08.20.3013: The Quellton Noble Dinner Disaster
Summary: The Quellton Family has a get together with not the results hoped for.
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Quellton Family Ranch
The Arion Oaks Ranch, operated by the Quellton family, has stood for three generations offering top quality horses for both war and work. The Ranch house looks homely, and looks like it probably could use a new coat of paint. The interior is minimalistic, very few pictures hanging on the wall, the couch looks very used. Their holovid looks to be close to ten years old. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, which also encompasses the dining room. The pantry is filled with a bounty of home-canned fruits and veggies. In the middle of the dining room is a very large, redwood table. It looks like it could fit close to fifteen people. The master bedroom is neat with a large queen sized bed in the middle that have hanging on the bedposts. The middle room is mostly neat and organized, with a pile of bundled up clothes stuffed somewhere in a corner. There are posters of bands hanging up on the walls. The last room is much smaller, decorated in pinks and lavenders. Posters of woodland creatures hang on the walls and a small, stuffed drake sits on the bed.

Just outside of the house by the kitchen is a shed used for smoking and drying meat when the boys go out hunting.

Lastly, the stable looks considerably newer then the house, probably about ten years old, inside there are twenty-four stalls that were very obviously made for war horses. However, half of these stalls are empty. Surrounding the entire ranch is a metal fence as well as an electronic barrier, obviously meant to keep unwanted predators out, and to keep the horses in.


This particular Tuesday night the Quelltons invited close friends and family to enjoy a dinner and an evening at the little ranch house. Ma Quellton worked a good portion of the day in the kitchen making the food. Tonight is Broccoli and cheese with mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, and a salad, mostly for Lorelei. For desert there is Ice Cream with strawberry rhubarb pie, as well as coffee for afterwards.

Having just finished setting the table. He's wearing his typical green tunic, though his hair is styled more so than usual. Glancing at the time, he'll give a huge grin as he runs to the door and looks outside. As Bey sees Talynne approaching, he runs barefooted towards her. "Taly!" As he gets close he greets her and begins to escort her inside, barely able to contain his excitement.

Lorelei's finishing up braiding her hair, she's in her room, humming softly to herself. Calling from her room, "Do we have enough juice squeezed?"

Lady Sir Agnes Peake accepted the invitation, though she let Chiron know she might not be able to remain over long. With her niece having died recently, she is still keeping an eye on her distraught brother and her other niece and nephews. She is dressed simply tonight, in a simple brown cotehardie with gold buttons down the front. She has brought a gift for the diners, a good bottle of wine, and a lovely vase of flowers for Chiron's mother. She knocks on the door.

Da Quellton, known as Pontus to non children, is a man in his late forties. He's not in top physical fitness, but works for a living, that's clear. He's washed up, as his wife would ahem murdered him otherwise, and is dressed in his better clothes. No riding outfits here! He's sitting in his arm chair, cleaning off his glasses. 'No one's going to drink juice, Lorelei!" Looking up, "Get the door!"

Arriving at the Ranch, Talynne looked around appreciatively, noting the way the place was designed and decorated. When Balius came to fetch her with his typical exuberance, she couldn't help the laugh, and slipped her hand to his arm for him to escort her inside. Today Taly has dressed in a pair of kid leather pants that were soft as all get out and a light tan with a soft, silken poets blouse on top in a rich, heavy umber. The laces were done up for it to stay closed, but it drifted from her shoulders regularly, leaving them bare. Her hair, likewise, was done in a lovely, shining mass that had been obviously, carefully brushed. For footwear, her knee-tall boots in dark brown leather are laced up fully over her pants. In her free hand she carried a boquet of flowers and a couple of loaves of bread, gifts for the heart and gifts for the hearth, of course. "I'm happy to see you as well, Bey." She grinned to him widely and continued back towards the building with the barefoot Quellton.

Showcasing his nice, yellow tunic, bright red leggings, and polished brown leather boots, Didasko bounced towards the Quellton home a few yards behind Talynne. "Sir Lady Talynne, you ready for a meal you'll remember for the rest of your life?" He called out to the couple infront of him.

Hera Quellton, better known as Ma' Quellton is busy in the kitchen setting the table and making last minute cooking preparations. She looks a little frazzled, obviously worried about entertaining nobles. "Pon! Get your butt off that chair and go greet our guests! By the Maiden…" She yells, finishing the table. "Oh dear, I've not put on any makeup yet. Loree! Finish setting the table!" She shouts, seeming to forget that she had just been asked to get the door.

Chiron is in the room he shares with his brother. He's finishing up getting ready for the visit. He's got on a nice silk brown shirt, a black vest with a gold buttons and black pants. He's obviously proud of his new Peake colors. He perks up when he hears the door and looks at the time. "Oh, it's that time already?" He murmurs and stands up, putting on nice shoes. He laughs a bit as both his parents shout for Lorelei to get the door. Just another typical Quellton day.

Thankfully Bey is approaching the door. He sees Sir Agnes. "Welcome Sir Agnes!" He shouts from behind her, nodding politely with a huge grin. He whispers something to Talynne before removing his arm from hers. He opens the door and motions for the guests to go in. He's almost laughing from the excitement.

Lorelei pauses at her door, having been given two different orders. She thinks Bey went out the door, so he should be able to handing letting people in. Heading to do her mother's bidding, Loree pauses to give her father a kiss on the cheek before finishing the table. She's dressed in a simple dress, not wanting to appear flashy.

"Mister Quellton," Agnes greets Balius. "Though I suppose with the number of Mister Quellton's that are apt to be inside, perhaps first names would be better." She smiles and hands the young man the bottle of wine. "Put that on the table for everyone if you would?" she requests, before inclining her head to Talynne. "Milady." She follows Bey inside.

Talynne whispered something back to Balius and then laughed softly, watching him go off before she turned her attention to Didasko and flashed him a wide, friendly grin. "Why Didasko, I will decidedly enjoy the memories of tonight, if for not other reason than the fact that you're likely to regale me of anything that goes on later, as many times as I might run into you in life." She winked to the man and then turned to greet Agnes. "Ah, hello there, Milady." She nodded to Agnes and approached following into the house. "Who might I have the pleasure of speaking to?" She asked Agnes curiously, not wanting to assume.

Pontus grumbles and won't move till he gets the kiss from his daughter, then slowly rises. Straightening his tunic a small grumble about how he's still not sure why everyone is coming here, he's start making his way to the door."Hello! Hello! Welcome to Arion Oaks Ranch!" His smile is cheerful enough.

Those just coming in see a middle aged woman with long, brown, curly hair running up the stairs. She turns around with a look of horrified surprise. "Oh! My Ladies!" She says, curtsying on the middle of the stairs. "Welcome! welcome! I will be right back, many apologies!" And with that she flies upstairs and into the master bedroom and shuts the door.

Setting the bottle of wine on the table, Bey will look around the kitchen. "Balius or Bey is fine, Sir Agnes." He'll chuckle as Ma runs upstairs. "You'll have to excuse her, my ladies." He looks to Talynne and Didasko as he makes some final adjustments in the kitchen.

Chiron rolls his eyes as he hears his mother running to her room. She forgot her make up again, he's sure. He finishes with the last buttons on his best and walks out gracefully, and much quieter then his mother. He smiles at the guests and waves, bowing. "Sir Ladies Agnes and Talynne. Welcome to the Ranch. Is there anything I can get you?" He says, descending down the stairs.

"Uncle!" Didasko shuffled in behind the noble women, placed his hands on Pontus' forehead and kissed him in between the two. "I see you are still doing well. Chiron, did you scare your mother off again?"

"Lady Sir Agnes Peake," the very tall woman replies to Talynne. "Chiron is my squire." She steps inside the house and smiles broadly at Pontus and Chiron. "Thank you for your hospitality this evening, Mister Quellton. I am honored to be able to train your son. Please don't feel the need to be formal for my sake. I spend more time in the field and the training hall than the Nether Keep."

"Didasko! Good to see you again, son!" Pontus clasps him on the shoulder, and laughs, before bowing to the ladies. "Please excuse my wife, she frets too much. And Call my Pontus! Both of you, " He eyes Taly a moment, sizing her up before turning back to Agnes, "Aye, Chiron will make a fine Knight, if you can keep his head out of the clouds!"

Talynne smiled broadly and offered her hand out to Agnes "A pleasure to meet you Lady Sir Agnes Peake, I'd heard that you took Chiron on as your squire, congratulations to you." She nodded to the woman. "I'm Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, but please, call me Talynne." She looked at everyone in the room, the warm smile still on her face. Studiously not reacting to Ma Quellton's reaction, she offered the woman just a smile, then a wave to Chiron hello, before turning her attention to Pa Quellton. "Thank you for your welcome, Mister Quellton."

Chiron takes a deep breath, not looking at his father. But it's obvious that he's frustrated with his Father's words. As he gets down to floor level he says to the two guests. "Did you two want something to drink? Water, milk, juice, wine?" he says, giving the two nobles a smile. He ignores Didasko, but he's family and can get his own drink. He knows where everything is kept.

In hopes of assuring aunt Hera, Didasko excused himself politely and scales the stairs. He knocks on the door of the master bedroom "Auntie, may I come in? I can hardly stand the delicious scents radiating from the kitchen!"

"I brought a bottle of wine," Agnes notes to Chiron. She hands him the flowers. "These are for your mother," she adds with a small smile. It's a momentary escape if he feels he needs one.

"Oh, Hey Dasko!" He hears from the other side of the door. He can hear the sounds of things being moved around. "I'll be out in a minute, I needed to finish my makeup! Your cousin's fault, no doubt!" Hera says, still shouting. "I'll be down in just a second, Sweety!"

Lorelei huffs, but will smiles as people arrive. She'll not say anything, but wave from the table, as she finishes with the silverware. She'll wince slightly as her mothers voice floats down for all to hear.

"Are we gonna stand around exchanging formalities or did people come to eat?" Balius says, taking Talynne by the hand and moving to the dining room table. He's still basically laughing, but there are plenty of seats and the food smells great.

Pontus eyes the wine a moment then laughs again, "Yes, the boy's right, come sit down. Let's get ready to eat!" He moves towards the table, patting Loree on he shoulder as he passes her.

"Alright, but when you get out of here you own me a big ol' hug!" He replied before joining the rest of the part in the kitchen. After pouring himself a glass of wine, he chooses a seat at random and sits. Humored by how his aunt and uncle and handling the company, Didasko looked forward the assuming night that was sure to follow.

Chiron takes the wine from Agnes, giving her a look of thankfulness. He heads over to the kitchen and places the flowers and the wine at the middle of the table, taking a seat at his usual spot, next to the end of the table. It's uaually where Ma' sits. "Smells good, Ma'!" He shouts!

Talynne laughed softly and shook her head. Moving to the table with Balius, she moved to the seat she was directed to, just watching the movement of all the family members around her with an amuzed glint in her eyes. Once Balius sat down by her, she leaned in to him slightly and spoke quietly enough for it not to be heard.

"It does smell delicious," Agnes murmurs as she finds an available seat and settles in. She looks about as comfortable in her dress as Ma and Pa look at having nobles in their house.

Hera sighs and opens the door. She doesn't look that much different, as the makeup she's put on is natural colors. She also now has on a very busy looking floral pattern dress, filled with pinks, blues, purple, and yellow. When she gets to the kitchen she curtsies and says, "Welcome again, My Ladies, Dasko." She says, sounding much happier and giving Didasko a hug, before taking her seat. "I… apologies my Ladies, it's nowhere near as lavish as I'm sure you're used to, but it's what we can do right now. Loree, can you serve our guests?" She says, giving Lorelei a confused look, almost saying 'why haven't you done this already?' "Oh! My apologies. I am Hera Quellton."

Lorelei gives her Da a smile and will sit down next to her cousin. In a soft voice, "Hey Dasko. How are you doing?" Looking over to her brothers first, then giving Agnes a smile, "Sir Agnes, When this is over, would you like to go see our horses?" There's pride in her voice. And then she'll look down, cheeks turning pink. She pushes out of her seat and start getting everyone's drinks and serving the food to the two nobles.

As Ma Quellton goes about her fussing, there's a loud knock on the door. Bey will look to Chiron. "That's probably for you, bro." He's smiling around the table, eying the food every now and again.

Chiron nods to his brother, "Ah, yeah. Zani is probably just late." He says, getting up from his chair. He gives the guests a smile before heading to the door, answering it with a smile.

Didasko whispers back, "I'm good. Just soaking in life. Keeping things as light hearted as they can be." Smiling, he turns to Hera "You look stunning, auntie!" He then silenced himself, anticipating the new guest.

Looking at Hera Quellton, Talynne offered her a wide smile. "There's absolutely no need for the formality, Mrs Quellton, please, call me Talynne. And I assure you that things are moving along at a fantastic pace, no need to hurry." Her tone was sincere, and she motioned to her dress. "That's a lovely dress, Didasko is quite right."

"I would love to see the horses, Lorelei. I'm in the market for some riding horses for my family members," Agnes murmurs. She smiles brightly at Ma and gestures at the flowers. "I brought these for you, Hera, thank you so much for making this meal."

Mr.Quellton hurumps, and chuckles, "Pass me the wine please, Loree. wine is only good when shared." He doesn't look over to the door, as chiron's making his way.

The door opens to reveal three tall men dressed in a series of colored tunics: red, blue, and orange. The one in red greets Chiron with a hardy pat on the shoulder. "Hey fellas if it ain't the little knight?!" There's a crude laughter that erupts from the other two as well. "Ponty invited us, where's the food? " They move past Chiron at the door

Lorelei looks up from where she was pouring wine, "Da! you didn't tell us you invited your friends!" She'll smile brightly at the men at the door, and then rushes to the pantry to grab extra plates.

Chiron opens the door, expecting a certain pianist. Instead he finds three of his father's friends. Before he can shut the door on them they barge in. Chiron is red with anger as they enter. "Hi." He says, aggressively.

Color drains from Bey's face as he takes a deep gulp of wine. Balius also stands up from the table. "We'll need napkins too!"

Hera blushes rather quickly with all the praise she's getting from the nobles. "Oh, thank you, my Ladies." She says. "Oh, Sir Lady Agnes, you are very welcome. I live to serve. And these flowers are beautiful; where did you find them? My Son hasn't been causing you too much trouble, has he?" She says, looking over to the door as Chiron answers the door, seeing the three men enter. Her demeanor changes slightly, and seems a little more defensive.

Agnes smiles warmly at Hera. "You son is respectful, bright, talented, and a joy to work with. I believe it is all due credit to his parents for raising such a wonderful young man. " She notes the change in Chiron's demeanor and her hand goes immediately to her hip, where her sword currently is NOT. The Knight looks not terribly knightly at the moment, but make no mistake, she doesn't need a sword to defend others.

Blinking in surprise as Balius veritably hops up from his seat next to her at the table, Talynne turned her attention from chatting there to watching the three rambunctious newcomers. A swallow of wine was taken from her glass as she guaged their approach. While she, too, had elected to come without a sword, she still seemed relaxed, if not more wary now, of the visitors.

Pontus frowns turning to see what the ruckus is, and quickly puts on his poker face, "Boys. It must have slipped my mind that I invited you….coem in. Coem in, we have plenty." He'll look over to his wife, giving her an unreadable look before turning back and standing up. He'll walk over, clasping chiron on the shoulder, trying to steer him away from the men. "Lets step outside, while Loree sets the table for us all." He's trying to get the men out, as quickly as he can.

Setting a loaf of bread on the table, the man in red will smile warmly to Loree. "Don't go fussin over us now! We've got you a present for later, spent half the day at the Bazaar picking it out." They move over and whisper to Da Quellton before taking their seats. "Let's not be rude. I'm Grennel, and this is Hent and that's Rhonan." He points to the other two, appearing relaxed and comfortable.

Sensing the shift of energy in the room due to the obviously unwelcome new comers, Didasko couldn't help but keep his eyes on the three new guests. "Hello gentlemen! You fellow must be good buddies of Uncle Pontus to be invited to this family occassion. My name is Didasko, you've probably seen me working at the Tap House." He extends a hand in an attempt at calming the atmoshphere.

Agnes rises to greet the newcomers, all 6'3" of her. That dress cannot hide the broad shoulders. "Gentlemen, Lady Sir Agnes Peake, sister of Lord Trentin Peake. How is it you know good Pontus here?" Her smile is tight, her eyes focuses, as she keeps watch on the three men.

Chiron glares as the men walk past. His father's clasp on his shoulder doesn't seem to calm him down any. He looks over to his father and says in a whisper. "What were you thinking? How could you?" He shakes his head and moves back to his seat, giving Agnes a concerned look, and shakes his head almost apologetically.

"We've been friends for years." They rise, noting the invitation from Pontus a little more clearly. "We go way back." The gentlemen rise from the table and follow Da Quellton out. Red, orange, and blue tunics. They leave a package behind on the table, presumably for Lorelei.

Lorelei grins, always happy to see Da's friends. "It's no trouble, Grennel." she'll grab the plates and begin setting places for the three.

Once the knight Lieutenant had spoken her name, Talynne set down her wine and nodded to the men in acknowledgements of their introductions. "Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, a pleasure to meet you gentlemen." She looked over at Chiron curiously, then simply watched the way the family as a whole responded to the three gentlemen.

Pontus clears his throat, ignoring Chiron's whisper. "I'm old friends with Grennel. We've known each other for many years."

"Oh, please good sirs." Hera says, standing up. "You absolutely must see what we've done with the stables. Bey here has been doing a wonderous job, and with Chiron helping out it's been better then ever." She waves the men outside, going out the back toward the stables.

Agnes leans in to whisper to Chiron, "Are these men trouble?" although she smiles warmly like she's complimenting the young man on something.

"Loree, do you know these guys?" Didasko whispers under his breath. "Well about time to get food on these plates, huh? I am starving!"

Chiron nods, giving Agnes a smile, "Aww, thanks!" He says, catching on with what she's doing. "I'm sorry everyone, we weren't expecting Father's friends. Luckily Ma' plans ahead and makes enough food for everyone." There are no doubts about that, there is enough to feed double the amount of people currently.

Gathering napkins, Bey is smiling as he puts stuff on the three empty chairs in which the three men briefly say. "Always a pleasant visit!" He sits back next to Talynne, sighing.

Lorelei frowns, why is everyone getting weird? Thank the Six Eph didn't come. Looking to her cousin, she'll nod, "Sure! Da sees them a few times a year." she'll roll her eyes, "then eat, silly."

Looking over at Balius, Talynne smiled softly and leaned in to speak to him in a hushed tone before she eyed the food and couldn't help the chuckle. "It's a good thing they came, then, there looks to be enough here to feed the calvary, should they be called in for a visit as well." The good humor on her tone was obvious, but she glanced back at Bey with a question still obvious on her expression.

Pontus smiles to the oterh guests, "Yes….let Hera and I show off my stables….Start without us….my wife's cooking is the best you'll have!" HE'll move to go with his wife and the three men.

"Should we go out there with them?" Agnes asks her squire in another whisper, that same smile on her face. If she has to club someone over the head with the turkey platter, she will.

Chiron sighs a little in relief, he looks a little more at ease, and his face goes back to his normal coloration. He shakes his head and whispers back to Agnes, "I'll talk to you about it later. They shouldn't cause any problems though." He smiles again, standing up and taking Agnes and his plate. "Alright, is there anything you didn't want, Agnes?" He says smiling.

Didasko quickly snuck seconds on his plate and refilled his wine glass. No reason to spoil a perfectly fine evening. Surely Hera and Pontus has everything under control, especially if Loree is at ease with the situation. "So, who's got an exciting tale from this past week they'd like to share?"

Starting to pass around the nearest plate, broccoli and cheese, Balius is all smiles. "Ma will skin us all if her food goes to waste!" He seems relaxed again, and will sneak bites of food while he's passing whatever is nearest him. As he passes one of the dishes to Talynne, he'll smile with pride. "And this is Veggie Surprise…a personal creation that has a good family story behind it. It's Loree's favorite."

Chuckling softly, Talynne nodded to Bey. "Well, it looks absolutely delicious, I have no doubt at all that I'll find it to be even better than that." Taking each dish she's handed, Talynne puts a small amount of each item onto her plate so as not to avoid trying a single thing that's offered.

Lorelei grins, "I went to talk to poor Lord Nitrim. HE GETS HURT Almost as much as you do, Sir Agnes." She'll wait till the Veggie Surprise gets to her, eyeing ti for a moment, "Ma wasn't alone with this at all, was she?" the tragic bacon-veggie surprise incident still bothers her.

"I'll try some of everything," Agnes replies to Chiron. She settles back into her seat and lays her napkin in her lap. She nods to Lorelei, "Yes, well, he is a squire, they do tend to get banged up a bit."

Chiron gets some of everything for Agnes before getting himself anything. He smiles at her and says, "Ma' really is an excellent cook. She's also very modest, I'm sure she'd be able to cook for the king, she's got so much talent. However, if she ever got the opportunity I'm sure she'd just die." He laughs a little, his mood much better now that the men are gone. "I watched Ma make it, Sparrow. There's only veggies in there."

"Sir Agnes, I wanted to thank you for letting Chiron help out at the stables. It's been a huge help! And we're all so proud of him and thankful to you." He smiles to the knight as he begins to dig in to his meal.

Agnes waits until everyone is served before she begins eating, but once she does there is no stopping her. Ma Quellton cooks amazingly. "You're welcome, Balius. It's likely better cardio work than I could give him normally, with the bonus of helping you out."

Lorelei relaxes and will dig into the surprise. She'd hate to cry in front of everyone. "Maybe we could rent out stable boy positions to knights to send their squires to?" she's smiling, clearly begin silly.

Once the green light was given on food, Talynne started to eat through hers methodically, taking bite after bite with actual table manners, but only in so far as she didn't make a mess. It was obviously enjoyed. Every so often she murmured happily at whatever she had tried, and considering the fact that after all the food had been piled on her plate there wasn't a free space left on it, she fairly surely looked to be intent on polishing off the entire thing. "That's not actually a bad idea, Loree. I've had multiple other Knights send their squires to be trained with their Destriers, it gives them good knowledge they'll need later."

Looking up from his seconds, Didasko blushed as he noticed some were just now touching their first dish. He burped, wiped his mouth, and leaned back comfortably to enjoy the conversation. "It seems the lines between noble and commoner are blurring as the generation go on. Just look around the table." He chuckled.

Chiron laughs some, "No! It'll ruin my secret!" He says, teasing. Eating more of his mother's excellent cooking. "We unfortunately don't have the ability to house Destriers here, Taly. The woods make it difficult to do anything like that."

"Learning to be comfortable with horses in general, and the basics of riding, is still a good thing for squires. Also a riding horse is a better introduction to it. Destriers can be spirited." Agnes doesn't take seconds yet, as Ma and Pa have still to eat.

"Agreed, I noted that very strongly while I was riding with Balius here." Talynne nodded to Chiron. "Though you'll have some of our Mares here, soon, to mate with your own stallions. I'm looking forward to what the breeding creates in a horse, and likely to buy one of the first stock for myself." Talynne smiled and glanced over at Agnes. "They are, Lady Sir Agnes, admittedly spirited. But we do have the benefit of having both Destriers and Riding horses in the Vale. It's given us the opportunity to help. Usually those that aren't used to horses would start with something less dangerous than a Destrier can prove to be. Many that come to help with their Knights, or even to learn on their own, though, have been given some time with a horse. It's especially helpful, though, closer to the time the squire is closing on Knighthood themselves." Talynne then proceeded to polish off the food on her plate.

Lorelei chews slower, looking between everyone as they talk. Her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink again, and she'll turn to Dasko, "You can have more. Ma made enough, we'll be eating on this for days." She'll wrinkle her nose at Chiron, "Oh…I'm sure we'd still have work for you, don't worry." Her brow furrows, "It was my understanding that while bigger, and breed stronger, with enhancements, Destriers are horses. If you know riding horses, you should know destriers. Horses are horses." She'll shrug, eyes staying on her plate, "Perhaps I'm simplifying it." She's accused of that, a lot.

Chiron nods as Agnes speaks, and frowns some when Talynne begins to speak about the Vale. "I agree with Lorelei. A horse is a horse, from a Destrier down to a pony. Each one has their own unique personality." He seems a little upset that Talynne appears to be saying that Vale stables are better. But then, he's also very possessive and protective of his home. He also finishes off his plate and gets seconds, "Go ahead and get more, Agnes. We'll be eating this for a week at least. But save room for desert!"

Agnes doesn't need to be told twice. She has seconds of everything. She doesn't weigh in further on the horse conversation, as Chiron knows she plans to buy some riding mounts for friends and family from their stables.

"They are both horses, in that you're exceedingly correct, Lorelei and Chiron. But it is an oversimplification to believe that if you know a riding horse you know a Destrier. Destriers are taught on a different scale than riding horses, taught to be vigilant, taught to listen to specific commands. Taught to handle the challenges of battle that a riding horse should never have to face. They're a larger, stronger breed. Even the mares that Balius had requisitioned from our line are riding horses, not Destriers. I think very much for the reason that Chiron had stipulated, this just isn't the type of environment for a war horse to be comfortable in. Though I can see being trained here a time or two as being a boon to anyone that rode one." Talynne pointed out with a smile. "It's not about the unique personalities, it's about the general adroitness of the horses as well, what they're bred to be. They are all beautiful creatures with a wonder of individuality. But the ones destined to be ridden to war are chosen for that for a reason." She shrugged softly.

Having shoveled his seconds down, Didasko heaped on thirds. "Talynne has a point. I willingly admit I clearly was not bred for war either, but like to think of myself as worth knowing." He smirks and digs back into his mountain of food.

Lorelei lets her handmaiden training kick in, she'll nod politely, "I think that I'm going to go check on Ma and Da. We should do desert when I get back." She'll start to stand.

Chiron doesn't have handmaiden training, and thus doesn't just back down. "My Lady, with all due respect. The reason we cannot train Destriers here is because we don't have the room, not that we don't have the /capability/ to train them." He does his best to sound polite, but he's obviously getting agitated. He huffs some and then changes the subject. "Yes! Desert sounds awesome."

Looking at Chiron with raised brows, Talynne canted her head to the side. "I don't recall stating that you had no ability to train them, Young Master Chiron. In fact, I clearly recall stating that your terrain would be the problem." Her tone hadn't hardened, Talynne was still maintaining an air of calm, likely something she'd developed working with the hard headed horses she trains.

Agnes stays out of the fight, but she does put a calming hand on Chiron's leg. Some battles aren't worth it.

Lorelei stops, holding her breath a moment, before turning to give her older brother a strained smile, "I'll start up some coffee, find out who wants some?" she'll then move into the kitchen before he can answer and start pulling out the supplies.

Chiron huffs some, but doesn't continue the conversation. He nods to Lorelei and says, "That's a good idea, Sparrow." Smiling back at her. He looks up at Agnes, and looks at her apologetically.

Didasko called out "Loree, I'd love some coffee. Black please!" Noticing his attempts at lightening the mood were unaffective, he kept silent about the horses waiting for the next conversation.

"I would love some coffee," Agnes calls after Lorelei. "What is for dessert?" She asks, to change the subject.

Not at all enjoying this turn of conversation, Bey stands to get the pie. "One of Chiron's favorites - strawberry rhubarb!" He gathers the cutting knife and smaller plates.

Clearing her throat softly, Talynne shook her head. "Right. Good to know." She nodded and then slowly slipped up from her seat at the table. Picking up her plate from the table, she carried it into the kitchen to stack properly with the other dirty dishes. "No coffee for me, thank you, or pie. I'll need to leave myself with enough room to breath on the way home." It was said exceedingly politely. "Mrs Quellton's delicious cooking was too much a lure to fill myself on, I forgot to leave space for more."

"You shoud at least take some pie home with you Talynne. You'll be sorry if you don't! Plus Auntie loves to see empty pans after a meal. It's quite a feat but the pie dish is manageable." Didasko offers politely.

Pie! Pie is one of Agnes' favorite things. She is more than happy to have a healthy slice of it. "I should mention, Lorelei, that I have placed Sir Darious into some remedial chivalric courtesy courses. The Knight who trained him seemed to skip over that part of his lessons."

Rolling his eyes as he sits back down next to Talynne, Bey will lean close to her and whisper into her ear before attacking his pie with his fork.

Lorelei seems to be distracted from the stables, focusing on the coffee. Pulling out their good coffee cups, pushing the one with the crack to the back. HEr eyes flicker to Taly as she enters the kitchen area, "Are you sure you'd not like a half cup then? I've always found it helps settle my stomach after a big meal." The coffee brewer dings, not taking that long. Loree quickly, with the preciseness of her old job, sets the tray and starts carrying into the dinning area. She'll inhale, setting down the tray before answering Agnes, "I know…he came here to the stables a few days ago. " Loree's cheeks are now moving from pink to a deeper shade. "He apologized, asked what he could do…I told him time would be the greatest healing factor." She doesn't look at anyone as she speaks, instead starts making everyone's coffee. "He wishes to teach me archery, I think I shall make one of my brothers go with me, if it comes down to that."

"Don't forget the ice cream that comes along with it." Chiron quips in, smiling. "The pie is delicious. You should try some." He says, his tone is emotionless towards Taly. He stands up and heads on over to the pie, grabbing two plates, one for himself, and one for Agnes. He cuts out two rather sizable portions and places one on each plate. As he heads back to the table, he peeks his head out, to see how his parents and his father's friends are doing. "Here you go, Agnes!" Chiron says enthusiastically. "I hope you'll enjoy."

Having shaken her head no at Lorelei, but offered a "No, thank you for the offer." Talynne moved back over to sit down, listening to Balius quietly before she looked at him with slightly raised brows, and then returned his whisper with a quietly spoken sentence before she spoke up to the table. "I have no doubt that the pie is excellent, and I'm sure that some day I may come to experience it, thank you both." She nodded to Chiron, then to Didasko. "I should really be heading out though. And it was a pleasure to see all of you, and to meet you Lady Sir Agnes." She smiled to the woman. "You, of course, have been spoken of often, and by many."

"True, there isn't a Quellton meal without it! I'm sure you'll be back for many more. Travel home safely, it was a pleasure to meet again." Didasko bids farewell and turns his attention to the pie.

Agnes takes the pie with a smile. "If it tastes a tenth as good as it smells, it'll be heavenly," she notes. She tucks into her slice of pie with enthusiasm. "Travel safely, Lady Talynne," Agnes farewells the Rovehn.

Standing from the table, seeming confused, the youngest Quellton stands. "Let me walk you out." He smiles to Talynne, though his face seems concerned.

Lorelei watches her youngest brother and his date walk out, a slight frown on her face. Turning to chiron, passing out the rest of the coffee, "cut me a small piece, please?" Her eyes land on her cousin, seriously, where is he placing all that food? "Ma is amazing with her baking. Could you imagine if she had areal kitchen. She'd be making wedding cakes!" Possible the nicest thing Loree's said about her mother in years.

"Have a safe trip home, Taly." Chiron waves, cutting Lorelei a small piece of pie. He gets a third plate and juggles all three. He looks over at Agnes to see her reaction when she takes her first bite. This truly is his favorite.

Agnes' face says it all. Her eyes close and she looks to be in a state of pure bliss. "I may have to look at upgrading your mother's kitchen so she can make pies for me on commission."

Moving to walk to the door, the farewells recieve a wave and Talynne offers a smile. "Thank you all, and my best wishes for a pleasant evening." Balius was given a nod when he offered to walk her out. "Sure, Bey. That would be kind of you." Then she slipped out the door.

"Chiron, you think your parents are okay? There's plenty left over, but they've been out for quite a while. Think we should check on them?" Didasko wrinkles his brow.

Lorelei snorts, taking a bite of pie herself, "Ma would make you pies, just tell Chiron that he's not allowed to come to practice without one." She'll chew a moment, and smile, a little sister glint in her eyes, "Maybe that could be Chiron's Byname, 'Brings the Pies'." Loree blinks, looking at her cousin, realizing her parents have been gone a while. She'll turn to look at chiron.

Chiron mutters something nasty under his breath when Talynne leaves the house, but after that picks right back up. "I'm sure that Ma' would love an upgraded kitchen. She really is a masterful cook." He says, praising his mother. It's clear who Ma's favorite is by the way Chiron speaks. He gives Lorelei a teasing glare. "I preferred Michael's 'Bearpaw' to 'Brings the Pies'." He laughs some and says in between bites of pie. "I think they're ok? Da's friends might be the scum of the earth, but they've never hurt anyone or the horses."

Once Talynne is gone, Agnes looks at the siblings and their cousin. "I apologize for her words. The Rovehn are very, very proud of their animals, but it was terribly rude to demean your work in the process of lifting up her own."

Didasko relaxes and starts gathering dishes, moving the left over to storable containers. "If you say so, 'Hot Pie.'" After Agnes' apology he chimes in, "I think ultimately no harm no foul, right?" He looks at Loree and smiles, hoping she'll help him settle Chiron down a bit.

Lorelei's actually probably more worked up that Chiron, she's just able to hold it together better. HUbert is way better than some dumb old Dreisser horse. Frowning at Chiron though, "Da's friends are nice. You just like begin mad at Da. And they would not hurt anyone, that's not even funny to joke about." She'll just nod to Agnes, and the Dasko, "There's not need to apologize. Your words did not offend. If she's wishing to be connected to this family in any way, she's going to have to learn how to speak to us. Bey won't put up with that." she hopes. She'll snort at her cousin's nickname for Chiron, and will look to her older brother adding with a giggle, "Bearpaw makes you sound like a donut."

Chiron shakes his head, "You didn't say those things, Agnes. She did. Don't apologize on her behalf." he says, glaring at the door. He ponders saying more offensive things, but they /are/ at the dinner table. "I can go see what all the holdup is outside." he says, opening the door and waving to the group of people.

"It's still no excuse," Agnes insists. "As Knights, it is our responsibility to embody respect and courtesy, and to protect, defend, and lift up our citizenry. Without the citizenry, nobility is nothing. You are the foundation of Haven, the stability, conscience, and measure of how worthy we are to have any titles." She seems truly sincere in her words. "I should be on my way home though. I have to make sure my brother is coping still. Please do thank your parents for me. Your mother is an incredible cook."

Didasko finishes storing the food, but leaves out the containers for auntie and uncle who are surely hungery. "Yeah, something tells me she'll be around for a while." Smirking he asks, "Is there anything else I can do to help clean before I head back to the tap house? Normally they could do fine without me, but there's live music tonight so the more hands the better."

Lorelei gives a thankful smile to Agnes, it's nice to hear a knight being , well….a knight." Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help your family during this time. I know Ma would be happy to send baked goods, if that would help in any way." Blinking to Didasko, "Oh…no…if you need to go, then go. At some point, I'd like to do lunch though…when you have time?"

Chiron nods in agreement, "Yes, Agnes. If your family needs anything at all, let us know. You've done so much for ours." He gives her a sympathetic smile. He's not lost a family member, but when Hestia died a few years ago, it nearly tore him apart. "If you need to get going Dask, head out! We'll still be here." He says, laughing. "I'll let Ma' know you liked her cooking. I'm sure she'd take requests for pies or other baked goods."

"Thank you. And if you need any help with," Agnes glances towards where the three goons went with Ma and Pa, "Do not hesitate to call me." With that, she takes her leave.

"Lunch sounds like a great plan Loree, later this week perhaps? Let's go somewhere besides the Taphouse, I eat over half my meals there. It has been a pleasant evening with the cousins as always- dinner and a show!" With a bow, Didasko heads back towards to tap house.
Lorelei watches as every leaves, she shoulders finally slumping as the door closes. she'll just bring her hands up to her face and rub her eyes. This was a disaster. Thank the SixDa's friends came over , if Da had heard Tally say that….Loree sighs… "Do you want more coffee Chiron?"

Chiron sighs, looking out the window, looks like father's friends have left as well. He nods to his sister and says, "Yes, that would be excellent." He says, bringing his cup of coffee to the kitchen.

Lorelei leaves the dishes, just picking up her cups and going to the pot as well, "That was….stressful. Poor Bey." There's an underlying anger to her voice, but it's controlled.

Chiron snorts, but doesn't say anything right away. He holds his mug out, allowing his sister to pour coffee in it. "It was rather stressful. On the bright side, Agnes liked the food." He says, suddenly paling. "Oh Six… Agnes is dealing with serious stuff, and this was probably all kinds of uncomfortable for her."

Lorelei smiles, pouring him his coffee, "Are you kidding? she was probably happy for the distraction. HAve Ma make a few pies and send them. Sir Agnes will be happy, and so will Ma." She'll sigh, dumping a ton of sugar and cream into her coffee. "I'm just glad Ephraim couldn't make it."

Chiron gives Lorelei a confused look, for a few things. "Perhaps you're right, I just hate that She had to witness all that, but, she got some pie, and it /is/ good pie." He says, continuing. "Why are you glad Ephraim couldn't make it?"

Lorelei nods, she can understand that, "Sir Agnes will be ok, just be there for her, if she needs to talk. or more importantly, just be there for her. She'll appreciate it." she'll try, and fail, to hold back a bit of a chuckle, "Because Ephriam doesn't have as much self restraint and would have just called Tally out on being a self centered ignorant bitch. and some how, I don't think that would have helped."

Chiron laughs, loudly. "I almost did!" He says, almost shouting. "I probably would have too if Agnes wasn't there…" He drifts off some, looking at the front door. "I hope Bey will be alright." He sighs, sipping his coffee.

Lorelei just watches Chiron. she's going to have to play the middle man, again, between her brothers. At least that's how it's feeling, with this whole TALLy thing. "Look…I don't like her either, but…we have to respect what Bey wants. HE's smart, he'll figure it out, one way or the other. Just like with agnes, we just ahem to be here for him." she'll take a sip of her drink, then look down, surprised, not sure how it got so sweet.

Chiron sighs, his sister is right. "Yeah, I know… Just… How could he stand by and let her talk about our Ranch like that?" He says, getting a little animated with his free hand. "I mean, what's the deal there? Does /he/ think that the Rhoven stables are better?" he sighs, again, sipping the coffee. It's particularly warm and comforting tonight.

Lorelei looks down, she doesn't have an answer for that. "I..I don't think Bey thinks that." At least, she hopes not. If so, is she the only Quellton sibling left that truly cares? She'll shake her head, not wanting to think thoughts like that. she'll drink more coffee, letting it settle her stomach. "I think I'm going to go check on Hubert before I go to sleep. I think Ma and Da must have gone for a walk."

"They must have, do /you/ think that they knew those three were coming?" Chiron asks, not really sure of the answer. "I should get some sleep though, gotta get up early and work on the stables." He says, laughing some. "I'm sure Bey doesn't think those things. I do think he didn't speak up though because of how he feels about Taly."

Lorelei hesitates, not wanting to give his brother more fuel against their father, "No…at least, not Ma. she would have had me set plates out for them. I bet Da just forgot, or maybe mentioned something, and they misunderstood." Biting her lip, Loree will move to start cleaning up the dishes, "No…I know he doesn't." And that' all she'll say on that.

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