Time To Rethink
Summary: A hand-written note is left on Lady Grantham's desk by her daughter. An important conclusion is brought up.
Date: 11/12/2013
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Mar 22, 3014 — The Red House

Dear Mother,

I know that things must have truly begun to weigh on your mind as I've grown older and, while I am nowhere near spinster-like in age, I am sure each birthday of mine that now passes is cause for worry. So I write this to bring up what I have concluded during my time away, hoping it'll ease your concern some, if not entirely.

I have decided to put myself in your hands and ask you to start looking for a match for me in earnest, Mother. I feel I am ready for the next big step in my life. While I know that you are probably hoping to wed me to someone who'll ask me to leave the Legion I ask that you instead look for me a husband who'll understand that being a Knight and a Legionnaire is as important to me as being heir to our house and being your daughter is.

I do hope this will make you happy, Mother. In part if not entirely. Please let me know your feelings on such.

Your loving daughter,


It has always been on my to-do list to help secure a decent spouse for you, although it is good to know that your sense of duty will prevent you from behaving unacceptably should the time come. Mothers are always secretly relieved to know ahead of time that their children will not be throwing tantrums. Thank you for your honesty, and while I may not be able to secure a man purely by the degree of his willingness to allow you to be a knight, I will do my best in considering only the suits of the most respectable men.


Your mother

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