08.06.3013: Time To Go Atheist
Summary: Aidan meets in secret with Agnes and Viannea to give them some bad news about the Chantry.
Date: 06 August 2013
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Agnes's Apartments — Khar-Mordune, The Spine
This room is as simple and efficient as the woman who resides in it. The stone walls are mostly unadorned, save for a few photos of family. The small sitting room has a fireplace with her grandfather's shield mounted above it, and several trophies won in tournaments upon the mantle. Comfortable chairs in gold jacquard are set in front of it, with end tables for setting books or drinks beside them. Behind them is a long table and chairs, used primarily for tactical planning, if the maps scattered on it are any indication.

Through double doors is Agnes' bedroom. The bed is large and simply adorned, with the golds and deep browns of House Peake the primary colors. Nearby is a desk, with a stack of real paper on it, along with pens and a docking station for her datapad. The furnishings are Spartan, clean, and unobtrusive. Another doorway leads to her private bath and wardrobe.

The day before, Aidan sent messages that he had some important things to talk about and here they are, in Agnes' suite where it's nice and private and unlikely to be overheard. "The others couldn't make it. Brig is actually working on a project for me that relates to this." he's saying. He's brought a bottle of strong whiskey and three glasses which he's pouring full.

06 August 3013

"Should I alert the infantry to steer clear of his lab in case of explosions?" Agnes asks. Her voice is still rapsy and she still has tubes in her nose until she gets used to her new replacement lung. She's acclimating well, but she's still in a wheelchair and not allowed to strain herself. She waves a hand over the whiskey, none for her. She has too many meds in her system at the moment. She's in a simple tunic and breeches.

The offer of a drink is accepted by Viannea who is all to happy to partake in enough for herself as well as their healing aunt. She's quiet, listening for now, dressed in a simple gown instead of the breeches and tunic she normally wears, trying to get used to presenting herself as a lady a bit more oftehn.

Aidan hands Vi her glass and sets Agnes' down in easy reach despite her waving it off. "Hmmm, probably not. I don't think he has the equipment to do what I asked him to do. He'll probably have to get help if it's even possible which is what he's looking into to start with. So, you remember the priests who were found on the Hostile shp right? And that they had disappeared but no one knew anything about it till then?"

"I read the report on that, yes," Agnes confirms. Her brow furrows, as she's not used to seeing her nephew this serious. She adjusts the oxygen tube in her nose and watches him carefully. "What's this all about, Aidan?" she asks.

Viannea has the drink in hand and drinks from it, frowning at the same time she takes the first sip. She's trying to recall the details but fails for now and it gets her to sigh. "Such a mess," she mutters but it's hard to tell if that's about the situation her brother's talking about or the state her memory's in at the moment. Agnes' watched like a hawk between times her brother speaks, clearly concerned.

"It's entirely possible that there's a faction within the Chantry who are collaborating with the Hostiles." Aidan says simply and lifts his glass. "Cheers." And he knocks it back before pouring some more. "Don't tell anyone."

Well, hell. So much for no drinking. Agnes reaches for her glass and takes the shot as Aidan's words sink in. "Sage's balls. Where did you get this information? Is it credible? Who else have you told? This is very, very dangerous information, nephew."

Viannea looks horrified at the thought, unable to believe that could be the case. Agnes asks the questions she was about to so it leaves that unnecessary for her to speak upon but when she does speak there's anger in her voice. "What are we going to do about it," is what she does ask only to then nod when Aidan tells them not to say anything.

Aidan refills Agnes' glass and then Vi's before holding up a 'wait' finger. "I'll start at the beginning which was a dream right before we discovered those priests. The dream clearly indicated the CHantry was involved somehow and I messaged the Chantry with a warning. I got two responses: one from an Elder stating everything was fine and one from a priest saying he thought there were dark forces in the Chantry and that he'd like to talk to me about it. He disappeared the next day. Later on, I got another message from someone else in the Chantry asking me to come meet with him. He was in Father Thomas' confidence and when he disappeared, contacted me. Others were also involved: Nitrim, Soleil Sauveur, that former knight Jor something and a private detective."

Agnes grimaces as the whiskey burns its way down her gullet. She is in a relationship with a very religious man. This information could not come at a worse time for her. "The black sheep of Sauveur and Khournas, and a former convict?" Needless to say, Agnes looks a bit skeptical at the credibility of the others. But she trusts Aidan. She doesn't have the second drink yet, listening intently to the telling.

Nitrim is one of Vi's friends so she trusts him but she doesn't say as such, letting Anges come to her own conclusion. "That is a bit suspicious," she grumbles before she takes one more drink, draining the second glass fairly quickly. Enough for her, she sets her glass down, enjoying the warmth that now lingers in her gut. "I'm not sure what I can do to help but if you find anything I can do…"

"None of the information came from them." Aidan clarifies, picking up on his aunt's skepticism. "They were all just looking into the dream or Father Thomas' disappearance as well. I'll skip the intermediate steps and jump to where things stand now. Father Thomas' body was found in the Necropolis. He was murdered. Also found was a photo of a Hostile standing apparently amicably with a member of the Chantry in the Chantry itself. We also have Father Thomas' book where he took copious notes about some members he was very suspicious of. So nothing definite so far but definitely troubling."

Agnes pinches the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes and sighing. "Who else knows?" she asks. "Anyone that can provide you protection?" her concern for her nephew is clear.

Viannea stands. "I can," she says, less offer and more statement of fact. "Please. Count me in on whatever it is that needs to be done." It's uncertain as to if he'll accept it or if Agnes will allow it, but she has to try.

"Those who I already mentioned and the brother who spoke with us after Father THomas disappeared." Aidan answers. "He's currently in hiding for obvious reasons. I asked Brigham to come up with a way to detect and map the waygates. The reason should be obvious. I just don't know if it's possible or in a time that it could help settle things. But the thing is, this could also be an elaborate frame. Can you imagine how it would affect people to discover this? Morale would plummet, giving the Hostiles a very good opportunity and advantage. On the other hand, if there is a deeply buried hive of collaborators, having everyone know would be the best way to make sure it couldn't be covered up." Vi's offer gets a nod. "The others think we shouldn't tell anyone till we know more. I think we can't afford to keep this to ourselves in case we all get killed. So here you are."

"If this is true, Aidan, we are all in terrible danger from within. But for people to believe it, you need concrete proof. Do not tell anyone in the houses that are heavily religious, especially not Saimhann." Agnes presses her fist to her mouth as she considers. "Do not do anything related to this without Viannea or another Knight with you to make sure you get out safely. Be careful but be swift. This sounds like something that could destroy us all if left to fester too long."

"I won't say anything. Just consider me the silent sentinel, there to do nothing but stand guard and kick ass when you need it." Vi is good at keeping secrets, asked to several times in her life. This shouldn't be any different and just as easy to keep to herself.

"Working on it." Aidan responds dryly. He didn't really need to be told that. "Nitrim is paranoid and enamored of cloak and dagger secrecy. It's probably best neither of us slept with him, Vi. He's so used to being distrusted because of his own actions, he doesn't trust anyone else in turn. He thinks there might be a conspiracy going all the way up to Emund. Sure, it's possible. It's also possible all the Houses will kiss and make up tomorrow. In any case, we need to figure out what the hell is going on. And if for some reason, I can't any more, you two take over. I'll be leaving notes of everything we've found out so you can carry on."

"Very well. Do not tell your father. Not yet at least. This is between us and Brigham as far as Peake is concerned," Agnes says quietly. "This is also something that will require us to pass information in person, so we are certain it hasn't been tampered with. My quarters here will be where we can meet safely."

Viannea looks at their aunt and nods. "I won't say anything. And here… altight. We'll use this for our meetings and whatever." Ugh. This is not exactly settling well with her and between the bad news and being made to be secretive about it along with the drinks she feels kind of ill. "I hope we can figure this whole thing out and take care of it all quickly. And no, she is keeping quiet about the subject of Nitrim.

Aidan nods. "Agreed. And that's all I had to talk about. I'll update you as we learn more but so far, it's not looking good for the Chantry. I can't help but worry though that the Hostiles, or even someone else looking for power, is setting this up. I can't decide which is the better option."

"If we're lucky, it's just a small faction within the Chantry, and not the whole order," Agnes says wearily. "I should rest now, but keep me updated please. Jarek and his family are very religious, I'm going to have to make sure they aren't harmed by their very devotion to the Six."

"For once I don't feel too guilty about my own lack of religous involvement." Viannea leans over to give Agnes a kiss on the cheek. "You rest well and let us know if you need anything. Please feel to call on me if you want to talk or whatever, too." Aidan's given the look by his sister, the look that hints to her concern. "Come on… let's go."

"Well, if it comes to it, just point out that the Chantry aren't the Six." Aidan suggests. "They're just people." It's no secret Aidan's about as areligious as it gets outside of his druidism, which isn't really the same at all, so his lack of angst isn't surprising. PIcking up the bottle and glasses, he heads for the door. "Get into bed, Aunt. Rest."

"Be careful, both of you. I could not bear to lose you," Agnes says softly. "Not even Brigham," she adds.

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