06.16.3013: The Star of Nubilus
Summary: Lord Captain Percival and his daughter entertain their important Arborenin guests onboard The Star of Nubilus.
Date: 16 June 2013
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Onboard the cloud cruiser, The Star of Nubilus
Star of Nubilus description in the log.
16 June 3013

The Star of Nubilus, one of the moon's finest cloud cruisers sails off across the sea of clouds. Entertainment is provided in the form of a light orchestra, playing ethereal tunes to match the heavenly atmosphere which the patrons of the cruiser are exposed to. Several large banquet tables are filled with a variety of breads and fruits and sweets, while full meals are being prepared in the kitchen down below upon order. Various beverages are being served at the bar, though a couple of serving drones roll about the area, carrying trays full of teas and wines as well as other spirits. The air is chilly, as it tends to be, on Nubilus, especially this far out and away from Summit.

Once her guests have been properly situated, Ariana wanders off to check in on the food and entertainment. She only now returns to the gathered and with a lyrical tone, she calls out, "How do you like sailing above the clouds?" She is dressed in a pure white gown with a long flowing skirt. Her long bell sleeves cascade to cover over her hands while a soft corset cinches her waist in gently.

Dressed to impress in his finest, Densoric remains in the cabin with their guests as his cousin sees to the details so that there is always at least one Larent present. Sitting more behind their guests, after all he is of lower station then them, it also allows him to keep an eye on them in case anything were to happen. Lord Larent simply relaxes in his seat for now sipping a fruity wine in silence unless called upon or the need for him to speak or move arises, though he isn't so far back from their guests as to appear rude or unavailable for social interaction of a more casual nature. Though he does have his sword, it is secured away for safety but easily retrieved if the need for weapons arise.

Having seated himself, it might be easy to see that Tristan's not that used to being on anything such as this cruiser. From the look of it, 'uneasy' would be a good word for how he's feeling at the moment, although he tries his best to hide it as he looks around now. Keeping silent as he does, he leans back a little further in his seat. When he hears Ariana's question, he offers a brief smile in her direction. "It's… different," he offers, after a few moments.

Declan has been strolling the deck, but comes back to pass near his brother just as Ariana is speaking with him. "You should get up and walk around," he encourages him, grinning. "Like everything, it's quite lovely, Lady Ariana. The ship is large enough that it hardly feels… precarious, to be up here? Just as when you stand on the decks of the Ring, you don't feel like there's only a bit of metal between you and the dark void of space, I could easily forget that there is not but clouds beneath us here. Well, I could forget if the view weren't such an impressive reminder of the fact." A little droid rolls past, and he reaches out deftly to snag a drink from atop one of its trays.

Ariana is quite aware of Tristan's uneasiness as well as the unease that must be going through some of the other Arboren family members as they attempt to find comfort on board this large and luxurious liner. "How do you like the entertainment, My Lord? If you have any requests, our musicians will be more than happy to take them if they know the melody." Already holding a glass of wine in her delicate grasp, the Larent maiden takes a sip of the soothing beverage just as Declan returns to join them once more. "I'm glad that you feel that way, My Lord. We do take severe safety measures when it comes to our gliders. Even we know that there are dangers to living such a lavish lifestyle. "I hope you both were able to sleep well and that the heavenly views were enough to lull you into rest."

"I guess I should," Tristan replies to Declan's words, expression a bit thoughtful at the moment, before he slowly gets to his feet. "I'm sorry, my lady. It's just that I'm not really that used not to being on the ground," he offers to Ariana, offering her a quiet smile. "But it is quite lovely here, and the view was quite wonderful." A brief pause as he looks to Declan again now.

Percival is out at the front of the cruiser as they begin their journey, speaking with the glider's captain about some detail or another. It's true that he could probably fly the craft in a pinch if necessary, but likewise that the Larent patriarch has other things to concern himself with on the trip. So, once he's spoken with the cruiser's pilot, the man returns to the main deck. "Its understandable," he remarks toward Tristan. "Just like people talk about 'sea legs', getting used to a glider can give some people trouble. Space vessels too, for that matter. I think the body can sense that artificial gravity isn't quite the same, or feel the effects of the drives on ships like this."

"Oh, I'm sure its safe enough," Declan replies to Ariana, not sharing the apparent discomfort of his siblings. "Its quite a large vessel, and we're hardly going a fraction as fast as Keanen was the other day. It does sort of remind me of an ocean journey, with the clouds instead of white-capped waves." This is a bit of an allowance toward Lord Percival when he arrives, agreeing with his take on things. "So, are there particular sights this tour will take us to view? Famous peaks or the like? Or is it more for the sake of enjoying a few hours spent drifting in the clouds?"

As soon as she had boarded, Brienne had gone to look around, more to assure herself of the sturdyness of the ship than to admire the oppulence it has to offer. With her arms wrapped around herself, the Arboren sibling approaches where the others have gathered. Overhearing part of her eldest brothers speech she tips her head to the side and regards him with a face full of disbelief. "An ocean?" Taking the few final steps to close the distance, she nods to the others, but she's definitely uneasy, the way she shifts her weight from on foot to the other. "I'll go outside and take a dip in the water right after you do, Dec." Unable to contain it, her lips quirk up in a smile as she teases her brother.

The glass of wine is now clutched between both of Ariana's hands just as her father arrives to speak with their honored guests. Adding in to what her father does mention, "To be honest, I've never sailed over the ocean before. Not even while visiting the moon, Mare Maris. I guess, I thought it just couldn't compare to this, but it may be an endeavor to undertake in the near future." A pause, "Speaking of Lord Keanen…" And her eyes flit about the area to see if she can make out where the young Lord has holed himself into. She knows that, unlike some of his siblings, he has no issues with flying. However, she also knows that he may consider this whole outing to be quite a bore! When Brienne steps out to join them, she greets the other woman with a polite smile, "Lady Brienne, I hope that you are finding everything well enough? Were you able to partake of some of our sweet fruit? Or even a glass of wine?"

Tristan lets out a bit of a breath now, offering them all a bit of a smile. "Makes a bit sense. I guess I'm just naturally nervous when it comes to these things." Offering a grin to Brienne as she joins them as well. "No, no swimming for any of you. I mean, it would probably lead to Brennart being in charge one they, or even worse…" It's said a bit lightly as he looks between his older siblings now. At Ariana's mention of Keanen, he shrugs a bit. "I'm not sure where he's hidden himself, Lady Ariana," he offers.

Percival smiles on despite some of the Arboren guests apparent discomfort on the cruiser. "Hopefully you will get used to it before the trip is over. Some people acclimate fairly quickly, though admittedly some never really do. I've seen my share of cadets wash out of the Academy because they can't keep their lunch aboard a ramship." This recollection draws a bit of a smirk to his lips. "Ari," and then he looks to his daughter. "What of our itinerary, for the cruise? I imagine we'll circle a few of the bigger peaks before returning?"

"Yes, that is what I was planning." Ariana says with a nod in response to her father, her eyes once more turning to Declan, "We should be nearing one of our largest titanium mines in a few minutes, really. The next city is just a half hour flight away." Keanen's absense noted, she does wonder if he snuck off the cruiser before they departed. Still, she continues with her converstation, "I am curious as what the Spine is truly like. Young Lord Declan made mention of it just last night and the forests there seem so mysterious."

"I haven't seen Keanen yet, but he's probably exploring to see how this thing works." There's still that teasing in her voice as Brie speaks in response. When addressed by Ariana, she looks towards the fruit. "I haven't yet, but it looks really good. Thank you." Instead of going to get any yet, she takes wine from one of the drones, eyeing the machines, but keeping her opinion on such technology to herself. Once she has wine in hand she moves near Tristan, laughing at his words. "No swimming in the clouds, no worries there." Lifting her glass for a sip, she savors the flavor and the feel of the alcohol warming her from the inside out. "I'm sure I'll get used to it." The last bit said to Percival and accompanied by a rueful smile. "The Spine is lovely, there's nothing like it anywhere you can travel."

"Well, I'm sure if I was one of those cadets, I would end up being one of those washing out, my lord. Which is why I have decided not to try something like that," Tristan replies, before he moves to get hold of some of that wine as well. Nodding a bit once more at the mention of the Spine. "It's magnificent. The lovely mix between woods and mountains. Ever been out in the woods on a rainy day, Lady Ariana? That's something very special." He's smiling now, so it's clear that the mention of home helped to clear away some of the unease.

Declan does not quibble with Tristan on the matter. "It's true that some just aren't suited to it. I imagine my daughter could expound more accurately on the physiological reasons, but it is simply my experience that some 'take' to it and some do not. Like with most things in life, I suppose? People vary in their talents and inclinations." As the conversation shifts, he glances out a window toward one of the passing peaks. "It would be interesting to see your own mountains from this sort of vantage point, I imagine? It would give you a very different perspective on the lands your family rules."

Percival laughs as Brienne basically suggests he leap out of the ship to his doom. "I just meant it sort of -looks- the same. Definitely not a good idea to go swimming out there, unless you -really- enjoy diving." It's Lady Ariana's father who takes his attention next, suggesting viewing the Spineous mountains from a similar vantage point. "That would be interesting. It's not a perspective I've ever been able to experience them from." Turning from father to daughter, he wonders, "Oh, are we?" Immediately after, he moves toward a window, peering close and looking side to side to try and scan the horizon for any sign of it. "Of course I do share my siblings feelings about our home. There is something about it. You feel that you are connected to everything, when you are among the trees?"

Lifting her glass to take another deep drink of her wine, Ariana quickly shakes her head to Tristan's inquiry, "I'm afraid that I've never truly had the chance to explore your forests or any other forest, really. My experience with flowers and plants have mostly taken place in one of our gardens and of course, our laboratories. I must say, however, that the very idea of your forests do intrigue. Even if some of the tales I've heard make it sound quite frightening." Knowing more or less where they are situated out among the clouds, Ariana now takes several steps towards the window to join Declan, noting his curiosity. She then points off to the side of the liner, "The large patch of titanium is just over there. It should be clear to see now, when the clouds try not to veil it too much."

"Let us hope that you get the chance to visit our forest, Lady Ariana. It's quite a beautiful place." Tristan offers this with a smile, before he pauses for a few moments as he hears Percival's suggestion. Nodding a little slowly as he takes another sip of the wine. Looking between the others as well now, although he doesn't move closer to the windows, as he goes silent again.

Percival folds his arms behind him and moves toward the windows as well, on the same side as his daughter and their guest, although he stands a few steps down as not to crowd the pair. "I know the atmospheric craft on other worlds are more demanding, but I imagine such an aerial tour is not beyond the realm of possibility," he notes, still speaking with Tristan.

"I am sure we would be happy to return the hospitality the Larents have shown us," Declan echoes Tristan, turning his head slightly to offer Ariana a smile as she comes to join him by the window. "You have been most kind in hosting us and it would be our pleasure to have you. But I must warn that touring the woods is not quite so simple a matter as these lovely cruises through the clouds. There are many undeveloped sections, far below our tree cities, and the creatures that inhabit the woods can be dangerous. Not that we are not experienced in handling them, of course, but there is no real equivalent to such a leisurely cruise as this." When Ariana points out the mine, his attention turns out to it. "Ah, I do see it, I think."

Turning to regard her father, Ariana does consider, "I was wondering if a clean propulsion craft could be created for Imperius, very much like our glider technology. A lot of modifications will need to be done, of course, due to the difference in gravity, but unfortunately, this is clearly out of my own expertise." Her attention is then drawn to the Arboren brothers when they share the same thought, "That would certainly a lovely gesture." Those piercing blue eyes of her now seeking her father out to see whether he agrees or not. I do wonder what tales you have of these creatures in the woods. What are they exactly…. drakes?" In the distance, the buildings and towers can be seen of the nearest settlement, looking almost as glamorous as Summit itself. Almost.

Tristan smiles, nodding a little bit as he listens to what's being said now. "Well, it would be interesting to get that kind of a view, although there's lots of things you wouldn't see, because of the treetops," he offers to Percival, before he nods a bit at Declan's words. "I'm sure we could manage to do some kind of tour, if we bring enough people to keep a lookout, brother," he offers. Then another smile for Ariana, before he adds, "I've never encountered drakes there, myself. Many… other things…" A look in Brienne's directi

This actually does verge toward Percival's scientific expertise, unlike the talk of trees and plants! Nearly all academy students study the physics of propulsion, rocketry, and the like. "Theoretically there's no reason it would be impossible," he muses. "However, you're likely to face energy problems. Greater gravity requires greater power, and that power output can lead to increased weight… which just requires more power. Its something that we can overcome in space, but inside an atmosphere there are certain limits." The offer of a visit he responds to with a polite inclination of his head. "I'm sure we would be honored, although my personal schedule might not allow for it any time soon. I can only play host because I am waiting for my ship to be refit from the last clash, then I will return to service. And I imagine there will be considerably more naval strategy briefings as the war continues."

A service door labeled, "Crew" opens a few feet from where all the Arborens are gathered. Emerging is Keanen. His long hair is a bit tussled, as is his shirt, which appears tucked in with rapid carelessness. He sees his family, and he smiles, "Hey," and walks over to them. As he arrives beside his family, he looks out the windows, "Great view, huh?" Behind him, the crew door opens again and the young lady who helped him with his glider earlier in the day emerges, her hair also a bit askew. She looks at the Arborens, looks down at the floor, and then quickly heads off down the hall.

"Oh, I have no doubt we could keep a touring party safe. Still, it is a very different sort of experience, traveling through the Spine. There are places where you can enjoy a fairly gentle ride, but even that is a great deal more exertion than…" Declan makes a sweeping gesture around the deck. It's hard to argue with the luxury of the setting, considering they have comfortable seating, little robots rolling around making sure their drinks are fresh, and… crewmembers eager to hook up in service compartments. All of these are things not readily available traveling by foot or horse through the Spine. When Keanen emerges, his elder brother glances over and rolls his eyes, but doesn't seem any more surprised or bothered by his antics than that.

With all of these talks of mysterious and dangerous creatures lurking on the floor of the Spine, Ariana simply looks to the Arboren present, before clearly stating, "I suppose, I shall have to do some research regarding these things. Maybe someone even took a picture of at least one of them." Her wine glass now half-empty, the tall and willowy Larent lady saunters over to one of these serving droids to deposit her used glass upon its tray, all the while refraining from replacing it. Her glossy pink lips soon part as she is prepared to speak, but Keanen's sudden emerging from their one of their staff compartments does draw her attention. Silently, her eyes now follow the path which the dissheveled female crew member now takes, before she drifts over to the youngest Arboren's side, "Lord Keanen, there you are. I almost thought that you had snuck out of this venture and maybe went off on a joyride in that sports glider again."

Percival notes the crewmember's emergence after their Arboren guest, eyebrows lifting slightly. However, he has not an unkind word to say, nor does he draw any further attention to the event. He was a young nobleman once, after all. "If I did have a chance to visit your lands, I think that danger would be much of the appeal. I have heard that your house boasts many strong hunters, and I think I would enjoy joining you in that." No, he's not so much for cheerful nature walks as his daughter, but the prospect of a dark forest filled with dangerous beasts to master does seem to pique his interest.

Keanen gives a little bow to Percival, and then smiles at Ariana. "The sports glider? And miss a joyride on this thing?" He laughs, though he likely doesn't mean the cruiser. "So. Did I miss anything exciting out here?" Looking at his siblings, he smiles widely, "Are you all still trying to figure out how to get glider in the woods?"

"If you ever find opportunity in your schedule, Lord Larent, we would be most happy to take you hunting," Declan supplies, quite readily. "Although we believe in preserving the natural wonders of our lands, the animal populations often grow to excess, and cullings serve a useful purpose there, and so we hunt frequently. It is also good practice, to keep one's aim sharp." With the latter, a bit of a sly grin touches his features. "But it is worth noting that the hostile invasions will probably put a damper on such activities for the foreseeable future, tours and hunts alike. We know there have been landings in the Spine, and while the rangers are at work tracking enemy movements, many are unaccounted for. Until we are sure we have eliminated them, I could not in good conscience advise leisure activities in the area." To Keanen, he grins. "We actually did talk about the possibility of these style of crafts on other worlds, although Lord Larent believes there are certain constraints."

"Perhaps, it is a good thing that I just happen to have trained as a medic, so that I may greet you all on the return of your hunt." Ariana says with a quiet smirk tugging at her lips, but even now she is tapping away at the screen on her datapad to pull up some images of 'creatures of the Spine'! Her gaze lifting now from over her pad towards Keanen when she points out, "You missed our passing by the largest mine on Nubilus. Not that you've never seen it before, though I'm never certain if you'd take notice of such things. Other than that, we've had many pleasant conversations." Her icy blue eyes shift to regard Declan as he speaks and she nods slowly, "I can only imagine how difficult it must be to find a Hostile out in the forest there. Here, on Nubilus, there's only a few places where they can go… unless, it is, as you have said, that they have the technology to survive the corrosive air in the thick of the clouds."

"In which case, I shall wish you good hunting with the Hostiles," Percival offers to Declan, the traditional well-wishing for naval men. "And hope that you are soon rid of them, so that I might be able to join you and your siblings on a hunt." What his daughter mentions does cause his look to darken somewhat. "Unfortunately, every indication we have, from our most recent encounters is that they do possess extremely advanced technology. Indeed, they seem as much technology as flesh, themselves. The possibility of cybernetic systems sustaining them at ground level… concerns me. We are doing everything we can to track them, but it is difficult for us to operate down there."

Declan bows his head toward Percival once more. "Thank you, Lord Larent. I am confident we will be able to track them down, but it will be a difficult process, as your daughter says. And for what it's worth, I hope you're wrong about their technological developments, but I suspect you might be right." This causes him to glance out the window once more, his eyes not on a distant peak this time, but peering down into the clouds themselves, as if trying to look through them into the uncertain lands below. Eventually, he abandons the view and strolls back to the center of the cruiser, taking up a relaxed seat to enjoy the company of his hosts as they continue on toward their next destination.

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