06.22.3013: The Party Bus
Summary: Hell If I Know and Company make the trip from the first stop on the Singing for Soldiers
Date: 22 June 2013
Related: Almost immediately after Singing for Soldiers 1.
Drake Letha Zaniyah Willow Chiron Cole 

The Westend, Landing
A tourist crawler moving through the press of people from Landing to Inculta.
22 June, 3013

One of the massive crawlers, usually reserved for massive tourist expeditions through the city, has been set aside for the use of the bands and a select few people with back-stage passes. Drake has collected a bottle of whiskey, although he hasn't cracked it open yet. "Yeaaaah!" Tossing the bottle onto one of the back to back bench seats running down the middle, he reaches up to drum his hands on the sun shade over the top of the crawler's body, "Now that's what I'm talkin' about."

Letha Vallas is finishing up some interviews with the opening acts, and she is having what appears to be a lively conversation with the lead singer of Lollipop Overload. She laughs brightly at the woman's joke before she makes a note in her tablet. She says her farewells before she steps up into the crawler after Drake. Her expression goes just a touch cool as she approaches where the man has slumped down, brows arching slightly. "Mister Danger," she greets him simply as she plops down across from him.

It doesn't take long for Zani to pile into the crawler as well, making her way to flop somewhere near Drake though giving the man some space. "Hey, handsome," she calls as she gets there, carrying her own bottle, not labelled. "Fancy meeting you here." It's more just to let Drake know she's there, the slight flirt totally not serious and surely the whole world knows it.

Drake looks over to Letha as she approaches, "Hey, blondie! Pull up a seat." She's all serious, but she can't get him down right now, and the rocker reaches out to sling his left arm around her shoulders, pausing just a moment, "Wait… or should I be callin' you Miss Vallas still?" As Zani comes up, he reaches over to swat her on the backside in a playfully friendly manner, "Fancy yourself, Zee. How many boys slip hotel keys to you so far?"

Clearly out of her element but still somehow along for the ride, Willow inches her way through the crawler, stopping left and right to make sure that bands and their guests have everything that they need to enjoy their after-party to the very best of her ability. Cheeks are flushed a high color on seeing some enjoying themselves a bit more than others with people that could be nothing other than groupies. Since navigating with her hands over her eyes would be rather difficult, the little blonde assistant keeps her attention straight in front of her and eyes glued to the floor. It's just hopeful that no one has let their party make it to the floor yet.

That gets a peal of laughter from Zani, who retorts with, "At least 8, but I ain't counting." She settles into her seat, pops the top off her bottle and drinks thirstily. As she looks up and catches sight of poor Willow, she waves. "Hey, come have a seat here. It's relatively safe." Well, so long as you don't mind Zani talking your ear off, or being this close to Drake Danger, that is. "Miss Vallas, good to see you again," she then adds, looking back over at Drake and the journalist.

Letha maintains her disapproval for a little bit longer even as his arm swoops around her shoulders. She crosses her arms at her chest, trying to maintain that haughty expression despite the fact she is secretly proud of Drake for his success. She looks down at her tablet before she scans through her possible interview questions. "So, how did you enjoy the challenge of being a headliner, Mister Danger?" She smiles toward Zaniyah. "Same question for you, Zaniyah." It is then that she notices Willow, and she offers her a bit of a smile that she probably misses entirely when she looks at her feet.

Drake grimaces at Letha's response, letting his arm drop from the little blonde's shoulders, the continued resistance finally cracking Drake's high. "Well shit…" He nods to Zani, picking up the whiskey bottle and offering it out to the assistant, "Have a seat, Wills, and have a drink." Looking back to Letha, he finally gets around to answering her questions, "It's a serious rush, Miss Vallas. Totally off the charts amazing. A whole lot more than a small venue. Just… fucking awesome. The kinda thing you need to get chilled out after." His eyes cut over to Willow, and he smirks, then looks back to Letha, narrowing his eyes, "Or before in some cases."

"Oh, nononono, I couldn't possibly, Mr. Danger," Willow says, shaking her head. The confidence and… power wielded by the assistant from earlier as she prepared acts and all but tossed them on stage for the concert has faded away, leaving only the mild-mannered and very shy Willow Byrche behind. "I'm working and I couldn't have a drink. It just wouldn't be right." Her head dips down to Letha, as if begging the other woman on the clock for a little bit of intervention.

Zani gives Letha a fairly warm smile. She takes another long drink from her own bottle, and then leans back in her seat. "That was - what Drake said, yeah. I think I could get totally addicted to that rush. It is totally unbelievable." She's still bouncing, wired from the rush. She glances at Willow, but leaves her to her own devices now, as she considers the question and whether it's answered okay. "I guess you could say I definitely enjoyed it, and look forward to doing it again many many times."

Letha makes a note in her tablet before she casts them both a quick smile. She does notice the slight deflate from the musician before she casts Willow a bit of an apologetic smile. "Willow, you should have a small drink. I promise to make sure he doesn't have you down the whole bottle though." And she rests back a bit heavier against his shoulder as if to offer some wordless exchange. Yeah, fine, she forgives him.

Drake shakes his head at Willow's demural, nodding at Letha's addition to his offer. He uses his thumb and forefinger to spin off the top of the bottle, taking a swig himself and then offering it out again, "If you have a sip of this, maybe you won't get so tense that I gotta kiss you up on Inculta." Even as he speaks, he snakes an arm back around Letha's shoulders, squeezing gently, "Not that you're not all pretty as hell, but I think if I did it twice, I'd get panned in the papers." He winks over to Letha, then turning his attention back to Zani, "Nothin'. Fuckin' like it."

She's been broken down. Hesitantly, Willow creeps forward, eyes shifting from Zani to Letha and then lastly lingering on Drake for a moment longer than all of the others before skipping back and making another circuit. "O-okay…" she says slowly. "I guess I could relax a little bit. But there's still so much to do to make sure your after-party, Mr. Danger, goes off without a hitch." She only sounds slightly accusatory there.

Letha will even take the bottle from Willow once she has had her share. She takes a swallow just after she neatly folds the cover over her tablet, indicating that she is off the clock. She settles in against Drake, bracing her head against his shoulder as she smiles between Zaniyah and Willow. "It is going just fine, Willow… really. If you don't have fun, you're going to get wrinkles. Do you want wrinkles?"

Zani bursts out laughing at Letha's comment to Willow. She shakes her head, settled into her seat and puts her feet up, cause she can. She takes another sip from her bottle, and then she shrugs a bit. "Wrinkles are only okay if you're less than one or ancient," she says. "And none of us quality there." She gestures a bit, the music still racing through her, as one foot starts tapping away. lucky enough the folks in the seat in front of her are too busy about their own business to even notice. She nods to Drake though. "The best feeling ever," she agrees. "Totally fuckin' aces."

Drake smirks over at Zani, "Second thoughts, second best." And then he looks back to Willow, laughing aloud, "Shit, Wills, I got everything I need for my afterparty right here." His hands spread wide, to include most everyone on the bus, even as his arm clenches lightly around the back of Letha's neck. "Wrinkles and a nervous breakdown. But that there, whiskey, it's the solution to both those problems."

Lightweight is written all over Willow's face and body language. Even as she sips from the bottle that passes its way into her hands, a shy smile appears. But the steady hum of things to do that always whispers in her ear dims and fades away into the roar of music and murmur of people speaking all around her. It's not being drunk. It's not even tipsy, but the alcohol sings in her veins to set all else aside and just be a regular girl for once. Her next smile is different, hinting at what nature might exist behind the mild-mannered assistant. It's dazzling and full of mischief. A dare to take on the System and expect to win. "No wrinkles for tonight," she decides.

Chiron just got done watching one of the best concerts in his life. He's excited and appears to be looking for someone in particular, which makes him look a little lost. He walks up the stairs to a party-crawler where a group of people have gathered, and looks around. Spotting Zani he seems to perk up a little, and waves at her to get her attention.

The journalist takes another drink before hse passes the bottle off to Zaniyah to indulge. She then relaxes back once more as she runs her fingers through her nicely golden hair. "There was a Lord asking about you guys… the head of the Larents. I think he might have a tour deal for you… but… might require some fancier duds." She casts Drake a look that might have some warning there. Beware the uppity Larents.

Zani takes the bottle from Letha, and takes a good healthy swig, before she passes it back over to whoever wants a drink. Drake maybe? She catches someone waving, and waves back, and then she chuckles softly. "Oh really? A tour deal? Now that sounds like a lot of fun. She pauses to call out, "Hey, Chiron. C'mon over and meet folks."

Drake takes the bottle, holding it for a long moment, and gesturing over to Willow, "Right, Wills. No wrinkles, just smiles." He lifts the bottle in salute to the newcomer, even as he leans back from the blonde he's got his arm around, narrowing his eyes at her, "you tryin' to get us into monkey suits, Vallas?" He looks back to Zani, "You kiddin' me? The Larents? They'd probably want us to sing like, soft shit." Slipping his arm from around Letha's shoulders, he slips his hand under her golden locks instead, rubbing lightly at the back of her neck, "You get everything you needed before the show?"

True to her word, Willow is all happy and mellow smiles, sparkling with a more adventuresome side that just begs to get into some kind of trouble tonight. But it's kept in check for the time being as she chuckles. "If she were really cruel, she would have your entire band singing from heavy shining armor to help rally the knights and troops of Haven. It'd be an inspiration sight, don't you think?" Her head tilts in Letha's direction with a beaming smile. The possibility of a newcomer gathers her attention, twisting to look behind her, blue-grey eyes taking a moment to focus in on Chiron. A cheerful smile appears as she lifts her hands and wiggles them in a wave, even if she is probably not high on the list of important people who could be greeting someone. But she waves anyway, oblivious to this fact and cheerful as ever.

"Of course they want you to sing soft shit," Letha says with a laugh. "But, the fact that they even considered you is worth something, isn't it?" She glances over toward Zani with a grin. "Remind me to have you come by the estate, Zani. My father has one of those old grands just gathering dust in our drawing room. It could use a workout." Then she relaxes a bit as Drake starts to give the back of her neck a rub, and she breathes out a bit of a sigh. "I'll need to interview the band more later, but I'm off the clock now. Cheri is going to cover the next couple phases, but as promised, I'll be there in the crowds for tomorrow's sets."

"Of course they want you to sing soft shit," Letha says with a laugh. "But, the fact that they even considered you is worth something, isn't it?" She glances over toward Zani with a grin. "Remind me to have you come by the estate, Zani. My father has one of those old grands just gathering dust in our drawing room. It could use a workout." Then she relaxes a bit as Drake starts to give the back of her neck a rub, and she breathes out a bit of a sigh. "I'll need to interview the band more later, but I'm off the clock now. Cheri is going to cover the next couple phases, but as promised, I'll be there in the crowds for tomorrow's sets." Her gaze settles on Willow now and she laughs. "Drake wouldn't be able to strum his guitar in that get up. It'd break his heart."

Chiron walks toward Zani and company, being extremely careful to not break anything. When he gets close he says, "Hey Zani, amazing show! You guys rocked." He says, obviously excited to be hanging out with the band. "What are you guys up to?"

Zani's eyes widen and she stares at Letha. "Really?" she says, sounding in awe. "A real grand? Man, those are sweet," she admits, her love for the instrument ringing through. Keyboards are fun and all, but a real grand? Oh, what Zani wouldn't give for one of those! Never mind the Larents, or whatever else is in the conversation. Letha just took Zani's mind out for a spin. She shakes her head though, and gives Chiron a laugh. "Everone, this is Chiron. I met him yesterday, and he and his sister helped me pick out my outfit," she admits. She can't help but go back to Letha with a, "I would love to get my fingers on one of those. It's been a while."

Drake looks over to Zani, "Why is it people never get that just 'cause we can play doesn't mean we can — or want to — play whatever sorta music they like?" He snorts at Willow, handing off the bottle to her again if she'll take it — without having taken a sip himself. "Armor? Armor wouldn't be so bad, but I think it'd be damn hard to rock in armor… gauntlets'd fuck up the strings." He nods slowly at Letha, "Off the clock's good. Mean's you're on the bottle next, yeah?" He nods upward toward Chiron, scrubbing his hair back from his face with the hand not massaging the back of Letha's neck, "Welcome aboard Chiron. Damn good job with the clothes. I'm Drake Danger."

Well, the rumor is out, Cole Ventralis might as well embrace it. He won't get any sleep for the rest of night. And while it's been almost thirty years since the once lead singer has been out of the public eye, time has been good to him. The dashing good looks he had as a singer have been changed into more distinguished, yet clearly easy-going even if he's pushing seventy years of age. His hair, once flowling locks of dirty blonde have since turned a stark white, and has since been cut, once down to the middle of his back to a short cropped look. A short trimmed white beard has been added in years since. But his style is still his own: white dress pants and shirt. White tie. Black polished shoes. Black bowler hat. And still that trademark ebony-wood cane with simple bronze cap. He moves about with a bit of practiced ease, like a man who became comfortable in his own skin decades ago. The beauty about coming out into the open after so long, most people this generation don't recognize him as a man who once helds the attention of tens of thousands of screaming fans in the palm of his hand more than forty years ago. Those days are long past him. Besides, the next two days is about music. As much as a hermit as he might be, even he can't resist the lure of such a thing.

A faint giggle slips past Willow's lips, especially after she's managed to snag a little more from the bottle. "I think you would look dashing in armor!" she proclaims loudly to Drake. "And I bet you could find ways of making your female band members look sexy in armor. It doesn't have to be necessarily true to fashion but an homage to knights and their gallantry." She's cheerful and excited but maybe that alcohol is starting to catch up with her a little more than she realizes.

"Willow's idea isn't bad," Letha points out to at Willow's suggestion. "You would all look good in armor." She takes another pull from the bottle before she passes it around the circle. She smiles to Zaniyah. "Come over and you can play it. Just give me a head's up before you stop by… I have to make sure Father is okay for visitors." When she looks up, she is perhaps the first of their group to spy Cole Ventralis walking around. He isn't immediately familiar to her, but something about him strikes a familiar chord. "Drake…" She points at him casually. "Who?"

Chiron nods to Drake and extends his hand for a handshake, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Drake, I'm a rather big fan of your music." He smiles at the man, "And thanks for the complement, but it was more my sister, Lorelei, who came up with the outfit. I just kinda stood there and nodded my head." He laughs, turning to Zani, "I'm afraid I may have made myself look somewhat like a fool."

Zani shrugs at Drake. "Cause everyone likes the same kind of music I do, right?" she replies, laughing. "And if I think that way, so does everyone else." Simple zany logic. "it's like - like - they want to put a square peg in a square hole or something." She shakes her head, and then says, "Armour - well, so long as it's not too heavy on my hands and wrists. Though it might make dancing hot and heavy. Worse than usual, I mean." She's not too worried about the bottle going around, snagging it if it comes her way, letting it go otherwise. She glances over at Chiron, and then she laughs. "This is the after-party. So we're chilling and congratulating each other on being amazing," she says. "Have a seat. I think we're heading to the next concerts too, or something. Do you know Miss Vallas or Miss Byrche?" she asks. "And no, you didn't look like a fool. You were quite charming."

Drake nods at Willow's words and Letha's addition, "Fake-ass armor could be pretty cool. Plates over leather and all that. Maybe we'll have to do that if we do a tour for the new stuff." Yes, he's already got plans for a new tour, even if they just released the last one. Letha pointing out the grandfather walking by causes Drake to sit up straight in his seat, "Holy fucking Maid bent over a barrel. That's Cole fucking Ventralis." He beckons for the bottle, grabbing it and moving over toward the entrance to the crawler, hanging out by one arm and gesturing with the bottle, "Cole! Mother, Maid and Crone. I mean, Master Ventralis. You're Cole Ventralis. Come on aboard… the party's up here." Sadly, Chiron's arrival and all of Zani's commentary is gone. Just gone out of his head. That's Cole Ventralis.

Willow discreetly steps off to the side, smiling to the others as she moves back to give Cole room and to wander off to try and do work while tipsy. It does make things a lot more interesting that way.

Ah, crawlers. The sight of one brings a grin to Cole's face, probably because of the memories. He quite hear the talking going on within it, given how there's still crowds about from the recent concent. Which is probably his reason for being out and about, but it's not like anyone is going to try and stop him, espeically if he namedrops himself. Which he hasn't had to quite yet. All these young people, don't know a musical for grandfatherly looking guy. He's not hobbled or anything, looks like he's still decently spry for a man his age, the cane is obviously just for looks. And, well, it was a trademark of his band days. Pausing at his name being called out, he about to pass by the crawler on by, turning his head. "My, my, Drake Danger." he taps his cane on the ground, laughing. "You sure, I don't want to ruin your fun with an old cocker like me. Just admiring the atmosphere." Pause. Then a shrug. "Ah, what the hell, sure."

Letha hears Drake's calls of excitement, and she nearly drops the bottle of whiskey that she was taking from Willow or Zaniyah as they depart. "Gods, you're shitting me." She says as she takes another swig of the bottle and immediately starts to adjust her golden curls. She stands up from her seat, casually greeting with her bottle as the old musician heads into the crawler. She casts him a bit of a smile. "Hi…" She says in the most useless, feminine voice ever.

Chiron sits down and grabs a drink, he bids the two ladies goodnight and furrows his brow, slightly frustrated the Drake had just ignored him. He takes a good swig of the whiskey and watches everybody greet the newcomer.

Drake waggles the bottle of… let's be fair, 'not bad' whiskey in invitation to the rock legend. Being recognized causes him to grin broadly, the smile forcing dimples into both cheeks, "Come on aboard." And then he steps back out of the way. Letha's response to Cole's arrival causes him to narrow his eyes at the journo, "Yeeeah…" And he picks his way back to drop onto the bench alongside her, pointedly slinging an arm around the blonde's shoulders, "Cole Ventralis, Letha Vallas, and…" well look, most of his band has gone elsewhere, "uh… Chiron." He frowns a little to himself, then leans forward, holding his hand out to shake, "Who I owe a handshake to."

"Shit, only my ex-wife calls me 'Master Ventralis'." Cole chuckles, voice still as melodic as it's ever been. "All three of them. Really, Cole is just fine." While the pace isn't slow going up the, he does have to use the cane only slightly. Something about an ankle injury on stage years ago that never really healed well. Walking is fine. Stairs? Minor annoyance. Climbing about, he nods at the inside. "Been years since I was last on one of these." Letha's greeting gets a smile. "Good evening, missy." And then a sweeping bow for all present. "Charmed. Well, hope you don't mind if I take a seat." then easing himself down into a chair. "Saw your set." He takes a moment to set his cane next to him, thumbing the top that flips open and discharges a single black-paper rolled cigarette." He let's that observation sit for a pregnant pause. "Good job."

Letha is still staring at Cole with a kind of open admiration. "My father almost dropped out of Phylon's Academy of Music after he heard your first record," she abruptly blurts out. "He almost said fuck it all to the classical stuff. You were a huge inspiration for him." And then she flushes in the wake of the outburst, looking toward Drake almost sheepishly. She taps her fingers against the bottle of whiskey before she takes a rather shy sip. She looks between Chiron and Drake, obviously trying not to keep whatever cool she has left.

Chiron raises his eyebrows at Drake, still looking slightly annoyed. However, he will still shake Drake's hand and says, "Nice to meet all of you, I imagine things can be quite crazy as a super rockstar at times." He turns to Cole and says, "It is an honor to meet the fabled Cole Ventralis, you are well I imagine?"

Drake flashes another grin at Cole, "Well, a guy's gotta be respectful of his elders…" He chortles at Letha's sheepish look, reaching up to ruffle the blond fall of hair as he waits for the review from the rock legend. When it comes back positive, he nods, reaching out to take one of the bottles of whiskey and taking a pull from it, "Thanks… means a lot comin' from you, Cole. Heard y'all'll be playin' tomorrow. We'll be there." He shrugs a little helplessly to Chiron, "What can I say, not every day that you meet one of the previous generation's fuckin' legends, man… You got a good spot to watch the last show from?"

"Now you're -really- makin me feel old." Cole muses to the both of them, well-aged face crinkling with a smile. "Ironically enough, Miss Letha, we were somewhat inspired by classical music. One of last concerts back in eighty-four we held with the Landing Orchestra." He puffs lightly off his electronic cigarette. Water vapor is much better than actual smoke. Have to preserve the voice. "But, probably for the best I don't sit here and recall glory days. Might give me a complex. And that's right. It took some doing. It was Trish's idea really. She contacted the rest of us. Marcus was the hardest to convince and Rufus…well." he frowns a bit. "He said yes, but I'm not so sure his hearts in it these days." To be clear, Cole was lead singer and rythnm guitar, Trish lead guitar, Marcus drums, and Rufus bass. Trish and Marcus were the married couple, and Rufus was the one that had the biggest drug problem. "Oh, I was just in the crowd. You'd be surprised how many looks I got. Not from who I am, but the fact that an old man would be interested in hear Hell If I Know." He spies the bottle. "Mind if I get a glass of that?" A smile goes to Chiron. "As well I can be. It's good to actually get outside for a change and out of the studio. Oh, right, you offered." Cole chuckles, taking the offered one. "Yeah, that's old age for you."

Letha immediately fetches Cole a cup though in case he didn't want to nurse from the bottle, beaming brightly. "That was honestly what kept my Dad in the Academy. He realized he could still do both." She shakes her head a bit. "Though he never did. He went full classical once he finished school, but I think the system is better for it. He would have made a terrible rock star." She glances toward Drake finally, and sticks out her tongue at him. "Stop that." Then she casts Chiron a bit of a shy smile. She doesn't like people seeing her become a groupie girl.

Chiron nods, "Sure, I can respect that, and the show was one of the best I've seen." He hands Cole the bottle, "Here you go, friend. I'm glad to hear that you're still out there making music, the world needs more people like you." He flashes an understanding smile at Letha. "Though, I really should get going. I need to get up early tomorrow."

Drake shrugs at Cole, "I got a chance to sit down with Rufus once… I had to be like… shit… eleven? He was so high he probably doesn't remember. Taught me a couple chords." Letha's reaction causes him to pull his hand away, holding both hands up to show they're no-where near her, "We back to professional, Vallas?" He nods to Chiron, "And we'll still be up early tomorrow. And it'll still be afternoon. Damn I love this idea more and more all the time. Enjoy, Chiron." The rocker looks down at the fingers of his right hand, studying the wear and tear from the concert, then looks back up to Cole, "Wish I'd heard y'all in the glory days. I mean, that shit was real even on old vids."

"Rufus was so high sometimes, we have to pull him off the goddamn ceiling with a fucking rake." Cole takes his whiskey in a glass these days. One of his more famous qoutes in his partying days was 'the liver is evil, it must be punished'. "Great guy, -great- bassist, but damn he loved the smack. I think that's he's hesitant. Now that he's sober, he's afraid that even one show might bring back old habits. Still. I'm shocked he's still alive. Love him like a brother, but damn." There's a headshake for Letha, sipping. "Can't forget our roots. A lot of bands say that they were inspired by Bronze Corsair, but we were inspired too. Blues, classical, even the rock that we grew up with. Music has a way of doing that." A small sip. "I'll be sixty-six next year, the glory days feel a long time ago. But…" he considers. "I've been doing some new writing when I haven't been recording other bands. I've been debating more than just a one-time gig. At least, I have, not so sure about the rest of the guys."

Letha laughs up at Drake. "You were fucking up my hair," she explains as she works on smoothing out her golden hair. She brightens up at the pair of rockers regardless even as she takes another pull from her bottle. She nods her head gently at the elder of the two lead singers. "Drake and Hell If I Know just finished up putting together another album… or at least the start of one. Don't know if they are going to release it yet." She pulls out her tablet, casually opening it as she looks between the pair.

Drake nods at Cole, reaching for one of the bottles again and lifting it up to toast, "Skuzzy." He takes a drink, then sets it aside, blinking and letting out a soft 'ahhh.' He nods to Cole, then looks over to Letha, "Start of one. Only about half of it's written, less laid down. Had to get Long Time Comin' out as a single before we played it." Settling his hand back down on the back of Letha's neck, carefully under her hair this time, "Already gettin' the itch on other songs though. Somethin' else entirely." His grin spreads wide across his lips, "you ever decide you want to feature on somethin', let us know. I'm sure the others'd love to have a legend sittin' in on a song or two."

"I really should be focusing on the business, shouldn't be having these thoughts." Cole admits. He's the owner of a indendent record company, one that focuses on finding raw talent and giving them a chance to make a decent living. They have a decent track records, found a few gems, but he's always stated was to find people that wanted to make music, not to find people that wanted to be famous simply to be famous. But he smiles at Drake. "Ah, that itch. Yeah, I know it. And…that's a real tempting offer, Drake. Tell you what, I've been working on something. And since…well, since I came out of hiding, nobody has actually heard it yet, besides my daughter." He eyeballs Drake. "You got an acoustic laying around here if you wanted to hear it."

"Skuzzy," Letha chimes as she takes another drink. Then she glances over toward Drake as he settles his arm around her rather than fussing with her hair. She looks approving. Then she glances over toward Drake before she nods off toward the front seats. "It is up there," she says, explaining that his guitar is hiding somewhere up there. Someone smart put it there.

Drake probably has an acoustic within arm's reach when he's showering. He nods to Letha, grinning brightly, "Thanks, blondie." Which suggests he knows who that smart person might be. Setting down the bottle, he rises to his feet, moving up the aisle of the crawler to pulling over a battered guitar with a flamenco tap plate below the strings. It was — once — stained a rich red. Now it's mostly wood colored. Definitely well-loved, but the young rocker hands it over without delay. "I'd love to."

Leave Cole to be the last person to comment on the look of someone's guitar. Not with some of the displays he's had in the past. Gives it character. Setting his glass and e-cig down, he settles the instrument in his lap, he toys with the tuning knobs for a moment, though hardly at all, given the person who uses it. "When this shindig was first announced, at first I thought about being patriotic, but then I figured that's what everyone else was going to do. Granted, the stage version'll sound different, but I don't have an entire band at the moment, eh?" He strums a few chords, letting out a laugh. "Been a long since I played in public. Alright. One…two…buckle my shoe…" And in classic Bronze Corsair fashion, it starts with a decently long intro before he moves into actual singing.

Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybody's got the dues in life to pay..

The journalist pulls a leg up to her chest as she gives the rocker his space so that he can be given all the space he needs to get into the music. She tilts her head as she listens to him strum the song to life, and she offers a slight smile as the lyrics are let loose. She glances toward Drake, nestling back under his arm after a few moments. She merely enjoys.

Drake leans back as Cole takes the guitar, watching just how the older man tweaks the guitar's tuning, but he doesn't comment on it. One arm goes around Letha's shoulders as the living legend starts to play, his fingers tapping lightly on her far shoulder in time with the song. He resists the urge to hum along, letting the music stand on its own.

Don't let anyone claim that old men still can't sing. Cole sounds almost as good as he did thirty years ago. Sure, there's age, and some wear and tear, but he still carries his voice in the same manner as he always has. Plus, taking good care of your voice was something he highly touted. He may of partied a lot, but he always took care to make sure he didn't damage himself, possibly why he knew he could make at least two more albums, but never did. And in the hands of the old frontman, he makes the guitar dance with his fingers, making that unique bluesy-rockish tone that was so notorious in Bronze Corsair rather different, and in the end famous. He continues through the lyrics, up until he gets to the chorus, and that's point where he tries to get across the epic sound, the kind of sound that gives the audience chills.

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good gods will take you away

The song continues on for a good four, maybe five minutes, stanzas and chouruses repeated a few more times, a good decent guitar solo thrown in there for good measure. As for the man himself, he clearly seems to be enjoying himself. Back in his element, as it where, fingers flickering across the fret boards. And as the song ends, he looks rather pleased with himself. Not every day a living legend offers to play privately for a few people. He lets the last string pluck reverberate into silence, then, casually he reaches over to pick up his glass again. "I'd like to think I still play, eh?"

Letha brightens a bit toward the end of the song, and she offers a polite clap that stands quite on its own in the quiet crawler. "That sounded wonderful, Cole," the journalist encourages brightly. Then she looks over toward Drake to see if he's managed to keep himself sane throughout this entire process. She then smiles toward the old rocker. "If you decide to make a come back, you let me know. I'll make sure Landing Life does an exposition all about it."

For all the chaos around the slow-moving crawler, most of the partying on the crawler quiets down as Cole plays and sings. Drake quiets as well, for all the adrenaline still bubbling in his blood. He's silent throughout the entire song, nodding and clapping on his leather-clad thigh with his right hand, "You still got it, Cole." He nods to Letha as the crawler approaches the Waygate to Inculta, music already blaring through from the other side.

Setting the guitar gently aside, Cole smirks. "Good to know I won't be making a complete mockery of myself, yeah?" A breath is taken. "Yeah. I liked that. Felt good. Don't know if I'll include in tomorrow's set but…we'll see. I know people will be more about hearing the hits than anything, and well, if that's what they want, be sure to give that to them. Though we'll see." Glancing his head aside, he takes note of the approaching waygate. "Heh, I don't know if I have the stamina that you kids do, with all the partying and music. Makes me wish I was at least ten years younger." Letha gets a raise brow. "I had no idea you were press. Well, I'd say my producer would be screaming at me for giving out non-finished material…I'd have to yell at myself. And, well, I'm not -that- old yet."

Drake shrugs at Cole, squeezing Letha's shoulders, "She's heard my stuff before it got released, didn't leak any of it. I'd say she's the good sorta press." He takes the guitar back with his free hand, settling it down on the seat next to him, "Yeah, yeah, I bet you could still drink half of us under the table." The 'him' half, given that he's already buzzed from half a dozen swallows of whiskey. "But break a leg out there in Phylon, Cole. Real pleasure meetin' you." And then it's off for another couple hours of partying, some quick-snatched sleep, and then the remainder of the concert.

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