Time Off Required
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe approves a mysteriously unsubmitted time off 'request' by his intern, Glenna Blair
Date: 08.31.2013
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Glenna Alistair 

The Hall of the Pride — Castle Leonnida

TO: Toni.Blair@Academ_Agronomy
FROM: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds

Dear Ms Blair,

This is to inform you that beginning immediately, you are under a mandatory vacation, as per a request. You are hereby banned from entering or even glancing at the Palace Tower until Monday. You'll find that your work tablet has been confiscated and shall remain in the office until such a time as you are allowed back in. As well, you should find in your bag several vouchers to a tourney this weekend. By several, I mean 5. Use them as you will, with the stipulation that you laugh at least once where you're not being tortured by the tickling of your brothers (yes, they told me). I expect a full report, in person, on how this all went. No notes allowed.

Get some rest, have fun. You've earned it.

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