11.26.3013: Three Unmasked
Summary: Klaudea talks with Cyrielle and Nitrim after he awakes, and they dispense with pretense among the three of them.
Date: 15? October, 2013
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Infirmary Volkan, The Crescent
The Infirmary of the Volkan Barracks is bright, clean, and sterile; the complete antithesis of the world above. There is a general care ward, with moveable beds in small alcoves, only granted privacy by curtains on curved metal rods. Equipment sits in each unit for emergency treatment, and some long care treatment.
There is a surgical unit down the western hall, with three bays, for handling urgent care of soldiers severely wounded. A recovery area is at the end of the hall. Down the eastern hallway are several doors, each leading to one of a dozen long-term care rooms. Every room is furnished with two beds and a few chairs, a bathroom, nightstands, and connections for specific equipment depending on the needs of the patient
26 November, 3013

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"I went toe-to-toe with like…fifteen of them." Nitrim replies, his voice gravelly as his neck strains against the bandage. Mouth horrible and dry, he crooks a finger towards his lips, tilting his chin a little to make clear just what he's wanting from her: a kiss. "We were just wrapping up and that really scary looking one shot me in the bloody fucking neck with his pistol. I was still standing when I got out of there, but I think the explosion knocked me out." He winces, resisting the urge to feel at his neck while waiting for his kiss. His words dip to a whisper. "I'm alive, I'm going to be fine, okay? This will keep me out of the fight for a while and I'm sure my family will let you stay here."

The door to Nitrim's room has been closed, but Cyrielle is no longer in the halls. She couldn't have left this early- it's just past when the evening meal would have been brought around.

"Your father himself said I'm welcome to visit, so I'm taking advantage of that." By imposing a bit of guest right. Cyrielle needs little urging and leans forward to press her lips to his. It's a ginger kiss, but it's got her on the verge of tears again. A few fall from her cheeks onto his before she leans back. "I just… I wish I had been there. I felt so… so helpless being so far away and seeing those images."

"Oh, baby, no I wish you hadn't been there, it was a fucking mess." Nitrim replies, choking back a little bit as he reaches up to curl a lock of hair behind Cyrielle's ear. Catching one of the tears on his cheek, he brushes her tears away and clears his throat. "Everyone was hurt, everyone. I'd seen Thalo and Anabethe come through some bad places and even they were covered in blood. It was a fight and anyone not ready for it was in danger of not coming back at all. You would have killed me for going back out there after Bethe, but we all made it back. Save for the fucking factory." Nitrim growls, bitter that after all of their work, they still lost the fight.
"My…father said it was okay? So you've gone to see him or are planning on going to see him?" Nitrim asks, brows lifting.

The door opens and squire with her hand in a sling enters. The other hand holds a grape popsicle that she nibbles on, an expression of almost bliss on her face so that her eyes are half closed as she backs against the door to close it and leans on it. She gives a hmm and closes her eyes as she lets it melt in her mouth. But then she gets that feeling that she's not alone and she opens her eyes. "Oh… oh I'm so sorry, I must not have counted the doors right…" Klaudea's eyes are wide with mortification as she stammers out her apologies for intruding on the moment. "So sorry.." she fumbles with trying to open the door again with her popsicle, a motion that a moment ago was easy as pie, but now, as she tries to rush it, just doesn't want to happen.

"I didn't talk to him," Cyrielle admits with a small shrug of her shoulders. She can't handle what he's saying about the fight itself yet. No, that's going to take time to process. "Remember when he called you away? He said I could visit Blackspyre. So I am. I… am waiting on something I've requested sent from Beacon. I plan to speak to him." She kisses him quickly again before sitting upright. "Unless I lose my ner-" and there's Klaudea. She swallows and looks towards Nitrim, gauging his reaction. Through their telepathic link, Cyri provides Nitrim an image of Blue Sister. Her identity was revealed. The three of us no longer need hide from each other, apparently. To the woman she shakes her head, gesturing with free hand. "It's okay. Far preferrable to see you than… most others."

For a moment, Nitrim's eyes sharpen as he shares a quiet, subliminal moment with Cyrielle. His bandaged fingers wrap around hers and he clears his throat. Voice gravelly and tired, he's loud enough to be heard from Klaudea's position at the door. "No, no please come in. I've been asleep for days I want to see friends. I want to talk, even if it hurts. I was worried you wouldn't make it out of there." Nitrim says to Klaudea, his head tilting to gaze over Cyrielle's hip towards the door. Swallowing hard, he wipes across his brow and finishes something up quickly to Cyrielle while waiting for Klaudea to come over. His green eyes find Cyrielle's, giving her a weak smile. "Be careful with him, be bold. I think he'll like you."

There's another moment of uncertainty as she looks at the two of them, watching them share something without speaking. "I'm glad to see you awake, Brother Shadow," she says quietly. "I did get away, but my injuries were bad enough that my friend made me come to the hospital." She looks between the two of them. "Sir Thalo recognized my fighting. He said as much in front of Lady Reena, and I would not want Lady Reena to have to keep that a secret from you, or for you to think I wanted you to keep it from Mistress Storm." Her popsicle, the object of such bliss a moment ago is now forgotten in her hand as she studies the Khournas Lord. "Did you… speak in my mind during the combat?"

"Yeah, I did. That priest had that pistol, and I was able to take a bullet for Anabethe, but the angle was too severe, I wanted to get between it and everyone, but he just kept shooting." Nitrim replies, blinking heavily as the drugs keep the room spinning. So to keep himself from falling out of his bed, he plants a palm over his forehead and lays there, hand in hand with Cyrielle and his eyes to the ceiling. "You know, this may or may not offend you, but you were my number one suspect for who you are. I don't miss a lot of things but drawing two and two together I'd started to wonder if you were Thalo's squire." He pauses. "How's the big guy taking it? Do you want me to intervene?"

"I've asked The Distant Shore," a ship by the sounds of it," to give me a cask of their moonshine. They'll be back in dock soon, if not already." Cyrielle shifts slightly in closer to him as he settles back against the bed. Her fingers tighten on his hand. "If your father doesn't appreciate the best moonshine the Hollolas navy has to offer, well. There's no hope." She does smile faintly, before glancing over towards Klaudea, awaiting her answer. Her eyes slowly release the whitness as their usual color returns.

"I don't know if I should be 'offended' my Lord," Klaudea responds. "Maybe disappointed that I am so easily seen through." The popsicle starts to melt onto her hand, and she has to meet her hand halfway to her mouth as she can't quite seem to lift it properly to lick the running liquid sugar from her under her pinky. She grimaces at the question. "Not well," she admits. "He's lost his trust and respect of me because I hadn't told him. He seems to think I'm running around dangerous places like a caped crusader dispensing justice and trying to get myself killed. He's forbidden me to wear the blue mantle any more or go into Smog Alley."

"Well then I guess it's good you've still got me, Cyrielle, and others to help you with the operation because I'll be damned if those people are left to suffer. There's Hostile in their alleys now. We're needed more there than ever." Nitrim replies to Klaudea, giving Cyrielle a mildly concerned look. His hand squeezes around hers, a question on his face, before looking back to Klaudea. "And no, you weren't easy to see through. It's because I traced a message back to a terminal near where you were staying. You walk a certain way. You use certain words. Remember, I'm who I am. This is what I do. You were very good, to the point where I wasn't sure, but I had theories." Nitrim adds, having to sigh and let his throat moisten over before continuing again. "My father will appreciate it, Cyrielle. He will appreciate you, if not now, one day. It's what fate will make, remember?"

If Cyrielle notices that look, it's not clear. Instead she just continues to hold his hand and remain a solid presence at his side on the bed. She gives a slight nod between them, especially at mention of helping with the operation. "I haven't found… a place yet," a job, a purpose, "I can be wherever I'm needed." She glances over to Nitrim and her lips quirk slightly in a smile. "I can only hope."

Klaudea seems to have lost her appetite for her popsicle, and she takes it over to drop in the sink to melt, washing her hand clumsily. When Nitrim promises to help out, she turns and gives him a look of relief and appreciation, but it immediately falls. "You are hardly in any condition to be travelling down to Smog Alley yourself, my lord. Neither is Lady Reena. She is all right, and awake. She's using a tablet to talk, now." Her head shakes at Nitrim, "I only started carrying my sword with me a few days ago, because of all the sabotague happening in Volkan, it seemed like a good idea to have something to protect myself. I wish I'd thought to wear my armor as well." She bites her lip but she doesn't want to ask more, so she instead turns a smile to Cyrielle. "I would offer to have you stay with me, but I live in the barracks. You'd have to bunk in with about fifty others. Not to mention that I'm not really in charge of who stays in the barracks."

"I'll be out of here soon enough, Klaudea. At least I can still talk but I think the nurse mentioned they had to recons—" Nitrim gets out before he starts, looking to Cyrielle with a sad look that is then passed over to Klaudea as well. His hand rises to the bandage at his neck, frowning. There will be a scar. The damage, even as it's listed on his medical chart, required metal shards to be removed from it. He's damned lucky he isn't going to be using an artifical voice-box for the rest of his life. "I can still talk, is what I mean. And now that I'm awake I can try to get something done, so long as Bethe doesn't bar me access to my tablet." He sighs, hips shifting as he lets out an unhappy sound, wanting to sit up, but he can't. Hospital beds, no matter how you try, are always uncomfortable. "Fuck I'm going to be climbing the walls by tonight, what time is it? Is it daytime? Evening?"

"I'm staying in Blackspyre," Cyrielle explains with a glance to Klaudea. "Figured I ought to take advantage." The smile she offers… it's strained. Put-on. But not out of rudeness- she's just trying to relax. To ease things. Her eyes are red and strained, with bags beneath them. She's barely slept, that much is obvious. Looking back to Nitrim, she slides off the bed and starts to fuss with his blankets and pillows. "How's that?" she asks quietly, waiting for indications to adjust this way or that. "Now that he's awake… give me a list of people and places to check in Obsidia. I'll go."

"I'm sure the Lady Reena will be able to talk soon, as well. She is being forced to rest her voice, I think." She freezes a little with apprehension as that sad look is passed to her. Her left hand lifts to scratch at the fingers that peek beyond the cast. It already itches. A little smile tugs at her lips as she watches Cyrielle settling Nitrim more comfortably, but she shakes her head to the lady. "Do not worry about that, now. You should spend some time with Brother Shadow. Or get some sleep, now that you know he is all right. I am easy to find when you've had some talk… aloud to each other. I should go to my room, where I was heading. And get a new popsicle. It's better than getting IV fluids, and it stays down." Her smile is genuine enough, a friendly expression that until now had been hidden behind a breath mask."

"Someone got Ree to stop talking? What sort of Awakened magic man, miracle worker, Scion of the Father himself do they have working here?" Nitrim, despite his injuries, has apparently not lost his capacity for sarcasm. Squirming in place, he helps Cyrielle tuck the blanket in against his side, and although it's not the lavish bed in his room, it'll have to do. "It's about as good as it's going to get, thanks, dear." Nitrim calls her dear in front of others that could gossip. Signs point to them being close. He reaches for her wrist. "If you go, take someone with you. We just got ambushed there and the people in Smog Alley are in danger, but I'm not going to sit here while you get captured by them, understand?" Nitrim's drake comes out, strong brows and all, but there's no mistake, he's not going anywhere. Letting out a sigh, he sinks back into his pillow and rubs softly at the side of his neck, eyes distant and curious, trying to feel the scar. "Just…the two of you be careful, okay? I don't like not being able to jump up and chase after you guys if you're in danger, you know? I need you guys."

<Khournas> Klaudea dies!
<Khournas> Klaudea says, "Someone got Ree to stop talking? What sort of Awakened magic man, miracle worker, Scion of the Father himself do they have working here?" Nitrim, despite his injuries, has apparently not lost his capacity for sarcasm."
<Khournas> Mars says, "Pft. You want her to stop talking, you just give her a cigar and a beer and tell her she's only got 3 minutes to finish 'em."
<Khournas> CreamedKhourne Nitrim says, "or, you know, SHOOT HER IN THE NECK."
<Khournas> Mars says, "Well yes, obviously. *grins* I meant non-immediately-life-threatening ways."
<Khournas> The Wall, Thalo usually just flexes.
<Khournas> Klaudea falls over!

It was obvious they were close, to Klaudea at least, back in that little room in Obsidia. Though more than likely, Cyrielle just doesn't care right now. She looks over to the woman and gives her a small, tired smile. "Feel better." Dark eyes go back to Nitrim and she draws in a breath and leans against the bed. Not sitting back down yet, but keeping her hand on Nitrim's. "I'll just talk to the people she needs to get word to. I'll be careful, promise."

Klaudea shakes her head. "No one is gettng captured," she says quietly. "I doubt you could find the one I most need to talk to, if he survived." Her voice falls as she considers the last, bleak possibility. She gives a shake to her head and raises it to look towards the two of them. "You two just… relax for a little bit. Enjoy each other's company while you can. Thank you… for your support. Maybe I can convince Sir Thalo to let me go the infirmary, since Lady Reena has sponsored it, technically it is part of her charity."

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