06.23.3013: The Maintenance Maze
Summary: Eirene and Ariana find themselves lost in the mechanical levels of the Ring and run into Edward.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Edward Eirene Ariana 

Down in one of the mechanical levels of the Ring.
Maze-like description in log.
23 June 3013

Down in the Mechanical Levels of the Ring where mostly Citizens work and nobles only venture to get some pleb to do some work for them, Edward toils away on a small little contract he was able to secure for some food and housing. Although he specialized in smithing armor, when you have to craft heavy plate to handle the cold hard vacuum of space along with all the techno HUDs and display… you learn your fair share of electronics. The large brute of a man is hunched over, his head and upper body buried in the tangled wires and electronic nodules that make up some vital system of the Ring. If he had a mind for the villainous he could likely destroy this system for a week, making it so all the toilets on the Ring couldn't flush. Madness and the downfall of the Haven system would likely follow.

Eirene in haste finds herself down in the undesirable levels of the Ring. She steps out and spins around with some confusion. "Wait, this can't be right." Most likely she is speaking to someone else, but to anyone who spies on the blonde, they might assume she was speaking to herself. "Where did I go? What is this place? Kadmus is going to be so upset with me."

Strangely, Ariana finds herself here as well. Not that she wandered off aimlessly in this direction, but once she noticed Eirene trailing this way, she politely takes her leave from her father's side to go after the Siren of Volen. Of course, being in this section of the Ring is not anywhere near to her liking, so her graceful steps quicken as she hurries over to trail towards Eriene, "Lady Eirene, I thought I saw you going this way." She pauses only once to get a better look at the grittiness in these parts of the Ring, and once more her steps quicken, "This seems like an odd place for a little stroll…"

Edward pulls himself from the insides of the waste recycling process reduction unit before he slides the panel back into place and takes a moment to check that all the readings check out. As he does so he notices Eirene and Ariana appear out of one of the many maintenance hallways. He stares at them for a moment with what seems to be disapproval, or disdane. He slowly lumbers over to them, taking up the bulk of the hallway. "You shouldn't be here." he declares gruffly, seeming to not think that nobles might not like being told that.

Eirene realizes this is definitely the wrong place for two ladies to be strolling. "I was trying to make it back to the gardens when I lost my train of thought and I.." Her thoughts once more derail when a man's voice gruffles over the noise. Eirene jumps and squeals sweetly, as a singer might have a sonorous squeal and screech. "I'm so sorry, sir. I'm lost, but my friend has found me. I didn't mean to disturb you."

"We are quite a ways from the garden, but I think I know my way back. Once you enter this area of the Ring, it can be confusing and maze-like." Ariana says, her eyes looking over her surroundings and she tries to say in a reassuring tone, "I've been this way a few times when giving orientations to the more technologically inclined when they come to work on the Ring." She /must/ know how to get back. But the voice that suddenly speaks is enough to make her entire posture stiffen, which is all that she shows of her surprise. Turning quickly, to seek the speaker out, she responds, "We do not mean to disturb." It very well could be another noble technocrat, so she is very polite, "We shall be on our way." Right, right?

Edward is the farther from a noble technocrat then a Imperius Dog-Bear and raises an eyebrow at the two girls. The mechanical jumpsuit coupled with bits of grease and dirt splattered on his hands and shirt probably clues them in that this man is a simple Citizen, and by the looks of him, not a Citizen of the Ring. He watches Ariana look about as all the corridors and maintenance lines look the same, blending into a mess of technology and mechanics. "Follow me." is all he says as he turns to guide them out of the maze of Maintenance.

Eirene is a touch more timid than Ariana is. She is also a bit more trusting. "Thank you, sir. It is very kind of you to show us the way out of here. I admit I've been wandering about aimlessly these past few days. Lady Ariana, I ran into your lord father in the Bazaar. Good thing, too. I didn't know it had all sorts of life..Sir, what is your name? I'm Lady Eirene Volen and this is my friend, Lady Ariana Larent." A hint of nerves causes the singer to chitter away like a bird. If Edward follows more classic music, he might recognize her name.

Ariana does tend to be the wary sort, especially in such dark and rather grimy surroundings, but this is the Ring and nobles work in mechanics positions just as much as citizens do. So seeing a man wearing a tech's jumpsuit, grease splattered or not does not lead her to believe that he is a citizen. Or even a noble, for that matter. However… certain accents are more distinguishable than others, so as he speaks, though she does not take notice of an accent from the Ring or Lashes, there is something different in how he speaks. Half-turning to Eirene now, she forces a smile to the other young lady, "I'm glad to hear that. In fact, despite the variety of shops that can be found at the Bazaar, I tend to try and stay away from there myself. So many unsavory sorts mill around in those parts, but I'm happy to hear that my Lord Father was able to offer you his assistance." If Edward were to pay attention to, well, anything during his arrival to the Ring, he may very well notice that Ariana Larent is the spokesperson for Oculus tourism and is the face that can be seen greeting visitors on holoscreens as well as aiding in their assistance at the many kiosks scattered about the waygates.

Edward stops for a moment as Eirene rambles on, the man turning his head as if to listen to her. One could imagine him leaning back with his eyes closed, ear turned to a music player as one of her song comes out. The man says nothing though as if to acknowledge who she is or if he knows her. The same goes for Ariana, though he has surely seen her father around on the many holo screens. He ducks under pipes and a few hanging wires as he guides the two noble women through the maze and as they pass a few leaking pipes he frowns and slaps a small patch on them to stop the leak. As they round the corner they see another technician leaning back against the wall with his hands near his head. He blinks rapidly and shakes his head when he sees Edward and the noblewomen approaching and moves to step past em, "Move.." he mumbles to Edward as he lowers his gaze and when he is past the large man the other technician looks up towards Ariana and Eirene. They might see a hint of red in his eye and as they pass his hand languidly passes over their rears as he cops a feel!

Eirene gives Ariana a strange look. "Did you just..brush against me by accident?" She's hoping it was Ariana and it was an accident." Truth be told, the young Volen isn't paying close attention to anything other than trying to get out of the rough heat of the maze. "I'll have to remember never to come down here again." She turns a glance over her shoulder to watch the man leering at them. "Um, excuse me.." Lightly tapping Edward on the arm. "I think that man just touched me." It couldn't have been Ariana. There's no way the Laurent would have grabbed a chunk of meaty posterior flesh.

It obviously was /not/ Ariana. The young Larent always has some odd invisible barrier around her when she deals with people, to keep them, mostly, out of her personal space if she can help it. So standing too closely to the Volen would not particularly be something which she would do. Even as they make their way passed the man, Ariana keeps a firm gaze on his features, noting his eyes, but for that reason, she doesn't notice his touchy hands and once she feels something even remotely rubbing against that part of her slender physique, she quickly stiffens, her head snapping to the side to regard the man with a more focused, narrow-eyed look. "It was not me, My Lady, but I know exactly who it was." Not one for making a scene, she allows her gaze to linger on the man for a few minutes longer, before turns to regard Edward and Eirene once more, a look of displeasure is clearly seen upon her own features.

Edward stops as Eirene speaks up, calling out the other technician on his groping. The other man is clearly slinking away but his movements are sluggish and the sounds the women are making haven't seem to caught up to his brain. Edward is on him in an instant as a growl rips from his lips, grabbing the man by his jumpsuit and slamming him into a bulkhead. Edward has easily 50 pounds on the man, and the Red Eye makes him stupid and slow. Edward grabs the man's head and seems about to cave his skull in agains the Bulkhead as the druggie flails and screams. Edward grabs his eyes and peels back the man's eyelids to look at the red swirling against the whites of his eye. "You're high…" he growls, "You've been high for the past two days. You've been working while high." he says as he looks back over to Eirene and Ariana. "You should space this man, especially if he won't get clean."

Eirene takes a step back. Edward moves into action so swiftly and easily, she fears for the man who caused trespasses. "If he is not well, then send him to the infirmary, sir." The bigger technician has still not offered his name and as such, the Volen cannot properly address him. "Lady Ariana is a doctor, well, a scientist really, she could see to it that he is taken care of and cleaned up from his drug use." Warm eyes settled upon the taller blonde. "I do not wish to see someone hurt when they are in a weakened state, my lady. Do you agree he should be sent to sober up? Perhaps if he were not under the influence of drugs, he would not have been so crude."

Ariana is quick to step out of Edward's path at as well, though she does watch this act of aggression with some interest that can only be seen within her eyes as the rest of her features remain emotionless. Rather than offer her agreement towards any spacing, the Larent noble seems to be studying both men more severely now, knowing neither of them by name, family or title. And if she were to say something, Eirene's kind heart brings just a ghost of a frown to her lips, her eyes now looking out towards the other noble. "To be honest, My Lady, if we were to follow protocol, it would be far more efficient to have that man fired rather than rehabilitated and while I know the methods and what sort of medication may be used to help ease the transition of taking these individuals off of their chosen vices… well, I can merely give advice. I won't force him to take it, however."

The option of sucking cold vacuum being put on the table causes the high technician to start sobbing and spewing out a sob story that is likely a nice mix of lies and truth. Edward turns his head sharply to stare at Eirene as she immediately pleads for the mans life without a second thought, Edward steel-melting gaze looking at the woman with no emotion of disdain or disapproval. Somehow the prospect of getting fired seems to make him cry harder as he claws at Edward's hand, fighting for his freedom, but the large thug keeps him in place. "Please.. please please please please please…" the man say as snot bubbles from his nose and his blood shot eyes get even redder. "I'll take em! I promise! Take em all! I wanna get clean!" he pleads before Edward drops the man from the bulkhead. "You owe your life to these ladies. You get out of here, you go to quarters and don't leave till you're fething clean. I find you high on the job again I tell the foreman, and you know he ain't kind." he says, releasing the other technician. Before he bolts off though Edward grabs him and holds out his hands, "Your other vials. Now." he orders, and the man sobs and deposits three vials into Edward's hand. Was this an elaborate ruse to score some drugs off some poor sap? As Edward crushes the vials in his hand, he reveals it was not.

Eirene does not show whether or not she is impressed or disturbed by the unfolding scene. Once more she pulls away and continues to take steps in the direction where she hopes will get her out of here. "That was, very kind of you sir." Her usual melodic voice falls more monotone as she reaches for Ariana. "We should be on our way though, we have this thing, don't we, Lady Ariana." Clearly, Eirene wants to get the hell out of dodge and no one would blame her for feeling this way. Her eyes linger upon Edward a moment longer than necessary.

With Ariana, herself, being difficult to read, she merely watches the harsh interactions between mechanic sorts with unblinking, piercing eyes. And though Eirene may wish to depart quickly from this dreadful place, it is the Larent that finally brings up an old inquiry again, "And who do we owe our thanks and gratitude to this evening?" Turning slowly, she graces the Volen songstress with a smile, "But of course, My Lady. It would be terrible of us if we both show up late for this… thing."

Edward can see now that Eirene wants to get as far away from him as possible! Perhaps he was to harsh. The thinnest frown crosses his lips as he moves past Ariana to the other bulkhead and reaches up into the ceiling, taking the time to plug in a data pad to a port. His data pad chimes and he pulls it free before handing it to Ariana, a file labeled 'Corridor Maintenance A-5 audio' spinning away into a folder. "Heres your consent to get the man what he needs to get clean." he says as he points to the wall, specifically to a large red pipe. "Follow this pipe until it intersects with a blue pipe. Then follow that. You will find a service elevator up to Recreation that will lead you into the back of one of the restaurants…" he tells them, giving the secret to escaping from this maze. He frowns as Ariana asks for his name. "My name is Edward Thane. I am under temporary contract with House Orelle…" he says as his voice trails off. "You should be able to find your way out if you follow this instructions…"

Eirene is just nervous. This is not the kind of place where she is accustomed to spending her time. Violence is not the sort of sport that intrigues her. For all the adrenaline that is pumping through her veins, she stops and turns, offering Edward a sincere smile. "Thank you again, Mister Thane, I would somehow feel more comfortable though if you could just finish showing us the way..In the event someone else wishes to take a good handful of Lady Ariana's or my backside."

As she's handed the man's datapad, Ariana retreives the one attached to her belt and starts the download of her own copy of this consent form. However, when finally being given his name, one of her brows can't help but lift slightly and she simply offers him a single nod. Returning the datapad to him, she offers up a brief, "Thank you, Mister Thane." Echoing her friend's sentiments. She then draws away from him and with her gaze, she initially follows the colored piping that they are instructed to do so. "I believe, we will be able to find our way out from here. Once more, you have our gratitude." And with that, she drifts along the path which the pipes lay out before them. "Come, Lady Eirene, this should't be too difficult. In fact, this area is beginning to look familiar."

"You shouldn't run into anymore trouble…" Edward says as if to reassure Eirene, though he catches the glance from Ariana when he says his name. Perhaps she has heard of him from his criminal days? Or maybe that of his father? He was never big in the gangster world, but his father sure wasn't small. "Most of the maintenance staff doesn't dabble in drugs… from what I understand that man has just had some troubles in his life… family running into Hostiles and all…" he says, perhaps revealing that he didn't have as much malice as he displayed towards the druggie. He steps back and nods to the pipes once more.

Eirene nods in agreement with Ariana but drops into a more stoic disposition. "You are right, Lady Ariana and thank you, Mister Thane for your assistance. I bid you a pleasant rest of your day and hope it is not too strenuous on you." The young woman isn't even sure what she's saying at this moment, but, she wishes to be nice to the man. She takes a cue from her friend to be more wary and less trusting of strangers. "I'll follow your lead, Lady Ariana."

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