07.10.3013: The Weight Returns
Summary: Una tightens the leash on Elodie to keep her safe
Date: 10 July, 2013
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Elodie Una 

Una's Office
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10 July, 2013

Not long after Elodie returns from her visit to the reefs of New Atlantis, Una sends her a summons. She waits in their mother's office, which she has slowly been redecotaring in her own style. Gone now are the numerous battle trophies, and instead a portrait of their mother hangs to one side, dominating one of the walls. The other is filled with small globe aquariums of exotic and injured fish. Una stands to one side of the desk, leaning against it, dressed in a simple long green tunic and leggings. "I don't want to do this." She mutters under her breath.

It's been two days since Elodie recovered and returned from White Gates, and had been in her chambers from guilt. She had woken up and left Una a message, letting her sister know that she felt duty bound to not put off the invitation to Mare Maris any longer, as well as making up for canceling on the lunch engagement that she had agreed to with Lord Kadmus while she was a guest in Landing. She'd outlined the time she expected it to take, and that she was taking one of the guards with her.
Now, she's returned, and she looks more refreshed than when she had left, there's some glow returned to her cheeks, and she doesn't look quite as troubled. She, does, however, stop to look around the office when she enters. Only then do her eyes betray puzzlement, and she glances from the portrait and absence of their mother's belongings to the fish in the bowls.

Una pulls herself back, so that she is sitting just on the edge of the desk, when Elodie enters. A guilty look passes across her features as her sister looks around, and its obvious from her posture that she still doesn't feel comfortable with this as her new office. She sits up, gesturing for Elodie to come in all the way and find a seat in one of the chairs that are still a little haphazardly arranged. "Did you have a good time?"

Elodie gives her sister a sympathetic smile at her discomfort. "It does look quite nice," she offers quietly, but when asked if she had a good time, she nods and her eyes brighten once more. "It was wonderful! Lord Kadmus showed me how to dive with a breathing apparatus, and I swam through the coral in the reef… there were fish all around, and… the colors were just… amazing! So bright and vivid." She gives a little sheepish grin. "Made me feel a little bad to be eating fish for lunch, after just swimming with their brethren."

"Thanks." Una quirks a smile, more of a lopsided grin. The grin broadens as she listens to the descriptions of Elodie's trip. She sits back, crossing one leg over the other, swinging her feet, for a moment just listening with happy curiosity. "I'm glad. You needed that."

Elodie nods as she leans back. "It was." She glances away. "I haven't wanted to go anywhere, because I didn't want… to see someone else in Evald's place." It's not hard to see that she still feels some guilt for her guard's predicament. "But," she brings out a smile again as she turns back to Una. "It was a good idea. Lord Kadmus was understanding about me taking so long to make up for running out on him before."

Una nods, and slowly turns to reach behind her for a tablet. "I'm really glad you had a good time." Putting the tablet in her lap, she looks down at it a moment, sighs, then says quietly, "Listen… the reason I called you is because I just got the report from your temporary guard."

Elodie raises her eyebrows, and they draw together with confusion. "A report?" she asks.

Una nods, "Yes, until we had another permanent guard, I've been asking your temporary guards to send in reports. So that I know they are doing as they should." She scrolls through her screen a bit, getting back to the point she wanted to talk about. "We've found a new guard for you, but I need to talk to you about this anyway. You were… out in the reefs without your guard?"

Elodie's puzzlement doesn't leave her features. "Yes?" she asks curiously. "Lord Kadmus is the heir to Volen house, his submersible is perfectly safe and monitored at all times. They have safety precautions for their safety precautions to keep him safe. I didn't think it would be any less safe for me?"

Una reaches up and rubs a hand over her face. "'Die… its not just about safety from accidents. Young Lord Kadmus can /probably/ defend himself, if it comes to it. You can't, and neither can you expect him to do that for you. That's what your guard is for. Hostiles are popping up /everywhere/ these days."

Elodie blinks rapidly a couple of times. "You think a Hostile was going to be able to… open Lord Kadmus's submersible and come in and attack us? Una, I know Hostiles are crafty, but we were underwater the entire time," she reasons compassionately. "It's doubtful that a guard would have been able to save me in that situation anyway.. with so little room to move he'd just get killed first."

"Then you shouldn't have been /in/ that situation." Una's voice hardens with frustration and worry. "'Die, this isn't a time for taking risks. Yes, you needed to get out and do something just for fun, but the thought that you might be out there for hours on end, unprotected… "

Elodie's voice drops and she leans forward. "Una, I think you're worrying a little too much. I was fine, I am fine," she reiterates calmly, comfortingly. "It wasn't a risk. I am sure if there was any real risk, Lord Volen wouldn't have allowed to Lord Kadmus to do it in the first place." Her voice is perfectly reasonable, the tone she uses when talking to someone on a rescue mission to reassure them that everything is going to be okay.

Una frowns. Her hand drops from her face and she looks at Elodie, her expression clear. She can tell what Elodie is trying to do. "I'm not overreacing. You have a guard for a reason. And I don't want to hear that you are out on some planet without your guard for so long again. Its not safe, and its not right." Her voice is steady, not angry. But she is certainly frustrated.

Elodie shakes her head. "I think you may be just a little bit," she says gently. "I know I have a guard for a reason, I've had one since… before I started traveling. There's no reason to remind me of that. I'm also an adult, and I've been working in far more dangerous situations for a long time. I can make informed decisions on risk factors."

Una's lips press together into a thin line. She sets the datapad down carefully, pushes off from the desk, and starts for the door. "I would have thought you'd be more careful these days. If you don't want to, fine." Then she grabs the door handle and yanks it open, "I can't be worried about you like this right now. I just can't."

Elodie sits back in chair, her face stricken as Una leaves her. "Well, I'm sorry, that you feel I'm not…" her quiet voice breaks at the thought that she doesn't finish. "I'll still worry about you, though." She looks still at the desk where Una was, and doesn't move, letting her sister go as she feels she needs.

Una pauses, her face tightening even more (if possible), then stalks out the door and heads up to her thinking place to cool off. Literally, since her thinking place is the roof of the house.

When the door is closed, Elodie gets up from her chair, her face thoughtful. The joy that had returned with her from Mare Maris is gone, and she looks around the room before she leaves, returning to her rooms as heavy as she left them that morning.

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