09.02.2013: The Vorpal Blade Went
Summary: The Young Lord Solon makes good on his promise to train the Lady Eiris.
Date: 02 09 2013
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Eiris Solon 

The Caravan
Wherever the Caravan of House Rovehn may be, the stretch of plains where they set up their temporary settlement is known as The Bottoms. They favors flatlands where there is plenty of room for each of the large, wheeled caravans to set up comfortably — usually ranging from a one and a half to two square miles of open space. There is an organic way in which the caravans arrange themselves, almost naturally establishing districts and neighborhood blocks with roads of trodden grass winding their way between them. It is exceptionally rare to come across a parked caravan that doesn't have its rampways extended and exterior doors open. When weather allows, most of those caravans with housing units have their windows open, noises of everyday life mingling with the sounds of the plains.

Surrounding The Bottoms are the various horse herds, each of which are looked after by dozens of riders. Destriers, thoroughbreds, and walkers all mix and mingle together into cohesive groups. Hard light fences and paddocks are erected to provide safey and necessary shelters for the herds.

September 5, 3013

One of the paddocks is open at the edge of the caravan, a group of Rovehn trying to heard a few newly broken horses from the younger lot that is penned up further away. The sound of clodding hooves hits the earth and it is like thunder as the whole herd begins to shift to allow for the change of pace. A slow build that will do nothing but growl in the air as the fences keep them from having total freedom. Sitting astride her own mare, Eiris is helping to direct the newer batch with the help of those on foot, bringing up the rear.

The Caravan as a whole is constantly in motion, moving as maintenance is performed and daily lives continue on even as the sky is darker on the horizon.

Solon's arrival isn't as glamorous or glorious as it might normally be, instead of looking his best, he's dressed in a modest white shirt and brown trousers, a rather nondescript bundle strewn over the back of his horse. Coming into the paddocks at a quick trot, he spots the Lady Eiris astride her horse and reins in before her. Offering her a polite bow of his head along with a smile he asks, "My Lady, it is good to see you well and on a horse once again. I trust that your injuries have fully healed?"

Bringing her horse about at the greeting, Eiristra smiles warmly and nods her head, motioning to those with her to carry on as she stays her horse, hooves digging to the earth as the equine is impatient with standing still while the others continue on without her. "My Lord, what I pleasant surprise," she says cordially before giving a nod and looking after the progress being made as the paddock is being closed. "I am much better, thanks. It is you that has had a miraculous recovery. A good thing to see you on your own horse." She pauses, brushing her hair from her face, "What brings you to the caravan this day?" she asks, giving a look to his attire with no comment.

"Ah, yes. The ministrations of Lady Elodie seem to have worked wonders. I am quite impressed with her skill in medicine." Solon says matter of factly, rather glad that House Cindravale will be acquiring a Lady of Elodie's skills rather than seeing Sir Sammel go to Iah. In response to her question, he reaches behind him to grab the bundle. Quickly unwrapping it, he showcases two practice swords. "You said you wanted to get better with the sword, did you not?" He offers her a grin and then presses the bundle back together, "Where is a good place to go have this lesson at, My Lady?"

<FS3> Eiris rolls Riding: Good Success.

"She does perform wonders of many kinds," Eiris agrees, though her eyes slip to the bundle as he presents the swords, "Ahhh, you remembered! I was afraid you may have forgotten…" Amusement tinges her tone before her heels dig into her mare, "Come, I will show you." With a tight pull of her reins, she brings herself around with a click of her tongue an a yah that sets her mare to a canter and moving away from the paddocks and out to the open plains of the Vale. Her braid bounces against her neck as her horse clods forward. It is not a long ways off when she starts to slow but it gives them some room to face one another. Before the mare stops, the Lady is slipping from her saddle to deftly touch down and walk into a step as they both come to a stop.

"Of course, My Lady. I gave you my word after all." Solon offers her a grin. Moments later both are moving out of the paddocks and into the wide open plains. The wind actually manages to cause his curls to look more haphazard than they already do. Reaching the place, he dismounts and takes hold of the bundle. Unfurling it once again, he takes hold of both swords and then holds one out to her. "Have no fear about any real injury using these, Lady Eiris. The worse that may happen is a small bruise or two, nothing serious. Now then, do you want a lesson in defensive techniques, or were you considering going for offense?"

Tapping the side of her mare's whithers, she turns to look at the sword, taking a moment ease the saddle off her mount so she can relax. SEtting the bulk aside she finally turns, lifting her hands to rub against her pants before she trails teeth to lips. Fingers reach out to take hold of the sword offered to her and she adjusts the way it rests her in hand, flexing her hand before she considers, "Best to know a little of both rather than nothing?" This question lingers as she moves the practice sword through the air, turning her feet and spreading her stance. "I know enough of the basics, my Lord. Shall we attempt a slow meeting of blades to see if I can at least keep up with the motions?"

Solon takes a moment to see to his own horse as Eiris goes through her motions. After that's seen to, he gives her a nod and then assumes a defensive posture. "We could do that, My Lady, or perhaps it might be best for me to observe what you already know? I will stand here and defend, I want you to try and strike me at least once. Use everything you know, and we shall see what areas may require additional training or practice."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Success Solon: Good Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Marginal Victory

Easing up out of her own stance as she listens, green eyes focus on the Young Lord and she gives a nod of her head, "Of course, though I warn, what little I know is basic enough to wield a blade, nothing more." Eiris settles back into a stance, foot sliding out as she tightens her grip on the hilt. Wetting her lips, she leans into her position, aggressively so as she takes a step to watch his reactions and movements. Her foot falls back a step and then she pushes forward, bringing her blade from low at one hip across her body and high in an upward stash.

Solon remains stoic, as Eiris starts to get herself into position. His eyes seem to be tracking a number of different factors, her eyes, her feet, and her chest. His own sword is held out before him, low, in something of a guard position. As Eiris brings her sword up in the upward slash, Solon takes two quick steps to the side, and brings his own sword up to meet hers, the two blades ringing off one another as they do so. Taking a step back and reassuming the guard stance he offers her a smile, "Not bad, My Lady. You may not have the skill of an experienced swordsman, you do have speed and quickness. Once your skills begin to improve, you will be quite the opponent. Now try again."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Success Solon: Good Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Solid Victory

As practice blades meet, there is a thunk and a reverberation up along her arm. Untangling with him, her foots slides back to bring her in that circling movement they are making ever so slowly. Eiris smiles, wryly so, "I do try, my Lord." She flexes her hand, tightening her grip again as she lowers into a stance, again weighing her choices and motion before she steps forward into her next strike, a thrust, which proves to show a weakness briefly, the dedication to her chosen strike, eyes flickering as if she is not committed to the motion.

Solon frowns ever so slightly as Eiris makes her thrust, as she does so, he brings his own blade up quickly to turn it to the side. "My Lady, while a thrust is not a bad move in and of itself, I do not think you were fully dedicated to the action. In battle, one must fully accept the choice of attack they wish to make. There are times when it succeeds beyond our expectation, and times when things do not go so well…" He trails off, remember last week's encounter out on the Plains. "Alright, one more time. This time be sure and confident with your attack."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Good Success Solon: Success
< Net Result: Eiris wins - Marginal Victory

The second so strike is easily turned aside and Eiris is left too extended and she draws back to attempt to save face. Hmmming, she narrows her eyes and nods, rolling her shoulders back to attempt to drive the tension from her frame, "I am far more certain with a bow, I do not have to open myself to attack with a possible misstep which I am at such range from my target," she intones, exhaling slowly as she settles into another stance. There is not so much preparation this time, her eyes flicker across his frame and without truly settling, she has her target but does not give it away. Her blade swings up, stopping in mid-curve to redirect as a horizontal slash across his chest.

Watching her preparation, Solon readies himself to defend against her up-swing, but is slightly unprepared for when she shifts it into a horizontal slash, letting out a grunt as he takes the hit. Stepping back, he offers her something of a rogueish grin. "My Lady, did I not tell you that you are quick? You caught me off guard there, but you have my congratulations, that was quite well done."

Lowering her blade, pointing it towards the earth, Eiris eases back and grins over at him. A sly smile draws across her lips, creasing lines at the corners of her eyes. "My Lord, perhaps it was your supportive instruction that helped to guide my blade a bit more true," she lifts the practice blade to touch it to her forehead and let it drift out in salute. Lowering into a defensive stance, her free hand hovering at her side. "I believe it is your turn."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Amazing Success Eiris: Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Crushing Victory

Smiling at Eiris, Solon takes a second to roll his shoulders before getting into a more offensive stance. "Indeed? If my words had such an effect, I am quite glad to hear it, Lady Eiris." He raises his own blade in his own salute right back to her. He takes a moment to take her all in, before putting a single foot forward, and then bringing his practice sword up in a quick arc, attempting to force her to try and parry more quickly than she would perhaps prefer.

Rocking back on her feet to try to save herself, causing her to not react as quickly as she might want. Her blade comes down in a loose, slow arc to meet his only to feel it jar free of her fingers, peeling out of her hand with a curve that catches her own shoulder before it sails through the air a few feet away to disappear within the tall grass. The Rovehn Lady's eyes widen, blinking as she stares at him and goes still, "Well…I think you made your point." She admits this and hesitates before breaking away from him to gather up her pracice sword, dusting it off and tightening her grip about it. "I would ask you to try again," intoned as her green eyes set with determination.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Failure Eiris: Success
< Net Result: Eiris wins - Marginal Victory

Offering Eiris an apologetic shrug, Solon offers, "Sometimes a way that you can end a fight quickly is by forcing your opponent into reacting too quickly. When someone counters faster than they would like, it can cause them to do so in an awkward fashion. It is up to us to make them pay for such a thing, and disarming our opponent can do just that." He waits for her to go and fetch her sword and get into position once again, before he raises his sword in salute, and then steps forward to the right, and then quickly shifts the foot leftward as he lashes out in a quick thrust of his own.

"Lead them into a weakened position, yes," Eiris can follow him, though as she settles into readiness, her green eyes narrow, lapsing into quiet as she is already adjusting to his movements, swaying weight from one foot to the next. His thrust is accounted for, perhaps not as quickly as she could but enough to allow her to deflect his bow with a lean and side step, her blade coming to the side to sweep the attack away. She resettles on her feet and nods, waiting for his next without a word; the Rovehn completely given to her task at hand.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Great Success Eiris: Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Solid Victory

Solon feels her blade impact with his own, knocking it aside, and causing his thrust to fail. Nodding to her, perhaps with some pride as she definitely seems to be improving after each exchange, he reverts to his original stance. Not saying anything to her this time, he takes a deep breath and then starts his attack. This time he starts off by raising his sword high, and then drops his hand, acting as if he is making a downward slash, though it's far enough to actually be an attack. About halfway through, he lunges in another thrust.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Good Success Solon: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Eiris attempts to follow the change in tempo, her breath catching as she turns her sword for the block and does not adjust for the thrust - no time to. Eiris notes her mistake before the thrust finds her ribs, slamming into the light cloth she wears that is the base for her scout armor gives far more easily. She is reminded of her previous wounds, a grunt escaping her before she turns out of the way, letting the rest of the blade slip past her as her own sword lifts and she brings it down in a quick slice across his chest once more.

Solon offers a slight wince as his sword smacks Eiris in the ribs. "My apologies if you are still sore from your previous injuries, My Lady. I should have been more considerate." He offers her a slight bow of his head and then takes two steps back and then readies his own defense against her return stroke. He brings his blade up and around only -barely- in time to block her blade a mere hair from hitting him in the chest for a second time.

Finally catching her breath as her blade rests against his, meeting his gaze as she hides the grimace on her features. Her smile comes soon after and she shakes her head, "Thinking nothing of it, my Lord, it is a simple matter of lingering soreness, it just reminds me to protect the area with more attention." Easing back a step, she sucks in a lungful of air and rubs at the top of her ribcage. "Where were we?" She asks of him, taking a moment to ease into the stance. "Next we will practice archery, my Lord. Next time you visit, that is."

Solon takes in a breath, grinning widely as he takes a couple steps back. He raises his own sword to her in a salute before lowering it to the side. "I understand, I still feel a twinge off and on. I am sure we'll both be over it in another day or two." He offers a smile, nodding. "I look forward to the archery training, although I will be lucky if I can hit the broadside of a house at ten paces." Laughing heartily, he steps back over to where the bundle was placed and grabs a bottle of water, tossing it to Eiris to let her get a drink first.

Switching her sword to her other hand, her right lifts to grasp at the flying bottle of water, snatching it out of the air. "I am certain you will do better than that, my Lord. But I suppose we will never know until you try." Resting the blade against her leg, she opens the water and tilts her head back to press it to parched lips. A few deep pulls from the contents and she lowers it, wiping the back of her hand to her lips before she gathers the sword up and walks towards him to offer the uncapped container back. "There is a lot of practice to be had my Lord, you are welcome to stay as long as you need, the Caravan provides for all."

Solon takes a cloth from the bundle next and goes ahead and pats some sweat off from his face. As she offers him the bottle, he nods in thanks and takes several deep pulls of his own before closing it up and tossing it back on the bundle. "Thank you, Lady Eiris. It has been a while since my last visit to the caravan. I look forward to seeing what it has to offer. Did you want to continue a while longer, or shall we go find a bite to eat and then resume later?"

"We are glad to offer your guestright," Eiris intones but then considers the invitation to continue, "Let us go once more, there is nothing learned if one does not persist and push themselves onward. Nothing worth achieving is ever easy, my Lord." The Rovehn woman turns, heading back to the area of tall grass that has been smoothed down by the passage of feet and their current sparring. Moving the blade from one hand to the next, she readies herself, "Let us attempt a fluid continuation."
"At your lead, my Lord."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Good Success Eiris: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Thank you, Lady Eiris." Solon nods in appreciation of her offer. Unsurprised that she wants to continue, a slight grin crosses his lips and he takes up a stance that sees him standing so his strong side is facing her, the sword held out low and to the right. "Very well, My Lady. Let us indeed continue." With the words said, he steps forward and to the left and attempts a strike that moves upward and across her thigh.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Failure Solon: Good Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Solid Victory

Sweeping her sword down to push his aside, it is done barely so, making her own strike a bit clumsy and wavering. Brows furrow as she attempts to keep hold of her practice blade and side steps to prevent herself from tumbling into the grass as she oversteps her footing. A soft sound of surprise is followed by a gasp as she attempts to ready herself for his counter, making her stance all the more weak for it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Good Success Eiris: Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Solid Victory

Solon feels her parry his own attack, but he takes a quick step forward just in case he needs to catch her should she lose her balance. Her counter attack may be clumsy, but he still takes a step back and brings his blade around to knock it to the side before readying his own counter. His counter is swift, and it comes in low, another swipe at her thigh. It appears that he may not want to cause her any further injury to her ribs at the very least. Solon. Always the gentleman.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Good Success Solon: Success
< Net Result: Eiris wins - Solid Victory

Noting where he targets once again, she can not compensate and get her blade down, the Cindravale Lord scoring a hit along her thigh. This gives her time, despite having just lost a limb if it were real battle, to come about. As his blade is low, she swings from high to come down quickly along his front and shoulder, perhaps a bit more zealous than she first intended as her whole body twists into the strike. Eiris' eyes briefly widen, her breath catching as the braid at her back settles upon her shoulder.

Watching his practice blade smack into her thigh, he is slightly distracted for a moment, perhaps worrying about whether or not he might have swung to hard to properly notice, and try and defend her counter stroke. He attempts a defense that is slow, and late, and it's several moments before her sword smacks straight down on his shoulder, the blow causing him to drop to a knee for a moment. Standing up, he begins rubbing the spot she struck, a soft laugh coming from him. "I completely underestimated you, Lady Eiris. You certainly know how to pack quite a punch. I think I just lost my entire arm if we were doing this with real swords."

Catching her breath, she draws the sword away quickly to help relieve his shoulder, looking down at him a moment before offering her hand, palm out to aid him to his feet. "Yes, and I would have lost much more than that if we were truly turning blades against each other, by rights, I should have had that hit at all. I would be on the ground long before that." She smiles, bracing her feet to help him rise up. "But how is your shoulder? I did not entirely mean to carry through so strongly, my Lord, but you did nip my thigh and I am one to sting back without thinking sometimes."

Solon accepts Eiris help getting up, and then proceeds to roll her shoulder around to loosen it up a bit. "It will probably bruise up slightly, but you have nothing to apologize. Such things are to be expected during little spars such as this. I have dealt with far worse pain before." He reaches out and squeezes her shoulder in something of a reassuring gesture. "I hope that I did not bruise your thigh too badly. Does it hurt much?"

There is a brilliant laugh, the edges of her mouth drawing up into amusement as she looks back at him when he expresses concern, "My Lord, if such a strike would undo me, then never allow me to face hostiles again," a spark her green eyes lingers before she claps his shoulder, the good one in reply. "All is well," she says in a more subdued tone. "It was your counter, I do believe.." She taps his boot gently with her practice blade, head tilting as she waits for his acceptance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Success Eiris: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Nodding, and offering a smile, Solon says, "Very well, I suppose at this rate we will both be bruised and sore." And hungry, he'll probably end up being able to consume a whole horse at this rate. Feeling the tap of her blade against his boot, he nods and takes several steps back. Assuming his stance once again, he waits for her to assume her stance before lashing out with a quick strike that comes up and around towards her upper arm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Success Solon: Good Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Marginal Victory

Withdrawing as he accepts, Eiristra adjusts her own footing so that when he moves in to go for her upper arm, she twists up, hand high as the blade is tipped down to slide his away and step in, carrying her practice blade in towards his hand and chest as she tries to keep his blade far from her, her foot slipping in to rest at the side of his boot as she twists her wrist in an effort to score a hit to his side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Solon=Swords Vs Eiris=Swords
< Solon: Great Success Eiris: Good Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Solid Victory

Eiris' parry causes Solon to reevaluate her stance, and the fact that she is closing in. Bring his sword out and then pressing his arms to his torso, he is able to fend off her attack from hitting him. A slight thrusting motion with his arms, and he attempts to knock her blade away and then disengage in order to put some more room between them, and letting him have space to counter whatever she may have coming next.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eiris=swords Vs Solon=swords
< Eiris: Failure Solon: Success
< Net Result: Solon wins - Marginal Victory

His motions manage to disengage them and Eiris is forced back a step, her blade wide. Thrown off balance, much as she was in the battle with the hostiles, she tries to redirect a little too fast and without good footing. In fact as she moves towards him, her foot catches in the tall grass and her blade misses entirely, there not even need be a deflect but she feels herself giving, her knee angling in such a way as to not be able to bear her weight. This brings her shoulder slamming towards his midsection unless he manages to get away.

There's not much he needs to do to block her own counter, she is off-balance after all. Knocking her sword aside, almost effortlessly, he watches her attempt to regain her balance. Seeing that this isn't going to be the case, he drops his sword and then steps forward and tries to catch her. Unfortunately, he seems to misjudge the angle, and as she knocks into him, he falls to the ground with her on top of him, an 'oof' coming out after her shoulder drives into his stomach.

Eiris attempts to try to stop herself as she feels his hands reach for her, the sword forgotten in her effort to stay afoot. Her hands press at him and it does nothing but make matters worse. The Rovehn slams into him, tangled limbs in grass in Cindravale alike, she gets a hand out from beneath him and blindly tries to push herself up, managing to find his thigh to do so and trying to redirect quickly enough but it ends with her slamming back into him to compensate for the tension placed on his limb. "I did not realize you felt that way, my Lord

Solon takes in a deep breath after getting it knocked out of him, and then attempts to start untangling himself. Feeling her hand on his thigh, he blushes slightly, but attempts to hide it by offering a laugh (even if it does come out nervously). As she slams back into him, the breath is knocked out of him yet again, and he coughs, trying to laugh at her comment, another blush creeping onto his cheeks. "I am sorry, My Lady." He says after he has caught his breath. "I was rather clumsy trying to catch you."

"It was not you who was clumsy, my Lord, as much as I enjoy making you blush, I did not intend to sprawl with you on the ground." Eiris gets a knee beneath her and then slips away from him, taking a moment to catch her breath and reach down to her foot to drag at the tall grass twisted about her ankle. She begins to laugh, glancing at him as her hand lifts, the back of her knuckles cover her lips but unable to hide the way her mirth effects her gaze. She bows her head and continues to laugh, something from the belly as she finally rests back on a hand.

Solon is careful to let her extricate herself from their awkaward little position. After she does so, he carefully lifts himself to a sitting position, his eyes staring at her curiously. "Is there some sort of sport in making me blush, My Lady? I am not certain if there has been anyone who's taken such amusement in me doing as much." He smiles at that, and then reaches over to bring his practice sword closer to him, his eyebrows quirking at her as she seems to find things more and more amusing.

Waving her hand before her, she gathers herself, a soft exhale and she manages to find her voice. "I suppose there could be, I just have not had the chance to meet a man as honorable, forgive me." Green eyes look over towards him and she sighs, sitting back to draw her arms around her legs and relax a moment in conversation. "It is admirable, you look at things but I see them differently." She tilts her head, then allows her gaze to slip towards the paddocks. "One life to live and with the threat of death with hostile attacks, there is a certain extent to my propriety, my Lord. I will respect what others want but what is the point of restraining yourself when you feel something? Chances are meant to be taken, my Lord, we never know if one similar will ever come again. Enjoyment in life is what I seek, I find humor where most others do not. If I have offended, I am sorry, but otherwise, I have no regrets."

Solon blushes slightly at the compliment, his head shaking as he does so, perhaps trying to ensure that she doesn't see it. "Lady Eiris, I do try to live to a certain standard. Is it what may be expected of me as the heir to a Paramount house? I am not sure, I simply do what I feel is right for myself, for those who depend on me now in the field, and in the future, those who will depend on me to maintain the excellence that House Cindravale has stood for, and will continue to stand for."

He shifts slightly to a more comfortable position, even going so far as crossing his legs. After hearing Eiris' comments on life and propriety, he nods. "I can understand what you say, Lady Eiris. I, well, I feel the need to live a life of propriety. I understand that it can put people off sometimes, maybe they think that I have a view that I am better than them, but it's not the case. I have to be something the people can find pride in. This war with the Hostiles will get worse before it gets better. I do take risks and chances. Each time I mount my horse and ride into battle is perhaps the greatest risk I can take." He sighs softly, shaking his head. "I am sorry, My Lady. I have rambled on. You have not offended me, so there is no reason to apologize."

"There are risks in our every day lives, we may disagree on what is proper and what is absolutely needed. I have my limits, but I will not cease from seizing a moment if it is available to me." Eiris lifts her hand, turning it over to show her palm. "I am not off-put by your own views, I just do not share them. I find amusement in your blushing because it speaks to something I do not think I have known for many years." She lowers her hand and grasps a piece of grass, drawing it up into her hand. "Our lives are tenuous strands of grass, easily trampled over. But every day in the sun I celebrate, every day of rain I soak up…the seasons bring harsh changes…to weather us, to break us down but every spring we rise again, renewed, stronger as our roots dig deeper every year." SHe compares them to a blade of grass, to the roots and the weather. She reaches down for the grass, dragging out the next bunch by the roots, a patter of dirt to follow. "But here…if this happens, life ends and we can not longer experience the sun and the rain…what have we lost if we have never taken full advantage of either?" She smiles over at him and then sighs, shrugging her shoulders. "That is my belief, and I am not an Heir. I will not have my choices made for me…and I will find a way to remain in the Vale, no matter the cost." Green eyes flicker out over the land before she slowly rises, strength in form shown as she rises and offers her hand to him again. "Come, my Lord. Let us eat."

Solon smiles at Eiris, his brown curls bouncing back and forth as he shakes his head. "Lady Eiris, I would not tell you or others how to go about living your life." He gazes at her with relative interest, not really having heard anything like this before. "I must admit, I have not looked at the world in such a way before. It's rather interesting, I admit." He reaches out a hand and runs it through the grass, feeling the blades touch his skin, his head tilted as he does so. Glancing up he smiles, "I hope that you can remain in the Vale, Lady Eiris. I could not imagine living anywhere else." He reaches out and takes the offered hand and lets her lift him up. "Dinner sounds quite nice right about now."

"Perhaps with your hoping as well, I will, Lord Solon. With enough positive thoughts and intentions, anything should be possible…thank you." She draws back a step to make certain he is on his feet and good to go, her hand releasing his. "If you have the time and an open mind, I would be glad to share all my beliefs, my Lord. Though I do not think the Chantry looks to kindly on me for it." Reaching down for her sword, she rises then, "This way," she motions him on, turning to lead the way back towards the fires of the caravan, clicking her tongue, her horse hesitates at first but pulls himself away from grazing. Her arm hooks up the saddle and setting it partially to her shoulder, she takes the lead until he catches up. A soft humming comes from the Rovehn.

Nodding, even surprising himself somewhat, he gives Eiris a smile. "I cannot promise you an open mind, My Lady. I am afraid that my faith is a large part of who I am. What I can promise you though? I will not hold your beliefs against you, or those who hold them. I understand that not everyone holds the Six in the same light that I do, but it is important for me, as heir, to know those of our vassal Houses, to respect them for who and what they are, and to ensure that all of our peoples prosper during and after this war." He takes up his own saddle and places it on the back of his horse and then follows in her wake.

"Then I will attempt to explain myself to the best of my ability…but food first. I dare not keep that from you given how gracious you have been in sparring with me today," Eiris intones, glancing over her shoulder as her mare plods along at her side, the stirrups of her saddle hitting her hip. Green eyes linger briefly before she faces forward once again. The smells of food rise up from the camp, spices of the Vale used liberally in the cooking and roasting of the meats and vegetables.

"You have been just as gracious with me this day, Lady Eiris. I look forward to enjoying the hospitality of House Rovehn." He quickens his pace slightly so that he can move along side her and her mare, and once there, slows up again to keep pace with her. As the smells start to fill the air he takes in a deep breath and offers her a smile, "It already smells wonderful, My Lady." And with that simple truth stated, he will follow her into the caravan and to the dinner table.

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