06.17.3013: Threat on the Lashes
Summary: Kadmus, Ariana and Talayla speak of the Hostile threat on the Lashes over lunch.
Date: 17 June 2013
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The Bazaar—Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
17 June 3013

Walking briskly down the hallway leading to the section of the Ring called the Bazaar, Ariana is chatting away with Kadmus who she knows as one of the naval officers that has worked closely with her father, the Lord Captain of the Titan's Wake. She is dressed in her usual white science attire: a white jacket with the insignia of Larent in glowing cyan upon a clasp at her lapels and a pair of form fitting white pants to complete the look. Unlike normally, when she wears her hair up into a tight bun, her long pale blonde locks are simply twisted into a braid that hangs over her left shoulder. As they pass through the crowded area, her gaze looks upon several of the stores along the way as she continues to speak, "My Lord Father said that the refitting for the Wake is nearly complete. Are you ready to shoot off with the rest of the navy into the stars once again?"

"I am as ready as anyone is, Lady Ariana." Kadmus says with a laugh, "There's a lot of business with New Atlantis as well, but in the grand scheme it is secondary to fighting back the Hostiles." he says, "Best to do what I can in the meantime, though." he says, he's wearing his Navy Uniform though, nothing terribly fancy like Ariana is donned in. "I haven't heard of any reports of incoming troopships yet, but I've no doubt they are infact on their way!"

Talayla is apparently still armor shopping. "That one's too busy…" She considers. She wears a simple robe, with simple clothes beneath. She has a basket in her arm, and she's likely been shopping. She seems to be out of her shell more, but Tal cannot shake years of eccentricity. She has been at it too long. Still, she finds herself out and about more. A few rose candies are paid for and - Vassal at 12 'o clock! She smiles politely and waves to the pair.

"I am curious as to what will be done about Niveus. I heard that that they have been hit as well and to be honest, that is getting a little too close to home." Ariana says, her words showing some concern, especially when a moon of the Lashes is mentioned. "I've inquired with my Lord Father as well. I do know tht he has ramped up patrols for Nubilus with our gliders, I expect something similar to be done for Mare Maris then." When Talayla comes into view, the Larent lady's gaze looks the other noblewoman over and notes her basket of things. She lowers her head to show deference to the woman, launching with her own greeting, "My Lady. You are looking lovely today. Shopping, I see? Next time, you should call upon me, for that's one of my favorite pastimes." A turn to Kadmus, "You know Lord Lieutenant Kadmus Volen from Mare Maris?"

"Mare Maris is quite difficult for the Hostiles to land troops in force." Kadmus says, "But rest assured we're always vigilant down in the deep." he turns his attention towards the Orelle noblewoman who waves, and he offers a bow of his head to Talayla, "My Lady." He says politely to her, "I wonder why they chose to land on Niveus though." He says with a hmmn and a shrug, "Perhaps they thought it an easy target?"

Talayla is one of the oddest Orelles. But she seems friendly enough, perhaps noticing the concerns of her vassals. She smiles a little. "Yeah. I was hungry and still after some armor," She admits. "Everyone seems to be so busy…" She furrows her brows. Her manners! Her eyes widen and she bows. "Oooh, right, sorry." She was a hermit, after all. "Um. No worries. You've always been really polite so." Shrug and a smile. She pauses. "And thank you. But not nearly as lovely as you. And um, your friend. Er, that is -" Wait. Crap. He's not beautiful! He's - oh geez. Tal's just hit the bottom of the Ring and started digging her way out. "Ehm." Awkward. "It's hard to say. Niveus is close to a major world," She notes quietly. "It'd be tough to just pop into the Ring, by virtue of um, well, being a ring. Why not land on a nice moon nearby, dig in and THEN bother it?" She taps her chin. "I wish I knew more for you," She frowns.

Ariana's own brow furrows gently as she ponders this, but she does nod slowly back to Kadmus, "Even my own moon of Nubilus is difficult for the Hostile to land and actually launch an attack from. Unless, their technology is so great and far better than our own that they and able to withstand the rather toxic air in the depths of the clouds… That is, unless they decide to land on our cities or titanium mines directly and anwhere else that we have access to. Niveus, however, not that I've explored the moon much, would seem to have a lot of wide open space. Very much like Inculta." To Talayla, she asks, "Armor? That is a good idea, I think. I may be looking at purchasing some myself for my I have gained my Lord Father's approval of at least learning some self-defensive techniques." Her lips then purse into just a tiny bit of a smirk when Talayla seems to get a bit flustered when speaking of Kadmus.

"Ahh, there are plenty of good suits the both of you. Protector armor is a good option if you don't plan to get into heavy fighting. Plenty of other armor as well, I suppose, if you want to go heavier, or lighter." Kadmus says with a nod to the two, "And the ring does go by Niveus regularly, I suppose, so it could put it at danger, in theory." he nods.

Talayla is quiet, as she listens. "I am afraid I am no strategist. And truthfully, I will probably get medium or light armor since I often use a bow and - stuff." She doesn't seem to flaunt that she's Awakened. Not really. "I have to replace my bow. I loaned it to a Lady Sir friend and she snapped it in two. I couldn't believe it…" Sadface. "And oh yeah?" She tilts her head. "Wait, no, not like a combat nurse. Although I bet that'd be great for catching anyone who tries to run." Grin. "And that's good. Even if you're not really a soldier, you can at least throw a sword at their heads." And then run. Run so far away. She seems quietly fond of Ariana. "And Sir Gwain said I can't wear heavy armor, or someone might flip me like a turtle." She nods at Kadmus' theory. "Umm. Would you two like tea or anything to eat? The cafe is open. I think that since you are my awesome vassals, lunch is on me." Beam.

"For now, My Lord Father is restricting me from getting into any sort of combat situation and that includes working as a medic aboard the Wake." Ariana says in an even tone, though it's not difficult to think that she would be disappointed by this news. "He does have his reasons, of course. Why, if he and my Lady Sister and Lord Brother were all aboard the Wake and… something happened to it, our main line could be wiped out completely, if I were aboard too. So he believes that it is best for me to remain behind and look after Summit." A slow nod is given to this talk of armor and she muses, "I could always borrow my Lady Sister's spare armor, but I think, at some point, I would like a set for myself. And lunch, My Lady? That would be lovely and so very generous of you."

"Oh, the heavy armor isn't so bad once you get used to it, you can be quite agile in them, really." Kadmus says, "But, I can see the interest in a lighter suit." He says, "Lunch does sound good, the offer is quite appreciated, My Lady." He says with a nod, "And it is probably a prudent thing, Lady Ariana, but there are still plenty of other places you can serve as a medic."

Poor Ariana. Talayla seems sympathetic. "Hmm. Well, it's a bit hard to fight it when it's your dad…" At least Talayla is lucky that so far it's only Cedric objecting. She agrees, "But it is really hard being left behind." She nods. "And yeah, well fitting armor is ideal," She shakes her head. "Think nothing of it," A dismissive hand gesture. Then a smile to Kadmus, "My Lord, there is another reason I cannot use the heavy armor. Though, I guess not being flipped like a turtle is definitely up there." The mental image of poor Tal on her back flailing. "There's sandwiches, pastas and stuff." She will walk with them towards it. "Medics are always in demand. I don't know about brewers though."

When they come upon the little cafe, Ariana's lets her eyes scan the wonderful food put on display. She already has an idea on what she would like to order, it seems, though she continues with the conversation at hand, "Yes. My Lord Father would prefer that I remain on the Ring and continue assisting at the medbay there. "Whatever he feels is right for me, I do understand his motives." She then orders a pasta salad with a light dressing and her favorite iced mocha. Turning slightly to regard her companions with her attention as she now waits for her order to be processed, she then states, "Maybe Lord Kadmus knows of a good armorer on the Ring."

Kadmus orders himself a sandwich, and some sort of fruity drink before shrugging his shoulders a bit, "I went through our house Armorsmith, though I believe he just does fitting and maintenance, I believe the suits themselves come from Imperius." he says, waiting with the two women for the food to be brought, "And there is nothing wrong with wearing lighter armor, Lady Talayla, it is still quite functional and suitable for keeping one protected and safe."

Talayla will order a sandwich, with a salad on the side with a sweet drink. She smiles to the others, listening. "Yeah. I haven't heard from my dad yet, but he's been pretty busy." In their defense, Tal's older male relatives seem to have a lot of boat dudes. She hms and looks to Kadmus. "I see. That makes sense," She smiles. "Sir Asher suggested someone from Imperius, too. I guess I've a trip ahead of me. And in my case, it's likely a requirement." She murmurs. "But um, I won't hijack your conversation. I hope that you are both well, under the circumstances. I wish I could help."

Lunch in hand now, Ariana once more regards the Orelle noble with a lovely smile, "Again, thank you for your generosity, Lady Talayla. Next time, it's my treat." Walking alongside the group as they settle down at a comfortable seating area, she then states, "If we all weren't under such high alert, I would love to pay Mare Maris a visit. Your home is certainly one of my favorite moons of the Lashes, My Lord. Most recently, Nubilus has played host to House Arboren ourselves. It's wonderful to have this downtime, knowing full well that we will soon be defending ourselves against these awful creatures."

"Most of the manufacturing takes place on Imperius, we just supply the materials." Kadmus nods, taking his food and moving to a table with the two ladies, "And I would be happy to host you, and anyone else who might want to come, Lady Ariana, you as well, Lady Talayla." He adds with a nod, "With the fighting only going to get worse, I want to try and get some investors to expand our fisheries, and some of our other food products to perhaps relieve some of the food shortfalls that I fully expect will be coming."

"I see," Talayla listens. "I would be honored," She nods. "I do some aquaculture. What kinds of fish do you keep?" She asks. She seems curious. "And yeah, I keep debating expanding my brewing and fish tanks to help, but I'm a one person operation." Headshake. "Mare Maris sounds lovely," She considers. "And how did their visit go?" She peers over to Ariana.

"Wonderful, My Lord. I'll contact a few friends and we'll see about spending time on your beautiful moon." Ariana says, her smile radiant. "Perhaps some of them may be interested in speaking business with you, though unfortunately, I'm uncertain on how much sway they may have with their families." Nibbling at her pasta salad, she then responds to Talayla, "Oh, it went smoothly! We ended their visit with a ride on the Star of Nubilus, one of our most elegant cloud cruisers. I'm certain that we made a great impression on the Paramount House."

"Well, I know some of the more breathtaking reefs and formations to dive, and I can take you and your friends out on one of our submersibles as well." Kadmus says as he takes half of his sandwich, taking a bite out of it, followed by a sip of juice, "We have fisheries to harvest a wide variety of the sea life on Mare Maris, I don't know that I can name them all off the top of my head, but I can send you a list of the seafood and fish products we export, if you're interested. And you should certainly come, see some of our facilities and what have you."

Fishies sound exciting. Talayla looks interested, anyway. She smiles. "It does sound lovely," She nods and skewers a lettuce leaf with a fork. She nibbles away as she listens. She swallows and replies, "I am glad. It sounds like lots of fun," She nods. Talayla looks to be in total awe at the idea of seeing reefs. Real reefs! "I see. That would be awesome," She nods. "I'm still learning a lot. I'm catching up," She admits. "Thank you both for having lunch with me." She is learning something from this, after all.

"I would love to see your reefs, My Lord. One of the most magical things about Mare Maris must be all of the fish swimming about and looking as if they were flying, as your own cities are upon the ocean floor." Ariana says lightly, a pleasant smile on her lips. Sipping of her iced coffee treat, she then takes another nibble of her pasta. "I do love the way the lights make the darkness of the water simply glow all around you. I miss New Atlantis, it's been too long since I've last visited."

"It's not all that unlike life on the ring, but like you say, there's something special about living beneath the seas." Kadmus nods to Ariana, "I spend a lot of time diving the reefs, and other places actually. You'll see far more fish at the reefs, and far more colors as well." he adds, "You would like it as well, if you are interested in the sea life, Lady Talayla. I will get a schedule of when the Ramship is supposed to leave next, but will plan to host a gathering before that date."

"Yeah, the reefs sound wonderful." Talayla agrees. She takes a sip of her own drink, looking thoughtful. "Well. We do have pretty awesome star viewings," She considers. "And I would love to." She nods. Then a pause at a beeping. "Oh! I bet they found that wheat I was after. I should probably make sure my brother doesn't think I ran off and enlisted anyway," She looks sheepish. "Be well and stay safe, okay? I hope to see you both again soon."

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