03.21.3014: The Setup
Summary: Peny gets Sean and Racquel to meet through nefarious comm calls, but the setup went better than she'd planned.
Date: 10/12/2013
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Sean Racquel 

The Atherton Mall
Err… All places gone to are posed in

It was something Peny had said, perhaps, but when she asked you to meet /her/ at the Atherton Mall at 18:00 precise at the Multiplex entrances on the left of the box office. The place described is dazzling with lights and entertainers on the walkways circling cafes and shops, kiosks and little parks or play areas for children. The Atherton Heights Mall, the picture of leisure and life for all. Standing at the entrances to the left of the box office is Sean. Peny had told him to be there precisely fifteen minutes ago, and yet she not only wasn't there she wasn't responding to any of his comms. He's starting to get a little frustrated, but then he's unaware of why she needed to meet him so badly /here/. Dressed in a tunic suit of blues and black, he's clean cut and business class.

Oh she had sent some choice words to Peny over her comm when it came apparent her friend more or less stood her up even before making it to the mall. Each step she took was now drawn with a sharper edge to accentuate the irritation that riddled her naturally relaxed, care free frame. Goaded by this already Racquel almost walks too far into the entrance on first arrival in her steel coloured dress and stops dead only after realizing it, poked at her comm then turned around. Long blond hair spinning about her shoulders slightly she looks over at the box office and to a few of the faces before she dared to walk that way.
Noticing Sean but only in a passing 'oooh' sort of way she steps up toward the doors of the theater and stopped just short of entering; all she seemed interested in was peeping a glance to catch sight of her friend within. Muttering loud enough to be over heard, "Your sooo dead Peny." As she continues to peer and shimmy to get a better look.

There's a sudden incoming call to both of us from Peny, when answered her voice comes over the comm bright and bubbly. "Okay you two! Go have fun! Oh and if you think I'm even on the Ring, you're dead wrong." one of her giggles, infurriating as always cause it means she's up to no good. "Oh and Sean, if you even think about taking her back to your place… DO IT!" with that the link goes dead and Sean just stares at it.
Walking over to you, not having met you before in person, Sean gives as good a smile as he can give in this instance. A shared upsetness at his sister for doing something like this to us both.

Blushing six shades of scarlet she didn't look at you instantly since she was so past the shock/anger of it and went straight to shy. Finally brushing some hair back she smiled at you, "Hey.." oh yes a strong first opening for the model here folks. Seconds from opening the door she paused, "Any idea what show is playing?" the more she looked at you, the more she seemed to lose that blush and take on a growing confidence. Seeing just how good looking you are she offered up her hand daintily, "Racquel."

"Sean. Peny's brother." Sean states as he at first hesitates when he notices the blushing. "Don't listen to Peny. She's here somewhere in the crowd or at least the mall, spying on us. I'm going to guess, she gave you some woe is me story about my love life? Said something to the effect of the two of us needing sex? Try to just brush it off when you ask her why she says that?" Yeah, he knows his sister's tactics.
"The holovid that's actually worth seeing is a new release. Four Days, Three Knights. Something of a war hero movie, lots of action and bonding." Sean looks over at the lines to get in, then looks back. "I could always hack in and stream it to my own holoprojector if you're not much for crowds. Or we can skip this part and just go to dinner. You hungry?"

Following after you slowly she thought on it, "Dinner for sure. Besides we can always grab a later showing." Clearly seeing that perhaps a quieter setting may be more appreciated at least by you; and she was darn hungry, especially after spending so much time on set today without much breaks. Hooking her arm out she gave a smile, "Shall we? Go do all the things Peny won't want us to do, keep it all a secret and taunt her for days afterwards?" Finally relaxing a tad she waited for you to link up, if you wished it and thought a little while more. "Whatever she told me don't matter much since I'm here to form my own opinion on those matters. So, consider this a job interview.

"Job interview? What am I interviewing for then?" Sean smirks slightly, putting out his arm for you to take. Someone taught the boy manners it would seem. His smirk becomes a smile, "Actually, what would make her upset is if we simply decided not to have this date. She'll follow us, but that's what we want. She's been hoping to see Four Days, Three Knights for a couple months now. It's why she picked tonight to set us up."
Leading the way once you've taken his arm, Sean leads to this decent restaurant. The Reversion is minimal here, a primarily modern establishment that serves a particular cuisine similar to that of Arabic food. Lead to a table from there and a menu card placed into the table with tonight's specials on the front page. Sean waves his hand over the holoprojected screen until he finds one he seems interested in. "Pick anything you'd like. Seriously. We'll put in on Peny's name." he smirks slightly, pressing the air and causing a selection for wine to be sent to the waiter's station.

Leaning forward so the bust of her dress filled out further she watched you pick a wine, then stole the screen with a tap of those lithe fingers. Changing it up she starts looking over the menu and finally gets near the end before she stops with a huh. "You order for me. Something spicier, and exotic!" rolling back she settled in her chair with a smile across at you. Hooking her heels together she smiled, "Sure we could do that but how is that fun for us? At least if we humor her and go on a sorta date we get something enjoyable out of it!" Taking a sip of water as she looked around the restaurant she whistled quietly. "Too better ruin her scheme we could take off to your place after and watch a movie there, how about that?" As the whine arrives and her glass is filled a little lower than halfway she sipped on it as she considered you.
Now this wasn't a passing fancy sort of look but a slow, lurching rove of her grey eyes over your frame as she seems to be forming an opinion on you. "Yeah. We all do our best to impress when we head for an interview so, it makes sense right? Pretend its one and just maybe the night will end in a wonderful random way."

That gets a soft chuckle from Sean as he takes back the menu and starts going through it. He picks something and his fingers being to fly over the holoscreen. He adeptness for working with such things apparent in how he moves with the most efficient holokey strokes. Orders in, Sean looks up and flicks off the menu before he talks to you. "Well, I just came from work actually. Luckily it's only optional lab hours tonight for school and I can make them up tomorrow or later."
"If you'd like to do so, I can stream pretty much anything and my own private collection is rather large. I also have plenty of music to sample should you care for that." he smiles again looking at you for a moment, eyes seeming to take in everything visible while also remaining only on your gray orbs.
He looks at the decor for a moment until a waitress walks over with the bottle of wine and twin glasses, pouring for them after Sean checks the bottle and the tastes the wine with approval for the selction at the end. "So, how do you know Peny? She hasn't mentioned a Racquel to me before but you do seem familiar some how, like I've seen your face… well, okay seen /you/ before."

"Ahh the face. Yeah, I'm a model and just got into the business here and thankfully me and Peny hit it off pretty quick so she's been my bud throughout it." Sipping at her wine some more a finger traced the base of her glass slowly as she listened to you a bit. "Long as you have a spare tunic or something I can change into, I am all game for that." Progressing to more sips of her wine she finally set it down and let you see those full lips, instead of hiding them behind the glass. "Tell me more about yourself though.

The waitress returns with the appetizer, a creamy yet spicy avocado dip and toated pita chips made in house. Sean takes a chip and a small amount of the dip, mid chip to mouth he says. "A model, thought so. You were in Claira's recent issue with Peny, I remember now. Racquel Jeaneux." he smiles and takes the bite, chewing thoughtfully for a moment. He shakes his head slightly, "Mm, not my turn just yet. I'm sure Peny's told you all sorts of things about me, probably some things I'd rather she didn't always tell people she tries to set me up with."
Sean chuckles and looks you over again, "Why do you need a tunic to change into? What you're wearing is quite stunning as it is. Nothing I could offer would do your beauty any justice." he pauses, then smiles to back up the compliment before asking. "So what's one of your most guilty pleasures?"

Oh with the pressure on she got a little straighter in her seat, "Lil ole me? What's to know beyond what you see." Smirking her finger lifted to trace the rim of her glass as she thought if over some more. "The tunic would be for me to lounge in while we watch a movie, did you expect me to stay in my dress for it? Jeeze that would be silly." Taking a scoop of dip she chewed it, lowered the half eaten piece of pita and smiled. "Now if I strictly stay to guilty pleasures? Ice cream loaded with hot chocolate sauce and cherries." Oh god she'd be a fat kid if she could, but clearly that just wasn't in the books for her. Scooping with a unbit piece of pita into the avacodo she chewed threw it again, sipped wine and fell silent. Clearly amused with you asking the questions or at least enough to allow you to become the director of them.

There's an art to this sort of thing, asking questions that you'll answer as well after she's had her turn. Sean's done this plenty of times to know how to do it and that shows. "So what I'm hearing is. You're asking to come back to my place, borrow one of my tunics which means having to change while at my place, /and/ watch a holovid with me." there's a smirking pause, "I'm almost tempted to ask what it is that Peny told you about me to make you so willing to push the envelope like that." "Ice cream with chocolate sauce and cherries. Sounds delicious, mine is peanut butter and jelly smoothies." That gets a child's smile while he takes another chip with dip and eats. "Alright, I'll let you ask me something. I can see that you're just waiting to interview me, and yet I've not even been told the job details."

"Oh no no! You've got the table now so, please continue."Taking a few more dips from the avacodo she smiled and enjoyed the bit of kick it had with each bite she processed. Clearly she was a bit of a wine lover since she kept at her glass, and nearly had to hold it back with her other hand to just fight that urge. "That's pushing an envelope? Gosh you must be a little bit of a stickler then huh? Old fashioned?" Of course she laughed which was musical, bell like for sure before she settled down a tad. "Listen here handsome. Whatever past you got with the ladies and what I know or have been told don't matter much. We are present so that's what matters." Leaning in she ushered you closer with a waggle of her pointer finger, "And sugar, me coming over for a movie is like the most pg thing we could be doing. You can't tell me having a lady over to come cuddle and just cuddle while we watch something on your holovid isn't appealing."

"Those are questions." Sean returns with, smiling and clearly amused. He's not as much of a drinker, you'll have noticed, as his wine glass is still relatively the same level it's been since his first couple sips. The main courses arrive, A modern taking on what looks to be tikka masala with spicy chicken schawarma and a sweet curry to share. Sean thanks the waitress and orders a glass of water no ice before she leaves. "It's pushing the envelope in the sense that this is our first time getting to know each other. Actually first time meeting. So taking you home and then cuddling with you while you're wearing one of my tunics just seems. Fifth or sixth date to me." "Anyways, what is your favorite type of music? Your favorite genre of holovid? Aside from modeling, what's something that incredibly interests you? How many questions about me do you think you could fit into one go?"

Taking a bite of schwarma with a bit of everything else on the fork she ate it thoughtfully while all those questions ring out. "6 dates before you'd even cuddle with someone? Well hot damn Sean you must think us all sluts or something." Taking her time she answers each question, which gives you time to drink more, have a little more food and enjoy what she had to say. "I prefer anything but a country style to music, that infuriates me country. Thriller or straight up horror are my favourite types of holovid's," pausing she takes an exaggerated breath before starting again. "Horse back riding. I go out as often as I can, my skill is more bareback of course but I can ride saddle too if someone wanted me to. Also blog once and a while when something is blog worthy." Taking a bit of the masala and chicken onto a pita slice she ate it carefully so as not to make a mess of things.

"No, it isn't that…" Sean's turn to blush slightly and looks at his plate for a moment. A slight crack in the confident armor he's wearing, his smile now more boyish than shmarm. He looks up with only his eyes, making them appear larger than they normally are. Deep chocolate brown orbs watching you for a long moment, "Most of the dates I've ever been on have fallen into two categories. Someone who's knows my fame and wants a one night stand, or someone who's a serious feminist and wants me to work for it for weeks and weeks." he shakes his head. "Blogging is cool, if you ever need help with something onSphere let me know. And, I've never been horseback riding. Couldn't tell you which end of the horse is forward." a pause, "Musically, I think you'll like my collection then." He tucks into his food for a moment after that, falling a little silent and accepting the water that's brought to him with a smile. "So, why wouldn't you want to say in your dress? It's lovely, as are you."

Seeing the crack she reached out and tapped the back of your hand softly, "Whatever got us our fame doesn't matter if we enjoy each other right? You will just have to trust that if I want to sleep with you I will make it well know, and that when I want cuddling its that warm comfort a body can provide." Taking back her fork and eating some more she let the conversation dull while she got her monies worth, and filled her stomach enough not to need a meal again anytime too soon. "I'd love you to look over my blog with me one time, all the help I can get right? Because as lovely as it is, relaxing outside of it is even better. Normally when I am home alone I am naked or at least just wearing a tunic.

There's a smirk from Sean at his plate, taking another chip and some of the dip's remnants. "Alright, well then I'll let you know that sleeping with me isn't as easy as signing up for it." he chuckles, "Despite what Peny says about me, I'm not easy and I'm not a hound." he leans in, "What say you to us heading out of here? There's a nice chocolate fountain dessert place two floors up, they've got some of the sweetest strawberries you've ever tasted."

Standing up she smiled, "Well if your not that easy then I will just have to try harder huh?" Whenever you rise up she loops her arm through your own and tugged herself nice and close to your well toned frame. "Sounds utterly like heaven. Now if you get me fat on these things I will skin you alive, got it?" She was smirking so it was entirely meant as playful and just as she comes in close enough she leaned in to kiss your jaw. "Thanks for dinner.

"Thanks for the great company." Sean says as he rises and then presses his thumb and first two fingers into a pay pad the waitress brings over. He takes the bottle of wine, properly corked now, and links his arm with yours. Leading out of the restaurant, Sean moves to a lift that takes us two floors up and then leads out. He slows then to a leisurely pace and looks out over the main floor of the mall. "What's something you like to do, aside from horse riding?" smiling and taking it easy. The fun of the evening reduced to a simmer for now.

Trailing after you she nodded, "Of course. It isn't like you are sucking as company for me, you've been fantastic." Squeezing your arm she leaned more as we walked, "Baking actually." Not really talking more about it she smirked a little, "Don't ask either. You'll know more about it more when or if you become special to me." Walking past people she started to hopefully see this dessert place or store and paused a little in her tracks, "Is that it?" wiggling a finger in that direction she got a little gleeful!

The walk was designed to take them a little while to reach the place, but just the other side of the opening that allowed one to see down to the main floor is indeed the place with a large chocolate fountain. From this distance the details cannot be seen but it won't be over long until we're there. Sean hms softly, "Alright, not to worry." he smiles a little and shakes his head. "Your turn to ask questions, I turn the floor over to you now. Take it away like your eyes take my breath." attempting to slip the compliment in at the end there, nonchalant like.

Turning so her back is to the store she walked just a little ahead of you, hands on your arms and studied your face long and hard. "Techy, like have you own blog right? But what are you famous for?" Leaning in closer she tried to get a better figuring of you, which was more her just breaking in on your personally space. "What else….you work out right?" Grinning she let your arms go and started to walk off ahead of you; long graceful steps, giving you a lengthy view of her backside, "Thanks sexy."

There's a skyward look, if such a thing were possible on the Ring (and given that this is a space station technically anywhere is skyward), from Sean and then he chuckles. "Right, I hold a masters in Computer Engineering and I'm currently in my Doctoral program for the same field. My focus in on AI development, though I can build pretty much any type of technology that deals with sound and light." He quickens to keep up with you, and we're nearing the store now. In fact it's only two stores away from us so we'll be there shortly. "What am I famous for? Well, I'd rather not say just yet. It might ruin your image of m-"

"SCHIZOID!! OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!" This possibly eighteen year old girl comes running up to Sean veritably screaming with excitement. "Oh my god, you're Schizoid aren't you!?!" She half demands half fan-girls at him. He shakes his head, "No, never heard of the guy." She pouts, "Aw come on. I've followed you since my first rave in Volkan two years ago, I know all about you. Your favorite color is…" she's cut off though as Sean forcefully leads you into the store with the chocolate and leaves the girl just standing there watching after him. Once inside he looks to one of the attendants and says, "If that young girl tries to follow me, contact security please. She makes me uncomfortable."

Now, to describe this fountain would take a thousand words for it is picturesque to all chocolate lovers. The intricate details carved into the titanium bowl tiers, the almost bubbly chocolate pouring from level to level and mixing, churning into the perfect blend of the rich dessert. We're seated at one of the flowing 'ponds' and a starter platter is brought to us.

Bursting out in giggles she stopped before the fountian and takes a strawberry, dips it, gives it a twirl and over the open palm she brings it to you. "Open wide." When and if you do she brings it close so you can take a bit of it and barely tease at her finger tips as she dropped her voice. "Raver huh? Or maybe your the type who's playing the music for them huh?" When you finish the first of likely many treats she starts to search for the biggest strawberry she can find and once found she stopped to look at you. "Do you often get mauled by drugged up fan girls?" Finding all sorts of endless amusemet in this situation she heralds you closer and if you paid attention she had shifted to stand behind you, enough that the fan girl would have a hard time spotting you within the store.
"Essentially your telling me, that you are a sexy nerd. What else?" Perhaps she was going for a crack in that armour again or perhaps she was finally just relaxing enough herself that teasing came easier this time around. Spotting a few more treats laying out she looked carefully across your shoulder at some pretzel chunks.

"I really don't want to talk about that." Sean says a little firmly as the menu flickers into view in front of them. Sean selects the fruits of joy package with a slight roll of his eyes. "You'd think that they'd have generic date night names instead of these suggestive ones." He picks up a sweet bread cookie stick and slowly twirls it in the chocolate for a long moment. "Sexy nerd? Not sure about that, nerd certainly but recently I'm not feeling all that sexy." he doesn't shrug but the implication of one is there. He lifts the coated treat to your lips like you'd done to him just a moment ago with that sample.
"So, not sure what else. I work for the leading corporation in systems design and administration here on the Ring. I'm going to finish my doctorate in Computer Engineering in a couple years. I have no social life, don't maintain an onSphere life. I work, go to school, do homework, then head out to work again. Sleep about two hours a day total, and spend about four hours a week working out in total."

Eating the proffered bite she nibbled the rich texture of the chocolate and breads mingling together in such a great way. Licking her full lips she pulled you a piece of pinapple which required some digging to find, dipped it and offered it up quickly after. Looking back out at the mall she smiled, "Yeah we ditched her." Shifted to rest into your side while talked, in what was a most gentle way to cuddle. "With all your time spoken for how do you even find time to do things like this? If you ever found someone you wanted to date, how would you deal with that?" Whatever you find for her to eat sh e twists to spot someone who could be considered a server and got them bringing water over for the pair of us, taking hers and sipping slowly she murred such happy things. "This is fabulous choice."

"Glad it's my day off." Sean comments lightly, "Special diet, can't eat like this everyday. Only meat, veggies, and salad six days a week. But on today, I can eat whatever I want." he smiles and takes the bite before taking a sip of the water after swallowing. "Technically, I am seeing someone but it's complicated. I don't think we're together anymore, but then I haven't seen her in a few weeks and not for lack of trying. I'm no idiot, I can usually take the hint." he shrugs then, looking down for a moment.
To try and lighten the mood again Sean picks up a piece of honeydew melon and dips it lightly in the chocolate and then sprinkles a little sea salt on top of that. He offers it to you, but doesn't let you eat it just yet. Instead he swirls it over your lips for a moment, letting you get a hint of the taste but keeping it just out of reach. Finally he lets you take the bit of fruit and dessert, fingertip pressing lightly against those lips before pulling away.

"Day off annnd day to cheat. So this really is the best day to get you…" distracted by a sea salt topped melon she get sher lips slightly smeared with it, before able to snatch a bitch and go utterly blissed. Holding your shoulder harder then she had before her eyes roll back a touch before she comes back to reality. "T-that was too good." Oh she had been listening to your situation and eventually just adds quietly, "Then you are single. If someone can't bother to devote a minute to you, what's the point." Tapping your nose sweetly she leaned forward to look at this tray of treats and finds a banana, and some rock salt this time. Soiling the slice of banana and salt under the chocolate she took a piece of sweet bread and made a little open faced dessert sandwich. "Here.." laying it gently against your lips she smiled and waited.

Lettiing go finally, Sean smiles charmingly against the bread and slowly takes a bite of it. There's no harm in having fun, is there? Besides, if rumor holds a kernel of truth then it wasn't like she wasn't out having fun of her own. "Mmmmh, that's good. Bit of a kick with the rock salt but not unpleasant. You take a bit of the other end." Giving her a knowing look as he takes yet another bite of it and chews slowly, watching her every move.

Popping the treat enough between your lips she leaned forward and gently snagged her teeth across your lips until she got a bite of the sandwich she made. Pushing it into a kiss she held herself close but not in the range of 'too much' and more the most subtle of resting bodies together. Cleaning your lips with a slow slip of her silky tongue she leaned back, "There. Now what other combination shall we try?" oh if the rumors did get out about her, it was equally true she could dig for yours but, without the ammo she had nothing to tease you with.

That brushing of lips causes a bit of a blush for Sean and when she's pulled back enough he looks down with a slightly nervous chuckle. Boyish smile on his face he focuses on looking through their platter of options and then says, "Close your eyes. I'll surprise you with something but you'll have to tell me what all is in it."
With that he waits until you've got your eyes closed and he starts to work on making a sweet treat for your tastes to devour and distinguish. You can hear the chocolate being swirled about, the slight chsht sound of one of the different salts and the petite chime the crystals make when they hit the glass bowl they were in.
When presented to you, the first taste is indeed chocolate but there's more. The bite isn't a large one, meant only for your mouth. However, the more that comes with it… are his lips pressing against yours a bit more confidently and firmly.

Before a taste could be had she gasps softly, and pushes back into that sudden confidence without hesitation to her response. Her arm slowly slid across your shoulders while she tries real hard to get a taste for the treat. Presuming part of it had to be perhaps salt or maybe just a more bitter treat she, pulled gently from the kiss. Biting her lower lip she looked at you a twinkle present in her eye as she allowed you to see the blush on her cheeks from just the heat of the kiss. "W-what ever it is I can't tell." Looking pointedly at the chocolate for a second she added quietly, "I had a distraction so I can't tell.

"You'll have to have help then." Sean says demurely as he leans back in and kiss you again, this time his lips opening slightly in hopes you'll accept. Should you, you'll find that the fullness of the treat is that his tongue was hiding another treat. And when he's got it between his teeth he uses his tongue to press it against them and break the sharp citris fruit, sharing the sensation of that taste with you. His own arm slipping around your waist to pull you a little closer to him.

Spritzed with the citrus she felt herself go down a peg, not in confidence but in the big girl act that most woman put on to draw a guy in. Found out so easily she slipped her tongue forward gently and tasted the citrus juice against yours, before her tongue kept exploring into your mouth. Tender in its approach she pressed herself against your chest as she allowed herself to sink into the tight embrace of your strong arms; patiently shifting and adjusting until she is in such easy grasp that you would have no issues with helping her onto your lap.

Pressing into that embrace, Sean sort of shows off with his kiss. His tongue was hiding a second piece of treat and when your mouth becomes open to him he slips it around and against your teeth. The sudden spiced surge of refreashing mint and the salted sweet of chocolate bursts across your tongue and into your mouth. He doesn't let up, and indeed pulls you into his lap where his arms wrap around your middle and he just holds you to him warmly.
The citris, mint, and salted chocolate passion shared is interrupted by a caugh, however, as one of the waiters swings by to check on us. He leans in to whisper to Sean and the former DJ turns to look. Sure enough there's Peny, grinning madly at us both and using her datacom to take plenty of pictures. Sean groans slightly just then. "We're caught." resting his head on your shoulder.

Laughing her feet give a little kick while she turns to kiss the crown of your head. "Could have been worse right?" Flipping Peny the bird she leaned back so she could look you in the eyes, "Shall we ditch her?" given where she is sat, and how complicated that may become she didn't try to do that yet. Stroking her fingers down across your shoulders she leaned up in a very teasing way, "I bet we could get her swarmed with some fans and boot it out the back.

Sean looks around for a moment and then grins at you slightly. "Nah, she won't try to do anything in public like this. What she'll likely do is try to use it to blackmail us for favors in the future." he gives you a peck on the cheek. "Watch this." He pulls out his datacom, and from across the room Peny suddenly twitches and a nervous look grows over her face. She starts to fidget in her seat as Sean's look becomes intense while he types into his device and suddenly Peny presses something on her own datacom and then leaves the store quickly with a worried expression.
When she's gone Sean looks up and laughs, "We've got about three minutes to make a break for it before she gets that text message. I don't think my place is a safe haven for us tonight, she knows it too well and she knows if there's a Peny lock on the front door something's up." a pause, "Hate to seem intrusive but is your place open to us?"

Standing up she nodded, "My home works…" cupping your chin she laughed. "Totally think this was your plan after all." Taking a few more steps backwards she waits for you to stand up before she starts the trek home.

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