The Notice
Summary: Ancelina receives an anonymous note with some unfortunate information.
Date: 18/August/2013
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August 18, 3013 — Master Bedroom, Larent House

Ancelina stares at her datapad far longer than she wants to. Memories flood her mind of a time when she was more naive and far more tolerant of certain behaviors. The discussion they had regarding his wandering eyes, his 'starlette' gazing happened once and only once many moons ago. She warned him she never wanted to hear of it again. Now, after all these years it seems their discussion was all for naught. At one time Ancelina was very smitten by her husband. Perhaps that was up until and including yesterday.

Hurt by what she has become privy to, it is something she will keep to herself. Her children need not know and Percival will not be spoken to again. A luck may have it, another message has come through regarding one of Ancelina's brothers. He is ill. How could she, a medical professional not tend to her dear brother? This time away from home will be a much needed reprieve.

Ancelina starts to jot down a message for her children and finds herself aching - heavy hearted by the lie. Despite it all, she stays strong. No one need to know what truly happens between a man and his wife and certainly the last thing Ancelina wants is to bring drama and chaos to her family. She pens the letter through her tears and calls for a servant to help her pack.

Before morning can arise, Lady Ancelina Larent is gone.

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