The Refugee Preparation Resolution
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe presents a Resolution in response to Cape Amran
Date: 05.09.2013
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09.09.3013 — Chamber of the Senate — The Senate Tower

"My fellow Senators, in the midst of war, we must be prepared to face all challenges. For the time is now to do what should have been done years ago to prepare for all Havenites. I call upon this body to approve swiftly a measure that would advise and guide each Paramount House towards the end of ensuring that zones and camps have been set aside for the inevitable prospect of those displaced by our ongoing struggle. Cape Amran certainly won't be the last time we're faced by refugees in this cycle…"

"Our soldiers who are risking their lives must know that even in the midst of catastrophe, their leaders are striving to keep their families alive, their basic needs met. The planning should begin now, before we are even further past the deadline, to start setting up semi-sustainable designated areas for potential influxes of population. Our cities are not equipped to take in all of the citizenry. As our great conflict drags on, we must ensure that people have the supplies they need in safe housing that enables them to continue productive lives, knowing they still have a chance at bettering themselves. No one should be left behind due to the chaos of war…"

"And so I submit the Refugee Preparation Resolution, before the Senate, for immediate consideration."


Knowing the inevitable impacts of war, including specific examples as displayed in the Second Systems War, through direct casualties as well as loss of life due to starvation and inadequate medical care;

Praising the recent efforts by those who are aiding the refugees from Cape Amran as prime examples of Havenites rising above and beyond the call of duty, who strive to overcome adversity in our time of shared burden and sacrifice;

Recognizing the longevity of the conflict ahead, with the horrors of the cycle;

Resolving our dedication to all Havenites, in all places, from all stations;

The Senate of Haven ASSEMBLED, declares that:
1. The Chancellor of the Senate shall advise and oversee an undertaking from the Council to ensure that each Paramount House has set aside usable areas within their territory for refugees;

2. The Chancellor of the Senate shall further submit for consideration that such designated zones should immediately begin to be transitioned and prepared for any influx of people from areas affected by conflict;

3. Each Senator shall present the concerns of this Resolution to their liege lord on behalf of the Senate and their respective districts, to ensure the matter is discussed on every level. Each Senator shall submit a report on their findings to the Chancellor and the Senate as a whole, including possible sites for future developments for refugees;

4. The Chancellor of the Senate shall seek an adequate cost-sharing mechanism for the implementation of this project, ensuring that the burden is distributed as evenly as possible.

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