07.14.3013: The Kind Of Encouragement...
Summary: Viannea's given the kind of encouragement one should never expect to receive from an older sibling by her older brother, Aidan.
Date: 13 July 2013
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The Public House — Volkan, The Cresent
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going one.
13 July, 2013

It eventually becomes just the two Peake siblings left at their table after the Senator and the squire leave and then Nitrim who had something come up that needed his immediate attention. It is much to Viannea's relief, too, as a lot had happened to dampen her mood. Looking at her brother, she manages to smile although it should be obvious that her heart is just not into it. "So you said you wanted to speak to me, so speak."

Aidan studies Vi a moment then shakes his head. "No. You talk to me. Something is obviously bothering you so spill it." Though he has another shot in hand, he sets it down and slides it off to one side. He's had enough for the moment.

Viannea wrinkles her nose but then nods slowly, willing to at least go first. "Fine. But when I'm done it's your turn." At that she looks around, seeking out a server because if she's going to talk about this then she damn well better have a drink. "Okay. So, yeah. Michael's apparently seeing the Senator. Told me right out that she's his girlfriend and it has me a bit worried." A hand is waved towards someone as she explains all this, trying to flag down a server. "I don't know how long they've known each other but it kind of all seems so sudden when it wasn't all that long ago that I had to tell him that I needed to stop whatever he was trying to cultivate between us since there's all the rules and such I have to follow since I'm a noble." There's a pause as she finally gets someone's attention and they are able to take her order. "And then I said something and apparently offended them both…"

Aidan just nods as Viannea talks, not quite hearing yet where the problem is. After all, Michael is not her problem. And then there's the problem. "Okay. Just what did you say? I'm not even going to ask you /why/ you felt the need to say anything ."

"It wasn't about their relationship so don't go all… righteous on me, please," Vi asks with a pained look on her face. "It was on the subject of being a knight. I said it takes a lot of dedication to be one. That's it. But Nimara got pissy because she was apparently going to be one but then became a politician instead and Michael got on my case because he thought I was talking about him when I meant it in general, not said about anyone specifically. It just really set the tone for the rest of the visit." She doesn't even get into how Nitrim wound up coming by at the tail end of that.

"Oh, so you made a totally innocuous statement and are now upset because they got pissy." Aidan nods as that sounds very much like Vi. "Well, if the Senator is insecure about her position being less respected than a knight's, that's hardly your problem. And as for Michael, the only mistake you made there was getting involved with him in the first place. But everyone makes those mistakes so live and learn. Is there anything actually seriously wrong or is that it?"

"Nooooo, silly. She was upset because she thought I was saying she lacked dedication. But she admitted to reading between lines that weren't there. As for Michael…" She rolls a shoulder, Vi trying to come across as aloof there, "we were not involved. He had swept me off of my feet a bit at first, I'll admit. But then logic came and poked me back into reality." When Aidan asked her if that's it she actually looks injured. "No, I suppose nothing actually is wrong. And hey, thanks for the concern, my brother. It is touching."

Aidan reaches out to lightly rest his fingers on Vi's arm. "Hey, you know I've always concerned about you. But really, Vi, that hardly counts as a problem. You said something, they over reacted. Knowing you, you almost certainly apologized and tried to explain and now you feel guilty because of it. They're not the only ones over reacting. You sholdn't let little misunderstandings get you so upset."

Aidan might rub her the wrong way sometimes but then he always finds a way to make it better like now when he touches her arm and says all the right words that swiftly rids her of the dark little rain clouds from over her head. "Thanks. And your right." She pats his hand, her smile back and heart-felt this time. "So what's on your mind, hmmm? Going to tell me or am I going to have to beat you up until you tell me?"

Aidan studies Vianneas's face to assess her mood then nods and sits back, satisfied it's better now. Or close enough to jazz. "Actually, I didn't want to tell you anything. I wanted to ask you something. Do you want to go to bed with Nitrim?"

Viannea's eyes go wide and she looks away now that Aidan's got her feeling all awkward and sheepish. "I won't lie and say I don't find him attractive. And…" Gods, did he really have to ask this? The ale comes and just in time as she has to drink quite a lot of it to get rid of the dryness that's found its way to her throat. "Keep this just between you and I but…" Ahem. "I wouldn't mind it," she eventually confesses.

"I won't make a pass at him then." See? There's the reason Aidan asked. "I don't know if he has any interest in guys but it never hurts to ask. But since you've got him in your sights, I'll consider him off limits." Siblings should never have sex with the same man.

Viannea ohs. That is definitely not what she was expecting. She was expecting Aidan to warn her away from the idea of trying to bed Nitrim or something equally big-brotherly. It doesn't take her too long before she laughs warmly and is all but throwing herself at him for a hug. "This is a bit awkward, isn't it," she then asks, still caught up in giggles. That said, she looks at Aidan and asks sincerely, "Just how much do you like him?"

"Probably less than you since I didn't see him naked in the bath house." Aidan says with a grin as he returns the hug. Unlike Vi, he doesn't look or sound at all awkward. "I didn't know you were interested in him till you sent me that note. You didn't actually SAY anything but I read enough between the lines to want to ask before I poached on your territory. So when are you going to ask him?"

Viannea sits back down, scooting her seat closer to where he sits. "I think you'd approve if you did," she comments easily then, taking on a tone of casualness. It's almost like they're talking about doing laundry together or something equally mundane, not talking about one of the nobility sans clothing. "He's got a nice runner's build to him but…" Her eyes close. "He isn't my territory, though. It isn't like I've already slept with him or am romantically involved with him." She just has a bit of a crush on Nitrim. Silly to call it that when she's twenty-two but if asked she probably would use that exact word.

Aidan waves away that objection. "If he's in your sights, you get the first chance to bring him down." And wouldn't Nitrim be pleased to be talked about as if he were a deer? "I think you should go for it, Vi. Just be discreet. In fact, you should plan it out once he agrees. He's not exactly noted for his discretion and we don't want your name in the tabloids. I rent this little place in Landing for those times I don't want to bring anyone to our home or the Embassy. You're welcome to use it."

"This is why you're the best," Vi says sincerely. While they might not see eye to eye on everything they are close and this is just further proof that they are. His suggestion and following offer has her pausing, taking that in. The tabloids would be all over anything even only remotely gossip-worthy which is the last thing she needs and something that'd be all sorts of bad to have happen to Nitrim. Again. "I appreciate that. Consider your offer one I'll take you up on."

"You can borrow my key once you make the plans." Aidan says. "It's basically just a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but it's clean. The apartment house also has multiple entrances so you can enter from different directions." He's never needed to but he's not Nitrim. "So are you going to ask him outright?"

Viannea shakes her head, unable to stop herself just like she's unable to stop from laughing. "Aidan. I understand your thinking here but you're making me feel like I am married or somehow with someone and am going to be asking Nitrim to have an affair with me." It is good to know that there are options for coming and going if they wind up needing a way out of the building without causing scandal, though. Upon being made to think about the subject of how she'll ask she pauses. Romantically worded queries on the subject…? That idea is dismissed as being something totally inappropriate as would something lewdly phrased. "I'll have to think about it."

"Not married, not an affair, but neither another notch on Nitrim's bedpost." Aidan points out. "At least according to the tabloids. Instead, he'll be a notch on yours and that the media doesn't need to know about. I'd take the same precautions." he points out. "Half of his problem is he's just not discreet."

"I am not going to have notches in my bedposts," she promises although she knows the reality of it. She might not have that as an intention but if the papers were to catch wind of it they just might think or say otherwise and then where would her reputation and that of Nitrim's be? "Don't worry, Aidan. I promise to play this smart and think everything through and I'll be sure Nitrim will as well before anything happens."

Aidan looks satisfied and grins. "Good. And it's about time. I'll just point out that it would be a good political match as well. And while I wouldn't normally approve of someone who's credited with everything the gossip pages claim, he seems to be sincere in his desire to stop being such a spectacle."

Viannea laughs. "No talking of political marriages, please. As far as I know he's not even interested in me." Not that Vi would know if Nitrim was thanks to being totally clueless where that kind of thing goes. Her beer is sipped a little before she adds softly, "I do believe he is wanting to change, Aidan. And I think we should try to support him as much as we're able to."

"Especially if you decide you want to marry him." Aidan agrees. "We can't have a wastrel in the family even if you would end up a Khournas." Glancing around, he lowers his voice a bit and leans in. "Serious question, could you live here and be happy? Anabethe showed me the factory and we've talked a bit. What a horrible place. I don't mean just the landscaping but also the mindset."

And now Vi is made to think of Reena who has brought up a similar subject, that being being made to marry only to then find herself in a situation she would not be happy in. It along with her brother gives her ample reason to think but it doesn't take long for her to do so. "I think I would be happy here, yes." It is very different from the homelands of House Peake but she has already become enchanted with Volkan and has grown to like it despite all of what others might find unappealing.

Aidan nods and sits back, quiet as he studies Viannea again. Finally he nods a second time. "All right then." he says in a more normal volume. "And it's not like you'll be locked up here. Plus it's the people more than the place that will make someone unhappy and Anabethe would make a very good sister in law, I think."

"Right. I would be allowed to come home and visit if things here were to get too much for me. I wouldn't be a princess kept in a tower like in those silly books we read as children." Feeling a lot lighter of mood, now, Viannea leans back in her chair although this time not so far back that the legs threaten to fall apart. "Thank you."

"Of course." Aidan replies with a smile. "But we're just speculating. Who knows if things will get to that point or if they'll just end with you two breaking my bed. Which I expect to be replaced. But if it goes beyond that, he seems like someone who wouldn't be boring and would treat you right. I'll have to see him in the bath house to comment any further."

"I will of course replace anything we break," Vi squeaks out, utterly shocked by the mere notion that they'll get that wild. That is a surprise that she is very slow to recover from and her blush takes even longer to go away. "I'll arrange a visit in the bath for you and him." Because she's oh so nice like that.

Aidan grins over at Vi. "Oh, I think I can arrange that myself. He's already offered to play tour guide and what better way to end a day of walking around than with a soak. And who knows, maybe that cute brother of his will join us."

"Oh? And which brother is this?" With all the tension gone out of her and the siblings past the serious subject Aidan wished to touch upon Vi is back to being herself. That's saying she's fully in little sister mode and not above pressing him for details.

"The one who was here, the navy guy you're sacrificing to Brig." Aidan answers. "Ellion was his name? Just what does out little brother want with the navy anyway? He doesn't have enough things to blow up?"

Oh! The XO… right! "Ellion is soft on the eyes. Not sure what floats his boat…" See what Vi did there? "… but I am of a belief that you never know until you ask. So…. ask!"

Aidan laughs at the prompting. "Why yes, I think I will now that I'm not intending to ask his brother." Pause. "I can't decide how that makes me sound. Slutty?" He shrugs, not really caring. "As I said to Nitrim, vice is fine, you just need to be discreet."

Viannea scoffs lightly. "Yes, Aidan. It makes you sound ever so slutty. Before we know it you'll be on your back for every handsome specimen of man out there." She tries to come across as serious but her smile just can not be tempered and soon she's laughing again.

"Not every one." Aidan counters. "I do have standards. And anyway, between you and Brig, someone has to have a little fun in the family especially with Yolanda being all respectable and Heir-like."

Viannea sticks her tongue out. Rising to her feet, she excuses herself a moment to settle out the bill, picking up her tab as well as anyone else's in case someone forgot to pay. The table is returned to but she doesn't sit down, instead standing for now. "I am learning to not be so up tight," is swiftly pointed out, a reminder to Aidan that his younger sister is trying to change in that regards.

Aidan finishes the last shot on the table and stands up once Vi returns. "And it's about time." he agrees. "Life is a lot more fun when all aspects are catered to. Balance, Vi. Nature is all about balance. You can't neglect one aspect of yourself and be healthy any more than you can overindulge it and be healthy. Nitrim is learning that too from the other end of the spectrum."

Viannea wraps an arm around Aidan's side as she leads him to the door. "Just promise me one thing. No matter how much I might screw up and whatnot, don't say you told me so, please?" Not that he's prone to saying that - or at lease so Vi thinks - but she still asks to be safe.

"I'm encouraging you to do this." Aidan reminds her. "So if it all goes sideways, it'll be half my fault right? So why would I say I told you so? Unless you break my bed despite my telling you not to. Then I will say I told you so."

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