01.26.3014: TNP January Workday
Summary: The project has an open workday to set up the classrooms and clinic for the educational facility. Members and volunteers help bring in and inventory the hypo charges for inoculations.
Date: 14 November 2013
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The Notice Project Educational Facility — Volkan
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26 January 3014

The educational facility the Notice Project has constructed is a simple, one story building which has a few offices and a dozen or so classrooms, as well as a small clinic to service locals with simple medication and vaccination distribution. Today, the desks and chairs, teaching equipment, shelving and data texts, as well as a shipment of innoculations have arrived and need to be brought in and placed accordingly. Those adults interested in attending one of the work study classes need to register and show proof of standard innoculations, or else they can get inoculated today by Project staff.

Lady Reena Khournas is overseeing the public Work Day, wearing simple leather breeches and a thick, woolen sweater beneath a cloak. As volunteers and citizen registrants mill around outside, she steps up to the long table set at the front of the building and uses a wireless amplifier for her voice. "Thank you all for coming. Those who are here to help bring in equipment and supplies, please proceed around the back to the loading dock."

Reena gestures to the side of the building for those volunteers. "Those who are here to register can form lines at the tables. If you wish to attend a course, it is 3 months, 3 evenings a week. It is not free, but rather than dollars, we ask for your time in return. You can pay back your education one of two ways, either you can return to teach the course you took for a 3 month span, or you can use what you learned from the class to work volunteer hours for the Notice Project for three months. Once registered, if you require an inoculation, you can proceed with your ticket through the front doors to the clinic on the right, and get your hypo. Thank you." She heads around to the back to join those volunteers moving items in.

Senator Hartcliffe is seated at a registration table, wearing a tunic of muted grey and cloth pants. Casual. Common. He's eagerly talking with the enrollees, excitedly drumming up the Notice Project. "I like to believe we're all connected, ma'am. Helping each other, serving united, is the path forward. What you're doing today is admirable, truly." He says to the woman registering in front of him. Alistair offers refreshments as well to those who come thru the line.

Kieran spent the past few days in the hospital, recovering from a broken rib. The Notice Project isn't really something he's shown interest in the past, but after getting an invitation from Reena to attend… lets just say he found a reason to be interested. He enters the building via wheelchair, even though he's been allowed to leave he's been given strict orders to take it easy. He sits at the back for now, deciding it best to watch what's going on for now.

It seems a few stragglers are moving towards the notice project work site still either having got lost or work delay hard to say. A young man moving towards the registration table or rather finding his way might be more appropriate to what he's doing. He steps up to the registration table. "Lord Sir Canis Ligonier, here to help." he says easily.

Reena smiles and taps on her datapad a few times as Canis announces himself. "Thank you, Sir Canis. Would you like to help with registrations, inoculations, or moving in equipment and supplies?" the Khourni woman asks. She sets a hand on Alistair's shoulder as a silent thank you for his help. Then she spots Kieran and arches a brow at the wheel chair. She beckons him over.

Alistair looks up to Canis. "Good to see you again, my Lord Sir." The Senator says, recalling the rhythm and roars event. "And of course, my Lady Reena." He says with a genuine smile.

Canis thinks on the question a moment "Of course Lady Reena, glad to be of help." he says with a bow of his head "I would be glad to help with moving supplies and equipment." he turns to the other "Ah, yes likewise." he says a smile and another respectful nod is given to the other.

Kieran gives Reena a smile and pushes a button. His wheelchair begins rolling to the front. "Lady Reena." He says, giving a slight nod. "So this is the Notice Project, eh?" He says as he looks around. He reactively places a hand on his chest when he turns in a direction that his body is not pleased with. He flinches slightly, but then srugs it off. He politely nods to Alistar and Canis as well. "Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta."

"Young Lord Kieran, what in Haven have you done to yourself?" Reena asks looking mildly perturbed at his injured state. She holds up a finger as if to tell him to hold his answer a moment as a cart pulls up and she turns back to Canis. "Good timing. Our inoculations are here. Can you deliver the boxes into the clinic?"

"My Young Lord Valta." Alistair gives a smile and shows no sign of registering anything out of the ordinary with Kieran. Seeing as those working the registration table seem to have gotten the nack of things, he stands to help with the boxes. "I'll offer a hand as well, my Lord Sir Canis." And the thinly man takes a box as well.

The knight turns "It's good to meet you My Lord. I am Lord Sir Canis Ligonier" He says in response to the greeting a more formal bow of his head, but he turns as the cart shows up with the items on it. "Yes of course i'll begin right away." he moves to gather a few boxes "Ah, thank you." he says about the help given.

Kieran shakes his head softly, almost ashamed. "Well, the first mistake was visiting Ignes. I imagine I won't be making that particular mistake again any time soon. Second was trying to break up a bar fight before it started. Third was not running when it did." He again shakes his head. "I uh… hope I can still help out some?"

Reena gathers up a box herself and she tips her chin towards the doors and the clinic inside. "Lord Kieran, I'd like to take a look at your injuries if I may? Since we have plenty of chaperones to assure the gossip rags that nothing untoward is happening." She follows the Senator and Ligonier inside, giving Kieran and look that suggests he had better be coming.

"I never got to tell you the story of when I was a young lad and my Papa took me on a trip to the swamps surrounding Honor Keep…" Alistair begins as he follows Canis with a box. "My Lord Sir, I must say it's an enlightening trip. So many species and unique ecosystems…" At least the story is complimentary? The friendly Senator continues the tale of toads and dragonflies, the stars at night. And then he's setting the box down.

Canis listens to the various conversations going on he nods and begins walking with his boxes. "Ah, yes the area's around are very nice. Well much of it is if you like to sail or hunt and such. Have you seen the carnival?" He asks of the other since it was and still is one of his favorte places there of late.

Brienne arrives soon after Canis, wearing her normal attire of a tunic, leggings, boots. Her hair is captured back in a loose braid for now, a few tendrils stubbornly escaping. She strides purposefully towards where Canis is speaking with another, a more unfamiliar face, but hopefully no insult as she gives him an almost blank look not recognizing him at all. "Canis," she offers a friendly smile, a more cautious one going to the other. "Lord.." Sir? Surely not.

Kieran nods to Reena. "I didn't know you had any skill in medicine. I would have come to you first instead of those stuck up doctors in Ignes and Valta." He says, giving her a smile as they go though the doorway. He listens to Alistair begin his story. The man can speak, no wonder he's a politician.

Listening to the Senator's tale, Reena is slightly enrapt. "I may need to visit that magical sounding place myself sometime," she muses to Canis. "It sounds lovely." She smiles to the Arboren arrival. "Lady Brienne, you can help us unpack these hypo charges in the clinic?" she requests. She sets down her box and motions Kieran over to a paper covered exam table. "Can you get up on there and lie down?" she asks him.

The young man continues moving with the medical boxes in his hands "You'd be welcome if you wish to visit." he offers in response to his home land and or the carnival or both. Canis looks back as another approaches returning the smile "Ah, Brie welcome. I was telling them of the carnival." he explains though he'll move to set the boxes down where they go "No disrespect meant but if you need help My Lord I can do so." to the wounded knight of course.

"My Lady." Alistair bows politely to Brienne. "And the carnival is a fun place, wandering around and such." Senator Hartcliffe smiles warmly, as he moves to shift boxes and stacks, rearranging them and such.

Kieran nods politely to Canis. "I've got it, but thank you." He says as he gets up from his wheelchair and carefully lays down on the exam table. He gives the Arboren woman a smile and a nod. "My Lady." He says, doing what he can to get comfortable on the exam table. At least, as comfortable as you can get on one.

"Lady Sir Brienne Arboren, this is Senator Alistair Hartcliff of the Roar, and I believe you know Lord Sir Canis and Young Lord Sir Kieran?" She pulls on a pair of nitrile gloves, one of the protocols in place for the clinic to ensure that nothing gets infected by accident. She undoes his shirt so she can examine the wounded ribs, fingers unwinding the wrappings.

"My Lady Reena, a pleasure seeing you. I thought I would make up for last time by helping out again." Sans her little brother. Brienne offers another apologetic smile. "I would be glad to be of assistance." She lifts boxes, nodding to Canis, lips twitching. "The carnival. If none of you have met Miss Lexille at the carnival, every one of you are missing out." As Alistair offers the bow, all polite like, Brie does the same, holding the box. "I am Brienne," offering the shortened version. "Ah," dawning recognition in her eyes at the mention of the Senator's name, along with an almost calculating look. "How fortunate that our paths have crossed. I would like to meet with you sometime. Get a few opinions." Inclining her head to Kieran, she offers a smile. "A pleasure meeting another Knight, as always." Impressed all the same. "Sir Canis, I know from patrols on Arboren and I believe we were both knighted with the Valen."

Canis nods to the wounded knight instead going back for another set of boxes and bringing them back with him. "Yes Miss Lexille is quite the business woman." he says about the carnival owner a smirk on his face a moment before wiping it off "True, I was squired in the Vale as well." he says setting down his next load of boxes stacking them properly so they wont tople or anything.

"Anytime, my Lady. My office in the Landing is always open. And I promise refreshments and honesty. I'll even try to grant multiple views on the matter, though I am rather biased." Alistair beams at the thought of discussing anything political. Ever. But to him, everything probably is.

Kieran nods, "Pleasure to meet you, Sir Lady Brienne." He's quiet for the most part, focused more on Reena's work then anything else. When she unwraps the bandages it's clear why he's in a wheelchair as the ribs on his left side are severely bruised. "One particular drunk Ash Legionnaire hit the right spot, it seems. Ribs were cracked." He says as he rests his head, looking up at the cieling.

Reena grimaces at the bruising on Kieran's ribs and she moves to get a local anesthetic hypo charge from a drawer, tapping the withdrawl out on a datapad mounted on the wall beside the storage drawers. She loads the charge into a hypo gun and then swaps the area with an alcohol wipe. "Just a tiny pinch here, Lord Kieran." She injects the local, which starts numbing the area of the injury. Once it kicks in she begins probing the breaks with her fingertips lightly. "Hrm, you'll be better off with a stabilizer than wraps. The compression wraps can actually keep you from breathing deeply and risks you contracting pneumonia," she points out. "You should see that Valta's House physician issues you one."

A project supervisor comes over to the others and hands them each a scanner and a datapad. "If you can count the inoculation charges in each box, scan the box, and enter the number in your datapad, they can then be put in the refrigerated cases there," he notes, pointing out the indicated cases.

Placing her box just as carefully, Brienne straightens, offering Alisrair another thoughtful nod before getting another box and coming back inside. "Are you busy tomorrow?" She looks over where Reena and the Young Lord are busy at the moment. "You as well Sir. You may all call me Brienne, or Brie, if you prefer." Much more informal. She winces at the description of how he was hurt.

Immediately setting to work, Alistair takes one of the boxes and starts tabulating and scanning. "Of course, my Lady Brienne." Always formal with the nobles in public. "I can also meet you at a more convenient location of course. I imagine your own schedule must be busy."

Canis nods to the project supervisor as he accepts his scanner. "Yes of course." the young knight says opening the top box he just set down and begins counting the charges inside of it. "That sounds like quite the tale. Indeed thought seeing my first drake was exciting." he chuckles still counting he finishes entering the amount after scanning the box before setting it aside to start on the next box.

Kieran nods as Reena gives her suggestion. "I'll make sure I get one. I should also have a talk with him and find out why he didn't give me that in the first place…" He doesn't seem too pleased, someone's gunna be getting a lecture soon. The anesthetic quickly goes to work as Kieran perks up some. "So… is there anything I can do? Or is my job to just lay here and look pretty?" He grins and winks at Reena.

Reena puts the wraps back on while the local is still working, so it won't hurt Kieran. "No lifting for at least two weeks. If it's heavier than a datapad, let someone else pick it up for you, understood?" she asks him. She strips off her gloves and puts them in a marked waste container. "You should be fine to help out counting cases of hypo charges today though," she acquiesces. She moves to join the others, opening boxes to count, scan, and inventory the items. "Thank you all for your help with this. I can't express how much this may help make this area more stable and self sufficient as the war goes on. If our people can take care of themselves, then noble efforts can focus more fully on the war without our people suffering."

"Not as much as I would like to be," Brienne tells the Senator honestly. "Which is something else I'd like an opinion on." Flashing him a bright smile. "If you are to be in Arboren, you are welcome to come by the family home. I have my own apartment there and would welcome you to speak more privately. Or I can come to your office, or even the Taphouse, our local pub for ale." Casting Canis an apologetic smile, she lifts her shoulders. "I only wish I had not been previously occupied with a patrol. A drake hunt would have been interesting." Seeing the playful wink from the Young Lord to Reena, she grins at Reena. Nooo Brienne rarely hears rumors unless someone deliberately points them out. Ahh, blissful unawareness of anti-technology.

The young man finishes his second box marking the number down. "Understood, knights should help the people." Canis says closing the box and starting on the other. He looks between them as they speak the senator and than back to to Brie as she speaks to him. The young knight returns the smile though confusion crossing his face a quick moment and he seems to pause to catch his count correctly.

Kieran buttons up his shirt again and gets in his wheelchair, nodding at Reena. "Last I checked my counting was still good." He smiles, and clutches at his chest instinctively. It doesn't hurt, but after a few days of shooting pain it becomes instinctual. "Alright, hand me a scanner… or paper or whatever it is we use to tally things." It's clear he's very out of his element here.

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