06.13.3013: The Lunch Break
Summary: After a long shift at the triage, Ariana decides to take a lunch break with a few friends, relatives and associates.
Date: 13 June 2013
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First Quadrant Lift, then moves onto Grand Courtyard—Orelle Residence, The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.

The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

13 June 3013

The lull of a lazy afternoon has no effect over the flurry of activity that continues to go on within the triage. Ariana, herself, dressed in her medical attire, her hair done up in a perfect bun, is already attending to her 10th patient of the day. Standing at the side of a patient's bed, the area curtained off as to give the man privacy as she stitched him up, the Larent does her work with both elegance and grace while still retaining the rigid professionalism of the medical field. "I have adjusted the pain medication in your drip, so you should be feeling a touch sleepy soon. And I do advise that you get some rest and don't fight the drowsiness." Those words said, she moves on to take his vitals once more before sending that information from her datapad to the screen at the side of the patient bed where his file is kept. With care, she removes her bloodied gloves and tosses them into a bin, before making her way out from behind the magic curtain.

Entering the triage area is a nobleman sporting dark turquoise and cyan with an arming sword at sheathed his side. Blue eyes scanning the area for a bit, the tall man side-steps so he isn't blocking any pathways for the medical staff. Keeping more to the outer wall, not standing in front of any supplies, Densoric finally takes note as Ariana comes out of the magic curtain and waits to see how busy she is before approaching.

There's a lot of faces here, so whether Ariana notices her cousin in the distance, she doesn't approach him immediately. Instead, on goes a new pair of gloves as she finds herself besides the bed of her next patient. "Sir Maren, your vital signs have definitely improved and I would say that if you feel well enough, you would be free to go today once the paperwork is complete." Reading the patient's file on her own datatab, she taps on her screen as she starts filling out some report. Even though she's busy at work, she's still approachable enough.

Densoric remains in place by the wall, out of the way of the medical staff and supplies watching Ariana silently. As she continues to work he finally makes his way towards her being careful not to run into any of the medical staff as their service is heavily required where he is only a visiter and he knows well what medical personnel are capable of. Waiting for a long enough pause to interrupt without being overly rude in doing so Densoric asks, "How are our people doing Lady Cousin?" in his typical formal manner.

While the familiar sound of her cousin's voice does catch her attention, her gaze does not lift to acknowledge him. Instead, her lips form the slightest of smiles when she speaks out to Densoric, all the while finishing up her patient's report, "The burden has been lightened, finally, as many of our patients have completely healed and are ready to move on. Still, there are those who will require far more intensive care and those are the ones who remain now." Finally, she makes contact with her cousin's gaze, when she asks, "And what brings you to the triage, Lord Cousin? Checking in on our wounded?"

Densoric nods and says, "I am yes, good to know our people are recovering." he then smiles softly and asks, "Remind you any of all the running around when I was stuck on a bed?" Obviously not the same as there are many here where it was only him then.

Keanen steps into the medical room, glancing around. He's here looking for someone, and- there she is. "Air!" he shouts, apparently thinking he's the only one here that matters. "Hey, I'm apparently stuck back on the Ring," he calls out, marching over to her. "You're SO lucky."

Well, it couldn't hurt to see if one of her relatives is here. Talayla has decided to see if anyone she knows or is related to is here. Or maybe some poor soul with no visitors. Regardless, Talayla wanders in, in a - how many blue robes does she OWN, exactly? But at least this time there's no cardboard poasters with her. She smiles faintly, hearing familiar voices. With that, Talayla wanders over towards Ariana and the others. "Oh… hey there."

Her gaze lowers once more and Ariana saves the newly input information before transferring it back to the patient's file secured to his bedding. Once again, she removes her gloves and disposes of them, though instead of quickly wandering on to the next patient, she takes this moment for a breather to chat with Densoric. "Those were fond memories." She says in a mirthful tone when speaking of Densoric's accident several years ago. She quickly adds in, "Not for the fact that we weren't certain whether you would live or not, but just being surrounded by all of these professionals doing their job in… such a no-nonsense manner. It was quite a sight to see them all catering to you until you recovered." And then… Keanen arrives on the scene and like always, it's difficult to miss his arrivals because he ALWAYS DRAWS ATTENTION TO HIMSELF. Many of the other medical sorts and patients and visitors alike tend to stop and look at the loud Arboren and this does make Ariana's lips purse oh so tightly. However, she does state, "Lord Keanen, Oh? I thought that you were supposed to be working here on the Hostile technology anyway." She then smiles over to Talayla, lowering her head in deference to the other woman, "And Lady Talayla too! Your Lord Brother, from I do know, is making a slow recovery, but he is getting better."

Looking to Keanen, his own eyes pretty much a perfect match of Ariana's, and after looking the Lord over and noticing he doesn't appear to be in a short supply of it finally says, "Perhaps shouting air as you walk into a triage center isn't the wisest of plans MiLord." in a calm, serious tone. After all recovering patients tend not to do well with loud and sudden noises. Shifting his gaze to Talayla who has a more dignified introduction in mind recieves a polite nod as Densoric greets, "Greetings My Lady. What brings you here?" He then smiles to Ariana and says, "By that point I was hardly in much risk of death, besides I was already dead technically, at least if my memory holds true they were preparing to announce it when they got the signal from the beacon." He then chuckles slightly and says, "You've always enjoyed anything that was no-nonsense."

Keanen smirks at Densoric, "Relax, tough guy." He smiles wider then at Ariana, "I thought I was done. Declan has sent me back. I think he likes me as far away from him as possible." He shrugs, "Whatevs, right?" Then he turns to Talayla, and smiles ever wider, "Look at you, T. You're out of place here. Too much sterile for those bright eyes."

Talayla is quiet a moment. She looks to Keanen though, and smiles faintly, lifting a hand in greeting. She seems surprised that he smiles wider. She turns a bit red. "Oh… I don't know. Sometimes the quiet suits me, too. But that is sweet of you to say," She nods. "Thank you." She does have at least a couple hobbies which require clean environments, after all. But she seems glad to see them. A polite lowered head in turn. "That's good. I'm glad to hear that," Nod. "It's tough not being able to visit, but him and his ship." She shrugs. She looks to Densoric, "Salutations. I wanted to visit some of my friends."

Ariana just smiles when Densoric gives her friend a light scolding, which definitely had to be done, because there really are patients are rest here. "My Lord Cousin is right, My Lord, but welcome to the triage. Our injured who went face to face with our enemies are recovering here. But I have a little time to converse. Perhaps even get something to drink somewhere. I've been working all morning long, I think I do deserve this little break." Hearing out the rest of what Keanen has to say, the Larentian lady makes certain to state, "I don't think it's anything like that at all. I had a little discussion with your Lord Brother the other day… he just wants you to do what makes you happy. And I guess he believes that working with technology to assist us in this war effort might actually be something you are interested in." Her gaze returns to Densoric when he mentions his near-death-experience and she does offer a quick, "Yes, it was a frightening thought." Then now to Talayla, "Everything is going smoothly, My Lady. I believe at least 3 of my current patients will be discharged tonight."

Densoric looks to Keanen with a serious look and tone, "It has nothing to do with being tough, its consideration for those that have suffered fighting for your privilege to barge in. And as one that was once bed-ridden from injury I can understand the desire for peace while recovering, if not the cause of the injuries themselves." Though his tone is calm there is a firmness to it as well, seems he at least doesn't appreciate the disruption to those healing from the hostile's wounds. Though there is no threat, he certainly wishes to make sure his point sinks in… Or at least the attempt for it to sink in. He then looks to Talayla, a clear softening of his tone and features as he nods and says, "Good to hear, I mostly came to check in on how our people are recovering myself." He then looks to his cousin and says, "Admit it, you just wanted my room." in a good-natured teasing tone, as its obvious he doesn't believe that at all.

Keanen rolls his eyes at Densoric, "Yes, Father." He shakes his head, answering Ariana then. "If he really wanted me to do what makes me happy, he'd ask me what that was instead of just shipping me off, don't ya think?" He looks at Talayla, "You have friends hurt here?"

Talayla looks quietly amused. "Do you want anything to eat or drink? It's probably the least I can do. I only know first aid," And well, it's a bit late for first aid by the time one gets to triage for most folks. She smiles to Ariana. "That's good. I'm just glad they're making my brother /rest/. I can loan you some duct tape if you need it for him, too," She sighs. "And it is kind of you to work so hard." Nod. She looks between Densoric and Keanen. She smiles to them both, looking to Keanen, nodding. "Or I did, anyway. I think Lady Sir Agnes was already released. And my brother's on his ship." She is quiet at the talk of what makes him happy. "What - did he ship you off or offer to let you stay here and represent your House?" She seems confused.

"I really could go for a bite to eat." Ariana says in response to Talayla's question as she parts briefly from the group so that she may wash her hands off, despite wearing gloves for the most part. Returning now, her gaze also shifts between her cousin and Keanen as the younger continues to push buttons and the like. It is Densoric whom she responds to first, "Oh yes, I couldn't wait for you to expire so I could downgrade to your quarters without my own perfect view nor my extra large closet and then I would have to completely redecorate. I truly couldn't wait for that to begin." She then states to Keanen, "To be honest, having you work here was partially my idea, My Lord. I thought that you be able to hone and even show off your skills while making a huge difference for our war efforts. It's something that we need done and something which you have the mind for. The Young Lord should have asked what you wished to do beforehand."

It is a good thing looks can't kill or Keanen would be in dire need of medical assistance right now as Densoric's gaze locks on him, whether noticed or not. Though he says nothing his body language almost radiates anger for anyone paying any attention at all. However he takes no action and says nothing further as Keanen isn't likely to listen anyway, and Densoric isn't the type to attack a fellow noble without due cause. Whatever his actions or lack thereof, he certainly isn't happy about Keanen's attitude in the least. His gaze remains steady and he remains quiet for a good bit as well before. When Ariana finally returns and address him his stare is finally broken and his body loosens a bit as he simply nods silently to Ariana.

Keanen indeed doesn't seem to notice the glare he's getting from Densoric, or maybe he just ignores it. "Your idea?" he asks of Ariana. "Why? You know, I can speak for myself if there's something I want, you know?" he notes, not angry, but definitely a little stubborn. He answers Talayla then, "He shipped me off, alright. No questions asked. You know, because I'm apparently the only person who understands electronics in the universe or something." He shakes his head, "So, yay me."

"I was going to bring some sushi. I sold some of my fish to a sushi stall, so they gave me some," Talayla explains. She is quiet for a moment, looking between the two. Her eyebrows lift. Hmm. She seems concerned. She considers it. "I see. I'm sorry. For what it's worth, we're glad you're here and if you need to visit the library or borrow a soddering iron or something, you are most welcome to." She considers it. "This is a good world for people who like electronics, but - it is a bit tough not to be asked." She seems sympathetic.

Ariana gathers up some of her belongings and while she's still dressed in her medical whites, she looks as if she's good to go. "We can talk along the way. I have, perhaps, an hour or so of break, so I'd like to make this count." As she begins to set off, leading the way out of the triage, she does continue with the conversation now. Her primary focus is on Keanen, "I do recall something we spoke of at a cute little cafe in Landing that served cuisine styled after what is served from my own Moon. We were talking about nobility and you mentioned something along the lines of," And here her brow creases gently as she tries to remember the words, "You said that you didn't think you had anything to offer. Was that in regards to our responsibility as nobles?" Without even really waiting for the answer to that, she goes on, "You have a lot of great assets, My Lord. And with your knowledge, you can be a great asset to your family where technology is concerned. So I thought that, perhaps, this was your true calling. This was how you would assist your own family, in the realm of aiding us here on the Ring. It's a start anyway and I know that you'll branch off on your own. Why, when I even mentioned this to your Lord Brother, he seemed hesitant that you would be so far away from your home." She smiles very quietly to that as her eyes flicker in Keanen's direction. "Hmm, sushi? Oh, were you able to take all of your pictures, Lady Talayla?" As she moves forward, she exchanges a glance to Densoric. It's nice that they are moving to somewhere, perhaps, a little more accepting of Keanen's behavior!

Densoric moves to follow his cousin as well, but he is still quiet, but at least he no longer looks angry.

Keanen shrugs a bit as he begins to walk as well, "True calling, huh?" He smirks, "You have awful high standards for me, Air." He lets Ariana lead them out of the medical area, and as he goes, he casually just ends up with his cybernetic hand on Talayla's shoulder in a friendly escortish kind of way. "You've been working with the camera, T?" he asks, with a smile.

Talayla looks over to Ariana and nods. She is quiet, listening. "I took a good deal of them. If you want, we can stop by a cafe and eat in the Grand Courtyard. And my sushi. There's the gardens and fountain there," She explains. She goes quiet a moment. "I have," She replies to Keanen, peering at his hand. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it being cybernetic. Actually, she's more surprised he has it on her shoulder. "I promised I would. I am shy, not rude," She states quietly, simply with a faint smile. She will lead them along, then.

"That is a splendid idea, Lady Talayla!" Ariana's voice notes that she is pleased by this choice. Now as she trails along the young Orelle, she continues with the conversation. "I did say, Lord Keanen, that I wanted our generation to be better represented. With all of us doing important work, that would be a lovely start, I think. And I thought you were excited to learn more about this foreign technology. You will learn even more the further you take it. And, I rather than it be my thinking too highly of you, My Lord, I like to consider it that I can sense your potential and I hope that one day, you will be able to sense it too." Speaking out to the group now, she chimes, "I would love to see your pictures, Lady Talayla. As I'm sure everyone else would. It seems like a fun project and perhaps something that I may take up myself."

Follows along, noticing the hand on the shoulder he doesn't comment on it, Talayla can handle herself if it truly bothers her after all. As destinations are mentioned Densoric simply replies, "Gardens rarely go amiss and fountains are among the simplest and most attractive forms of art humans can make." Though he seems willing to go where the crowd decides as well. He doesn't say anything about the talk of pictures, but he certainly doesn't seem to object to the idea.

Keanen just sighs at Ariana, and doesn't answer. That's easier than being stubborn or being wrong. He grins at Talayla, "I wouldn't think you rude if you couldn't do it. I probably shouldn't have pushed it on you. You just seemed to need it," he says, shrugging.

Talayla smiles politely back to Ariana. She will lead them along, both to get food and into the Grand Courtyard. If Barton wishes, it wouldn't be hard to catch Talayla as they get food or along the way. She for her part, listens to talk of representing things. She smiles faintly. "Well. I took pictures of where I went, some of my fish, a good number of plants…" She shrugs. "But it is an interesting challenge," She admits quietly. She looks to Densoric and smiles, too. "Where would you guys like to sit?" She looks between them. There's a pause at Keanen. Need it? She seems puzzled. "Well. It's interesting. Thank you. And since the camera has not burst into flames or died of boredom, I think it's working well enough." Grin.

Just hearing Keanen's sigh brings Ariana's attention in his direction and for a very long moment she simply watches the young man as they begin their approach to the courtyard after lunch is retrieved from one quaint cafe nearby that serves food for the more expensive tastes. For the time being, she will let this silence slide. She fully knows that there will be ample opportunities in the future to push at this again. "Perhaps, we can make a big project of this. Why, I'll even call it the Keanen project. With everyone taking pictures of whatever they wish and then sharing this and bringing others into their world." Considering something, she then states, "Lord Nitrim happens to be some sort of photographer too. His images were certainly different than anything that I would have captured."

Densoric says, "I find it curious one of the rudest people I've met is implying Lady Orelle could be." in a simple, calm tone. Did he actually imply Talayla was rude, or is it just him thinking that due to her personal views? It is then she looks to Talayla as she speaks and says, "I would not be against the gardens if there are no other objections." He takes a meal of his own and gives his cousin a look when she speaks of making things aproject, but doesn't voice his opinion on the matter.

Indeed it seems that Barton does show up soon enough. A small bag with things in it carried along. Wandering along calmly. As he spots the group he does smile and wave to them. The large men starting to move towards them, "Hello, my lords and ladies." He says with a bright smile and a bow of his head. The bag shifted to reach it over to Talayla, "Thank you, my lady. I read most of them and while I still have some I thought you might want these back. And took some of those I had with me for you to read." He explains and smiles before turning to the others. "It is good to meet you all again. And it is a pleasure to meet you as well, my lord." He offers to Keanen, trying to place his face. "I'm lord sir Barton Ibrahm." Looking between them then, "Apologies, am I interrupting something?"

Keanen takes his hand off Talayla's shoulder, and looks at Densoric, "You think Talayla is rude?" he asks, kind of incredulously. Then Barton introduces himself, and he turns to look at him. "Keanen," he offers, and then looks back at Densoric, lifting his brow as if to note he's waiting.

Blink. Talayla seems surprised. She inclines her head. She looks startled by the idea that she's rude, but nods. "Of course. There's a table in one of the quadrants," She explains. "I am sorry if I was rude," She says. She smiles, seeing a familiar, tall fellow. She waves over to the man, bowing her head back. "Salutations, my Lord! And wow, you read fast," She blinks. She seems duly impressed, carefully accepting the bag. She seems happy enough for more books. "Nah, we were going to have lunch in the gardens. You can join us, if you'd like. I'll split mine." She waves a hand. "I usually get a bigger order so I eat dinner too. But I shouldn't be lazy," She shrugs. She looks to Keanen at the question and back to the others, curious. She looks a little lost.

"Oh? Was someone being rude?" Ariana wasn't particularly paying attention to the full conversation, though she does take this time to sip at her iced kaf, letting her gaze trail about the loveliness of the Orelle courtyard. A brow does lift when she regards her cousin and Keanen with a curious look, but when the very tall and large Barton shows up, the young lady lowers her head a show of respect, "Sir Barton, if I recall correctly. It's wonderful to see you again. Were you there for the Hostile invasion of our naval fleet?"

"Pleasure to meet you." Barton offers to Keanen and smiles. Having missed any talk of someone being rude. So instead, he grins and nods. "Well, spent most of last night. As well as today." He says and shrugs. Nodding about the lunch, "Well, I would be happy to join if I am not intruding." He says and smiles still, looking between them all. Bowing his head to Ariana as she greets him, "You are quite correct, lady Ariana. It is a pleasure to meet you again." He offers and smiles.

Keanen shakes his head, simply ignoring Densoric for now. He turns his attention back to the others, offering a little friendly smirk, but otherwise remaining silent for now.

Talayla is quiet as the fellow gets called away and rudeness is left unspoken. "It's probably better to change the subject," She offers. "Okay! Near the fountain or the plants?" She motions over. She smiles as Barton talks of reading and listens. "I see. And it's not an intrusion if you're invited," She notes. "I'll share some of mine with you. I always order extra," She adds. She looks to Keanan and tilts her head.

Ariana also shakes her head to Barton, "No intrusion at all, My Lord. I'm only here for another…" She checks the time, "45 minutes anyway, before I have to head back to the triage and continue my rounds. Who knows when or where the Hostile will attack next and all of our soldiers need to be back on their feet in tip top shape. And Lady Talayla?" She turns to the Orelle, "I like the flowers. We can always listen to the tranquil trickling of the fountain from our distance."

Barton nods and smiles as he moves along with them then. Trying to catch up with the previous conversations. "Thank you, it is quite nice of you." He offers to Talayla. Nodding as Ariana confirms that he is not intruding. "Ah, I see. Well it is pleasant to meet you at all, my lady."

Keanen smiles at Talayla, "So, have you had much luck with the camera? I mean, it's a—" His data pad beeps, and he makes a little scowly face as he looks down at his pockets, and pulls it out, looking at the message. "Damn…" He looks at Ariana, then Talayla, "I have to go. I'm sorry. I um…" He looks at Ariana once more, giving her a bit of a knowing look, "I have to pick up a package." He lifts his brow, then looks at Talayla, "Sorry. I gotta run." And he hops up, turning and heading off into the Ring.

Now that they have found a decent area to sit, Ariana seats herself to rest her wear feet. She loves being this close to the beautiful flowers within any garden, so she does find this bit of free time to be relaxing all the same, and out of the hubbub that can usually be found about the Ring. When Keanen hurriedly excuses himself, the piercing blue eyes of the young Larentian scientist narrows just a touch, but she says nothing of his sudden departure and soon enough is nibbling on slice of sandwich. "What have you been up to as of late, My Lord?" She inquires, now that everyone else has fallen silent due to being lost in their own thoughts or whatnot. Her eyes then peer over to where her datapad is kept and she looks as if she were about to use it, perhaps, to pull up some file or other, but instead she merely asks, "Did you take part of the Hostile invasion with our naval fleet, by chance?"

Barton blinks and bows to Keanen. "Until next time, Keanen." He offers and smiles before moving to sit with the others. Smiling at both ladies in his company. Relaxxing as well. "Oh, not much. Mostly meeting with lady Talayla here. I was out with the Shadow of Intent earlier. Finally back to full health." He explains and smiles. Glancing to Talayla at that as well. "How about you, my lady?" He asks in return to Ariana. Nodding about the Hostile invasion. "Helped them take out a ship indeed." He says and nods. Shifting a bit in his seat. Waiting for Ariana's answer to his own question.

Talayla smiles at Keanen, "Yeah, I got it to w—" She looks concerned. There's a polite smile. "No worries. See you soon." She waves and bows. She will share her lunch with Barton - and it's true, she does order extra so she doesn't have to get dinner from people. Hermit survival tactics. She nods. "I am well enough. Mostly thinking and tending to my plants and fish," She admits. "I heard. You guys are fierce," She seems to think so, anyway. She offers over a sandwich to Barton. For a moment then, she listens. "And aye, we swap books now." Beam.

"So you /were/ on the Intent." Ariana considers this as she continues to nibble at her lunch. "I'm glad to see that your injuries were not so grievious that you would still be off your feet. You all did a fine job there, so I do extend a Welcome for your safe return home." Despite the Ring not being his home, exactly. The sandwhich is set down and she takes another sip from her iced coffee. Curiously, she then asks, "Swapping books now? First it was taking pictures with Lord Keanen's camera and now swapping books with Sir Barton. You have surely collected several new hobbies, My Lady. What sort of books are being swapped, I am now curious."

Barton smiles and nods to Talayla as she talks. Bowing his head at the sandwich, "Thank you." He offers, nodding about the book swapping with a bright smile. Nodding to Ariana. "I indeed was. Mustly they hit me decently all over instead of focusing on one spot. Got a light concussion and so forth but nothing too bad." He explains. Bowing his head again, "Thank you for saying so, my lady. I am glad to be able to help out." Chuckling at the words shared between ladies. "Well, some interesting action filled books she had. Adventures and so forth. As well as comic books magazines. The books I offered her now was the the Black Dawn series. The ones about a prince that was thrown of his throne. Trying to find his way back to his true place as the heir." He summarizes and beams.

Talayla listens. She looks concerned, peering to Barton now. Then a pause. She turns red. "Um. Well. He insisted on the camera… I keep getting called a wallflower and stuff, so I thought I'd try." She promises. "That we didn't know what it is I really /do/. Or what IT is anyway." She looks baffled. "I don't know. I know I got my thumb in a bunch of them," Sigh. She eyes Barton. "You didn't tell me that! I'm glad you're okay," She nods. "And yeah, there's a few more, but I didn't want to weigh him down," Talayla waves a hand. "And I will definitely read them," She promises. She looks a bit shy. "I should probably focus more I guess. I gave away most of my drawing supplies. I never really took to it."

"There's nothing wrong with hobbies, Lady Talayla." Ariana quickly explains, "I've dabbled into painting myself and am considering honing my skills on the piano. It's such a beautiful instrument." Not particularly being knowledgeable about comic books, the Larentian maiden simply nods once, though when he speaks of this Black Dawn series, she does seem a bit interested in just the synopsis. "That does sound like an intriguing read. I've mainly stuck with classic literature, myself, but on my spare time, reading can be considred rather enjoyable."

Densoric returns after being called away with a private communication. Returning to talk of concussions he smiles softly, especially as he notes Keanen isn't anywhere to be seen and says, "Mild concussions aren't too bad, plus you get to see such wonderful colors for awhile." with a soft chuckle. He then gives an apologetic nod to each saying, "forgive me, I had to take that call in regards to an inquiry I made before. Nothing of note, well aside to those involved of course." with a soft smile. He then turns his blue-eyed gaze to Talayla saying, "A wallflower isn't so bad My Lady, I've met a few delightful ones in my short time." winking as though he may be including her in that statement. He then looks to his cousin and playfully teases, "Much improved I'd say." though whether he's actually commenting on a legitimate improvement of skill or simply giving a family member a hard time because they are family is anyone's guess. Though given his tone and mood its likely the latter.

Barton chuckles and nods to Talayla. "You can never have too many hobbies I think And yes, I was and am quite fine." Grinning a bit still as he looks between them. Nodding as he does agree and said as much about hobbies. Smiling to Ariana. Since he did basically repeat what she said. "Ah, artistic then. I've never been too good with al that, other than knowing a bit of dancing." Nodding about literature. "Indeed. I find most things interesting tough." He admits and grins. At the return of Densoric, Barton bows his head. "Welcome back, my lord." Smiling to his words.

"I probably shouldn't dabble too much or I'll never find what my thing is," Talayla admits. She smiles though. "I would love to hear you play if you do," She nods. "If you ever want to borrow any books, you are welcome to mine," She offers. She pauses as Densoric comes back. "Welcome back," She offers, too. She pauses at the wink, too. "Oh, thanks," A faint grin. "Someone has to decorate the walls." Tough work, that! She is wry. She looks to Barton, smiling. "Well, that's good. And yeah, drawing isn't something I do well. It seemed a shame to keep the nice supplies, so," She shrugs. "I do not know. I am glad the flowers are blooming for your visits at least."

Ariana does look a little surprised by this realization, so she has to ask, "He openly called you a wallflower? Some may take that as an insult, so I am surprised. Though, I'm sure he didn't mean it as such. Nevertheless, flowers tend to be beautiful, so it was probably a compliment of sorts." A quiet smirk is shared between herself and her cousin, but she says nothing further of his playful comment and she does return to Talayla, "Once I've gotten more practice, I would love to. I hope to one day play some sort of recital." She then nods quickly to Barton, "Somewhat artistic, or I, at the very least, fell in love with the arts as a youth, when I was being groomed to be a proper young noble. Art is beautiful anyway. However, and unfortunately, I've spent most of my time studying various forms of sciences which isn't as beautiful, I don't think. Though it could be."

Densoric nods politely to Talayla and says, "And a lovely decoration you make as well. As to hobbies, I don't know having more likely wouldn't be harmful as long as you gave enough effort to judge whether you had any interest or knack for it." He then looks to Ariana and adds, "Just don't ask me to join her." to the group as there is a mention of the recital. Then to Ariana directly he adds, "You were groomed so well too." chuckling softly then adds, to the group once more, "The sciences can be viewed as a form of art in itself, it depends on one's views."

Barton grins at Talayla and shrugs, "Well, I am sure you will find something you enjoy more than the other things soon enough." Nodding a bit as he continues listening and turns his attention to Ariana then. Listening about the wallflower part, not having figured that it could had be meant as an insult. Nodding. "Indeed, flowers are quite beautiful most often." "Well, I am happy to listen to you play some time." Nodding about being a proper noble as well. "What do you study, my lady, if I might ask?" He says and smiles curiousity showing. Turning to grin at Densoric. "Indeed. I would agree to all your statements. And while I don't know too many sciences, unless counting explosives and other practical things and such. I would still think it could be in some way artistic. I do know that demolitions can be." He says and shrugs, grinning almost stupidly.

Talayla smiles a little. "Well. He's right. I can't get too mad at the truth…" She shrugs. "Maybe I misunderstood. He seemed nice about it anyway." She seems uncertain. She looks between them and nods. "That would be neat." She goes quiet for a moment. "I don't know. Our gardens and fountains are beautiful. Strictly speaking, you can't just slap plants everywhere and call it a day." She points out. She turns red at Den's compliment. "Oh. Thank you." She grins at Barton. "Maybe. Or maybe dabbling is what I do," She offers quietly. "Do you do demolitions? That's awesome." She seems impressed by Barton.

"Well, as you know, I've taken courses in medicine for many years, so I'm a decent enough medic to work at the triage." Ariana begins between sips of iced coffee. "But my one true love has to be botany, as I do love beautiful flowers. But botany is nothing without biology and chemistry helps too where medicine is concerned. If you expect to do anything with the sciences, you basically will be taking many different courses to push that along." Then at this mention of beautiful demolotion, she does have to ask, "Beautiful as in… destroying a slum neighborhood and erecting something beautiful in its place?"

Densoric nods as he is thanked then says, "Gardens, the more artistic courtyards, and the like are certainly forms of art, it is among my favorite hobbies to wonder them and enjoy their beauty, which i believe all here are aware of." Then to Barton he adds, "I don't mess with explosives myself, i doubt I have a steady enough hand for such work, though electronics are another matter." He then looks to his cousin and says, "And certainly did better in chemistry then I did." chuckling softly.

Barton grins and listens to the ladies. Nodding about demolitions, "Always fun." He says and grins wide. As for the explaination to the medicine and botany, he nods. "Ah, I see. That is quite nice then." As for the question on the demolitions he shrugs, "Well, if I have to. But mostly just in clearing path to make things beautiful. Or smaller dozes to create tunnels even. Of sorts. Or clear doors to get inside of locked buildings." He explains. Nodding as he agrees with Densoric as well. "Well, they are quite interesting things. It does mean that I have to learn a bit of chemistry, but it is all fun." He says and smiles. "Electronics are quite nice as well. I can actually use the demoltions with the electronics in some cases." He says and grins.

Talayla listens for a time. "Botany is interesting," She agrees quietly. "My fish like plants in their tanks," She offers. "Medicine seems rewarding," She considers. "But…" People overwhelm poor Tal. And with her powers, well. She looks to Densoric. "You are welcome to check out the gardens. I think one of 'ems a hedge maze I keep meaning to try," She remarks. An amused look. She grins at Bart. "The explosions are fascinating. Have you ever dropped hot coal into dry ice?" She asks. "It is an art, too," She agrees. "And really? That sounds interesting." She seems impressed. "I used to dabble in perfumery. It's a chemical art. Do it wrong and well…"

Ariana does look a little skeptical about this demolition thing, but some of what Barton says could be considered valid, when it comes to demoltion helping to create beautiful things. "It seems a little dusty for my taste, but I'm sure the end results of your endeavors are always quite rewarding." Her chin lifts when her gaze flitters to Densoric, "You probably had other things to learn. Working on the Ring does require a lot of skills and knowledge." Though when Talayla mentions perfuming, the Larentian maiden's eyes light up, "Perfuming sounds /wonderful/. I did wonder if I had it in me to create such lovely fragrances myself. Perhaps, later, when time permits me to learn other skills as a side hobby."

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "My thanks, perhaps you could join me then, see if we can't find our way through the mazy together then." offering a soft smile. Then to his cousin he smiles and says, "More I didn't have much talent in it, why I ended up having the drop the class to avoid failing. I learned a few things but then you still know more then I in chemistry."

Barton smiles and nods agreeingly with Talayla at her words and explainations. "Oh, perfumery sound interesting. I don't know much of it, I must admit." He says and gives her a small smile before looking to the others. Nodding to Ariana, "I suppose so. IT is mostly to extend on my engineering. Welding and exploding. It also means that I know how to make those things that go boom to not do so." He says and smiles. "I am sure you could quite well with it." He offers about perfumes. Raising a brow to Densoric's offer as well, to Talayla that is. Continuing with the sandwich that he got. Nodding a bit about the chemistry part as well.

"Well, it's cologne and perfume. You can mix oils for oil warmers, candle wax and use in things," She explains. She smiles faintly, seeming happy Ariana seems interested in the perfumery. "I would be glad to show you some and loan you a book on it. I can give you a few starting bits," She offers. "I like it, but I have a sensitive sense of smell," She says. She smiles faintly at Densoric. "Maybe. I'd bring a chainsaw or hedge clippers, just in case," She cheats! But she is clearly joking. "I'm kinda low on flower petals, though. I'll have to restock," She hms. She takes a bite out of her own sandwich.

"It would be exciting if we could invent the most luscious fragrance on the market now." Ariana says, looking all the more thoughtful of this. "But, I don't think I'd be able to really delve into that for a while. There are still more books on medicine that I must learn and other techniques and formulas for the other sciences." Finishing up the rest of her half sandwich, the places the other half into her purse, dusting her hands to the side. "I'm afraid that I should be taking my leave." Rising to stand, she turns to Densoric, "Young Lord Declan may be staying with us for a time with his family. He was interested in our own gardens at Summit, so I will be making sure that the guest rooms are fully prepared for their arrival. But for now, it is back to the triage for me."

Densoric smiles softly and nods to Talayla saying, "Then when you have the time, though we'll see if we can make due without ruining the beauty of the maze first. Though if desperation sets in, we shall see." winking playfully. He then looks to Ariana and says, "Might be worth investigating, if nothing else you could try making your own perfumes for personal use instead of having to buy any." at the mention of Summit and the guests he nods and says, "I'll do what I can for our guests. Do we know yet which family members will be coming along?"

Barton chuckles as he listens to the others. Mostly listening and eating that last piece of the sandwich. Looking between them all the the talk. Talayla's joke causing him to chuckle and grin. Finally opening his mouth. "Always good with a plan b." Looking over to the other lady as well, as she rises. Rising as well. "It was a pleasure to meet you again, my lady." Bowing to her. "Until next time, lady Ariana." He offers and smiles. Turning towards Densoric as well. Listening to his words as he reclaims his own seat.

Talayla smiles between bites. She nods sagely at Barton. She looks to Ariana. "It would be a challenge. There's so much taste involved. And people perceive smells so differently, but it would be interesting," She remarks. She hms. "I see. That's alright. Be well, and don't overwork yourself," She waves. She looks thoughtful at the talk of guests. She smiles at Densoric. "Okay." Grin. She is quiet at talk of Arboren guests. She will stand and wave to Ariana as she goes, then sits in turn. Tal tries to be kind to her vassal-peeps. "I wish I had more news and things to say."

A light bow of her head is given to the gathered nobles and before she departs, Ariana considers her cousin's question, "Well, I had not asked. Probably whomever he can gather up of his brood. The Young Lord of Arboren does have a rather large collection of siblings." She then speaks to the group as a whole, "Thank you for a lovely lunch and conversation. We should do this again at some time." And with that, she graces them with a subtle wave of her hand before she departs back to the blood and gore!

Densoric nods politely to his departing cousin. As he lacks any food it can only be assumed Densoric finished his meal while he was away. He says nothing further as yet, after all he wasn't really addressed beyond Talay agreeing to joining him at some undetermined date for an exploration of the maze.

There is a last wave to Ariana before Barton turns his attention to the other two. "So… What else have you both been up to?" He asks, and looks between them both, "Were you thinking of heading for the garden maze right now, I could take my leave if you wish then. I did intrude after all." Not wanting to be rude. Smiling still though.

Talayla seems amused by that. "And it would be lovely. You are always welcome here." She tilts her head. "Huh?" Her eyes widen at Barton. "Oh. I meant - I don't know right now, I brought people here for lunch and conversation," She waves a hand. "It might be fun to go sometime soon, as soon as I find hedge clippers. Okay, maybe just soon…" She promises. She looks to Barton. "And not much, really. Selling my spare fish stock, debating, and- you are still not intruding. I said you were welcome and I invited you. If you were intruding, I'd conjure ice in your pants," She notes, simply.

Densoric listens to the two debating rudeness then leans in casually to Talayla to say, not as a whisper in his normal tone, "Remind me not to upset you." chuckling softly as he stands back to his full height.

Barton chuckles at Talayla and nods, "Of course. Can't go wandering without the hedge clippers." He agrees with a sage nod. Laughing at her last statement. "I think there are better ways. All that would lead to would be taking off the pants to wander around in my speedo." He jokes in return. Grinning at Densoric as well. "Indeed, she is quite scary." He says and smirks.

Talayla looks amused by the comment. "It's okay, I don't get upset too often," She shakes her head and smiles. She looks to Barton and nods sagely in turn. Though, she grins at his speedo comment. "Hmmm. I see. Well, I guess it would be mean to make you wander a hedge maze in your underpants," She contemplates the philosophical torments of speedos and mazes. Poor guy! "But I won't terrorize you too much. I have to take care of some errands. But you two can stay here if you'd like," She smiles at them.

Densoric nods and says, "As you wish, though i do have a sword with me if you are truly concerned." as he sweeps back his cloak a bit, sure enough his arming sword is sheathed at his side.

Barton chuckles to the words from Talayla before nodding to Densoric as well, with a small grin. "Always good to have it around." Raising a brow to the lady. "Leaving your guests all alone?" He asks teasingly. Rising to his feet, much as he did when Ariana left. "I would offer to escort you, although it would be rude to lord Densoric." He says with a glance to him.

Talayla pauses. She blinks at the sword. Goodness. She smiles. Then her eyes widen at the tease. "Oh no! I'm sorry. I just didn't want to force you to leave," She admits. "I - um, it's - it's okay. But like I said, you can enjoy here or I can walk with you two to the lift." She looks between them.

Densoric nods to each and says, "How can I refuse the desire of my Paramount?" as though it would be a shame beyond words to do so, then gestures saying, "Lead on My Lady."

Barton bows his head and seems to agree to walk along and let the lady lead the way. Being his usual self and offering his arm to the lady. "It is all fine. I still need to return your books at some time." He says and grins at her.

Talayla pauses. "I'm not ordering you…" She looks a bit baffled. She smiles though, and nods. There's a pause. She looks torn. She does speak, "There's no rush. You're always welcome to visit, so I hope you enjoy them." She blushes at the arm offer. She looks to Densoric. Compromise time! "We can go through the maze soon if you're not busy," And carefully accepts the offered arm. It looks like she's genuinely worried about hurting someone's feelings. "I'm sorry."

Densoric nods and says, "I have the time now, though what would you have to be sorry abut My Lady?" as he moves to follow her lead, after all she knows where she is going.

Barton chuckles and shakes his head. "I think it is quite fine if you have errands." He says and shrugs. Nodding to Densoric's words. "And I still need rest. As well as find my sister." Chuckling a bit. Smiling at them both.

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