The Third World: Ring of Oculus
Type: Gas Giant, Various Moons
Climate: Various, see below
Gravity: Various, see below
Satellites: 30 Moons
Length of Day: Various, see below
Length of Year: Various, see below
Capital: The Ring, Space Station
Major Exports: Foodstuffs, medicine, technology, etc.
Major Imports: Weaponry, foodstuffs, etc.

It was named Oculus — a large, vibrant blue eye that looked upon the other Four Worlds with a beauteous stare. Its thirty moons — known as its Lashes — were so diverse and resource rich that it became a vital part of the Haven way of life. Its only oddity was that its rotation was tipped a full 180 degrees, causing the planet to rotate on its side. A space station was launched into its orbit, and it became known as the Ring. Before the First System War, it was looked after by an Admiral who was also in charge of the limited space fleet that still remained. When the Hostiles first attacked, it was ships from Oculus that were sent out to engage them. None returned.

During the Reversion, Oculus, its Lashes and the Ring fell under the Paramount House of Orelle. Various vassal Houses were named beneath the Paramount, though their focus remained on technology and the potent resources provided by the Oculus Moons.

Only about a third of the moons are hospitable to human life, and each are unique. There is the ice moon of Niveus, the volcanic moon of Ignis, and the oceanic Mare Maris. Each moon provides its own exclusive export, which is gathered up in great freights before being transported through the massive Ways on the Ring back to Imperius or Primus. Though one would expect the Ring and Lashes to be more populated than Imperius and Primus combined, their numbers are actually quite small. It is the sheer expanse of the Paramount's territory that makes it impressive.

Each moon is looked after by its own vassal House, and the ones listed here possess the first tier vassals.

Prominent Locations


The Ring

Climate: Artificial
Gravity: Standard
Length of Rotation: 28 Days
Ruling House: The Paramount of Orelle
Exports: None

Set in orbit around the Eye, The Ring supports the plurality of the population sworn to House Orelle. The Ring is divided into various levels that serve as labs, habitats, recreation, or the Royal Naval Academy. Six appendages extend out from the central sphere, leading out to the various Way hubs. There are various simulated environments on-board the Ring, including a vast biodome that supports a natural forest and garden. Raw materials are often sent to the Crescent or the Foundries of Landing for manufacturing while exotic foodstuffs and pure water are sent to settlements across the system.


Niveus - Ice Moon

Climate: Arctic
Gravity: Standard
Length of Rotation: 30 Days
Main Settlement: Shelter
Ruling House: Iah
Exports: Potable, absolutely pure water

The entire face of Niveus is covered in ice and snow, creating a thick crust over a perfectly pure ocean of water beneath the surface. There are various arctic fauna that stalks the surface, though the population of native life is quite low in comparison to other moons — including the arid Inculta. Seal-like creatures burrow holes deep in the ice to fish for algae and kelp, while massive white bears hunt the seals. There are strange whales that breathe more like fish while maintaining other mammalian characteristics. The settlement of Shelter (pictured to the left) is one of the few colonies on the planet.


Ignis - Volcano Moon

Climate: Volcanic
Gravity: Standard
Length of Rotation: 60 Days
Main Settlement: The Pit
Ruling House: Grantham
Exports: Raw Ore

The surface of Ignis is covered in nothing but volcanic peaks, and rivers and oceans of lava. There is no real life on the planet save for the human colonists who live in heat-resistant foundries, similar to the capital city of the Pit (pictured to the left). Raw ore is drawn from the mountains, and sent, mostly unrefined, to the Ring to be freighted to the other planets. It is impossible to leave the various settlements without heat-resistant suits and breathing assistants. It is the most inhospitable of the hospitable moons of Oculus.


Mare Maris - Ocean Moon

Climate: Above Surface - Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Length of Rotation: 90 Days
Main Settlement: New Atlantis
Ruling House: Volen
Exports: Fish and Heavy Metals

Mare Maris is a completely oceanic moon without a hint of landmass to be seen. The seas are rich with aquatic animal and plant life, making it a wonderfully diverse ecosystem despite it being completely underwater. Settlements are submerged, such as New Atlantis (pictured at the left). The Ways make it easy to travel through the dense water to the settlements, but there are submarine crafts that swoop through the waters and venture to the beautiful reefs.


Inculta - Desert Moon

Climate: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Length of Rotation: 15 Days
Main Settlement: Detritus
Ruling House: Dalton
Exports: Ceramics and Computer Parts

The sprawling deserts of Inculta are even more arid and desolate than Primus. Flora and fauna are harsh and resilient to the atmosphere. Plants are prickly, with roots that go deep beneath the sandy surface; animals have low metabolisms that allow them to go without food for long periods of time. Moderate settlements have been scattered throughout the planet, though they are small compared to the settlements of other moons. The largest of them is Detritus (pictured to the left). Not only is it the seat of the vassal house, but it also provides bursts of energy whenever the Ring passes by, recharging its defense shields and resources.


Nubilus - Cloud Moon

Climate: Undefinable
Gravity: 75% of Standard
Length of Rotation: 120 Days
Main Settlement: Summit
Ruling House: Larent
Exports: Raw Titanium

The moon of Nubilus is completely covered in a heavy swath of clouds that never dissipate. They are thick, dense, and all-encompassing, leaving just peaks of raw, naked mountains cutting through the blanket here and there. It is on these peaks that the settlements of Nubilus are constructed. Most, like Summit (pictured at the left), completely cover the mountain peak, giving the illusion of floating amongst the clouds. Birds are the only predominant life on Nubilus, hunting both each other and the soft tundra that covers the high peaks. Gardens have been planted in each settlement to help maintain the food chain, but they are also quite lovely.

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