11.11.3013: TNP November Workday
Summary: EVENT — The Notice Project has it's first volunteer workday, setting up the greenhouse structure and beginning repairs and cleaning on Scoria Residential Tower in Volkan's Black Sector.
Date: 06 October 2013
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Black Sector — Volkan, Imperius
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11 November 3013

The Black Sector of Volkan is a dismal place. The smog is thick down this low and so close to the factories. The residential towers are in sad states of disrepair. But all that is hopefully going to change. The Notice Project is here today in force for their first real workday now that the finances and red tape have been taken care of. Lady Reena Khournas is present with a datapad in hand, directing volunteers to various places based on their abilities. She's wearing coveralls, with a hardhat, and her hair in a ponytail. There is a ton of equipment scattered about, lifts to move new climate control units, repair parts for air and water purifiers, tons of new lighting fixtures to replace the old broken ones in the towers, and things designed to help break ground on the greenhouse portion of the community garden. There is also a pavilion set up for vaccinations for children under 10 and adults over 65.

Hmm. Talayla seems surprised by all of this. But she'll be helping in the greenhouse portion, then. There's a few sproutlings on standby and seeds, too. she seems surprised by how many people are here, looking a little cowed. "Um, wow." And yes, she is wearing one of her 13 identical blue robes. She's got no fashion sense. But she has gardening gloves on her belt and a few gardening supplies with her. The greenhouse is a little less done than she'd thought, but well. They can handle it. She looks over her shoulder. "I um, thank you."

Canis has arrived to help as well he's dressed down into work clothes which is to say pants and an older shirt which is comfortable to move and work in, though he isn't sure what job he should be doing just yet as a volunteer. He moves over to the line of people getting assigned a task "Good day m'lady, i've come to help though not sure where i'd be best suited." he says giving a smile though realizing he's not introduced himself. "I'm Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." he says after the pause.

And trailing along behind Talayla is some big dude wearing a bit more casual attire. The reason for this has to do with the fact that a) he's expecting labor; b) he's already doing labor; c) something narcissistic we don't need to go into at this time. So in short: Jor's wearing little more than a shirt, pants, and footwear. He might as well be naked or shirtless, with how much it seems to be a bit tight around him. "Did you really feel the need to bring so much?" he asks of Lady Talayla, a bit amused. "I was starting to think that you were trying to see whether or not I can match Barton for heavy lifting."

Reena smiles at Canis and she jots his name down on the datapad. "Wonderful! We could really use some strong backs to help assemble the greenhouse. Come right this way." She hands the datapad off to another volunteer to continue with, and leads the Ligonier over to where the footings have been finished and the base posts have been put in for the massive greenhouse. She waves Talayla and Jor over when she spots her as well. "We need to put the plexi panels in between the posts. If the gentleman can be so kind to hold them in place, Lady Talayla and I should be able to use the impact drivers to bolt them on."

It had not been an easy task to get the Arboren siblings involved. Brienne first had to convince herself, then she'd had to speak with her brothers. Perhaps a gentle nudge from one parent or the other was the final incentive needed to get them out of their little corner of the Spine to the hotter, more polluted, strange place of Volkan. Foreign lands. Walking side, by side, by side, with Brie in the center, she offers an encouraging smile to the younger of her brothers. "Come on, let's go do this. I have faith in you guys."

Poor Jor. Talayla looks over her shoulder. She smiles a little. "Sorry. I realized it was a bit incomplete. I appreciate it." And hey, he's doing charity work. It looks good, right? Talayla seems concerned about the plants and project, too. "I didn't think-" She hesitates. She nods at Reena. "Sure thing, if Mister Jor doesn't object." She is polite, at least. And she tries. Though, she seems surprised by some of the turn out. She rolls up her robe's sleeves.

A volunteer wearing a set of TNP overalls approaches the Arborens. "Welcome, thank you for helping out. They could use some more hands over at the greenhouse assembly." She gestures in that direction.

"Of course i'd be glad to help. It seems things are well underway that's good to see." Canis responds as he follows the other towards the large project but it does look important for this area to have such a place. The knight moves as indicated and moves to prepare to get one side and hold it in place though he'll wait for another to step up to hold the connecting side before he lifts and holds it into place.

Jor won't object. It's not like there's a reason to do that. All the same, it doesn't stop him from seeming amused at the notion of strong backs being needed to contribute to the assembly, his lips quirking upwards faintly for a moment before following along almost like a puppy on a leash. So in the end, there's the gentleman, being useful and physical, holding things in place while they get bolted on right next to him. Despite all this physical activity, he keeps rather quiet, content to just look around. Construction isn't his thing, best to leave it to those who know what they're doing.

Keanen spent a few minutes in a restroom upon arrival to this place, and seems to be in a considerably better move now. He laughs at Brienne, "It's great you have faith, but I'd rather you pay me." He looks about, and shakes his head, "Why do they have a greenhouse here? Isn't it fuckin' hot enough already? What are they growing, hot peppers?" He laughs. Yeah. He thinks he's funny. Screw everyone else.

Reena hands Talayla one of the electric tools used to bolt the panels into the posts, and takes one up herself. There are stepladders for them to reach the higher ones, and similar efforts are going on at the other sides of the greenhouse structure. "Lady Talayla, are you going to introduce me to your friend?" she asks with a smile. WHIRRR! SKRUNK! A bolt gets fastened.

A nearby volunteer answers Keanen's question. "To make sure the food doesn't attract drakes or vermin."

Looking like someone being lead to jail or something, Tristan comes to a stop as he sees all the people present her now. "I…" he begins, letting out a breath. Looking unsure of what to say now, he just shakes his head. "Idiot…" Just glancing between the others again now, he moves to follow his sister whenever she moves.

Keanen laughs at the volunteer. "It's not working," he says about using the greenhouse to prevent vermin from being attracted. "You see this rat?" he offers, giving Tristan a playful shove on the shoulder. "Gross!" He laughs, and then notices Talayla, simply walking away from his siblings towards her. "Tay Tay!"

Determined this was going to be a more successful family outing than any previous one before. Ever. Brie lifts her chin, letting a few things slide. "Thank you," she tells the volunteer before leading her brothers towards the greenhouse. "Pay you?" Looking thoughtful, she smiles. "How about I buy the ale tonight at the Taphouse? For both of you," including Tris in it too. Strolling to the greenhouse just as casual as you please, she nods to the strong backs as well as those with the drills even as Keanen walks away. Shaking her head, she grins at Tristan. "So, I hold panels while you drill them?"

Talayla seems to be working out the logistics of the project before her. She looks to Jor and smiles. "Thanks, I appreciate it." She does seem to, anyway. Talayla carefully accepts the electric tool. "This is Mister Jor. He puts up with my clutter and helps me out," She admits. "Mister Jor, this is Lady Reena Khournas," She explains. "Sorry…" Some of her habits of being a hermit haven't faded away, it seems.

An amused look at Keanen if she manages to hear him. "Salutations!" She greets Keanen, between tasks. "How are you?" She seems glad to see the Arboren chap, though she's pretty industrious. Freaking Orelle.

Reena smiles at Jor and nods. "Mister Jor, thank you for helping out today as well. It's much appreciated." She continues fastening the bolts on her side while chatting amicably with the workers. "Lord Canis, how are things in the Vale?" she asks.

Letting out another bit of a breath, Tristan sighs, "No wonder the Khourni are like they are, imagine living in a place like this…" he mutters to Brienne, before he nods a little bit, moving to get hold of one of the drills. "I think I can do that. If I don't suffocate first…" Starting to hum a bit to himself now, not looking at the other people.

Keanen lifts his brow a bit, "Mr. Jor, huh?" He looks between Jor and Talayla a few times, and then he chuckles, shaking his head. "Well, you DO have a type, I guess, huh?" He smiles at Talayla, "Young and attractive clearly not part of that. Explains why you never called me again." He nods to himself, and then looks at Jor, "She twisting your nuts tight enough, Jory?" He means the nuts and bolts on the sign, surely.

Jor, since he's busy holding up panelling, can only manage little more than a brief inclination of his head and to say, "A pleasure." It's a brief, almost terse response, delivered in his more quiet tone. He's fine with being a laboring lurker, for all intents and purposes. Plus, it's a change in pace to 'putting up with' Talayla's 'clutter'. This is not to say he'll be completely anti-social, though, in that he turns his attention solely to Keanen and quirks his eyebrow sky-high. "Show respect, /boy/."

Canis holds strong to his side of the greenhouse frame as it's locked into place. He noticed the approach of more people here to help and gives nods where he can in greeting. He is trying to get names where he can to perhaps help a bit later. He turns as the other speaks to him. "Things are well there, Phylon is busy as ever but Honors Keep is still very nice." the young man steadies himself as he moves down the line holding the next segment before he speaks further. "This is quite the under taking it's good to see though."

Talayla tilts her head. Her eyebrows lift. "I thought I had. But yeah, dad - er, that got kibboshed, harder than a proposal for screen doors on the Ring," She looks apologetic. It's not for want of trying. "And I'm sorry. I don't mind him being informal with me," She explains to Jor. "But um," She looks to Keanen, awkward. She'll help with the bolting for now. A glance to Canis/ She looks apologetic, but Talayla is starting to get overwhelmed. She turns red at Kanene's teasing. "Er, he helps me. When my arm was busted…" She explains.

Keanen scoffs at Jor, unafraid of the man that probably could squish him. "MISTER Jor, you show ME respect. It's LORD boy." He rolls his eyes, dismissively, and then looks at Talayla, "Seriously? First Barty and then this guy? It hurts, Tay. It really does. We had a spark, babe. I felted it." He sighs, and then looks around, "Why is it so fucking hot here?"

So, Keanen has broke off from the group and is engaged in conversation with a couple of other people so Brienne remains near Tristan. "Yeah, thanks." So, she holds up one side while some random person holds up the other so Tris can do his drill thing. Work. Hearing the mention of the Valen and Phylon, Brie looks over to the one speaking about it, curiosity lighting her eyes. "Valen?"

Reena eyes the mouthier of the Arboren boys. "Lord Keanen, this is my project, in my city, and you will respect my volunteers. Now, I suggest you go pick up a tool, rather than behaving like one, and do some work," she says with a tight smile. "Lady Brienne, Lord Tristan, thank you for your assistance here."

"When you've earned it, boy, maybe I will." Curt words, though, given from the man who has more effective ideas in mind for Keanen than squishing, but that's a subject for another time. There's a quick glance around given with the slightly narrowed gaze, but the thoughts of administering a sharp lesson in humility fades due to the trifling difficulty of too many witnesses.

Talayla looks apologetic. "It is my fault. I'm sorry. I did ask my dad permission to spend more time with you. He said he'd consider it the day we put screen doors on the Ring," She explains. She shakes her head. "I am sorry to both of you." She glances and turns to her work. "Otherwise, I hope you are both well." She will just - tend to her work, looking pained. She does quietly ignore the implications about Jor, at least.

Lorelei's been running late all day, so she's not surprised when she comes up and everyone is already working. She is surprised at who she sees in the soon to be greenhouse. Biting her lower lip, she'll sheepishly make her way over to Renna , "Lady Reena…I'm so sorry I'm late. Can I still be of some assistance?" She look sour of breath and slightly tired, a canvas satchel heavy on her shoulder.

The young man tries to follow along the conversation where he can, though easy to get lost. He does notice the look from Talayla and shakes his head very slightly as it's not a bother to him. Canis re-steadies the frame he's holding so it can be bolted properly. He turns back nodding at the question from Brienne. "Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." he says introducing himself properly despite being dressed down for work at the moment.

Reena smiles at Lorelei. "Of course you can, Miss Quellton! Grab an impact driver and help bolt these panels. Once the sides are up, there is a specialty crew to do the roof for us. We can move over to start doing repairs on Scoria Tower." The aforementioned tower is the one in the worst state of disrepair.

"I can do this…" Tristan mutters to himself, before he moves to use the drill where it's supposed to be used now. Pausing as he hears Reena's greeting, he nods a little bit, but doesn't say anything at the moment. Also glancing from Brienne to Canis for a few moments, studying the man for a few moments, before he offers a nod.

Something catches her attention and Brienne nods distractedly to Reena, "My lady, a pleasure." But she continues holding the part in place. As the Ligonier makes his introduction, she also nods to him. "Lady Sir Brienne Arboren. I squired in the Vale." Hearing the conversation between her brother and the other man, she has someone else hold her side. "Excuse me a moment." Approaching Keanen and Jor, she looks between them. "If my brother is being discourteous, do you think being the same in return will teach him how a grown man is to act? He is a Lord, whether you believe he is acting one or not and if he desires to be addressed as such, the proper manners are to do so."

Keanen scowls at Jor, "Seriously? I have to earn it? From a meat sack commoner like you? Dude, you're big as an ox and not even man enough to be a knight, let alone think you're on par with a noble. Fuck you." He glances at Talayla, "Well, as long as your dad's happy, right?" He smirks, shakes his head, and then looks at Reena, "Look, I'm on a charity mission to make my brother less shy. Nobody said anything about working, my Lady." At least she gets some respect. He gives her a little bow, and then looks at Brienne. "It's hot here. Too hot." And then he just heads towards Tristan.

A few meters from where the greenhouse is being set up is a small work crew from the Infrastructure Division. Everyone in various types of work clothes, among them is a tall brunette wearing a work suit that seems to have been borrowed, along with a pair of borrowed work boots. Likely due to the heat, the upper half of the work suit has been removed, sleeves tied around the waist to reveal an average frame and from the currently visible back, there is a tattoo on the right shoulder-blade depicting the schematic of a generic circuit board.

A tool kit is spread out nearby as the man works on a control terminal as the other workers work on aligning water piping, moving materials about, and the like. "John get the A-I265 filter and take it to Jesse!" is an order issued by the tattooed worker as one of the workers moves to do as instructed. Densoric, though it might take some looking to recognize the noble who's been working most of the day, though his voice might help some, if not the entire day continues to work on assembling the control circuits laid out around him. Fortunately they don't have to worry about hard hats as they are far enough away from the green house workers, though they are still close enough if needed for extra helping hands as they continue to set up the water purification system that will provide water for the greenhouse.

"Lady Brienne, if Lord Keanen isn't here to work, I'd at least hope he isn't also here to agitate the people who are. Can you please escort him over to Lord Densoric who I am sure will find something worthwhile for him to do away from Mister Jor, who is being most beneficial to the work crew?" Reena asks flatly.

Talayla looks apologetic. "I am sorry. I will compensate you for this trouble," She looks to Jor then to Keanen and frowns. "Please don't say things like that. Mister Jor's been a good friend and a good help. And yes, my father would determine such a thing." She grunts. She just shakes her head. She just lowers her head in a half bow. "…" She takes a deep breath. "I'd give him about a week before my family airlocked him anyway." She can be a smart ass too, it seems.

Lorelei's eyes go wide at the spectacle that's unfolding in front of her. She knows the signs though, damn it. A quick smile to Renna, "Thank you, my lady." and she'll start walking towards the Arboren group. "My lords…my ladies." She'll give a nervous smile, realizing besides Jor, she's the only citizen. "I brought apples from the Gardens of Nora," She'll smile,patting her satchel, trying to lighten the mood, "don't tell Young Lord Arboren."

"A pleasure to meet you Lady Brienne." Canis says at the return of the greeting but he nods as she excuses her self shortly after. He turns at a familiar voice in the brief chaos that's broken out and gives a smile though he cannot wave holding a frame as he is to Lorelei. "Good day miss Lorelei, good to see you." he seems still rather calm and just here to do his part the best he can at least.

Brienne barks back to her brother. "Enough, Keanen!" Watching him for a moment as he heads back towards Tristan, she sighs a little too heavily. When Reena addresses her again, Brie nods concisely. "Yes, My Lady. Though if you are quite certain you want Keanen with Lord Densoric. You heard the Lady, Keanen. You work with Lord Densoric Larent." *Cough* When Lorelei addresses them, her whole demeanor softens. "Thank you," she says softly, a smile accompanying the words, "Though I need to.. supervise my brothers, it seems." Catching the greeting from Canis she transfers that smiling expression to him. "A pleasure meeting you too." Quite the family they have there.

"I wonder if he'd still say that /after/ I demonstrated exactly what I was fit for." It's an idle comment half to Brienne and half to the air that Jor gives, after Keanen has turned to offer his attention to others. It's the Lady that his eyes focus on right after. "If your brother is being discourteous," he states to Brienne in his bass tone, "then he assumes the responsibility of what happens as a result of it, even if it means being given similar treatment. If that is too much for His Lordship or his family to endure, then I wonder how anyone can see the nobility in them at all."

Keanen pauses, taking an apple from Lorelei, "Your secret's safe with me, darling." He takes her hand, and gives the back of it a gentle kiss as he winks at her, and then begins to head towards Densoric. He turns around, though, walking backward a few steps so he look at Jor, and he wiggles his fingers by his ears at the big man, mouthing, "nah nah nah nah naaaahhh nah!" Tossing the apple into the air, he turns back around, catching it in his cybernetic hand, and walks over to Densoric. "Hey Dense. What's up?"

Reena lets out a breath as Keanen moves off and she murmurs quietly to Jor, "I'm sorry about that. Your help here is very much appreciated and I thank you for it." She finishes a panel and moves on to the next one.

Continuing his work without taking his eyes off his work, aside from glancing about his team Densoric calls back, "If Keanen is goign to be helping my team, he should expect to work and follow instructions. If he is going to complain and slow things down the entire time it may be better he find something else tto do. We still have a lot of work to do elsewhere." He then taps the earbud he is wearing and asks, "Yes?" After a pause to listen he adds, "Send Robert over, he should have some spares." then taps the earbud again returning to his work.

Moving a new circuit board into place he says, "If you have at least a Bachelor's Degree in electronics then you can help with those, if not then you can help move equipment or help align the pipes. Your choice. But know this. This is your chance to prove you are useful for more then breeding stock, and I do not tolerate laziness and unwarranted complaints. Do your work to the best of your abilities and you will be treated fairly, don't and you can find something else to do. I am too busy to babysit you." in a calm voice, though there is an bit of an edge to his voice.

Lorelei's cheeks turn pink at the attention from Keanen. that is not going to make her not mad at him. Her lips purse and she'll look away, digging into her bag to retrieve the rest of the apples to offer to everyone. When she offers one to Tristan, she'll give him a bit of a glare too, but it's clearly about something specific. After the nobles get one Loree walks over to Jor, offering up an apple, trying to smooth things over, "Apple?"

Tristan looks around for a few moments as he listens to what's being said, starting to sing a few lines over and over to himself. Letting out a bit of a smile as he hears Brienne, he looks back to the work at hand. Going back to humming again now, he pauses to take the apple from Lorelei, offering her a quiet smile. "Sorry…" he offers, turning to look around again now.

Rubbing her hand over her face, Brienne watches Keanen disappear over where he was sent. Only then does she turn her attention back to Jor and take everything he has to say to her. A quiet nod is given. Her being fiercely protective of her family does not extend to herself it seems. "My apologies," she says quietly to the man. Doing an abrupt about face, she returns to Tristan to do what she had come to do. Help build this.

Ignoring the provocation from Keanen, Jor instead inclines his head to Reena. "It's not a problem, Lady," he says, eyes glancing at Brienne afterwards and giving her a nod as though to say not to worry about it. "Not right now, but thank you." That last is to Loree at her sudden peace offering. Plus, he's a little busy with keeping things in place, even if he really isn't doing /that/ much aside from holding up panels to be bolted.

Reena ponders. "Lorelei, can you set up a jar for the seeds and a bucket for the cores? The former can be used in the orchard section, and the latter will help with compost for fertilizer," she notes with a smile.

Canis continues to focus on his work he follows Reena's example and moves to help hold the pannel so it can be set into place. He holds it steady with one hand and brushes the back of his hand across his face lightly with the other not over exerted but wiping it clean none the less. He has seen the events but for the moment they seem to be calmed back down.

Well, at least Talayla looks willing to try. She just smiles faintly, weakly. She does seem apologetic. "Thanks," She nods to Jor. Talayla is doing her best to help bolt and deal with green house things. She smiles, waving to Lorelei and the others. She recognizes a few faces. "So many people. It must be tough being a manager or greeter," She considers. She will smile and wave at people, Talayla being a bit better than her player at keeping track. "I had a few sproutlings, too," She offers to Rena. "I dunno how well citrus will do though…"

Keanen sighs when Densoric addresses him. "Wow. SOMEONE'S still mad about last night." He shakes his head, taking a moment to look at the electronics work being done around him for a moment. Looking back at Densoric, he shrugs, "Dude, I'm 18. I don't have a stupid degree." He rolls his eyes, "Fine. I'll lift stuff." He purses his lips, standing there another moment, and then adds, "Listen, while I go LIFT shit, you may wanna tell your guy over there he just soldered that capacitor on backward and when you power all this up it's gonna give you a power surge that'll blow all of those adjacent boards." He points at the worker who made the mistake, "Yeah, I mean you, bud." He then turns and moves to where people are moving the pipes.

Reena chuckles at Talayla. "Too many people here to help is a problem I am absolutely willing to endure. I was concerned there wouldn't be enough when I started this effort. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response," she admits. She suspects some may be here out of pity for the Lady whose fiance is currently in a coma, but she's not complaining.

Densoric looks up to the mentioned worker and nods. The volunteer walks over and Densoric nods and returns to his work asking Keanen, "If you have an inverted flow through a electrolytic junction, what do you do to regular the flow?" He seems to ignore the mention of anger.

Lorelei nods to Renna, not only setting up a bucket and jar, but setting her satchel next to it open, so the rest of the apples can be grabbed when needed. She'll then move to help hold up something, hopefully close to Canis or Tristan. For begin a charity drive, there's a lot of tension.

Back to work. Brienne holds panels in place, hoping everything from here on out goes smoothly. Now and again, her gaze drifts to her brother, Keanen, then to Tristan. Not entirely comfortable, she keeps to herself unless directly addressed. It was hot here. And it smelled awful, burned her throat. Nothing like her home where there was clean air. Surrounded by technology.

"It'll be okay…" Tristan offers quietly to Brienne, with a brief smile. Not normal, him being the one having to say those words, right? Continuing with the work now, he seems to focus mostly on that for the moment.

Keanen stops and he sighs, before turning around to look at Densoric once more. "Dude. It's already regulated. You want it inverted." Not even realizing he's being tested, he shakes his head, "No wonder that guy's screwed it up." He walks back over to the electronics board with the mistake he noted. "Look, this goes here, THAT goes there," he offers, pointing out the mistakenly soldered connectors. "There isn't even an electrolytic junction on this panel, dude." He looks at Densoric as if he must think he's teaching children.

Reena looks utterly thrilled at the amount of work being accomplished today. "This is a really good start, and work will continue daily with the paid crews from here on," she notes to those nearby. "But volunteer workdays will happen regularly, where we get many hands set to a few tasks to finish them quickly."

Densoric says, "Davis take a break for about ten minutes, get something to eat then come back." without looking up from his work as Keanen takes the board and adds, "If you know that then you can fix the error on that board and continue the work. Keep this up and you might prove you are more then a child." There is no respect in his tone, but the edge is gone, though his tone is still a bit bland.

Loreleifrowns, trying to hold up a panel. She'll look over to Tristan and sighs. Her voice is soft, so it doesn't carry, "Have you talked to him, Lord Tristan?" There's an under current of disappointment, like she doesn't believe he has.

Talayla nods at Reena. "I understand." She admits. She looks to Jor. "Let me know if your armos get tired," She offers. Otherwise, Tal is content to work quietly.

"Yeah, DAVIS," Keanen mocks, "Take a break." He rolls his eyes at the man, and then grabs the tools he needs to begin fixing the problem. Muttering under his breath, "'Child.' What a douchebucket. I'm 18 and a half." He sighs, and begins working on the panel.

Canis holds up the current part as it's being secured before he moves onto the next. He turns towards Lorelei as they work closely doing different jobs "If you have any apples left save one for me hm? I cant really eat it while doing this." he chuckles though he looks across the way at the other knight this being Brienne perhaps noting she doesn't look comfortable here. "You said you squired in the vale m'lady? I did like wise well with the paramount house. How did you like the Vale i've seen more of your home and think each has there perks and falts." he says giving a smile he's trying to help it would seem.

A few panels later, and Jor is looming behind Talayla again, folding his arms and casting his attention towards where Keanen, Densoric and Davis are engaged in their very serious activity. Exactly what the once knight thinks, he keeps mum on the subject, including his features. For all anyone knows, he's "just watching" in somewhat idle manner. Right?

Densoric's eyes snap at Keanen as though looks could kill as he says in a VERY cold and even voice, "A simple rule to life, if you wish to be treated like a man then stop acting like a child. That man is a volunteer and has been working for half the day with little breaks and that is the first mistake he's made. How much work have you done today? Do not insult my people again Keanen." He doesn't elaborate, and no direct threat is given but Densoric clearly is not happy as his ice blue eyes continues to stare at Keanen for another minute or two before he finally returns to his work.

Lorelei will glance to where she left the satchel, "I think there will be plenty of apples left, Sir Canis. I had hoped they would make for a nice break for everyone, but…it seems like it'll be better if everyone just works through, I guess." Her eyes go back to what she's holding.

The question from Canis effectively drags Brienne from her miserable musings as she focuses her attention on the man. Her lips even twist into a half smile. "I did, yes." Interest perks when he mentions he had likewise done the same. "I was made to feel welcome in the Vale and over the years grew to love the place. As for my own home," true and deep affection weighs on her voice. "There is nothing like it. I love my home. What would you say were the faults?" Almost imperceptibly, she looks at her brothers again, gauging the moods of the two. So far, so good.

"I've tried…" Tristan replies to Lorelei, letting out a bit of a sigh, before going back to working in silence, making sure to get things fastened now. Expression a bit distant right now, though.

Reena hands off her bolt driver to Lorelei. "Can you continue working with Lord Canis here, Miss Quellton? I need to go herd the panel inspectors as they check our work," she explains with a smile. She touches Canis' shoulder lightly, "Thank you again for helping." She's all full of thanks today.

Keanen glances over his shoulder at Densoric, "If you want me to stop acting like a child, then expect more from me." He looks back at the panel, and then makes a weird face, running back through his head that little psychological slip. "Huh," he says to himself, and then just goes back to rewiring.

Lorelei takes the bolt driver and nods to Reena, but clearly has no idea what to do with it. Giving Tristan another look, that's a 'you're not getting out of this just cause you're shy' glare. Turing to Canis, "Do you know what to do with this?" The smile she gives him is small, but genuine.

Reena moves over to where Tristan and Brienne are, and the Arboren gentleman's shyness has not gone unnoticed. She leans in to kiss his cheek lightly. "Thank you very much for braving the crowds to help, Sir Tristan," she murmurs to him, before heading towards a group of engineers who are there to safety check.

Densoric says, "If I didn't expect more I wouldn't bother trying, nor would I have accepted your help, I would have told you to go home. Yu have your chance to act like a mann, use it or remain a child in my mind. Fact is, only a child mocks a grown man, who isn't even being paid, doing his best after working for several hours straight. Do your work to the best of your abilities, that will speak more of your skill then anything else, and the less you complain abd belittle others the more respect you'll earn from your fellow workers as well."

The young man answers Reena "I am glad to help M'lady." before he looks back to the frame he's holding hearing the response "I'm glad you felt at ease there. Once i got over being lost I did likewise. Honor's Keep is on the coast a lagoon a bit more quiet." Canis says though he chuckles "Faults is likely not the right word, I just do not know my way around it well and get a bit turned around. I agree in that i've been nowhere like it." he answers Brienne's questions he turns back as he's spoken to by Lorelei "I am sure they will be a great snack for a break it was a good idea."

Keanen rolls his eyes, not looking away as he resolvers the wires, saying to Densoric, "Dude. I get it. Alright. Fine. You won. You don't have to fuckin' get the last word in. Nobody likes that guy. Don't be that guy."

Tristan looks to Reena as she makes her way over, then blinks at the kiss to his cheek. "I… Er…" he begins, before he takes a bit of a breath. "You're… welcome…" Another pause as he looks around again, shrugging a little bit now.

Talayla is a quiet worker, listening to the others talk. She seems curious, but amused. She smiles faintly to Canis and Lorelei. "Thank you." Talayla looks towards Jor. "Need any water or anything? It's pretty warm here…" She considers. And holding the panes is tough work.

Densoric doesn't respond to Keanen as he secures the last circuit board into the housing before him, then begins to attach cables inside the housing t the various boards. As Davis returns Densoric says, "Go and help Leigh for now. You're doing well, don't let one mistake in hours discourage you." Davis nods respectively and says, "Thanks Den." then goes to do as instructed.

"I'll be fine. I'm enjoying watching, really." So Jor says, with his face slightly beading with sweat due to the higher temperature. No one will ever know that his comment was meant to refer to the dramatic episode involving Densoric and Keanen, from where Jor scrutinizes both from afar. He may not be able to hear the words, but he can figure out the meaning of /some/ things, like gesturing and body language. "I'm rather curious who all of this is for, really," he adds, glancing around.

Lorelei does quietly suppress her frustrated sigh towards Tristan. So instead she'll glance down and start trying to figure out the bolt driver. "Ok…I think I have this figured out…just watch your fingers, my lord." She'll smile at Canis before starting. She's small enough the machine jumps in her hand some when she tried it, but she'll buckle down and hold onto it tighter. If she can break a horse, a bolt driver should be nothing…

"Honor's Keep? I like the name of it. A lagoon you say? Are there a lot of trees around too?" Brie seems very interested in it though she looks back towards Tris when Reena kisses his cheek and offers the Lady a smile. "I think you just made his day." Keanen gets another look, it holds a whole world of concern, but she doesn't say anything more to him just yet. Instead, she looks back to Canis while holding the next panel.

"Glad I found out about the workday today." he answers lightly to the thansk. The young man nods though he has confidence in the other as she tries to bolt in the pannel, and doesn't move to much other than being out of the way. "You can also brace it against your knee there for stability and to keep it going wiley on you." he offers the help in case it makes it easier. He looks back across and nods "Yes, the lagoon makes a nice place to relax with the areas around. Actualy yes the forest line is the backdrop to the area and the mountain range beyond or rather within that."

As he hears Brienne's words, there's a momentary glare from Tristan to his sister, before he goes back to making sure those panels are secured, starting to hum again. The same few bars of a melody, over and over again. Stuck on replay, or something like that?

Brie smiles at Tristan, her head tilting marginally to the side as she regards him in silence. Catching the glare, she can't help it. She does the same as Reena had done, but on his other cheek. "You know I love you, Tris. I only want what's best for you." And she wants you to forget she owes you after that All Hallow's Eve dance. Does it work? With a soft chuckle, she gets back to work, holding the panel. When Canis addresses her again, she smiles, relaxing a little more now. "It sounds lovely. Especially with the trees."

Talayla is listening. She smiles to Jor. "If you're sure. There's water around." She apparently does notice. "And I think the community," She considers. She is a bit quieter, watching Densoric and them.

Lorelei nods and does use her leg to brace the tool. She's glad she worn her old riding outfit though. She'll murmur a thanks and starts working. She'll glance up as everyone talks around her, but it seems like the nobles are doing there thing, so she'll let them be.

Keanen continues working on the circuit board in silence. He's apparently just keeping to himself for right now.

Densoric finishes with the cable connections, and double-checks the boards and connections before finally standing up, stretching his legs a bit then walking over to the satchel to see if there are any apples left. As he gets closer to the others it is revealed the tattoo on his shoulder-blade isn't the only one. He also has a tattoo depicting the electron configuration of titanium, for those familiar with chemistry, on his outer right shoulder and on his right pec is an accurately colored sigil of House Larent. If there is an apply left he'll grab one and offer a nod to Lorelei in thanks, if not then he'll simply nods to Lorelei and simply move to stand out of the way as best he can, obviously taking a break. Though if he has an apple he'll eat it with as much etiquette as possible given the available resources as he watches.

Canis nods "No problem, glad it helped." this to Lorelei as bracing the panel seems to have helped her out some. He looks back to the others helping "I believe so as well this area is in need of our help." he looks around but as he's spoken to he turns back returning the smile "I believe it is as well though i'm biased as it's my family home." he grins though continues. Yes I do enjoy the trees myself I imagine likewise with your home you can take in multiple activities just within the surrounding area." the conversation makes the simple task seem less robotic as he can continue moving to the next plank in line.

Tristan mutters a bit under his breath at Brienne's action. "You owe me, sis. Big time…" he says to her a bit quietly. No, he's not forgetting that, after all. Looking around again for a few moments, before he gets back to work.

"I think I might go for that water after all. If you'll excuse me, Lady, I'm going to take a look around, and stop being idle." That was Jor, to Talayla, and the big man doesn't really wait for a response before he's going elsewhere. This is not to say he's just wandering, mind you. This is volunteer work! He works! And unlike Densoric, is going to keep his clothes on. No one needs to be distracted by what lies beneath the shirt that clings to his sweating torso, even though what he's wearing does little to hide the rippling brawn lurking beneath.

"No worries. Thank you for coming out," Talayla smiles. She nods. "water does sound pretty good…" Talayla will let Jor go quietly and tend to her own work.

The greenhouse gets all its walls up in good time, with so many hands making it light work. Once the professional crew comes in to put on the roof, Reena returns to direct the volunteers to Scoria tower, the worst off of the residential towers in the sector. She begins handing out light fixtures to replace the older ones, as Densoric and his crew get to work on the climate control systems for the building to make it more livable. There are tools to help fix railings in stairwells, and mops, brooms, buckets, rags, and an assortment of trash collection and cleaning items for those intimidated by tools.

Canis shakes out his arms from holding the panels up to loosen them back up as the group is taken to the next project on the list. The living quarters is looked at a bit closer and it's more obvious that this is not an acceptable place as it stands right now. He grabs a tool belt this time and secures it around him grabbing a few tools while he's at it before taking some of the fixtures to be replaced. He'll also grab a push broom to take with him inside.

Reena grabs a bucket and a squeegee/scrubber device as she begins to swab down the walls with industrial cleaner, removing decades of smog-related grease and grime from them. No point fixing the lights if everything is covered in ick. "Once the air purifiers are back in working order, the buildup shouldn't come back," she notes.

"I do owe you, Tris. And I promise when you find the price, I will pay it." Brie reassures almost tongue-in-cheek. Canis though, he captures her attention once more. "Perhaps I will find my way there someday and see it for myself." As the day progresses and the work completes on the greenhouse, she moves along with the others, heading inside to do what it is she can to help.

The young man nods "I imagine that will make all the difference in the world, as if a whole new building." Canis says to Reena about the air scrubbers stopping the build up from reforming. He looks back to Brienne as she speaks to him and gives a nod "I believe you would like it there if nothing but to relax for duties for a moment." he understands being a knight as he's one himself. "If you do i'd be honored to show you around." he offers as well before he moves in and begins to work on the building.

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