AL = After Landing

Before the Reversion

0 AL — The sleeper ship 'Exodus IV' arrives in orbit over the second planet of the Haven System. The first settlement, called Landing, is established.

5-20 AL — The majority of the Second World's continents are settled, farmland and factories are established, and the Senate is formed; the last of the sleeper ship stores are used up, and the people of the Second World become self-sustaining.

250 AL — The first of the Ways are constructed.

400 AL — The Academ is completed.

600 AL — The First World and the moons of the Third World are settled.

700 AL — The Fourth World is settled. The Chantry is established on the First World.

850 AL — Construction is completed on The Ring.

1013 AL — The Fifth World comes into range and is settlement begins.

1053 AL — The Fifth World goes out of range, and communication is lost; scientists spend the next century trying to re-establish communication with the Fifth World without success.

1090 AL — The first Awakening occurs.

1515 AL — When the Fifth World comes into range once more, various missions are sent to the wayward world to investigate the communications loss and state of the colony; all ships vanish without a trace.

2013 ALThe First System War — Ships of unknown design assault the Fourth World, cybernetically and genetically altered enemy soldiers — named The Hostiles — brush aside most organized resistance thanks to their energy fields.

2015 AL — Scientists manage to reverse engineer the Hostiles' energy fields and begin to mass-produce melee weapons to fight the Hostiles.

2016 AL — General-Governor Sev recruits martial artists, fencers, and other melee weapon enthusiasts to help train up a new breed of soldiers.

2040 AL — The War continues to be fought on Fourth World and the moons of Third World; the Hostiles capture an undamaged Waygate on Fourth World; Admiral Anansi Lee gives the order to destroy the entire planet with a secret weapon, turning it into what is now known as The Desolation.

2053 AL — With the Fifth World going out of range, the Hostiles retreat, leaving the Haven System to pick up the pieces and weigh their options.

The Reversion

2058 AL — It is decided by the Governor-General, the Senate, the Chantry, and the most powerful and wealthy families to commit themselves to a cultural reversion that would support this revival of melee warfare; the Governor-General Matthias Sev is named the first King Regnant and he changes his family name to Sauveur.

2059 AL — King Matthias creates the first Crown Council with both noble and citizen members, including the Chancellor of the Senate and Edward Taelith, an influential Awakened.

2060-2100 AL — The Reversion continues, fashion and cultural norms begin to revert more readily; the ground forces of the noble houses grow; the Royal Navy is established and ramships begin to be mass-produced to help defend the Desolation when the Hostiles attack again.

2300 AL — The Reversion has fully established itself, Paramount Houses and their vassals have been created, weapons and armor are being mass produced, and other aspects of medieval culture are integrated into everyday life.

2513 ALThe Second System War — The Fifth World comes back into range and the Hostiles engage the Havenites once more; ramships intercept the first of the Hostile ships, commencing in fierce boarding actions; by the time the Hostiles fight through the Royal Navy to land their forces on the moons of Oculus and Second World, they are met with an organized and trained force of knights, men-at-arms, and archers.

2553 AL — After 40 years of war, the Havenites drive the Hostiles to a stalemate and the Hostiles must retreat back to the Fifth World before it goes out of range once more; Haven celebrates, viewing the stalemate as a victory and the Reversion as a success.

Recent Events

2998 AL — Queen Lyla, wife to King Regnant Symion Sauveur, dies; the entire System is devastated at the loss of such a loving, warm woman and now worry about the mental state of their King.

3000 AL — With the Third System War no more than thirteen years away, the Havenites celebrate the third millennium with a monstrous party that spans the whole of the inner system.

3004 AL — An epidemic of Destros — a destructive and terrible drug — sweeps through Haven, leaving thousands dead due to overdoses or drug-induced violence.

3005 AL — Destros abruptly ceases being distributed; its demise is linked to the rise of a ruthless business man Jonathon Lucian whose sister was one of the many taken by the epidemic.

3012 ALCrown Prince Emund Sauveur's wife dies, leaving the marriage without children and a Prince in mourning.

3013 AL


  • Lady Lysandra Orelle nee Khournas unexpectedly dies; her husband, High Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle, sinks into a deep depression, leaving his heir to take over the High Lord's responsibility.
  • The ramship Blackbird mysteriously disappears while on patrol in the Desolation; debris of the ship are found floating deep within the asteroid belt, and there is some speculation that the tragedy might be the first sign of the Hostiles.


  • Young Lord Captain Esiah Orelle continues to lead while his father mourns; there are rumors of great shouting matches in the heart of The Ring between father and son, though their subject remains a mystery.
  • South of Obsidia, on the Crescent of Khournas, a volcano unexpectedly erupts and destroys several foundries; it disrupts preparations being made for the Third System War and increases tensions regarding defense planning.


  • High Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle finally abdicates his seat, allowing his son to be named High Lord; however, he does not give up his seat on the Crown Council as the Master of Ships, causing tensions to continue to mount between father and son.
  • Crown Prince Emund is pressured to consider another betrothal despite that he still is in mourning; he is reluctant, and pushes off the the decision.
  • Princess Janelle is given the seventh seat on the Crown Council after the elderly Professor Uthus Black dies; she begins to suggest that Emund may be better left to his mourning and that she be considered her father's heir in his place.
  • Arboren aligns themselves with Prince Emund, even offering their eldest daughter as a promising match to the Prince; surprisingly, Khournas does the same.
  • Despite the threat of war, Cindravale hosts a grand tournament to welcome the Spring.


  • Strange animal slaughterings are happening in the Arborenin Woods. Some suspect poachers, but furs, meats and organs do not appear to be gathered.
  • Rumors emerge from the Crown Council that Ilo Orelle has been pressuring the King Regnant to approve a new sleeper ship project; he believes that leaving Haven may be their only hope for survival — King Symion refuses, saying that they must first survive the next 40 years of war.
  • The Orelles begin to align themselves with Princess Janelle as she seeks to be named heir of the throne, leaving many curious as to their reasons.
  • Cindravale begins to align themselves with Princess Janelle, believing that she may be the best choice for the future of Sauveur.


  • A series of naturally-occurring meteor showers rain over the Inner System.
  • Lord Rydick Arboren and his wife go missing after they leave Arborenin to travel to the Northern observatory. A search party crosses paths with the first Hostile scout units, revealing that the enemy has arrived in the Inner System almost six months early.
  • Hostile landing pods are discovered throughout the Inner System.
  • The Tournament of Vengeance is held in Landing. It is a relatively minor tournament, with the Archery Contest won by Lord Sir Tristan Arboren, the Melee on Foot by Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent, the Awakened Melee by Lady Lucretia Cidnravale, and the Joust by Sir Nikomachos Cindravale.


  • The Hostiles return in force, nearly six months before they were expected. The first wave of Hostiles is scattered, with only a few small landings taking place across the system.
  • Hostile forces gain footholds in the southern Crescent, eastern Vale, western Spine, on Niveus, and on Primus. The Hostile forces are contained for the most part, but cannot be destroyed without orders from the King or Hand of the King to gather up House forces from across Haven.
  • Hostiles almost capture a Waygate in the Vale, but are stopped by a force of knights and others riding straight through the contested Waygate.
  • H.A.G. and the band Hell If I Know organize a massive System-wide concert to support the soldiers of Haven.
  • Forces from several of the Lashes join together without orders from the Crown Council, reinforcing House Iah's blockade of the Hostile troops on Niveus.
  • Lady Iah is killed by Hostile forces in a clash around the blockade on Niveus.
  • King Symion I Sauveur abdicates the throne on his deathbed, naming his son Emund as the next King Regnant of Haven. Symion is dead less than an hour later.
  • Hostile forces in the Vale strike one of the Rovehn caravans, capturing some 50 people. A small group of cavalry track them, and rescue about 20 survivors.


  • Sir Godfrey Khournas is named as the new Hand of the King, replacing Emund Sauveur, who held the post before his ascension to the throne.
  • In a lightning campaign, the Hostile first wave is destroyed — first on Primus, and then The Vale, Niveus, The Spine, and The Crescent in that order.
  • It becomes apparent that the Knight Commander ordered these attacks without the approval of the Crown Council, and Sir Alexandros Cindravale is removed from the post the next day.
  • Sir Godfrey Khournas takes on the post of Knight Commander as well as Hand of the King until a new Knight Commander can be chosen.
  • Ten days afterward, the second wave of Hostiles arrives over Imperius, Oculus, and Primus. Landings begin across both habitable planets and all habitable moons two days later.
  • Hostiles are discovered on House Laskaris lands in The Crescent, apparently dissected.
  • A force of Hostiles advancing on Primus Val is turned back.


  • The Hostiles attack the sandwall around Detritus. They blast a hole in the sandwall, but the breach is defended.
  • A group of Arborenin and Orelles, led by House Peake, capture a living Hostile, but Young Lady Yolanda Peake is mortally wounded in the fight.
  • The Hostile, claiming the name Sarah 113 of 158 is transferred from Khar-Mordune to an undisclosed location in Landing. Professor Lorraine Figueroa is tasked by the Crown Council with leading her interrogations.
  • A previously undetected Hostile force descends on Cape Amran, seat of House Amran, a vassal of House Hollolas of The Spine. The city is destroyed, with thousands dead and more thousands displaced. Only a brave effort by a volunteer force disables the last Waygate in Cape Amran before it can be captured.
  • The Notice Project is begun in Volkan. It is a charity effort for the poorest of House Khournas' Citizens, headed by Lady Reena Khournas.

(The Fifth World changes to a 2:1 time ratio)

  • The traditional fall storms begin in The Crescent, bringing torrential downpours, thunder, and lightning to the Black Wastes and to Volkan.
  • A rave is held on The Ring to benefit The Notice Project, hosted by DJ Schizoid.
  • Hell If I Know releases their second album, Vengeance. Their release party draws nobles and Citizens alike, and almost results in a duel involving Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale. The band immediately goes 'on tour,' holding concerts across Haven.
  • Hostiles attack the underwater city of Seabrass Reef on Mare Maris. It is defended successfully, but Young Lord Kadmus Volen is sorely wounded in the defense, falling into a coma.


  • The Tournament of Tomorrow is held in the Colosseum in Phylon. The Archery Contest is won by Sergeant Rebecca Mordain of The Caravan, the Melee on Foot jointly by Sir Kassandra Cindravale and Sir Ellinor Sauveur, and the Joust by Sir Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale.
  • The band Black Tooth Grin holds a concert in Volkan.


  • The Notice Project holds a workday in Volkan.
  • Lord Aidan Peake is named Young Lord Peake.


  • Letha Vallas, daughter of the late, famous composer Christian Vallas of Phylon, releases a solo album.
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