01.14.3014: The Ship Who Fell
Summary: A team of Havenites investigate a crashed Hostile ship.
Date: 8 November 2013
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Crashed Hostile Ship, Nubilus
Detailed throughout.
January 17, 3014

It was nearly 72 hours ago that the Hostile ship was seen, streaking through the atmosphere like an enormous, vibrant falling star, and crashing into the titanium surface of the Cloud Moon. It had already suffered massive damage before its catastrophic fall. The idea of survivors seems entirely unlikely, but caution must still be taken. This is why the Citadel, in concert with House Larent, arranged a team of soldiers and scientists to investigate the fallen ship. Some may ask why there is a certain interest in the ship, but until now all Hostile ships have gone through a self-destruct protocol that has left their vessels totally inert once disabled. This one didn't.

It sits like a fallen giant on the low-lying plateau — a mining colony now abandoned after the clouds consumed it. Corrosive gases drift along the raw titanium surface like a heavy fog, drifting in soft curls around the dark transport. Gaping wounds scrape its exterior, exposing its inner corridors to the contrary atmosphere of the lower regions of Nubilus.

A transport glider cuts through the clouds, swooping around the Hostile ship in several circuits before it begins landing protocols. Inside, the miltiary pilot announces in his gruff voice, "Touch down. Please ensure your rebreathers are in place… lowering boarding ramp in three… two…" There is a hiss of hydraulics, and the ramp begins to lower like a bird's beak, allowing the team to disembark.

Sergeant Rebecca Mordain of the Rovehn military is here for her scouting abilities. Despite being in armor and having her rebreather on properly, she still feels naked without Ghost, her falcon, to be her eyes in the sky. She is armed fully, with her crossbow at the ready and a sword and knives elsewhere on her person. She has been silent for the trip, thinking about her husband and daughter, friends and family, and asking the gods to see her home safe.

Exiting the ship after several others, the lone representative of house Larent is Lord Densoric. Dressed in nearly all black protector armor with some red accents. Densoric draws the arming sword from his left hip once he has enough room to do so without accidentally hitting anyone. Looking around with the surrounding fogs and remember the last time he was in such a situation the young noble remains silent. He is hardly a skilled combatant and has never been in a battle before but he's had some training and he's not going to go around unarmed till they know if there are any active Hostiles or not. Even if not very likely Densoric isn't going to take chances till he knows. He's not in the front, nor in the back really but he is doing his best to listen and looking for figures in the fog. Sight range may not be the best but movement could still potentially be noticed by other means. His target ultimately is the ship, as technically one of the 'scientists' he had his own plans.

Nikomachos holds onto a ceiling handle with his left hand as the glider swoops in, the lighter-than-Imperius gravity and the maneuvering sending him rocking this way and that with his other hand busy holding his spear out of the way. And that's not to mention the summersaults his stomach is taking trying not to imagine an active blaster turret on the Hostile transport blasting them out of the sky. And then they're down, and he lets out a breath, releasing his hold on the ceiling. His helmet turns about the group, ghostly names hovering over their heads on his HUD. "Melee up first, then non-combatant, then ranged." In the absence of a Knight Lieutenant, it appears that he's going to make sure that at least a modicum of order is maintained. As he exits the glider, the flaming surface of his hard-light shield springs to left off his left forearm. "Let us know what you want to look at, and we'll get you there and back safe."

Considering the failed attempt to access the computer database with the Razorwing mission, Rozlyn was certainly involved in discussions on arranging a mission for this ship. And thus, the noblewoman serves not just as a representative for Orelle — Larent's paramount — but also as a scientist. The woman is attired in jet black protector armor — her monochrome tendencies even showing now — with a blaster and a new addition… a sword. She's not versed in it, but it means that should push come to shove… she is not completely defenseless. Her rebreather is adjusted into place as they land and a hard case picked up and a strap strung across her shoulder as she departs shortly behind Nikomachos. Falling into place in the center of the group that forms. "We will locate the computer systems this time."

Canis stands easily enough well holding on at least so that he can work, doing the final checks over his armor and looking over his weapon as well though if he's truthful the ride is a little bit unnerving. He turns nodding at the order of the ship departure before going back to his checks his computer gives a green light to everything

Looking between the others as they make their way off now, Sammel looks around a bit carefully, bringing his poleaxe ready in case it's needed. He's keeping silent so far, letting the others focus their attention on the ship at the moment, instead focusing around it, in case someone managed to survive the ship's fall, just in case.

Dressed in green aggressor armor, Brienne sat tensely on the glider, hands clenched. This just wasn't her thing, all this spaceship stuff. She had mostly kept her head down and eyes closed and ignored everyone else on the trip because that's how you avoided throwing up.. As soon as it's announced that they are landed, she's on her feet and exiting the glider right behind anyone in front of her.

Medipack in place, bolt cartridges locked along his hips. His helmet set with an internal rebreather, Ryan gets off the transport crossbow in hand at the back of the group. He looks to Brienne, "Marvin, lock-on. Medical readout brief, alerts for moderate plus." "Mmmm, the readouts are set." The thin eyes of his suit glow soft white for a moment before they shade over into black.

The ship sighs as a gentle wind passes through the yawning wounds on its hull. There is a giant gap in one section that provides a cross-section of several corridors. Some in this team would remember those interior hallways to be brilliant, sterile white. Already they have begun to collect grime, losing some of its alien, isolating feel. This ship would have carried hundreds of Hostile Soldiers, Priests, and Elites, but now it is more like a ghost ship. There is no traditional entrance that can be seen, but there is where it looks like a Havenite ramship had latched on, leaving a doorway.

"Do we even know if these things need air to breathe, Sir?" Rebecca asks over the comm to Nikomachos, their defacto leader. She carefully scans the area both with Phantom's sensors and her own eyes. She remains behind the non-combatants, covering the rear.

Densoric remains silent for the time being, doing his best to see if he can notice any kind of activity. As Rebecca speaks the baritone of the Larent comes through, "If they do breathe, it'd be hard to do below the cloud cover. I'd imagine it'd be hard on their organics and cybernetics both, but my knowledge of Hostiles is admittedly limited. I was fortunate enough to be in a glider last time I was down here."

Nikomachos gives his head a little half-shake at Rebecca's question, waiting until Densoric has answered, "Maybe some don't, but I'd expect most of them to at least need armor to breathe down here." His eyes glance aside to his HUD, "Speaking of which, we should get inside before this stuff tarnishes our armor." His being the shiniest, he probably has the most to worry about. With that in mind, the Valen-turned-Sauveur starts forward, glancing to the other Valen and near-Valen up front with him, "Sir Canis, Sir Brienne, if you'll watch our flanks? Looks like the ramship hole is our way in. Server room is at the bow of the ship, so we'll have to work our way to the front once we get inside. If you see something, don't hesitate to call out." His steps crunch over the ground as he advances slowly toward the gaping hole in the side of the Transport, his eyes shifting this way and that, searching for any sign of movement amidst the mists.

Gliders, space ships, it's all the same to Brienne. Unnatural. With her feet on something solid, she is able to relax and be more natural, casting a quick accusing glance back at the glider before turning towards Niko and the rest. Comms, she is experienced with and she's all tuned in to the others at least, her breathing thing-a-ma-jig is correct. Her AI though, remains silent without orders from her, as always. Ryan gets a nod, but she looks towards Niko as she replies. "Yes Sir, consider it covered."

The case is snapped open as they near the ship and Rozlyn pulls out a heavy-duty tablet and something the size of a softball, with a flashing light and a few lenses. The case is closed and she adjusts a few things on the spherical device, extending her hand as it comes to life. It lifts into the air and as she codes a few things in on the tablet, taking off towards the ship. "Taking exterior images." She falls into place behind Nikomachos, letting him both lead the way and provide a first line of defense. She knows she can work in concord with the man should things go right. "Will do more scans once within."

Managing to hold back a chuckle as he hears the words about their armor being tarnished, Sammel moves to follow the others, falling in somewhere around the rear now. "Sounds like a good idea, getting inside…" he remarks, as he once more looks around, nodding to the others present at the moment.

The young man watches the others as they prepare looking back to the lady knight who doesn't seem to be enjoying her trip his wince cannot be seen behind his mask. "Of course sir. We'll be watchful." Canis says in regards to watching the flank as they move forward

Bringing up the rear, Ryan's focus is on everyone else versus the ship. His AI going over medical protocols with him in regards to the atmospheric gasses, a little of this is heard at times over the comm when Ryan mutters something and his mic picks it up. He keeps his crossbow at the ready just incase and follows along at even pace with the group.

If there's any power left onboard, it has been diverted elsewhere. There are no lights to brighten the dark, dreary corridors of the transport ship. It requires their own lighting to move around these hallways. For those who have been in or closely studied the schematics of the transport, they will know that they are somewhere in the barracks, midway between the bridge and core. There are broken panels, exposed circuits, and other signs of destruction. What is strange is the lack of… bodies and loose debris, as if someone at least came through and tidied up after the chaos of war.

Rebecca continues bringing up the rear, alert to any sounds other than those of their small party. The thought of her armor corroding is alarming, as she can't replace hers as easily as the nobles can. She keeps her back to the group as they enter the ship, and covers the area behind them with her crossbow, feeling a sense of unease. "Where are the bodies? There should be bodies," she hisses into the comm.

To Rebecca's question, Rozlyn has an answer: "The hull breeches. This occured before the crash. We will not find many bodies or loose equipment within the corridors. We should keep an eye out for sealed doors. Behind those we may find Cantosians," interesting that she's using the proper name for them, "or any equipment." The woman has flicked on lighting for her suit once they're within, but she's primarily running scans from the heavy-duty tablet she holds, as well as checking the camera feeds from the sphere outside.

Densoric movies to follow the others towards the ship adding, "If anyone knows what their computers likely look like point them out when seen. Server room or otherwise." before growing silent again. The titanum blade of Densoric's sword may or may not have a degree of resistance to the corrosion as the metal came from this moon, but the armor certainly didn't and Densoric had his fill of the fog the last time. As Rozlyn starts working on scans Densoric adds, "Might want to keep checking on that regularly, this isn't exactly the most benign 'fog'." as he assumes its been calibrated as much as possible to scan with any degree of accuracy in the conditions. Densoric keeps his grip on the hilt of his sword, remaining as watchful as possible. Still remaining as alert as he can as they enter the ship, he knows too little of the Hostiles to really take anything on chance. As Rebecca speaks Densoric says, "I'd imagine either they fell out during the fall or at least one is still alive somewhere…" He then moves as though to get a better look at something, before stepping back into line saying, "Sorry about that i thought I saw something, possibly just wind moving the fog about or such." Though his guard remains up, as he doesn't know enough about these ships to be able to estimate either way. He does look to Rozlyn as she gives a more solid explanation of the bodies.

Nikomachos speaks up inside his armor as he steps inside, "AI, Lowlight and helmet lights." A pair of small lights at the corners of his t-shaped visor turn on, casting ruddy red light ahead of him, the little lights shifting slightly to follow the movement of his eyes as well as his head. As his boots hit deck plates, the knight lowers his spearpoint so that it juts forward at a high angle, ready to be braced or thrust at need. He nods slowly at Rebecca's words, although Rozlyn's response causes him to nod a little more readily, "Thank you, Lady Rozlyn. I was going to say that it was exceptionally creepy and worrying." Turning to start forward, he adds, "We'll try for the server room at the bow first. If the way is blocked, we'll try the bridge, then the engine room. Keep an eye out for closed doors or other possible ambush points." Even as he speaks, his steps come steadily, pacing the group forward. "This is Sir Niko to glider, Sergeant, take her up. We'll let you know when we need to get picked up, stay safe."

"Roger," the glider pilot announces.

Canis moves carefully as he moves along with the group scanning carefuly as he does so not wishing to be caught off guard if it can be helped. "Trident compensate for light, and for movement mark friendlies." he says with his com off before switching it back on.

With Canis, Brienne takes the flank, she glances over at him as Niko announces for the glider to go away. Much as she hated it, now she suddenly found herself missing the presence of it, knowing how nearby it was. So she heads in behind Niko, and tries what everyone else does. "Low-light." Whoa! Suddenly there's lights. She laughs.. amazing.

"Good cleaning services…" Sammel remarks, before he looks over at Densoric at the man's words, "What?" A brief pause, before he looks around again, his grip tightening on his weapon as he also turns on those lights.

Once inside the conversation about bodies and debris seems to be resolved so Ryan continues on with his lessons about the corrosive affects of the gasses in the air. After a moment he realizes his comm is still on and apologizes quickly before turning it off. Low beams of light flicker on just under his arms along his sides shining forward. Head picking up and the motions of his helmet indicates he's now looking around the inside of the ship.

Rebecca flicks on the low-light mounted on her crossbow and one on the shoulder of her armor lights up as well. "Phantom, keep scanning. Compensate for sudden light sources," she informs her AI. Suddenly, she spins, aiming her weapon towards an area just outside the edge of where the light falls. "Anyone else hear that?" she barks into the comm.

Looking to Sammel Densoric says, "I saw something out of the corner of my eyes, but it didn't linger and I'm not experienced enough to know it was something or not. With this fog its not hard for the mind to play tricks, I was down in this for hours about six years ago give or take now. Though keeping on guard is no doubt a solid plan." as he continues to follow the party, his own lights activating as he does his best to look for closed doors or the other points mentioned. He'll leave it to those ahead and behind to look out in case what he saw was something more… Intelligent. He then looks to Rebecca and says, "I didn't." in an even tone as its the truth, but he's not going to judge if her mind is playing tricks or if she's simply more aware then himself.

Nikomachos stiffens at the sound and movement, raising up his hard-light shield before him and dropping the point of his spear to aim directly forward. "Lord Densoric, you wouldn't happen to have any large rodents on Nubilus, would you? Because I definitely saw movement and heard something." He finds his steps slowing as they take him toward the darkness ahead, and he shakes his head slightly, the red light coming from his helmet slewing as he does. "We need to keep moving. If there are any Hostiles left on the ship, we don't want to get pinned down." And he forces himself to walk more steadily forward, "If you haven't already, have your AIs track the quickest known way back to our entrance in case we have to move quickly."

"Considering our last foray within a ship," her first, "it is decidedly creepy after a fashion. However, I am quite pleased that there will not be a scout playing dead." The last thing Rozlyn needs is to play medic again. Though, with Ryan's presence… that's less likely. She slows her steps a bit and tilts her head. There's a few taps on her device. "I hear it," she says to Rebecca, "raising input levels for my scans. Attempting to analyze source of the sounds."

Canis moves along with the group his weapon held ready in case he needs it. His sensor's light up quickly and the noise reaches him. "Movement, what's that sound?" he asks over the com. The young knight picks up his scanning futher though he couldn't see exactly what it was.

Brienne stiffens, suddenly alert as she hears a sharp, skittering noise. Her blade is drawn and she turns a three-sixty, checking behind them as well, not wanting anything to sneak up. She glances at Canis, hearing what the others say. She'd not seen anything yet, but she knows the others have. "I only heard sounds, I haven't seen anything."

As their lights beam forward toward where the server core is kept, they are met with a rather enormous block. It looks like a combination of twisted metal, folded and knotted. It fills the corridor, looking as though it is protruding out from the other room. Whatever the movement and sound had been are unseen… maybe the ship is just settling?

"I heard it." Ryan states over his comm, "Saw it too… whatever that was. His crossbow points the bolt down range between the others, "Whatever you do, don't stand in front of me." When there's no real 'target' as such, he turns around to look behind them quickly before looking forwards again.

"Phantom, make a guidance path back to our entrance. Mark anything you deem another exit as well," Rebecca instructs her AI. It doesn't speak to her, something she asked for specifically, as she doesn't like outside sounds interfering with her listening as a scout. She watches the helmet screen put up a map in one corner, marking out their path. Just in case, since corrosion was mentioned and she worries about her AI crapping out, she grabs a permanent marker from a metal container on her belt, uncaps it, and makes arrows for the way they came on the walls.

Densoric looks to Niko and says, "To the best of my knowledge the only fauna native to Nubilus are birds, so that would be a no." As he instructs his A.I. to do as said. He then asks, "You mentioned a rat though, I assume the sounds isn't consistent with the larger size of Hostiles? Do they have probes or anything that might make less noise?" as though trying to figure out what might be the cause himself, and given he knows little never hurts to check with those who know more. As they reach the block in the passage to the core. I believe Hostiles are fluent in Anglic, is it possible they can hear us over comms or the like and are damaging their own ship to cut off our pans?" Looking over to Rebecca Densoric nods and says, "Smart back-up plan." in a genuine tone.

Nikomachos stops as his light falls on the twisted wreckage across the corridor, pursing his lips inside his helmet and studying it for a moment, two, "We'll take a glance at the parallel corridor on our way toward the bridge. Once we've scouted the wreckage out, we can call in a crew with heavy machinery if it's practicable." And then he's moving to swap places with Ryan and Rebecca, reversing the formation so that they can head back the way they came and then on toward the bridge if the other fore-and-aft corridor is blocked as well. "Could've been a Scout, I suppose, Lord Densoric, but I don't see any sign of them. I haven't seen any reports of smaller units. It could just be the ship settling."

Sammel shakes his head a little bit, but keeps quiet for the moment. Looking between the others for the moment, he moves with them, giving some quiet instructions to his own AI. Pausing as he sees that block well… blocking their way. "Now, that's not supposed to be there, I believe." Meant mostly to himself.

"As far as I am aware, Scouts are the… smallest of the Cantosians. They are human in their base biology." And she has doubts of midgets, as those have largely cycled out of the human gene pool. Rozlyn is frowning, however. "That is not to say that Cantos itself may not have some kind of fauna that would or could be aboard a ship. They could also have wholly technological creations, much like my drone outside." She brushes at the screen, checking over the sound feeds. Filtering out their own voices to observe for background noise. The wall receives a frown. "Each trip, I find myself wishing I had more gear. A cutting tool would be most useful at this time. Can we attempt to move it aside?" Can a flat, largely emotionless tone sound hopeful? Because Rozlyn's does. She wants into those computer banks.

"It would make too much noise, if there are any hostiles on board that are still alive I'd assume they'd be taking precautions just like we would." Ryan states matter of fact, odd for the usual rambler. When Niko starts to walk in the other direction, Ryan maintains his focus on the roadblock until all have moved past him. Then he'll turn slowly and start in the other direction with the others.

Rebecca puts two diagonal slashes through the arrow she made on the wall, to indicate they plan to double back. She keeps her crossbow focused the way they came, as having the blocked corridor at her back feels safer to her.

Densoric looks to Rozlyn and says, "I have some tools, but they aren't designed for cutting through that kind of material, unfortunately we'll have to make due." As he moves against the wall to allow those switching positions to move past his taller form, then reclaims his original relative position as they start moving again, though he does take mental notes of what Roz is saying about the Hostiles. Adding more to himself, "Wish I have studied their electronics a bit more then their coding now…" After a bit adding, "I assume these ships are wholly military in nature so there wouldn't be the equivalent of children or such aboard?" His own sword still held at the ready, guard up.

Their lights sweep over the forward corridor, illuminating the dark, white pathway toward the bridge. There are cracked open doorways and empty barracks along the way. As they pass across what looks like stark, white room with just several imbedded shower heads in the ceiling and drains sunken into the smooth floors.

"There's something… not quite right about this," Sammel says a bit quietly, before he prepares to move with the others in the other direction. Pausing a bit as he sees the shower-looking room, he shrugs a little bit now. "Haven't seen anything like children or pets aboard the others I've been on, no," he replies to Densoric, with a bit of a shrug.

Canis continues on his ways though it's been quiet he's not let his guard down as they move down the corridor. "Hm trident increase monitoring." he says to his AI hoping to be ready if possible. He looks to the others here keeping tabs for that matter.

"I highly doubt they would have children on board a ship sent into our territory," Rozlyn says, frowning. Something she had not considered, previously. "They view us as the threat, Lord Densoric. They would, I am sure, view sending their young into our territory the same as we might view sending a child into a bear's den." She brings up the external camera feed again, looking it over. There's a glance into the rooms for showering. "Lord Niko…" Yes, the Sauvuer has earned himself a nickname. Being family, even extended, allows that at times. "Have you seen any form of interfaces they use throughout their ships for communicating with the main computer? I assume there would be upon the bridge, but I am beginning to worry of how damaged the path there may be as well."

Rebecca glances at the white room. "They take showers? That's interesting." Not something she expected to see. "Do they even have children? Or just grow people in a lab and activate them?" She presses her back to the side of the doorway before spinning to level her crossbow inside and make sure it's clear. She looks over at the others.

"Showers?" Ryan picks up on those, "We're on a hostile ship… right?" he looks at the others, "So, they bathe. Aren't they half robotic?" he shrugs through, moving his head more to scan with his eyes the ocular lenses adjusting for light levels as he sweeps.

Keanen has been moving along quietly. He's not crazy about having his sister along babysitting him. Regardless, he stays near her anyway, mostly because he doesn't want to hear her complain that he's not nearby. He gives Ryan a bit of a scowl, wiggling his cybernetic fingers at the man. "I'm half robotic, and I shower, asstard." He rolls his eyes, and begins looking around.

He then looks over to Rozlyn and says, "A lack of evidence isn't a denial of proof. I doubt they would either, but how much do we really know? If their cybernetics are so extensive, they might be applied at some point, their young may have less and so might be able to pass more easily as one of us. If that is the case they might serve as basic infiltrators or such depending on training. I admit I know little of them, but doesn't hurt to check." Noticing the 'shower room', Densoric says, "Hold on a moment." as he adjusts his armor lights as best he can to take a quick look around to make sure nothing is hiding around the corner or such, whatever his plans are following that though…

Nikomachos nods at Rozlyn, "I would assume that they connect through their armor, Lady Rozlyn. If there's too much damage, we'll finish our sweep and bring in heavy equipment. But yes, the bridge should be the next stop." He shrugs helplessly at Rebecca and Ryan's questions, As Densoric stops to investigate the showers, Nikomachos slows his pace, "Did you see something, Lord Densoric? We should keep moving…"

As Densoric's light begins to pass over the smooth walls of the shower room, it passes over strange, mechanical lumps in the surface. They are about half the size of a soccer ball. Then the lumps begin to move, skittering quickly on eight, arachnoid legs. They have vibrant photoceptors that glow like Hostile eyes. There is some kind of turret on their back, and two of them immediately open fire on the Larent. There is at least five of them, all moving rapidly toward the invader.

Rebecca leaps back from the doorway as the creatures begin to move and fire things. "Movement! We have movement! Non-coms get behind us!" She raises her crossbow and levels it at anything smaller than a human that is moving.

Brie has her weapon drawn and when she hears the warning, she begins looking around for exactly what the movement is! Expecting Hostiles, she isn't looking low enough, but she moves forward to try and help if she can.

There is a sigh that is nothing shy of frustration from Rozlyn. The woman's jaw, behind the darkened visor, is set. "I am certain you have seen the leaked footage. I assure you, her words are truth. In speaking with her, there is a level of care for their own, much as they may deny it." She lowers the tablet as Densoric turns into the room, breaking the rankings that had been setup. "Lord Densoric!" It's not so much a shout as the sort of firm command one might feed a dog. More bothered by it than their self-chosen leader, it would seem. Order is present for a reason! She inhales sharply as the devices come into view and for the first time, speaks aloud to her own AI: "System record, wide-range, all input. Analyze." She moves with easy, practice — dare we say fighter — motions to be behind the combatants. The tablet is tucked away within her case and her hand twitches near her blaster before going for her sword instead.

Noticing the sight of moving lumps Densoric calls out, "I think I found your ra…" As he pivots as a round flies past and then grunts as another hits him in his gut. Fortunately he was wearing his armor as he moves back into the corridor and coughs briefly before adding, "Lumps of metal, arachnoid legs, weapon on their back, about this big." as he uses his hands to give a general idea of the size of the things. Guessing the glowing eyes are mechanical as well." just in case no one else got a clear look at them. As he readies his sword once again, focusing more on defnese this time, leaving the fighters to their business.

Ryan turns at the sound of the ribbons fired at Densoric. Swivelling his crossbow in that direction as well as his lights that get brighter from just behind him, reducing visibility of what he's doing by blacking out much of his form. He takes aim at one of the arachnoid like things.

"They have children, yes." Sammel's words are quiet, before he adds, "One of them said as much on Lazarus Island. Said one of the others we took down in combat was raising a child." Frowning a bit as he sees Densoric heading into the shower room now. "Careful…" he offers, after a few moments of pause. Grimacing as he spots those things, "Okay, quiet's over, it seems." Readying his weapon as he adds, "Guess that's what you guys heard, then?"

Canis watches the movement followed by the firing on the party. He moves forward as well at the danger which approaches his weapon held at the ready he moves forward now standing by Brie as she moves as well. He's seen nothing like these before but as they fired first it makes little difference.

Nikomachos turns his head at the report, "Contact! Knights up! Non-combatants watch the flanks!" And he suits his actions to his words, rushing forward between Sammel and Brienne to plant his shield low against the floor, lowering his spear to face the little… things. His aim is to put himself between the others and the oncoming spider-things, where his shield can serve best. "We need to deal with these and move on fast in case they report in."

<COMBAT> Skitterer04 attacks Ryan with Launcher - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Skitterer04's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Skitterer05 attacks Rebecca with Launcher and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer05's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Skitterer01 with Crossbow - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Ryan's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Rebecca attacks Skitterer02 with Crossbow - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Rebecca's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Skitterer03 attacks Nikomachos with Launcher - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Skitterer03's weapon clicks empty.

"Space bugs!? They have Space bugs!?" Rebecca shouts into the comm. She fires a bolt at one of the critters. The arrow skewers the creature's midsection even as she's spinning to put her back to the wall beside the doorway to reload. "Reloading!" she shouts in the comm.

The Skitterers appear to be working in some kind of concert — perhaps even hiveminded. They quickly move across the walls until they get to the floors, shooting their launchers toward the invading Havenites. The launchers are almost exactly the same of those used by Scouts. The initial two take the crossbow bolts right into their arachnoid bodies, and one loses mobility in one of its eight legs.

Keanen quickly lifts his camera and begins filming the action. He's at the rear of the group, but he steps a little closer to the action, nearly beside Brienne, as he films. He's a bit fearless, it's likely the camera feels almost like a shield to him.

Densoric does as instructed and maintains a defensive posture, watching the flanks, sword at the ready, leaving the actual fighters to their work. Aside from a mark on his abdominal armor he appears fine now. He then looks to Keanen moving closer for a better view with the camera, "I understand the desire to document, but you might want to be more on guard Lord Keanen."

"Seems like it." Ryan replies as he ducks for cover, the lights on his suit dimming again. Double-edged sword that tactic is. He pulls the bolt slide and another drops into place, after the bolt is locked into the chamber the light on his HUD blinks in slow rhythm to denote the time passing until the magnets will be ready to fire again.

"Try to take one down without damaging it too thoroughly," Rozlyn says loudly, trying to keep her voice over the rest. "I will require one to study." She's keeping her helmet — and thus camera — secured on the combat, retaining a smooth and fluid motion to her body. The sword is held lightly; she's not familiar with the heft and use yet, but she'll at least have something between herself and the others. There's a sidelong look, however, to Keanen. "Help keep an eye on the corridor, lest something come up behind us." It's happened before. She's trying to do the same, without letting the combat occuring too much out of view. She does wince at the clear damage to the 'bug' casing. Less to inspect later.

Nearer the action now, Brienne holds her sword, a glance to Canis as he moves up beside her before she lifts it, determined to help the other knights protect the more scientific minded of the crew. As one of them bears down on her, she swings her blade to slash at the… whatever it is.

Moving up beside his brother, Sammel looks to the creatures, before he brings his poleaxe down forcefully on one of them, attempting to crack it open now.

The young man watches the enemy as it continues it's attack. Canis cant sit idly by taking a step forward where his polearm is in range. He'll make an attack trying to bring the ambush to an end before there is any major damage done.

Nikomachos tries to keep his shield in front of him, but with things skittering over walls, ceiling, and floor, one of them fires off a ribbon of steel that slips past his shield, glancing off the segmented plates at the right side of his stomach. "Just try to put them down." The sharp words follow a grunt of impact as he countermands Rozlyn's request. "Keep yourselves safe first." He steps up alongside the other knights, keeping his shield low and staying as well behind it as possible as he advances on the little… things. The leaf-shaped blade of his spear flickers out, trying to catch the one that fired on him before it can squirm away.

<COMBAT> Skitterer02 attacks Canis with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer02's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Skitterer01 attacks Brienne with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer01's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Nikomachos attacks Skitterer03 with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Skitterer04 with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Skitterer01 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Skitterer02 with Polearm - Light wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Skitterer01 has been KO'd!

Rebecca looks incredulous at Rozlyn's shout. "I'm not risking never seeing my husband and daughter again somebody can study a robo-bug," she mutters. She silently urges the magnets in the crossbow to charge faster. When they finish charging, she swings back to aim through the doorway.

Keanen pays no mind to Rozlyn's instructions, moving across the hallway to the side a bit so that he can get a better view of the combat with his lens. He kneels, steadying his camera, and adjusts a few settings quickly so he can get an even better shot.

Densoric maintains his ground and says, "best to take what advantages you can get My Lady." to Rozlyn as her request is countered, as he continues to hold his sword. Though its a typical grip on the hilt itself, the only real stance is a generally defensive one.

"I will remember that our skins are worth more than those of the defenseless citizens we will be unable to save should they encounter these." Rozlyn keeps up a running commentary even as she pulls out a smaller device; her lightweight, travel scanner. She's not going to countermand the orders, no, but she is bristling.

Brienne is too focused on the combat to even notice a camera and she swings her blade, deadly, slashing at the thing trying to attack her. As her blade strikes once, through the chest, the thing falls over dead, and Brie goes after the next one nearest her.
One of the Skitterers is easily sliced in two by the monomolecular edge of Brienne's weapon. The others continue to move rapidly, their little legs moving quickly across the smooth floor, though it is easily to see that they are suffering greatly at the damage. Just as Canis takes out one of the Skitterers' legs, the shower room is filled with blinding white light and the shower heads immediately turn on. Very hot water and its resulting steam fills the room.

"Cannot make such promise." Ryan replies through the comms as he moves back into the line of firing, "Just remember to keep clear of my line of fire." The one he'd shot is down so he lines up on another of them and takes good aim. The light blinks green on his HUD and he follows the movements firing where the thing is going, hopefully.

Canis postion himself defensively for the moment. He is lucky to avoid being struck by the bolt which is shot at him, his strike fairs better slicing one of the creatures legs but it doesnt go down and so he'll make another attack.

Sammel frowns as he misses, moving in for another attack on the thing now. Hearing words going around, he shakes his head a little bit as he keeps on moving for the thing now.

Nikomachos catches one of the skittering things with the thrust, although it twists away before he can pin it down like the bug that it is. "Research happens after we survive, Lady Rozlyn." Keeping his shield between him and the arachnid Hostiles, he turns his head back and forth, "AI, caret each Hostile. They're too small to keep an eye on them easily." Shifting back to speaking to the others, he adds, "Keep between them and the others, Sirs."

One of the Skitterers is easily sliced in two by the monomolecular edge of Brienne's weapon. The others continue to move rapidly, their little legs clicking quickly across the smooth floor, though it is easily to see that they are suffering greatly at the damage. Just as Canis takes out one of the Skitterers' legs, the shower room is filled with blinding white light and the shower heads immediately turn on. Very hot water and its resulting steam fills the room.

<COMBAT> Skitterer05 attacks Ryan with Launcher - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Skitterer05's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Skitterer04 with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Skitterer02 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Skitterer03 attacks Nikomachos with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer03's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Skitterer03 with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ryan's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Rebecca attacks Skitterer02 with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rebecca's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Nikomachos attacks Skitterer03 with Spear - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Skitterer04 attacks Brienne with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer04's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Skitterer04 with Greatsword but Skitterer04 DODGES!

<COMBAT> Skitterer03 has been KO'd!

"Dammit!" Rebecca curses as her shot whizzes past the creature she was trying to plug. "Reloading!" She shouts again, warning the melees that she won't be covering for a few moments.

When the bug-like combatant is sliced in half, Rozlyn makes a sound that one might attribute to someone seeing a bird hit a window. It's a kind of empathy, but is it for herself or the Skitterer? Like as not, for the destruction of what she could have studied. Her hands shift on the sword she bears and she resists rushing in towards it. "Can you at least target the less essential parts? Take out their launchers, legs…" There's actual, real emotion in her voice. Just as a chef may bemoan a fallen souffle, so she bemoans the loss of valuable data. When the showers come on, she frowns. "System, adjust helmet levels and calculate for sound signatures."

Noticing the sudden light and showers, Densoric comments, perhaps to himself, "Disrupt thermal and visual detection methods. Not a bad tactic." before looking back to his flank. Though his glance at the sudden light and sound causes Keanen to be noticed once more by the entrance, "Lord Keanen, watch the flank before something takes a bite of yours, or before you get in the way of those actually fighting." in a serious tone.

Another Skitterer meets its doom, but that doesn't seem to deter the others. They move rapidly around, keeping their launchers focused on the Havenites. The steam continues to fill the room, beginning to cast strange shadows and silhouettes, and could threaten to become true obstructions.

The water doesn't affect Brienne's armor, or her grip on her sword, but it does mess with her visibility as the fog spreads, like in a horror story, yet she continues swinging her blade at the small animal looking thing, managing to miss this time even as she dodges the attack at her by the same little.. thing.

The knight strikes again and another leg at that, but it still stands. Canis cannot allow it to attack the others the flash of light and showers brings surprise though he swings still "We will need to get out of this water." his hud is warning him about the temperature and the fog it tries to adjust.

"Same." Ryan calls out after Rebecca and ducks once more out of the way, pulling on the slide to chamber another bolt then counting the blinks of light that tell him how long it will be before he can fire again. His armor starts to adjust for the light and steam, though the steam will be the harder part and will rely on his human eyes more than his suits sensors.

Nikomachos flinches back from the sudden light, raising his left arm, shield and all as he turns his head down. Thankfully, his AI — for all that it has no name — is well-trained, and the lowlight vision of his helmet shuts down quickly. "Hell and a half!" Recovering quickly, thanks to his AI, he thrusts out again, clipping a leg off it and turning to find the next caret on his HUD, "They are rather fast, Lady Rozlyn. Pull back if you can, Sirs. This is perfect terrain for an ambush." His careful steps take him backwards, looking for another target.

Keanen lowers his camera. "Oh for fuck's sake." His eyes begin to glow, and the crackle of electricity begins to fill the air around him. The acrid, metallic scent of electricity emanates from him as his long hair begins to stand up a bit from the static. "If you clumsy elephants pummel crush everything, there's nothing for the uber dorks to study." Blue arcs of electricity then surround his left hand, his human hand, as he prepares to zap the nearest critter.

Lights… Sammel winces as he sees the lights, and then the water. Taking a few moments to recover, he steps backwards a bit now. "Perfect ambush-area, yes…" he remarks to Niko's words, ducking back a bit before he thrusts out the poleaxe for the enemy again now.

Densoric calls to the fighters falling back, "If you can recover even a leg you'd have my thanks, but only if its readily on hand as you fall back." in a calm tone. It is certainly a humble suggestion by his tone, not a solid request. He then looks to keanen and adds, "Says the one who was more concerned with recording then helping in any meaningful way." in a serious tone. At the mention of an ambush potential Densoric grows more aware, though of course that doesn't always mean you'll notice more.

<COMBAT> Skitterer02 attacks Nikomachos with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Skitterer02's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Keanen attacks Skitterer04 with Psychometry - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Skitterer02 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Skitterer04 with Polearm but Skitterer04 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nikomachos attacks Skitterer05 with Spear but Skitterer05 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Skitterer04 with Greatsword but Skitterer04 DODGES!

<COMBAT> Skitterer02 has been KO'd!

Rebecca sweeps back around to settle in the doorway, leveling the crossbow at the first target her AI points out to her. "I think this ship is waking up!" Rebecca barks over the comm. "Could it have been in some kind of stasis?!" She fires.

Even as another Skitterer meets its fate, the others do not relent. The one who does suffer a bit of a zap leaps back abruptly, turning its bright photoreceptor toward Keanen. Abruptly, the ship's broadcast system starts to shriek and shrill, and this clip of Keanen's voice is said over and over again at what could be described as ear-piercing volume: "YOU CLUMSY ELEPHANTS PUMMEL CRUSH EVERYTHING! YOU CLUMSY ELEPHANTS PUMMEL CRUSH EVERYTHING!"

Ryan's HUD binks green again and he turns back to firing once more, "No idea, can ships have a stasis? Maybe these things are connected to it somehow? Also, what if the internal environment is harsher than the exterior one?"

"We'll recover what we can after we're all safe, Lady Rozlyn." Nikomachos continues retreating slowly, starting back abruptly as one of the skittering things bursts out of the steam to his left. His thrust misses the darting figure he was aiming for as he turns, bringing up his shield to block the ribbon of steel that lashes out at him. "And with all due respect, Lord Keanen, if we 'clumsy elephants' get too hurt to continue, you won't have anything to study. So let us — " And then the ship's speakers interrupt him, and he blinks in surprise inside his helmet, "That's new to me. There's definitely something else active here. Finish them fast and we move on!"

"Why did you not use those abilities from the start?!" Really, Rozlyn's voice is more surprise than anything else. She is quite grateful to see the beginnings of lightning arise around Keanen's hand. There's a wince at the broadcast system and she circles slowly. "FUCK." Has anyone heard the woman swear before? Likely no one outside Cedric. "Environmental systems coming online. Lord Niko, please call the glider. We may need to leave if this ship can get airborne."

Sammel grimaces as he hears what's being said, and as he once more doesn't manage to hit the dodgy little thing. Pausing a bit as he hears the broadcast system, wincing a few times at the volum. "Is it telling us to pummel crush things, or…?" Going in with an attempt to impale the enemy… whatevertheyare, now…

Densoric calls out, "Sounds like environmental systems powering up to me as well." as though to further confirm the words of Rebecca, Rozlyn, and anyone else who reports such. He then flinches a bit at the ear-splitting sound and he grumbles, "And just when i thought Keanen couldn't be more irritating." before doing his best to shake it off. He then calls back, mostly to Rozlyn and Niko, though to anyone else really as well, "Could the ship itself be a trap? Like a 'testing ground' or something to see what our limits are?" as various ideas, thoughts, and theories flood through his mind, his focus remaining on his flank, sword ready.

Keanen throws the ball of electricity, striking the creature closest to him. He shouts back, sarcastically at everyone who's yelling at him. "Whatever. You know, maybe you guys could all—" And then his voice is on the intercom. He freezes, just a moment. And then he looks at Brienne. "I didn't do it." The electricity around him fizzles out, and his eyes stop glowing. "Fuck. My. Life." And he turns to look back at the critter he had just zapped.

Brienne swings at the thing again, but misses. Again… then her brothers voice is echoing out through everywhere.. She looks towards him, but her expression is unreadable and unseen beneath her helmet. Her posture is stiff though, disappointed, but she quickly goes back to the battle, leaving it for now.

Canis finishes off his current target, and looks up at the sound of the voice all around him. "That cant be good." he mutters but he moves to try and block the path of the enemy to defend the others swipe at the new presented target.

<COMBAT> Skitterer04 attacks Keanen with Launcher - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Skitterer04 with Polearm - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Rebecca attacks Skitterer05 with Crossbow - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Keanen attacks Skitterer04 with Psychometry - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Skitterer04 with Polearm - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Skitterer05 attacks Sammel with Launcher - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Skitterer05's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Ryan attacks Skitterer05 with Crossbow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Ryan's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Nikomachos attacks Skitterer05 with Spear - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Skitterer04 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Skitterer04 has been KO'd!

Rebecca's shot peels a leg off of one of the creatures as she winces at the repetition of Keanen's voice. She wheels back out of the doorway. "Reloading! That indicates some kind of sentience, picking out part of a phrase to use as a taunt," she mutters. "Someone has to be driving this bus, sir!"

"Permission to continue heading for the bridge? Lord Densoric and another can go along. I want to get access to a system as soon as possible." Rozlyn won't peel away without permission, no, but she is looking down the hallway as if itching to move on ahead. The scanner is directed at the walls, floors, and ceiling. Hoping to collect some sort of new data.

Ryan fires straight into the things main… carapace? Thorax? "I can escort them Sir Nikomachos. I have to reload as it is." he turns then away from the fighting. Looking at their defacto leader then to the two science folk.

As the environmental system starts up, it begins to suck in the corrosive fog from the outside. A huge blast of the acidic condensation whips down the corridor where the scientists and scouts are parked, swarming toward them at top speed. Within the steam-filled, bright shower room, there is only one skitterer that remains active and moving, though it appears to be doing so with only six of its eight legs and a damaged photoreceptor. Keanen's voice continues to shriek over the ship broadcast system.

The critter Keanen had just zapped fires it's little canon at Keanen. He's still surprised by his voice, so it strikes him in the chest, tossing him back a few steps. Almost on instinct, he curses, "Shit!" and his human hand erupts in another blast of electricity that arcs across the room to strike the critter once more. As his eyes stop glowing again, he looks around, chucks on his breather, grabs his camera, and then simply heads off down the hall towards the bridge.

"Settle down, people. Settle down." Nikomachos' voice remains flat and calm despite the thunder from the ship's speakers, "If it could have taken off, it would have before." With just two of the things to worry about now, he shifts his shield out to the side, stepping forward to chop down with the side of his spearpoint. The monomolecular blade shears through a leg even as two crossbow bolts come flashing past. "Not yet, Lady Rozlyn. There is something else present, and we're here to keep you safe. We'll stomp this thing and move on."

With a one track mind, Brienne swings her blade at the thing, taking out her frustration on it, slicing it before aiming her attention on the next one if she can get to it among the others.

"It's possible the ship is doing this just to test our resolve," Sammel points out, as he manages to give a solid hit to the creature. But in the process, he takes a hit to the chest plating, letting out a brief breath as the armor stops the attack. "Good to see some repairs work…" he mutters, turning to the remaining one and crouching a bit so he can attempt to hit it with the spike of the poleaxe, in between others swining their weapons at it.

Canis strikes at his target again and it goes down under the combined attack of the crew and he now sends his attack on the next and final in the ambush. He steps off to the side and strikes again.

As the fog comes pouring back in, Densoric re-engages his breather and says, "Acidic fog, breathers on!" to alert anyone who might be too pre-occupied to notice, as he maintains his watch. As Keanen's voice continues across the ship he asks, "Any way we can try and block that out?"

<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Skitterer05 with Polearm but Skitterer05 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nikomachos attacks Skitterer05 with Spear but Skitterer05 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Canis attacks Skitterer05 with Polearm but Skitterer05 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Brienne attacks Skitterer05 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Skitterer05 has been KO'd!

Breather is on and Rozlyn turns slightly to let the winds hit her back, rather than the scanner she holds. There's a tensing of jaw as she looks further down the hall. "How heavy are they? Can we bring one with us, in case we have to get out quick? We really need to move to get to those computers."

"Sir, we have the outside coming in at us at a really rapid clip! We need to put something between us and that corrosive fog ASAP!" Rebecca calls. She double checks her re-breather. "Any bulkheads one of these smart people can close for us?" She begins ushering the non-combatant's down the hall towards the bridge.

Once the last one is down and his crossbow has recharged, Ryan is going after Keanen who'd taken off down the hallway. "Hey, hold up a moment Keanen." there's a flicker of medical readouts over his HUD as he moves to catch up with his cousin. "If you need medical, call it!"

There is a heartbeat after the last skitterer drops before the lights go out and the showers turn off. The environmental systems continue to suck in the corrosive outside fog, as if the ship is taking in a deep, deep breath.

Brienne takes out her third one and notices the immediate danger seems to be over. Now where the hell was Keanen? She spins around, prepared to charge after him. When she notices her cousin headed that way instead, she debates. Cursing to herself, she speaks in the comm in case he is tuned in. "Get back in here now, Keanen."

With so many Havenites around the little Hostiles, Nikomachos can only pen in the little thing, and then Brienne finishes it off. And then the fog comes rushing over, and he's thankful for the seals on his armor, "Mother in Heaven. Everyone move quickly. Sergeant Mordain, grab one of the things and then watch our tail. We're moving quickly to the bridge, people. Sir Ryan, you can see to Lord Keanen when we're out of the fog."

Densoric states over his comms, "Regardless of what you think of me or my opinions Keanen, this matter I do know, don't mess with this fog, regroup so we can try and get clear, otherwise any breach of your armor is about to get real painful as that acid starts to eat away." in a serious tone, perhaps a bit of fear-mongering, but the pain might be a good motivator to actually listen to people for a change as the Larent moves to head towards the bridge with the others.

Sammel frowns as he looks around, spotting the fog, before he starts moving towards the bridge as well, glancing around every now and then, just in case there's something else charging them in the process.

There's something of a relief when the order is given to grab one of the Skitterers. Rozlyn makes sure her case is secure and starts down the hall with the others. "Lord Keanen," she calls over the comms. "While I appreciate your abilities in helping secure a more complete specimen, keeping rank and order is vital."

"Roger, sir!" Rebecca grabs whichever of the Hostile creatures looks most intact, shoves it into her reinforced backpack, and brings up the rear, holding her crossbow in a guard position in case anything comes at them out of that fog.

The last is a quick little bugger and only the weapons give it pause and Brie kills it proper. Canis smiles over to her from inside his armor though he knows there's not time to relax and begins to form back up to his place he'll move at the back of the form though he's still moving.

As they rush for the bridge, the fog pursues. They find themself running up a long stretch of corridor that is uninterrupted until it reaches the bridge — the bright white center at the nose of the vessel. It is heavily damaged from boarding action, but looks… empty. Perhaps.

Nikomachos's armor is looking distinctly duller than before as he hustles through the fog, leading the way through the hallways, "Let's move, people. Stick close. Call out if someone falls behind or if you spot something." His lips purse as the voice keeps bellowing at them and they start down the hallway, "Keep your eyes out for trouble as we hit the bridge." He keeps his shield up as he advances at a quick walk.

Keanen is still at the front of the group, having ran ahead. He's slowed his pace to a careful walk, though, so certainly everyone has surely caught up with him who wanted to. His head is tilted a bit to the side, thoughtfully, and his camera is slung on his shoulder, not filming. He doesn't turn around or acknowledge anyone, he just keeps slowly creeping towards the bridge.

As they rush into the bridge, Rozlyn takes a look around. Her paces slow, but she moves towards the back wall. Frowning. "Come look at this." It's a general request, perhaps. "This wall is cracked… I do not think it should be." Scanner is held up as she moves nearer to investigate.

Densoric follows towards the bridge, sword ready as he looks about for signs of trouble, "If possible, I'd like to try and take one of their computers. I have tools to try and disconnect one if needed." His tone is much more considerate and a request then the more… Focused and driven 'requests' of Rozlyn. He might want access himself, he's not going to take unnecessary risks to get them though, he knows the damage the fog can do, and knows enough about Hostiles how bad they are. As he turns to head towards Rozlyn, as she speaks up about the crack.

Abruptly, everything goes quiet and very dark. What was once a hidden, sealed door slides back to reveal a chamber behind the bridge. For those who are accustomed to boarding actions or study the tactic would know that this chamber is new — if it has always been there, then it has been well hidden. Within is a deep room that is dark compared to the white of the rest of the transport. There are conduits and flexible tubing that runs all over the walls and from the ceiling. There are dense shadows everywhere, but at the very back of the room is the silhouette of a limp Hostile, looking to be suspended against the wall with its arms slightly spread apart at its side and legs tapered down together to a point.

Canis moves quickly onto the bridge with the others. He pauses to catch his breath for a moment as he makes sure everyone is safe inside though he looks to the wall. "Agreed it wasnt like that before." he looks to each to see if it can be figured out.

As the last of them enter the bridge, the environmental systems immediately wind down and the fog is exhaled out of the previous corridor. Mid-sentence, the repeating broadcast of Keanen's voice is immediate cut off, leaving them in silence.

It only takes Niko's order one time to be heard by Brienne before she is rushing with him and the others towards the bridge. She's not so worried about specimens or computers, but her brothers voice over the sound system bothers her, especially the words. She looks at Canis, then Keanen and when the voice ceases, she speaks to Keanen again. "Are you hurt bad, Keanen?"

Rebecca brings up the rear and she shouts back, "How about figuring out how to close this do-…" She stops barking into the comm as the sound system stops repeating and the fog is sucked out of the corridor. "That, doesn't bode well. Anyone ever watch cattle being herded to slaughter?" she asks, blinking at the others.

Keanen spends a moment looking around the bridge. When his voice stops, he looks upward at the silent air, then looks at his sister. "I'm fine." He then steps back out into the hallway, walking a few feet back the way they came to be by himself.

Sammel moves over to that wall Rozlyn has pointed out, nodding a little bit as he hears her words. "That's not a normal crack…" he says, as he reaches it, moving one hand to trace along it. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't most cracks have a rather irregular shape? This one looks more… perfect, as far as cracks go, doesn't it?" Letting out a bit of a breath as the broadcast stops. Rebecca's words makes him pause a bit. "But this herd can yet fight back," he offers, quietly.

When he's able to catch up to Keanen he starts to use quickscan of his cousin's armor, "Alright you. Just a quick spray to stop up that scrape, no complaining or we're not going free climbing when we get back." He's got that 'just for you' smile but it's conviently hidden behind his well encasing helmet. The words about the crack distract him and as such misses Keanen escaping his care.

Nikomachos slows as he goes through the door to the bridge, looking around the rim of the door before he steps in. Looking around the bridge, he notes, "Clear." He lets the others through, then plants himself in the doorway, with his shield ready to cut it off as best as he can. "We should be able to get a terminal from somewhere in the bridge. I don't think we'll want to stay here long, so let's find that terminal quickly." Glancing back to those at the crack, he adds, "Sammy… keep that poleaxe close if Lady Rozlyn is working at the perfect crack."

When Keanen moves to pass her, Brienne's gauntlet covered hand snakes out to try to grab his wrist. "Keanen, it's not safe back the way we came, let Ryan help you, we have to stay together." Trying to get him to at least stay nearby. "You don't have to stay by me but stay by someone here, would you? Even I am assigned to stay by Canis and offer cover. No one is exempt."

"Precisely, Lord Sammel," Rozlyn says, with a glance cast towards the Cindravale. "This was not caused by the ramship or the boarding party. I wonder if it was constructed to be this way." Curiousity wins out over caution and the woman moves in closer. She traces her fingers over the edges of the crack. Half a foot wide; too narrow to fit into. She glances back the way they came, mind working rapidly. Drawing a breath, she leans in and lets the lights from her helmet illuminate the interior, AI still recording. Turning sideways, she lifts her scanner, letting it start to collect any data found beyond.

As more and more lights start to shine in direction of the crack, it becomes obvious that there is a deep, dark room beyond it and there are hints of mechanical structures.

"I get the feeling, something in there wants us to find it," Rebecca says, with an audible gulping sound.

Keanen yanks his arm from his sister, "I ain't GOING anywhere!" And he doesn't. He's in the hall, but only a few feet down it, and is just pacing.

Densoric watches things at the crack till Niko mentions the terminal and Densoric nods looking around to see if anything here might be able to be disconnected and removed. Though with everything going on, the fight, the fog, and the rest of the chaos Densoric is unable to find anything at all of note. It may also just be his great unfamiliarity of Hostile ships and systems as well. He then looks to Rozlyn and says, "While you work on that, if you can point out any access ports, servers, or the like i can try and download what data I can to my computer." as he holds up his leg arm showing the computer built into a bracer.

"The other alternative…" Sammel begins, before he shakes his head a little bit. "I always keep the poleaxe close when in dangerous territory, Niko. You should know that by now." It's spoken a bit lightly, as he once more looks to the crack. "What's on the other side?"

"I believe," Rozlyn is saying, moving fingers to the edges of the crack. Pushing at it. Trying to get it open further. If it does not budge, she'll try pressing her way through sideways. "this is where our new friends came from." She can't see for certain yet, but she has her theories. There is a glance back towards Densoric and she points to a couple of spots quickly. "System, provide Lord Densoric the locations of the interface surfaces." Smooth surfaces; similar perhaps to a large tablet. No sign of inputs on them, however. The AI will provide a highlight for the Larent.

Nikomachos eyes Keanen and Brienne just beyond him outside the bridge, "Lord Keanen. If you would please help Lady — ." And then Densoric is speaking up, "Forget accessing in place. Find a terminal you can cut out. Lady Rozlyn, Sammy, take a look in that crack if you don't mind. If there's something beyond, I don't want to be ambushed from within. Sir Brienne, Lord Keanen, assist? Sir Ryan, Sergeant, keep an eye on things and help out as you can." His helmet, however, remains focused on the corridor beyond.

When Rozlyn puts pressure to the side of the crack, it starts to slide open with a smooth swishing noise. It moves quite easily, as if it were meant to.

Rebecca continues to cover the door warily until Niko tells her to help the others. She nods and moves to stand beside the people trying to open the door panel. She holds her crossbow steady to shine it's light in. When the panel opens she tenses, expecting attack.

Brienne just drops it. She can never win when it comes to Keanen, but she does look at him briefly before getting back to all business. "Yes, Sir Niko. My apologies." Game face on. Her sword drawn, she moves nearer to offer assistance as commanded.

Canis watches the back and forth for the moment between the siblings though he moves to assist though he hasnt been ordered to do so he doesnt wish to be idle while he's still useful. His polearm still held in his hand "I'll assist as well."

"Yes sir." Ryan says with a last look out towards his cousins, he turns towards this opening in the wall. "I don't think we should be going in there…" either way, he moves to keep himself inbetween both parties of people to swivel where needed. Bolt tip pointed down, but at the ready.

Densoric nods to Niko and says, "Very well then." as he moves to the terminal the A.I. pointed out that looks most promising to him and pulls out a tool kit from behind his back, looking over it he frowns under his helmet and says, "This is only an access point from what i can tell. Removing this wouldn't help any. I can access the information but none is stored in this physically." He then examines it closer and any other relatively nearby points to see about other options. "Could those 'rats' of your's be the original inhabitants of the fifth world, and they are in some way connected to the alteration of the hostiles?" speaking as though he believes the hostiles are in fact human in origin as the recent video about sarah suggests. Wasn't he the one that made a broadcast about neither confirming nor denying that?

Sammel blinks a bit as he sees the crack starting to open. "Perhaps I should head in first?" he offers quietly to Rozlyn. After all, he's the fighter of the two, right? Looking between the others for a few moments, then back to the Orelle.

Keanen sighs, stops pacing, and he rubs the bridge of his nose for a long moment. Finally, he turns and walks back into the bridge. As he makes his way back in, his eyes glow once more. His hair stands up a bit, and the electricity begins to arc around his human hand. He moves to the crack, extends his arm, and opens his palm. A small orb of light flickers into the air, and he pushes it into the darkness.

There's something of a grunt from Rozlyn at Sammel's words. "Together. I have a record going." She makes sure the doors become wide enough, adjusting the levels on her helmet to brighten and provide a broader lightsource. "I believe the things we fought, Lord Densoric, are a purely technical creation of the Cantosans." She will not call them Hostiles. Not and likely never again. The orb does get a slgight nod as it moves. "Thank you."

Nikomachos nods to Canis' statement, "Sorry. Got a little distracted. Anywhere you can help, Sir Canis." Densoric's news causes the Cindravale-turned-Sauveur to frown inside his helmet, "We'll have to leave it for the follow-on team to cut their way to the server room if we don't find any more Hostiles." He's certainly not above calling them Hostiles. "Be careful, Sammy. You've made it this far without needing your Lady Wife's expertise, let's keep it that way."

The ball of Awakened light can only illuminate about a five meter diameter sphere, and it only makes the room feel cavernous. For those who are accustomed to boarding actions or study the tactic would know that this chamber is new — if it has always been there, then it has been well hidden. Within is a deep room that is dark compared to the white of the rest of the transport. There are conduits and flexible tubing that runs all over the walls and from the ceiling. It appears to be all be centralizing on a location in the back of the room.

"Sir, do we go in?" Rebecca asks, looking like she's rather do anything but go in there.

"Together, then. But if there's something dangerous inside there, fall back." Sammel offers this a bit quietly to Rozlyn, before he nods at Keanen and the ball of light. "Thanks." A brief nod at Niko's words. "Thought it would be a pleasant surprise, if I get back from this without needing her professional expertise," he offers. Pausing a bit as he looks further inside. "Looks huge…" Taking a deep breath before stepping through.

"I have not heard any more of that… skittering sound," Rozlyn states to Rebecca, shifting forward into the space. "Lord Densoric, if you are unable to gain any data in there… There may be something in here." She's looking to that tubing, sweeping her gaze over the space as she moves forward slowly. Keeping in line, at least, with Lord Sammel. "I am not wholly familiar with the known schematics, but I do not believe this is standard. A new design, perhaps? Hopefully we can assemble a good map…"

Near just about everyone else, Brie is on high alert, ready to do what is necessary to keep the non combat oriented safe. She steps nearer, "If you're going in, I'll go with you if you need. I don't want you to find any unpleasant surprises."

Nikomachos murmurs, "AI, copy Sammel's feed, upper-right quadrant." He studies the video for a long moment, then nodding, "Sergeant, your crossbow won't be useful in there. Cover for me here. I'll lead the way in since I have the shield." He waits until she comes over to watch the corridor, "close feed," then he hustles over to slip in behind Rozlyn and Sammel, his own red helmet lights helping illuminate the space along with the Awakened light. "Keep your eyes open, watch the ceiling too. Let's not bunch up too much."

"Roger," Rebecca backs off to cover the corridor with her crossbow.

Ryan remains in his spot, the perfect place to attack either direction should he be needed to do so. He watches as the others start to move into the room then looks back out to the hall again, then to the others, then to the hall. He could be watching a tennis match at slowly at that.

Keanen gives a little huff as no one bothers to actually go in. "Oh for fuck's sake, SOMEONE go in." He watches Sammel go in then, followed by Roz and Niko as he just shakes his head, impatiently.

There are dense shadows everywhere, but they peel back slowly as the Awakened light continues to float within. At the very back of the room, hovering about six feet off the ground, is the muddled silhouette of a petite, limp Hostile. It looks to be suspended against the wall with its arms slightly spread apart at its side and legs tapered down together to a point at its toes. A soft, soothing voice is heard through the broadcast system now, sounding almost childlike. "We're done playing now."

Densoric looks to rozlyn as she mentions potential points of interest and rolls up his tool kit, putting it back on his belt then moves to follow Niko in, his sword is still with him, but he angles it so the blade is facing away from those ahead of him, at least till they are in a larger area. As the voice fills the intercoms, Densoric looks ahead to see what is going on. Though ready to back out quickly if needed.

The child-like voice has Rebecca feeling like someone dumped ice water down her back. She turns, wide-eyed, towards the opening to the secret compartment, horrified. "Tell me that's not a child," she rasps over the comm.

The moment Keanen sees the Hostile, his steps increase and he moves quickly to the front of the group. "Talk to me," he says, gently, as he arrives at the front, just as his eyes begin to glow. Again, there's the popping sound of electricity and the metallic smell of voltage, his hair stands up a bit from the static, and he reaches out with his cybernetic hand, open palmed. At the same moment, he extends his mind telepathically toward the Hostile.

When the voice speaks and they find a live hostile, Rozlyn drops all pretenses of defense. In fact, she puts aside her sword and takes a few steps forward; ignoring the Knights. "Cantosan, what is your name? I would like to speak with you, rather than continue this fighting. Sarah 113 of 158 is safe, but under our watch. I do not wish to kill unless I am threatened." She does look, sharply, towards Keanen. "Do not harm her. We do not attack unless we are attacked first."

"Who are you?" Sammel asks as he hears the voice, before he sees Keanen moves forward, and then Rozlyn. Stepping forward a bit as well, he looks around for a few moments, keeping his polearm at ready, in case it's needed now. Muttering something rather darkly under his breath too.

Nikomachos lifts up his spear, hefting it to hold it overhand to aim over Rozlyn and Sammel's shoulders, "I don't think it is, Sergeant." But there's a question to his voice, and his steps slow. He licks his lips inside his helmet, "Um…" There's a pause, and then he puts in, "Sammy, do you think you can get it down and get some binders on it?" When the two nobles step forward, he barks out, "Lord Keanen. Lady Rozlyn. Back please. We don't know how dangerous this Hostile is."

"Hey, back here, am I the only one concerned by it saying they are done playing now? Meaning those little hedgehog Hostiles were its little game and now it's time to get serious?" Brienne berates. "Hostiles never want to talk until they are captured. They just want to shoot us with their launchers and throw bludgeons at our heads."

The moment Keanen attempts to touch the Hostile's mind, it immediately puts up what can only be described as mental barriers. "Please, do not attempt that again, Inner Worlder," the voice over the broadcast says quite politely. "Our mind is ours, and we must invite you in — an invitation that has not been extended." There is a certain eloquence to the way this Hostile — this Cantosan — speaks. There is a deliberate pause before the voice continues, "We are Penelope Three of Six." There is another pause. "Please cease your approach or we will be forced to defend ourselves."

"Did it say they were playing?" Ryan looks out the front from wence they came, "Some how I get a bad feeling about this. Perhaps just kill her and take her as a dead specimen? Can still study those you know." he offers, eyes trained out into the corridor

There is that skittering sound again, and three small arachnoid drones appear from some of the dark conduits, their photoreceptors glowing brightly.

"No." Rozlyn does not stop. Especially when the spear is lifted. "We have not been threatened by her specifically, other than defenses because we invaded her ship." The woman continues to move forward. She will place herself before the Cantosan- in the way of any weapons. "Hostile is a terrible term. Please stop using it." And when no threat is made, there is a smile from the noblewoman; even if hidden by her helmet. "Hello, Penelope Three of Six. I am Lady Doctor Rozlyn Orelle. I have no desire to continue this fight."

As the others enter the room, Densoric follows as well. Seeing the small Hostile, no doubt smaller compared to his height at least, he finally sheathes his sword for the first time since they left the glider. He then looks to niko and says, "If you will allow it, I am the one of the least value here, and I am more for mental pursuits then physical. Will you let me attempt to talk to this Hostile, see if we can't get a willing… Guest?" in a whisper-like tone. Likely intended only for Niko's ears.

"They are called Hostiles… because they are hostile Doctor." Brienne says archly. She does not enter the room with the others, or the crack. No, she's out here looking around for the threat too, in case something comes from behind.

Rebecca is still covering the corridor. "What's going on in there?" she asks over the comm. This is the last time she signs up for a mission to protect crazy scientists.

When Rozlyn doesn't stop and the skittering things appear, Nikomachos snaps out again, "It just did, Lady Rozlyn. By the Sage, back up, please." Brienne's words cause him to nod his head sharply and his external speakers go silent as he speaks via comm instead, "We have a Hostile inside, connected to machinery of some sort and with several more of the spider-things." He doesn't lower the spear, "Our job is not to sit here and talk, My Lords, My Ladies. It is to secure valuable information and resources and see if it is safe for a full salvage crew. We need to secure this Hostile and move on."

"They are called Hostiles because we use archaric terms to describe an archaric decision made by our ancestors. They are Cantosans." Rozlyn straightens, chin held high. "They are hostile to us because we are hostile to them. We are all human, protecting our best interests." She raises her arms as Nikomachos speaks up. "Lord Niko, you raised a weapon at her first. /YOU/ made the first threat. They have not launched at us. She is being defensive."

Keanen's eyes stop glowing and he ceases his friendly attempt at communicating with the Hostile. "Fuck this." He turns to walk out, and gestures at Roz as he passes her, "This bitch is insane. I'm out." And he heads back to the cockpit, looking to take up a space in the safety of his sister's personal space.

"Never have any of us attacked them first, Doctor. I work out on the field, in patrols, on the front line. I see it time and again. They invaded us we didn't go seeking them." Brienne counters just as easily. "They launched those species things you wanted a copy of at us first. They turned the showers on, they are toying with us and you're falling into it just fine. Just remember this if anyone gets hurt, you're disobeying direct orders from Sir Niko."

"I'm sorry, did I miss where we invaded the fifth world and slaughtered civilians and children? Because I'm pretty sure your Cantosans came here and did that to us," Rebecca barks over the comm.

Densoric looks to Niko and says, "With all due respect Lord Sir Nikomachos. We recently spoke of our respective fields. I understand the need for valuable resources, but which is better a willing resource of one that refuses to share anything? Please i ask for only a few minutes. If I have no success then you can do it your way, if I do have some success, then give me the chance to see what can be gained in terms of cooperation. Attempts have been tried, but can it truly hurt to spare a few minutes to try a different option?" in a calm tone, over what is hopefully a private channel between himself and Niko.

Sammel sighs a bit as he hears Rozlyn's words. "Have you seen what they…" he begins, before he glances back to Niko for a few brief moments. Nodding a bit as he hears Brienne's words. "If they were only hostile to us because we were hostile to them, then why invade? And why go after civilians, time and time again." Keeping his own words over the comms for the moment.

The closer the lights get to the suspended Cantosan, the more obvious it becomes that she is indeed embedded into the ship. Her limbs are obvious, and it does look as if it is possible for her to be disconnected, but for some reason she hasn't. Unlike most Cantosans, she is not covered from head to toe in intricate armor. She wears a semi-armored breastplate and breeches, but her face is exposed save for an opaque visor that covers both her eyes. She remains silent as the Inner Worlders exchange this dialogue — some outloud and some unheard.

"I'm not usually one to just drag someone out, but Lady Rozlyn I'll take the reprimand if I must. If Sir Nikomachos has ordered you to move away from the hostile then you do it. We can all argue semantics over the use of that term when we're not potentially surrounded by hostiles." Ryan barks into the comm quite loudly. He's not left his spot, but he's been following what beeing going on.

Over the comm, Rozlyn replies: "Our scout ships began the war. We may have been lied to all these years." There is a soft pause, "I will place my recording of my meeting with Sarah for all to see once we return." She remains, with arms raised out to either side. She isn't going to move until - unless - Penelope takes action. Off the comm, for all — including the pilot — to hear, she speaks again: "They believe we Abandoned them, my friends. It is up to us to change those perceptions." She moves nearer, intending to close the distance. "Penelope Three of Six, will you work with us? I do not want to leave a fellow human abandoned on this place. I do not know how long or if you could survive."

More and more skittering drones peek out from behind tubing and conduit and out of shadow, but they do not appear to be aggressive. Watchful perhaps may even be the right word.

Keanen waits by his sister. His eyes stop glowing, and he turns off the light orb. He's apparently done here.

"With respect, Lord Densoric, if we're in this little room when she calls in a score of Hostile Soldiers and Elites, we're all dead." Nikomachos keeps those words on the single comm channel to the Larent, and then he switches to a full-group channel, "Sammy, see if you can get it down — without hurting it if possible. I'll cover you. Lady Rozlyn, you can speak with it when we're some place safe." Even as he speaks, he keeps his attention on the arachnids, spear-point up on them. "And Lady Rozlyn, if you spread classified information, the Citadel will not be pleased."

"Those scout ships never returned. How are we to blame for that? It was 1500 years ago for the Crone's sake!" Rebecca snaps. "Get the Hostile secure and let's get the hell out of here before the entire place gets eaten by the fog, and us along with it." Her patience is wearing thin. This is neither the time nor the place to make nice with the enemy.

There is a long, perhaps even thoughtful pause from the embedded Cantosan. "We can no longer disconnect ourselves from the vessel," she explains.

Canis looks on to the others as they discuss what to do, though he'll not join in unless it's requird of him or there is a danger. He follows the tennis match of an argument as it goes back and forth. He does move up to stand with the gaurd just in case.

"I was allowed to leave with my recordings, Lord Nikomachos," back to his full name now. Rozlyn is past using the comms; she speaks so Penelope can hear. "Those present now should see them. Perhaps more." She continues nearer to the Cantosan, even removing her sword to set it down. Showing, even more, she intends no harm. "Are you unable to disconnect yourself or can you not be removed at all? Penelope Three of Six, what may I do to help?"

Keanen shakes his head, "If she can't leave then kill her and let's get out of here." He looks at Brienne, annoyed, and then points his camera back into the room at the others.

"You can no longer disconnect yourselves from the vessel?" Sammel asks, over the speakers this time, stepping forward a little bit, his weapon lowered. "Was that why you wanted us to find you?"

Densoric looks to Niko and says, this time out loud, "The immediate threat are those 'bug's', or whatever they are actually called. Yet its also clear they aren't hostile currently. my guess is that they attacked me because I surprised them and they only have experience with soldiers. And I speak more of clearing the room, as I said I'm of little value so my loss is minimal, yet if I am successful then this entire argument is rendered moot. Take the precautions you feel needed, I merely ask for the chance at diplomacy, to show we aren't all here to fight and force what we want. Sweet attracts more the bitter after all. Would you not be on guard if a bunch of percieved soldiers marched in threatening you?"

"I refuse to pay for the sins of our ancestors with the deaths of innocents." Brienne says vehemently into the coms. "They kill without regard. They slaughter, they maim, they are killing your own people, doctor. And yet you defend them." She practically growls out the words, then looks at Keanen, offering him a nod. "I agree, but it's not my call. You take the pictures, all you can get."

"The protocols in place to disconnect us is no longer functioning. We will have to be removed through juryrigged means," Penelope provides through the broadcast system. There is another pause. "We also feel it is important to point out that your information on the Sarah genetic coterie is out of date. Sarah One-One-Three is of One-Six-Four."

"Whatever you're doing, do it now and get it done. Sir, permission to clear the way back to the glider and take any non-essential personnel with me?" Rebecca asks. She has no desire to die because a scientist thinks they know better than someone who's watched innocents cut down in front of them.

Looking to the Hostile Densoric says, "I am trained in electronics, perhaps not those of the degree you possess, but if you are willing to walk me through the process I would like to try and disconnect you if that is what you wish."

"And we, in turn, are killing theirs!" Rozlyn's voice rises somewhat in response to Brienne's words. "I believe Lord Sammel here spoke earlier of how one slain on the islands was a /parent/. My brother told me of the exact same. How would you feel were your mother or father fell defending their home?" There's a bit of surprise at Penelope's words. "Is that so? I shall have to let her know. I believe she may like to hear that." The woman moves nearer, looking over the setup. She starts digging in her case. "Lord Densoric, please bring your tools. I believe she will have to be cut down. Penelope Three of Six, can you please direct us so we do not harm you?"

Nikomachos turns his helmet toward Rozlyn, although his eyes stay on the lurking arachnids, "Lady Rozlyn. Please stop interfering in this mission. You may discuss this further with the Citadel once we have the Hostile in custody. Lord Densoric, I'm sure that the Citadel will allow you to speak with the Hostile if it survives the trip to custody — which we may not do if there are any more Hostiles on the ship." With the press of a button, his spear haft retracts until it is merely a baton with a blade at the tip, and he reaches down to draw his sword and step forward and around, looking to approach the side of the Hostile, "We're leaving as soon as we secure the Hostile, Sergeant. We'll need your cover moving with a captive."

"Do you hear yourself doctor? ONE slain was a parent. And how many of ours was slain? I will never pretend to understand you, but I can say I do not agree with you. I am a member of House Arboren, I support the houses and the people in the Haven system. I do not support Hostiles, nor lovers of them. You chose your side, it seems, yet you chose wrong." Brienne counters angrily into the com.

"After they had *invaded* an island resort, strung people up alive and flayed and cut apart," Sammel replies, over the comms again now. "Who knows how many others they would have killed if we hadn't gone there to rescue them." He goes silent again now, as he moves forward to help his brother now.

"Acknowledged," the Pilot says in regards to Rozlyn's request to guide. She doesn't speak to any bits and pieces of the argument amongst the Inner Worlders she is overhearing. "The task will not be difficult. Monomolecular weaponry will be sufficient in making the incisions." The Cantosan will make specific, polite instructions to Nikomachos and Sammel as those who are removing her.

"Did you not see the feeds from Cape Amran? They slaughtered fleeing non combatants! Sir, I strongly request that you move faster. What's the estimate on how long our armor can withstand the atmosphere here before that fog starts eating through our gear, or our rebreather tubes?" Rebecca sounds very, very angry.

Densoric says, "I doubt the Citadel would allow me as I've not been granted access to Sarah since we gained access to her. And if she is willing to talk me through the process of removing her, then whatever your intentions, she has a better chance of survival. And I believe she wants out, after all if we don't get her out then she is stuck on this ship till the acid outside slowly eats it away. Whether there are threats here or not, if you cut her down with a sword you are more likely to severe critical life support functions. I simply want to ensure she is in the best condition when she is brought back to maximize what we can learn from her." As Penelope speaks of the weapons, he simply shrugs and sees to drop the matter as he starts to make his way outside. Perhaps because any more words is pointless, perhaps because she seems to accept the 'help'.

"Should we be attacked, Lord Nikomachos, I will gladly fall back to my prior position. However, I believe this is more of a diplomatic mission and that falls out of most of our lines of work." Which may be why the woman has taken the role she has. Rozlyn is bristling, but remaining relatively calm. "We, as they, have hundreds of years of animosity. No one has spoken directly before now. I do not believe any others are on board and I feel… she would have told them to remain away." There is a glance over Penelope. "Penelope Three of Six, I am willing to carry you, but we will have to provide restraints once we depart. It is a part of protocol, but I will remain with you the entire way to ensure your passage is as comfortable as possible."

Nikomachos tunes out the arguing and bickering, shutting down his shield and cutting where he's told. Between cuts, he looks up to the arachnids. Once the pilot is free, he sheathes his blade, the electrostatic scabbard shedding blood and other fluids. He gathers a set of binders from the back of his belt, reaching out in an attempt to draw the Hostile's arms behind her back and lock them there. "We need to get moving again. Once we're at the entry, we call in the glider and get out of here. Another team will have to complete the survey."

Nikomachos tunes out the arguing and bickering, shutting down his shield and cutting where he's told. Between cuts, he looks up to the arachnids. Once the pilot is free, he sheathes his blade, the electrostatic scabbard shedding blood and other fluids. He gathers a set of binders from the back of his belt, his other hand on her upper arm…

Brienne ceases her own side of the argument, sheathing her sword, she looks at Keanen, Canis then Ryan. Finally, back to Rebecca. When she speaks though, it's to Canis. "I think I understand so few people.." A private message sent to him over the com.

Densoric simply clears the passage into the secret room, and awaits word to head back to the glider in silence. He gave it his best shot, but ultimately its a military operation not a diplomatic one, and either way Densoric has no authority to affect things. "Hopefully she'll survive the acid outside or else any information or intel will be lost." mostly to himself.

As Nikomachos and Sammel cut down the Pilot, it is not a clean procedure. There is sanguine-colored fluid that expels from the cut away conduits and tubing. The breastplate appears to actually be a harness that they hack aside, and it falls away to reveal a petite body in what might be the Cantosan version of a skinsuit. The woman is quite pale, but also lacking obvious cybernetic limbs. What she does have in abundance compared to Sarah is the amount of glowing outputs. When she finally is free, she falls forward limply even with the hand on her upper arm. Whether caught or allowed to collapse, her body starts to seize as it goes into shock.

Sammel nods a little at the instructions about where to cut, using the axe blade of his weapon to get it done. Pausing to get the fluids off his weapon, before he nods a little bit as he sees Niko's work with the binders now.

Canis watches ahead as they cut down the hostile from it's bindings. He looks back at the com message which comes in he switches to private channel. "You do just fine Brie all your points are valid it's easier for ones who dont fight as we do to see a different side."

Moving in towards Penelope, Rozlyn grits her teeth. "Penelope," the full name is dropped at the moment. Trying to keep the Cantosan focused. She looks about for the medic; "I'm not sure how to manage this." She knows very, very basic field medicine. Since the woman is down, she moves in to try to help support her. "If you have restraints," to Niko, "apply them now. I can hold her."

Nikomachos reaches out with his other arm as the Hostile begins to convulse, dropping the binders with a clatter and trying to get a handle on the Hostile with both hands, "Gods damn it… Medic!" As Rozlyn reaches to help support her, he looks sharply up at the arachnids to see if they're going to attack, "She's… convulsing."

As Penelope continues to seize, blood starts to bubble around her lips. With her disconnected from the ship, everything goes still. The broadcast system is dead, not even producing static. Any lighting or active consoles and interfaces in the ship goes dark. All of the little spider drones become completely inactive, clinking softly to the ground as if all the life has left them. She is gasping for breath, but only because her lungs are instinctively trying to breathe. Her bloodied lips start moving as if trying to say something.

Brie feels no sympathy for the fallen Hostile and makes no move towards it to help. A warrior, she has always been trained to fight them, not to sympathize with them. She looks at Ryan as a doctor is needed, almost daring him not to go help. Canis' reply gets a smile and she reaches out and touches his armored arm with her gauntleted hand.

Ryan was outside the room so when the call comes through he's turning and running into that room head long. His medical readouts start to run through the list of people on the team. "Who? None of you are hurt? What's the case?" he calling through the comm as he holsters his crossbow and pulls the medipack forward on his belt.

As everything starts to shut down and there is a call for a medic, Densoric looks back down the 'hatch' into the secret room, but remains clear for anyone to move in to try and help her. Either when the 'medic' goes in, or when it becomes clear no help is coming at all Densoric makes his way back inside looking around the room with his armor lights, the systems, 'bugs', the works silently. He has no medical training, he simply observes what he can for now. He let's them see to Penelope first before speaking.

Sammel lets out a deep breath as he sees the spider drones fall down, looking like a bit of a weight has left his shoulders. He pauses for a few moments as Niko drops the binders, reaching down to pick them up and keep them ready for when they're needed. He doesn't say anything at the moment, just waiting for now.

"We need a rebreather," Rozlyn calls to Ryan, frowning deeply. Why didn't she think of that? There's a mental note to learn more medical knowledge. To prevent failures such as this in the future. "Do you have a spare? Please say you do."

The collapse of the arachnids allows Nikomachos to focus in on the twitching Hostile, and he leans down, "The captive, Sir Ryan." And then he ducks his head close to her face, "AI, boost volume in right side."

The Cantosan manages to whisper something to Nikomachos, her blood spattering the Inner Worlder's cheek as she does. Then the Pilot goes very still, limbs going limp. Her head falls back, knocking askew her visor to partially reveal open, dead eyes — the normal luminous glow of a Cantosan's gaze has gone completely black.

Penelope whispers to Nikomachos, "Destruction… protocols… complete. May we… ascend."

As Ryan jogs past the others waiting around and heads into the huge room, his lights click on to full brightness so that he can see where he's going. There's a spider drone that he nearly trips over causing him to slow down for a moment as he half hops over it to avoid fully tripping on it. He finally gets to the small group, "Rebreather? Yes, I always have two minor capacity ones… what are the symptoms?" He starts to crouch down but then stops as he looks the body over.

"No, no, no." Rozlyn looks… perhaps distraught? "What did she say?" This asked of Nikomachos as she stands there, arms somewhat limp. The woman draws in a breath and steels herself. There's a glance to the spider-like robots around. "At least we can take a few whole ones. And we now know they… are not autonomous." There's a bit of a sigh. "I did not think she may require one. Did she purposefully not say anything to that extent?"

Entering the room behind Ryan and seeing the dead Cantosan, Densoric says, "Hostility level, resourcefulness, manipulation, assisted suicide, denial of the enemy." As he then moves to try and pick up one of the 'inactive' 'bugs' and looks over it as though studying it. "You might want to keep the remains from Lord Brigham." but doesn't elaborate as he continues to look over the skitterer.

"If I had my way, Lord Brigham would never touch another," Rozlyn says suddenly. A bit darkly.

Sammel looks around as he sees the enemy pilot whispering to Niko, looking to the others around now. "If people had their way more often, I'm sure not much would be done at all, Doctor," he offers in Rozlyn's direction, with a bit of a shrug now. Voice kept carefully neutral at the moment.

Nikomachos straightens up a moment as the Hostile falls back down, blood on the bronze and gold of his helmet, "Nevermind." He blinks a moment, then reaches down to grab one of the Hostile's arms and sling her over his shoulder, "Everyone up! It just said 'destruction-protocols complete.' We're getting out in case that means the ship's going up too." Straightening up with the Hostile on his left shoulder, he grunts softly, wincing as his still-healing ribs tug and pull, "gods-damn it, this better bet worth it. Someone grab a whole bug and we're out of here. Sir Niko to glider, Sergeant, we're coming out, and coming out fast."

There's a furrow of brow and for a moment, Rozlyn looks rather utterly defeated. She does recover her sword and grab one of the bugs. If multiples get taken up, that's fine. The more to study, the better. There's a glance in the general direction that the computer banks lie and she murmurs something, but it isn't shared over the comms. Instead, she'll move with the others to make their way out.

Densoric simply tucks the skitterer under his arm and adjusts his hooded cloak so his arms, including the skitterer is covered once again, his sword still sheathed, as he makes his way back to the glider silently. No point in saying anything more, and no doubt Rozlyn would get a skitterer for her own research.

"Well lady Rozlyn, I'm going to be the asshole who says this but a lot of this could have been avoided if you'd listened to orders." Ryan then turns and starts to head out, sliding his medipack back around and checking his crossbow. Muttering, "There's a reason for rank and order, after all…" he moves off to take up a position of escort as he's still ready and unencombered.

Canis isn't watching the proceedings as he turns to look at the lady knight "We save lives." he says on the same private com though he smiles at the touch to his arm. He does hear the words as they are spoken about self-distract just as he pats the hand he grips it in his "We gotta go."

Brienne touches none of the things in the crack in the wall. She'd not ever even entered it. When Niko speaks, she collects Keanen and looks to Canis then Ryan, those she cared about most, then nods. "Time to go, guys. After you."

Densoric engages a private channel to Rozlyn and says softly, "Not all battles can be won. As i said before, take what you can when its available. Though given how she seemed to be testing us, I believe this was her goal, after all why didn't she just self-destruct the ship? Failing that, deny the 'enemy' the most valuable source of information. Why not use embittered soldiers to assist you in suicide, when they are so willing to comply." Perhaps not what she wants to hear, or a very emotional response, but Densoric is a bit known for his emotional control, and it is a logical enough viewpoint of what happened.

Nikomachos comes out of the pilot-chamber with a Hostile over his shoulder, moving more than a little gingerly. It's not like the Hostile is particularly large, but his ribs are still knitting. "Stick together, follow the exit routes from your AI, keep moving." His voice is a little tight, despite the fact that he hasn't been wounded further here.

"Don't have to ask me twice," Sammel mutters, meant for himself, but it might have come out through the comms now. Making his way out with the others, he turns to look at Niko for a few moments. He doesn't say anything, looking like he's decided that whatever he was about to say can wait until they're safely out of here.

There's a brief glance towards Densoric and Rozlyn only answers with a nod. The woman has secured a 'bug,' yes, and upon return to The Ring, she will hand it off to Sean and demand as much detail and information as possible to be delivered to her as soon as possible. For the rest of this trip, however, she will be in silent contemplation.

Densoric looks to Niko and says, "If your wounds are bothering you I can try to carry her as I was unarmed. Her body is of no use to me anyway as I lack any skills to study her really."

Ryan does as the rest of them, moves out of the ship in formation ready for anything that could happen. He's going over medical readouts the whole time and noting those he'll take a moment on the glider to speak to about any pain or injury.

Nikomachos moves quickly enough despite the tightness in his voice, "I'll live, Lord Densoric. It will take more time to trade her." His steps remain quick, but short of a run, keeping the group together as they wind their way out toward the ramship-hole and the glider beyond.

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