10.11.3013: The Right Answer
Summary: Elodie goes to the medical tent after Sammel's helped off the Tourney field.
Date: a couple days
Related: Right after Torunament of Tomorrow-Joust Event
Elodie Sammel 

A medic tent, then Sammel's apartment
11 October, 3013

Not long after Sammel is taken to one of the emergency tents, Elodie manages to make her way down from the spectator stands, and enters herself. Other than her face being quite white, there is not much else to suggest that she is overly concerned about anything. She speaks with the medic handling his examination, looking over the information on the tablet, but she is professional enough to stand back and let the man do his job, rather than taking over.

There are some times when the best to do is to stay entirely still. Which is what Sammel is doing as he's being examined now, eyes open at least. There's quiet answers whenever he's asked something, but other than that, he's keeping silent now.

Quiet is how Elodie remains as well, her arms crossed over her stomach as she listens, not needing to hear the medic inform Sammel that he has most likely suffered a mild concussion, and the precautions he should take. The announcement of no broken bones brings a little nod of relief, and she bids the medic a courteous farewell. Then she walks across the room to where the knight sits up on the examination cot, meaning he's actually about eye level with her. "Sammel Pericles Cindravale," she grabs a couple of handfuls of his tunic, heedless of how sweaty and disgusting it may be at the moment. "If you /ever/ scare me like that again…" her ire mingles with relief that wins out at the moment as she pulls him towards her to kiss him thoroughly. When she finally breaks the kiss and rests her forehead against his. "I will break your stubborn head for you, then teach you archery and you can enter those contests, instead."

Sammel nodding as he hears the medic's words, muttering something quietly in return. Looking up at his name is spoken, he offers a bit of a smile. "Hey…" And then his tunic is grabbed, and he's thoroughly kissed. Blinking a few times as he hears those last words, he looks a bit unsure of what to say. "I'm okay…" he finally offers. "Feels a bit like waking up after Niko's bach… like waking up after a night of drinking…"

"This time," Elodie mutters darkly, not entirely swayed. "It's one thing to get bashed around by Hostiles. It's entirely another thing to get a concussion for entertainment." Considering their impending nuptials, and, therefore, the possibility of a bachelor party, the almost slip is not lost on the lady. "Sir Niko's bachelor party?" she prompts. "I heard that was a pretty crazy night, but I didn't get any details. If you felt this way then… it must have been quite a night."

"Crazy is the right word for it," Sammel replies, before he adds, "I think there's been battles less dangerous since then." A brief pause, before he offers a momentary smile. "You've gotten to know my brother and his wife well enough to know none of them does anything halfway, right?" Another brief smile, before he adds, "If I never experience another event as crazy as that one, I'll be happy."

Elodie lifts one shoulder. "Well, your brother, I do have more of an idea of than I did, but not Sir Ellinor," she replies. She tilts her head to the side. "And your part in the madness?" she asks curiously. "I'm guessing that you don't wish to revisit that?"
Sammel shrugs a little, "Being very drunk?" That's the reply to the part about his part, before he adds, "And thanks to that, made a fool of myself trying to kiss someone. So no, it's something I'd prefer not revisiting." A brief pause, before he adds, "And that's why I changed my answer about how I felt. The morning after that eventful night, I had one of those 'Sammel, you've been a moron' moments in addition to the hangover."

One dark eyebrow raises over a blue eye. "You tried to kiss someone? Is this something you regularly do at bachelor parties?" she asks. "Should I drop by /your/ bachelor party in case you feel a need to kiss someone again?"

"No. It's only happened once, and will not happen again," Sammel replies, before he adds, "It might not have looked like it when I was out there today, but I actually have the ability to learn from my mistakes." Sighing a little bit, as he glances around momentarily, then back to her. "And besides, there's only one person I feel a need to kiss, these days."

The other eyebrow join it's partner, and Elodie leans a little closer to Sammel again. "Yeah? And who might that be?" she asks, looking up to him.

"Ah, what's her name again…?" Sammel begins, before leaning forward, having decided that this is one of the moments when the answer should be given through action, and not words. His lips meeting hers, while one of his hands reaches to hold hers.

Sammel has chosen wisely, as Elodie's lips curve into a smile just as they meet his, then get down to the more serious business of making sure he completely enjoys the kiss and therefore reinforcing the idea that he does /not/ have to look anywhere else for kissing. Her fingers lace with his and squeeze lightly.

And it would seem that Sammel is indeed really enjoying the kiss. Waiting a long while before finally breaking it, he offers a quiet smile, before he adds, "Was that a good answer to your question?"

In making sure Sammel enjoyed it, Elodie is a little breathless when he asks his question, and she squeezes his hand, reaching for the other one as she sways towards him, possibly bringing them into closer contact. "It was just the right answer," she tells him, her frustrated ire that arose from her concern for him melting away. "I think I saw your older brother demolishing your younger brother on my way down. I don't know who the eventual winner was, though. I'm sure it's finished by now."

Sammel lets his other hand be taken as well, smiling a little as he hears the mention of his brothers out there. "Well, Erik was pretty beat up in the melee as well," he offers, before he adds, "I must have looked like an idiot, flying out of the saddle like that…"

Elodie grins, kissing his cheek gently. "I think people were still reeling from watching Ris send Young Lord Sir Solon to the ground to be paying too much attention to how you looked. I admit it, /I/ didn't know she had it in her."

"Yes, that was a bit surprising. At least I was sent flying by someone that has the full training of a Valen knight," Sammel replies after a few moments of thoughtful pause, before he adds, "It was interesting, participating in both the melee and the joust…"

Elodie leans her head on Sammel's shoulder with a chuckle when he finds a silver lining to his unhorsing. She's content just to be there and offer him the comfort of her presence. When he speaks again, she lifts her head to look at him. "Oh? How so?"

Sammel grins, "Well, it doesn't happen too often that you can compete in both, right after each other." Sammel replies, before he offers a bit of a grin. "And we see who the crazies that decided to do so was, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "We all took a bit of a beating, though."

Elodie grins back. "So it runs in the family?" she asks with a grin. "Yes, you took too much of a beating, in my humble opinion. I could be biased, though. And I'll warrant that you're starved after all that hard work. Maybe we should go get something to eat?" She backs up a step and gives a little tug to urge him off the cot and to his feet.

"Food…" Sammel says, considering that a little, before he nods, "I'm aa little hungry, yes. And I guess I could have passed on the joust, but at the same time, I couldn't. I had decided to do both, after all." A brief pause, as he's tugged to his feet, before he tries taking a step forward. "Just make sure we don't run at the moment, okay?"

Elodie shakes her head. "No running. Not allowed for a mild concussion," she reminds him with a grin. "I've been exploring. I found this smoke house that is going to be your new favorite place to eat if you don't already know about it." Gingerly, she links her arm with his as she leads him towards the door, but then she sniffs. "After you take a shower and put on clean clothes."

Nodding a bit at the reminder, Sammel then smiles at the mention of the smoke house. "I don't think I've been to this one yet." Following as she links her arm with his and leads him towards the door, he nods a little bit. "I'm still allowed to sing while taking a shower, even with the concussion?" he asks, before he adds, "There's a good thing about that concussion, though."

"If you can remember the words," Elodie allows with a quick grin. Then she raises her eyebrows again, this time out of idle curiosity. "And what is that, pray tell," she urges.

Sammel puts on his most innocent expression as he hears that. "Well, I know there's times when you've been doubting if I have a brain, but now we've got proof," he remarks, unable to hold back a wide grin, before he adds, "And the secret to shower-singing: If you don't know the words, you make them up."
"We have proof that it's not being used?" Elodie asks pertly, her jaunty smile faltering slightly as she looks up to see if he takes it as a joke or if he gets offended.

Sammel is unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that. "It's used, but only lightly. Wouldn't want to wear it out, after all," he remarks, with a wide grin now. "You wouldn't want me to end up having to think too much, right?"

Elodie's smile relaxes as her attempt to tease Sammel is taken properly, and she chuckles along with his laugh. "Well, no. If you do too much of the thinking, than you'll start to realize I'm thinking for you, and we can't have that."

A bit more laughter as he hears that. "Well, if you're thinking for me, why did you yell at me after the medic left?" Sammel asks, a bit lightly. "I mean, if so, it was the one doing the thinking that's to blame, right?" Shaking his head a little, before he grins. "Anyway, I guess I'd better get that showering and change of clothes done, so none of us will starve before we get to eat."

"I haven't perfected it, yet," Elodie replies. "Sometimes, your Cindravale glory genes can override. I'm still working on that." She walks alongside him to find quicker transportation back to his apartments so that he can get cleaned.

Sammel grins, "Sure, sure. Some things can't easily be controlled, you know." It's still spoken lightly, before he adds, "I appreciate the attempt, though."

Elodie nods agreement with them as they reach a high speed lift and step in. She only pauses a moment finding the right buttons to push, and looks up to Sammel. "I only do it for your own good," her tone is vastly reassuring as she speaks, though her smile grows broader as she seems to be getting the hang of this teasing banter.

Sammel chuckles as he hears that. "I know," he replies, with a grin. "It was good that there was a tournament again, though. Been far too long since the last one." Another brief grin, before he adds, "And I think we all need something like that after all. Besides, it was good for me to see some of the things I need to put more effort on improving too."

"Well, I'm not so sure it was good for me to see the things you need improving on," Elodie replies, keeping her eyes on the door to keep from seeing anything flying past. "But, yes, on the whole the Tourney was good. It gave people something fun and exciting to enjoy. We need these things."

"Sorry about that," Sammel replies, with a half-smile. "I didn't quite plan on testing my flying skills. Seems of those things, the landing is what needs improvement." Looking at the door mostly as well now, as the lift keeps on going.

Elodie lets the rest of the time up to the lift that takes them to the Cindravale's family quarters pass in silence, after giving him a grin for the landing part. She just squeezes his arm, and waits next to him. Once there, she follows Sammel's lead to his quarters, becoming more familiar with the route, and with his apartment.

Sammel leads the way towards the quarters now, keeping quiet at the moment. As soon as they get there, he smiles. "I'll just get that shower and change of clothes done, then…" A brief grin, before he adds, "I'd warn you about the singing, but you already know that."

Elodie chuckles. "I'm getting used to the singing," she says with a grin. "Take your time, I don't want you to slip on the soap and get a full concussion." There's no need to wander around inspecting everything, so she takes a seat on the couch and pulls out her com. "I'll just check my messages while you get cleaned off."

Sammel smiles, nodding as he hears that. "Ah, so you don't want my brain fully disabled. That's good to know," he replies lightly, before he moves to get that shower taken care of. Soon thereafter, there's that singing again, although some of the words probably doesn't make any sense.

Even though she's checking her messages, and then playing a game on her small comm, Elodie's listening the singing coming from the bathroom, and a little smile plays about her lips. Every now and then a chuckle can't help bubbling out as well. She glances up more than once with a fondly amused shake of her head, before returning her attention to her game.

It takes a little while, and a few songs, before quiet descends. And it takes a little while longer, and one brief instance of swearing, before Sammel comes back outside, dressed in clothing more fit for going somewhere for dinner now. "Sorry it took so long," he offers after a few moments of pause, with a smile.

Looking up from her seat with her back to the arm of the couch Elodie eyebrow raises. "Everything all right?" she asks mildly. She swings around to normal sitting position, her feet dropping to the floor as she stands. Her comm is clicked off and stowed away.

"It''s okay, I just had some problem with a sore spot as I got dressed," Sammel explains, offering a momentary grin. "Such things happen, after all." Stepping further over, he adds, "Getting hungry?"

Elodie gives him a once over with a skeptical eye, that of a doctor who's looking to see if her patient is telling the truth. Then she decides to give him a smile as she moves to meet him halfway. "Starving. Any chance we can take a private vehicle?"

"A private vehicle?" Sammel looks a bit thoughtful for a few moments, before he adds, "I'm sure that can be arranged. Any particular reason?" Looking around briefly, then back at her now.
Elodie shrugs. "I'm just tired of standing and walking," she tells him with a grin. Then she gives a little chuckle. "No ulterior motives, I promise," she tells him, taking his hand and shaking her head with a smile. "This time."

Sammel smiles, nodding a little as he hears that. "I'll see what I can do about it," he promises, starting to lead the way to the door.

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