07.18.2013: The Morning After
Summary: Reena and Temple chat the morning after he leads her around Down Below in Khar-Mordune. They debunk each other's stereotypes.
Date: 18 July 2013
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Reena Temple 

Temple's Workshop
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18 July 3013

Temple is not a deep sleeper. It's not really in his nature to be so, considering his enviroment. Random noises and movement jostle him awake, so it goes to show just how rare it is that he shares a bed a woman. He worked on her portrait more after they returned, spoke about what she saw a little, then drug each other to bed again. But it's also an odd sensation, knowing it's morning but not seeing sunlight. So when the streetrat wakes up, it's easy for him to move out of bed and let Reena sleep. As for him, he has work to do. A pot of coffee has been and left standing for whenever she wakes, but he's shoved himself into his workshop between his shop and his apartment, making sure to leave any doors open for easy access to him. He still has to make a living, of course. And that does mean work.

Reena wakes slowly, unused to waking without natural sunlight encouraging her. It takes her a moment to orient herself but, as she's sober, she remembers once the fog of slumber has lifted. She stretches, before getting up. Without any hesitation she rummages in his closet for a shirt and draws it on. The scent of coffee leads her out, and with a mug in hand, she heads to the workshop. She leans in the doorway, hands curled around the steaming mug and tilts her head to watch him. "And they call me Trouble," she muses quietly with a small smile.

For one man, he sure is full of surprises. There's a smell of burning ozone as Temple is currently working on the circuitboard for an electronic lock of some kind. When he turns around, he wearing a headset with a set of magnifying glasses over his eyes, which make his eyes look a bit owlish. "Trouble? I've been called a lot of them, but none of them have ever been called that." A glance at the shirt of his she's wearing and no pants. "So says the woman wearing my Bronze Corsair shirt." he muses. He sets the sodering tool in it's cradle after a moment. "How'd you sleep?"

There is amusement glinting in Reena's eyes at the sight of the owlish lenses. "I slept without nightmares for the first time since I came back from Niveus," she admits, blowing across the surface of her coffee to cool it a bit. Her hair is mussed and loose, falling over her shoulders in a riot of waves. "You?" she asks in return, before sipping the strong brew.

"Something we have in common." Temple notes. His coffee looks like it went cold some time ago. "Insomnia is a bitch. Nightmares." he answers vaguely, his idle waves with a hand doubling as an errant gesture and to wave off wafting sodering smoke. "Been dealing with that for awhile." The reason isn't given, but you don't have to be a genius to probably be able to figure it out. He doesn't seem to dwell on it very long, rather it looks like an old, well-healed wound, even if it still aches. "But, that's good." He sips from his mug. "I didn't snore, did I? Just elbow me if I do. Though, how you feeling? Heh, expect to wake up here of all places?"

"If you snored, I was too far gone to notice," Reena quips. "You wore me out, Temple," she notes. She moves into the workshop and bends to give him a coffee-flavored kiss. "No, I didn't expect to wake up here. And if anyone found out there would probably be tabloid hell-to-pay. Unlike my younger brother, however, I'm smart and discreet. "

"You sound like a woman who's hasn't had a man who knows how to please." Temple utters, mused. "And you're devastatedingly flattering, Ree. You know that, right?" Walking up to him, he returns the kiss from the scantily clad woman, pulling her to sit on his knee. "I'm not in the business to ruin anyone's life, noble or otherwise. You might be discreet, but you still got picked out pretty easily." Though he's very quick to add. "You learn fast though. You knew what to correct how to blend in like anyone else. You have a gift for playing the role. Noble or dirty Ignored on the streets. It's pretty fucking impressive."

"All part of what I was born for, Temple. To fit into any niche I was needed to fill," Reena says, alighting on his knee comfortably. "And I'd only been with one other man. Well a boy really. My first, while I was studying at the Academ. It was nothing more than some sticky fumblings that took care of my chastity, but didn't do much else for me." She shrugs and sips her coffee some more.

"That's kinda what I assumed, yeah." Temple agrees with a nod. "I don't have that ability, sadly. "Sure, I know how to blend in, but it's mostly revolving around what I know. I don't think I'd do will at a richy-rich party, besides eyeballing how many of them I could pickpocket." A laugh goes with that, which in turns falls into another laugh about her first time. "I didn't know there were Khournases who didn't have a laundry list of lovers. So I guess I wasn't wrong when I said I thought you were pretty unique. And here I just thought you were stroking my ego." A glance at the lock he was working on. "It's always kinda funny your first time. You watch enough porn and think 'damn, that's what it's like' and it's -anything- but. Mine ended a lot sooner than I ever expected it to, which was worse sine at the time I talked a pretty damn good game. Sis gave me hell about that for months when she found out."

"Most Khourni are like that I suppose," Reena admits. "But again, I was bred to a different purpose, mostly to appeal to noblemen outside of the Crescent. That meant being less relaxed about things like sex and drinking and fighting." She shrugs and leans in to plant a kiss on the side of his neck. "Besides, I was a foolish little girl who grew up with a massive crush on someone I knew, and I had this idiotic fantasy that he'd be my first real man. Sadly, I discovered that he never quite thought of me that way. His loss, hm?"

"Everyone has their sterotypes, sure." Temple agrees with a nod. But there's a frown that goes along with that. "'Bred for a different purpose'?" he echoes her. "That sounds…I dunno, like your parents had a specific purpose for you even before you were born. Like you were tool." He stops himself before he goes into rant-mode. "Sorry, just the way it sounds. You're a person, with your own thoughts and goals, and they're just as relevant as the next person's. If you want to drink, fight, and fuck, you should. Granted, you seem like one that'd rather only do two of the three." But a chuckle follows, especially at the kiss at his neck. "I had a crush on Jane Wyre when I was a teenager. I mean, hot actress in skimpy clothes in awesome movies. And sure, if he actually took the time to get to know the person under all the noble etiqutte and facade, yeah, he's missing out." With the experience of man who's used to working with his hands so often, he's able to continue working on his lock with one while the other is wrapped around Reena's midsection to keep her steady. "Just how old are you anyways? Please tell me over eighteen. I'd rather not be one of those 'creepy old man' types."

"I've seen twenty summers, Temple," Reena notes with a small smile. "But I'm a firm believer that it's not the years, but the mileage. I have tended to guests in my father's house in his absence, and the absence of my elder siblings. I've walked among the dead and fatally wounded; I've held the hands of those taking their last breath, and brought infants into the world. I tended the burns of those caught in the eruption of the volcano on the Crescent. I have stitched the wounds of Knights and soldiers wounded by the Hostiles in the recent attacks. I was exposed to a deadly toxin on Niveus, and only the wisdom of others saved me from that. I haven't been young in a long time." Her smile turns wan as she looks at him sincerely. "I am the fourth child of five. The first three were meant to be pure Khourni, as was Nitrim I think, though he stumbled on the path. I was born for suitable marriage into another house."

At hearing her actual age, Temple blinks a little. "You're twenty?" He looks away for a moment. "Damn, go me, eh? Well, to let you know, I'm twelve years older than you, so yeah, I'm pretty proud that I was able to impress a lady of a paramount. Ha, you realize even if I told anyone, which I'm not, don't worry, nobody would believe it." Continuing to listen to her, he smiles. "To let you know, I'll be the last one that'll doubt what you've been through or doubt your abilities. You're tough, tougher than most likely give you credit for." There's a slow nod at the end. "I don't know if I should asking, if it's even my place, but. Do you even want to get married? Nevermind the obligations to family an shit, how do you feel? I mean, has anyone even asked how you felt about it?"

"Despite however put upon I might sound about my family and lot in life, I do love them, and I am loyal to them, Temple. Marriage is a part of my duty and more than that," Reena says, pausing a moment to find the proper words. "With power comes the ability to effect change. If I wed someone wealthy, I'd have the funds to finance the improvements we've outlined. If I have the ear of higher nobles, I can sway them to do what's right, rather than what's convenient. Influence is a commodity I can't turn my back on." She looks at him a little sadly. "But marriage is not the end of things. Many nobles take on an official companion, someone who holds their heart. There are hoops that must be jumped through with that, of course, but even if a marriage is loveless, it doesn't mean a noble's life has to be."

"Your duty and loyalty to your family is something I wouldn't question, even if it's a concept that's all but alien to me." Temple notes. "Not a concept I familiar. There was Sis, sure, but that was about the only loyalty I had. There was Raisa…" there's a moment where his faces scrunches into an annoyed face. "For someone who claimed she had always loved me, she sure knew how to abandon someone pretty quick when something better came along." That seems to be a running constant in Temple's life. Being hurt and being left alone. But he doesn't complain, doesn't mope. "And I can't deny that you're right. You're absolutely right and if I were in your position, if I had to marry someone meant I could have more ability to help the Ignored? Yeah, I'd do it. In a heartbeat." The mention of companions gets her a look. "Well, just to let you know, since you even brought the idea of that up, I'm no saint. I've done some pretty nasty shit to get by down here. Maybe….if we keep talking, you'll hear about them." Trust, it appears to be a big issue for Temple. And one night of hanging, painting, and sex isn't going to win him over.l

"We've known each other a few days, Temple. I'm not looking for commitment from you. That would be foolishness. And whatever you've done, you've a good heart. You do well by people who can't do for themselves," Reena says quietly. "Tell me about this Raisa? Only fair, I told you about my Academ boy." She smiles genuinely at that, a gentle expression that looks unpracticed on her face. She gets off his knee and moves about the shop, looking at things curiously, giving him some space.

"I know, but I'd be lying if I wasn't at least curious about it." Might as well be honest seems to be Temple's policy. When she gets up, he can back to work in a serious manner, since his lock was only half-complete when she first came out of the apartment. "Raisa.." he scoffs after a moment of thought. "Me and Raisa have a pretty long and involved past. Most of it centered how we couldn't be one thing or another for each other. It's like…loving someone and yet knowing they're not exactly good for you. That's me and Raisa. She wanted me to take a job with team at LucCorp. Wanted me to be an entryman." Beat. "My lockpicking skills didn't come from a very altruistic background. I met her on the streets. Became friends, eventually lovers. But she thinks I should give on ever finding Sis, just admit she's dead and move on. Said I could be rich if I just joined LucCorp instead of taking the random job from her. Eventually, it came down to choosing her on the Ring or here in Down Below." A shrug follows. "You can tell which I picked. Sometimes, we'll meet up for a job, get drunk, fuck, admit how much we miss and love each other, blah blah blah. It became…I dunno, like we were both going through the motions. I said we needed to stop fucking around and either try it again for real or not." That all said, he gets quiet. "I haven't heard from her in months."

"She's a fool then," Reena murmurs, trailing fingertips over the various parts stored back there. "If one of my siblings went missing, I would never stop looking for them. I'd turn the system upside down, and damn the Six if anyone tried to stop me." She grimaces and looks over her shoulder at him. "Maybe I can help you find her," she offers. Or at least figure out what happened to her. "Ah LucCorp. So she's Syndicate then? Should I be concerned if she finds out about this?" she gestures between them, all legs in his shirt.

"Raisa is a lot of things, a fool isn't one of them, save when it comes to relationships. But I was never spectacular at them either. Looking for Sis always came before anything else, it'd always get in the way. And one day I will find her, even if that means having a body to bury or asking her what happened, why she vanished. She's…she's the only family I ever knew and I was supposed to protect her. And I failed that." His sodering iron sizzles against a pair of small diodes. "The least I can do is protect some people in Down Below."

The workshop is what one would expect for someone who works in electronics and mechanics. There's parts scattered about in large boxes labeled by what they contain. Parts bought by manufacturers, labeling machines. Single doors in frames that test various locks and likely his ability to pick them. "Yeah, she works for Gentleman Johnny, though not far up the food chain. And no, I can handle her if she gets pissed. She's always been wary of my psychometry. She's not my girlfriend, Ree. She might be the jealous type, but she doesn't have a leg to stand on."

"You are Awakened?" Reena asks curiously. "My brother is too. But he is messed up about it." She finds a bench to lean against and watches him between sips of coffee. "You've done right by your sister. Taking care of the people here, that means something. " She scrubs a hand through her mussed hair. "I'll need to find the equivalent section of Volkan, so I can present a proper plan to my father."

As if to make a display of proof, Temple's eyes go white, and as if he were on fire, tendrils of smoke waft out of his pours, much like how a fog machine puts out it's own effect. It clings around him and pools around the floor, until he looks over at her. With an outstretched hand, he directs the smoke to move lika slow moving boa constrictor, snaking across the floor and curling her leg. "It came in handy some nights as a kid. Years of practice, no teacher. -A lot- of trial and error to figure out how to use it. It might a be a trick of the mind, but the smoke of his aura almost feels cool to the touch, before it suddenly dissappates into the air and his eyes return to normal. He shakes his hand out before going back to work. "It's there, somewhere, probably in places that nobody else. LIkely somewhat hazardous to the health. You'd be shocked where people tend to live where no one in their right mind will. If you want, I could scope it out for you."

Reena watches the display of Psychometry without flinching. She's been around her little brother long enough that she's used to it, even if Temple's takes on a less fiery aspect. "I'd appreciate it, if you could. Since I'm supposed to be in Landings, I should be able to slip in there once you find it, disguised, and make the plans I need."

"Guess I needed to get outside for awhile anyways." Temple admits, blowing softly on a hot tiny pile of newly melted soder. Wires are connected to a small power source on his table, then inserting a keycard back and forth, testing the locking mechanism. Seeming happy with the result, he slides off his stool. "And you should probably make an appearence somewhere other than Khar-Mordune, just so it looks like you haven't been down in the dirty parts, banging Citizens." A smile goes with that. "But I like that look you got going on." Stretching, he'll make for entryway into his apartment to get changed into something dirty looking and inconspicious.

Reena watches him go, before following with a grin. "I have a good 30 minutes yet. I want to put them to good use," she purrs.

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