06.02.3013: The Khourni Gather
Summary: After the attack at the ring, a few more from house Khournas, somewhat disappointed to have missed the battle.
Date: 02 June 2013
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The Ring
Just off the elevators is a large room with injured people and dead Hostile.
Sunday, 06.02.3013

"I'm fine, really I am," Johana reassures Asher, even offering a tentative smile. It's brief though, her concern for the others is taking precedence over everything at the moment. Turning towards the Cindravale, she offers an arm. "How are you feeling? Need another slap or two?" There's a teasing light in her eyes as she tries to take his mind off the wound. The wound isn't good, and it worries her, but she doesn't let it show.

Erik remains standing where he is, perhaps afraid that if he did try to take a step, his body would fail him and he would collapse. With each passing moment though, the sword that is held loosely in his hand droops lower and lower, though he manages to answer Asher in short words. "Scout model… only good at hiding." He then throws a smirk at Johana and her teasing words, "No, just next time, armor. It would have just scratched us."

Yeah, he's drooping alright. When he doesn't take the offered arm, Johana slips it underneath the arm furthest away from his wound. "Why don't you just lay down on the floor a minute, the medical people will want that anyway.." Looking to Asher for help now, she's definitely not strong enough for the knight to rest his full weight on.

"The Young Lady is right." Asher nods, moving to join her, "You should sit down and wait for the Medics at least." he agrees, "And these are also good at escaping and evading, if we had waited longer it may have gotten free into the rest of the station… and who knows what harm it c

It is fortunate for Helena that she has yet to relinquish her post on The Ring. The summons for medical staff has been answered promptly, and she appears to be bringing up the rear with her cousin, Cynan, in tow. By the time she is within reach of the group, she is already opening her portable medkit. The woman pauses long enough to hastily pull her hair back into a messy ponytail while assessing the situation.

Blood? Check. Dead body? Check. Can't do anything about that. Mortally wounded? Check. Her gaze darts from person to person before landing on Erik's unfamiliar face. Thankfully she doesn't need to recognize him to realize he is faring the worst of the others and has yet to be attended. "This way," she orders her cousin, casting him an apologetic glance before approaching the knight being held aloft by two companions. "Good yes, sit him down at least. Gloves." She holds out a hand to Cynan, not looking.

Gloves, right. Cynan may be used to being in command, but while he has basic first aid training, it's /nothing/ on the order of what his cousin knows how to do. He's quick to reach into the medikit and yank out a suitable pair of gloves, handing them to Helena immediately even as his pale eyes survey the scene.

"What happened here?" he asks, as much to the air as to anyone in particular. There's just a hint of an officer's snap in his voice.

The Cindravale is as stubborn as they come, perhaps due to his arrogant pride that he refuses to do things the easy way which means taking a seat or even lying down. At least when it is requested by the two Khourni, when the medical doctor approaches though, Erik is smart enough to know that arguing with one of that position is futile and perhaps even detrimental. Only with a slight nod does the knight slowly lower himself down to a sitting position, his movements slow and perhsp a bit stiff, the pain no doubt in full force now as adrenaline has faded from his blood. His blade is also set down on the ground, no longer in his grasp as he waits to be tended to.

Only at that reminder does Johana remember those that perished today, the citizens, the others in the lab.. Biting her lip, she lifts her gaze to Asher. "It has already done enough.. but it took five of us and three of us are hurt. How many more are there and how outnumbered are we when it takes so many of us for one?" Assisting the Cindravale down to sit on the floor with the help of Asher, she remains down there beside Erik for now, offering him a hand to hold if he decides to take it. "Hostile got loose from the Lab, killed several, wounded several. Impaled Sir Erik here with a crossbow before he was even visible to the eye."

Having heard the news, Nitrim moves in the direction of the fight, rather than away from it. Wading his way through the crowd with his wrist over the hilt of the sword on his hip, his eyes are covered behind dark glasses and his jaw has a certain grim resolve set upon it. Spotting the blood and carnage from afar, he heads in the direction of the visible Khourni, Asher and Johana. "Is it over…?"

Asher shakes his head faintly at the Cindravale, "Perhaps next time we should leave him laying down in the first place…" He nods faintly towards Johana, "The only other one, I presume, was the dead one that was recovered…" He finally lets his Awakened aura fade completely, "This one." He points to the near decapitated Hostile, "Broke free of its prison, as Yound Lady Ibrahm says.. It ambushed us leaving the elevator."

Helena purses her lips as she snaps on her gloves, casting the dead Hostile a brief glance before crouching down beside the now-seated Erik. "Hold still," she murmurs, reaching out to place a hand on his arm before reaching up to undo the makeshift bandage. "And you pulled it out?" she inquires of the two around him, attention wholly focused on the wounded knight. She looks over the wound quickly before pressing the bloodied cloth into place, and without so much as an apology, applies rather firm pressure to keep him from bleeding profusely. "Do you want something for the pain? I can bandage you here, but we'll need to get you to the clinic for proper sutures and a night of observation." Lifting her chin, she gestures for Cynan to bring the medkit closer.

On cue, Cynan brings the medical kit as close to Helena as he can manage without actually bumping into her, holding it out within easy reach. As much of his attention as he can spare, though, is on Johanna. "What happened to the laboratory's guardians, Young Lady Johanna?" He doesn't even ask /whether/ the laboratory was guarded, of course, that's assumed. "And where in the name of the Light did the Hostile obtain a crossbow?" Eventually his eyes flicker over to the wounded knight, and to the doctor working diligently to treat him properly. "Do you need any assistance, cousin?"

As the bloodied cloth is pressed into the wound, Erik grits his teeth together and bites back a growl of pain though his muscles do tense up in response. The offered hand from Johana is taken out of reflex and a firm grip is given. At the question of painkillers though, the Cindravale shakes his head, "Not unless you have a double dose… usually takes more than usual for it to take affect on me." That includes drugs, alcohol, and other items that affects the human body depending on quantity.

When the newest Khourni arrives, Johana gives him a crooked smile. "As far as this battle, it is all done and through. Sir Asher and I fared well enough but Young Lord Benedict, Sir Veryna and Sir Erik here were all injured." Transferring her gaze to rest on Asher, she nods in return. "I would have this time, but I was having too much fun slapping him."
As soon as the doctor takes over, Ana almost rises to her feet, but then he does take her offered and and she looks at the Cindravale with concern, trying not to flinch at the firm grip. With the strips of cloth missing from hem of her clothing, she looks down and smiles ruefully, I suppose I should find a change of clothing." As much to distract herself as to distract the wounded knight. At being questioned, she lifts a single shoulder. "The Hostile got loose and killed everyone in there, as far as I know, as well as four more while it made its way down here. It was waiting when we left the elevator, I noticed the blur, but by then it was too late."

"We can meet in the middle at one-and-a-half times," Helena offers Erik, reaching out with her free hand to select a hypospray from the row available. She glances at the label on the bottom of the tube before adjusting the dosage, but she pauses to look up to the knight while waiting for assent. "I don't have your medical records on hand, and can't use them to confirm what has and hasn't been offered you in the past, sir. This is for your protection as much as mine. We can get you more once I've applied a proper bandage and you've been transferred to the clinic. Cousin, put on some gloves and get out some scissors. I need you to cut away his tunic here."

Nitrim stands above the bodies all around him and looks down to the near-decapitated body of the Hostile. Curious, he reaches down to brush a fingertip over the top of its head, and then looks up to Johana and Asher. "Well…escaped or not they've struck in close. This is going to make some waves. Glad to see the two of you are alive and…"
Nitrim turns to see Helena and Cynan working over Erik. He quiets, thoughtfully looking over the man's damage, and then starts scanning the other less fortunates. He rises and calls out over to Helena and Cynan. "I'm fresh here. Is there anything the either of you need?"

"It certainly will, I imagine, Lord Nitrim." Asher says, "I don't know that it was widely known that the Hostiles were here on the station, I certainly hadn't been aware." He says, "But it was contained before it did too much harm, though it is unfortunate that any life was lost at all…"

"We can meet in the middle at one-and-a-half times," Helena offers Erik, reaching out with her free hand to select a hypospray from the row available. She glances at the label on the bottom of the tube before adjusting the dosage, but she pauses to look up to the knight while waiting for assent. "I don't have your medical records on hand, and can't use them to confirm what has and hasn't been offered you in the past, sir. This is for your protection as much as mine. We can get you more once I've applied a proper bandage and you've been transferred to the clinic. Cousin, put on some gloves and get out some scissors. I need you to cut away his tunic here."

Looking up from her work, Helena shakes her head to toss away the curls that have sprung loose from her ponytail. She spots Nitrim after he addresses her, and she glances to Cynan and then to ther others before nodding curtly. "Could you check with the guards over there and make sure they've sent a clean-up crew this way? I think everyone has seen enough dead bodies for the day." Turning her attention back to Erik, she presses the hypo to his neck lightly and clicks the delivery button before tossing it into an empty cubby in the medkit. She then lifts the hand of his unwounded arm and presses his fingers against the wad of cloth. "Hold that. I need my hands."
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"Everyone?" Cynan repeats that one word, and for a moment his attention leaves the wounded knight to stare, almost impolitely, in Johana's direction. Not /at/ her, per se - it's as though he's staring off into space and there just happens to be a person there. "Unfortunate," he replies, shaking his head, "but at least the threat is contained now." Hopefully.

A moment more, and then his eyes are back on his cousin and he's fumbling, a bit less smoothly than before, to follow her instructions. Gloves go on, scissors come out of the medical kit, and he leans in toward Eric with the instruments of cutting in hand. Once he's holding the scissors, he seems to relax just a bit, and he slips one of the blades under the man's tunic and begins to cut it away as indicated.

Anabethe steps through the ways not long after Nitrim, and makes her way toward the site of carnage. "So…That looks like it went well," she murmurs, dry. She's already rolling her sleeves up, though, and arching a brow at Nitrim and Asher. "What'd I tell you two about having fun without me?"

"Look at him, sister, and Johana. I arrived to see all of this just like you did." Nitrim sidelongs to Anabethe, giving her the we need to talk soon look as he slips a cigarette between his lips. Sparking it to life with a lighter, he turns and walks past her towards some guards in the distance. He points off into the distance, and then points towards the floor all around. Speaking in exaggerated hand motions, one of the guards nods and reaches for his earbud.
Nitrim turns back to the groud and cranes his chin towards Cynan and Helana. "The guards said they'll be incoming. I have no ETA. I'm not a doctor but I can patch up in a few places though…I'm not hearing a lot of cries for help." He looks back to the dead bodies. "Bastards."

As soon as the injection goes in, Johana lets go of his hand, finally rising to her feet to find herself on a somewhat even keel with the others around her. "Actually.." When Cynan addresses her via the impolite stare, she has second thoughts. "There was someone there, looking towards the camera, mouthing 'help me' but Young Lord Benedict send assistance… unless you're who was called. Maybe it should be checked out in case she's in there needing help still."
When Anabethe arrives, the Ibrahm offers her a warm smile and polite bow of her head. "I had heard they were brought here after the Arboren had found them and captured one alive. I think it's a bad idea to leave any of them alive."

"I would hardly call it 'fun', Young Lady." Asher replies to Anabethe, "Several citizens died because it got free, and Sir Erik here nearly as well." He adds, "Though we did manage to stop it before it escaped into the station at large."

Once Cynan has cleared away enough tunic to reveal the skin around the site of the wound, Helena reaches out to pull free some cleansing wipes from a dispenser in her kit. She uses these to clean the undamaged skin around the wound of blood and anything else. When this is done, she nudges Erik's hand away and immediately exchanges the now dirty cloth for a fistful of treated gauze. She replaces his hand and digs in her kit for medical tape. The sound of it tearing as she rips free some pieces to hold the makeshift bandage in place follows, and in another minute the patch-job is complete.

Only now does she realize that there are others gathering, and she rocks back on her heels. When she swipes away her hair from her face, she inadvertently streaks a bit of blood across her forehead. Ah, well, at least it makes her look more like a doctor. "The pain meds should kick in soon, and he'll need to get the clinic as soon as possible, but the bleeding has slowed and I treated the gauze. It'll stay that way for a bit, but not forever," she announces to Erik's companions.

"You're supporting that ugly rumor that none of us have a sense of humor, Asher," Anabethe points out with a flicker of a grim smile, tipping her chin toward Johana. "So that's what happened, then? The not quite disabled Hostile they picked up in the woods turned out to be a little less disabled than anticipated?" She turns to take in the damage, sobering somewhat. "How whole did it look when it showed up?"

When Cynan works, he works quickly, clearing the tunic away efficiently, and then slipping the scissors into a sterile bag from the medical kit. There's a bit of a vacant look on his face as he watches Helena treat Eric, and he seems just as pleased to stay as distant from the surrounding conversation as not. Noticing the bit of blood on her forehead, he reaches back into the kit and offers her a sponge. "You may need this, cousin," he whispers, his voice flat and toneless.

With the discussion of the fun and sense of humor, Johana deliberately avoids entering into that one by keeping her expression carefully cautious. "Young Lady Anabethe," bowing her head again once she greets her by name. "It looked like a blur at first and was above the elevator about ten meters. It struck Sir Erik with ribbon of steel before any of us had a chance to relax. These things could be anywhere and the cameras do not even see them. It took five of us to down this one and it harmed three of us in the process."

"I never saw it the first time, but it seemed fairly effective and in working order to me." Asher says, "It managed to overpower the entire lab, and several of us." he answers, "It didn't look lke it was diminshed in any appreciable way. Perhaps it had some repair cycle it had entered?" he wonders, shrugging a little bit.

Helena glances sidelong to Cynan as he offers the sponge, and she blinks at him before pulling her gloves off inside-out and dropping them into an open disposal bag in her ever-so-handy kit. Accepting the sponge, she wipes at her forehead and makes a face at having accidentally come in contact with blood. How unlike her. It, too, goes into the disposal. Now she rises to her feet, grunting at the stiffness in her knees from crouching too long, and bounces on her toes to flex her calves and get the blood flowing. Having not been acknowledge, she interrupts the conversation by clearing her throat loudly and eyeballing Johana and Asher. "Someone should be on their way to take the wounded back to the clinic and clean up this place. Are either of you injured or is my work here done?"

Untouched, unblooded, and wearing clean, expensive clothes, Nitrim looks far more like a tourist on a battleground than anything else. Standing in place, he turns around, smoking his cigarette, and drums his fingertips on the hilt of his sword. He mouths a rather unpoetic four-letter-word before his attention is distracted by Helena. Are they hurt? His brows lift over his glasses as he looks to Johana, Asher, and Anabethe. "I…don't believe any of them are, no."

Johana has blood on her and she did not even realize it, though it isn't her own. Lifting her hands, she shakes her head. "I'm not wounded, I can do whatever is needed of me." Wiping the palms of her hands on her clothing now, but too late, Eriks blood on her is dry. "D you need me to go with him to the clinic or clean up here?" Since both had been mentioned, she volunteers either, though glances at Asher, "What would you prefer?" She'd arrived with him, she decides to leave it up to him.

Making himself as useful as he can, Cynan makes certain the disposal bag is sealed before packing up the medical kit. "I suppose it is fortunate that we arrived when we did, cousin," he says, still addressing Helena, though his eyes flicker between the other assembled knights and nobles. The discussion regarding the Hostile piques his interest, of course, but the only visible reaction is a raised eyebrow.

Asher shakes his head towards Helena, "I'm unhurt as well, it wasn't able to land a blow on me." he turns a glance back towards Johana, "You can go with him if you want, Young Lady, don't let me keep you from attending the Knight."

"Healing or repair," Anabethe agrees with a nod to Asher. "Good to know, at least. For future plans." She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Well. At least we know our training hasn't been wasted," she says with a small smile to Asher and Johana. "Glad to see you're both all right."

"I leave that to you two to decide," Helena offers Johana in a quieter tone, and she looks between those still gathered here before casting a glance over her shoulder. "Volunteer your help where you will, or go take some much-needed rest. Either way —" The doctor pauses a moment before offering Asher and Johana a brief but genuine smile. "Either way," she continues, "you have done well here today. Thank you for your skill and bravery."

It is time for the doctor to depart, check on her clinic, and take a meeting. She signals for Cynan to follow, but pauses by Nitrim on their way back toward the Ways. Perhaps there is something in the nobleman's tone… She arches an eyebrow and gives Nitrim a cursory, business-like once-over. "Are you, my lord? Hurt, that is."

"We didn't see this one coming…" Nitrim says to himself, yet loud enough for the others to hear. He continues to scan the area, as if looking for something that jogs his memory. Distracted, when Helena stops near him, her words cause him to blink and turn to her. "…what? Oh." He shakes his head quietly, giving her a private frown. "No My Lady, I'm unharmed and well. Thank you for asking. Do you or any of yours need an escort back? I'm sure we could provide."

Cynan is more than happy to follow Helena, of course. He picks up the medical kit and holds it loose at his side as he looks back at the group. Echoing his cousin's sentiments, he adds, "Putting a stop to this Hostile was a credit to you all." The words are sincere enough, but there's a certain flatness to his tone. To Nitrim, he merely shakes his head. "I believe we will do well enough on our own, though you have my sincerest thanks for the offer."

"I was not seeking permission whether to go, I came at your side, I was simply wondering what your preference was. I try to avoid clinics when possible and have no desire to spend an evening there when the Knight more than likely would not be conscious anyway." Johana offers him a smile, though does not linger, instead she shifts her attention between the others. "Our training has been impeccable, My Lady." And there is a definite note of pride in her words. "Sir Asher had the honor of delivering the blow that downed him." This too is said with pride.

"Thank you, my lord, but we will be fine." Helena looks once more to the beheaded Hostile, and her expression hardens marginally. Still, it is time for her to go. Reaching out, she hooks her hand around Cynan's elbow and the two head back toward the Ways.

To Cynan and Helena, Nitrim simply nods sharply to the two of them and turns his head to watch the two of them walk off. He flicks the ashes of his cigarette into the wind and turns back to the assembled Khourni with a roll of his arm in its socket. "Well done, Asher, Johana. I'm sure my Lady Sister is more than a little jealous, and so am I, but only for the fact that I missed the chance to hear." He pauses. "Asher. Did you feel anything from them?"

Asher shakes his head towards Nitrim, "No, but It ambushed us before I really started to look for it." he replies to Nitrim, "And I would not turn down your company then, if it would save you from sitting in a clinic, Young Lady Ibrahm." He adds with a grin, "But she is kind as well, it was a good hit, but it was also injured already.. The credit cannot be soley mine for defeating it."

"Either way and whoever finished it, I'm glad we had some people here to face it," Anabethe nods firmly to the others. "I'm sure you're both still coming down from the fight, but once you've had a chance to really settle, I'd like to talk about it. We're getting a lot of pressure to provide shield wall troops for the marines, to fight on ships, and I need a better idea of whether or not we're just throwing men away."

"Lady Ariana LArent was rather specific about needing marines. It would be a good opportunity for us to reach out and extend our visibility, but that's not my decision to make. I wouldn't want any of you to think I'm putting the cart before the horse." Nitrim replies to Anabethe, brushign a hand through his short, blonde hair. He isn't bothered by the number of bodies around, not in the least, as Khourni harsh-reality meets what their family has trained them for all of their lives." Nitrim turns to leave, trailing cigarette smoke as he takes the first few steps. "Either way, this is going to start soon."

After bidding the healers farewell, Johana turns back to the gathering of the Khourni. At the words directed to Asher from Nitrim, she studies the former a moment. "You felt nothing out of the ordinary then? Not even while he was attacking everyone?" Pausing to consider that after hearing the reply, smiling in response. "Then I would be honored, Sir Asher, and you really don't have to keep calling me that. I am Johana, or simply Ana if you prefer." With that settled, she once more reaffirms what had happened. "There were five on one, My lady. And still, three of the five were harmed, two quite badly. The odds are certainly not in our favor, depending on how many there are of them. I think it would be a good idea to ask the Arboren how many of them it took to bring this one in."

"I've already offered to joine the Marine Contingent coming to the ring." Asher nods to Nitrim, reaching up to mus with his hair a little, "I expect Sir Victor will as well, he'll probably be a bit envious I fought a Hostile before him…" he adds with a laugh, "And of course, Johana, I did not want to offend our Cindravale lord's sensibilities and get challenged to a duel, however…" he adds, "And we should probably get you cleaned up as well." He adds with a little nod of his head.

Anabethe brushes the back of one hand against her jaw, pensive. "But you were surprised by one," she points out. "I'm going to guess from what's here that each person was taking shots at the thing. Wide open space. Like taking on a particularly good tourney knight. Set up a proper squadron, with a hedgehog, and something a little more concentrated and it might be a different game." She pauses, then shakes her head. "Just guessing, though. Suppose I'll have to wait like Victor," she says with a wry smile of her own.

Nitrim stops dead in his tracks and gazes down his arm towards Johana and her question. His jaw clenches and he turns back to face them, far out of arm's reach. "I didn't make it up here in time. I didn't sense anything before. No dreams or warnings this time. I haven't dreamt anything else lately either, though if I do I'll be making sure to run a message around the House." Seems he's opted to stay. He sighs a cloud of cigarette smoke through his nose.

"I believe there were two knights, and as many again awakened nobles on the first encounter." Asher says, "They were armored and prepared for combat but had one, Lady Lyrienne, fairly injured if memory serves." Asher says, "We didn't have time to Armor up to fight this one, but again, it is just one of their scout models…. It makes me wonder what their combat versions are like now…"

"It sounds like these are fast," Anabethe muses to Asher. "I'd expect combat units to be heavier, but that usually sacrifices speed. We'll find out, though." She looks to Nitrim, grimacing faintly at his response. "It's all right, Nitrim. No one expects you to be the Hostile radar system. Though if you do get a heads up…" She trails off, smile crooked. "I'm starting to feel a little left out, with everyone else getting a shot at them."

"All you have to do is wait, sister." Nitrim replies, moving back over to them, smoking a cigarette while crews are working to remove the dead. He spares one glance at a white-and-red sheet carrying someone away on a gurney. "Still, I think you've made a good point. If this was just a scout unit, then whatever they've got prepared as war units are going to require a lot more attention and skill. It's a shame we don't have things to practice on, though this one…" He motions to the beheaded scout Hostile. "…might be good for trying to find something better to cut it apart with."

Once she had heard about the most recent attack, Ariana immediately departed for the Ring, especially when word had come back to her that one of her own may be among the injured or worse. Quickly changing into her science attire — a form fitting white jacket with matching pants, she emerges from one of the locker rooms and quickly makes her way towards where she believed the incident to have happened, all the while expertly twirling her long locks up into a professional looking bun without the need for a mirror. Upon her approach to the First Quadrant, she can already see a rather large gathering in the distance and as her eyes scan the faces of those present, it is more than evident that she is looking for one in particular.

"The camouflage is a problem," Anabethe says, eyeing the remains of the Hostile. "But I wonder if a different setting on a HUD can pick it up. Infrared, or something similar? It's giving a reflection of what's behind it, so as long as we aren't looking with our eyes plainly, it can't really disappear."

Trailing one of the other gurneys, Nitrim's eyes come across a familiar face off in the distance in white on white. He raises one of his darkly clad arms and waves a hand covered in rings above his head to attract Ariana's attention. "Sister, Johana, there she is. Lady Ariana Larent." Nitrim says coolly, trailing cigarette smoke on the way down from his wave. "She's probably looking for her sister. She's one of the two I invited to Volkan, if you remember." Nitrim clears his throat and looks over to Johana. "Did you see where her sister was taken and what state she was in?"

Johana had fallen silent while looking over the Hostile, the frown marring her brow shows that she is still troubled over the incident. The sword she'd borrowed still on the floor where Sir Erik had been. Hearing her name draws her out of her self imposed reverie and she turns towards the voice, blinking a little. "Pardon me, I seem to have.." she doesn't finish, just looks around towards the other lady. "Ah, you mean Sir Veryna? Her hand, or her arm was injured by the Hostile and she was taken earlier with Young Lord Benedict to the clinic. She was coherent, but was understandably angry at it getting the jump on us. No one had time to even don armor. I suggest everyone wear some sort of armor and carry a weapon… just in case."

Ariana is indeed looking for her sister and the expression which she wears hints a little of the tension that she feels after having just heard of this incident. Prepared to move forward towards the medbay, she pauses only briefly to scan the area with her piercing blue eyes and yet just the carnage and damage of the scene is enough to leave her disturbed. That is when she notices someone trying to catch her attention and that particular person just happens to be someone familiar. Still, she takes one more moment to look over her surroundings before her graceful strides break the distance between herself and the group of Khournas nobles.

When she draws near, she lowers herself into a formal bow, before she straightens and allows her gaze to note all of the nobility present. "My Ladies and Lord," She speaks to the gathering, though what Johana says grasps her full attention, "I see. Thank you for the information and update, at least for the moment, of my Lady Sister's well-being. I was just heading to the clinic myself to see whether I could be of assistance or if I could find Veryna there."
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A cowl of deepest crimson which matches the bloodied color of her dress has been drawn up around the head of the young Sauveur Knight as she approaches the scene. She is speaking into the communicator tucked into the inside of her wrist, her gloved hands closed into a loose fist. Whatever conversation she is having it shut down with a firm, "Thank you, Sir," and then she spies Anabethe. As a definitely familiar face, Ellinor hones in on her. "Beth," she says as she approaches.

"Lady Ariana," Anabethe nods to the woman, though she spends a little more time looking her over than she might normally. "The healer who was in here seemed to have things under control, but I'm sure your sister will be glad to see you. Ellinor, good to see you," she adds as the other knight approaches, smile flashing. "Too late, you missed the excitement. Me too, though. And the Hostile has been dispatched." She tilts her head, looking at the 'corpse.' "Again."

"Yes, yes, Sister? Meet Lady Ariana Larent." Nitrim says with a motion to Ariana, then turns his attention to her. "And Lady Ariana? This is my sister, Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas. Though I…" He looks to Ellinor, suddenly aware that Ellinor is familiar with his sister. There's no need for further introductions, and he casts a look to Johana that screams and that…is that. Frowning, he slips his cigarette between his lips and rests his arm over his swordbelt. "Once my family is off, Lady Ariana, I'll be sure to drop by to check in on your sister as well. I was glad to hear she made it through the fighting okay."

"I am Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm," Since she was not familiar with the others yet. Perhaps in passing, but not on a named basis. "Yes, Your sister seemed well, she continued fighting despite her wound. It was quite heroic." When it seems an all together new group is assembling and the person who had escorted her here had disappeared, she offers a bow to the remaining ones. "If you would all pardon me, I think I will go to the clinic and see how Sir Erik is faring after his wound, as well as the others. It was a pleasure seeing you, hopefully next time it's under better circumstances."

With Nitrim's introductions, Ariana's gaze once again flickers from face to face. She knows quite a few of them, though perhaps not personally, but they are the heirs to their Houses, so her expression softens just a touch when eye contact is made with them individually. "That is good news then, My Lady." Her words are extended to Anabethe when she says this, though her gaze once more drifts to what very well may look like the set of some sci-fi horror movie. "What exactly happened here?" Having heard Benedict's name mentioned just earlier, she turns to Johana now, "Is Lord Benedict alright?" However, with Ellinor's arrival, she quickly affords the Sauveur royal with another crisp bow and takes this time to listen and absorb to all of the conversation around her. Hearing Johana speak again, she offers the woman a polite smile, "I am very glad to hear that. Thank you." Looking towards Nitrim in the end, she says lightly, "That is kind of you, My Lord. My Lady Sister will surely appreciate the gesture."

Crimson lips curve into a wicked little smile that gently touches her warm green eyes. She does release a rather exasperated sigh. "Well… twice now the fuckers have avoided my blade." She palms the drake head on the pommel of her sword, cocking out her hip slightly as she does. "Next time, though… next time." And she slides her gaze toward the others, particularly Nitrim as she inclines her head with another quirk of her lips. She does regard the smears of gore that creates a halo around the body of the Hostile, and her tongue swipes across her teeth. "Not quite drake hunting, is it?" She murmurs to Anabethe. Then she smiles toward Johana as a twinge of familiarity comes to her. "You know The Wall then?" Bastard, her tone seems to suggestion, but it is definitely a friendly tone either way. Then she inclines her head dutifully as Johana makes her farewells. "Sir." Then she returns the bow from the Larent with her own gentle nod of her chin. "Lady Ariana."

"Pleasure to meet you," Anabethe nods simply to Ariana before her attention shifts back to Ellinor. "Well, I hear you can sign up to go hunt them in space if you're really desperate to close with them," she suggests. "Personally, I'm not really looking forward to the idea of fighting them in space. I like land. And a place to fall back to. That I know better than they do." She reaches up to push a hand through her hair, then walks over to the Hostile, crouching down next to it. "Like to get a better look at this thing, though. Find the weak spots."

Finally bowing his head in greeting to Ellinor and Ariana, Nitrim peels away from the group a few steps to stub his cigarette out in one of the walkway's ashtrays. Careful that no sparks are left over to burn anything inside of the bin, he steps back over and brushes his hands clean. He presses his tongue to one of his molars and carefully steps over a large bloodstain on the floor to get back to them. "Yes, well, I'm in the camp with the rest of my family. I'd love to have had a chance to face one of them personally, but I had only arrived just at the end of all of it." He nods upwards to the dead Hostile. "But if this one is any indication we'll have plenty of chances to fight them, space or land."

"I heard that there were casualties." Ariana brings up before her attention returns to her datapad that seems to be feeding her with updated information on the happenings on the Ring. From what she's read, she already knows that some of these deceased were people she had known and worked with. "It certainly would be a good idea to have a far better look into these things. With what damage they are able to wreak upon our own." Her lips purse tightly when her gaze lingers on the fallen heap of Hostile in the room. "And unfortunately for many, I forsee that we all may very well have our chance to meet one of these things face-to-face." This is something the Larentian scientist doesn't seem overly thrilled about.

At the mention of 'The Wall' Johana pauses, her friendly expression remaining. "I have, though it has been quite some time ago." Now though that her farewells have been offered, she bows politely to those assembled before making her leave.

"Already signed up," Ellinor tells Anabethe with a roll of her shoulders beneath those of her structured dress. "I have been assigned to the Lord Captain Cedric Orelle's ship." She looks back down at the bloodied mess, and flexes her hand over the drake head once more. Then she glances up toward Nitrim. "There are still dozens of empty pods littering the surface of the moons and planets alike. Our enemy does not appear to be patient to wait for us to assemble our shieldwall and archers." Those emerald-fire eyes flit from the youngest Khournas toward the others, landing her attention on Ariana. "You should see if your sister can offer you some sword lessons before she is called to the front…"

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