06.08.3013: This Is How We Say Goodbye In The Vale
Summary: Nikomachos and Lucretia see off Sammel, Erik, and Ellinor.
Date: 08 June 2013
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Orelle Residence, The Ring
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

08 June, 3013

It's not that the Cindravales have taken over the Orelle residences. Not at all. In fact, with the sheer number of noble knights preparing to go off to war, there are men and women bearing a wide variety of sigils and house colors milling around. Most of them, however, are planning to serve aboard one of the ramships preparing to depart. Nikomachos Cindravale, on the other hand, has made his intention to headline the defense of the Vale widely known, and with his brother mostly out of bed, there's little reason for him to be meandering out of one of the many residential buildings in the Orelle Residence.

Come to visit some of her family, Lucretia wears a black dress, black riding boots and her black hat. Tall, dark staff in one hand topped with a giant aquamarine, the butt taps against the ground with each step she takes. The witch had been directed to the proper building, and as she wanders up to it, she spies one of her nephews and lifts her free hand to wave, "Niko, dear! Where are your brothers? I was expecting to find you lot causing trouble. I thought I'd visit before anyone gets shipped out."

Erik is indeed one of those noble knights that will be boarding the Shadow of Intent, some have already boarded but the youngest Cindravale son of the three had decided on more comfortable accomodations, a suggestion made by a particular Ibrahm heiress. Without a squire, Erik is forced to carry his own kit, though being a noble, he had his kit sent to the Shadow of Intent ahead of time. He only has a duffel bag with him that holds his personnel effects and some change of clothes, just in case he needed it during his brief stay out of the hospital. In his noble attire, he departs from one of the housing buildings, a fancier one that is fit for a noble instead of a commoner.

Having been around since not long after he made his decision to take part in the shipboard part of the war, Sammel's been out and about now, and makes his way back into the courtyard after having been visiting some other part of the Ring. Like Erik, he's sent his gear to the ship already, as he now look around, pausing as he spots both of his brothers, and his aunt. Heading further into the direction of his relatives now.

Nikomachos looks up at the call of his name, his shoulders tensing and his eyes widening just a touch. Not that he was trying to sneak out of the area, but… well, okay, maybe he was. He lets a smile spread across his lips as he spots his aunt, however, raising a hand and moving over to greet her with a kiss on the cheek, "Lulu, good to see you." Looking around briefly, he shrugs, "Erik should be getting out of the hospital about now, if he hasn't already made his escape…" And then he spots his siblings, and he raises a hand to greet them, "Ta-da… presto magic-o, my brothers."

Lucretia regards Nikomachos curiously when she notes his reaction. She grins and asks, "Good to see me? You looked like I stepped on your tail." Her head turns when Niko lifts his hand and she smiles as she calls, "Erik! Sammel! Look at you boys." Her smile grows and she gestures vaguely, "Not boys, forgive me. Men. I rather thought we all had more time before this day came, but I am sure all three of you will carry yourselves admirably. How is everyone feeling?"

After exiting the housing building he stayed in, Erik was deciding where to go next when his decision was made for him. After spotting family, not only his brother but his Aunt as well, the young knight's expression brights and he starts walking in their direction. "Aunt Lulu!" He calls right back and when he nears, he reaches out with an arm to hug his aunt, "I did not think I would get a chance to see you before we shipped off." He then gives an intrigued looked to Niko, surprised to see his eldest brother here as well but greets nonetheless, "Niko." Then to the second brother, "Sammy, ready to go?"

And just in case no one has noticed Nikomachos's walk of shame, Ellinor Sauveur is there to help. Dressed solely in her underarmor, she steps out after the Cindravale with his vest in her hand. "Niko, don't forge—" And then her pale green eyes alight on the gathering of Cindravale that have gathered in the Orelle residence's courtyard. She blinks several times just as a flush colors her cheeks. "This." She finishes off quite lamely before she casts Lucretia a dubious smile. "Lady Lucretia…"

"Aunt Lulu, Niko, Erik." Sammel greets all three of them with a grin as he reaches them, offering a bit of a chuckle now. "We'll do what we can to make sure things go well, I believe." A brief pause, before he adds, "How I'm feeling? Not bad, actually. And yes, Erik. All ready to go now." As Ellinor makes her way outside, he pauses for a few moments, raising an eyebrow in his older brother's direction. That done, he offers a smile and a polite nod to the Sauveur.

Nikomachos shakes his head at Lucretia's grinning response, "Oh no, just surprised to see you here." He reaches out to clap Erik on his unhurt shoulder, "Feeling good, Lulu…" and then Ellinor approaches with his vest, and he pats his golden shirt, shrugging a little helplessly and reaching out to take the vest. He clears his throat, "Thank you, Ellie. I forgot I took it off to clean that spill from the meal we shared together." He speaks carefully, enunciating clearly. Let's get the story straight, yes?

If Erik was surprised that Niko was here on the Ring and in the residential sector, it immediately fades when a particular pretty redhead steps out of the building they were gathered in front of. The youngest Cindravale's eyes focuses on Ellinor for a moment, especially when she calls out to her brother, then the gaze shifts to the guilty piece of evidence, the vest, and finally back to Niko. That 'spill', uh huh. The look is of course given but it's duration is short as Cindravalen training of propriety kicks in. Turning back to Ellinor, Erik bows his head in a respectful manner with his amusement barely kept in check, "Good day, My Lady." No mention of what may have transpired before this is made.

Lucretia smiles brilliantly, returning Erik's hug with one arm and pecking him on the cheek, "I always forget how tall you all got. It's wonderful to see you, Erik." Stepping back, Lu's attention is drawn to the approaching Ellinor. And oh, boy. Lucretia grins like the cat who ate the canary, and then she starts laughing, and laughing loudly. She shakes her head at Niko, "Oh, no, no, no. Cleaned a spill indeed." The Witch steps towards the redhead, intent on wrapping her free arm around the younger woman's shoulders, "Sir Ellinor, -darling-." She draws that word out, looking to the others, green eyes alight with amusement, "How are you?" She looks to Erik in amusement at his attempt to remain controlled.

Ellinor hesitates, half-considering her best tactical retreat in the face of the Valens. She casts Nikomachos a slightly narrowed look at his suggested story — no one is going to believe that. Then she offers the others a more relaxed smile. "Right, well… it is all clean now," she replies regardless. Then she inclines her head respectfully to the other pair of Cindravale. "Sirs." And then she has the distinct impression she is the canary as she is swept up by Lucretia. No escape now. "Oh, I'm doing well," she offers automatically. "You know, pretty much on edge…"

Sammel is unable to hold back a grin as he listens to Niko's explanation now. "Ah, I always knew you never got over spilling your food like a little kid, Niko," he offers, before he offers a smile to Ellinor. "Sir Ellinor. It's good to see you're helping him trying to solve that little problem." It's said rather lightly, as he offers a grin to all the others. "And this, little brother, is why the two of us go out there to try getting this war done early," he remarks.

If Ellinor's approach into the group was enough to get Nikomachos only a little bit embarrassed, Lucretia's response sends a blush rising up his cheeks, but gentleman that he is, he sticks to the story, taking the vest from Ellinor and swinging it around his body, pulling it into place and buttoning it up carefully. "You know how clumsy I am, Sammy." Evidently, he's wiling to take one or two or three for team propriety. "And the two of you are taking your final things to the Shadow then?" Yes, change the subject.

When Lucretia sweeps poor Ellinor up into her arm, Erik knows that there is no escape for the poor red head, easily content in just observing the poor canary being devoured. An amused smirk appears at the playful ribbing that one brother is giving the other, the youngest remaining quiet and not jumping on the chance to put Niko on the spot, moreso than he already is. "One of many reasons, Sammy, one of many." After answering Sammel, Erik nods his head to Niko's question, "Indeed, brother, I already had my armor and weapons sent on board, this is just my personal effects. The call had gone out yesterday but with an Ibrahm's suggestion, I decided to stay in the residence last night, much more comfortable than the berthings on board I'm sure."

"Oh, dear. On edge? I am sorry to hear that, darling. Perhaps Niko's brothers can give him some advice," Lucretia laments as she keeps her arm wrapped around the red-haired knight, her expression radiating amusement. She laughs lightly at Sammel's remark, watching Nikomachos though, "Yes, most delightful of her to help with this..problem." Lu is, likely to two people's dismay, not going to let this go so easily. "Niko, dear, twenty-five aren't you? And my poor brother, no grandchildren yet? How terrible." She turns her head to look back to Ellinor, smiling, "You two do seem to get on wonderfully, don't you?"

Ellinor does not look entirely uncomfortable in Lucretia's embrace. She does cast a glance toward Nikomachos's younger brothers as they start to discuss the upcoming skirmishes and assignments. She squares her shoulders back a little bit beneath Lu's arm, and she casts Niko a look. "We do, Lady Lucretia… Nikomachos is fine company…" She clears her throat. "I am also expected onboard the Intent…"

There's another grin from Sammel as he listens now, but he doesn't say much more about that topic at the moment. At the question about his ger and such, he nods a bit. "Yes, most things are already aboard. Just figured it was better to be a bit more comfortable than just staying aboard."

Nikomachos arches his eyebrows at Erik, "An Ibrahm, Erik?" His flush begins to fade as he starts to tease back at his brother, "Would this be another lovely redhead? People will start talking about us having a weakness…" His gray eyes shift over to Ellinor a moment, one corner of hips curling up in a half-smile. …Which is neatly ripped away by Lucretia, "No. Not now." As if to emphasize the timeliness of the situation, holoscreens blossom into life, carrying a news report from H.N.N. that ends with 'The Third System War has begun.' Nikomachos listens in silence, then blows out a breath, stepping over to Ellinor to put a hand on her arm, although his eyes are focused on his aunt, "Definitely not now. There will be plenty of time for discussions later."

Erik can't help clear his throat again after hearing Lucretia's words about giving his oldest brother pointers and tips, amusement now definitely showing, unable to hold it back. He looks so very tempted to join in but manages to hold his tongue still as two is more than enough to tease the pair. When Ellinor reveals that she also signed up for the Marine detatchment on board the Intent, the youngest Cindravalen Knight nods his head towards her, "It will be an honor fighting at your side, Sir." And the timing seems perfect because that is when their comms begin to chime. Taking his out of his pocket, a quick look shows that it is a call to board the Shadow of Intent, timed with the news broadcast from the H.N.N. announcement. "Speaking of, it looks like it is officially time for us to depart. And as to your question, brother… possibly." Perhaps that is why there was no ribbing from the youngest to the eldest. "And I wouldn't call it a weakness, Niko."

Lucretia smiles at Niko's response, and then..Lu lowers her arm from its perch around Ellinor's shoulders as the news report begins. The older woman sighs, "Well, this is not the time for fun, it would appear." She looks sidelong at the redhead, leaning close to murmur something, then looks around at her nephews, "You all have everything you will need, I pray? This is the real thing."

Ellinor looks toward Nikomachos as his hand touches her arm, though she is distracted by the whisper from his aunt. She looks up at the Cindravale, offering a wider smile toward her before she leans back into give her own whisper. Then she gives Lu's wrist a gentle squeeze. She turns toward Nikomachos as she steps up to press her lips to his cheek in a gentle kiss. "I'll take good care of them, Lady Lucretia," she promises in regards to Sammel and Erik before she looks back toward Nikomachos.

Ellinor whispers to Nikomachos: I'll be home again soon.

Sammel looks about to say something, when the comms go off. "Looks like it's our call," he remarks, before he offers a grin at Lucretia. "Aside from a few more years to train and prepare? Well, aside from that, everything should be in place." Looking a bit unsure of what to say for a few moments, he offers a grin to their aunt. "Just make sure to keep Niko out of trouble while we're out there?" A brief pause, before he hears Ellinor's words, and he offers a grin. "We'll do what we can to keep her safe too, Niko. I promise."

Nikomachos slips his arm around Ellinor's shoulders as she steps close to him to press that kiss to his cheek, his left hand squeezing gently at the back of her neck. His lips move briefly at her cheek in turn, and then he looks to the group, a confident smile spreading across his lips, "Fascination, then, Erik." Gesturing around the group, he adds, "I'll walk you all to the Intent." Sammel's promise causes him to laugh, an honest, open laugh, "Sammy… if you're lucky Ellie will be protecting you, not the other way around." He glances over to the Sauveur woman, waiting until she's looking aside for some purpose, and then mouths to his middle brother, 'thank you.'

Nikomachos whispers, "I know you will." to Ellinor.

"We have everything we need, Aunt Lulu, and we are well trained. We will be victorious." Erik says with such confidence that it seems like it will be the likely outcome, despite how his first run-in with the Hostiles went on the Ring. As to Ellinor's words, the youngest Cindravalen manages an amused smile before looking to Niko, "We should be on our way then."

Lucretia inclines her head slightly to Ellinor as the young woman responds to her, and she steps away from the redhead to let Niko and Elli have their moment. The Witch looks to her two younger nephews, smiling at the young knights, "You two better stay in touch when you aren't fighting, or I will have to check on you myself." She lifts her free hand, two fingers tapping at her temple before she looks to Ellinor and Niko with a nod, "I'll let you all be on your way then, good luck all of you. Stay safe."

"How lucky we are… escorted by Sir Nikomachos Cindravale," Ellinor offers with a broader smile toward him as she draws her fingers down to give his hand a squeeze. "Let me grab the rest of my gear." And she then pulls away so she can go back to the apartment she just left behind to gather up what she needs. She does glance over toward the brothers briefly, casting Sammel a wide grin at Niko's words.

Sammel smiles a little as he nods at Niko's words, offering him a bit of a grin. As he sees the mouthed words, he offers in return 'you're welcome'. "I'm sure he's just willing to escort us all to make sure that he's getting rid of his little brothers for a little while, Sir Ellinor," he remarks, before he nods a little bit, offering the Lady Knight a grin in return, before he looks to his brothers again.

Nikomachos makes a dismissive gestures with his right hand at Ellinor's teasing, "The Ways are going to be slammed for the next fifteen minutes anyhow. I'll try to slip through between the first rush and the last rush. He returns the squeeze to her hand, then lets it go, turning back to his family and nodding to his aunt as she departs, "Travel safe, Aunt Lulu." He laughs at Sammel's words, "That's definitely part of it."

As Ellinor returns to the apartment to retrieve her items, Erik looks to the eldest and nods his head, "Indeed, people will most likely be coming and going at haste with the announcement, most likely family and friends. Those who are assigned to go should already be on the Ring." Or will most likely miss the departure time.

Ellinor returns after several moments with a duffel bag that contains all her armored pieces and her drake-headed bastard sword. She glances up toward the boys as she approaches, offering a quick little smile before she shoulders up her bag. "I'm ready," she announces calmly to the others, stepping up to take Nikomachos's hand quite boldly.

"Sounds like this is the start of the defining moments of our lives, then." Sammel offers a bit quietly, as he looks between his brothers, before he looks to Ellinor as she makes her way out again. "Sounds like a good idea for us to get over there, then." Smiling a little, but not saying much more at the moment.

Nikomachos offers out a hand to Ellinor to take the bag, and gets a hand instead. Score! It draws a smirk onto his lips, but he turns to start walking through The Ring at an unhurried pace, although also one that does not dawdle, "I think it will be, Sammy. Although I suppose mine will come a little later." He nods to Ellinor at her statement, smiling just a little bit, "Why yes, I think you are."

Docking Bay 14-B, The Ring
This section of The Ring is dedicated to docking ramships assigned to the defense of The Ring. Orelle men-at-arms in full combat armor guard the entrances of the area, which is a wide open space, dotted here and there with knots of benches out of the way of any possible paths to or from the gates. Each gate is a paired airlock leading out to a docking sleeve where a ramship can connect to the docking bay.
08 June 3013

Arriving at the Docking Bay on the Ring, Erik can definitely see more activity here as those who are to board the intent have gathered with friends and family as well, saying their final farewells. The youngest Cindravalen's steps slow as he takes in the flurry of activity, just seeing it all hammering home the reality of things, of what is to happen within twenty-four hours where they will no doubt make contact with the Hostile invaders.

Ellinor lifts her gaze toward the various ramship sleeves, watching as an abundance of soldiers and knights scramble to their assignments. She has managed to remain calm, if not a touch distant, throughout the trek from the Orelle residence to the docking sleeves. She lifts her gaze toward where the Shadow of Intent still lies, docked and taking on plenty of soldiers and crew. "Here we are," she says helpfully.

"Here we are," Sammel echoes, before he looks to the ship at the moment, and then back to the others. "Looks like this is it, then?"

Nikomachos looks over the bustle, blowing out a breath, "Mother Protect…" Apparently, years of jousting is not a great preparation for the actual chaos of war. And this is just the troops gathering. Drawing in another breath, he looks over to his brothers and the Sauveur whose hand he's currently holding, squaring off his shoulders as he does, "Here you are. I suppose I should get back to the Vale. If there's this much chaos here, it will be far worse down there."

"Here we are indeed," Erik says as he continues to look on, his steps stopping, it was to be expected, something like this but on such a grand scale. The youngest Cindravale appears to be taking it all in calmly, perhaps it was the training he has received or just the focus on what's to come, the Hostiles. Looking to Niko, he nods his head to his brother as he offers his forearm, "We are counting on you to keep our home safe, Brother, and even if it's chaotic, you can make it into organized chaos."

Ellinor rolls her shoulders a bit as she adjusts her duffel. Niko's hand is given a soft squeeze before she starts to release it. "You best listen to your little brother, he knows best," she teases softly before she glances toward the other brothers. She seems to be lingering next to the eldest brother, though if it is out of nerves, she hides it well. She steps aside a bit to give the brothers some room for their farewell.

Taking a few breaths as he looks around, Sammel looks a bit unsure of what to say for a few moments. Moving to place a hand on his older brother's shoulder now, he offers a brief smile. "Keep the Vale safe, Niko. And we'll be back there to help you as soon as we've taken care of things out here. Just wait and see." Going silent again now.

Nikomachos squeezes Ellinor's hand as well, offering her a smile at her comment, and even a soft snort. Stepping away, he moves to wrap an arm around each of his brothers' shoulders, attempting to draw them into a bit of a huddle, although it's one that just draws focus inward rather than excluding those outside, "I will. I promise. You keep yourselves safe. We're all going to be needed planetside before this is all over." His throat might be a bit tight, but he keeps going, "Kill some Hostiles, but whatever you do, come on back. Mother will never forgive me or Father if either of you doesn't come home."

"We will, Brother, rest assured, we will be home again." With his farewells given, Erik knows that perhaps his eldest brother and the Sauveur Knight may want a moment or two alone so he hefts his duffel bag again and nods to Sammel, "Let's go Sammy, find out where they put our kits and what berthings were assigned to us." And also what units they are being assigned to fight with as well. He starts heading to one of the boarding tubes linked to the Shadow of Intent.

Nodding a little bit as he hears that, his own throat tightening quite a bit, Sammel takes a few deep breaths, before he offers a quiet grin. "Of course we'll be back. Won't let you get rid of us this easy, right?" A brief pause, at the mention of their Mother, before he sighs. "Tell her… Tell her we'll be back…" Nodding a bit as he hears Erik's words, he steps back now, getting what little of his possessions he's still got with him. "See you later, brother." A look is given to both Ellinor and Niko, along with a quiet smile, before he slowly starts moving for the ship, to board it.

"I'll be right there," Ellinor promises the departing Cindravales before she lifts her attention back toward Nikomachos. There is an awkward moment from the young Sauveur as she adjusts her duffel bag once more. "If the predictions are right, they will be over Imperius within hours of our interception," she starts to explain. "You won't have much time to put together a defensive, and you must be ready for when they land…"

Nikomachos pats his brothers on the shoulder, sending them off, "See you, Sam." He turns back to Ellinor, smiling a little crookedly as she starts explaining. He steps close to her, raising his hands up to cradle her jawline, "You'll be fine. I'll be fine. You only have to fight Hostiles. I get to deal with Aunt Lulu. Now kiss me, and let me worry about her. You don't worry about anything about staying alive, Ellie."

Sammel glances back to offer another grin, before he slips aboard the ship now, humming a little to himself.

Ellinor breathes out a steadying breath as his hands cup her jaw. She searches his eyes for a long moment before she steps forward and presses her lips solidly against his. She brushes her fingers against his cheeks before digging them deeply into his dark hair. She holds him there fo ra long moment, sinking into that passionate kiss. All her worries and concerns are released into that press of lips.

Nikomachos manages to keep his hands to himself for the first thirty seconds of the kiss, the press of lips pouring out all of his own worries, nerves, and fears. Then his right hand slips around to the back of her neck, squeezing gently. The hint of desperation slips into the press of lips, it lingers on a rather long time, and then he draws in a breath through his nose and straightens up again. When his eyes open, a tiny little smile touches one corner of his lips, "Good hunting, Ellie."

Ellinor offers a firm nod, though she cannot seem to bear to say another word. She turns toward the sleeve which will take her to the Shadow of Intent. She has to be sure not to look back, or she might turn back, and that won't do them any good.

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