06.14.3013: This Sounds Like a Bad Idea
Summary: Aidan and Taryn discuss the possible meanings of Taryn's dream with Sophie and find themselves planning a quest.
Date: 14 June 2013
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Sophie's Sitting Room -Matthias Towers, Landing
A large drawing room, with Velvet Queen sunflower wallpaper obscured by numerous drawings of varying quality. Couches and chairs surround a great fireplace, while one particular majestic seat directly faces the lowly burning hearth.
June 14th, 3013

For those that might wish to visit Sophie in her Matthias Towers quarters, they would have to pass the two guards that stand at either side of the room's entrance. Thankfully, this particular meeting was previously scheduled, and the process of receiving such visitors is greatly quickened. The guards quickly allow both Taryn and Aidan within her quarters, though depending on the groom's state of attire, they might frown at his appearance. No matter, once inside, they would be taken to a large drawing room, with Velvet Queen sunflower wallpaper obscured by numerous drawings of varying quality. Couches and chairs surround a great fireplace, while one particular majestic seat directly faces the lowly burning hearth. A guard would enter and inquire as to if either might wish for a drink, bowing deeply to those with a respectable ensemble and glancing casually to those others without.

Once a time for the meeting is arranged, Aidan takes Taryn back to the Peake residence so they can clean up. When visiting nobles, aside from the Arboren, ranger chic just doesn't work so he's in his 'good duds' suitable for casually visiting those with noble blood. "Thank you for seeing us, Lady Sophie." The offer of a drink is politely turned down.

No, Taryn is not wearing the oh so offensive leather tunic, though the replacement probably does not meet the standards of the Sauveur lady. He accepts the offer of the drink, at least until Aidan declines it. A good stiff drink might make this go so much easier. When Sophie enters the room, the blond Valen offers a respectful bow. He says, with a noticable amount of anxiety in his voice as well as his eyes, "M'lady."

Once Sophie has been carried into the room by a guard, set atop the majestic chair that faces the fireplace, she turns towards Aidan and smiles brightly, "thank you for visiting me, Aidan. I must admit to being curious why you have come?" Amber eyes flicker towards Taryn and she smirks lightly, "it would seem someone has dressed you in an ensemble quite different from your previous rags, Mister Wystrel. Though I wonder who managed to convince you to do so…" Once Taryn is rewarded an embellished glass vessel filled with honeyed light red wine, guards bow out of the room, leaving Aidan and Taryn alone with the royal, though likely not too far from earshot.

Aidan watches the guard carry Sophie to the chair but doesn't comment till they're alone. "My pleasure of course. Our last talk was quite enjoyable. But what is this? Are you injured? I know you haven't been to Peake for training so you didn't get it there."

Taryn flinches at Sophie's words to him. There is a very brief look of indignation in his eyes, and he looks like he is about to just leave. When the drink comes, he drinks it down in one huge gulp, placing the empty glass back on the tray. He is about to speak, when Aidan begins, and instead he falls silent.

Sophie lets out a soft sigh, "indeed, I have been wounded by my first battle with the Hostile menace, my Lord. I joined a patrol led my Nikomachos on the fields of Ares only yesterday. One Hostile slammed his axe against my chest, though I was only bruised from it. Another Hostile however, shot one of those…" She waves a hand in the air, "metallic spears through my right thigh. And it is very difficult to walk at present. Supposedly however, I should make a full recovery, though I admit I do not have a dedicated doctor at present to oversee it…" She nods her head, "I am largely fine though, you need not worry. I have been provided plenty of my sister's berated words already, and expect yet more. Now, might I ask what has brought the both of you here?"

"Well, when you recover, you're welcome to come to Peake and train in how to fight from a distance like all the other archers and Awakened." Aidan says, his tone carefully neutral except for the slight stressing of 'a distance'. "But as to what brings us here, that's for Taryn to explain. Taryn?"

Taryn opts to just skip the discussion of his clothing. He sighs softly, then looks over to Lady Sophie. "Do you remember the dream I described to you?" It is more of a rhetorical question. "Well, I was inquiring of your sister from Lady Sir Agnes, and she wished to know why. She already knew that I was awakened, so I told her of the dream. She thought that the threat might be more severe than just to you or your sister and urged me to talk to Lord Aidan, as he has a great deal more experience with such… And he agrees that it bears the rest of your noble family being warned.. in the event of it being an actual threat." He looks over at Aidan, as if asking if he was forgetting anything.

Sophie smiles brightly, "I would be absolutely delighted to join you in Peake, my Lord. You can expect me there within the week, I am certain of it. I am already capable of walking, so long as I hold a crutch in place of my right leg…" Upon hearing that it is Taryn who brings the both of them to her quarters, she looks inquisitively towards the very same man, waiting patiently for his response. When it is provided, she replies thoughtfully, "interesting. I did not consider that, to think the dream would hold significance for the family at large…" She frowns, "still, there is the matter of the drake skull. If the dream has meaning for the main line, then why would there be a drake skull?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly, "of course, I imagine it would be wise to be safe no matter who the dream pertains to." She purses her lips for a moment, "what do you think we should do? Aidan? Taryn? Are you both proposing I send letters to all my family members? The difficulty is in deciding what to do with such knowledge, other than to increase the number of active guards around the palace…"

"From what Taryn told me, it's fairly obvious that it's a Sauveur is in danger." Aidan motions slightly to Taryn. "The colors of the cloth and the eagle are hard to mistake. That the cloth is in tatters implies a certain amount of danger. A fight. The hood, the jesses? Captured. And caged obviously. I interpret the drake skull as being the Drake Mountains and not just an interest in drakes in general. So the cage being placed on the drake skull, to me, means the captive is imprisoned somewhere in the drake mountains. Before we start warning everyone, do you have an alternate interpretation?"

His irritation about the clothing has already passed. Trying to protect a life, much less one of the royal family, is way more important to him. Taryn sighs softly, "The greater one's training, I have been told often means a greater understanding of such. I am sure that both of you have had the benefit of more training than I have." Though Sophie knows that he was able to speak to her mind without being able to see her, so his training or at least his natural talent must be fairly significant. "I thought I was doing enough when I warned you, m'lady… You were my first thought, which Lord Aidan has told me that I shouldn't necessarily assume that my first thought is the only thought… and you, yourself, suggested it might be your sister… So I do not know. To the best of my knowledge, I know only three Awakened, other than myself… and the man who gave me what training I have."

Sophie blinks at the breakdown Aidan explains to her, "what an intriguing idea. I had not thought of the drake skull meaning a location rather than a person. Still…if that is the case, then it would seem like a simple matter to protect ourselves from ever allowing it to come to pass. We merely have to be careful that the Sauveur nobility does not venture into the Drake Mountains…" After a moment, her eyes widen slightly with an abrupt idea, "actually, I think I may very well have another interpretation, though inspired by your own words. If the drake skull does not pertain to a particular person, perhaps indeed it means the Drake Mountains. If that is the case, then perhaps it is not a dream about the future, but rather the present. Or maybe even the past. Might there be a Sauveur kept captive in the Drake Mountains, whether now or many years ago? Perhaps the dream wishes us to uncover the captive or the corpse, in order to assist us in our war with the Hostiles…there is no indication of a moment in time through the dream, after all…" She looks to Taryn and nods her head, "though it would appear you have much more training than I expected in a groom. You may very well be more capable with Awakened powers than I…I could never mentally communicate with you unless I saw you first." She smiles, "you are doing well in coming to me and Aidan, Mister Wystrel. And I am grateful you have."

Aidan considers what Sophie says then nods. "Very true. There is no indication of when this is going to happen or if it already has. Warnings should still be given though, especially to those in your family who are Awakened. We know the Hostiles have an interest in us and that might be the reason to capture and not kill. As to your interpretation… Perhaps you can do some research into your history and see if you come across any mention of someone who fits."

Taryn cants his head slightly, as he contemplates, trying to do as Aidan suggested and not let his own intuition necessarily color his interpretations. "Could it also represent an enemy from that region? I mean… the cage is resting up a drake's skull… could be the foundation for the caging comes from that region of the Crescent…" He shrugs, "Just a thought…" Taryn mumbles under his breath to himself, "Probably not a good one…"

Sophie nods her head slowly, "I will write up a letter to warn my relatives of the dangers in visiting the Drake Mountains, and perhaps even of Mister Wystrel's dream. And I will sent a missive to the royal librarians to inquire as to any possible imprisonments in the past of Sauveur nobility on the Drake Mountains." She arches a brow at Taryn, "that might be a possibility as well, Mister Wystrel. Perhaps there is an enemy to the Sauveur House on the Drake Mountains, and the cage as well as the rest is merely the -intent- to capture through battle…which means this enemy could potentially simply have come from the Drake Mountains, and already be in Landing."

"We can't be certain the person is near the mountains when they're captured." Aidan points out. "They could be taken there. We know there were Hostile scouts before this. They could have prepared a hidden base and will take captives there. Or even not Hostiles." He clears his throat lightly. "I'm merely going to point out this could be related to the succession as well and leave it at that."

Taryn fidgets slightly, obviously still nervous about the whole situation. "I might suggest that none of you go that the Hell If I Know concert… " He scrunches his nose just slightly, "Just in case… ya know?" The nobles hear a lot more about the sibling problems of the royal line than Taryn, and he looks at Aidan a little on the confused side, but the man is being intentionally vague, so he won't ask.

Sophie furrows her brow, frowning deeply, "indeed, the victims that come from this dream may not even be Sauveur nobility. They could very possibly be those that serve the Sauveur nobility. Perhaps even distantly. The eagle could merely symbolize the people of Haven, under the leadership of the eagle." She shifts uneasily at all the possibilities, "I will have to warn my family of this dream. But there is one aspect that may very well be certain in all this. If the dream points towards the Drake Mountains, then we can prove such a concept by sending people there. If nothing is found, the location may not symbolize the drake's skull." She contemplates for a moment on the succession, falling silent before adding, "that…would be frightening. It would mean there would be foul play in the succession, I should think…" She licks her lips, glancing towards Taryn, "I have already made arrangements to donate a substantial amount of moeny to the event. I should go there…and besides, I cannot simply remain in my room forever. One dream should not keep us all locked up for the rest of our lives…I will however ask that the guards keep extra watch on the royal family, perhaps even allow royal guards to fill the ranks."

Indeed. Foul play in the succession is not a good thing. And Aidan isn't about to say any more on that matter. "If it's the Hostiles that are a threat, we should be fairly safe at this point in the cities. If it's not the Hostiles, almost anywhere is a potential danger so this concert no more so than anywhere else. The crowds could possibly provide cover for an abduciton but forewarned is forearmed. And no matter what, we are now at war. The loss of one of the royal family would be bad for moral so extra guards on you all is wise."

"Of course, m'lady." It is all Taryn says, as he nods his head. He has done all that he can think of doing, short of following around random Sauveurs trying to protect them. He pauses for a second as he entertains that particular thought. Either way, it is no longer in his hands.

Sophie nods her head firmly, "I very much agree, Lord Aidan." She sighs softly, "there is one thing that still remains at the back of my mind however. If the Drake Mountains is symbolized by the skull of a drake, why might it not be an actual drake? After all, the Drake Mountains are the only remaining place where the drakes -live-. Why would it be a skull in Mister Wystrel's dream? Part of me remains of the belief that the dream relates to my sister Ellie in some fashion."

Aidan shrugs at the question. "I can only give my immediate impression that the skull of a drake symbolizes the mountains. Bones of the beast, bones of the planet poking up through the ground. We named one such range 'The Spine' after all. And since the cage is placed on the skull, it feels like it's something large to hold a prison."

Taryn shrugs. "I don't know, m'lady… Maybe you can have a search done on Sauveurs and dead drakes… there might be some noble ancestor that is associated somehow with a dead drake. I am sure that there are many of your family that have shared your sister's drake interest."

Sophie nods her head slowly, "well, one thing is for certain. As I said, we can prove whether or not the Drake Mountains is indeed the location of this prison or captive if only we visited the area. If there is nothing to see, then it is unlikely that the drake skull truly symbolizes the mountains." She looks to Taryn and nods her head, "I shall inquire about those Sauveurs associated heavily with dead drakes as well then." She sighs, "though…I suspect you are right. Too many nobles take pleasure in murdering drakes. It might be too great a list to be of use…" Nodding her head again, she declares, "we have some work set out for us then. Once the librarian returns a message, if nothing comes of it, perhaps we should gather for a search of the Drake Mountains themselves."
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"You do realize that mountain ranges are big? Very big?" Aidan asks carefully. "And full of caves and caverns? That go deep underground? I don't think visiting will do much of anything except perhaps endanger you. You'll need large scale aerial reconaissance, ground forces to do a complete sweep equipped with scanners capable of penetrating deep below the surface, and satellite imagery going back decades wouldn't hurt either. Not to mention the people to analyze it all. I think our troops are otherwise busy."

Taryn offers her a slightly apologetic smile. "But a long list that might hold an answer is better than a short one that offers none." As the two nobles start discussing the logics of a long search of the Drake Mountains, he once again falls silent.

Sophie looks to Taryn, "of course you are right. Though it might take some time to read, I may as well have the librarian come up with a list for that as well…" And then she frowns at Aidan, "yes…our troops are otherwise busy…" She sighs softly, "of course the mountain is big, but other than warning my family and slightly increasing the numbers of guards, searching the mountain is our only other option…unless…" She furrows her brow, glancing down at her lap and pursing her lips, "…unless we draw our enemies to us instead…somehow. Without any but those on the mountain knowing the one they search for is there…"

"Assuming we're even right that the mountains are involved. Prophetic dreams are always true but that doesn't mean we're right in interpreting it. And, no offense to Taryn, but we don't know if this is even a real prophetic dream." Aidan adds, giving Taryn an apologetic smile.

Taryn shakes his head, "No offense taken… " He shrugs, "I would think that if it was about one of the Sauveurs that surely someone better at this would have a similar dream. I mean for me to be the only one.. seems either highly unlikely or some kind of cosmic joke at my expense…" He pauses, now being the one to look apologetically over at Sophie, "That did not sound the way I meant it… but I am pretty sure that you have to admit that it was stupid of me to think that I had any part of your world… But that aside… it felt like it was more than just a dream…"

Sophie shrugs her shoulders, "whether this is a true prophetic dream or not, I propose we at least attempt to see if searching the Drake Mountains comes up with anything at all. If it does not, then we simply waste a day exploring the mountains. It is not such a great loss. But I suspect if this dream is truly prophetic, and the mountains are indeed where it directs us, then simply arriving anywhere on the mountain might persuade the prophecy to become reality. Besides, the dream does not explain what happens afterwards. Let us say we venture onto the mountains, and I am captured. Maybe this dream wishes to make us plan the capture, instead of it occurring accidentally. If we place someone as bait, we might track whoever takes me and uncover their plans." She shakes her head at Taryn, "if your having this dream brought on a conversation about it with me, then you may have been the perfect person. Another might have gone over my head. I am coddled, Mister Wystrel. Few would allow me the freedom to decide what to do with this dream, or even allow me a vote on the matter."

"If it is a true dream, and only you have it, it's often the case that you're involved in some way. And you are involved, aren't you?" Aidan looks back to Sophie then shakes his head. "I don't know. This strikes me as possibly being a very bad idea. But if we're going to do it, we'll need backup. Since Taryn thought of her, I'd feel more comfortable if Sir Ellinor was with us. And many guards as well."

Taryn nods slightly, "I think it sounds like a bad idea as well, but that doesn't necessarily mean it the wrong idea… " He shakes his head, "I can't believe I just said that… "

Sophie smirks, "actually, it was I that thought of my sister. Taryn instantly came rushing to attempt my rescue, even though I was idly chatting on The Ring. He was worried about me, and the thought of my sister never entered his mind." She sighs, "I admit, the plan is quite dangerous, but if we have many guards on our side, then they can track whoever is captured and destroy the enemy before they can do a thing. The dream suggests capture, Lord Aidan, not death." She blinks, "and perhaps the 'jess' is placed upon a Sauveur willingly. I am beginning to feel as though I am correct in my proposition, Lord Aidan. We should implant a tracking beacon in those Sauveur that will go on this mission."

Aidan nods at the correction. "Since you thought of it then. Ellinor would be a good addition and anyone else you can think of. And I love the idea of tracking devices. If you take the lead on this and have one implanted, they'll have more difficulty saying no."

Taryn looks between the two, almost like watching a tennis match. Finally he asks up, "Um… if I go on this trip potentially into the midst of an enemy or worse The Enemy… any chance that I might be able to borrow a sword from one of your house armories?"
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Sophie licks her lips, "Ellinor will be furious to hear such a wildly dangerous suggestion, perhaps even more so because of my injury. But I will tell her. She can hardly lock me in my room if she denies me, so she will simply have to join me on the plan." She nods her head, "every Sauveur should be implanted for this expedition, and perhaps even everyone that comes, just to be safe." She glances to Taryn and laughs lightly, "of course you can, Mister Wystrel. Though I imagine it would be best if you remained in reserve during any potential conflicts, in case we need the one that had experienced the dream for later."

Taryn smirks at Aidan, "Trust me, I have already learned that particular lesson… learning it all the more every day, but doesn't change the fact that it is still the right thing to do." He pauses, "Wow, that does sound kind of like a line from a cheesy vid."

Sophie smirks, "oh very well. So long as he understands the danger…though it is curious to hear myself saying such a thing. Ellie would laugh." She waves a hand casually in the air, "if he's going to be in the fray, may as well make it medium armor. I'm sure there must be one in his size to equip Sauveur man-at-arms…" She giggles up at Taryn, "perhaps you'll even have someone playing you, when they make a movie about our expedition. For now, I think I should rest. Tomorrow, I will send those letters to the royal librarians. When I am fully healed, we can begin the mission, though we can certainly plan beforehand. I…have a lot of convincing to do besides."

"He might have difficulty moving in anything heavy." Aidan points out. "Training, Sophie, is important for everything. Just rushing in without training can be worse than doing nothing. It can endanger those around you. He'll need some times to familiarize himself with moving in it. I'm assuming you've had little practice in using your abilities to fight and guard yourself, Taryn?"

Taryn sudden finds himself being talked about as if he wasn't standing right there. Finally Aidan speaks to him, Taryn nods. "I had some training on how to use my abilities both to lash out against an opponent and to try to block potential attacks… And I have worn light armor before…"

Sophie nods her head, "perhaps, though I can hardly imagine he is as poorly athletic as I, and I wear medium armor myself. Though…I may decide to wear armor more suitable for scouts on this trip, since the chameleon paint used on such models may potentially have a use for us." She claps her hands, and a guard strides within the sitting room. He bows low and asks, "yes, my Lady?" Sophie replies, "Taryn Wystrel here is to be outfitted in either light or medium combat armor, at Lord Aidan's discretion. Please have them escorted to the armory at their convenience. And they are not to be disturbed if they decide to remain in my drawing room. For now, would you carry me to my bed?" The guard nods his head and carefully lifts Sophie from her chair. She glances back at the men once she is securely held, "I think I may get some sleep. You both are welcome to continue discussing your plans here, though I would appreciate hearing about them later. Thank you for visiting me and telling me further of the dream however. I am very grateful and excited to begin our expedition."

"Of course. We'll keep you in the loop. Though it's more likely to be you and Taryn letting me know since I'll be back at Peake." As Sophie starts to get carried off, Aidan nods a polite farewell. "We'll took again soon. Do take care of your wound and listen to your doctors."

Taryn offers a bow to Sophie. "Rest well, m'lady… and thank you for allowing me to borrow the arms… " He looks to Aidan, "Then I will try to keep you up to date… " He looks to the guard, "I will wait here until you can show me to the armory…."

Sophie smiles, "then I shall be certain to keep you in the loop, Lord Aidan." She nods her head at the mention of taking care of herself, "I will. I am already feeling better." She waves a free hand at Taryn, her other wrapped about her guard's neck, "it is nothing, Mister Wystrel. If our plans go well, perhaps I might even consider letting you keep them. Take care, Lord Aidan, Mister Wystrel." The guard acknowledges Taryn's words with a nod of his head, "I will return in but a moment." At that, Sophie is carried from the room, the guard disappearing from view before his inevitable return.

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