the crowd, she shakes her head quickly, "I am afraid not!" Her words come out as shouting once more, "But there are just so many people here, that I /must/ know a face in the crowd!" A pause, "Oh! Excuse me…" She says to someone who bumps into her in their little dance.

Rook weaves towards where Xenona disappeared into the crowd, and picks the blonde out of the crush of dancers. She finds a spot nearby and begins to dance again with that energy known at raves. She unbinds her hair and lets it whip around her as she moves.

Xenona is making her way as best she can, not wishing to touch anyone an this - this makes it difficult to find her way. One of those she collides with on accident is poor Brianny, the Cindravale excusing herself, eyes whited over as she dips her head to the other woman before disappearing just as quickly. The light from the stage flashes over her. Eventually she stops, catching her breath as she tries to find herself a little room. Blue eyes widen, taking in the flash of lights, moving bodies and the beat seeming to thrum up through the very flooring. Her hands lift, slowly as she looks over, spotting Rook and mirroring her. Slowly hips move and she sets her shoulders into a roll as her eyes lift to the ceiling.

Once at the bar, Roxy listens to his order but for herself she just orders the same thing she always orders. "Orange juice." Getting an odd look from the bartender, she smirks. "So add some coconut rum in there then." Rarely does the drummer drink, but she's making an exception tonight. Looking over the clothing of her date, she laughs. "I guess you're right. I don't really look like a donation type do I?" Crinkling her nose she rests her forearms on the bar.

Victor gets something back that definitely isn't a whiskey, whatever a Waygate Shocker is. He looks down at it, blinking once. And then his brows furrow in concentration for a long moment. Shaking the frown off, he offers out his hand to Cedric, "Vic." Beckoning with his left hand, he speaks to the bartender again, "No. Really. Whiskey." He picks up the shot again, looking at it, then shrugs and pounds it back, "You're supposed to have that, right, Dee?"

"No, you didn't," Lyrienne says with an apologetic smile for Cedric, giving his hand on her waist a gentle squeeze. "But I'm glad you did. You can buy my drink," she teases gently. "Get a pretty girl all liquored up, maybe you'll get lucky and she'll go home with you."

Densoric nods to Nitrim and watches him and Rook for a bit before making his way towards the dance floor, taking a less direct route to Xenona he does his best to weave through the crowd given his height to locate her. It takes him a bit longer the Rook but ultimately as he draws closer as she seems entranced by the music and asks, "Did you still want that dance My lady, or would you prefer to get some fresh air first?" in a casual tone, lowered to be as private as the music allows, a soft smile on his face.

One of the project volunteers approaches Reena, and whispers to her. She nods at them then smiles at her family and friends nearby. "I need to go on stage and say a few words. Please, have fun, and try the crab puffs, they're delicious." She winks and then moves to the stage area, where she is fitted with a tiny microphone on the strap of her dress. She takes the stage and raises a hand, the DJs pause the music.

"I won't disturb the party for long. I'm Lady Reena Khournas, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Notice Project. I want to thank everyone for coming tonight, and helping this cause, which will only become more important as the war continues and residents become displaced from their homes. We have already surpassed our goal for the night, and our efforts to begin repairing and replacing air and water purification systems, as well as the climate control units in the Black Sector of Volkan will begin next week. Thank you for your generosity, and our next event will be announced by H.N.N. soon!" She signals the DJs and the music resumes.

Bouncing through the crowd with his camera in hand, the flash rings out like a strobe, catching random images as he passes until he comes through the crush to find Rook and Xenona. Pressed to bump against shoulders as he raises his arms over his head, tank top swaying to reveal his many tattoos as his skin flushes from so much lack of breathing. He shoves the camera into Rook's hands, she knows what to do with it as he lowers his head and slips into the trance of meditative like dancing with his aura and white eyes flaring. His lips part and he laughs into the cool air above, where only cool air can be found.

One Cyrielle Hollolas had disappeared into the fringes of the warehouse. Perhaps to use the ladies room, but one never knows. She returns with measured strides, attempting to both limit her reliance upon the cane and not overtax herself. She does ultimately find herself upon the fringes of the dancers and there she hovers, watching. The woman lifts her chin slightly, watching Reena's speech. Once it completes, she returns to that old and true way of people-watching.

Rook takes the offered camera from Nitrim and she begins snapping photos, random clicks as she bounces in place with her dancing, arms overhead. She considers the motion photography somewhat artsy. Her winged aura floats out in a rush of black feathers around her, raining down towards the floor before vanishing into thin air.

"I need those." Kiara says, her wide eyes seeming to follow the glowstick in a trance, her head even tilting to the side slightly. Her look wistful. She has even stopped moving for the moment just to look. As if now she suddenly spotted that… and then more all around, "A few." A blink, then another. "Oh, and hello." She greets finally.

"Right, because neither of us know how that one ends at all, do we?" Cedric eyeballs Lyrienne for a moment, a ghost of a sardonic smile gracing his features. "We've already had that dance, Lyri. It ended up with you knocking on my door, holding a pregnancy test stick." Acknowleging Victor, he sets his glass down to take the hand, the other occupied holding up his Sauvuer wife. "Cedric." he replies. "You're not going to get anything stronger. Here." Reaching into his jacket, he pulls out a flask, etched with the registry number of the Intent, pouring it into the shot glass. "I don't know what it is, only that it's strong. Tastes like the wrong end of a thruster exhaust port but…it grows on you. My Chief Engineer makes it in his spare time. Jokes that he uses mineral spirits in it. He's never named it." The way he says that isn't sure that he's really joking.

Kira smiles and offers Kiara two extra ones. "Thease are FUN." She says as she moves to continue her dancing, staying reltivly close to Kiara. "Did you come here alone milady? Do you need company?" She says, she may sound like an easy bar fly, but she isn;t at least, for most people, But Kiara IS pretty.

White eyes find Rook, as if prompted and Xenona watches the other woman, seeing her bounce about. Nostrils flare and she glancing to the dancing form of Nitrim as he flows easily into the music. Unlike the other two, she is not as fluid as they, caught in the moment and attempting to keep up. As she turns, throwing herself into the dance, she bumps directly into Densoric during his mission to save her. She back pedals a step or two but slams into someone else with a gasp and twisting of her figure. The ritualistic movements are sought, but lost by the young noblewoman not so accustomed to such things. Her head turns, finally looking up at the taller man but stays silent, eyes white and skin shimmering silver.

This was definitely a mistake. The thumping bass line rattles through Helena's chest as the doctor makes her way in toward the massive party. She winces visibly at the volume, silently realizes her ears are going to be ringing for the rest of the week, and shoves her way through a press of bodies in an attempt to get to the bar. She is not a drinker by any means, but a glass of water and maybe a little breathing room might help while she adjusts to the newness of the party. When Helena makes it to the bar, she practically growls out an order for water ("just water") and clutches the counter.

"I told you it wouldn't be the sort of place for fancy gowns," Kazimir once more notes with a certain flat matter-of-factness. Looking from Brianny to the crowd again, he scans back and forth briefly until he spots a young woman passing nearby dressed in more typical club gear. And in her case, less would seem to be more, or at least more fitting. Gesturing toward her, he asks, only finally allowing something of a faint grin, "Would you wear something like that?" When his wife's attempts at coming up with anyone familiar falls flat, he gives a bit of a shrug. "Well, either we go make friends, we dance, or we go home. You said the donation is handled."

A glance is sent down the bar by Glitch towards Cedric, Victor and Devon, hmmming quietly and then he nods to Roxy, "Not really. Still, I suppose I'll have to do the donating next time." He takes a sip of his vapor fuming drink and sucks in a breath, "Chilly like an uptight Valen." And then he glances to the orange juice, "So really, what's up with the juice?"

Devon seems distracted as she looks out at the dance floor once more, and then she flickers her attention back toward Victor at his words. She tilts her head a bit as she regards him with those crystalline eyes, and then she smirks. "I'm sorry… there's too much going on. What did you say?" She asks, shouting over the din. She then notes someone she actually does recognize in all this madness, and she tosses her hand up. "Helena!"

Still that aura glimmers around Cyrielle. The faint green and tendrils of vines that creep up upon the silver of her attire. The woman clenches her jaw slightly and starts to work her way within the crowd. The cane is gripped, firmly, each step taken with a careful measure. She'll stop now and again, avoiding dancers that fling themselves about. Her lips are pressed into a thin line. Sweat beads at her brow and if the white-gaze of the Awakened could be distant and glazed, hers certainly is.

Reena steps back off the stage and heads over to where the Dalton has entered. "Helena! Glad you could make it," she greets. "If it's too loud, you can always help man the donations table, a little quieter there."

Densoric nods to Xenona and says, "my apologies, but it is a dance floor, such things happen. perhaps you'd like to get a bit of air for awhile?" in a friendly tone as he alters his position as best as the crowd allows to stand in the direction she was facing when he approached, then gestures to the door. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be aware of Cyrielle's location currently.

Dance steps faltering, Nitrim brushes at his eyes and slows at the sweat starts to form. He even bumps into Densoric hard, having to reach out to the man's shoulder for support as he almost loses balance. Distracted, he stops for a second, stretching his arms over his head to let out a deep, cleansing breath before he starts dancing again. Growling at himself, he snags the camera out of Rook's hands and takes a picture of his face then turns it to Densoric and Xenona, catching a glimpse of Cyrielle heading through the crowd.

Lyrienne grins at Cedric, pressing another kiss to his cheek as she leans in to order something surprisingly strong for herself from the bartender. "Well, everyone does seem to want to hear we're expecting again, Ric," she chuckles. "Might as well go with what worked the first time."

"Yes." Kiara says to Kira. "I did. Though I know at least a couple of my sisters were planning to be here." As if anyone should know who they are. Then again, she is a Sauveur! And that is when she looks upwards for a moment, seemingly caught in the beat and starts to dance as well. Though to say it is with the beat? Well, it isn't. It's almost a strange counter to it, much slower, more careful and methodical than the song seems to call for.

Rook has the camera snatched away, and she slings an arm around Nitrim's hips as she dances, sweat dripping down her face and the skin bared by the deep V of her

"Lady Reena!" Helena looks relieved to see a face she recognizes, and she reaches automatically for her water glass to take a sip before leaning in to press a kiss to the Khourni's cheek. "Oh, no, I — I can get used to it! I just haven't been to anything like this for about seven or eight years or so, and did I just date myself? I like this, even though it's loud. People seem to be enjoying themselves. I actually wore a dress too."

When Glitch glances down the bar, Roxy looks down that way too, openly curious about the gathered group. Her attention is quickly drawn back to her date and she lifts a shoulder, skimming the surface of the explanation while making it deep enough to need nothing further. "If it's anything heavier, I don't know when to say when." And that's as far as the explanation goes. "I don't know many Valen's but I know an Orelle." Kinda. Nodding her head towards Cedric, Victor and Devon, she queries. "Someone you know?"

"You look beautiful Helena! And thank you for attending. I'm surprised at so many nobles here. I wasn't sure many would come," Reena admits. She beckons to Brianny and Kazimir. "My Lord, My Lady, thank you for attending. What a beautiful gown," she notes.

Victor puts a hand to his head, rubbing at his temple as he looks back over to Devon, "What? Sorry… 'Trim's talkin' to me." And then Reena's speaking, and he quiets, listening, and then clapping as she finishes. He takes the flask from Cedric, giving it a sniff, then shrugs and takes a swig. Blinking once, he eyes the flask, takes another quick drink, then passes it back. "Not bad." His voice is probably even more rough than usual. And then Devon's greeting someone, and Victor adds his own nod before recognizing the woman, "Doc. Howdy."

Kira giggles once she stops and removes her widow's mask, since she doesnt remeber why she wore it in the first place. That done, she places it on Kiara's head. "Here, it's color changing." She says as she tosses her hair back, letting her green eyes adjust to having the sunglass like mask removed from her eyes.

"What else do we have to spend our money on?" Helena inquires of Reena, offering a lopsided smile before her gaze drifts away to take in, well, an insane number of people all crushed into one big room. "Don't feel the need to linger with me, Lady Reena. Go mingle, network, be the queen of the party." In the meantime, the good doctor can sip her water, pretend it's vodka, and people watch.

After being bumped into by Xenona, Brianny catches the glow of the woman's eyes. She is all too familiar with the Awakened. So much so, that none of this is odd and while her gaze follows the path which the woman takes for a few seconds, Kazimir's next 'I told you so' draws her attention back to him. "I had you look through my wardrobe, but that was not of much help either." And then… she quietly observes the raver who could really use more clothing. While she doesn't furrow her brow or look.. disgusted or anything like that to the other woman's attire, she almost looks a little bashful. "I… do not think I particularly like that style." It's as if all of the strange raver style of dress is awe-inspiring enough for the young Saimhann to stare, though try not to look as if she were staring. She does miss part of Reena's speech due to this, but at some point she is able to tune into the Khournas' words which earns a cheerful clapping from the petite young noble. In fact, she is surprised when the Lady of Hour calls out to her and immediately she lowers herself into a curtsey, "Lady Reena! I was hoping to find you in this crowd! This event is quite the success!" Still getting used to the volume in this place, it continues to seem like she's yelling, because she probably is. To Helena, she curtseys as well, as the woman is nearby.

Caught in the crush of the crowd, he's held in place by Ithaca's arm. Lowering his head as a bead of sweat forms and falls to the floor, Nitrim finds his feet again and starts to bounce and rock with the others. His head flashes back in some kind of triumph and he takes a picture of his face again, slipping in behind Ithaca to dance behind her probably a little too close for Boy's Academy rules. Hands over her back, brushing down her sides, he reaches under her arm and shoves the camera into Xenona's hand demandingly.

As Nitrim runs into him, Densoric stumbles forward a bit, given his position and the distance he has to catch himself on other dancers to avoid impacting or landing on Xenona. Though he does say, "You look like you could use a rest My lady, if you will forgive me, no offense intended." as he moves to try and scoop her up in his arms as best he can and carry her to at least the edge of the dance floor if he can. He may not be the strongest but she is a fair bit smaller then him and not overly heavy or muscular by the looks of her.

The cane-wielding Cyrielle is still a slow mover through the pressing crowd. A younger couple, on their way to partake in who-knows-what push by her and she grits her teeth. The aura flares slightly and she just moves forward, white-veiled gaze roaming to locate those she had been speaking with before she had to step away.

Rook seems entirely content to dirty dance with Nitrim, but well, she's not a noblewoman worried about her reputation. The citizen sways and moves with her dance partner, her eyes remaining white and her hair sticking to her face and neck sweatily from the exertion.

"Put that on my tab." Cedric points out when Lyri orders. "You sure you can drink that? You're never seen without your wine or your frilly stuff." The mention of another kid gets a roll of the eyes from him. "Don't people have anything better to talk about than what's going on with your uterus?" he asks, shaking his head. "We got three. You'd think that'd be enough." Another eyeballing of his wife, even while he takes the flask. "Figure you'd like that." he asides to Vic. Then back to Lyri. "You keep saying stuff like that, Lyri, and people are going to think we're actually trying for another kid."

Finally Densoric's question registers and Xenona draws a breath, "This is a dance floor…it is meant for dancing," all said while having to lean forward into the Larent Lord to allow her words to be heard. She drags her tongue across dry lips and there is a sheen of sweat beneath the silver. She is paying attention to other things, lost, even more mercurial than before as the Cindravale turns to look at the others when her hands collect the camera to her as its offered. She draws it up, turning it about and white eyes blink, catching as she lofts it to her eyes and snaps a picture of the two dancing together, Cyrielle noted as she lowers the lense and then quickly lifts it once more to take a picture of Densoric's face so close to her just as he reaches down to grasp at her. Good intentioned or not, panic floods through her, startled from her state, as white eyes blink back and fade to green before the camera clatters to the floor. "Blue!" She gasps even before her eyes bleed back to white, brows furrowing.

Kiara's wide grin doesn't fade as the color changing mask is placed on her. "Thank you." She says, before she goes back to her own weird dance. "You are the dress maker, yes? We shall have to visit again. My sister Drucilla said she needs some new outfits." She pauses a moment, her grin growing mischevious. "She is right." Still that very her own world and beat style of dance so completely counter to anything else!

Rook gives Densoric a creepy, white-eyed look. "Touching without permission, more rude than photos," she points out to him. "Hands off." She stops dancing to step between him and Xenona.

"As if we have to try," Lyrienne laughs, shaking her head to Cedric. Watching the floor as she waits for her drink, she purses her lips briefly when she catches sight of Nitrim. "Vic," she says, as softly as one can in a club full of thumping, pounding music. "Is he all right? He looks a little on edge tonight."

It's a good thing that Nitrim's camera, his trading one, is rugged and the kind that's shielded to be dropped on the ground. As Densoric tugs at Xenona and the camera drops, he and Rook seem to move like a hive mind. She gets in between Densoric, and Nitrim goes for the camera. Snagging it up, he turns and flashes a picture of Xenona in her heightened state…one for the books. It's real.

"Oh, I see someone calling me." Helena presses Reena's arm in a fond gesture before moving away with drink in hand to find the familiar face of Devon. For a moment she stalls, waiting for people to pass before the flash of platinum hair draws in her like a moth to a bug zapper. "Lady Devon, you are a sight for sore eyes," she greets, holding out a hand to the woman before glancing around. "Are you here with someone?"

Gltich nods to Roxy, not saying any more on the subject, taking another drink from his concotion instead. At her question, he shakes his head a bit, "No, just like to people watch." Of course, in this mad rush, people watching becomes a full time job, "So…you said something about dancing?"

Kira nods and smiles. "Well, more then dresses, I can fashion any sort of clothing." She says, as she shows off the outfit she made herself, JUST for this occasion. "It would be lovely if you and you sister stopped by, I'm sure I can get an afternoon free." She says, since all the weddings and such have her almost swamped, but that doesnt stop her from comming out and having fun.

The intensity of the dancing, the music, and the sudden tension in the four people has Cyrielle even more on edge. The woman's shoulders square, back straightening. As her focus intensifies, so does her aura- the green of the vines and leaves that wend around her in an ethereal fashion almost seem wont to clash with the blue that glows in her attire. She has no date, nor has she ever attended a function with a date- this is propriety outside of her realm of understanding. So the young woman stands, looking even more out of place than she did prior, leaning upon that silver cane.

Reena smiles warmly at Brianny. "It has been more successful than I ever anticipated. And no need to curtsey to me, not at this sort of a shindig," she chuckles softly.

"Not my fault." Cedric grunts lowly, as if he had nothing to do with her being pregnant three different times. "That's all you." Following her gaze, he looks for what she's talking about, frowning. "Am I missing something? Or is this an Awakened thing that just goes over my head as it usually does?"

"I am," Devon replies to the Orellean doctor before she gestures toward Victor. "Helena, this is Victor Khournas, my betrothed. Vic, you know Helena Dalton." She then glances back over toward Helena, gesturing her to join their little corner in the raving chaos.

"No?" Kazimir wonders, taking the slight hint of bashfulness on his wife's part as a bit of an 'opening' and going on the offensive. "A shame. I think it might look good on you." He considers the woman again, who, for all the difference in garb is not all that different in build from Brianny. "It would fit. And, dressing like that probably makes it easier to dance, right? I know you like to dance." Not like this, of course! But when Reena's greeting reaches them and Brianny finally finds someone more familiar in the crowd, he moves in that direction, as usual clearing a bit of a path for his much less sizable wife. "It is an impressive turnout, to be sure," is his own compliment on the event to it's hostess. "If I were a few years younger and still unwed, I could have caused some havoc on the floor myself."

After what proves to be only a quick drink from her glass, Roxy pushes off the bar and stands away from the bar. His offer brings a grateful smile. "I'd love to dance, if you're asking." Offering her hand to his, she leaves the drink behind, blue eyes holding mischief as she looks up at him. "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?" Laughing at her own goofy comparison, she once more shakes her head. "Let's go play."

As Cyrielle stands near, looking nonplussed, Nitrim turns his all-white eyes to the woman and raises his camera and snapping a shot of her. He turns the camera around and offers it to her, practically pressing it into her hand as a small crowd clears around them to make room as something awkward is happening. With one eye on Densoric and the other ladies, he flashes a white row of teeth to Cyrielle and nudges his head towards Rook and Xenona. It's an invitation to join, be friends. "You're not enjoying this at all are you, Cyrielle?"

Caught up, flustered and overwhelmed, Xenona's gaze flits to each in turn, white, pausing to linger on the Arboren awakened. Swallowing heavily, her throat constricts and for a moment she lingers, hesitating. The room grows inward around her as she shifts, somewhat panicked and takes a step back from them all. For a brief moment, the Cindravale looks at a loss, eyes slipping to that pristine pale blue before she turns, brushing past both Densoric and Ithaca, sweeping her way back through the crowed towards the bar, to fresh air and less thundering beats, flushed and looking overwrought.

When Kazimir goes on about the similarities of herself and the random raver, Brianny looks to be studying to stranger in the crowd for another brief moment, but they are in the company of a Lady of House Khournas, so her attention doesn't remain there. "I see!" she then chirps up in a light nervousness to Reena and once more takes a look around. "I must admit that this is my very first… rave, is that what it is called? I did not know what to expect. The music is… loud. That much is certain. I am glad that there are so many here who are generous enough to donate to such an important cause." She doesn't seem to be paying too much attention to her husband's words.

Slamming down the remnants of the vapor releasing drink, Glitch sighs once. Liquid courage is going to be necessary here, "Well, I wasn't actually asking, but ok…" he offers and moves to follow Roxy to the dance floor. He's going to need that booze to keep himself from breaking his hip out there.

Lyrienne shakes her head slightly to Cedric, sighing softly as she takes her glass from the bartender with a distracted smile. "That looks more like someone trying to get into trouble than something Awakened," she answers him. Secure at her husband's side, she lets her eyes white over again, aura shimmering for just a moment.

"I will talk to her." Kiara says in her high pitched, almost dreamlike tone. "She will probably try to hide from it. But that is ok. Maybe Lyrienne and I can manage to drag her whether or not she tries to hide." Her look hasn't changed. "And then it will be even more fun."

As Xenona slips out of his grasp and Rook moves between them Densoric simply shrugs apologetically and says, "A friend looks a bit faint and you would not seek to help them to get some fresh air?" He then looks to the time and simply nods to Rook and Nitrim and adds, "Excuse me, I need to retire, I lost trck of the time, I have early business to attend to." As Xenona seems lost in the crowd, but then how many aren't right now, Densoric simply turns and starts to try and make his way out of the dancing mass himself.

Victor nods once at Cedric, "It's good stuff." He looks down at Devon a moment, smirking faintly, then looks back up to Helena, "Doc and I go way back. Back when I was still looking to strap a rocket to my ass to get to the Hosties quicker. They probably got coffee, Doc." He reaches out to gently pat Devon's shoulder, "We should go circulate at some point. 'Trim's around here with someone else."

"One of the DJs, Mister Thanesson, suggested it. I thought it would be a good draw for a lot of younger people, nobles and citizens alike, who are more likely to attend a party for a good cause, then some staid and boring ball or banquet," Reena explains to Brianny and Kazimir. "Getting the youth of Haven directed towards helping their fellow Havenites is a good thing." She smiles and then dips her head. "Please, enjoy yourself, there's food and drink to be had. Dance out there." She waves them onward as she resumes her circuit, coming upon the next group to converse with.

Anything to escape, right? Helena offers Victor a beaming smile as she edges in closer to their group, raising up her glass to salute him. "Sir Victor, we've met. I enjoyed listening to you and the Young Lady Sir Anabethe tell Lady Sophie where to stick her drakes. Politely, of course." Helena laughs quietly and sips a bit before her gaze flicks over the two of them quickly and then toward Cedric and Lyrienne. Her smile widens. "I'm not sure if Lady Devon can handle circulation right now. You look a little peaky, dear. Are you feeling alright?"

Rook watches Densoric depart, her lips pressed tightly together, as if protective of Xenona and her space. Her dark winged aura folds around her almost like a cloak as she nods to Nitrim at something unsaid.

Looking a bit harder, Cedric shrugs. "If there's an issue, I think it'll be taken care of pretty quick." Captain isn't looking to get involved with anything that doesn't go farther than his drink. Because people. Causes his knee to shake just lightly, suggesting unease. Being this close to her aura does get him to blink. "Never gotten used to that." he utters, nodding. "There is coffee, yes." His cup is coffee and…something. Then something catches him. "'Trim? As in Nitrim? So that's who the letter I got pretains to." Now that gets an eyeroll.

There's a moment of confusion with camera in hands and Cyrielle soon finds herself grounded. Her aura fades somewhat, but her eyes do not return to their brown hue. She lifts it and captures a photo of Xenona's retreating back. She glances to Nitrim and gives a small shake of her head, glancing down towards her right foot. As if forgetting she's holding his camera, she starts her way through the crowd. Attempting to follow the departing Cyndervale.

Breaking free of the dancing crowd, Xenona pushes her way forward and settles at the bar, quickly hailing a server and giving a rushed request for water as she perches near the end of the counter top. Gathering herself slowly, the wild look begins to ebb though the flush across her cream skin remains. Her eyes lift to look down the bar at the other gathered nobles and she straightens some, tilting her head as the quick rise and fall of her chest increases again. A wan smile is offered to all and sundry. Though blue eyes flicker white, soon consumed once again before her head turns out of politeness.

Sweating and needing a fresh breath, Nitrim runs a hand through his hair and looks to Rook. Everyone dispersing from the crowd, he locks all-white eyes with the citizen and nudges his head towards the bar where Cyrielle is going with his camera. "You're right." He says to her, speaking in code as he presses a hand to the small of her back to lead her out to the bar.

Kira nods and smiles as she spins a few times, having alot of fun. "Stil lwanna dance? or can I buy you a drink?" She asks Kiara as she stops for a moment, she is dancing in heels, and while she looks good doing it, they do still bother her somewhat.

Lyrienne's aura fades out shortly, as Lyrienne bumps an elbow back toward Cedric's ribs, smile wry. "He's my cousin, too," she says, then grins, laughing. "To be fair, half of Haven is my cousin, either by blood, marriage, or raising, so. No wonder I expect everyone to get along."

Densoric finally makes his way through the crowd, and without knowledge of where his conversation companions ended up with all the chaos, he simply makes his way outside, adjusting his clothes after all the bumping around and such. Plus side, he didn't have his sword, so lower risk of injury to others, or himself for that matter.

Hesitating, Roxy turns to face him, having misunderstood. "Oh." Lifting a shoulder, she shrugs. "We can finish our drinks then, sorry. I thought the question was meant to ask." Instead of heading for the dance floor, she walks the couple of paces back to the bar and takes her drink in hand. At least it had rum in it! Lifting it to her lips, she downs a good portion leaving Glitch to either follow… or not.

"Lady Sophie?" Devon asks, a touch of confusion wrinkling her brow. She knows very little of the Ladies of Sauveur antics it seems, though she does offer a bit more of a sober smile. "I'm here only at great begging… I tried to dance with some Hostile scouts a few days ago and have been in the Blackspyre infirmary recovering. I asked Vic if he could take me here, but I admit that I'm starting to feel a bit out of sorts." Then she smiles a bit wanely toward Victor. "You could go talk to him, I don't think I should stay much longer."

Kazimir needs little convincing regarding the purpose or success of the gathering, the crowd itself speaks to that, and so he nods at Reena's explanation. This might be all he says or does, other than to remark, seeming to speak on Brianny's behalf, "My lady wife likes those sort of balls and banquets, but there are many other such events. A good showing." With that, the couple is once again left to their own devices.

Once out of the press of bodies, Cyrielle seems more relaxed. Not wholly, of course, but more than before. She finds her way towards where Xenona has settled at the bar and offers an arm. A polite gesture, if perhaps reminiscent to some of what younger girls might do. Perhaps that is the reason?

Kiara is obviously surprised by the question. But then she says "Actually, something to drink would probably be a good thing." She gets a thoughtful expression, and… that expression just remains as she seems to be distracted by some more glowsticks flashing through the air.

Victor nods to Devon, "Before the First Wave hit." And then out of nowhere, he starts to laugh, a low rumble from deep in his chest. Waving an apology, he points up toward his temple, "Sorry. 'Trim just said…" The laughter dies away to chuckles, and he rubs at his back with his left hand, grimacing as he does, "Said somethin' funny in my head." He nods around the little group, "Both Dee and I got tagged. Tell you what, Dee, why don't we take one trip 'round, then we'll get you back somewhere where they got painkillers better'n booze?" He leans close to the Grantham's ear, murmuring something to her and then flashing a grin.

Nope, Glitch is already moving to the dance floor. He will be making a fool of himself and a mockery of club music dancing, with or without a dance partner. So he leaves Roxy to drink her drink, loosens his tie and then, he begins to dance. So he dances like a guy who doesn't really know what he's doing…or does he? MYSTERY ensues as he's actually doing a damn good job, moving to the beat and everything. Hip pops here and neato leg kicks there. Dance moves he probably saw kids doing on those dancing games at FUNtasia.

The quick flight of Densoric is followed and Xenona is more than happy to take the silently offered arm as Cyrielle joins her. Letting go of the barely touched water, she slips her hand around the other noblewoman's elbow and gives a smile of relief. Something exchanged silently before her eyes slip back to blue. The step taken is slow and then finally speaks up, leaning into her companion to share her words, "My head is pounding…that was an exercise in extreme patience and focus."

"Everyone is your cousin." Cedric states around the same time that Lyrinne says it. "Which means somehow we're all related. Which is just mildly terrifying if you think about that just a little bit too much."

Brianny is used to Kazimir speaking up for her whenever he feels like it, so once her husband speaks, she nods quickly. "Or lovely garden tea parties. But this evening has been a new experience for me. And we all must learn through our experiences." She then automatically dips into yet another curtsey, out of habit, when Reena makes her departure and quickly twirls in a single graceful motion to take in this new experience in its entierty. "I think I could use a breath of fresh air." She tells her husband, finding the scene just as overhwhelming as when she first stepped foot into the place. At least, she has grown slightly more accustomes to the music.

Kira giggles and moves to loop an arm around Kiara's arm as she moves with her twoards the bar. She yells out her order, and soon both women are presented with a sweet drink, that has booze in it as well. "Thease are great, you don;t even teaste the booze." She says, but you do feel the effects later.

Cyrielle hasn't yet let go of her aura and her eyes remain white. She does glance to Xenona and there's a faint smile offered. "I try, generally for my brother's sake. A shame he did not attend- he may disbelieve I made the effort. I prefer smaller gatherings and quiet corners."

"Then don't think so much about it," Lyrienne chuckles to Cedric, taking a sip of her drink as she watches the party. "You know what the nice thing about this party is? We don't even have to go back through the Ways to come home. We can just walk back to the apartment."

Helena's smile falters just a bit and she looks between Victor and Devon with some degree of concern. "Hostiles? I had no idea. I'm—I'm really glad you're both alright, at least." She glances sidelong to Devon again, but remains silent while the pair talk. Swirling her ice around in her nearly empty cup of water, the doctor is just about to excuse herself to fetch another drink when she suddenly pauses. Her gaze grows distant, and then her eyes turn white as her aura becomes visible. After another second, she turns her attention back to Devon and Victor and offers another smile. "Go, go, and it was good to see you both. Be safe, and heal quickly."

Rook settles at the bar, near Cyrielle and Xenona and nods to them both, claiming a beer. "Should all talk sometime," she says, in an almost complete sentence.

Reena makes her way back to the donations table, to relieve the volunteer there currently. She settles in, answering questions for the curious, and schmoozing as she should.

Looking to Rook as she speaks while the two women start to make their way out, she nods her head, "Soon," comes the reply before she is more than eager to slip out from the room and its rough beat that is drowning out her thoughts. "I think that sounds wonderful, let us go find out." She intones that and is that, slipping out with the Hollolas, arm in arm.

"You saying you want to get heading home pretty soon?" Cedric asks, because it sure sounds like he's had enough of partying for one night. "Yeah, it's not a long walk back. Which means, you can get as messy as you want tonight and not have to worry about getting lost trying to get home. Though, with how happy you look, I'm wondering how much you've already had tonight.

At the bar while nursing her drink, Roxy watches Glitch head out to the dance floor and being busting a move. She grins.. so he was much better than he had let on! As she watches, she finishes off her drink but makes no move to head out to the floor, deciding to just watch him for now. He was doing well on his own.

Kiara squeaks in surprise as being tugged on the arm quite literally has the effect of tugging her out of her reverie as well. She looks over the drink then. "Thank you." And she looks into it. "I love the lights here." She still seems a bit distracted by them, "And the atmosphere. It is quite different from a ball or wedding dance."

Devon looks up toward Victor at his murmur, and she breaks with a coy smile. Then she nods her head gently before she sweeps up to her feet once more. She steps close to brush a ghost of a kiss to the Orellean's cheek. "Helena, I'll come visit you again soon… perhaps we can talk more about… business things." She gives her a knowing look before she steps up to gently embrace Victor's arm. There is some distance there — perhaps in comparison to the other happy couples around. She offers his arm a gentle squeeze before she lets him guide her off.

"Well, we've paid our respects to the hostess," notes Kazimir with his usual sort of curtness. "If there's no one else, and we're not going to go join the party…" Even if he wanted to, her gown probably makes that a very dubious prospect! "… then we can be on our way. The next time we go to one of these, we'll have to dress you appropriately so we can join in." That could almost be a threat of sorts: 'Make me go to some silly social function, and I'll make you wear something horrendous!' Since they seem agreed upon a departure, the man turns and begins ushering Brianny back through the crowd, again making sure to keep her close under watch while he deals with clearing them some sort of path back out.

Lyrienne grins at Cedric, the sort of smile that suggests she's probably had more than she's going to admit to. "Well, I didn't realize my husband was going to show up," she teases. "Otherwise I might have been more careful. But yes, I think I've almost enjoyed myself enough for tonight. Let me just finish this drink and we should be good to start making our way home."

Watching Xenona and Cyrielle slip off from his sweaty perch beside Rook, Nitrim lowers his forehead to her shoulder to catch her breath and murmurs something to her that sounds like wanna go for a bit, only loud enough to be heard over the booming bass. Lighting a pair of cigarettes, he offers her one and starts towards the exit, his aura flashing out of existence.

Rook accepts the cigarette and she nods to Nitrim, finishing off her beer and moving for the exit.

Kira smiles to Kiara and blinks. Placing a hand ot the ear peice she wears, a discreete message plays over the HUD. "Hmmm. I have to head out, her drinks are on me." She says to the bartender before sliding a business card, with her personal number, int oKiara's hand. "We should do this again." She says before she twirls off and head for the exit.

Helena moves quietly, eyes still white, obviously distracted as she makes her way back to the bar and gestures for a refill on her water. She turns about, leaning against the counter and sipping through a straw while scanning the dancefloor for a certain familiar face. She laughs quietly to herself and shakes her head.

Victor shakes his head at Helena, "Naw. We'll be alright. Another scar, another excuse for a tattoo." He nods to Helena, then over his shoulder to Cedric and Lyrienne. He starts to lead Devon on a slow circuit of the place, leaning over to murmur something to her here and there before they disappear into the crowds for a while.

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