07.25.3013: The Primus Problem
Summary: A concerned Chantry priest confesses to a problem in the Order, one that results in far-reaching implications.
Date: 25 July, 2013
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The Grand Chantry — Primus-Val — Primus
The air on Primus is parched, dry enough to almost crackle. Or perhaps it is the sense of reverence and power that fills the soaring spaces of the Grand Chantry. The nave stretches nearly one hundred meters from the soft glow of the always-open Waygate to the altar where the transepts stretch out perpendicular to the nave, each running another thirty meters from the altar and forming a cruciform floorplan.
At the point where the transepts meet the nave, a dome soars high into the dry air, pierced near the top by small windows that throw light onto mirrors where it bounces down and around the open space. Along the sides of the nave are tall aisles, allowing the easy passage of people around the worshipers in the center. Tall, thin windows draw in even more light in from the landscapes of Primus, making the Grand Chantry nearly glow from marble paving slabs to vaulted ceiling and from Waygate to the gilded statues of the Six behind the altar.
July 25, 3013

It is late evening, the Haven sun hanging low on the horizon as it begins its lazy setting. It has been an overcast day, and now those low-hanging clouds begin to take on colors of orange and red along the western horizon. There is a particular serendipity the way the following scene unfolds, though a wiser individual might consider the actual probability of anything truly serendipitous.

It begins with Mister Nolan Vaughn being escorted by a rather short, rotune Priest named Tanya Sextus. She has chattered with him at an almost excess as she escorted him through the Grand Chantry and then out to Pilgrims Square, and then onward to the Monestery where she says a Brother Martin Sextus waits for him. Nolan had been working tirelessly in tracing a message that was anonymously sent his way, and after tracking through the tireless maze of the InfoSphere, he ended up discovering that the message had originated from the Grand Chantry itself.

They walk together through the halls of the Monestery, arriving at a fairly nondescript office. She shows him in, but they are not alone when they enter.

Lord Nitrim Khournas and Lady Soleil Sauveur had been told they would be taken to see Archpriest Francena Sextus, but then had been left in this office by a young Novice by the name of Tiberian Sextus. He had been exceptionally quiet compared to Nolan's chatty escort, showing them to the office and then leaving them there with a promise that the Archpriest would be along shortly.

Within moments of Nolan and Sister Tanya's arrival comes another pair of arrivals from completely opposite directions. First comes Mister Jor Aeldan under the escort of a man of the Chantry guard named Brother Lieutenant Harrison Sextus who had been given orders to show the former Knight to Brother Martin's office where a parcel for Lady Sophie Sauveur was waiting. Second was Lord Aidan Peake, being escorted by Brother Martin himself.

Everyone is shown inside and Martin shuts the door. "I hope you will forgive me, Lords, Lady, Misters… but, I need to speak with you about why you are all here…"

Dressed in his typical long, black coat adorned with the trappings of being a lord of Khournas, Nitrim sits quietly beside his betrothed as the others start to filter in. Watching them all quietly from his seat, his eyes fall onto Aidan for a long, quiet stare. The two of them had once had a conversation about these sorts of things, and the little nod that Nitrim gives him is far less a greeting and more an acknowledgement. Claw-ringed fingers scratching his chest, he leans back and glances to Soleil as Martin begins to speak. His brows lower like a proud drake, silent, and letting the man open negotiations.

Whether or not Brother Lieutenant Harrison Sextus knew his face from all those years back, when Jor came to this Chantry on a more frequent basis than "almost-never", the despurred Knight has very little words to exchange. He gave his purpose, he went accompanied, quirked an otherwise silent eyebrow at the company, and then Brother Martin comes in and immediately sets off warning flags.

"What happened?" The bass question is not quite a demand, but the force of the delivery and the sterner expression, with Jor's arms folded, make it clear he's reading something into this. There's no need for privacy if this were a benign event, and if it were something more secretive, surely someone higher than Brother Martin would have come along, or presented his words in a different manner if he were here on behest of another. So, that leaves trouble, and it's Jor's history in the Watch, plus one or two other niggling details, that lead him down the path of "aw crap".

Soleil's been 'distracted', which is code for something else, and in her intense distraction she has sat for some time in silence, staring at a wall. Occasional quiet, brief exchanges with Nitrim hardly interupt her, but when other people start coming in, she starts to pay attention. Looking toward Nitrim, a frown tugs at her lips. "Who're these people?" she mutters to him, drawing herself to sit up straighter in her chair.

Scheduled to meet a priest, Aidan forsook his usual ranger chic for more noble habillements. Meaning he's actually recognizable as a member of the Peake household. As he enters and takes in those who are here, he returns Nitrim's nod and gives one to Nolan as well before sitting and looking at Brother Martin. Waiting.

Nolan sizes up the assorted lords and ladies there, no doubt silently judging each of them. He gives the most attention to Brother Martin, however, as he lingers near the back of the room.

At Jor's forceful demand, Martin raises a hand as if to stall him from doing something a bit more physical behind those words. The Priest, dressed in a solid black cassock with the symbol of the Sage on his left breast, steps up to his desk so that he can pull open the top drawer. From within it, he pulls out a journal — an actual paper and leather-bound kind, not the more typical tablet. He closes the drawer almost immediately after he has removed it, lifting his solid grey eyes up to glance around those gathered. "I understand that you all had far different appointments than the one you are receiving now, but I was the one who asked most of you to come, and… I don't believe that Elder Sister Francena can be trusted," when he says this he looks at Soleil and Nitrim. "My name is Brother Martin Sextus… I was a student of Brother Tommas Sextus, and it is my belief that he had uncovered something… dire… just before he went missing."

Nitrim's fingers drum quietly on his knee as Martin makes his announcement, eyes locked onto the man like a quiet, observant snake. Tongue running over his teeth, he leans in to whisper something to Soleil before he regards the man before them and the journal in his hand. "Father Tommas said as much, and I haven't been able to determine if he's made himself missing or if someone else has made him missing. That's an answer I'd like to have." Nitrim says openly, nodding towards the journal. "What did he tell you he found, anything?"

Soleil shrugs off the teenaged nonchalance that generally follows her, and laces her fingers together in her lap. An arched brow at Martin suggests she expects him to back up his assertion. "The world is full of people, and other people telling us not to trust them. It's a fairly serious allegation though, wouldn't you say? What in space could possibly lead any member of the Chantry to be at odds with other members of the Chantry to such an extent that someone within his own…where am I going with this?" She confuses herself with her own words. Ah. 'Distractions'. She pauses to nod to whatever Nitrim whispers, and sums up her own question with, "Why trust you and not my aunt?"

Some habits die hard. Here's one of them that refuses to give up the ghost: "May I?" Jor's hand accompanies that query, extended towards that journal, the faint suggestion of amusement on his face turning back to severity as the story comes out. Oh, he did mull it over in his head why Nitrim Khournas was here - one reason his aloft brow is frozen in place on his forehead - but it's the plight on hand that commands his full attention. "What evidence do you have of all of this? And why do you implicate one of your own as a liability?"

"Considering that his message to me just before he disappeared warned of something dire, I'd say your concerns are justified." Aidan answers. "Dark forces at work in the chantry, to use his exact words." Others are already prompting for more information so he doesn't need to himself.

Nolan remains quiet, and observant still, listening to the question's posed by those present, and the few answers given as well. He does give a curious eye to the journal, however, as it's produced, fingers coming up to rub lightly at his chin.

"It is my belief that his absence is not of his own volition," Martin expresses to Nitrim as he glances down at the journal. He shakes his head a bit before he steps forward to open the pages. There are only a handful of them scattered throughout the leafs that actually have writing. The majority of them are blank. "I'm afraid that he didn't tell me much of anything. I found this journal on my desk the day after he went missing. You will find a note on the inside of the cover." He hands the journal to Jor at his prompting. He glances toward Soleil at her questions. "The Chantry has little to argue about. We are united in our faith, and our wish to understand the nature of humanity… but that is what we are as a cohesive group. Individuals are never so easily complacent, particularly when questions of humanity arise." He then exhales a bit, reaching up to run a hand through his black hair. "I'm… afraid I have no evidence to speak of. All the evidence lies with Tommas… he came to me the day he went missing and said he had to go to the Grand Necropolis." Which would be where every Sauveur and the greatest of Haven's heroes have been laid to rest. "He said when he returned, he would be ready to expose light on a dark shadow in the Chantry."

Venus pages: The note on the inside cover reads: Martin, Blood is powerful. It can reveal truths. Read what is written in the blood. —Tommas

"Don't go too far with that." Nitrim eyes Jor quietly as the man is handed the journal. Arms folding across his chest, he trades looks with Soleil and then scans the faces in the room. They're all likely here for the same reason, but it's the ones he doesn't spend much time with that get the greatest weight of uncertaintly. "What's being said here, and what we're likely going to do about it, can't leave this room." He says to them, letting his feelings be clear on the matter. "No houses. No Chantry. No anyone. If Tommas had something dire to warn people about there's too much risk, so understand that if you send any missives out, Infosphere or not, you could be putting lives in danger." He turns his gaze to Martin. "Do you have a way for us to get into the Grand Necropolis, at least any gated sections?"

There's a distinct twitch of both eyebrows, as Brother Martin continues, Jor looking at him for a moment. In the meantime, his other habits are coming to light, in the form of protective handwear. He might have an out of fashion wardrobe as a general rule, but it's /functional/ if not stylish. That's why he has a pair of gloves lurking in one pocket, to go with the hat that keeps the rain off, the latter of which is currently hanging by a thin cord down his back.

Once he's sure he's not going to tamper too much with fingerprints and other identifiers, there's a pronounced frown on the features of Jor Aeldan as he skims through the journal, his eyes pausing on the aforementioned note internally located on the cover. "The Grand Necropolis," he repeats, glancing up from the note, and taking a moment to leaf through the sparsely written pages. "So let me make certain I have this clear: Brother Tommas believes he's uncovered… let's call it a secret. So he goes on a personal endeavor to prove it, and ran into trouble, quite possibly on Primus, and leaves a very cryptic hint behind. How long ago again, did you say it's been? And secondly, have you had this -" he holds up the journal "- analyzed by anyone? Or have you been concealing this the entire time?"

Jor also doesn't even twitch a foot, except for in his head where he's kicking Nitrim at the implication he'd take the book and run.

Soleil listens in stony silence for the moment, though she levels a brief but intense look on Jor when he takes the journal.

"Tell me, Brother Martin." Aidan says, the priest being the focus of his attention. "Do some who try to 'understand the nature of humanity' include the Hostiles in that? And could they be making cause with them? If not with the deliberate intention of betraying us then in the naive hope that the Hostiles would be willing to treat with them in good faith? Given recent events, and dreams some of us have had, I wonder if that could be the dark forces he spoke of." Not beating around the bush. Though he glances at Nitrim, he gives no indication if he agrees or not.

"Father Tommas, if I recall, went missing shortly after the bodies were discovered in the Hostiles troopship." Nolan finally adds, "He's always had a rocky relationship with the council, and I surmise he has some connection with Elder Sabine." He says, "Now, Father Tommas was a Chantry guard before entering the priesthood proper, so I suspect it is with different eyes he sees the world then many of his colleagues." He gestures towards Martin, "No disrespect meant. I have a hunch that the call for Mercy for the Hostile captured by the Arboren, the dead priests, and father Tommas' dissapearance are all quite directly connected." He says, "Is there anything of note in the journal?" he asks with a glance towards Jor.

"You'll have to forgive me if my levels of trust are low, Mister Aeldan," Martin says dryly in the face of the former Watchman's interrogation. "I have not allowed anyone else to look at that journal." He then glances toward Nitrim. "There is a Ways always active between here and all the Necropoli," though he does not seem keen to reply to the troubling ideas that he might be risking more than just Tommas's life with this. Aidan's words does draw a grimace. "There have been some… rumblings concerning that, Lord Aidan… the Hostiles are human." Or at least their DNA is. "It is a point of some debate on whether or not it is the duty of the Chantry to look after all of humanity, though I don't know if it has really gotten further than just passive discussion."

"Strange concept when the Hostile view our Six as obsolete, but I wouldn't hold it against the Chantry to try." Nitrim states, nodding softly to Martin's explanation of the Ways. They would be able to use it, as needed, to get where they need to go. "Is there a way, Martin, that you could get us access to one of these Waygates with a certain grade of privacy?"

"The purpose of the six are to guide us through our lives, isn't that so?" Soleil finally chimes in. "The various stages. Well, there are those who may consider the Hostiles are a stage in and of themselves. A stage of the life of humanity. That would require a new god." She shrugs, and glances at Nitrim.

"We could…go pay respects to my mother." Her voice suggests some discomfort at the idea, but she goes on. "You, as her future son in law."

In answer to anything interesting in the journal, Jor merely glances at Nolan. "I'm not certain what this means yet, but I have a theory. Cover your hands before you touch this, though." And from there, he squints faintly - harshly, it should be said - in the direction of Brother Martin. "And did Brother Tommas have anything to say about the individuals that went missing in Arboren and were later found harvested of everything?" He himself doesn't seem… bothered by this revelation, or of Nitrim's added comment. If anything, quite the opposite: stern fascination, his gaze could be called. "I won't say I'm not surprised a member of the Chantry voiced such a thought, but I want to hear why. And what you think about what he wrote to you," he adds, holding up the journal significantly. "I haven't decided if this is literal or something a bit more poetic, yet. Either way, keeping this hidden was a very /good/ idea." Yeah, he's being parsimonious with the information, but he does, finally, reach out to replace the journal on a level surface towards Brother Martin, rather than hoard it. In addition to that, he nods sharply in Nitrim's direction.

"Perhaps what the Hostiles believe will replace the Six has struck a chord in some of the Chantry." Aidan suggests, looking over at Nitrim. "But while I can easily see some priests, like anyone else, being naive, idealistic and getting in way over their head, that doesn't mean they'd actively sacrifice their own to the Hostiles. Unless they've been completely subverted." As Jor talks about what's in the book, he's not quite patient when he asks "So what did it say?"

Martin hesitates a bit, though then he nods. "I could manage such, my Lord… but only to provide you access there. You would have to come back through the main gates." He glances toward Jor at his questions, and the Priest blinks. "Tommas had nothing to say about that…" He looks a touch confused about that in general before he looks back toward Aidan. His expression honestly pales. "We still do not know why those priests were found in the Hostile wreckage. Some believe that they merely went unaccounted for, that they had been taken under our noses…"

Nitrim looks to Soleil and quiets. The news of their betrothal still a rather new thing, he reaches out to squeeze her arm and gives her a nod in response. "It's something that we should do, regardless. I think the situation is better this time than it was before, no less." He murmurs to her, leaning in to whisper something before he pulls back and looks to the journal. "Does the journal mention anything about dreams? When and if we go into this Necropolis we should arrive separately, though if it needs to be said I'm interested in following this trail to the end. I've got to know."

Venus pages: You saw no mention of dreams, in fact, it just looked like a basic scripture journal. Quotes from Chantry doctrine.
You paged Venus with 'Or rather, I flipped through the rest to see what else was written if anything, and maybe see if there was room for invisible scrawls, indentations in the pages, etc.'
You paged Venus with 'Evidence if other writings, in other words.'
Venus pages: There definitely were some pages of handwriting.
You paged Venus with 'Just the quotes?'
Venus pages: Yup, just the quotes.
Venus pages: They were on random pages and in random sections of the pages.

"They would have been missed, I am certain." Nolan says to Martin, "Somebody new they were gone, anyhow." his hands then dissapear into his coat, and he pulls out a pair of thin gloves, the sort ideal for the collection and handling of evidence and he heads towards the desk and the journal itself, "I'm quite versed in handling evidence." He assures him.

"Perhaps so, but no one came forward when their bodies were found," Martin says to Nolan.

"Not separately, but not together, if that makes sense," Jor states, directing his words to Nitrim. "The problem is anyone being left be for a time… it wouldn't be prudent to be alone when investigating a possible conspiracy. Now, with your permission," he adds, to Brother Martin, "I have a small experiment in mind. Two things: One, have you actually tried following his advice literally? And second, don't you find it odd how that book was written?"

Soleil nods to Nitrim, and then her eyes follow the journal. "I would like a digital copy of the journal to study," she says, extracting her com device fro the purpose of copying the pages.

Aidan looks to Jor then with a glance upwards, looks to Nolan. "Detective, if you would read it aloud so that we can all know what it says?"

Martin hesitates at the noblewoman's request, but then he waves her onward so that she can scan the pages. Then he glances over toward Jor, and he shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not dense enough to believe that there are not hidden messages on the journal… but I have not yet been able to reveal their contents."

<FS3> Soleil rolls Cryptography: Good Success.

"There is an inscription on the front cover." Nolan says, "It reads: Martin, Blood is powerful. It can reveal truths. Read what is written in the blood. —Tommas." He is pulling out a device from beneath his jacket even as Jor suggests it, and activates a switch, the device emitting a light that illuminates a few smudges on some of the page corners, as well as the cover, though nothing else seems to show up, "It would seem there is blood on the journal, though not writing." he observes.

Soleil shifts in her chair, from leaning on one hip to the other, her brow furrowed. "genetic material," she notes. "Genetic material contains the most complicated codes imaginable, the things that make a cat a cat, a bird a bird, and me, a me." She seems to be turning things over in her head, and finally says, "I heard about a technique, once. A strange one. I haven't heard of it /actually being used, but…if I can explain it…"

A moment more of thought. "The author utilizes a technique that requires his presence, literally, to let it be read. His DNA contains a code, and that code activates the ink. In other words…we need his blood."
Soleil has partially disconnected.

"I was thinking we could use a substitute, hence my question to him," Jor replies, to Soleil as she responds, "but…" he adds, eyeing Nolan's activity. He knows what device /that/ is, even if he doesn't have one of his own to use anymore. "I think we have the base of what we need there. The question is how to use it here. I could be mistaken, but smearing the blank areas seemed too simple a solution. I thought about using my own as a test, but as you say, it could be a genetic cipher. It's complicated enough to not be broken easily." And then he blinks, looking at the journal. "I had a thought, but I need to research it, maybe I can even call in a favor though it's an if there."

"Do we have enough of his blood on the book, if it is his blood?" Nitrim asks Soleil and then looks to the rest of the room as a whole. "One thing that concerns me, though, is that there was blood on this book when it was found." He looks to Nolan. "Do you have any quick way of finding out if this is his blood or someone else's?" Nitrim pauses, then slowly turns his head, looking to Soleil. "Or a relatives?"

<FS3> Jor rolls Wit: Failure.

"It's his blood." Aidan sounds fairly sure of that. "I don't gamble as a rule but I'd put money on this. He left the book for Brother Martin and a message telling him what to do. He'd leave the means of seeing the rest of it. The question is how to use his DNA to make it visible."

Martin grimaces, and he glances between those gathered in his office. "Or if you find Brother Tommas, perhaps you won't even have to go through the process of synthesizing his blood…" He did ask them here to find Tommas after all. He doesn't sound concerned about what is in the book but instead where his mentor has gone.

"Synthetic blood, anything we can make in a lab— it won't have the level of complexity," Soleil says. "The man didn't mean to disappear, I wager. And it will take a fair amount. The method of the ink— it requires the genetic material to decode it. Not just a code." She rubs her temple. "What I'm saying is, the blood is not like a dictionary. The blood itself has to do the work."

"I don't have Father Tommas' DNA, so there's nothing to compare it to." Nolan says to Nitrim, "But I believe there are sensors in the corners." He indicates, "We might be able to collect enough DNA from the smear on the cover and rehydrate it enough to access the pages." he adds.

Well, there's one headache coming on, or so Jor's hand rubbing at his temple would suddenly have people believe. "And here I thought it would be more complicated than that," he says, half to himself, with a sigh. He doesn't comment on the other thought in his head, though he does eye Nolan with more than a hint of speculation to his gaze now, arms refolding as he goes silent once again, eyes focused on the tome as though by staring at it, everything will become clear.

"He might not have intended to disappear but he knew it could happen." Aidan points out. "Why else leave the book for Brother Martin as he did? And if we need a quantity of his blood, I'd bet he also left us some somewhere or a means to obtain it. Brother Martin." he says, turning to the priest. "You'll need to check his room, lockers, storage, anywhere he might have left something that appears inconsequential." Looking to Nolan, he adds "You should check to see if he rented anything in Landing."

Nitrim rises from his seat and moves closer to Martin, watching him closely as the others mull over the book. Hands clasping behind his back, he moves to the stand to the side and watch everyone in the room act and move as they please. "Clever man. Whatever it is that he believed in, he took great care to keep it secret. Though you'll have to forgive me, Martin, once we leave here with the book and go to the Great Necropolis it would probably be best if you kept yourself safe and didn't associate with us further." Nitrim sidelongs to the priest. "And in the meantime I suggest you be very careful. Has anyone else investigated his disappearance?"

Martin tries to hide his frustration, though he does run another hand through his hair as he considers the group. "I can see to his rooms if that is what you believe I can do to assist you." He glances toward Nitrim and shrugs his shoulders a bit. "I'm already a known friend of Tommas. If my life isn't already in danger, I would be surprised…"

Nolan puts his little toy's away and peels off his examination gloves, tucking them away into the coat as well, "It's worth looking into, though I don't know that it will turn up any leads." he says to Aiden.

"You shouldn't stay here." A simple enough statement from Jor, to the Brother. "I don't think I need explain why, either," he adds, glancing around the room. "Then again, disappearing would be as much of a clue as not. Do you have anyone here you can trust for protection? Or should I practice a little presumption and keep myself on hand? Lady Talayla will understand my absence, I'm sure." A brief, slightly humorous smile, quickly gone.

"We'll find him, Martin, one way or another." Nitrim nods to the priest as he steps away, back to where Soleil is. His hand extends as he looks down to her, finding her eyes as he offers a hand to help her up. "Tying this to his blood, and from the desperation he imparted to me, it's possible that this was something Tommas felt so strongly about he was worth dying over, Martin. If he's no longer living, we'll make sure we find out what he was after." He looks to the room. "So…where do we go from here? The Grand Necropolis? Soleil and I have respects to pay."

"I rent a small apartment in the Landing that can't be traced to me. You're welcome to stay there as long as necessary." Aidan offers to the priest. "Our presence here was seen by too many people to keep secret. Even if you weren't considered a threat before, I'd doubt that holds now." In answer to Nitrim, he says "We need what's in the book first. There's no point in wandering blindly around the Necropolis hoping to stumble across A Clue when what we need to know first is almost certainly in that book."

Soleil places a hand lightly into Nitrim's and rises, then casts a final look over the room, noting carefully every face. She says nothing more, moving to stand just behind the Khourni Drake, and watching over his shoulder like a dark presence.

Soleil murmurs to Nitrim.

"We'll need more of his blood." Nitrim says in return to Aidan, eyes to the man. His lips part, giving Aidan a quiet, understanding smile. "At the least we'll need to end up finding Tommas and linking the two together. He went to the Grand Necropolis, which is where we intend to go." He smiles quietly. "I just don't have much faith that his rooms and private things will leave anything that the Chantry hasn't already looked into. We could be racing against time, and we intend to have our look." He glances back over his shoulder to Soleil, offering her his hand. He murmurs something.

Martin looks between those, and his shoulders fall just a bit at the insistence that he is not safe here. He nods a bit. "Alright, thank you, Lord Aidan…" He then clasps his hands behind his back as he regards them all in turn.

"If Father Tommas is alive at the Grand Necropolis, he likely needs hour help. And if so, we do not really need to know what is in here. If he is not, we will be able to access the journal if we find his body." Nolan hmns, "But if you think we should check his quarters first…"

Soleil gives Nitrim her hand again and inclines her head to the company.

Jor, it seems, is content to let the rest of you talk it out. For himself, he's regarding Brother Martin in silence at first, except for grunting faintly when talk switches to that of a safehouse. No comments there, either, but also no objections. But after a moment, he does speak up: "Better that he be found /alive/, though. And hale."

"He was smart, he knew he was in danger, and he wanted Brother Martin to be able to read what he left." Aidan repeats. "He left a way to do that since he couldn't guarantee he'd still be alive or that we'd find his body if he was dead. We just need to find what he left." He looks over Nitrim and Soleil and shakes his head. What is it about Sauveurs? "If there is danger there, you two are likely to be taken. But it's your decision." Standing, he looks to Martin. "Please do what needs to be done here and gather your things. I'll take you to the apartment." Via a roundabout way involving a change of clothing in Khar-Mordune. Let them think he's taken sanctuary there.

Brother Martin frowns a bit between the Khar-Mordune Lord and then the others. He inclines his head a bit. "There is an empty chamber at the end of the hall that has a personal waygate. They use to be the officers of Elder Yves Sextus, but he recently passed on and it is still empty. You should be able to dial the Necropolis and get there without interruption." Then he looks to Aidan with a nod of his head.

"I agree with the investigator. If Tommas is in danger we may be short on time, and if there is a danger to us there will be numbers." Nitrim replies to Aidan, eyes softening. It's concern that drives him, not ego. "I'm sure you'll all be minutes behind and please, don't try to communicate with me via the Infosphere. I don't trust it so much anymore." Nitrim's eyes gloss over and he reaches out to Aidan's mind, knocking on the door. His eyes go clear again and he moves to the door with Soleil.

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