09.13.3013: Thoughts in the Dark
Summary: Gentleman Johnny and Nora have a chat.
Date: 6 Sep 2013
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Jonathon Nora 

Lord Lucian's Study — LucCorp, The Ring
In scene set.
September 13, 3013

Jonathon Lucian's fortification on the Ring is tucked away in the third quadrant, accessed off the Halo. It is nestled inside the LucCorp sector, accessed only through an intense series of security protocols. It is actually rather modest considering Gentleman Johnny's wealth, though still quite a noble housing. Nora has been escorted through the halls to his sitting room, which has an artificial fire burning in the hearth. He is sitting in a grand winged back chair, puffing on one of his black cigarettes as he swipes through various streams from H.N.N.. He has a thoughtful frown on his lips, though he does look up when Nora is shown in. "Nora," he greets gently. "I apologize for the lateness of the hour."

As composed as ever, Nora waits for him to greet her, the simple austere outfit matching her detachment rather well. Her chin lifts when he does speak and she gives a shake of her head. "No apology needed, Johnny." A step forward and a soft sound is made followed by another while the woman crosses the distance towards him. Her hand extends to him, holding the small pad that contains all of the information he might need. "In regards to the hostile, all you could need or want is here. I managed to gather everything. There are quite a few videos of others speaking with this..Sarah." She has watched it, yes. A hostile with a name. Fingers keep the pad extended til he takes it, letting her arm drop to her side. "I trust it contains what you need."

Johnny lifts his eyes up to her as she steps within, and immediately offers out the tablet. He takes it with ease, glancing over it before he sets it aside. "You are quite prompt, Nora… I expected you to be weighed down far longer fighting through the red tape." He takes a draw from his cigarette, breathing out the lattice work over his shoulder. "You have found your stride in the Orelle household then." He inclines his chin a bit in silent thanks. "I'm sure it contains everything I need… for now." He gestures, and one of his body men steps forward to fetch Nora a drink — whatever she wishes. He already has a tumbler of tonic water. "What do you think… about Sarah?"

Her nose wrinkles at the stench of smoke that permeates the air, but Nora does not comment on it. Giving him a brief nod before she glances briefly at the other figure moving to gather her a drink. "What do I think…well she has potential, to be truthful. Something that can be extorted far more than I think anyone has done yet, but how, I am not certain….I have not had a chance to look through everything as thoroughly as I would like." She finally acknowledges the servant, "Gin and tonic," she instructs, because when Johnny says drink, you ask how much?

The bodyman fetches the drink with a kind of silent and dutiful mannerism that all of Johnny's personal employees have. The Lord of House Lucian focuses back on Nora after a moment. "You have to know what someone wants before they can be extorted… what do you think Haven could even offer a Hostile like this?" He gestures to the tablet before he rests back in his chair. The cigarette ashes with a tap of his finger over a smooth, crystalline dish. He keeps those moss-colored eyes on her as he speaks. "I don't think the Crown Council will be willing to give it all of Haven served up to death, if that's what they think it wants."

"No, I suspect they wouldn't, but I also do not think that is what it wants…not all of what it might want," Nora moves to take up a chair, lowering to sit at its edge in her prim way. She lets one leg slip forward to ease her posture. Once the drink is brought, she will take and sip from the contents in order to gather her thoughts, "As I said, I would like to go over everything again, and to meet with her. Though the latter I do not think is possible without being obvious of my intentions or why I would need to do so." Blue eyes meet his from over her glass before she takes another long pull from the tumbler and sets it to her knee.

"Ask if you can assist one of the other scientists," Lucian shrugs a bit. "Obviously they must need help with their own bureaucracy… you are skilled at getting what they need, do so. Favors will be paid forward." He snuffs out the rest of his cigarette before he takes a sip of his tonic water before he leans back in his chair once more. "How are things inside the House Orelle? It must burn Esiah that he didn't get to hold the captive here on The Ring."

"I will look into it, of course," Nora says, giving a nod of her head as a finger traces the rim of the glass. A dry smirk paints her lips even as her jaw tenses with the mention of the Orelle. "I am certain he will bluster more and more when he does not get his way. Orelle is as it always is, efficient under the guidance of its servants." There is a rather obvious disdain in her voice as her fingers briefly tighten on her glass. Eyes study the liquid within, "It never gets old for you, talking bout him, does it? I almost think you enjoy those moments." her ton is clipped.

Lucian smirks a bit, looking up over the rim of his glass at the Assistant Castellan. "Come now, Nora," he says, his voice laced with amusement. "You are his Castellan… I am merely asking about his wellbeing and the state of his house." He sips at his water once more before he offers, almost slyly, "Though I could ask how his daughter is adjusting to being in service of the Paramount Lord, watching as he dotes on his own children when he has no idea you are right under his nose."

"You are enjoying yourself," Nora mutters below her breath and quickly tends to her drink to try to ignore his amusement. Her gaze slips away and she drags her teeth against each other before she answers, "Yes, I wonder what he would think…likely not want me to stay or cause a problem. But then again, that is why I am there so I wouldn't fault him for his paranoia." Her eyes lift to look at Johnny and she considers, "I am…however cultivating a relationship with the Senator Alistair Hartcliffe."

"I am, but…" And Johnny shrugs his shoulders, though his smile remains intact. He sips a this water once more. "That's why it is best that it remain our little secret." He takes another sip before his brows perk a bit at the mention of the Leonnida senator. "What sort of relationship?" He asks, the question actually quite analytical.

"It will ever be our secret," Nora confirms, her eyes linger before finding a spot on the wall for his next question. Her tumbler lowers to rest on her leg, foot tapping in thought. "I was asked this the other night an while I am not entirely sure…I would have to say romantic. I figured it would be a good place to build credibility despite my own position with House Orelle. I do believe he plans on running for Chancellor. Jump on the boat before it leaves dock, you know?" Her eyes find his again, "Do you not approve?"

"Romantic?" Johnny asks with a bit of a smirk. "Hmm…" He reaches for his tablet, flicking his fingers across it to draw up an InfoSphere Search box. He puts in Alistair's name and then starts to scan through the information. "He is a bit young for a Chancellor… he probably won't guarantee a win." He then smirks a bit. "Hardly… what you do in your free time… though a Senator is quite a romantic achievement. I'm afraid he might turn you straight."

A brow hikes up, watching him play about with the information he seeks, sipping at her drink instead of speaking a stitch. The last however finally draws a dry laugh from her, deep and powerful as she lets her mirth reach her eyes. "Johnny, really? You think that I am that easily swayed by a bleeding heart you must think poorly of me." She tsks and finishes her drink, holding it up for the servant to take from her. "He has no web to snare me, Johnny, it is I that lay in wait, though I do feel somewhat bad for what might come if an when he ever finds out."

"I would hate for you to end up lonely," Johnny says with a bit of a quirk to his brow. "I mean… every woman as lovely as you deserves some companionship." He flashes her a knowing smile as he sets down his glass, fingertips then pressing together in a neat steeple. "Though Senators come full of social requirements… they don't like scandal. Though a wife of a Senator would do the House of Lucian good… if only he wasn't Leonnidan." He grimaces, obviously showing a faint distaste for that particular House. "They do not appreciate my business measures."

"Johnny you flatter me, but if you think so I have yet to hear your offer," she jests back, before tilting her head and considering. Another bit of a laugh, clipped and cut off as she lets her hand splay fingers across her cheek, "Besides, who said I was going to marry? The Leonnidians could come to understand you, given time. Everyone can if you convince them." A smirk plays at her lips before she sighs, "I find it a good access to information spending time with him and he is..interesting."

Johnny waves his hand dismissively. "You wouldn't want an old cad like me," he says with a smirk. "I'm boring at best, deathly boring at worse." He offers her a sober smile before he shrugs his shoulders a bit under his structured jacket. "There is not much of a niche for the entertainment business in the Roar… plus, they do not like the type of business I usually bring with me." He holds up a hand. "And that's fine… I'm patient… someone will break eventually. Perhaps the Young Lord Godric would fancy some arrangement, but for now… his father prefers not to see my face around." He shrugs his shoulders again. "Then spend time with him, but if your heart is not in it, mind that he is disposable."

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