The Siren's Call Home
Summary: Memoir Summary
Date: 5/August/2013
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Eirene Volen 

September 9, 3013 — The Southern Wilds

To: Nathaniel.Volen@New_Atlantis
From: Eirene.Volen@New_Atlantis

Dearest Father,

I am deeply regretful I have not sent word sooner. With all that is happening around Mare Maris with military activity, I have decided to extend my stay in Phylon. I am currently a guest of Young Lord Solon Cindravale at his family home and have been spending time with him and our fellow friends. I am doing well, practicing and potentially performing at the theater run by Miss Jane Wyre.

I have never been forthcoming about my thoughts and feelings regarding marriage in the past, but I wish to ask for your approval in negotiating a match between the Young Lord Cindravale and myself. I would very much like to introduce him to Mare Maris and the Volen family as well and he is open and receptive to the idea.

I will write to you soon. Until then, send my love to mother.

Your loving daughter,


September 9, 3013 — The Southern Wilds

To: Eirene.Volen@New_Atlantis
From: Arianrhod.Volen@New_Atlantis

My Dearest Eirene,

I'm sorry that your father could not reply to this letter, but Mare Maris has been very busy as your brother and father continue to work toward securing our home. He asked that I write back, and you know that I am always happy to help your father out!

How exciting to hear you are spending time with the Young Lord. I hear he is quite a handsome man. I did inform your father on your expressed interest in a match, and he did seem to take to the idea quite well. With our sweet Devon married into House Khournas shortly — and let me tell you how relieved we all are that she has finally been freed from The Pit — a match with House Cindravale would be most beneficial to our House. You are wise to suggest such a proposal, as I told your father.

I miss you terribly, but I understand how easy it is to fall in love with the Vale. I so often would visit the Plains before I married your father. If you could, could you find the time to bring me back some whitehearts? They are flowers that grow only on the balds of the Southern Wilds. They are quite lovely.



September 14, 3013 — The Southern Wilds

To: Arianrhod.Volen@New_Atlantis
From: Eirene. Volen@New_Atlantis

Dearest Mother,

I cannot being to tell you how happy I am to have received word from you. I figured father was busy, but wanted to let him know I was doing well and am safe among friends. Is there anything I can do for you or the family? Should I return home?

I had plans to bring Young Lord Solon, Lord Garus Leonnida, and Miss Jane Wyre to Mare Maris for a vacation retreat. I understand this will have to wait some time, but if it makes you feel easier to have me home, say the word and I shall return. All you have heard of the Young Lord is true. He's gallant and chivalrous and quite handsome. He has a good and kind heart and is an upstanding young nobleman. To say I am smitten would be an understatement, but, you have taught me to keep a steady head upon my shoulders. I am proud to call him a friend.

We have been traveling some through the Vale and are currently visiting friends in the Southern Wilds. I will certainly make you a bouquet of whitehearts and anything else you wish. Thank you for always having a kind and loving word. I miss you dearly and cannot wait to introduce the Young Lord to you and father.

Love Always,


To: Eirene.Volen@New_Atlantis
From: Arianrhod.Volen@New_Atlantis


While travel to Mare Maris may be slow, it is, of course, always open to you, my daughter. We are stressed with the many tasks required in order to feel secure and prepared for anything, and so while we may not be at our most hospitable ever, we are more than happy to offer guestright to a few Valen noblemen paying a visit.

I feel I must ask you, though, Rene: why are you inviting an actress as well? You do not have to answer right away, but you can tell me when you come home. You know I appreciate a little intrigue now and again. She will be welcome. Please travel safely, and let me know when you will be arriving so that we can be ready.



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