Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah
P!nk as Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah
Full Name: Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah
Byname: -
Age: 27
Planet: Oculus, moon of Niveus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Iah
Title/Profession: Lady Sir
Position: Knight/Head of House
Spouse: Una Syrenne Iah Height: 5'9"
Father: Trask Ravel Weight: 145
Mother: Cilla Ravel Hair Color: White
Siblings: Sir Roanan Alik Iah(By marriage)
Elodie Brynn Iah (By marriage)
Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


Tiriel is the daughter of Trask and Cilla Ravel. In the past, they specialized in utilitarian weapons and tools, and had a reputation for creating solid, dependable items. One of her ancestors designed the first set of weapons used to hunt the great whales. The traditions of the family work had not changed much over the generations. Tiriel, however, had different ideas for her own work. She started working in the smithy when she was 10, and from the beginning stood out. She had talent, no one could deny that. But more than talent, she had unique ideas. Early on she started adding decorations to her projects, which grew more and more detailed as her work grew more confident. It was less than a year after she began working in the smithy that her parents suggested she take the path to knighthood, and set her up as a squire.

When she was sixteen, she completed her first commissioned work. A member of Shelter, noticing the work, commented on its quality and requested an ornamental dagger. It was the first piece Tiriel ever created that gained her fat her's full approval. Around this same time, Tiriel's training changed. The heir of house Iah came to the knight she worked under requesting combat training. Una, then a scrawny and awkward young girl, explained that she was being bullied by a group of teens in Shelter, and wanted to learn in secret how to defeat them at their own game: sword fighting. The knight agreed, taking the opportunity to constantly test Tiriel's skill against the young girl's.

Though Una had no talent, she was dedicated in her practice. Tiriel was a fast learner and a skill fighter, she overpowered Una every time. Una quickly developed an obvious crush, her admiration for Tiriel's skill and creativity soon blossoming into more. But Tiriel had eyes for someone else, at first. A knight had begin frequenting the smithy, a man young enough to be attractive to Tiriel though still far older than she. A renowned swordsman, he immediately caught Tiriel's eye. She would make certain to be out in the shop whenever he came, and worked diligently to present him with her best work on every visit. His remarks to her were just encouraging enough to a girl of fifteen, that when he came in one day with his fiancee she was completely crushed.

Una's training with the knight stopped once she was able to beat Tiriel(and this would be the only time Una would ever be able to do so). She left to face her bullies, and came less often to see her trainer. Tiriel returned to training alone, at first unconcerned by the change (and far more dedicated in her training now that she had been beaten). But as time went on, and Una came les and less often, she started to realize that she was missing the young woman. She convinced herself that this was just because she had been beaten, at first, and that she needed the chance to prove that she would win the next time.

For a couple of years, life went back to normal for Tiriel. She never forgot Una, but the day to day business of running the smithy took over her time. Her parents continued to run the smithy as they had, keeping up the tradition of simple, good-quality tools. Tiriel continued forging her own name as a creator of artistic ornamental weapons. Tiriel was knighted in the proudest day of her parents' lives to date.

Tiriel had, during those two years, tried a few times to visit Una. Each time, however, she lost her nerve at the castle doors and returned home. Eventually, though, she could take no more. One night, on the anniversary of the day Una had defeated her, she snuck into Una's suite and confronted her. Conversation lasted no more than a few minutes before emotions took over, and the next morning when Lady Iah came into Una's rooms to speak with her, she found the two in bed together.

Lord and Lady Iah watched the two over a period of many months, and realized that the feelings the two for each other had were far from fleeting. They finally gave Tiriel a series of trials to face in order to earn Una's hand. She would have to bring them an ice bear pelt, defeat a chosen champion, survive a week in the wild with only the most basic necessities and attend a series of formal events with the family to prove that she had the etiquette to be a member of the house. Tiriel, stubborn woman that she was becoming, faced each challenge and won. After this, she was betrothed to Una.

They were married two years later, when Tiriel was 26, and she moved into Una's suite. She was given her own personal forge, and a small group of men and women to train and command. She and Una have, since then, been learning what it will take to someday take over rule of House Iah.



Tiriel is a woman who many find rough at first. A woman of action, she does not put much stock in formalities. More at home on the battlefield or in her forge than in a throne room or other courtly gathering, she tends to speak her mind no matter the occasion, even if it means offending someone. At her core, though, she cares deeply for her family, especially her wife, and would do anything in her power to protect them if it came to it.


Tiriel is a tall, muscular woman in her mid twenties. Standing at five feet and nine inches tall, she is thin and muscular, with the build of one who regularly engages in strenuous physical activity. Her features are striking, with short bright white hair set against lightly tanned skin. Two visible piercings can be seen in each ear, as well as one in her nose. Each is a small, simple black steel hoop. The only makeup she wears is heavy black lining around her light gray eyes. Her nose is straight and just slightly wider than generally considered to be conventionally attractive, her mouth wide and expressive.


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Una Lady Una Syrenne Iah : Wife
Elodie Lady Elodie Brynn Iah : Sister by marriage
Ronan Sir Ronan Alik Iah : Brother by marriage

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